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Infinity And The Myth Of Space And Time

by Ian R Thorpe

The Infinite Mind

henceforth, space by itself, and time by itself, are doomed to fade away into mere
shadows, and only a kind of union between the two will preserve an independent
These words were written by Hermann Minkowski in 1906 in an attempt to
capture the spirit of Albert Einstein's recently published special theory of relativity.
Einstein, in his famous thought experiments, had shown that both space and time as
independent mathematical constructs were mere illusions in the equations of
relativity, conceding instead to a 4-dimensional construct which Minkowski adroitly
termed space-time.
Unfortunately too many people in the field of theoretical physics forgot that
Einstein had described his speculations as 'thought experiments' and interpreted his
mathematical speculations as scientific proof of a mathematically elegant,
scientifically verifiable, finite universe.

Most people, even those who take only a passing interest in such things, are
familiar with the powerful influence Einstein's ideas have had on how both the
academic and popular perception of the physical universe, but few are aware a similar
revolution against the idea of a universe contained within and limited by time and
space. Fortunately a long overdue rebellion is under way in the fields of experimental
psychology and neuroscience. The so called 'Standard Model' based on String Theory
has more holes in it than a string vest, while Big Bang theory which priests of The
Church Of Scienceology will tell you is beyond doubt a proven scientific fact is
actually supported by no more hard evidence than the creation myths of ancient
The problem mathematics has with explaining The Universe is infinity. Big Bang
theory is convenient because it posits that before the big bang, all matter, energy and
time, everything was compressed into a tiny pellet (the Cosmic Rat Turd I have
previously called it). Time began with the Big Bang, the orthodoxy says. The
intelligent people reading this (i.e. all of you who have got this far) will have noted
that time is an abstract concept, a human invention, and this is a bit difficult to
If you really want to have some fun, ask a Big Bang believer what was outside
the cosmic rat turd.
"Nothing," they will say, to which us freethinkers ought to reply, "You mean
"No, nothing," they will reply, usually a bit tetchily because they known by now
you are leading them into the quicksand, "all the space was compressed in the rat turd
with the time, energy, matter, refrigerators, cheese, giraffes, scientists and fast food
packaging, smartphones and everything else inside it, there was nothing outside the
rat turd."
"But space is nothing," is the standard reply. Obviously this can be demonstrated
easily, just use you hands to make a ball of space, throw it at them and ask if it hurt.
Now even the cleverest Sciencologists will be reduced to saying "You don't
understand science."

There is a lot of evidence to support the idea that galaxies (i.e. clusters of stars) or
even clusters of galaxies began with a cosmic event that could be called a Big Bang
(although it was probably a WHOOSH, because an explosion must be contained to
make a bang (alternatively we are back to that old logical loop, If a tree falls in the
forest (or a rat turd explodes in an empty cosmos) and there is nobody there to hear it
does it make a sound. There are actually some scientists who challenge the orthodox
view and so do not get much coverage in the media, and suggest that parts of the
infinite universe are always collapsing and regenerating, that even now as our radio
telescopes stare into space, galaxies are dying and new ones are being born.
If we think about the idea that time and space did not exist before the bang, they
were compressed into the rat turd which released them to form a universe when it
exploded, it gets crazier and crazier. Since, the Big Bang according to the theory, our
universe has been expanding at the speed of light with all time, space, energy etc. still
inside it.
Obvious question again; "What is it expanding into? ? If all the space and time
are inside this bubble we call the universe, how can it be expanding. It must be
expanding into space."

Expaning into nothing?

Well no it isn't, nothing exists outside the universe and so it cannot expand into

something that does not exist, it's just expanding. I've had this discussion many times
and always tried to be helpful, "Is there an infinite void outside the universe", I have
"No," my debating opponent will say, "a void is something, not nothing."
This confusion on the part of the Scienceologists arises from an ancient religious
belief, older than Christianity, that Mathematics Is God. The idea was first expressed
in writing by the Greek mathematician Pythagoras. The idea appeals to those who
crave order and certainty, a universe in which everything emanates from numbers and
thus analyzed mathematically, what could be more certain and predictable than that?
And Pythagoras was a very clever fellow, after all he invented that theorem thing, the
square of the Hippopotamus, and nobody to this day has ever understood why it is
important. You want to know how long the side of a triangle is, just measure it, why
make life difficult.
But was Pythagoras clever? Let me tell you a couple of things about him. He
thought snot was brain tissue so whenever he had a cold he would walk around with
his head tilted back so as not to lose any. And he never ate beans because he thought
every time we fart a little of our soul escapes. You're not in awe of him now are you?
We have to get mathematics in perspective if we
are to have any hope of understanding nature of the
universe and our place in it, because mathematics
cannot cope with infinity and the universe is infinite.
Put infinity, which can only be expressed as ZERO into
any equation involving multiplication or division and
the answer is going to be zero. This was dealt with in
They Who Would Be Gods.
A friend of Albert Einstein, Kurt Godel tried to
Mathematics as God? The
Ancient Of Days by William

mathematically evaluate infinity so that Einstein's

theories could be tested. Here's a short extract from the

Godel's focus was on identifying and defining a mathematical structure for

infinity. If science could find a way to express the infinity concept in a mathematical
equation, then clearly, all probabilities could eventually be made available by a
simple matter of plugging numbers into a computer. Fans of Douglas Adams' brilliant
novel The Hitch Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy might be feeling just a little amused
here. Godel never found his equation. Instead, what he found shook foundations of
the scientific community's quasi religious dogmas.
The Incompleteness Proof principle became Godel's crowning
achievement,though it proved the exact opposite of what he had originally planned to
find. Ironically, Godel's mathematical model established beyond reasonable doubt
that infinity cannot be quantified by mathematics, and that there is no scientific
formula that encompasses all things. The proof does this using what we now call a
self inclusive paradox. A simplified example of this idea is represented in this word
puzzle:If I lied, then is everything I say actually a lie? If everything the speaker says
is a lie then saying they lied was a lie thus not everything they say is a lie.
The circle goes on forever and defies logical explanation. Godel placed this
puzzle in the form of an equation, and ended the elitist delusion that all things could
one day be mathematically analyzed. Now, there are those who respond to this fact by
quipping that some things are unknowable, until we know them. These folks do not
understand what a mathematical proof is, ironically (again, I love irony, don't
you?)they are almost always self-styled scientists. A mathematical proof is an
undeniable mathematical reality that will never change, and will never be undone.
2+2=4. Always.
So there we have it, the universe is infinite and thus surrounded the cosmic rat
turd. When the big but silent bang banged and propelled a shock wave into infinity,
the bubble that scientists call scientific reality (which includes scientific time and
scientific space) began to expand into this infinite vastness, always contained within
that shock wave. But here's the thing, infinity does not stop at the shock wave which
has been expanding outwards at the speed of light for thirteen billion and some years
(because as any respectable materialist scientist will tell you, the universe measures
time by the rotating of our insignificant planet around its insignificant star in and

insignificant corner of the infinite vastness,).

Actually the philosopher Immanuel Kant put the reality of it all very well when
he said: "Things exist in reality but only a human mind can surround them with time
and space.
More of space and the mind in the next instalment.
To Infinity And Beyond - Big Bang Theory Trashed?
One 'scientific fact' Little Nicky has challenged in the past is Big Bang Theory. I have lost count of the times
that having offered proof that Big Bang is not a fact, the universe is in reality infinite I have become involved
in thousand - comment threads in which the arguments of the Big Bang sceptics were contradicted by science
tits screeching, "It is a fact because we say it is."

To Infinity And Beyond - Big Bang Theory Trashed?

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