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Wikipedia Cheat Sheet

by Dave Child (DaveChild) via

Wikipedia Headings ==Text== ===Text=== ====Text==== Wikipedia Text Effects ''text'' '''text''' <s>text</s> <sup>text</sup> <nowiki>no ''markup''</nowiki> Wikipedia Links [[Article Name]] Link to article "Article Name" [[Article Name]]s Link with text "Article Names" [[Article Name|Link Text]] Link with text "Link Text" [[Article Name#Subsection|Link Text]] Link to subsection of article [ Link Text] Link to [[Category:Category Name]] Add article to "Category Name" [[:Category:Category Name]] Link to category Wikipedia Lists and Indents * Text ** Text # Text ## Text ; Item : Definition : Text :: Text Bullet list Bullet list (second level) Numbered list Numbered list (second level) Definition list item Definition list definition Indented text Indented text (second level) Wikipedia Citations <ref>Smith, John. 'Reference Title''. Journal, 2011, p. 1.</ref> Inline citation. <ref name="refname">text</ref> Named inline citation. <ref name="refname" /> Use earlier named citation. Wikipedia Lines and Signatures ---<br /> ~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~ Horizontal Line Line break Signature Signature with timestamp Timestamp {{citation needed}} Citation needed. {{reflist}} Citations list. More information at pedia:Citing_sources Italics Bold Strikethrough Superscript Escape wiki markup Wikipedia Tables {| class="name" |! Header 1 ! Header 2 || row 1, cell 1 | row 1, cell 2 || row 2, cell 1 | row 2, cell 2 |} Wikipedia Images [[File:img.jpg|thumb|alt=Text|Caption]] Place an image [[File:img.jpg|thumb|left]] Image on the left [[File:img.jpg|thumb|none]] Image with no text flowing around it End Table Data Wikipedia Abbreviations and Shortcuts WP:3RR WP:AFC WP:AFD WP:AGF WP:AN WP:AP WP:BOT WP:BCRAT WP:CIVIL WP:D WP:DEL WP:NEW WP:NOR WP:NOT WP:NPA WP:NPOV WP:PD WP:PN WP:PROD WP:SELF WP:V WP:VAND WP:VIE Three Revert Rule Articles For Creation Articles For Deletion Assume Good Faith Administrator's Noticeboard Arbitration Policy Bots Bureaucrats Civility Disambiguation Deletion Policy New user log No Original Research What Wikipedia is not No Personal Attacks Neutral Point Of View Public Domain Patent Nonsense Proposed Deletion Avoid self-references Verifiability Vandalism Voting Is Evil Start table Start row Headings Level 1 heading Level 2 Level 3 Wikipedia Allowed HTML Tags <!-- Comment --> <abbr> <div> <span> <br /> <blockquote> <code> <pre> <tt> <font> <del> <ins> <sub> <sup> Wikipedia Useful Pages Help with editing elines Wikipedia guidelines Wikipedia policies _Style Wikipedia manual of style Guide to notability Wikipedia help desk pedia_links Comprehensive list of useful links

Full list of allowed tags at i/Help:HTML_in_wikitext

Can be nested, e.g., use #* to put a bullet list within a numbered list.

More at eviations and Shortcuts

Cheatographer Dave Child (DaveChild)

Cheat Sheet This cheat sheet was published on 2nd January, 2012 and was last updated on 1st February, 2012.

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