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Seeking a challenging career where my skills can be put to effective use and
scope of growth.


I am a permanent resident of USA and authorized to work for any employer

in this

Office Administrator

1) Responsible for the implementation and ongoing maintenance of all office policies
and procedures.
2) Manage and order supplies within the budget guidelines of the organization.
3) Develop, implement and conduct office staff and office volunteers training
meetings as needed.
4) Responsible for the scheduling of office volunteers in a timely manner to ensure
appropriate coverage to assist staff and daily operation of organization
5) Mail opening and distrubition.
6) production and distrubition of office materials.
7) Record keepings.
8) Also helping in accounts filing as when needed.
9) Answering the phonecalls and directing them to right people or departments
CLR FOODMART, Hilliard, fl July 2005 till JUNE

3) Manage the store appearance, maintain and atmosphere.

4) Providing great customer service and meeting customer expectations.
5) Managing the employees.
6) Maintain the store with fully stocked groceries and drinks.
7) Filing the monthly, quarterly and yearly taxes time to time.
8) Ordering the groceries and receiving them.
9) Handling the cash registers and accounts.

355 Toyota, Rockville, md September 2004 to

June 2005

1) Achieve unit sales targets for new cars and related products and services.
2) Demonstrate in-depth knowledge and enthusiasm for the vehicles,
accessories, and services of Toyota center
3) Accommodating the client’s product preference via presentation and
4) Preparing the client for ownership with a smooth and thorough delivery
that accommodates all of the client’s expectations.
5) Develop new business and leads and increase client base through
focused personal marketing efforts that may include, but are not limited to,
direct mail, networking affiliations and telemarketing.
6) Make effective deliveries by following all sale details, inspecting every car
sold, introducing clients to the Service Manager, and making a personalized
delivery of the car.
7) Maintain comprehensive knowledge of pricing and specifications of
competitive vehicles to provide clients with informative comparisons.
Papa johns pizza, sterling VA sept03 to aug04
Delivery driver

10) Commitment to customer service.

11) Keeping vehicles clean, neat and proper working conditions.
12) Be friendly when interacting with customers and team members.
13) Be on time and maintain punctuality.
14) Delivery the food and time.

Gemini Systems, Woddbridge NJ

Office Assistant

1) Answering all the phonecalls

2) Making travel arrangements
3) Setting up appointment for clients and top executives
4) Ordering all the office supplies
5) Recording keeping
6) Mail receiving and distrubition
7) Helping in accounts when needed


15) Microsoft Word

16) Microsoft Excel
17) Microsoft Outlook