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‘208 Days’ in  

10/40 Vision (josh)
the Duffy’s 
Our 30 weeks in Cambo- of religion expressed in in the Western World. In
dia is quickly coming to many churches today. All the 10/40 Window, it is a in Cambodia 
an end. I have the daunt- religions of today are message that has not
ing task of trying to sum centered on pursuing been fully heard. Millions
up our trip in this last something, while Christi- wait for those who will
newsletter, which, is im- anity, in it’s most basic, abandon their lives to Itinerary (prayer points):
possible. pure form, is about what’s take up their cross and  May 20: leave Cambodia
pursuing us………Jesus. live in obedience to the
Our dream of ministering
It’s about a God who final command Jesus  May 21st: arrive in PEI
the Gospel in the 10/40
loved us so much that He gave us. Go into all the
Window (the least Chris-  May 22-24: Men’s Week-
forgave the awful things world and preach the
tianized area in the end in Malagash, NS (for
we have done to Him, and gospel to all creation.
world) became reality. Josh)
each other. Many have (Mark 16:15 nasb)
The area from 10-40 de- forgotten God, but He has  Jun-Aug: work at Double
In regards to many Chris-
grees north of the equa- not forgotten them. H Ranch in Lake Luzerne,
tians, many may have
tor, which stretches from NY
Conversion to an alter- 20/20 vision, while only a
Northern Africa through
nate religion is not what few have 10/40 vision.
to Japan is what we know  Fall: return to the foreign
the millions of Cambodi- Jenny & I happen to be
as the 10/40 Window. It mission field
ans need. Their needs are part of the latter.
houses the least Christi-
the same as ours. To find
anized nations on the We eagerly await the next
a purpose, and a destiny
planet. It has long been a time we board a plane;
that is ultimately fulfilled
goal of mine to come here set for departure, into a “If the Tiber floods
in knowing the God who
and tell people of what world almost devoid of the city, or if the
was completely revealed
Jesus did for them 2000 Christian witness. The
yrs ago.
to us in Jesus Christ.
harvest is large, but there
Nile refuses to
Jesus came so that we rise, or if the sky
are few workers to gather
Cambodia’s population is might know God. We take
95% Buddhist (much of it this message for granted
it in. (Matthew 9:37 gnb) withholds its rain,
nominal though), and if there is an
Christianity is seen as earthquake, a fam-
the ‘white man’s religion’.
But true Christianity has
ine, a pestilence,
little to do with the form at once the cry is
raised: ‘Christians
to the lion.’” - from
Tertullian’s Apology.
In regards to early Christians
being labelled as atheists,
seeing as they refused to wor-
ship the gods of Rome. Such
behaviour would have been
indicative for the gods becom-
ing angry.
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The Spiritual future of Cambodia

Srey Rot, Grade 3 Ratana, Preschool Gani, Grade 3


Pastor Keat Kove, Sreang (preschool teacher) & the Duffy`s

preaching on Mother`s Day Jenny & Lakhena (an English student)

location of 10/40 Window (approx)

New Hope School teaching staff

back to the Ranch

Summer’s coming, and Jenny & I will Barn as the Small Animals Assistant, because you are em-
once again be employed at Double H which mean she will run the petting ployed to have fun!
Ranch in Lake Luzerne, NY. Our job: zoo. She will be in charge of bunnies, The earnings will also
make sure a bunch of kids have the guinea pigs, goats, and pigs! go towards returning to the foreign
best summer ever! field in the Fall sometime.
I will be a Cabin Counselor, which
The camp (one of Paul Newman’s Hole means I will be hands on with a group Jenny starts work on the 5th of June,
in the Wall Camps) caters to approx of between 8-15 children aged any- and I on the 17th. Camp ends on Au-
800 children each summer who have a where between 6-16 yrs old, depending gust 17th.
variety of illnesses. on the cabin.
Jenny will be working at the Happy Working at the camp is a great job,
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Church History in Plain

Language is a must read.
Almost all of what is in this
book is never heard of by at
least 95% of Christians. I
was shocked to find out how
little I knew about the faith I
professed to love. This book
will open your eyes to the
practicality of our faith, and
you will understand it like
never before. Go to Amazon and order a copy! You will
not regret it.

From Andrew Fuller’s teaching, William

Carey drew the inescapable inference that,
if it is the duty of all men to repent and
believe the gospel -as Fuller argued– it is
also the duty of those entrusted with the
gospel to carry it to the whole world.
(Bruce L Shelley’s Church History in Plain Language)

Thoughts from a Rookie (Jenny)

So there it was. My first time overseas and my first foreign missions trip. Looking
back, I didn't expect to become so used to Cambodia in these 7 months. In late
October, when Josh and I were preparing for ministry in Phnom Penh, I imagined
myself always feeling out of place, and being at constant risk of offending every-
I am surprised by how normal Cambodia is to me now. When we first arrived,
there was something about the atmosphere of Cambodia that seemed dark and
that even had an element of eeriness to it. As we whizzed through the crazy traffic
in the tuk-tuk, my eyes would be fastened to the strange sights on the street: peo-
ple selling flopping fish, insects, and dyed-red dead pigs.
As the weeks went by, it felt like someone opened up the blinds and
more light flooded into Phnom Penh. Today, Cambodia doesn't seem dark to me,
but very bright.
All of the unfamiliar sights have become commonplace. I walk up the
street to buy eggs, amidst the flopping fish and strange foods, and it has become
as habitual as taking a walk to Sobeys to buy milk. Being a minority and not being
able to communicate with everyone is just an every day reality, and to my relief
there is grace for foreigners when it comes to cultural do's and don’ts. Living in
Jenny and Obei, 1 of the 6 dogs at Cambodia has just become so natural.
the Kove household I definitely like Cambodia even more than I thought I would, and the min-
istry here is amazing. There is so much opportunity here for Jesus to make His
Now as we prepare to leave South East Asia, and start packing our
bags, going back to our homeland Canada just doesn’t seem so natural.

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