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Secret Illuminati Quote Book, Recovered By Darth Betrayius,

Those Evil Illuminati! They didnt see me sneak right into their hidden underground base, and take this at my leisure!! Ha ha ha! Take that, you scumbag Illuminati!

'As fun as fantasy and dreams are, they are always crushed by reality.' -Self Quote

'Some love life, some end their lives, some love ending others lives' -self quote

'A stroke of genius, comes with the stumbling of many fools' -self quote

'I can't escape what I am, so I embrace it' -self quote

'It's not that hard, just use your head.' -self quote

'Sacrifices to my means, are merely just a cost for my greatness.' -self quote

'The most important lesson I've learned, is anyone will do anything with a knife to their throat, or with a gun to their head.' -self quote

'life is all work and play, often it is better to work.' -self quote

'Life isn't always perfect, and sometimes you just have to break away from it, come back a few days later, and then tell your friends how many beers you had.' -Self Quote 'Now, I Choose To Reside Covered and Veiled In The Dark.' -self quote 'Learn from the past, live in the present, look forward to the future.' -Self Quote

'It's only stealing if they catch you.' -Self quote

'It's only wrong if you are not enjoying it.' -self quote

'One of man's biggest downfalls, is talking too much.' -self quote

'Life is what you make of it, and if you are happy living like shit, than you wallow in it. But if you get sick of it, break away, and make your own wonderful reality. Once you have your prize, then only be happy.'

-Self Quote

'It's a war you can't win.....which makes us laugh.... our leader will destroy you.....' -Self Quote

'Some women hate arrogance, some love it, my flower just loves it when I behave.' -self quote

'I think that if you try hard enough, anything is possible. Apply this to everything, where will you go?' -self quote

'If you can't find a way yourself, why not trust someone who is smart, and can help you make great choices?' -self quote 'I love my jacket, but hate when it's cold enough to wear it, does it all balance?' -self quote 'What if someone didn't like us based on the boots we wear? Then, we would never have any business.' -self quote 'kiss my boots, and make money. Spit on my boots, and be poor.' -Self Quote 'I watched you go over the line....and wonder, why did you do it, knowing....' -Self Quote 'Don't ever tell me you do things, Just show me flesh and bone' -Self Quote

'Everytime it rains, all the angels cry.' -self quote

'you are what you eat, and not what you talk, foolish men claim things, others vow silence.' -Self Quote

'What doesn't make sense, mirrors! and! shadows!' -Self Quote 'It's not stalking unless they don't wave back.' -Self Quote 'I figured it out! Love is life, and woman is love, so I should worship women! We were all created by women, and I need to start pulling my weight here.....' -self quote 'My relationships only fail when I want them to.' -Self Quote

'What is love, what is hate.....what is lies, what is half-truths, the same. What is a hero, what is a villain posing as one. all these questions, the riddles of what is selfless and not. -Self Quote 'riddles my tool, to use against fools, my life a open page, my wisdom, a sage, I come here, ready for action, with a question, that batman will be asking.' -Self Quote

'I ask, as batman looks down, are you happy with your sound, do you look in the mirror at night, do you then cry, or do you play with fire, with a deadly desire?' -Self Quote 'men who use the word hate, who is their date, the men who love, what is it above, is the answer right there, of your truth to share?' -Self quote

'And to the hopes of the world, fade to ashes, and the hearts of the lost, flourish. Heated flames give into tragic thoughts, and souls cry.' -Self Quote 'Did you know, that I have heard that you can legally take things,

if you can prove they are really yours? This is true fact, if I can prove you jacked my crap,

I can just rip it out of your place. And, you all own all my things!' -Self Quote

'Cut the legs from out beneath a man, and see how hard he fights' -Self Quote

'Philosophy dies when no one listens. A person flourishes when someone listens to their problems. A person smiles when you love them.' -Self Quote

'Don't view me as a hero, view me as someone in the fight of his life, desperate and hungry like wolf, defending the pack, a coyote leaping high for all he knows.' -Self Quote

'Destroy the fools, all of them, false arrogance, is your death, evil men abusing, hurting people........ perish in my hands, cherish the weak, hold sacred the innocent....... conquer the world..........with love.........' -Self Quote 'Death is merely the fifth element.' -Self Quote

'I relax, to tense once again. I live inside, to explode outside. I breathe, to exhale fast.' -Self Quote

' cigarrettes are friends who are always there, as long as you pay for them, and don't run out.' -self Quote 'A word to the wise isn't necessary... it's the stupid ones that need the advice.' -self quote

'Being ravaged in the mind, with daemons and brains, oh my.' -Self Quote

'People who form opinions that are contradictory to truth, are forever damned. In this life, there is only truths, revelation, lies, and deception. I urge you, do not seek opinions, nor form, and seek the ultimate currency, Truth.' -Self Quote

'Me I am no narc, but I do make frame victims' -Self Quote 'most religions, come with rule book, do this, do that, thank you very much, please come again.' -Self Quote

'Follow me, and survive, or follow the false one who deceived you so long, and die.' -Self Quote

'I hear their whispered lies, I hear my sister, say, rise! I see myself, standing before a pile of enemies, In victory!' -Self Quote

'Love is immortal, invincible, and cannot be stopped, it was the first thing to ever conquer the entire world, and always remains, love is patient and kind, and drives men to do acts that go beyond all limits. Love is what makes me real, and feel whole. Love is what I do for my sister, and love is what always is me.' -Self Quote

'What is driving me, is bigger than you, and is bigger than me, it's a heart pure, given to me from ammon re, I will show you my love, either way.' -Self Quote 'If it's all about you, there's a me, too....' -Self Quote

'smart men come and go, heroes live forever,

real truth is always the same, and a dedication, is merely means for a vision, here, here, to you my friend... : )' -self quote

'opinions are the fool's favorite dogma.' -Self Quote

'What you don't know, does hurt bad.' -self quote

'If I cry, do I live? If I feel, am I real?' -Self Quote 'One thing I tell people, truth is never pride.' -Self Quote ' an apple, cannot be an orange.' -self quote

'Keep the path to the righteous,

anything you hear to mislead you, is just attempts to bring you down.' -Self Quote

'The only time I ever speak anything of beauty, is when I speak of my wife, forever in my soul, may thy spirit be shining with her touch.' -self quote

'I am what I am, and you are whatever you don't think you are.' -Self Quote

My father, lives above, my soul, crieth for redemption, my hands, toil my own, my love, cannot be defeated...' -Self Quote

'Where you are all doing random things that make no sense whatsoever, and talking way too much to be normal, I am working my hardest, becoming more than you ever were.' -Self Quote

'Every dark cloud has a star.' -Self quote

'Many people, there mothers, not only refer to them as their accidents, but also, as their worst mistakes ever.' -Self Quote

'In a time of peace, where riches are abundant, unity is good.

In a time of war, where resources are scarce, togetherness is a condemnation.' -Self Quote

'The First, The Horizon, and, The End, I Am' -Self Quote

'No one cares about your opinion on this. I never care about anyone's opinions, as well.

I don't even have any of my own, so why would I care about yours?' -Self Quote

"Mis-intepretation, is the worst Mistress to sleep with." -Self Quote

"People say I am working on it, and others, say I am having fun with it." -Self Quote

"All work and no play, makes jack a dull boy, but it makes him massively wealthy." -Self Quote

'If I am happy, why say anything? Why not just let me stay in love forever, which I will ever be?' -Self Quote

"Likelyhood becomes reality, what then happens?" -Self Quote

Now, beauty might be in the eye of the beholder, yet, the artist

is not welcome to depict things that most see as ugly." -Self Quote

"What am I most satisfied with, that is what decisions really come down to." -Self Quote

'"Your life is always second hand to someone else." -Self Quote Bring me my gavel, and all praise me, the Godly Dragon King! Now, my scepter saith, I must partake for a few, and I bid you heavenly adieu, and must riches, too! : ) -Self Quote

"My practices have to do with no one else." -Self Quote

"I know more, by far, than people give me credit for.

But, that is merely because I know so much, and don't tell them all such." -Self Quote

"If someone asks me a question, I often don't bother, unless

I feel it is helpful to them.

Only then will I give them any answer; and I will try to relate it in a teaching way." -Self Quote

"Lies are sweet, Truth hurts. What do you choose?" -Self quote

"People who claim to be such, are already condemning thyself, for your own worth, does not lieth in whatever you say or do, but what doeth become of thyself. -Self Quote

"To honor, is one thing. That is selfless. To steal, is disgraceful. That is another." -Self QUote


"Your real god is fake, I will prove it to you, have faith in me." -Self Quote

--------------------------' It's only when we feel alive, do we appreciate what we have.' -Self Quote


"If one is to be wise, for they must learn. For one to learn, they must practice.

For one to practice, is to perfect.

One as myself, has had much time to perfect, should I say I have unfair grounds, or should I say, earthly desire kept me more grounded

than you?"

-Self Teachings ----------------------

Men are only open minded, if they can say they are. Men are narrow minded, if they say that others are. Man can only be at one with themselves, if they only know who they are, man can only be war with themselves, if they only know who others are. ----------------------------'The poet was meant to portray beauty, and beauty alone, not the dark, for even in the night he is meant to find gorgeous things.

Point being, find beauty, but make sure it is right, for there may be, that the shining darkness, is never the morbid sickness.' -Self Quote ---------------------------

"Never doubt the grapevine,

for wine comes from it, and wine is better than water, for if it says, that blood is thicker than water, and blood is not worth drinking,

therefore, so surely the grapevine must be right." -Self Symbolism?

"The ultimate control tool, the bible." -Self Quote

-------------Bible warfare;

-Shadow Way Teachings; 1-1; (self authored) "If they do something wrong, say it says it's wrong. If they say something is wrong in it, then say it says elsewhere, too. If they argue, say that only one who does not know the answer, would ever question

someone." ------------------

'A bull is bad, raging like Ares, a bull that is man? That is by far worse....' -Self Quote


"You can't decree something so broad, to such a narrow horizon." -Self Quote


"Offer thy soul, to become real, or ye are forever damned." -Self Quote


"If we are know one thing in life, and expect it to bring all else, all we need to know, is E=Mc 2, for we relate to all, and can bring all means through relativity itself." -Self Quote


"I only stare at the people who stare at me." -Self Quote

-----------------------------"I guess they forgot, that is how I work." -Self Quote -----------------------------"Free will is hard to buy. Get it?" -Self Quote --------------------

"I guess they mean, not literal? In my book, fiction is make believe. In their head, the looney toons live." -Self Quote -------------------

"If I can get people wondering anyway possible how I work, I have already won. If I can get people to get along with me, we all have won. If I can be effective in all I do, than I have won, and you have won." -Self Quote --------------------

"You don't solve math problems without answers. You don't solve life's problems with two way streets." -Self Quotes ------------------

"It's worthless to compare, it's better to make equations." -Self Quote -------------------

"Above all, as well as below all, the first is last, and so forth." -Self Quote -----------------"Fascination is the key to imagination, after all." -Self Quote ---------------"I only know the truth, you can have your clearly not lucid dreamy thoughts." -Self Quote -----------------------------"Superiority is only measured by the victor, he who conquers." -Self Quote -----------------------"Heroes aren't made. for they are chosen. Answer me this riddle, and call yourself one." -Self Quote --------------------"Good luck believing in luck, good fortune in controling your own." -Self Quote -------------------

"A man who has nothing, is always up front, he has to show what he has, in order to find anything he can" self quote


"My life is always the opposite, A lacuna coil, lies is the real truth, and naked truth is only lies" -Self Quote ----------------

"Denial is your worst enemy; and my best friend that keeps me above you." -Self Quote --------------"I don't choose favorites, but I honor those who earn favor more." -Self Quote ------------""My heart has a stronger flames than yours. If this bothered you, you know it's true." -Self Quote -------------"Life isn't always posies and roses. It's often brimstone and fire." -Self Quote ----------"I never knew we were made to believe lies. I thought it was good to tell the truth? Maybe, I just need to seek the people who tell the truth, and leave the liars behind in their own tears of the sad life they truly live".

-Self Quote -----------

"I serve everyone, I choose to serve." -Self Quote -----------

"A Ninja won't allow himself to be beat, because he won't allow you the chance to beat him." -Self Quote -------------"if you don't know what that is, go look it up." -Famous Self Quote of Mine -------"The main reason for most wars, violence, and hate=love." -Self Quote --------

"I am only your enemy if you want me to be." -Self Quote -----------"Life is not controversial, unless you make it out to be that way. Controversy is always one sided in nature, but dual sided in the decay it creates." -Self Quote

---------"Your all special in your own way. You just have to find that way." -Self Quote ---------"Don't fear the Reaper. Shake his hand." -Self Quote ------" I conquer the whole world, just to satisfy my wrath." -Self Quote -------"Puppets, Dolls, and Zombies, oh my!!!" -Self Quote --------"Hearts were only made to be broken." -Self Quote ---------'I live in a never ending dream, a Final Fantasy, won't you hold my hand, and come with me? or, are you afraid to fly, don't be afraid to fly....just come with'll see.." -Self Symbolism/Quote ----------"You're all great. You just have to be optimistic, and positive, and channel your greatness into good things." -Self Quote --------"They say I am going to Heck, call me a blood sucking leech, yet, Revelations and Prophecies come from me left and right." -Self Quote

----------"Don't Believe in nothing. Believe in something. That sound simple to me." -Self Quote ---------"Having beliefs and remaining firm in them is something. Standing up for what you support is another. Having extreme faith and an iron will, now that is unbreakable." -Self Quote ----------"Let every sword that attacks you, only be what hardens your shield and armor." -Self Quote --------------"Measure is not made from a man's accomplishments. It's made from what he has endured." -Self Quote ------------"Nothing rich in life can be sought, for true treasure only come from the heart." -Self Quote ----------"You can't modernize something ancient. Meandering with what works only shows that your thoughts are broken." -Self Quote ---------"Nothing good comes from not trying. Something great comes from trying hard." -Self Quote ------------

"I never said I was a miracle worker. But I am a go getter." -Self Quote ------------

"I have been alive long enough to say that the only good I have ever seen, is for those who choose to do it, and the rest is not worth seeing." -Self Quote -------"When do I feel the worst? When I let you down. When do I feel the best? When I make you smile." -Self Quote ---------"Everything you do, is a reflection of your soul. Your self image is more than just how you see yourself, it's everything about you." -Self Quote ----------"Healing begins when the admission of pain starts." -Self Quote ----------"Don't believe what you hear about yourself. You are the only one who knows how great you are." -Self Quote ----------"Your loved ones never leave you, don't you see? They always live in your heart, forever, and always." -Self Quote -----------"No one ever claimed that great things come easy in life, but those who do work hard can expect great results." -Self Quote ---------

"Our hearts often believe that we must wait for good things to come. But alas, our hearts aren't made to delay." -Self Quote ---------"Don't even pretend it's not real. Your eyes often see what they only want to. What is undesirable to your eyes, is what I only truly want for myself" -Self Quote ----------"Life isn't a game. It's a rat race." -Self Quote ---------"Time doesn't freeze. Indecisive ones do." -Self Quote --------"Fighting off doubts is an eternal battle. I give you one piece of advice; never give in, for giving in, is giving up." -Self Quote -------"The only person on Earth I will admit as my superior is Warren Spector/Walton "Bud" Simons." -Self Quote -------"Sickness is the body disintegrating. Forging is the strengthening metal. Do you choose to forge or disintegrate your body?" -Self Quote --------A Self wrote Nursery Rhyme; "Simple rules for geniuses and fools;

Geniuses love the prizes and tools and fools love being poor and ruled, What one will you choose? Simple rules for Geniuses and fools." -------"Nothing Doesn't happen for a reason." -Self Quote -------"By exalting one as good, you are expecting too much By condemning one as evil, you are allowing them to continue." -Self Quote --------"Completion is the mark of excellence. Whether or not it's the best, the finishing of a work makes itself perfected either way." -Self Quote -------"Only fools ask, where a wise man already knows." -Self Quote ------"Promises are an exercise of faith. If you do not live by your word, no one will ever have faith in you." -Self Quote ------"Your spirit is like precious gold. Do not tarnish your most precious gold, for you will have nothing to show to the skeptics without." -Self Quote -----------

"Buy low, sell high. Just make sure you don't buy or sell something you will regret later on." -Self Quote

----------"Those who ride with me will go into battle with the most awesome weapon known to man. Truth!" -Self Quote --------"Diamonds are only found in the rough. A precious woman is only found in your heart." Self Quote --------"Hearts are like fragile rubies, but when they are admired, they shine like the most precious treasure in the world." -Self Quote --------"I inspire people, not encourage them. I never was a people person, though. May my wisdom lead you, and never my repulsion." -Self Quote -------"The true taste of variety is merely originality." -Self Quote ------?"Life is just a never ending tree, in which you can climb as high or stay as low as you want on. The higher you go in that tree, the better off you are. Fear is the only thing preventing you from the heights of the Tree we call Life." -Self Quote ------"Judgement is the epiphany of man, for it is in someone else's eyes all unfairness truly does live." -Self Quote -------

"What's it mean when you are willing to put aside your own beliefs and lift someone else's up? It means you love them." -Self Quote ------------"On mortal grounds, only an immortal prevails.That means all of you have lost, for I am the only one who never dies." -Self quote -------"The wisdom doesn't make me wise. The application of it does." -Self Quote ------"The minds of the weak is demonstrated by actions alone. I have no need to analyze their words." -Self Quote -----"I don't need to study the garbage you do. I can just listen to you tell me all about it.: -Self Quote ------"I can't allow you to hurt the children any longer! I will punish you, so you hurt none anymore!!!" -Self Quote -----"In a wasteland of despair, only the truly strong will find their gold." -Self Quote -----"Desperate times call for desperate measures. Hopeless times call for no actions."- Self Quote -----"You can't reason with the unreasonable. It's best just to leave them alone, until they come to their senses." -Self Quote ------

"Better to be ahead in life, than fall behind. Your planning well only be worthwhile if you have spare time." -Self Quote ------"Look me in my eyes and tell me I am not a real man. You can't." -Self Quote -----"Life is real, so why not embrace it? Better to live, than imitate it." -Self Quote -----"The past is broken, but the future brighter. Your fate is always in your hands. Don't throw it away." -Self Quote ------I will try to raid those weak Illuminati more for information I can spead to the world, in the name of peace! 'Salutes You' Signed, Darth Betrayius