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Summary: Process manage your Credit or Collection workload, consistently

exceeding expectations by solving unpaid & short-pay problems, identifying root

cause to drive change, while improving collections.

Professional Experience:
Atrium Staffing HQ, New York, NY. –A/R Manager
Madison Square Garden, New York, NY. – SOX Project Coordinator

WGSN Style Network, US HQ., New York, NY. - Collector

METRO NY Newspaper, US HQ., New York, NY. – Credit/ Collections/Billing Manager

• Contractor for Credit Collections & audit assignments through Robert Half &
Atrium Staffing

Ajilon Finance Global HQ, Saddle Brook, NJ.

A/R Research, Refunds, & Inter-company VMS Coordinator (temp assignment)
Completed internal compliance audit of on-account unapplied & overpayments
transactions, taking direction from our President-CEO, using PeopleSoft and Oracle
10.7 Legacy receivable systems, in only 6 months, on a $20,000,000 receivable,
successfully researching back 3 years.
• Expedited & prepared all refund requests according to strict SOX compliance
guidelines, after researching them fully among our Mellon Itelicash check records,
to verify duplication. Plotted on EXCEL to recheck Peoplesoft’s accounting,
preparing for A/P refund processing, & signatures, by dollar size, with a
checklist. Researched Falloff credit memo candidate details in Searcher system.
Identified from ATB review & pursued most difficult collection
accounts as workout specialist, collecting from our 10 largest competitors &
Major, non National accounts, that I discovered as a neglected niche, of volume
Accounting Administrator –Ajilon HQ, Saddle Brook, NJ.
Collected using PeopleSoft for Temps billing from broad based National
Accounts using 3rd party paper-less web VMS time keeping billing sites & online
Itelicash check software. Thoroughly reconciled our
Peoplesoft invoices to VMS’s to track unpaid hours. Established team for Best
Practices VMS Payroll auditors & who approved before paying the worker saving us
over $100,000+ while tightening records retention controls, & transparency for
Websites used included Fieldglass, Agile1, Taleo, Recruitmax, Enterforce,
Econometrix, Beeline with Crystal Reports, WorkCard, IQ
Navigator,Maestro,Workforce Logic, C-Net,PeopleClick & Ariba.
Resolved many problem accounts as a Final Demand collector before 3rd party

Credit Clearing House, White Plains, NY.

12/2004 - 10/2005
Performed detailed skip tracing on the Internet, and mastered ways of locating
hard to find debtors.
• Prepared files to file suit by checking Public corporate records details,
and filings prior to attorney forwarding.
Helped to get approved the cross training mentoring program with other collectors
& legal administrators, by setting up an improved process checklist, to avoid
errors. Also helped track calls, & skip tracing effort procedures to avoid
duplication of efforts, when sometimes having to track down debtors. Created a web
search process using certain free sites before ordering Accurints, saving $ on
every file.

Coastal Recovery Corp, White Plains, NY.

8/2003 - 12/2004
Handled 33% of all accounts placed, including calling, letter writing, using
advanced FOX PRO software on 3rd party, & GETPAID on outsourced and internet skip
tracing, of placed accounts.
• Mastered fully automated scanned filing system, auto-dialer, & internet skip
tracing tools, including Accurint reports, & corporate records searches.

PG. 2 of 2 – from David Segal- Warwick NY.

• Exceeded collection targets for large local Fortune 500 client companies,
like Trane, Kone, Martindale Hubbell, Adecco, Swiss Army,etc., as a 3rd party
collection rep.

LG. Electronics, dba Zenith TV. & Goldstar Brands, Englewood NJ.
Assistant Manager of Financial Services

• Solicited periodic Financial updates & performed financial statement

comparative analysis using EXCEL , bank/trade reference checks for all Major
Zenith Digital & all LG. Electronics brown & white
goods customers. Also submitted them for credit insurance, & designed a Best
Practices checklist to manage the policy & renewal contract. Maintained
portfolio monitoring for periodic reviews.

Henry Brothers Security Electronics, Saddle Brook, NJ.

Collections/Operations Manager
• Minimized uncollectible accounts on all aged & disputed invoices, by
gathering up necessary back-up documents using SBT & FOXPRO. Mastered time +
materials CCTV billing, batching,+invoicing

DENON Brand Home Electronics, Pine Brook, NJ.

Western Regional Credit Manager
Recommended new credit lines & collected western US half of all commercial
accounts, with BPCS.
Established New Account Checklist for consistency to ensure signed approvals/liens
were perfected.
• Achieved low past due percentage over 30 days, @1%-9%earning bonuses every
• Supervised 8 performing cash posting, chargeback reconciliation, credit
investigations, & shortages
Monitored ongoing D&B & TRW Reports, UCC 1 inventory liens, expiry dates,
guarantees, & letters of credit, on over 800 accounts. I avoided over 5
bankruptcies before they occurred, by repossessing inventory, keeping a friendly
stance with the dealers building trust & cooperation.


Rider University, Lawrenceville, NJ

Bachelor of Science in Commerce
NY Institute of Business & Credit, New York, NY.
Completed 2 semesters of Financial Statement Analysis, allowing advancement at CIT

Skills & Software: Latest Dun & Bradstreet & 3 major personal credit reports, On
Contact, StaffSuite, SALESFORCE, ACH wire posting, Internet job hubs,& agent
tools, TKO, Abandoned Property SOX audit, Adbooking, Adlooks, Scala, PeopleSoft,
Searcher, Mellon Itelecash, CNet, Beeline with Crystal Reports, VMS Timekeeping,
SBT, Time & Materials billing, BPCS, Oracle 10.7 & 11i,Citrix, Comtech Collect,
Cosmo,Autodialer, Fox Pro, GETPAID, Numerous Hub Internet Skip Tracing sites,
Accurint Reports, Company Research & Financial Risk Ratio Analysis, Cash Posting,
Chargeback Recovery, Famas Encore industry financial scoring, EXCEL, Outlook,
EDI, Factoring, Liens, Contracts. Collections & Employment Manuals, IBM AS400 &
System 36 mainframes.

Fair Collections Practices Act, HIPAA rules, Root Cause Analysis, Continuous
Workload Solutions & Improvements, & energetic reliable Customer Relationship
Management for maximum profitable growth.
Proven high First Contact Resolution (FCR) for maximum customer satisfaction,&
inputting concisely during the call to your database, for all inbound outbound
activities. Keep all records orderly to file fast suits.
Excellent skip tracing & locator skills.
Stay well read on news and trends with particular focus on receivables recovery.
Recently completed SAP/ERP,EXCEL 2007 & GoogleApps online training, 80-100 good
contact collection calls per day, with notes & timely follow-up advancing for
maximum effectiveness.