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Social Networking and Its Impact

1. Summary (Summarize the total assignment-200 words) 2. Introduction (Brief Background information and importance) 3. Explain the topic related terminology (What is e-banking? Components of Banking, How it Works? 4. Description (E-banking in Bangladesh with statistical information like number of user, number of e-banking service provider in Bangladesh with brief description) 5. Compare between global and Bangladesh Scenario 6. Review of Literature (Previous study in this area) 7. Customer Satisfaction (Case Study) 8. Recommendation 9. Conclusion 10. References

Summary: Questions have been raised about the impact of widespread use of social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, BlogSpot and Twitter. Do these technologies isolate people and cut off their relationships? Are there benefits associated with being connected to others in this way? In this analysis we have explored peoples overall social networks and how use of these technologies are related to belief, trust, tolerance, individual engagement with current issues, social support, and community and political engagement.

The findings are showed here and paint a rich and complex picture of the role of social networking site (SNS) in peoples real and virtual worlds. Wherever possible, we seek to disentangle whether peoples varying social behaviors, norms, beliefs, gestures and attitudes are related to the different ways they use social networking, or to other relevant demographic characteristics, such as social class gender, and age.

Introduction The social networking sites have a big impact especially in the social and technological lives of the younger generation. Most of the people we know have an account in social networking site which they use to share, inform and reconnect with friends (to whom they are not connected for years) and relatives. If anyone needs to get in touch with them and catch up on any issues or on their lives they simply write on facebook. They are used to send messages, share their status and news about oneself and to keep people updated. They are also used for business and educational purposes, people form groups & pages and interested parties join the group and share their views. Some professionals like,

players, doctors, politician, trainers, maintain a facebook page for their fans to keep them updated and accomplish their personal goal. They are useful for mobilization as well as promoting certain issues. It helps to reach a wider audience, to get more support. While they may be termed social networking sites as tools of promotion, they have evolved as people have found more uses for them other than for social reasons. They have an impact on all aspects of life both social and personal.

The social networking sites are very important especially for businesses as they are cheaper to setup, maintain for marketing and promotional purposes. They can estimate their market demand of their product and services by viewing their fans like, comment and opinion to their product or service.

The social networking sites (SNS) have a positive impact on developing countries like Bangladesh. However there is still need for Bangladesh to come up with regulatory and legal frameworks to cater for users of the internet. There are problems especially for young generations who are not fully aware not only of the benefits but also of the demerits associated with using the internet including SNSs which store a lot of individual's information. Security threats such as hacking into user accounts, spreading virus, stealing of private information, bullying etc and even human trafficking are the results from the use of SNSs.

The nature or character of SNSs is such that anyone who is interested can open an account and communicate any ideas he/she may wish to share with friends and relatives. The language of the contents is not restricted to that of the website. So people can share their views and ideas in their own local languages. In this way such communication helps people to feel close to home. Use of local languages on SNSs assists young people of Bangladesh to learn their parents mother tongues and Bengali culture who are living outside the country.

The topic related terminology What is social networking? The social networking refers to the use of dedicated Web site to communicate informally with other members or users of the site, by posting messages, text, emoticons, videos, voices, photographs, etc. In other words the use of a website to connect with people who share personal or professional interests, experience, place of origin, education at a particular school, working place etc.

Components of Social Networking

Elements of Social Networking
There are a number of important elements that set social networking apart from any other sort of traditional networking or online content:

User generated content The days of visiting a website and merely reading content written by someone else are all but gone. Now-a-days we are all participants, authors, publishers and content creators. Even commenting on a blog/forum or replying to someone publicly becomes a useful content. This is what is known as Web 2.0.

Conversation This is a two-way medium. Anything anyone posts via social networking has the potential to start a conversation. And with technologies such as Facebook, Twitter, you can be part of this ever-evolving 24/7 conversation, with the ability to sign in and out whenever you feel.

Build and maintain relationships Through social networking we can keep in touch with current friends, and even find new friends based on shared interests, experience and current status. From a business perspective, this includes current and potential customers and clients. We can reconnect with old friends and maintain existing relationships on a daily basis or even hourly basis.

Communication For many of us, gone are the days of writing letters through mail or picking up the phone. We can communicate with our friends via e-mail, text messaging, or through our Facebook, Twitter or Myspace account or Google Talk or Skype. We can even share information or make contact with multiple people all at the same time like voice or video conference.

Information sharing If we find something in the newspaper or online, or somewhere else that we find interesting, we now have the ability to share with a lot of people at the same time through social networking. Old-study methods required photocopying and hand distributing. New methods allow me to tweet or sharing a link to hundreds or thousands of people at a time through twitter or dropbox account.

Community/Consumer focused While most of the media is product or company focused, social networking media is about building community or consumer group and functions as such. The members (both consumer & company/organization) are participants in the community or group. It is the community that dictates the shape and scope of the content of the social networking sites.

How do it works?
How do Social Networking Sites work?

Here is a detailed process of how a generic social networking website works:

A user registration through an email address and password with the site, hence creating a unique account into that social networking site.

Typically, the site sends a confirmation email to the users email address to validate that persons identity.

Next, the user can create his/her profile. This profile may contain what information he/she deems worthy and decides to publish publicly visible or create restriction in visibility through online. He/she may choose independently, at this point, whether to make his/her profile public or private in response to visibility. A user may change or manipulate information or any content in his/her profile when he/she so chooses. The new user can become or get membership of those networks. These networks can be based on high school, college or university he studying in, hometown, job, and any other type of social group.

Anyone may search for another user by name or email address or network name even search by place they live in, and request to be that users friend. That user can accept or reject or pending to that friend request.

When adding a user as a friend, that new friend can now see his/her profile, all the personal information the user entered or any specific information if he/she prefers to share. The new

friend can also see any new information the user may post along the way, such as status update or an online journal entry or photographs, videos link, which may be posted at any time.

The user will gradually accumulate a rich list of friends, effectively adding him/her to the social networking sites.

Comparison between global and Bangladesh Scenario

Social Networking in Bangladesh scenario

Points of Comparison

Social networking in global scenario

Young generation use the social Sharing Information networking sites for sharing information to their relatives or friends. Now-a-days a good number of organizations maintain a profile for their customer or client.

Search Engine Optimization is done for professional website or business organizations website through social networking. Outsourcing is becoming popular in Bangladesh. There are many site provide customer service or any queries about their products through social networking sites like facebook. Example: Qubee, Banglalink, Airtel respectively maintain the page QubeeZone, Banglalinkmela, Airtelbuzz to provide customer service through facebook.

Most of the students use the social networking sites for sharing information about their personal and study related information. Business organization also use social networking site to share information about their product, services or events. Search Engine Optimization The professionals, business (SEO) organizations, or even local restaurant is seeking SEO for betterment of their business website. The social networking site is very popular for backlinking. Customer Service The small and medium or even multinational organization keep updated about their current business products or services to their customer through maintaining profile at social networking sites.

Politicians are using social Political issue networking sites to present their political view; mostly they blame against party each other on the facebook or in a blog site. Shahbagh movement Democratic Movement (Shahbagh Projonmo Chattar) is the most recent issue in Bangladesh which is initiated by Blogger or social networking activist. Now business promotion is Business Promotion very popular in social networking site. Example cellbazar,, banglalink, post their ads to the social networking site like facebook.

Campaign the election or show their views in publicly to raise their support. Barak Obama, John McCain, etc. maintain tweeter account and facebook account to share their views. Egypt spring is the outcome of social networking. Tahrir square is the ultimate outcome of social networking Its a very effective tool to promote new products, ideas, service etc. by social networking sites in globally.