Excuse me I seem to have lost my train of thought, where was I.....Oh yes the Bobby Goldsboro concert. My first concert. The first concert. Our first concert. The first concert. I had purchased the ticket months in advance in order to obtain reasonable seating within the first gathering of seats facing the stage on which Bobby G would perform his graceful transcendental act upon. I arrive to the concert hours before for no reason in particular rather than wanting to be surrounded by an atmosphere of Goldsboro loving pupils. I met a tall with a beard outside of the venue who was wearing a bath robe. Despite his looks he was a very kind and gentle man, he stood six feet six inches off of the ground had a beard that looked like it had never been trimmed or washed in a sink of broken dreams but I took an interest in the man and had taken somewhat of an interest in my drab emotionally stagnant self. We spoke and I learned that he was once a body guard for Lassie. Now if you are unaware of Lassie, Lassie is a dog. The man was a body guard for one of the world’s most famous canines. A protector of an icon. An Icon protector. A protector of me. I was protected. He protected me. He protected I. He protected us. The protector. After conversating with the gentleman he took notice to my unsmiling face and was dumbfounded at my non-smiling life. He offered me some LSD. I had never taken any drugs before other than the occasional Anicin and maybe a shot of pepto bismol after dinner but aside from that I had never partook in any extracurricular activities so to speak. I refused the LSD. The man whose name I had never learned proceeded to shove multiple LSD tablets forcefully down my throat. White lightning. Orange Sunshine. I was within the (MORE)


hour in layman’s terms. Tripping Balls. Also within the hour I was a changed man. I smiled within the hour. Within the hour I smiled. We smiled within the hour. Within the hour we smiled. The concert began just as I was reaching the high point of my hallucination. Bobby Goldsboro arose from the heaven resembling stage like a God of the world. He sang the most incredible marvelous songs pleasuring my ear with each sound erupting from his golden voice box. He was draped in a solid gold tuxedo and sparkled under the dominating lights illuminating his golden soul. I felt as if though I was witnessing the birth of a baby unicorn emerging into the world through a tunnel of rainbows and jelly beans. These feelings continued throughout the entire concerts and would eventaully end up changing my so called forever.

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