Writing: Chris Rutkowsky, Layout & Art Director: David Jarvis, Index & Editing: Michael Taylor Cover Art: Thom Chiaramonte, Third Rail Design Lab Logo and Cover Lettering by John Mathews Interior Artwork: Skorched Urf Studios, Anthony Cournoyer, Paul Daily, Larry Elmore, Butch Mapa, Antonio Rojo, Shaman’s Stock Art, Richard Spake, Aaron Texiera, Jason Watson. Some artwork Copyright 2007, Reality Deviant Publications, Used with permission. Some art work taken from Sci-Fi Clip-Art Collection One, Two, and Three copyright © Philip Reed and Christopher Shy. Used with permission. To learn more visit Some art from Image Portfolio Anthology (Devil’s Workshop). Some artwork from Skortched Urf studios. Some artwork copyright Paul Daly, used with permission. Some artwork in this book is also ©2005 Team Frog Studios, used by permission.

BASH! Sci-FI Table of Contents
Introduction ................................................................5 Key Terms ....................................................................5 Chapter 1: Character Creation .............................7
Step 1: Stats ...................................................................... 8 Step 2: Species ................................................................. 8 Step 3: Advantages ..........................................................10 Disadvantages ................................................................. 11 Species Specific Disadvantages ....................................... 13 Step 4: Powers .................................................................14 Energy ............................................................................14 Mundane Powers............................................................14 Special Powers ............................................................... 18 Alien Powers ................................................................. 18 Mechanical Powers ........................................................18 Psionic Powers ...............................................................19 Limiting the Role of Psionics ..........................................19 Psionic Disciplines ..........................................................20 Special Power Enhancements.........................................27 Special Power Limitations ...............................................27 Step 5: Skills ...................................................................27

Archaic Weapons..................................................... 32 Archaic Ranged Weapons ....................................... 34 Modern Firearms & Bombs...................................... 35 Futuristic Weapons .................................................. 37 Examples of Integrated Functions ........................ 39 Upgrades ..................................................................39 Modern Equipment ................................................... 41 High Tech Equipment ..............................................41 Medical Supplies ................................................... 41 Useful Gadgets ......................................................42 Black Market Goods ............................................. 43

Chapter 3: Playing the Game ......................... 44
The Golden Rule ........................................................ 45 Experience Points....................................................... 45 Hero Dice.................................................................... 45 Combat Rules ............................................................. 45 Movement ................................................................ 46 Wounds ................................................................... 46 Ranged Attacks ........................................................47 Cover in Combat.......................................................47 Knock-Back ............................................................. 47 Wrestling.................................................................. 47 Vulnerability ............................................................. 47 Size.......................................................................... 47 Continual Damage ................................................... 47 Collateral Damage ....................................................48 Explosions ................................................................48

Chapter 2: Equipment .............................................31
Technology Levels .............................................................32 Armor ............................................................................. 32 Futuristic Armor; Suits ......................................................32 Weapons ......................................................................... 32


Healing .......................................................................... 48 Chase Scenes ................................................................48 Minions ..............................................................................49 Hazrads .............................................................................50 Starvation and Thirst......................................................50 Drowning.......................................................................50 Extreme Cold ................................................................50 Extreme Heat ................................................................50 Falling ...........................................................................50 Fire................................................................................50 Fatigue ..........................................................................50 Illness............................................................................50 Immobilization ................................................................. 50 Poison ...........................................................................51 Radiation.......................................................................51 Vacuum .........................................................................51 Gravity ..........................................................................51 Zero-G .......................................................................51 Low-G ........................................................................51 High-G ....................................................................... 51 Spacewalking................................................................ 52 Artificial hazards- Traps & Security Systems ................ 52 Alarm.......................................................................... 52 Electroshock .............................................................. 52 Hologram ................................................................... 52 Landmine ...................................................................52 Laser Tripwire ............................................................ 52 Lockdown....................................................................53 Pit............................................................................... 53 Poison Gas ................................................................ 53 Wall-Mounted Blaster .................................................53 Collapsing Walls ........................................................ 53 Creating Worlds ................................................................53 Constructed Worlds ....................................................... 53 Random World Creation ..............................................54 Creating Alien Species...................................................55 Size .................................................................................58 Volume ........................................................................... 59 Cargo Units .................................................................... 59 Crew/Passengers .......................................................... 59 Vehicle Combat................................................................. 59 Priority............................................................................ 59 Defense ......................................................................... 59 Damage ......................................................................... 60 Breach Threshold .......................................................... 60 Effects of a Hull Breach .............................................. 60 Incapacitating a Vehicle ..................................................60 Boarding .......................................................................... 61 Ramming ....................................................................... 61 Repairs .......................................................................... 62 Vehicle Powers .................................................................. 62 Weapon Systems.............................................................. 63 Vehicle Advantages .......................................................... 65 Vehicle Disadvantages ..................................................... 65 Types of Vehicles: Starships ............................................. 66 Stardrive .......................................................................... 66 Sample Starships.............................................................. 67 Light Starships ............................................................... 67 Capital Starships............................................................ 69 Terrain in Space ................................................................ 72 More Vehicles ................................................................... 72 Modern Land Vehicles ................................................... 72 Futuristic Land Vehicles ................................................. 74 Modern Sea Vehicles ..................................................... 75 Futuristic Sea Vehicles .................................................. 77 Modern Sky Vehicles ..................................................... 77 Futuristic Sky Vehicles ................................................... 78 Heavy Ordinance ........................................................... 79 Rules of War ..................................................................... 80 Fleet to Fleet: Mass Combat in Space........................... 80 Time, Space, and Movement ...................................... 80 Ports and Planets ........................................................81 Impact of and on Heroes and Villians ...........................81 Mass Combat on Planets............................................... 82

Chapter 4: Warfare & Exploration .........................57
Building a Vehicle ............................................................ 58 Scale ............................................................................. 58 Brawn............................................................................ 58 Agility ............................................................................ 58 Mind .............................................................................. 58 Inertia ............................................................................ 58

Chapter 5: Aliens & Adversaries........................... 83
Size ................................................................................84 Energy Cost ...................................................................84 Skills ..............................................................................84 Danger Level .................................................................84


................................................................ 85 Cloaked Stalker ... 92 Leviathan Fish .................................................... 89 Spike Strider ........................ 95 Bounty Hunter ... 86 Furbles ................................................ 89 Snow Strider ................................ 90 Thunder Beast ................................................................................................... 94 Heavy Infantry Droid ............................................95 Guards ...................................................................................................... 127 Stats above 5 ..................129 Character Sheet .........................109 Space Opera.................................................. 94 Sci-Fi Icons ............................ Mutants...................................... 112 Post Apocalyptic .....95 Gangster ....................................................... and Droids.............................................................................................................................................. 92 Great Dune Worm.. 93 War Droids ............................................................................................................................100 Startrooper ..........95 Crime Lord ....................................................... 87 Jaw Monster ................................................ 94 Roving Gun Droid .... 90 Tentacle Worm ............................ 97 Dark Psi-Rangers .................95 Gunfighter ..... Cyborgs............................................................................................101 Thief .................................... 85 Brhinox............................................................................................ 91 Colossus Creatures ......... 93 Star Knight ......................................................102 Victorian ...................... 87 Omnipotent Entity ..................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... 92 Robots....... 96 Psi-Rangers ...........................................99 Starship Personnel ............................................. 128 Index ............................................................. 89 Sand Runner.................................................................................98 Space Pirates ......122 Time Travel ................ 101 Chapter 6: Science Fiction Genres ...................................................... 100 Officer ..................................... 92 Cyberninja............................................137 4 ..................... 98 Scoundrel..................................................................................................... 92 Star Kraken ......................................................................................................................................84 Alien Predator Beast ................ 93 Utility Droid ...............................................................................INTRODUCTION Aliens........................................................................................................128 Superheroes Conversion ..........................................112 Science Fantasy .................................................................... 94 Bartender ......................................................................................................................................... 94 Juggernaut Assault Droid.................................................................................... 86 Dune Raiders .........85 Claw-Titan...........................................................96 Noble ......116 Mecha-Pilots ............................................................................................................... 91 Unstoppable Gorger .......................99 Starship Officer ................................................................................................................................ 94 Light Infantry Droid ...........................99 Chief Engineer ........................ 91 Viper Slug .................. 101 Star Marines ................................................................................................................................................................................................................................. 92 Duel Bot .. 87 Ice Beast ..................................................................................................................................... 90 The Swarm .....................................................................................................100 Heavy Assault Force .....114 Cyberpunk .....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................100 Scout........................................ 88 Razor Cat......... 127 Appendix B: More Powerful Starting characters ...................................................................................................................................................................................... 86 Doom Hopper ......100 Starship Captain ...............................................................................96 Merchant .............................................................................................................................................99 Crewman ............................................. 89 Shifter ...................................................... 91 Tunnel Devil ................................................................................85 Bear-Bat. & Monsters ............................................................. 96 Pilot ............................................................................ 87 Phase Wraith ... 100 Regular ..................................................................95 Duelist ......... 89 Sonic Bats...................................................................................................................................... 94 Assassin..... 103 Space Pulp . 123 Appendix A: Rules Options.............................................................. 118 Hard Sci-Fi ...................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

These are the two roles you might play. far away. wild-west. there has to be a chance for failure— and for that reason. In BASH! that person is called a Narrator. roll another die and add it (repeat if it matches) before you multiply. Powers. In addition. it is Basic Action System Heroes. Send the Alien Predator out the airlock or journey to the lost world at the center of the Earth. numbers. What I found. Ties go to the Hero. Advantages. creating a story. if you read a description calling for a Brawn Contest. A Hero has many qualities. Whatever your favorite sci-fi setting. Each has its own impact on what the character is capable of. D6: An ordinary six-sided die. Even creating a character is fast and easy. This statement was vague. yet expansive and precise enough to build any character you want. there is usually some sort of referee. RPG stands for Role-Playing Game.INTRODUCTION Introduction: What is an RPG? For those unfamiliar with the term. BASH! Sci-Fi will take you there. and advantages. Key Terms Active Multiplier: The number by which any action is multiplied other than damage. For some. In order to add some suspense. So now. there is no set script in a roleplaying game. The Narrator decides. who decides the outcome of various events and sets the stage for the story. you will spend less time creating your Hero. we use description. the players roll 2 standard six-sided dice. It is up to the players controlling the Heroes to portray their characters within the larger story created by the Narrator. Simple. Fantasy. each player will control one character. as well as the actions of all the characters not controlled by the players. or buy other books. The rules are light and simple. was that it really worked well as a superheroes RPG for gamers of all ages. however. and mundane) without requiring the players to learn complicated formulas. science fiction is in the eye of the beholder. Defining what exactly Sci-Fi is. These challenges are created by the Narrator. but also completely accurate. The Hero is a larger-thanlife character central to the story. BASH! Sci-Fi gives a complete list of sci-fi powers (both super-scientific. after all). In short. Science fiction is futuristic giant robots. When a character wishes to try some task where there is a chance for failure. If the roll is “doubles”. and multiply the result by their stat or power to indicate the result relative to their opponent’s or the difficulty of an unopposed task. psionic. Whatever your adventure. Like a game. and Disadvantages. It is a game in which the players portray characters within a story. The maximum active multiplier is x10. powers. 5 . and fast-paced action. however is that their reality has at least one major difference from our own. After multiplying by the relevant stat or power. In this game. and more time playing your Hero. In other words. Pilot your Mecha in the interplanetary war. Contest: When two or more characters are in direct opposition with one another at some task. they both roll dice. however. but rather. In BASH! Sci-Fi Edition. as well as their own ingenuity. What separates the Basic Action System from other role-playing games is an emphasis on high-adventure. which in BASH! is called a Hero. or explore the vast reaches of space for the guild. however is a very difficult task. there are rules to govern success and failure. there are no “winners” and “losers”—the purpose is to enjoy yourself with friends. these qualities are rated as Stats. but it is also a primitive band of road warriors who survived a nuclear holocaust. skills. and ties go to the Hero (the good-guys are supposed to win. the character with the higher result wins. It can be a team of elite star-soldiers determined to defend their empire or it can be a Victorian gentleman in a clockwork time-machine. and dice to decide how successful the actions of the characters within the story are. The BASH! System was a product of my attempt to invent a superhero roleplaying game that would appeal to kids. while for others it may involve an ancient order of mystics in a galaxy far. For example. Cross swords with space-pirates or hack your virtual self into the corporate Network. I also found that the rules worked in genres other than superheroes. a player who does not control a Hero. you can play it with BASH! Sci-Fi. Don’t expect to be bogged down in rules or spend an hour resolving every single thing a character does. the two characters involved roll times their Brawn stat—the higher of the two wins. though alternate history. A Hero overcomes these challenges using a combination of natural ability. science fiction may involve the crew of a starship patrolling the galaxy in the far future. where and when the story takes places. Unlike a game. memorize charts. eh? What is Sci-Fi? Sci-Fi stands for Science Fiction. The higher number is victorious. For example. often revolving around technology. you often have to roll two at once. Unlike a story. you may be playing a scientist who must defuse a bomb before the countdown reaches zero. samurais and science fiction were all within the system’s capabilities. What is BASH!? BASH! originally stood for Basic Action Super Heroes. “Science Fiction is what Science Fiction writers write”. or unexplained powers can also be the basis of a sci-fi setting. In an RPG. or whoever is acting more heroic at that moment. What holds true for all science fiction. like the Villains and their minions. One author said. The purpose of the game is to create a story in which the Heroes can overcome various challenges in order to save the day. “sets the scene” for the Hero to perform his/her exploits.

Once that goal is achieved. Multiplier Bonus/Penalty: A number that is added to/subtracted from the multiplier that is affecting the dice roll before multiplying. E. or using the armor power. you should write down the E. Heroes usually begin with 100 hits. If this also matches. roll and add until it doesn’t. Doubles: When both d6s display the same number. Domino Effect: The ability for Heroes or Villains to attack another minion in hand-to-hand combat if they have just taken one out. the result would be 3x7= 21+5= 26. with a +5 TR bonus. If this happens. roll another d6 and add it. and is affected by speed-wiring or similar powers. how much damage is soaked. Hits: This is how much physical damage your character can withstand before being knocked out.C. Minions have less. For example a +2 Dice Bonus would change a roll of 7 to a 9 before multiplying. attack range. Panels are numbered according to the combatants’ priority. They are Brawn. next to the power if it is not simply equal to the point cost of the power. radius. and a roll of 7. whether it is damage. A square is 5 feet by 5 feet.C. When writing down a character’s information. and Mind. Total Result Bonus/Penalty: A number that is added/subtracted from the total result of a die roll after multiplying. etc.: Stands for: Energy Cost. For example. or how much damage is healed. In each 2-3 second page. Square: The standard area of physical space used to measure distances of movement. players may move on to another story arc. known as a panel. there are several “panels” that take place. or knock-back. See character creation step 1 for more details. Thus a range 5. healing. Priority: The order in which Heroes’ and their adversaries’ “panels” occur. and a 10’ radius. Issue: The current game session. For example.INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION Dice Bonus/Penalty: A number that is added/subtracted from the 2d6 roll before multiplying. a +2 Multiplier Bonus would change a x3 multiplier to a x5. Agility. each character takes an action. DM. Soak: The amount of damage all attacks are reduced by when wearing armor. Abbreviated as TR. Panel: During a “page”. This is based on whoever has the highest Agility. Stats: These are the fundamental raw aptitudes of any character. Intensity: This is how strong the effect of a power is. Story Arc: The ultimate goal of the Heroes over a given time. within an ongoing plot known as a story arc. 6 . Damage Multiplier: The number by which 2d6 are multiplied to determine how much damage an attack does. radius 2 attack has a 25’ range. x3 multiplier. Page: One round of combat is known as a “page”.


however. Greatest scientist in the known universe Step 2: Species What Sci-Fi RPG would be complete without a host of alien species for players to choose from? In BASH! Sci-Fi. A legendary scientist. The Narrator can establish a guideline of what skills or powers you should pay points for. An example of a typical person with this brawn and a description of how much they can lift is included. and psychic potential. You may gain 1 extra point of stats by dropping 2 points of powers to a max of 8 points for stats. In regular gravity. A character’s Brawn is also equal to how many squares s/he can jump horizontally. Feel free to change or add to this list! What we really recommend you do is pick and choose powers from the Alien Power List to create your own alien species! Avinoid: 1pt Glide. The species here are just examples. where they can soar amongst the clouds. It is also used to make ranged attack damage. 123Normal Man An average marksman A skilled marksman or a pickpocket 4The most magnificent marksman in the area or a pro athlete (human maximum) 5An alien or machine of incredible speed and accuracy. and strike in close combat. they can only glide.CHAPTER ONE Chapter 1: Character Creation Step 1: Stats Spread 7 points between each of the 3 attributes. Cannot buy Armor Familiarity power. It also influences movement. They have wings on their back as well as arms ending in taloned fingers. Mind: This is the character’s IQ. Many species enable you to buy powers unavailable to humans (glide. Genius . A character can normally move 3 squares/Agility per page. Avinoids are Birdmen who live on low-gravity worlds. Max Brawn =3. rating 1-5. to dodge all physical attacks. willpower. This is the key stat for piloting as well! 12345Normal Person Scholar Brilliant. It is used to see who goes first in combat. fly). Supra Genius. and to check perception. and what advantages or disadvantages you should take based on what species you are playing. A very competent scientist. there can be many different sentient beings occupying the galaxy other than humans. 8 . which ones you cannot buy. Agility: This is how quick the character’s reflexes are. aquatic. 12345- Normal Man A Soldier Primitive Barbarian Strongest possible human A very strong alien Lift 100 Pounds 200 Pounds 300 Pounds 400 Pounds 800 Pounds Brawn: This is the character’s Strength and overall Toughness. social interaction.

Max Brawn= 2. as their beak-like mouths covered in tentacles are not made for speech. Max Agility =3. Vekar: Minimum Brawn =2. They may buy the Appendage power if they wish. Durg engineers are sought after throughout the galaxy. chitinous skin. 2pts Danger Sense.Cathulian: Psionic Powers advantage. The onetime lords of the galaxy have declined over the centuries. with ridged foreheads and dreadlocks. as are silver and gold). with a set of tentacles where their mouths should be. Amphibious. Ifurian: Small. Max Mind =4. Because of their very alien appearance and inability to speak normally. Xrek: Inhuman Voice. Ifurians are a cute. This means that you have a few of the traits of both. They can take the Appendage power for their tail. Cathulians are strange beings from a watery world. 2pts Super Senses (Infrared Vision). 9 . they have been hated and feared by much of the gala for centuries. Vekar resemble tall. which enable them to communicate with other species. Sarans may have the Long Sleeper disadvantage or the Abnormal Diet (raw meat) disadvantage. The Vekar are a very spiritual people who value honor and martial prowess above all else. Inhuman Voice. 1pt Charisma. a character cannot be half Wokana/Half Ifurian (Large/Small don’t agree. Max Brawn =2. Toughness 2 +20 Soak. Eldan resemble beautiful humans with pointed ears. They have four arms. and where the less refined species in the galaxy will leave them alone. Max Agility =3. Simbasa may have the Long Sleeper disadvantage. Freak disadvantage. Eldan: Max Brawn = 3. Honor Bound. and Min Brawn 3/Max Brawn 2 don’t agree). Durg: Engineering Skill. Minimum Agility =2. Maximum Agility =4. These furry giants only recently became part of the “civilized” galaxy. The Xrek are a race of bipedal insects standing about 7 feet tall. Keen Senses (vision). bear-like species that is about half the size of a human. You and the Narrator should decide what these are. Leap. favoring blades as well as blasters. Toughness 1 (+10 Soak) 1pt. the Eldan live much longer. but they tend to get their points across with brute strength! It is common for Wokana warriors to also have Blaze of Glory and/or Berserk. Extra Arms. and half another. Their vocal chords are incapable of ordinary speech. resembling a humanoid praying mantis. Inhuman Voice disadvantage. they are skilled warriors and hunters. These feline humanoids look relatively similar to lions. 1pt Natural Weapons. Every Cathulian has telepathic abilities. Fairer and nobler than humans. Minimum Brawn =2. and often work for whoever pays the best (though never against the interest of Durg). Their magnificent engineers have adapted to life on this world by using the energy of the planet’s core to power their cities and maintain their crops. Minimum Brawn =3. but have adapted rapidly. Athletics Skill (Acrobatics). blue. and now tend to smaller systems they can maintain their influence over. and violet are common. Wokana: Large. and a poisonous bite. Their hands and feet end in hooks that allow them to stick to walls and ceilings. Max Agility =4. Telepathy. Human: Maximum Brawn =4. Simbasa: 1pt fleet of foot. but are far more rare. but cannot choose from the Alien Powers List. All Vekar have the Military skill. Ifurians may have the Primitive disadvantage. Minimum Agility =3. Max Agility =3. Humans have no other restrictions and can buy whatever other stats and powers they wish. Their muscular frames and their heavy CHARACTER CREATION scales make them most resistant to damage. Outdoors skill. Sarans are a species of lizard-like beings who inhabit a desert planet. Venomous. Saran: Minimum Brawn =2. It is not uncommon for them to have the Obsession: Wealth Disadvantage. The Durg are a short and stocky race from a high-gravity planet that receives little light. strong humans. They usually have the armor familiarity power and the weapon technique power. Half-Breed: You are half one species. and very colorful hair (green. For instance. but you should have the limitations and disadvantages of BOTH species! Species whose limitations contradict each other are incompatible. Their faces are squidlike. Almost all Eldan have the Psionic Powers advantage coupled with the star-born disadvantage. Max Mind =3. Clinging. Despite their small stature.

minerals. you know someone who can help you out. you have access to equipment and knowledge from a higher Technology level than most. Whenever you are hit in combat. however. it means that a mechanical part of you was hit. Usually. you can re-roll your dodge roll to avoid being hit. you would have to buy the “Psionic” advantage. you get a +2 Dice bonus to your check. Contacts: You know people who owe you favors all over the galaxy. Just because you can eat rocks and drink bleach. You may also take an additional panel as soon as you fall in combat (they occur simultaneously) including an extra attack even if you have already made one this page. Diehard: You are very stubborn when it comes to giving up your life. Narrators and players should feel free to come up with their own Advantages to fit their games. or maybe you are from the future. and partly machine. and even chemicals can be converted into energy by your body. a total of 100 hits of damage will incapacitate your character. Whenever you want to exploit your fame for some sort of advantage. you get a +2 Dice bonus on all rolls. you can re-roll the climbing check. or the secret ritual of a cult—but you will usually get this info in the form of subtle hints—not direct information. Companions have a base of 6 points of stats and 5 points of powers. You must be a member of a race that is much bigger than humans. you run into well-wishers who want to make you happy. As long as you don’t ask a contact to put themselves at great risk. vegetables. This enhancement is not obvious to the naked eye. Cyborg: You are partly alive. Whenever you try to intimidate people. enabling you to have stats beyond the normal maximums for your species. “You “buy” advantages by taking an equal amount of disadvantages—character flaws that we will discuss later (see page 11). For instance. while a hot-shot pilot with ice-water in his veins might want the “Fearless” advantage. Regardless of whether the damage is to your machine or living parts (or both) however.” Some aspects of your character (especially social ones) are determined by buying advantages. or a well known actor or scientist. you can roll times your highest stat. Dumb Luck: Once per issue. roll a d6. like a Wokana. Famous: Perhaps you are a well-known pilot or starship captain. Any attempt to frighten or intimidate you automatically fails. This list is by no means complete.CHAPTER ONE Step 3: Advantages Your species is not the only important part of your background you need to determine before deciding the special abilities and skills of your character. etc. but you also 10 . Animals. High-Tech: You are from a more advanced culture. In addition. though you can still become intoxicated by imbibing alcohol (and your species likely makes alcoholic drinks that would be lethal to others). however). A companion does not need to be humanoid: it can be an android or an alien animal for instance. You may also ignore the penalties for wounds for one panel by taking 10 damage. and will help you establish a guideline for buying powers later. Blaze of Glory: When reduced to 30 or less Hits. This advantage is only allowed with Narrator approval! Large: You are a size 1 creature. A companion is essentially a weak Hero controlled by the Narrator. does not mean you necessarily enjoy doing so (it is up to you). It seems everywhere you go. If you get a 20. You may re-roll any dice roll that resulted in your Hero’s death. whether it be information. An advantage is a special edge that grants your character some unique ability. If you were struck down by an energy blast. maybe a hero of an important battle. but this ability can be very handy when “real food” is hard to come by. including psionic effects intended to drive you away (like the Daze power). Enhanced: You are either cybernetic or genetically altered. As a size 1 creature. (Sometimes this different treatment may not be to your benefit. Contacts can really help you find out things that would otherwise remain unknown—like a villain’s whereabouts. Fearless: You are completely immune to the effects of fear. a place to hide. you may re-roll any dice roll. Example: if you fell to your death after failing a climbing check. etc. they will help you however they can. Some species refer to you as a “living garbage disposal”. As a result. This advantage allows you to buy powers from the mechanical power list. wherever you go. If the number on the die is less than (not equal to) the points you have in machine powers. if you want to play a telepath. this will be 2 Tech Levels higher than the rest of the campaign setting. the person you are interacting with will recognize you and treat you differently because of your fame. Eat Anything: You are from a species that can obtain nourishment from nearly any source. you are immune to ingested poisons. These advantages will help you decide what kind of person your Hero is. you add +1 Dice bonus to all Brawn rolls. and that damage must be repaired rather than healed (see the Unliving advantage below). Regardless of why you are famous. Companion: You have a companion who helps you through your adventures.

that functions long enough for the ship to limp to a nearby star-base. Example: a virtuous courier is being interrogated in “the machine” to reveal his master’s whereabouts. Step 3 Continued: Disadvantages Just as Heroes have their perks. This includes attack rolls. you receive a +2 Dice bonus to your rolls. He tries to jury-rig an extra CHARACTER CREATION engine out of spare parts. Psionic: You can use the force of your mind to alter reality. you cannot be broken. or hologram of some sort. You cannot buy the psionic advantage. The courier gets a +4 to his dice rolls before multiplying to resist the torture. however. Techno-Wizard: You have an uncanny knack with machines. etc. while young characters are considered minors according to the 11 . Short Sleep: Your species requires less rest per day than humans do. This is obviously a slow process. and even can simulate breathing. It is likely that this membership will also require you to take an oath. and require no food. You also get to add a 5 TR bonus to all damage dealt and soaked. etc). duty. they also have drawbacks. In order for you to use your powers. suggestion. when you do something that should be impossible for your “species” (like plug your finger into a data port. nor can you be fearless if you have a phobia! Age: You are either over 50 or under the age of majority. even under torture. If you are drugged. or if you are examined with a medical scanner. cheat. you automatically gain immunity to mind control. The Narrator decides all the details of this NPC. then it can be a size 5 ship. If you are part owner (the other owner must also have this advantage) your ship is size 4. you must be conscious and able to concentrate. You can spend your own experience points to improve machines that can have powers. have somehow come into the possession of a starship. defending the galactic alliance. computer program. You have a +4 Dice bonus to resist being compelled doing anything shameful. For example. asleep. This power will cease functioning once it is used (if it is a weapon for instance) or at the end of the scene (if it is a power that is in continuous use. Your true nature can be discovered when a psychic attempts to probe your mind (if you are an android) and finds none. hair. Before every attack roll. you must choose a disadvantage. Old characters are less resilient. or secret society of some kind. damage rolls. order. Instead. If the ship is owned by a small company of at least 4 partners (all of whom have this advantage). this advantage makes you still appear to be a normal life form. he gets to roll another attempt to break free of the control. but either an android. As such. only having 80 hits instead of 100. Unliving: You are not alive. water. If you are the sole owner. Likewise. You have realistic skin. Note that you cannot have disadvantages that obviously conflict with your advantages or disadvantages. skill rolls. it takes a successful technology/repair or computers/programming check (Narrator determines which is appropriate— use as you would physician skill to heal an organic) to heal you of hits. league. or some other disadvantage.take a -1 Dice penalty to all Agility rolls. and other “psionic” powers (unless the power is bought with an enhancement that allows it to affect you). For every advantage you chose. This does not influence the effects of psionic or high-tech healing upon yourself. Membership: You are a member of something exclusive and important. social interaction rolls—everything. The downside to this is that you cannot heal normally. purchase. You are unaffected by poison. You can also use the technology/jury-rig skill with a difficulty of 10/20/30/40/50 to temporarily give a 1/2/3/4/5 point power to a machine. this ship is your personal property to do with as you wish. Lifelike Appearance: If you are an android or a cyborg. You get a +4 Dice bonus to any roll to resist these circumstances. etc) you may give yourself away. Virtuous: While you maintain your principles. you may be unable to use your powers at the Narrator’s discretion. It is common to have the Honor-Bound disadvantage along with this. your ship is a standard size 3 ship. You only sleep 4 hours per day instead of the standard 8 that most species do. Using this ability to jury-rig costs 1 experience point. as well as how much to reveal about their true identity. sleep or oxygen. In addition. a technowizard is on a ship that is adrift in space. Unknown Ally: Some mysterious stranger keeps coming to your aid whenever you are in your most desperate peril. You and your Narrator must work together to figure out the benefits and obligations of this membership. You can also lift twice as much as a size 0 creature with your Brawn score. and you do not age. You are also susceptible to EMPs (Electro Magnetic Pulses). or duplicity. like extra engines). perhaps a guild. Whenever you do something directly for the cause. and the Healing power and the physician skill cannot work on you. Shrewd: It is very difficult for a person to deceive. even if you are unarmored. payable at the end of the issue. For instance. Quick healer: Your natural healing is double the normal rate. Example: a virtuous soldier fails his Mind check and is psionically commanded to kill his ally. or take advantage of you. The Cause: Choose a cause worth dying for (liberating your planet. Starship: Whether by inheritance. The techno-wizard managed to put together a working engine. Unlike a military vessel. and succeeds at a 20 technology/juryrig check. you cannot be a craven if you have true grit. and then disappearing with no explanation. You also can re-roll resistance to suggestion or mind control if compelled to do anything disgraceful even if you failed before. You can purchase powers from the psionic list. it takes you half the normal time to make enhancements or repairs to a machine (meaning every hour you spend repairing a machine counts as two man-hours).

and you live up to this reputation. You will always do whatever you can to avoid this thing. Berserk: When you get angry. you do not employ any strategy other than hand to hand attacks. Outcast: You are an outcast from a certain society (perhaps a trade guild. Bad Reputation: You have a reputation of being not very trustworthy. stealing. unable to move or act. There is likely a bounty on your head. No matter what you do or where you go. As such. closed spaces. or any defensive maneuvers cannot be used while you are berserk. or attempt to cheat an evil villain you know will betray you. If this means fleeing from combat and abandoning your friends. You make the major faux pas at a state dinner that botches a potential alliance. a certain behavior. You often do not have the good sense to back down when you should. Obsession: You are completely fascinated by a certain person. 12 . The upper class shuns you. or crowds. You get a -2 Dice penalty when trying to convince someone to believe you or trust you. Outlaw: You have been declared a criminal (whether innocent or not) in the galaxy (or at least in some parts of it). defect. and do not believe you can be beaten. Note: this is by age by human standards. lend you anything. they may try to collect! Overconfidence: You have too much faith in your own abilities. Cursed: You have attracted the wrath of gods it would seem. Perhaps this is because you are a machine or a hologram. or various other things. Note: This is very dangerous combined with Pride. You always believe that things will turn out in the end. you are frozen with fear. You befriend someone who later turns out to be a traitor. etc). Compulsive Behavior: You have a behavior that you cannot stop yourself from doing. perhaps as a result of your species. Honor Bound: Your honor means more to you than anything else. you must make a 20 Mind check to maintain your composure. Many species achieve physical maturity and reach old age at radically different times. but you are terrified of losing. you must make a 20 Mind check that page. thing. in order to avoid breaking this oath. so be it. This often leads you to take unnecessary risks. until the object of fear is out of your sight. suicide is the only way to atone. nor would anyone be criminally tried for harming you. a certain type of alien. and the lower class only tolerates you as long as your coin lasts you. In any case. People from other societies will not welcome you warmly either if they know that you are an outcast and why. If it means sacrificing your life. and each page you are struck after that point. and if you get caught. Once per issue. You devote inordinate amounts of time. so be it. and steal whenever you feel you can get away with it. or use any mental skills or abilities. and are not taken seriously by adults and may be kept out of such things as dangerous missions or cantina brawls because of it. you may even revel in humiliating your opponents. Your character will do anything. You suffer a -2 Dice penalty on all Agility dice rolls in any combat where your opponent has successfully damaged you. you are old for your own species. If you are old. You will lie. you suffer a -2 Dice penalty on any roll made to hear noises. You cannot speak (except maybe obscenities). or perhaps you are from the lowest possible caste in your society. You may be deformed. you will savagely attack your perceived enemies. you lose all control of yourself. the Narrator can make you re-roll any die roll. bad things always seem to happen to you. Craven: You are a coward. even to spare someone’s feelings. No Legal Status: You do not have the rights and privileges of a normal person. even when your life may hang in the balance. and one mouth. and must not attract attention to yourself. you will begin breaking things. you do not have the right to a trial. it is bound to either get you into trouble or cost you a lot of money. gambling. the dark. yield. Phobia: There is something that you are deathly afraid of. Running away. You are essentially a living plot device for the Narrator to put your party in a sticky situation! Duty: You owe your allegiance to someone or some organization. Ranged weapons. people are unlikely to believe anything you say. cannot steal medicine to save a dying child. you are at -2 to all dice rolls (before multiplying) until you atone. Oath: There is something that you must never do. not to attempt to flee. This means that you cannot lie. When the Narrator decides you have become upset. As a result. and if anyone recognizes you. and take unnecessary risks to satisfy this obsession. including your life. When you attack your foes. or cheating. you do not behave rationally. You obey all orders from your superiors within that organization without question. or listening to what others have to say is not an option either. you can always deny it. stealing. In addition. If you fail. Whenever you meet someone from this society. Poor Hearing: You do not hear very well. or entrust you with a secret. a military organization. or behavior. or some sort of addiction. no matter what. Freak: You are physically unlike most sentient life forms. and take the worse of the two. you “black out” and while you are in this state. In some cultures. cheat. you can only perform an action if you succeed in rolling 20 or more on a Mind check each panel. two legs. lying. or even a planet). or from a species that is very inhuman in appearance (without the standard two arms. If you are berserk and there are no enemies to attack. or surrender immediately. If you are forced to confront your phobia. While in this state. scarred. trouble always seems to come your way. It could be heights. It’s best you keep your head down and stay out of the way of others. The berserk state lasts 3 pages. If you fail the Mind check. or injury. It could be money. It could be drinking. you will be treated as lower than dirt. two eyes. martial arts. You would die before you would engage in an action that dishonored you—lying. If you for some reason dishonor yourself. but no matter what it is. even die.CHAPTER ONE law. especially when your life is on the line. This does not necessarily mean that you do not enjoy fighting. If you are reduced to half your total hits.

Pride: You cannot abridge any insult. no matter what. 13 . it cannot be replicated—it must be the real thing. or who the insulter was. you immediately begin to suffocate. the president is an alien shape shifter. For instance. attacked. As a result. Species Specific Disadvantages Abnormal Diet: Your species does not consume normal food and water by human standards. however. poisonous. You may have even lost an eye. and will refuse the aid of others if you think such an offer is made out of pity. you may not be able to distinguish other people’s voices at all. If you ever come to a situation where your enemy can no longer be a threat to you. or perhaps you just aren’t very fast. more powers. a species that can only consume raw meat might have difficulty acquiring it in space. Poor Vision: You do not see very well. you must trade this disadvantage for the outlaw disadvantage. even if it means fighting a dozen duels to the death! Your pride can often get you into trouble as you tend to assume everyone who disagrees with you is incorrect or stupid. you have attracted the ire of a powerful person who wishes you harm. Without the chemicals. the Hero receives an extra experience point for that session. people of other species can learn to understand your language. etc). and you would die before you would allow someone to find out. This enemy will routinely show up (or send agents) to make your life miserable throughout your career. cold. Whenever you use “modern” technology. Chemical Dependence: Your species requires the regular consumption of certain chemicals in order to live. If you require special food. Long Sleeper: Your species requires much more sleep than ordinary humans—about 12 hours per day as opposed to 8. You will never own up to any mistakes. are from an alien species with a low CHARACTER CREATION metabolism. Heat. Slow: For some reason. you are the sole survivor of an illegal organization long thought extinct. or worker. Ward: You are the primary caretaker of a normal person (5 points in stats. the Narrator can treat this as an advantage wherein in any session in which the Hero overcomes this enemy or one of his machinations. no powers). Nobody— not even your dearest friend or relative—knows the truth. Often. etc to get to you. you must wear a breathing device to supply you with what you need to breath. but your will is not your own. wealthy CEO. you suffer double the normal effects. courtesan. You may be able to understand the speech of another species by learning their language. Slave: You are someone else’s property. The illness can only be cured when the chemical is provided to you. taken at least once per day. but it could just as easily be a crime lord. You suffer a -2 Dice penalty for all activities requiring good distance vision. do not take this disadvantage. You must obey your master and accept any punishment your master gives you (often corporal punishments) without retaliation. You must satisfy your honor. but cannot communicate in it. or they are very skilled and come after you personally (i. like firing a blaster or piloting a starship. you cannot retreat or yield. Alternatively. If you can wear corrective lenses to fix your vision. Either you require double the normal food and water rations of a human per day. Going a day without the chemical will cause you to develop a serious illness. While you are among ordinary air-breathers. The laws do not apply to you in nearly any way. You might be a bodyguard. Environmental Frailty: Your species was not made to withstand certain environments.e. and you have no legal rights. and more experience points than you). you have a -2 Dice penalty regarding its use. but you cannot speak to them. Inhuman Voice: Your species are incapable of ordinary speech. Primitive: You are of a culture that has not developed technology to the standard level of the campaign setting. and without it. As you are also unused to space travel. and can only communicate with your own species. a Villain with better stats. You are constantly having to rescue this person as a result. Secret: You have a secret you try to protect at all costs. and vacuum are all examples. This person can be used by villains as bait. These chemicals are not usually found to be naturally occurring except on your own planet. you are not as fast as most other people. Alternate Respiration: Your species does not breathe normal air. no matter how slight. Whenever you are exposed to this environment. Sample secrets: (you are really an enemy spy. The second day. If you run away. you will begin to die. The Narrator decides if the secret is damaging enough to allow it as a disadvantage. this is a person of political importance. This respirator device is vital to your survival outside your native environment. your movement speed is Agility x2 (instead of x3) and you cannot buy the Fleet of Foot power. This enemy either has lots of resources at his/her disposal to use to harass or kill you. the illness will become life-threatening. Powerful Enemy: Somehow in your life. personal servant. Perhaps you are missing a leg.If there is a great deal of background noise. and must have something else to breathe. whether it was in jest. These penalties are cumulative with one another. or you cannot eat most food eaten by humans. or a former associate you rubbed the wrong way. No Enhanced Healing: Your species ability to repair its body cannot be aided outside assistance other than traditional first aid or surgery. and must be replaced by another disadvantage. Likewise. Choose an environment that is especially harmful to you. Devices that speed up the healing process are incompatible with your body for some reason. either as a trait of your species. True Grit: When fighting for a cause bigger than money. you suffer a -2 Dice penalty whenever you are weightless or exposed to changes in g-forces. this disadvantage is lost. or some sort of defect or injury. radioactive.

This disadvantage implies that you have at least one specific person whose orders you obey without question. Your race may have no hands. a person wearing heavy armor without this power has a -3 Dice penalty on all Agility rolls. your damage roll does double damage. and are usually a function of a character’s background or intensive training. You receive a -2 Dice penalty involving anything you attempt that you do not use a futuristic gadget to accomplish. As you can see. You have a -2 Dice penalty when you are on a planet’s surface instead of in space. Step 4: Powers: 7 points Powers are the special abilities that make the Heroes stand out from “ordinary” folk. Technology Dependence: Your species lacks some of the physical abilities of other races. attempting first aid with only “primitive” bandages instead of a medpack. You have managed to make due. you take a -1 Dice penalty on all Agility rolls. You must be a member of a race that is much smaller than a normal human. and always behave as commanded or programmed. or arms. This disadvantage is common for androids. and so on. Example: For instance. you are also completely dependant upon technology to do almost anything. Unless otherwise noted. Energy Before you begin selecting your powers. Mundane Powers These powers can be purchased and used by any character. However. In a panel in which you rest. Thus. mundane powers use no energy. Even Heroes with no special psionic abilities or cybernetic enhancements still have powers—whether it be being an ace pilot. ALL psionic powers. and it does not impede your movements in any way. Attack Weak Point: 2pts. This would be on top of the normal weapon bonus of +3 DM. You are used to wearing armor. These details should be in the power’s description. or bio-engineered servants. if you were ever somehow deprived of this technology. x3 to hit. or just handy with a blaster. If you soak no damage. such as using powers. clones. bounty-hunters. Psionic characters can also utilize the Psionic Rejuvenation power to regain Energy more quickly. you should know what it takes to make them work. In addition. Slave Mind: You have no free will of your own. You must make your attack roll by 20 or your attack does normal damage. This penalty does not apply if you are in a building with current technology. If you succeed. Small: You are a size -1 creature. You must have the advantage Membership (Smuggler’s or Bounty-Hunter’s Guild or something similar) in order to purchase it. each time the power is used. Healing cannot be used on you for the very same reasons. they’d have a -2 Dice penalty on their rolls. but this is not always the case. It also exists among certain “hive” species. aliens. A character can rest to regain one point of lost energy in a panel. or be able walk. Just think about the stunts that Heroes from the action movies have pulled off and you will realize that your character has amazing potential. Every character in BASH! has 10 points of Energy. Lastly. and many powers don’t use Energy at all. While these powers are called “mundane” they are still very useful abilities. You do not suffer any penalties for weightlessness or changes in g-force. which is a pool of physical and mental endurance that is expended when the character engages in strenuous activities. 14 . even non-psionic powers (hereafter called mundane) can be really useful! Armor Familiarity: 1-3pts. may be capable of feats beyond that of “ordinary” humans. but take a -1 Dice penalty on all Brawn rolls. but only through technology that has allowed you to do so. Some powers only use Energy when they are first activated—but that Energy remains spent until the power is “turned off” by the user. You get to add +1 Dice bonus to all Agility rolls. you take an extra 5. a leader of men. a soldier with B3 A2 M1 may have 2 points in “blaster pistol technique” power that allows him to attack as if he had Agility +1 and do +1 DM when wielding a blaster pistol. Star-Born: You are of a species that has been exploring space for so long that you are completely adapted to space travel. you have been able to get beyond your races limitations and can perform on par with other species. However. Powers generally use 1 point of Energy per point in the power. for his total of x5 damage. Perhaps your race exists naturally as energy or is gaseous by nature. with the same stats would do x4 damage at x2 to hit. and the like. Certain powers. For 1/2/3 points you can wear light/medium/heavy armor with no penalty. you would be disabled by it. This includes using primitive weapons. but that is it. For each point in armor familiarity you lack when wearing a given type of armor. If a character’s Energy pool is reduced to zero. s/he is unable to use any abilities that require the use of Energy until the required amount of energy is regained. A person without this “power” using a blaster. You also subtract a 5 TR penalty from all damage you deal and soak. Only your body’s own natural healing has any effect on you. even at the risk of your own life. With special mechanical suits. and various other situations (like holding one’s breath or standing in a burning building) can cause a Hero to spend Energy. you can only lift three-quarters the weight of a size 0 creature with your same Brawn. In addition. you can move your Agility x2 Squares. This ability is only learned by smugglers. If a person with 1 point in this power wore heavy armor. cyborgs. etc. tracking without using scanning equipment. you suffer from “ground sickness” whenever you are on the surface of a planet.CHAPTER ONE In addition. and mutants.

Gar. usually along a line that is on. The pilot can then fire on a number of targets equal to his/her Agility during that page. the largest fraction is applied first. as it makes the craft harder to hit— but also makes the craft far less accurate with its own attacks. you just take the damage). •Loop: This maneuver is especially useful when one is being pursued by an enemy fighter. but decreases this multiplier by 1 for the purpose of making attacks for the page it is barrel-rolling. If you make a successful defense against a high-velocity projectile or beam by 5 or less. After that point. An hour later. if the power needs to be maintained. followed by the next largest. then backwards. A power that is granted to another lasts for an hour at most. Swift Strike: 2pts. This maneuver allows the pilot to move up to half their movement directly backward from their present position. Charisma: 1pt. making an extra hand to hand strike per page. while ignoring any obstacles in the way. •Strafe: This maneuver allows the pilot to fire on multiple targets. Evasive Action is used only in times where the pilot is overwhelmed by the enemy. the pilot’s flight path that page. A craft engaged in Evasive Action halves its movement (as it is spending so much time zigzagging randomly 15 . You may add 1-2 points to your Agility for defense when wielding a shield or energy shield. for even more attacks. Combat Driving: 1pt. Dog fighting: 1-5pts. the winner is often the pilot with the best moves.You cannot combine the use of this power with weapon technique or any other power. instead of doing damage. Disarm: 2pts. an spacecraft with a movement of 20 squares using the Spin and Strafe maneuver would have its movement reduced to 7 squares (half for strafe reducing it to 10. For example. roll damage normally. three-fourths that for spin reduces it to 7). like a vibro-axe or blaster carbine has 30 Hits and 30 soak. Concerning fractional penalties. A character employing the Strafe maneuver halves their movement CHARACTER CREATION You can instantly regain 1 point of energy (that can be immediately spent if you choose) by taking10 Hits of Stun damage (no soak. You have a certain magnetism that draws people to you. A pilot that is barrel-rolling increases his/her Piloting multiplier for the purpose of defending against enemy fire. a psionic character usually pays an Energy cost equal to the points of the power. This is a good thing to save as a last resort. An energy blade (a small delicate weapon) can be broken. but you must make your attack roll by 20 (as you must hit the handle that emits the energy. When small aircraft or spacecraft engage in combat. but the damage only applies to the opponent’s weapon. PUSHING YOURSELF Energy and Powers that affect Friends At the time of the activation. however. •Evasive Action: Even more erratic than the Barrel-Roll maneuver. •Barrel-Roll: This maneuver is used for defense. Gar can no longer shrug off such intense heat. you force an opponent to drop his weapon. or parallel to. but also makes the craft more vulnerable when doing so. A wooden weapon (is anybody still using these?) has 30 Hits but only a 10 soak. This can be combined with paired weapons. For example. you must beat your opponent in a Piloting/Stunts contest or they will mimic your flight pattern. continuing in descending order until all have been applied. entertain. You can spend as many hits as you like this way. This maneuver can allow the prey to become the predator. A thick weapon. then returned to its previous flight path— just further behind. for the page it is employed. plus one more maneuver per point in this power. Break Weapon: 2pts. not the blade itself). Gar must pay the 2 energy to soak the damage. when you must use powers (to save an innocent or escape certain death) when you have no energy to spend. the target of the power pays the Energy cost to use the abilities granted. preventing you from getting behind them. This power is required in order to drive military grade vehicles (like tanks) using the drive skill. Whenever you are trying to negotiate. but any penalties imposed by their use are also combined. and can even fall unconscious from overexerting yourself (dropping to 0 Hits) in this manner. If you make the roll by 20. Then. or persuade someone. and you have a free hand. You must make an attack roll by at least 10. If you make a hand to hand attack roll by 10. Note that not all maneuvers work in all environments and situations (for example the Spin maneuver only works in the vacuum of space). and is very useful in dogfights. a psi-ranger uses Endure Heat on his friend. These maneuvers can only be used while the pilot is in a flying craft size 1-3 (anything size 4 or larger is not maneuverable enough to make use of these special dogfighting maneuvers). you may use this power with an energy blade instead of a shield. the shot is reflected back at the shooter! If you also have Danger Sense. This is because the craft actually went straight up. A pilot can only use this maneuver for a number of consecutive pages equal to his/her Brawn stat (they don’t want to get dizzy or black out while flying). A small. The targets must be close together. delicate weapon like a vibro-dagger or blaster pistol has 20 Hits and 20 soak. When Gar gets burned by a thermal grenade. while maintaining their same direction of travel. you can attack your opponent’s weapon in an attempt to break it. Deflect: 1-2pts. He pays an energy cost of 2. you can take the weapon instead. In hand to hand combat. It will land 2d6 feet away from the opponent. When you employ this maneuver. you add 2 to your Mind before rolling. Tyrus. The maneuvers can be combined. This is exhausting and you must spend 2 energy per panel you use it. You can attack foes with great speed. The Dogfighting power gives the pilot 2 maneuvers.

no roll is necessary—success is automatic. •Spin: This maneuver only works in the gravity-free vacuum of space. You can trade off 1 point of Agility to hit for 1 point of Agility for defense. fighting a robot in a gladiator arena. Your maximum range with any ranged weapon is increased by a fourth/third/half (round up) for 1/2/3 points in this power. Choose a job (medic. With this power. Every issue. hardly deviating from your course as you fire behind you! While employing the Spin maneuver. While you employ the Spin maneuver. A craft engaged in a Power Dive does +1DM with its attacks for that page. You cannot turn this power off until the page after you turn it on. This lasts until your next panel. •Power Dive: By flying dangerously close to the enemy. and vice versa. The Exemplary power is especially useful if you are a Starship Captain (with Rank 3). or aiding the ship’s attack roll. engineer. Unlike other Exemplary characters. the target must succeed in a Brawn test against a difficulty of 20. energy whip. Men and women in the military are expected to follow the orders of their superior officers. whether successful or not. but you can jump Brawn+1. or a concussion flail. and cannot move or use any powers during a panel that you use this ability. Also. When you demand the impossible. when running mass combat. Exemplary: 2pts. A person without this power who uses a jetpack must make an Athletics/Aerobatics check equal to 10 times the speed multiplier s/he wishes to fly every panel s/he uses it. that character adds your points in this power as a Dice bonus to any rolls made to achieve your order. Footwork: 1pt. It takes a 20 Piloting/Control check to successfully pull off a 180—or else. while most people only run Agility x3 squares per panel. The reach of the entangle is equal to the reach of the weapon. you can use a move that restricts the target’s movement. and you have a -1 piloting multiplier penalty on defense until your next panel. you can make a contested Mind roll with your opponent (Mind shield is of no help for this). pilot. preventing them from attacking until they break free. Inspiring Leadership: 1-5pts. Science Fiction stories are full of characters who are the best in their field.e. reducing Agility for defense to 0 means you cannot avoid attacks. and you are one of them. Whenever you order a subordinate to do something. Entangle: 2pts. the turn is limited to 90 degrees as normal. A pilot engaged in Evasive Action adds 2 to his/her piloting multiplier for defense. Fleet of Foot: 1pt. but because you are only focused on attack. In addition. you get one free Hero die that can be spent on a roll involved in doing your job. However. Also. you get a +1 bonus to your piloting multiplier for the purpose of attacks. as a Captain. pilot with x3 skill would have a x4 multiplier for offense. If this job involves a ship. however. An attempt. Feint: 1pt. but its Breach Threshold is reduced by 10 until its next panel. you get a +10 (after multiplying) to your next hand to hand attack roll against that opponent. A target can try once per panel. A ship with a Breach threshold of 10 normally. you can use the Hero die to aid the ship in regard to your job (i. Reducing Agility to hit to 0 means you cannot attack. People under your command would follow you to the gates of Hell if you asked them. a normal person can jump Brawn squares with a running start. your craft’s movement is halved. Using the inertia of your forward momentum to move you. When you use a 180 (turn more than 90 degrees). and you are in frequent contact with the person. a gunner could use a Hero die for a ship’s damage roll). scientist. When you begin using footwork. This can only be working on a number of individuals equal to your Mind at a time. In hand to hand combat.CHAPTER ONE while traveling). your movement is reduced to three-fourths its normal movement. Failure indicates a crash. s/he breaks free instantly. Thus. You and your pack can handle speeds of up to 4/5/6 times your Agility per panel. 16 . You can fire your weapon (choose one ranged weapon type. you can use your feet to gain more advantageous position for either offense or defense. no matter what direction it is moving (normally you are limited to targeting in front of your craft). You run at Agility x4 squares per panel. depending on how many points you invested in this power. making the ship more vulnerable to enemy attacks. When wielding an appendage. as this is tiring. Double Taps: 1pt. However. your craft can fire its forward guns in any direction. INSTEAD of making a hand to hand attack for a panel. spends an action. you get a -1 penalty to your multiplier on defense. but the ship cannot take any other action that page. your range penalties are reduced by 1. You can make up to a 180 degree turn while moving in your craft (normally turns are limited to 90 degree angles). To break free. a pilot using a Power Dive can deal some serious damage. By focusing on your target. any unit you are personally a part of also gets to add this bonus to all dice rolls. you turn your ship around like a flying turret in space. soldier. gunner. •Target Fixation: This maneuver makes it harder for enemies to shake your pursuit. If you win. TL2 or higher) at double the usual speed (meaning you can fire two shots per panel) at a single target. you must aim carefully. you can use your extra Hero die for anything—whether resisting the charms of an alien temptress. You own and are skilled in the use of a jetpack. if the target succeeds by more than 10 points. You must also have at least 1pt in the Rank power to buy this power. A Captain can use their Hero die to aid anyone else’s roll under their command as well. etc). •180: You are skilled enough to make hairpin turns. they can get it done. This does not affect the reach of thrown weapons. not requiring an action to do so. Expert Marksman: 1-3pts. is reduced to 5 until its next page. you must spend a point of energy. Jetpack Jockey: 3-5 pts. but only a x2 for defense until its next panel. and can be used to motivate competence in a vast array of tasks from piloting to engineering to medicine. making your attacks more accurate.

and know how to fight very effectively without weapons. However. This enables you to make an extra pistol attack per panel. •Throw: If you beat your opponent in an Agility contest followed immediately by a Brawn contest. The effect of this is that their armor’s soak (not including size bonuses) is halved for that attack. doing this is tiring. Stun. and you must spend 1 energy whenever you do it with a weapon heavier than a dagger. •Martial Block: +1 Agility defending against unarmed (or knife or similar hand weapon) attacks when unarmed. giving them a -2 Dice penalty to all Agility rolls. Stun. and may try once per page before taking their panel. -2 Dice penalty to hit. They must beat you in a Brawn contest to free it. Stun. -2 Dice penalty to hit. you flip them over your back and land on them. 2 Energy •Choke: x3 Continual Damage (as long as the hold is maintained). You are able to make one extra attack per panel. you grab the opponent’s arm or leg. You can fire a pistol in your off-hand while shooting or fighting with your good hand. 2 Energy. the penalty would be -4. If you make your attack roll against an armored opponent by 10/20/30 (for light/ medium/heavy armor). or smell far better than a normal person. Attack rolls made with either hand are less accurate (you are splitting your attention between two weapons) and have a -2 Dice penalty to hit. You can wield a hand to hand combat weapon in each hand. if you hit an opponent wearing heavy armor by 30. When you have to make them.Keen Senses: 1pt. By choosing your techniques carefully. 3 Energy. 1 Energy •Knee Smash: +2DM. Without this power. there are also those who are naturally resistant to their effects. They take +1DM Stun damage and will land on their back. Stun. after a jump move. You have undergone very intense martial arts training. only works on an opponent who is down. This is the standard punch that everyone knows how to do. •Pressure Point: x2 continual damage. Add 2x these points to your Mind for defending against psionic powers. Radius 1. •Elbow Smash: +1DM. the shields/engines/weapons can last long enough for you to finish the fight or get out of Dodge! Whenever you are in a desperate situation. 17 . -2 Dice Penalty to hit 1 Energy. they are knocked onto their back. -1 Dice penalty to hit. Mind is +3 for sense checks for this sense. Mind Shield: 1-3 pts. •Kippup: You instantly get back up when knocked down. You can do this move while restrained at no penalty. Stun. Stun. Every point in this power you have lets you choose two techniques in addition to Punch and Kick (even people without this power know those techniques). 1 Energy •Suplex: If you beat your opponent in an Agility contest. •Head Butt: +2DM. you may make an appropriate Engineering skill check. 2 Energy •Kick +1DM. doing +3DM. Such training is rather common in military organizations. While there are people in the galaxy naturally adept at the use of psionic powers. •Knife Strike +0DM. •Spinning Backfist: +0DM. you can throw your opponent a number of squares equal to your Brawn. you can develop a unique fighting style. -2 Dice penalty to hit. Off-Hand Pistol: 2pt. •Jump Kick: +3DM. 1 Energy. Thus. This can combine with Swift Strike. •Uppercut: +2DM Stun. you take half the damage yourself. To maintain a hold. 2 Energy. •Heel Stomp: +3DM. their armor only soaks 20 damage of your attack instead of 40. Martial Artist: 1-5pts. Stun. you have found a chink in their armor. regardless of Martial Arts training. 1 Energy CHARACTER CREATION •Punch +0DM. Lethal 1 Energy •Leg Sweep: -1DM. Pierce Armor: 3pts. Paired Weapon Fighting: 1pt. If you win. •Cyclone Kick: +1DM. 2 Energy. You are somehow able to make technological devices defy physics. You can hear. -3 Dice penalty to hit. Radius 1. Push Technology: 2pts. •Catch: If you successfully avoid an unarmed (or knife) attack and are within 10 of the attack roll. followed by an immediate Brawn contest. see. Stun. Stun. In the meantime. Make a Brawn contest with your opponent. Stun. Everyone knows how to kick. 1 Energy per page. -3 Dice penalty to hit. you must defeat the opponent in a Brawn Contest every page. they must fight without it.

Knight/Sheriff/Priest/Lieutenant (Jr. Skillful: 1-3pts. you take 1 wound for every 5 damage you take. If an opponent in hand to hand misses you by 5 or less. You can reduce your wound threshold by 10 to increase your Brawn by 1 for damage purposes.000 Credits 2. Mechanical. You can always expect people within your hierarchy of lower rank than you to listen to you. Immobilize.Pick one of these hierarchies. who must take the Unliving or Cyborg advantage to acquire them. and likely see that the ship is abandoned before the imminent core explosion. Running. If your wound threshold is reduced to 0. Appendage. They are unable to use that weapon (and you yours) until they drop the weapon. not 0). You. Weapon Lock: 1pt. Leap. you may repair a single weapon. s/he has a -2 penalty on all Agility rolls.000 Credits 5. or breach. you can pin their weapon down with yours. some of these powers can be used by more than one type of character—for instance.000. Amphibious. including attacks and defense with off-hand weapons. You are more skilled than most with a certain type of weapon. This is tiring. Snatch: 1 pt.000. Baron/Governor/Arch-Bishop/Captain 1. Alien powers are identified with the x symbol. A character can only begin with Alien powers if the character is a member of the race that grants those powers (consult the species chart above for a listing of which powers go with those species). or they beat you in a Brawn contest. Tunneling. Political.000.CHAPTER ONE If you get 30 or more.000 Credits 4.000 Credits 3. Extra Arms. you always act as if your Agility were 1 higher for priority purposes (no matter what weapon you use).000 Credits Reckless Might: 1pt. While an opponent’s weapon is trapped. Built-In Tools. representing skill with different weapon types. In addition. this is called a “special” power. ShapeShifter. Below is a quick list of Alien Powers. You must make your roll to hit by at least 10. Super Senses. Species who are innately psionic should all have the psionic powers advantage along with specific powers all members of that species share (if any). and Psionic. Special Powers When a power originates from “what” a character is. This repair lasts until the end of the scene. Rank: 1-5 pts. you can grab objects and pull them towards you. Clinging. Officer) 100. There are three types of special powers—Alien. Changeling. Using Alien Powers. the captain will know it. Glide. Quick-Draw: 1pt. and you must spend 1 energy when you begin using it. Trample.Duke/Senator/Cardinal/General or Admiral 10. However. Weapon Technique: 1-2 Pts.King/President (Only allowed if part of the plot-line) 100. 1. you just have to make a roll times your points in Rank. If you are trying to take something away from somebody. you release your hold. the function is the same in game mechanics. 18 . You cannot turn this power off until the page after you turn it on. you can add +1DM to damage or +1 Agility to hit whenever wielding a weapon of that type. Mechanical powers are identified by the symbol. You are essentially exposing yourself to greater injury in order to cause more damage to your foe. there is an Alien. Lord/Mayor/Bishop/Commander (Sr. Alien Powers x Alien Powers mainly entail things that aliens (or mutants) can do because of their different physiology. Unless otherwise noted. Healing. Amphibious. and the more money you begin play with (as usable income—you may have a lot more assets invested in various enterprises). Minions with this power effectively just have 10 less maximum hits while it is on (10 drops to 5. you must defeat them in a Brawn contest. These powers work based on various mechanical devices within the character’s body. and Psionic version of the Leap power. If you want to affect people outside your sphere of influence. Church. Officer) 10. at which point the damage reoccurs. however. rather than their own training or special background. Toughness. Guild. you still can. Built-In Weaponry. When wielding a whip. engine. Mechanical. against a difficulty of 20/30/40 depending on the situation as the Narrator sees fit. the more power you hold within that hierarchy. You begin with 2 extra skills from the list per point in this power. Environmental Endurance. the item is ripped from their person and towards you. the other person is more apt to listen to your opinions. If you succeed. Venomous Mechanical Powers Mechanical powers are only for cyborgs and robotic characters. Fly. The more points you put in it. Ghost-Form. though the explanation of “how” the power works should be different for each. Aquatic. You can draw your weapon of choice (choose one weapon for this power to affect) instantly. Military. You can buy this power multiple times. Aquatic. Natural Weapons. Stretching. If you succeed. you can also create your own unique alien species. Mimic. If this means that the ship would be destroyed at the end of the scene. Below is a quick list of Mechanical Powers. Appendage. For one point each. are at no penalty.

trunk. Hovering. the appendage is nothing special—not as useful as extra arms—but it allows you to purchase the snatch and entangle powers and use them on opponents you can reach (meaning if you have the stretching power. Daze. Illusion. the less selection of powers is available. the Narrator may declare certain powers do or do not exist in his/her campaign setting. even in a rating 5 psionic universe. Improved Holographic Body. and relatively weak psionics available. Running. Danger Sense. you can use this at a distance). 19 . Immunity. In situations where it would be helpful (climbing. if s/he wishes. Mind Spikes. In addition. a Psionic power uses an amount of energy equal to its point cost every time it is used. X-Ray Vision CHARACTER CREATION Limiting the Role of Psionics in your Campaign: Low-Psi Settings and Psionic Powers In a world where psionics is especially rare. Holographic Body. ESP. Appendage: 1pt. OmniReader. A 4-point setting would enable characters to buy psionic powers with up to 4 points of cost. a creature must have a brain. Glide. Suggestion. Telemechanics. Illusion. Force Field. instead of receiving the extra panel. etc based on the type of appendage you have and the Narrator’s decision) it can give you a +1 Dice bonus on certain checks. x You have gills or a filtration system which enable you to breathe underwater (though you can still breathe on the surface normally). Psionic Powers Something shared by many different genres of science fiction is the concept that the mind holds the power to do fantastic things. Psionic Rejuvenation. Essentially. This means that more heroes will have to depend on their strength of arms. When you use this power. This ability to alter reality or widen one’s perceptions through the power of one’s will is collectively known as psionics. and must therefore be alive. 5 point powers. the stricter the point limitation of psionics in your universe. If you take an extra panel. the best way to limit how much psionics is available in your universe is to limit how many points can be spent per power purchased. the Narrator can decide that psionic creatures with powers beyond these point limits do not exist in the universe either. A 3-point psionics universe would still have psionics as relatively common. The default setting for BASH! Sci-Fi is a 5-point high-psi universe. Your Appendage can lift as if it had half your Brawn.E. Extra Arms. a Narrator may declare that Telekinetic Crush does not exist. Fly. Self Destruct. semi-prehensile appendage somewhere on your body. X-Ray Vision Adrenal Control: 3pts. Telekinetic Push. technology. making it unlikely to support your own weight unless you are small or very strong.. Immobilize. or can limit psionic heroes to one or two disciplines. symbol. Telepathy. you can act two panels in the page. despite the psionics rating of the campaign. Clairvoyance. EMP Resistance. A high psi campaign is a 5-point setting. Immobilize. balancing.x A character using this power can force his/her body to release massive amounts of adrenaline. like Mind Control simply do not exist in universes with less than 5 points allowed per power. Force Field. Omni-Linguist. swimming. or even a long tongue. Toughness. Telekinetic Crush. there are less psionic powers available for characters to learn. This means that a character can spend up to 5 points on a single psionic power. however. Swing-Line. A 1-point setting would be one where psionics are truly rare and subtle. Super Senses. As stated earlier. it is also possible for the Narrator to declare that the Heroes are limited in their access to psionics while monsters and certain “legendary” psions are not. Mechanical characters would only need this power if they are cyborgs. Endure X. Omni-Linguist. tentacles. Electro/Pyro/Cryo-Kinesis. Leap. You may feel free to limit the point maximum as you see fit for your campaign. Lower psi universes would simply decrease this maximum. You must spend 2 energy each page you use this power. Of course. Unless otherwise stated in a power’s description. Leap. In and of itself.Clinging. Invisibility. Also. you need the extra arms power instead. A 1-point psionics universe may very well have the majority of the population believe that psionics do not even exist! Another way of limiting the use of Psionics in a campaign is by dividing them into different disciplines. OmniReader. Confusion. you can use this power to temporarily increase your Brawn or Agility by 1. Healing. but cannot be used for fine manipulation or standard attacks. all psionic powers use energy. x You have a long. To use psionics. Amphibious: 1pt. Telekinesis. I. you cannot use it to rest or use Psionic Rejuvenation. Invisibility. but less important in society than technology. Psionic Powers are identified by the Powers. A 1 point low-psi universe would have very few powers to choose from. This appendage can be a tail. Empathy. Below is a quick list of Psionic Adrenal Control. Trample. and their skills to overcome obstacles. Your appendage can be used to hold things. Damage Aura. enabling the character to move faster and ignore pain. A player cannot spend more points (before enhancements and limitations are figured) on a power than the “psi rating” of the campaign. Mind Control. as only 1 point powers can be purchased in this way. The Narrator can simply ban certain disciplines from existing in the game. Memory Tampering. Obviously. Alternatively. If your appendage is able to manipulate objects or make attacks. Speed-Wired.

x Your species is adept at changing its size and appearance. blast cannon. If not. but must be replaced if not re-usable. but you can change your apparent clothing and voice as well to match that of the person you are transforming into. As one can see. The total value of these tools is 1. Normally. this weapon is concealed within a secret compartment on your body. and can do so as long as there is dense forest. You move at Agility x4 while swinging in this manner. cables.e. Also. but instead burn one energy each time you use it. you must purchase a replacement—which costs double the standard cost of an ordinary device of its type. vines. or two-handed sword. you can hold your breath that much longer than a regular person (if you breathe). You can increase or decrease your size by 1 (you don’t need the large advantage or small disadvantage unless that size is your natural state). Each tool that you can have built in can be no larger than a 1-by-1 foot cube when fully expanded.CHAPTER ONE Limiting the Role of Psionics in your Campaign: Psionic Disciplines Continued As an option. For 1pt. that this power cannot be used to store weapons—that is the Built-In Weaponry power. The shape you take on must be similar to your own—i.000 credits per point in the power. you can also change your physical appearance to resemble that of anybody you have seen before. and for 3pts you can have a large weapon like a rifle. You can hang from your arms as comfortably as you can stand on the ground. You can choose to swim slower and use less energy. Energy weapons do not use ammunition. Using Burst fire burns 5 energy when it is used. Built-In Tools: 1-5 pts. for 2pts. you can have a small weapon like a knife or pistol. it must walk upright. If you choose. x You are well equipped for a life under the waves. If the number of disciplines is not normally limited to one. heat. You cannot be disarmed of these weapons (except by having them physically removed by a mechanic or through severe battle damage). Built-In Weaponry: 1-3pts. a character can swim Brawn squares per panel. So 2 points in Aquatic lets you swim/hold your breath 3 times longer than normal. Note also. If you fall. the Narrator can divide psionic abilities up into groups of powers called disciplines. x Your species is capable of swinging from branch to branch like an ape. and have bilateral symmetry if that is your native shape. a psionic hero should be able to take a disadvantage that s/he can only use powers from one specific psionic discipline. they are obvious. You must spend energy when you begin swimming. ropes. likely from living high within tree canopies. They are easily accessible by you. you can make a 20 Agility check to save yourself from falling. Whenever you are pretending Bio-Manipulation Confusion (causes either hysterical blindness or agony in the target). you can have a medium weapon like a carbine or sword. Aquatic: 1-5pts. If you have the Life-like appearance advantage. Changeling: 3pts. electricity. Healing Psionic Rejuvenation Adrenal Control Danger Sense Endure X Leap Energy Manipulation Endure X (X must be some form of energy: cold. If a tool needs to be replaced. using compact parts. but you cannot restore it until you stop swimming. Not only does your appearance change. or other similar things at hand. Brachiating: 1pt. and are near a handhold. An aquatic character with multiplies this number by 1+# of points in Aquatic. grenade launcher. You have been designed with many useful tools built into your body. You have been designed with weapons built into your body. When a person creates a psionic character. This power does not give you the knowledge you need to use the tools—those are skills. some disciplines have more powers available than others—though the more limited disciplines also happen to be the most effective for combat purposes. etc) Damage Aura Electro/Pyro/Cryo-Kinesis Telekinetics Glide Telekinesis Telekinetic Crush Force Field Telekinetic Push Leap 20 . the Narrator may declare that each character be limited to two or even one discipline.

Damage Aura: 1-5pts. in a mental fog. Note: you do not gain any of the special abilities of your new form—you only appear to be that person. You can increase the range to 5/10/20 for 1/2/3 points. Clinging: 1 Pt. This power only uses 1 energy per point when it is initially turned on. +1 see them occasionally. This power can be bought with an enhancement that allows it to affect a radius (1 point of enhancement per square of radius). even on a successful check. Thus. Sometimes. the person touching him/her will take 1DM per point in the power. -2 never met—only seen a video before. they will sense “something odd” about you. Limitation : only affects scanning machines) Telemechanics 21 . A confused target has -2 to their Agility die rolls for each point (max of 3) you devote to this purpose. You must make a 30 Mind check to acquire general knowledge about a person. you choose one of these. you cannot try again for the rest of the issue.CHARACTER CREATION Limiting the Role of Psionics in your Campaign: Empathic Clairvoyance Danger Sense Confusion (causes target to be in a mental fog) Daze ESP Illusion Invisibility Memory Tampering Mind Control Mind Spikes Omni-Linguist Omni-Reader Suggestion Telepathy X-Ray Vision to be somebody. the Narrator will just tell you what the vision is. -3 never met—only had a description). your ability cannot fool medical scanners—your DNA and blood type does not change. This will not count as a failure. depending on the user (choose one). but energy used by this power cannot be restored until the power is turned off. Clairvoyance: 1. A confused character might be blinded. Confusion: 1-5 pts. all three. cold. If the future is unclear. the damage is based only on this power—Brawn does not enhance it. Succeeding by 10 or more will make the knowledge more specific. but when used in this manner the power would use double the normal energy cost. but may have taken place thousands of years in the past. You are able to see into the past/ present/or future. This lasts until the target makes a 20 Mind check or 3 pages elapse. magnets. or heat. +2 see them often. Limitation : only affects machines) Memory Tampering (enhancement: Limitation : only affects machines) affects machines. Deliberately using this ability is far more difficult. 3 pts. Whenever a character with this power is touched. The damage done by this power is electrical. Limitation : only affects machines) Invisibility (enhancement: affects machines. you make a Mind contest with others who know the person. 2. If you fail. Also. If you use this power to attack others. for 2 points. x You can stick to and climb walls and ceilings. The ability to sense the past indicates that the vision occurred at least 24 hours ago. You get a Dice bonus on your check depending on how well you know the subject (+3 know them well. If you fail. +0 met them once. Mind Spikes (enhancement: affects machines. For 1 point. Limitation : only affects machines) Daze (enhancement: affects machines. This ability drastically disrupts a target when you win a Mind Contest against them. then that is the answer the player will receive. This uses no energy. or claws on your hands and feet. choose two. either because of suckers. you have visions involuntarily. and the radius by 1 per point you devote to this. transforming into a creature with claws will not give you effective claws to fight with—they just look like claws. or thing. If this is the case. Visions of the future will usually be very vague and tend to represent a possible. affects machines) Limitation : only Illusion (enhancement: affects machines. and if you fail by 20. not definite future. they will know that you are an imposter. place. for 3 points. or in agonizing pain (depending on how the character describes the power). If you move Technokinesis Danger Sense (limitation: only functions when you are threatened by machinery) Confusion (enhancement: affects machines.

You have been built to be especially resistant to the debilitating effects of an EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse). starvation. the target uses their own Mind. you can add 1 point to the damage multiplier. and when you focus your mind. but is quite comfortable to you. You must spend 3/4/5 energy when you begin using the wings. and damage. The field can be erected around a single person/object. poisonous. it expends 1 point of energy every 3 days a character does not eat. sometimes having extra arms gets in the way. but is otherwise effectively the same as the paired weapons power. or ice (pick only one). You have learned to focus your mind to temporarily avoid a certain type of harm. radiation. If this is used to prevent damage from hunger or thirst. you must make an attack roll and they have a chance to defend and move out of the way. For 1 point. You can also dodge opponents you cannot see. Fly: 3-5pts. radius. It automatically soaks 10 damage each time it is struck. You could also use this power to represent a prehensile tail or trunk. Empathy: 1pt. Make a mental attack roll against the target’s Mind. forcing them to move their fastest directly away from you. cold. Choose one hazardous environment—you are immune ambient. x You are from an environment that would be hazardous to other life-forms. This works within a range of 10 squares. Heat. the force field must be destroyed. you can generate a quick burst to attack. If successful. ESP: 2 pts. EMP Resistance: 1-3pts. For 1 extra point in this power you can repel the targets you daze. In addition to creating and shaping it. a creature with Environmental Resistance to heat could live in a 150 degree environment with no problems. You must spend energy when you begin using this power. Likewise. and it cannot be restored until you turn it off. A dazed person cannot dodge an attack. When appropriate. you can resist damage from this source. accuracy. he is burned by a Dark Ranger using Pyrokinesis for 22 damage. BEFORE any damage is done to the people inside the force field. you must win a Mind contest to do so. it would still take 20 damage. he rolls against his Mind x3 (rolling a 7. This uses no energy. Environmental Endurance: 1pt. and it cannot be restored until you stop flying. For instance. You are able to control and project electricity. (Only Affects You) You may add your Mind stat as a Dice bonus Agility rolls and piloting checks when dodging attacks. You can read other people’s thoughts. the Narrator may decide that your extra arms count as an assistant on certain skill checks. Force Field: 1-5pts. fire. This enables you to make an extra attack per page. x You can erect a force field to create a damage-soaking barrier around yourself and others. Danger Sense: 2pts. Each time you use this power. You have a sixth sense that helps you to “read” people. you soak 20/30/40 damage done by EMPs. Example: A Psi-Ranger trained to work on desert planets has learned the discipline of Endure Heat. This works within a range of 10 squares. With this power. One day. You must spend energy when you begin using this power. You take half damage from damaging effects that rely on this environmental effect. Each page this power soaks damage it uses 1 energy. and 1 point each day a character does not drink. This does not help soak damage from any other source. Sample environments are heat. rather than ordinary arms. but being struck un-dazes him or her. Extra Arms: 2pts. he soaks 21 damage) and is barely harmed but must spend 1 energy because he did absorb damage with the ability. but when burned by a fire doing 40 damage. and whether or not they are hiding something. x You have wings or jets that enable you to fly at Agility x3/4/5 squares per panel for 3/4/5 points. you can roll with your Mind as multiplier to soak the damage. or vacuum. You cannot read their thoughts. This power can be used on friends by buying it with a 1pt enhancement. Daze: 2-5 pts. the target loses his/her panel until s/he rolls a 20 Mind check (one try per panel). Endure X: 1pt. The base cost is 2 points for zero range. but you can sense their emotional state. you must win a Mind contest to do so. For 1 point. This energy cannot be regained until the character eats or drinks. you choose how you want the points in it to be dispersed for range. but you use Mind instead of Agility as your multiplier. at a range (touch/5/10/20/40 squares for 0/1/2/3/4 points). he can keep it on without using energy). using your extra arms. Whenever you take damage from your chosen area of resistance. When used to soak. You must spend energy when you begin using this power. each time it applies to a different type of harm. non-damaging effects of this environment. you take a -1 Dice penalty on such a roll. Pick something normally harmful. You can choose this power more than once. you can increase the radius of the attack by 1. If the mind is shielded. and it cannot be restored until you turn it off. or over an area (every 1 square radius for a sphere or 3 by 3 squares for a wall costs 1 point). Electro/Pyro/Cryo-Kinesis: 1-5pts. You are immune to ambient. 22 . Each extra point can increase the range to 5/10/20 or the radius by 1. The force field has a number of hits equal to your Mind x10 + 30 for each point you devote to this purpose. cold. and it cannot be restored until you turn it off.CHAPTER ONE close enough to someone that the radius would affect them. x You have more than two arms. For 1 point. and resistant to the damaging of it as well. If the mind is shielded. and vacuum are examples of something you can choose. and when the Narrator decides. nondamaging effect of this source. sincerity of their words. he is able to function in hot climates with no problems (since he is not soaking damage. You can increase the range of the attack to 5/10/20/40 squares for 1/2/3/4 points (these attacks add Mind to damage multiplier). For 1/2/3 points in this power. you can add 1 to your Agility multiplier to hit with this power.

i. x You are capable of shifting into a nonsolid form. Immobilize: 1-5pts. You cannot be immune to energy. You may spend a panel in combat to heal damage by rolling Healing as if it were a damage roll. Illusion: 1-5 Pts. you must make an attack roll against them. For that duration. For psionic characters. have no physical body. You need to spend the full energy cost to generate the force field. Glide: 1pt. and a range of 5/10/20 for 1/2/3 points. the target may try again on their turn to beat the strength of the immobilize.e. This power is always on. however—blasters. radiation. by spending 1 point per square of radius. they may make a Mind contest with the creator to notice that something about it is not right (not that it is an illusion). Holographic Body: 2pts. The range can be 1 square for free. If they beat it by 10. you can move through walls (or non-watertight surfaces) and physical objects cannot harm you. This could be the result of some sort of paralyzing poison. and cannot create an olfactory component using it. You are a hologram. 23 . x You are able to slowly glide. If they beat it. Healing: 1-5 pts. Psionic characters can use this power on other people if you buy it with the 1 pt enhancement: usable on others. which requires a full panel of concentration. though you are not strong enough to enable you full flight. You are able to hover about 3 feet above the ground at all times. Any remaining hits penetrate the field. When the force field takes more hits than it has. and damage those inside the force field as they would normally (those inside may still soak the damage). When you build this power. you can “heal” it if you spend your entire page concentrating on doing so and spend 1 energy per 10 points healed. Perhaps you turn into energy or a gas (3 points) or a liquid (2 points). Hovering: 2pts. Aliens can only use this power on themselves. If you want to target a hostile person who is aware of you (trapping them inside the force field). Using this ability costs energy equal to its cost in points each time it is used. or heat These must be pretty specific. but it expends their panel. force fields. or olfactory components. Improved Holographic Body: 4 pts. or an electrical shock. Outside of combat. the Psi-Ranger recovers 30 hits/hour. Immunity: 2 pts. This power costs no energy to use. and you are able to walk through solid objects as if they did not exist. Using this power expends 3 energy which cannot be recovered until you return to solid form. or an audio illusion 10 squares away. Unlike most Unliving beings. You do CHARACTER CREATION take damage from energy-based attacks (fire. but you could buy immunity to heat. you can be immune to acid. After successfully hitting the target with the immobilization attack. Establishing a force field uses one energy per point in this power. Each page. you have a -2 Dice penalty on the damage roll. x You have the ability to make some people freeze. For example. The points paid for this power can be allocated as it is used. you are unable to touch solid objects as well. effectively enabling you to “turn off” your holographic state for a time. You can move at Agility x 4 per panel. you can interact with physical objects. Also. If you are psionic. and cannot be turned off. or you will it to dissipate. This power can make people believe something is there that is not. It can have a radius of up to 3. the strength of the attack. He has a Mind of 4. and even EMPs affect you. cold. The distance you can glide is equal to 4x the height you jumped from. This power can only be bought if you have the Unliving advantage. you take only half damage from falling. lasers. you heal 10 hits of damage/hour/point in the power without using energy. fire.The force field lasts until it is destroyed by damage. Energy still affects you. You must also maintain concentration on the force field or it will dissipate. or attack while doing this. Ghost-Form: 2-3pts. using Mind to hit. audio illusion next to the user. as it is a form of bio-regeneration. your Immobilize has a strength of 10/20/30 for 1/2/3 points. If your force field is damaged. and a Dice bonus to the roll equal to your Mind. except that you are built to be able to physically manifest for short periods of time. For 1 point. You move at Agility x5 per panel. unable to move or act. you recover 5 hits per page automatically. However. for instance. Later. A common limitation mechanical characters have with this power is that it only affects themselves (cannot be used at any range). you can move Agility x2 squares or take single action on your page (not both). Physical attacks go right through you. or 1 square radius per point in the power devoted to size. psionics. as your image begins to stabilize. a mental command seizing their muscles. or sonic energy each separately for 2 points apiece. He rolls a 6+2= 8x3= 24 damage healed. The energy cannot be restored until the power is dissipated. move. and they can interact with you. auditory. this is a telekinetic effect. You have been engineered to be immune to it. While in this form. The size of the illusion can be 1 square for free. they break free of the effect. 3 pt illusion can be a 1 square radius visual. they cannot move or act. and it cannot be restored until you turn it off. x You can recover from damage incredibly quickly. If they fail. giving him a net +2 Dice bonus to damage rolls made with the power (-2+4= +2). This power is identical to the holographic body power. You cannot rest. electricity. they break free without expending their panel. etc) as these severely disrupt the light and sound harmonics needed to sustain your image. You must spend energy when you begin using this power. Example: A Psi-Ranger has Healing 3 with the enhancement: Usable on others. has no energy cost. that target must make an immediate Brawn check vs. Damage taken when you are physically manifested can only be repaired by a technician (your 5 Hits/page does not cover it). While concentrating. it is destroyed. Pick something normally harmful to humans. The first time someone witnesses an illusion. How they determine it is an illusion or not is up to them. or 5 squares per point. the illusion can affect visual. and as such. but only when descending from a height. Mechanical characters use this power through a Hologram Emitter device.

and to scan an entire planet 24 . A more painful if not more effective mental defense than mind shield. and can only alter/remove memories of a specific sequence of events. If it is a small area. but doing so expends your panel. A character using the Psionic Rejuvenation power cannot take any other action that panel—not even moving. the character recovers an amount of Energy equal to the character’s Mind stat. When using this power. Mind Spikes: 1-5pts. This lasts (6-Target’s Mind) pages. and it cannot be restored until you turn it off. This power uses no energy and is always turned on. You must spend energy when you begin using this power. but not every page. and unique things have a 40. x You can jump 4 times the normal distance (Brawn) in a single leap. for the 1/3/5 point versions respectively. Even then. 3: While moving normally (but it turns off if you attack or are attacked). You must spend 1/2/3 energy every page to maintain this power. Psionic characters make others minds incapable of perceiving their presence. If they succeed. Unlike a normal attack. What you are looking for is defined by you at the moment you begin the scan. like a ship. and general amount of what you are scanning for. You can return to holographic state whenever you wish. or sharp talons that can be used as effective weapons. you can turn into a working hammer. Psionic characters have a tendency to burn through a lot more energy than non-psionic characters. The target must be within 10 squares. Machines can detect your presence normally. If the function of the object is not mechanical or electronic. If the check succeeds. Scan: 1pt. Fortunately. very rare things have a 30. the difficulty is halved. direction. they have a -4 Dice penalty to strike you or to avoid your attacks. x You can change into an inanimate object. the character attempts to make a 20 Mind check. Example: A Psi-Ranger has expended all his Energy in a battle with a Dark Psi-Ranger. x You have either great fangs. Alien-based invisibility is a chameleon-like camouflage power. If it is a large area. as Psionic powers drain the body. x You can run much faster than an ordinary humanoid. damage done by Mind Spikes is soaked by a Mind roll and Mind Shield instead of Brawn and Armor. If you attack with a running start. 5: Even while fighting. The object can be as small as a brick. Common things require only a 10. half of which can be vertical movement.5 Pts. some psions know how to use the power of the mind to rejuvenate the body.3. While using this power. Omni-Reader: 1pt: You can read and write all languages. a character with Running 3 and Agility 2 would be able to run 6x2= 12 squares. Psionic Rejuvenation: 1pt. or as large as a door. Mechanical characters have a visual dampener that bends light rays around themselves. A huge area. you will be able to determine the distance. The area which you are scanning also impacts the difficulty. On 4. like a city. Running: 1-5pts. rare things have a 20. An enemy cannot attack you unless you somehow give away your position. Natural Weapons: 1pt. You have the ability to detect the presence of a certain thing. However. though you cannot necessarily read them while this power is turned on. and you must have eye contact for this power to work. A hand to hand jump attack made using this power does 1 extra DM. Omni-Linguist: 2pt. a character can run Agility x3 squares per page. For instance. the Dark Psi-Ranger shot the PsiRanger for 22 damage.CHAPTER ONE For every page you remain physically manifested. they must make an immediate Mind check with a difficulty equal to your Mind times 10. Invisibility: 1. The difficulty of the check depends on the scarcity of what you are scanning for. Mimic: 3pts. x (Only affects you). If a character is injured on the same page they attempt Psionic Rejuvenation. the difficulty of the necessary Mind check is increased by half the damage they took. you spend 1 energy per point in the power that you use until you stop running. you must pay 2 energy. When a creature encounters you while this power is turned on. You speak and understand all known languages. 1: Only when standing still will the power work. you can also reproduce its function. by succeeding in a mental attack against them. you can add 1 to DM. that can only be used while standing still (no more than 1 point can be invested). The Psi-Ranger must then make a 31 Mind check if his Psionic Rejuvenation is to succeed. You cannot rest to regain energy until you stop running. Normally. but not a pair of scissors or a functioning blaster. Leap: 2 pts. You likely have powerful legs or a telekinetic ability to accomplish this. Each time you make such a leap you use 2 energy. Memory Tampering: 4 Pts: (Only affects others). You can remove or alter a person’s memories if you succeed in a Mind attack against them. This will only ever work ONCE on a given person. Mind Control: 5pts. Using this power uses energy. you maintain your invisibility. For instance. making them truly invisible. You can completely take over another person’s mind. though you cannot necessarily speak them. but people using sight enhancing machines still cannot (you are making their mind ignore the information the device is giving them). It may only be attempted once per issue on any given individual. A character with this power adds their points in it to 3. thus forcing them to do whatever you want. Each point in this power is 1DM that anyone takes whenever they try to use a mental attack against you or read your mind. and multiplies that by Agility to determine how far they can run in a page. the difficulty is not adjusted. they can see you normally. You do a +1DM (lethal) when you attack with these natural weapons. you can look and feel like a blaster—just one that does not work. You are just as susceptible to damage as you normally are while you are in this state. like a continent would double the difficulty. You can make yourself invisible under varying conditions based on points spent. If you succeed on a Mind check.

(You cannot tell someone to jump off a cliff). There will be times that having very long limbs will be a liability. but can choose to use less power in your Telekinesis to lessen the energy cost. x You can see or hear outside normal (human) parameters. although one could also scan for one of their lost friends or try to find precious metals. Typical things that a person might scan for is liquid water or sentient life. and gains Fly and Natural Weapons powers of that bird. He then is able to fly off the cliff to safety. Self Destruct: 3-5pts. Concentrated Telekinesis can be used to move much larger objects. either naturally or as a telescoping mechanical enhancement. Stretching: 1-5 Pts. you can also use “concentrated” telekinesis. You can tell someone what to do by contesting Mind against their Mind. This requires intense concentration for you to use this ability. Each time you change forms. decide which limbs it is affecting. Example: A Shape-Shifter with Brawn 3 Agility 1 is trapped on top of a cliff and wants to get off. instead of receiving extra panels. You may move objects with your Telekinesis power as if it were Brawn. and increase its range by 5 squares above the normal range of 5 squares. This will not work in combat! Super Senses: 2 pts. you can take this power with a 1 point limitation to reduce its cost. One of your speedy panels cannot be spent resting! A character with 4 points of speed wiring may choose to act as if he only had 2 points in order to use less energy. In addition to this “dynamic” use of telekinesis. If your self destruct is armed. you cannot be repaired— only replaced. Alternatively. The most time this can last is equal to the 6 pages . but not to maintain it or reform normally. make decisions. You must spend the energy cost every panel you use this power. You move at 4 x Agility (including vertically) while swinging in this manner. and the Narrator can assign a Dice penalty to certain rolls (usually proportional to your limb size). and the energy cost must be paid each panel it is used. While it does allow you to become a different species. Telekinesis: 1-5 pts. you can reduce the effective strength of your telekinesis by 1. while the 4 point power allows you to take 2 extra panels. Suggestion: 1 pt. Telekinetic Crush: 1-5 pts This power is a wicked form of telekinesis that kills by crushing the victim’s organs. +1 square per panel. When you take this power. You have a booby-trap inside you that allows you to get some small revenge when you are defeated or prevents your parts from falling into enemy hands. The damage multiplier for this power is based on the number of points you have in this power devoted to damage—no stat affects the damage. and even rule you incapable of doing certain things due to your long limbs (like fit inside an escape pod). You cannot gain use of the following powers through shapeshifting: Healing. You can fire a super-tensile strength filament that you use as a swing-line. They just seem to be going in slow motion to you. Thus a character with 2 points can punch someone standing 3 squares away. Mimic. So he decides to turn into an Eagle. treating Telekinesis as Brawn for damage and Mind as Agility to hit. It is recommended that human-sized creatures do not go beyond 3pts in this power. you can rearrange your points for Brawn and Agility as you like (your Mind is unaffected). and something that does not put them in immediate peril. You may even have eyes in the back of your head! Swing-Line: 2 pts. which cannot be regained until you resume your normal state. x Your species has the ability to change its body so radically that you can temporarily become another creature. you can use this power to add the number of points invested in it to your Agility when attempting to hit or dodge an opponent. doing x6/x7/x8 dmg depending on if you spent 3/4/5 pts on this power. you can have more than one panel in the page. The damage that can be done by this (by slamming an object into an opponent or vice-versa) is as if it were a special attack. and execute them far faster than an ordinary life-form can. If you succeed. It costs energy to stretch (1 per point). and there is no energy cost involved. It must be simple. This costs 2 or 4 energy to use respectively. You can stretch your limbs an extra square per point invested in this. changing his stats to Brawn 1 Agility 2. and you are reduced to 0 Hits. or Changeling. but much slower. you gain 2 points of Alien Species powers that your new form would have.would triple it. You can increase the range of the attack to 5/10/20/40 squares 25 . Perhaps you can see infrared or ultraviolet light (and thus see in the dark and things usually invisible). When you activate this ability. or perhaps you can hear radio waves. Speed-Wired: 2 or 4 pts. This will affect a 1-square radius around your position. The rate at which an object can move is Telekinesis +Mind minus the Brawn necessary to lift the object. You can slowly move an object about 1 square per panel that is much heavier than an object you can throw with dynamic telekinesis. The amount of weight you can move using Concentrated Telekinesis is 1000/4000/9000/16000/25000 pounds for 1/2/3/4/5 points in Telekinesis. If your limbs are permanently very CHARACTER CREATION long. x You have amazingly long and flexible limbs. If you self destruct. When you use this power. you expend 5 energy. You have been designed to perceive information. You can sacrifice 1 point out of your Brawn/Agility pool (leaving a minimum of 1 in each) to gain an additional 2 points of Alien species powers while in this form. you cannot become a specific member of that species. Shape-Shifter: 5pts. It does not take energy to maintain a form or revert to your original form. Failing a scan for that particular thing means that the scan cannot be reattempted with any chance of success in this area (there may be interference or something). The 2-point power allows you to take 1 extra panel.the target’s Mind. For 1 point. In addition. you will immediately explode. they do it.

For 1 point. The first guy will continue taking damage the next page. there is no effect. the character must roll a Brawn check against the damage dealt the each page. until the target successfully beats the damage roll in a Brawn contest (damage is re-rolled every page as well. If the damage is completely soaked. while the venom rolls a 30. or you can increase the radius to 1/2/3 (if the venom is a gas or spray). you will be protected by whichever is better of the two. For 1 point. His Brawn of 4 and size 2 reduce the amount he was knocked back by 8 squares (4 +2x2= 8). You can also hold your breath double/triple/ quadruple the ordinary amount for 3/4/5 points (assuming you breathe). This is repeated every page until the target successfully beats the damage roll in a Brawn contest (damage is re-rolled every page as well). Intelligent machines can roll a Mind check against you to resist being so controlled. x You can withstand a great deal of physical punishment. The first guy rolls 7x2= 14. quadruped aliens. In addition. 26 . Tunneling: 3-5pts. For Example: A snake bites with venom that does x3 damage. Example: A psi-ranger uses telekinetic push on an alien giant and rolled 60 for the damage roll (12 squares of knock-back). and the second gets lucky. This works within a range of 10 squares. If the attack hits. x This power is usually only taken by large. The venom has run its course. He put 1 pt into range (5 squares) and 1 pt into radius. which is based on Mind. Redav rolls 3x3 =9 damage. Example: Lord Redav has 5 points in Telekinetic Crush. Telepathy: 3 pts. If the target makes a Brawn check equal to the push. the ensign’s luck changes. The giant came close. while his victim rolls 5 x2=10. but failed to make a 60 on its Brawn check to avoid being knocked back. and he rolls double sixes followed by a 2. Targets who succeed on their Defense.the hit is automatic. The target must roll a Brawn check against the damage dealt that page. rolling 6+6+5= 34 soak. The attacker can make an attack at -1 multiplier to hit and +3DM. and it cannot be restored until you turn it off. and thus takes the full damage of the initial bite (a 6 rolled x3 =18 dmg). You can read other people’s thoughts and broadcast your thoughts to others for mental communication. Lord Redav uses the power on a pair of ugly mugs who dare to sit at his table. the target’s armor can soak the damage. Roll as if you were rolling damage to the target. managing to break free of the choking. Telekinetic Push: 1-5pts. building. or repairing a technological device (piloting a starship. leaving 3pts. but by less than 10 take half damage anyway. you get a +2 Dice bonus. s/he is able to keep his or her feet and avoid being knocked back altogether. If the target’s roll is less than the damage. In the end. The unlucky ensign bitten was wearing no armor. you can add 1 to your multiplier to hit with this power (use Mind instead of Agility). Telemechanics: 3/5 pts. The next page. You can also access the net simply by touching a line or transmitter to it. On the second page. In addition. but the result is the number of feet the opponent is knocked back (round to the nearest 5 foot squares) minus a number of squares equal to the opponent’s Brawn +2xSize. When using this power. The next page.CHAPTER ONE for 1/2/3/4 points. If the target succeeds. affecting an area double its size in squares long and its size in squares wide. Creatures of the same size or larger take no damage. If you put on standard armor. you can increase the radius of the attack by 1 (damage is rolled once for all targets). You can dig through dirt. The 5 point version of this power enables you to activate/operate machines remotely by thought within a range of 10 squares. doing an additional 16 dmg to the poor ensign (30-14= 16). and it cannot be restored until you turn it off. Each point in this power gives you 10 points of damage soaking. no roll “to hit” the target is necessary. He concentrates. and the two hapless shmoes fail to dodge and begin choking. it only pushes enemies back. Toughness: 1-3 pts. the giant is knocked back 4 squares. Each page you move in this manner. squeezing his fist. the attack ceases. The damage multiplier when he uses this power is x3. doing computer research. You can increase the range of the attack to 5/10/20/40 squares for 1/2/3/4 points. or lose gravel at a speed of 1/2/3 times your Brawn for 3/4/5 points. and takes 19 damage (the difference). Any unspent points add to the “damage” multiplier. For 1 point. You must spend energy when you begin using this power. x You are built for digging. you understand exactly what that machine’s purpose is and how to use it. Any unspent points become the damage multiplier. If the target loses the contest. x You are capable of emitting a powerful toxin from your body. the ensign rolls his Brawn of 2 and gets 14. sand. but can only be soaked by armor on the initial attack). you can increase the radius of the attack by 1 (damage is rolled once for all targets). Venomous: 1-5pts. You must spend energy when you begin using this power. etc). the target loses the difference in Hits. you expend 1 energy. Trample: 3pts. Whenever you are operating. It moves along a path. x You can read the “thoughts” of computers and electronic devices that you touch. while the second has shaken off the attack. When you use this power. for a total of 28. the power does no actual damage. or robots with tank-treads instead of legs. while the venom roll was only 24. any repairs/construction you do takes half the time it normally should. Lord Redav rolls 11 x3= 33 damage. If the character takes one or more hits of damage however. If the target succeeds. All creatures smaller than the attacker within that area that are hit take damage. Each point you put in the power is a x1 DM. This power costs no energy to use. you can increase the range of this power to 5/10/20 (if the venom is emitted in a stream). For 1/2/3 points. the attack ceases. s/he takes the difference in damage. and will no longer damage the ensign.

You can see (or scan) through up to 5 feet of solid objects. he begins to cut. •Limited Target: If a power won’t work on a certain kind of target. The person with the highest chance of success rolls. This object has a flaw of its own—either that it is easily stolen. Any combination is possible. not 3. If the character uses either one. and prone to being broken when used. These two powers cannot be used simultaneously. An example of a power with limited uses could be a robot with Invisibility. and determine these variables each time you use it. •Reduced Energy Cost: Every point you put in this enhancement lowers the energy cost to use that power by 1 point. and you pay the energy cost for the entire multipower whenever you use either one. You may also try to use a skill you do not know. •Radius: if normally not usable in a radius. 10 is the difficulty for normal tasks. Special Power Enhancements For 1 extra point. to which you receive a re-roll in case of failure. Each time this power is used. roll a d6. or intensity (DM). any limitations affect all powers in the multipower. or it could be a +3 DM attack or a +2 DM attack with a 5 square range. a 1-point enhancement gives the power a range of 5 (however. but the Narrator can approve of new limitations as well. Each skill has a list of specific uses for it. you must make an attack roll against them to use the power. These are assistants. you can also choose to focus on one skill. •Focus: You must have a certain object in order for your power 27 . that the extra point may increase the energy cost to use the power as well. making repairs. it has used up one-third of its total uses for the Issue. that is also a limitation. they can likewise be made 1 point cheaper by applying a limitation on what the power can do. of equal or less point value (excluding the point for this enhancement). If the result is equal to or less than the point-cost of the power. Whenever you do this. Instead of choosing multiple skills. etc remains unchanged). radius. Example: for 4 points. He rolls 2d6+3. whether they require muscle or not. and the man would have nearly died. with diagnosis as a specialty. You may pick one of these uses as a specialty. •Conditional Use: The power can only be used under certain conditions. The number of skills you will have for a given stat are equal to it. you take a -4 Dice penalty. Either case is equal an entire skill. For instance. A Psionic whose Healing power cannot work on alien species. gathering information. There are two types of skills: mental (based on Mind) and physical (based on Agility). you have a pool of points to utilize this power. An example of a stealable focus would be if a Pyrokinesis user requires an open flame in order to use his powers. roll against the ability listed for that skill. Example: a physician wants to heal a critically wounded man. burning out the visual dampener that provides this ability. and an office with 3 nurses beneath him. Your roll must equal or exceed a certain difficulty. a special power can be given an extra edge. He has a Mind of 3. After making his diagnosis check. A fragile focus has 10 Hits and 5 soak per point in the power (a non-fragile focus has 100 Hits and 30 soak). For instance. from piloting to surgery. he would have only had a 21. In order to make a skill check. except lead. Brawn does not grant skills as most physical skills are accomplished by Agility. They know how to do things too. 20 is tough even for professionals. and a 3 point enhancement makes the range 20. Note. •Range: if normally not usable at a range. The upside of limited uses. Obviously. Without his assistants. Special Power Limitations Just as a Special Power can be improved by paying an additional point in cost. fragile. and gets 10 x3= 30. Each one (up to 5) gives you a +1 Dice bonus for a skill check. You can reduce energy cost to zero. he must spend 4 energy to do so. a 1-point enhancement gives the power a radius of 1 (a 2 square by 2 square area). whether it can affect other people. Example limitations are provided below. CHARACTER CREATION to work. a 3pt attack power could grant a +1 DM radius 2 attack. Step 5: Skills Heroes have more going for them than psionic powers and shiny weapons. If the subject is unwilling. Here is a list of potential power enhancements: •Can affect others (if normally unable to do so). and several other things. you can have people with the same skill help you. either by choosing an extra area of expertise. and a 3-point enhancement gives the power a radius of 3 (a 6x6 square area). The points for this power do not add to the energy cost! •Multipower: You can add another power to this one. is that the power does not use any energy from the character. A 2point enhancement gives the power a radius of 2 (a 4x4 square). This is called “defaulting”. and a 30 difficulty requires great ability for any chance of success. or by getting a +1 to that stat for resolving checks for that skill. Any power enhancements must be added to the individual power. or has limited uses. An example might be that a cyborg’s swing-line is fragile. after three times that the die roll is too low. A 2 point enhancement increases the range to 10. a character’s Clairvoyance that only works in the form of dreams when the character is asleep. a character could have a multipower including 3 points of telekinesis and 3 points of Force Field.X-Ray Vision: 3 pts. •Variable: Instead of buying this power with a specified range. but only once. A power with limited uses will eventually run out of power and be unusable for the rest of that Issue or day. Assistants: When you try to do something with a skill. •Can affect you (if normally unable). for instance has a this limitation. the power ceases to function until it has been recharged. Assistants are very useful for surgery.

Slipping Free. Command. Theater Pilot: Evasion. Demolitions Foreign Cultures: Customs. Zoology Security: Picking Locks. Maneuvers. Search/Conceal. Swimming. Acceleration Escapology: Knots. the specialties within those skills vary. Finding Clues. Rhetoric Starship Operations: Command. However. First-Aid. Languages Humanities: Art. Fashion. History. Tricks. Questioning. Here is a list of skills for the modern/future period. Defenses. Power. Juggling. Picking Locks Craftsmanship: Carpentry. Bargaining. Herbalism. Sewing. Invent. along with various areas of specialization. Tactics. Acrobatics. Control Athletics: Running. Chemistry. Programming. Structures. Strategy Outdoor: Tracking. Culture. Systems. Survival. Aerobatics. Occultism Investigation: Analysis. Glassworking. Metal Working. Finance. Dance. Research. Operations Deception: Disguise. Cleaning. Gardening. Engineering is so important to the running of a starship that it was deemed necessary to make into a separate skill than have it be a sub-set of the technology skill. Jury-Rig. Religion. Physics. Stellar Cartography Society: Savoir-faire. Manipulation. Tanning Performance: Play Instrument. Prowling. Biology. Shortcuts Technology: Repair. Logistics. Archeology. Accounting. Navigation. Manage Engineering: Engines. Animal Lore Physician: Diagnosis. Tricks. Modify. Control Stealth: Hiding. Communications Streetwise: Gut. Shadowing. the skill list is the same in any incarnation of BASH!. Drive: Steering. Forgery Domestic: Cooking. Lying. Diplomacy. Sabotage Skill Descriptions 28 .CHAPTER ONE Assistants make a rather significant difference! with your own skills to add to the list if you like. Traps Social Science: Law. Gather Information. Singing. Command. Pottery. Genetics. Gut Military: Gunner. Jumping. Tricks. For instance. Climbing. Direction Sense. Detect Deception. Gunner Science: Mathematics. You should feel free to come up Mental Skills Commerce: Appraisal. Double-Jointed. Toxicology Sailing: Piloting. Surgery. Physical Skills Animal Riding: Galloping. Encryption. Gambling. Tacking. Bureaucracy Computers: Hacking. Pursuit. Weapons. Control. mainly by technological differences. etc. Palming & Planting Items Sci-Fi Skill List For the most part. Music. Astrogation. Throwing.

build machines. Drive/Steering is used to determine defense in a ground vehicle. Foreign Cultures: You know a great deal about other places and their cultures. Craftsmanship: Skill in a craft such as carpentry. and even take/place objects without being noticed. While some may view these as a waste of time. When you take this skill. culture. airplanes. and the supernatural. but for some reason. you may be better at discovering when people are trying to deceive you as well. such as a tank. Regardless. You also know how to ask questions to get the most information out of witnesses/suspects/contacts. while Sailing/Gunner is used to 29 . you may be a reporter. weapons. By investing extra slots into the craftsmanship skill. one of which is your specialty. or some other talent not listed here. pottery. Unlike most skills. you may also choose an additional two crafts. Drive/Tricks are used to pull off stunts. and cut through the red-tape to do so (bureaucracy). Investigation: You might be a detective. but people with this skill can ride far better. music. singing. You can hack systems. etc. you must also have the Combat Driving power. throwing. negotiate price (bargaining). primitive helicopters. juggling. smithing. Drive/Control is used to maintain control of the vehicle if it has hit some hazard or to brake in time to avoid one.. and Pilot/Tricks is rolled to perform flying stunts. In either case. program. or maybe a paramedic. sculpture. Use the Security skill for advanced locks. whether you are telling the truth or not. almost everyone is assumed to know how to ride. Pilot/Pursuit is rolled to determine attacks in such vehicles. or air creatures. Outdoor: You are more at home in the wild than most other people. Domestic: Anybody can cook and clean for themselves. Performance: You can use your grace and natural talent to entertain people. a person with Craftsmanship cannot do everything indicated by the skill. Specialization in languages triples that number of languages. almost any character can be assumed to know how to drive. whether these be other countries or other planets. choose two crafts. decent.Animal Riding: This skill allows the character far greater control over a mount than a common person. and corvettes). This skill doubles that number. through dance. Unlike most skills. It includes the ability know the value of things (appraise). bombers. ropes. A character with the Charisma power can add 2 to his multiplier to Performance checks. In a high-tech setting. Military/Gunner skill is used to roll attacks with ground vehicles and large starships (usually called capitol ships). Pilot: You are able to handle vehicles most people cannot. like power slides. and uses their highest stat rather than Agility for the base multiplier. Military: This skill grants the character general knowledge of military tactics. make sound investments (finance). or a servant for a large household. and putting them together into a larger picture. running. you know how to identify and treat injuries and illnesses in humanoids. Ordinarily. Likewise. a character knows a number of languages = Mind. Instead. You can take this skill multiple times in order to be skilled in riding many types of creatures. etc just like Houdini. run a business (accounting). You cannot use the lock-picking aspect of this skill to open advanced locks—only simple locks like on a pair of handcuffs. Engineering: This skill is used to design and understand large structures. such as climbing. Instead. or elaborate work with a 10/20/30 check. straightjackets. one of which is your specialty. you may also choose an additional two talents. etc. Stealth: This skill enables the character to hide and prowl around undetected. capital ships. specify whether it is for riding land. you can escape from handcuffs. you are really good at finding and analyzing pieces of information. Pilot/Control is used to maintain control of the vehicle in unusual circumstances. or possibly a source of power over them. but characters with this skill can drive circles around them. from navigation to piloting and even manning the guns. Athletics: This skill grants the character greater than normal ability to perform physical tasks. Computers: You know computers far better than a typical user. Drive: This skill allows the character far greater control over vehicles than a common person. sea. Drive/ Acceleration is used when trying to chase or race another vehicle. This skill indicates you are good enough to be a professional chef. choose two talents. Physician: You might be a doctor. and encrypt just about anything on a computer. or perhaps you are double-jointed.. CHARACTER CREATION Deception: You are particularly skilled in making others believe you. religion. With enough time and the proper materials. If you want to use a military vehicle. Humanities: You are a student of man’s irrational disciplines: art. Sailing: This skill enables a Hero to know just about everything there is to do on a watercraft. Escapology: You have trained long and hard for this task. Sailing/Tacking is used to roll defense of any vessel small enough to allow a roll. theater. Commerce: This is the skill of buying and selling for profit. a person with Performance cannot do everything indicated by the skill. You could survive indefinitely without civilization. In a Low-Tech setting. you see it as a deeper reflection into the nature of humanoids. including the use of heavy ordinance and the ability to inspire troops with leadership. By investing extra slots into the performance skill. music. and vehicles like a starship and its defense and engine systems. you can produce simple. This includes a great knowledge of languages.fighters. and even blimps are no problem for you. Pilot/Evasion is rolled to determine defense in small (size 1-3) starships (like fighters.

etc. Gut is an instinct that is often right. diplomacy is cutting deals. how to give orders. you have a good understanding of all the fundamentals: math. body armor. chemistry. diplomats. While men can win battles with starships and blasters. and rhetoric is convincing people to accept your argument by appealing to their logic or sympathy. Technology: You have a gift for machinery. Science: As a scientist. Starship Operations: You have been trained to do just about everything that needs to be done to run a starship. Social Science: You are a student of people’s rational disciplines: history. it is in the halls of diplomacy where wars are won. This skill is used to understand. figure out how to destroy it. Streetwise: This is the ability that thieves. Savoir-Faire is the ability to do/say the right thing at the right time. and you know how it works inside and out. build. and prevented with words. Gather Information helps one learn rumors and locate hard to find people/places/things. merchants. law.but you are a master at one of these fields. Shortcut helps find one’s way through city streets. security devices. etc. starship corridors. You can fix it. Society: This is the ability that statesmen. and if need be. alarms. biology. This includes astrogation (plotting a course through space). fashion is knowing the “right” way to dress and the current popular slang. build it. hovercycles. and surveillance equipment. locks. or the circumvention of. and spot a cheater. etc of the time (the science of first impressions). and mazes. physics. but it helps them know the odds. and courtiers practice on a daily basis. Security: You are skilled either in the proper use. lost. and scoundrels engage in on a daily basis. 30 . This includes safes. and the daily operations of such a ship. energy blades. and repair personal weapons and vehicles like pistols. geography.CHAPTER ONE roll attacks (Military/Gunner can be used for attacks as well). tactical maneuvers. Gambling does not guarantee that a person will win.


the more advanced the technology. For example. some have a single edge. faster-than light space travel. or more if s/he has the Rank power. upgrades are small bonus features that can be added into a piece of equipment. developed during the Bronze Age (TL ½). Technology Level (TL) In some campaigns.500 credits (7. vibroblades cold-fusion power.5= 10. Attacking with a shield does +0DM stun damage. and trains and steam-power have yet to be used.) 100 Credits. because early firearms have been invented. Reloading a weapon takes an entire page unless noted otherwise. Of course. It grants a +1 Dice bonus to defense rolls by simply getting in the enemy’s way. Technology is rated with a numerical value. Effectively. and are destroyed when used. Weapons Archaic Weapons Descriptions Dagger: A short two-edged knife. Gauntlet: Technically a piece of armor.CHAPTER TWO CHAPTER TWO: EQUIPMENT A character begins play with 5. space travel near light speed. energy guns anti-matter power. Note that some weapons only have a limited number of shots before they must be reloaded or recharged. chain mail. good for stabbing or cutting. This is because the components have to be made especially compact. but cannot reflect attacks. The descriptions of the various upgrades appears after the weapons section.5 because they have airplanes and cars. Some weapons can be used to “burst” fire by rattling off an entire full load of ammo in a single panel. and is ineffective against TL4 or higher weapons. computer-neural interface. bone. but no computers. crossbows firearms. etc. Some weapons utilize a battery—replacing a battery takes 1 page as well.000 x1. TL Era 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Stone-Age Medieval Industrial Modern Near-Future Interplanetary Travel Interstellar Travel Intergalactic Travel Time Travel Sample Technologies stone. using up half of a full load of ammo. Archaic & Modern Armor (half the soaking effect against TL4 or higher weapons) Light 10 Soak (Leather) Medium (Chain) Heavy (Plate) Kevlar 20 Soak 30 Soak 20 Soak 100 Credits 400 Credits 800 Credits 200 Credits TL0 TL1 TL1 TL3 Half-Soak against gunpowder weapons Half-Soak against gunpowder weapons Half-Soak against gunpowder weapons A shield (allows one to use “Shield Deflect” power.500). this gives you a -1 Agility to hit. a suit of heavy body armor can be made to be High-G Force resistant. it allows one to do lethal damage with a punch. the 17th Century would probably be TL 1. Also. but swords are still used. For instance. Equipment labeled 2H indicates that the weapon is wielded in two hands. or wooden tools. Integrated Functions: Various equipment can be integrated with just about any other equipment by spending extra credits. The higher the Technology Level (TL). Sword/Mace/Axe: A longer. Thus. your home campaign might have exceptions to the guidelines below. This is called the “spray and pray” method of firing. energy shielding. trains computers. Below is a chart of the Technology Levels and examples of advancements from that level. An easier way is by setting a cut-off Technology Level. Some swords have two edges. the 1920s would be TL 2. Upgrades: Similar to integrated functions.000 Credits. as you sacrifice accuracy for the chance to strike more targets. bow & arrows metal tools. but this is a tedious process. A character without the Shield Deflect power can still benefit from a shield. Narrators might want to limit how much technology the characters have access to. combustion engine. a “burst 3” weapon could burst 3 times. and include a diagnostic scanner. teleporters wormhole generation time machines 32 . nuclear power artificial intelligence. add the costs of all the components together. each using a third of the ammo. energy blades. Likewise. but increases the radius of the attack by 1. swords. The most thorough way to do this is to look through each item of technology and decide whether or not it is allowed in the campaign. Daggers can also be thrown. heavier version of the knife. with a range in squares equal to the thrower’s Brawn. the cost of the suit would be 10. in the above example. A weapon that has “burst 2” can burst twice. each time. To figure out how much an integrated suit costs. Grenades are weapons that detonate themselves. cybernetics. steam-power. and increase it by 50%. flight. feel free to assign a decimal to denote this.5. if the time period you are using seems to be between two different TLs.

This means that even with 3 points for heavy armor familiarity. So long as the wielder has the upper hand during the wrestling. the halberd must be wielded in two hands.000 Credits 3.000 Credits 3.000 Credits 2. Garrote: A simple twine or a concealed wire. continued club attacks do lethal damage. mauls. the bastard sword can be wielded in one or two hands. bastard swords are more expensive than a heavy sword. Man improved on this invention. Two-handed swords might be claymores. Maces (as well as hammers. also supplies air to the wearer for 2 hours. Spear: One of primitive man’s first inventions was a sharpened stick used to kill prey. and can be used while wrestling. Some are used to stab. See integrated functions above for more details. flamberge. +1 Brawn while worn 100 Hits Grants “Immunity: Heat” power while worn Grants “Immunity: Vacuum” power while worn. Axes have a heavy blade attached to a long handle. Each G beyond the suit’s ability to resist counts as 1 G more than 1. Integrated weapons must be one-handed. supplies air to the wearer for 2 hours. the garrote does lethal damage.000 Credits Tech Level TL 6 TL4 TL5 TL6 TL7 TL6 TL5 TL3 TL3 Description/Special Worn on the arm just like a medieval shield. Because of their exceptional balancing. You have a weapon that can pop out of your suit. “Immunity: Pressure” power while worn. the club is one of the most primitive of weapons. In one hand. it usually first succeeds in knocking an enemy unconscious. A character wielding a shield without this power gets a +1 Dice bonus to their defense rolls. Whip: Originally developed to tame and discipline animals. as the wielder wishes. as the shield gets in the way of some attacks. Heavy Sword/Mace/Axe: A two-handed version of the original.000 Credits 4000 Credits 8. Club/Cudgel: A sturdy wooden stick. grants 1pt of Aquatic power to the wearer. the rapier was developed when gunpowder had rendered heavy armor 33 .000 credits for a suit that ignores 2/3/and even 4 Gs of pressure. and are used for chopping. Grants. 1000/5000/10. A two-handed mace is more likely a giant hammer. usually heavier at one end than the other.000 Credits 3. In the end. See the weapon for its cost. Staves have good reach when lunging. they may make an attack on their panel with the garrote. A Brawn contest must be rolled before any garrote attack to determine who has the upper hand. they are all effective killing tools. Though it can be used to kill. Halberd: A medieval hybrid of spear and axe. Allows the user to make use of the Shield Deflect power. known as a maul. no-dachi. it is larger and heavier. while others are meant for cutting. Lasso: Mostly used to subdue animals. the spear can be used to strike at enemies who are two squares away. adding a metal head and a sturdier shaft. The spear can be wielded in one or two hands.000 Credits 4. In two hands. Bastard Sword: Also known as a hand-and-a-half sword. and can be used to stab or chop at enemies. High G-Force Suit ----- Special TL5 Integrated Weapon ----- ------------ --------- *Power Armor is so bulky that it carries a -4 Dice penalty when worn. Staff: A long sturdy shaft of wood. it can be thrown (2xBrawn squares). 1. you still take a -1 Dice penalty while wearing it. etc.EQUIPMENT Futuristic Armor and Suits Name Soak Cost Energy Shield Light Body Armor Medium Body Armor Heavy Body Armor Power Armor* Personal Force Field Heat Tempered Vacuum Sealed Sea Tempered ----20 Soak 30 Soak 40 Soak 40 Soak 10 Soak ------------2. So a 2G suit in a 3G environment enables the user to have only a -2 penalty on Agility and Brawn rolls instead of a -4 penalty for people without such a suit. this long leather lash was also used to discipline (and torture) men. While it is not a deadly weapon (it does stun damage) it has good reach and enables the skilled users to grab objects or entangle enemies. Once a clubbed victim is unconscious. Rapier: A thinner more elegant incarnation of the sword.000 Credits. and are free wherever wood can be found. etc) are used to crush enemies with heavy stone or metal heads. Some are curved. more often used to steady oneself while walking than as a weapon. some are straight. It has a long reach. A two-handed axe may be referred to as a battle-axe. the lasso does no damage—but it has great reach and can be used to entangle enemies.

5. it was not the man with the strongest sword who won the day.5 1. Break Weapon. or used with reach 2 in 2Hands. and a punch with the basket-hilt could knock a man cold. The sword cane lack’s some of the rapier’s reach. The cost of a basket-hilt is directly added to the cost of a TL 1. the crossbow had more armor-penetrating power. Entangle Reach 2 (lunging)* Can be used wrestling Range 5. Unlike more primitive swords. though. It can be used to attack. Saber/Cutlass: Thicker. but still gets a +1 Agility bonus for the wielder when determining priority. and Weapon Lock. while the cutlass was the preferred weapon on the high-seas. however—it could be used as a weapon in its own right. Break Weapon. the rapier was almost exclusively used for thrusting.5 sword that it is added to—it is not a separate item. In the age of knights. Loading a crossbow requires using a Archaic Weapons Name 1/2H Dagger Gauntlet Sword/Mace/Axe Hvy Axe Spear Halberd Whip Club/Cudgel Staff Garrote Lasso Rapier Saber/Cutlass Sword-Cane Main Gauche Parrying Dagger Basket Hilt Sword/Mace/ 1 1 1 2 1/ 2 1/ 2 2 1 1 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 Dmg +1DM +0DM +2DM +3DM Type Lethal Lethal Lethal Lethal TL 0 1 1 1 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 1. but the fastest. Sling: A weapon from ancient times. causing two more blades to fan out from the first. or Weapon Lock. Can Snatch. and was easier to use by commoners. and heavier than the rapier. Reach 2 Reach 2. Reach 2 (lunging)* +1 Priority +1 Priority Can use Off-Hand Parry +3 Dice bonus to Disarm. its use was banned by papal decree (except for use in the crusades). They also take a -1 Dice penalty on Agility rolls for defense until their next page. It takes time to reload and begin spinning again. One way around this was to conceal one’s sword within a cane.5 1. 34 . where limited space made the popular rapier an impractical weapon. Without armor. The wielder gets a +3 Dice bonus when using a parrying dagger with the powers: Disarm. but uses 1 Energy. the bow and arrow was seeing practical use until TL 2. casual dueling became a problem. thin sword blades like the rapier becoming a fashion accessory. Also.CHAPTER TWO obsolete. Parrying Dagger: A parrying dagger looks like a normal dagger until a switch is pressed. Sword-Cane: With the development of long.5 1. Archaic Ranged Weapons Bow: Another hunting tool developed during the Stone-Age.5 1. slashing sabers and cutlasses were also superior to their medieval counterparts—a person using a saber or cutlass adds 1 to their Agility for determining priority in combat. The saber was a favored weapon of cavalrymen. Entangle +2 Priority. literally meaning “left hand” was a shorter sword originally paired with the rapier (and eventually fell out of fashion). A person using a Rapier treats their Agility as if it were 2 higher for purposes of determining priority in combat. a person who lunges with a weapon can only move before attacking—not afterward. Maine Gauche: The Maine Gauche. who could use it to hack down foot soldiers. and can be applied to any of them except the sword-cane (it’d be difficult to explain why your cane needs a sword guard on it). Basket Hilt: A Basket Hilt is a special hand-guard designed for swords during TL 1. but is especially useful in defense—it allows the user to take the “off-hand parry” power. so the user only gets one shot at a time. Crossbow: More deadly than the bow.5 1. this is a leather thong that is used to hurl a stone at very high velocity. can Snatch. Adds to cost of a TL 1.5 Cost 100 200 400 500 150 200 150 0 0 100 50 400 200 600 150 300 +50 Notes Can be thrown Brawn squares Included with Chain or Plate armor Reach 2 (lunging)* Reach 2 (lunging) in 2 Hands* Can be thrown 2x Brawn squares in 1H.5 sword Bastard Sword +2DM/+3DM Lethal +1DM +2DM +0DM +2DM +3DM +2DM +1DM +2DM +1DM +1DM +1DM +1DM Lethal Lethal Stun Stun Stun Lethal Lethal Lethal Lethal Lethal Lethal Stun *Lunging with a weapon extends its reach. A Basket-Hilt was not only usable for defense. which lead to laws to prevent people from publicly wearing swords. making a trident-like instrument good for catching and breaking enemy swords.

the pistol could be fired with only one hand. nails. there is no danger of accidentally blowing yourself up while lighting it. the musket had a longer barrel. lit with match-cord and thrown (2xBrawn squares). If the result is a 6. shooting lots of smaller bullets (known as shot) in a large burst. which takes a panel to do. but has a shorter range and less stopping power than a musket. flamethrowers do a set damage instead of damage based on Mind. If the result is a 6. it explodes. When you throw a grenade.5 50 200 1000 2xBrawn - - 1 3 *These firearms are rather primitive. burning gel at enemies in a wide arc. It’s short range is made up for by the fact that it hits a 1 square radius spread. Powder Keg: Even more dangerous than a grenade would be the explosive power of an entire keg of gunpowder. Pistol: A short-barreled gun. In a pinch.5 1. and inaccurate. If the tank is destroyed. Crossbow ammunition is referred to here as bolts. Armor of TL 2 or less has half the soak against this weapon. that allowed for longer range with the bullet (called a ball). which spews a sticky.5 1. chain. Note that some of these weapons are more expensive than Modern firearms. When lighting a powder keg. doing damage to you and everyone in a 1 square radius. this gives it a -2 Dice penalty on the damage roll. Early firearms such as this have a -1 Dice penalty to hit for every 5 squares they are away from the target. The result is which priority the grenade will detonate on (and it always goes first on its priority). A flamethrower can also be a target. Ranged Weapons Name 1/2H Bow 20 Arrows Sling Crossbow 20 Bolts Blunderbuss* Musket* Pistol* 10 Charges Powder & Shot Grenade** Powder Keg** 1 2 1 2 2 2 1 Dmg +2DM +1DM +3DM +2DM +3DM +2DM Type Lethal Lethal Lethal Lethal Lethal Lethal TL 0 0 1 1. roll a d6.5 Cost 50 20 0 100 20 500 600 300 Range 20 20 25 10 20 10 Shots 1 1 1 1 1 Radius 1 - x6Dmg x10Dmg Lethal Lethal 1. roll 2d6. 35 . The lower result is which priority the keg will explode on—next page (thus. Because the flames burn everything—and aiming for specific parts is irrelevant. That is because these weapons are hand-made. the wick fizzles out and the grenade does not explode. Musket: More accurate than the blunderbuss. Extremely dangerous. one could delay the detonation time by a couple seconds— hopefully enough time to dive for cover. double the standard penalty). Armor of TL 2 or less has half the soak against firearms. The fuel tank has a soak of 20 and 20 Hits. Reloading a Musket takes 15 pages. or putting a matchcord in it (preferably a long one). Grenade: Early grenades were essentially hollow metal spheres packed full of gunpowder. As a result they have a -1 Dice penalty to hit for every 5 squares away from the target (essentially. doing x10 damage in a 2 square radius. Aiming for the tank means an attacker must make their hit roll by 10. By leaving a trail of gunpowder to the keg. Armor of TL 2 or less has half the soak against firearms. ** These detonate 1 page after they are lit. A person who takes damage from a flame thrower will ignite (see the rules regarding fire in the hazards section). it detonates as you are throwing it. Early firearms such as this have a -1 Dice penalty to hit for every 5 squares they are away from the target. cheaper. unless you are being exceptionally stupid). Armor of TL 2 or less has half the soak against firearms. while higher TL firearms are factory made. Reloading a Pistol takes 5 pages. If the number you roll is equal EQUIPMENT to your priority while throwing the grenade. the spark fizzles out and the keg does not detonate. the blunderbuss had a bell-shaped muzzle and was used in much the same manner as a modern shotgun. Armor of TL 2 or less has half the soak against this weapon. Modern Firearms & Bombs Flamethrower: Among the more cruel and efficient weapons developed by man is the flamethrower. a blunderbuss can be loaded with any small pieces of metal—coins. and thus.5 1. Reloading a Blunderbuss takes 10 pages. Early firearms such as this have a -1 Dice penalty to hit for every 5 squares they are away from the target. etc—however.mechanism to pull back the string. they were often as likely to kill the wielder as the target. Blunderbuss: An early firearm from the renaissance period.

Carbine: Less powerful than a rifle. Rocket Launcher: Even more powerful than the grenade launcher is the racket launcher. Because they are not precise weapons. 36 . A TL3 shotgun can be made semi-automatic. The shooter can even unload the entire magazine. etc. usually carried as a concealed weapon. The thrower needs a 10 to hit the area they want a grenade to explode in. choking on the gas. Assault Rifle: Less powerful than the rifle. A miss indicates the grenade impacts 1-3 squares off-target in a random direction (1-2 in front. near the end of TL2. accuracy. Anyone trying to conceal a derringer gets a +3 Dice bonus to their Stealth/Palming roll to do so (if a roll is even considered necessary). a 40 or more is one-fourth damage. repeating rifles were developed. Frag/Concussion Grenade: These deadly bombs kill either with the shockwaves of explosive force or by sending shrapnel into an enemy’s body. ripping them apart. allowing the shooter to fire off seven rounds. This makes a rocket launcher a much better weapon for taking down enemy vehicles. A carbine can also be unloaded as a burst fire action. A typical assault rifle uses a 20 round clip. 5-6 behind target). a handgun can be fired as a burst. Flash-Bang Grenade: Another nonlethal weapon. Rifle: A powerful long-barreled firearm. the carbine is also cheaper. the teargas grenade functions the same as the Daze power. A TL 3 invention. and firepower. grenades do a set amount of damage rather than damage based on Mind. and can be fired in 10-round-bursts to hit a radius. An Agility roll of less than 20 indicates the victim took full damage. The grenade can be hurled (2xBrawn squares) or fired from a grenade launcher. This Daze continues until they can make a 20 Mind check or until the gas disperses (about 3 pages). Otherwise they are Dazed.CHAPTER TWO Teargas Grenade: A non-lethal weapon developed to subdue and disperse. enabling it to fire twice before it is necessary to reload (reloading a TL2 or higher gun takes only 1 page). the shotgun is equally useful in clearing corridors of enemy soldiers. 3 left. While old fashioned TL2 rifles must be reloaded between every shot. It was a preferred weapon of cavalrymen who could easily fire it from horseback. a 20 or more is half damage.5 grenades. A TL2 shotgun has two barrels. for a more deadly shot. this device is still useful at higher TLs with more advanced grenades. While it only holds two bullets (which fire out of separate barrels) both can be fired simultaneously. A shooter can even rattle off the entire magazine as a burst. the assault rifle makes up for this with its ability to go fully automatic. a 30 or more is one-third damage. A rocket launcher does damage as if it were 1 size larger than it actually is. the flash-bang grenade is designed to temporarily blind and deafen the target. creating a very large burst effect. Shotgun: Originally designed for shooting birds out of the sky. Even the relatively primitive TL3 Rocket Launcher would still be useful for several TLs afterward. in which the victims must make beat the gas in a x3 Mind contest in order to be able to act normally. The shotgun fires large clouds of small beads at the target. these explode when the thrower wants them to—on impact. Grenade Launcher: This device simply allows a person to send a grenade farther than the sheer throwing power in their arm is able to. So a size 0 person firing a rocket launcher would do damage with it as if they were size 1. doing +2DM instead of +1DM. the rifle combines excellent range. Derringer: A derringer is a tiny handgun. They are often used by commando units before they burst into a dangerous situation. Handgun: A handgun (usually a revolver) typically held six shots. able to fire 10 rounds before reloading is necessary. which often ignore smaller arms fire. A target who fails a Mind contest against the gas (x3) will have a -4 Dice Penalty on all Agility rolls for the next 3 pages. Unlike the TL 1. 4 right. By “fanning the trigger”. People caught in the blast radius of a grenade automatically take damage—but how much depends on their ability to dive for cover.

spread over a wide area (radius 2 without engaging burst fire rules). Machine Gun: As powerful as a rifle. or even “freeze rays” may exist depending on the setting the Narrator uses) at the target. The TL5 Blaster Gatlin requires a crew of 2 people to move and fire it. lasers. For this reason. the blaster carbine is cheap and easily mass produced. EMP Cannon: EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) weapons can only do damage to machines—cyborgs. the blaster rifle can fire in a burst that affects a radius. the machine gun also hurls great amounts of hot lead at its target. effectively making a burst fire. Organics are not harmed by them. By rattling off a series of shots. requires a crew of two men to move and fire it. Damage caused by an EMP cannot be soaked by conventional armor. Blaster Rifle-The weapon of choice for marksmen. the submachine gun (hereafter SMG) fires in a radius without using the burst-fire rules. giving it far fewer shots than a blaster carbine. Using the burst fire function with the SMG means that one is really spraying an area with full auto for several seconds. Each “shot” with the Blaster Gatlin is actually a spray of 100 rounds (it can only be used fully-automatic).Submachine Gun: Even more designed for burst fire. a blaster rifle cannot be set to stun— they are weapons intended to kill. Each “shot” with SMG actually represents dozens of rounds spewing from the barrel. and it must be mounted when firing. A TL3 machinegun is intended to be mounted on a tripod. Its large capacity battery and burst firing ability make it very useful to troops on the front lines. androids. it is the weapon commonly issued to soldiers. while the TL6 model can be mounted on a tripod and used by a single person. though size still Futuristic Weapons Blaster Pistol: The blaster pistol fires beam of intense energy (usually plasma based. firing a spray of energy bolts at the enemy. thus affecting a radius. Like many weapons at this TL. rather than a single beam. By holding down the trigger. EQUIPMENT Blaster Carbine: Like the carbines of earlier times. though this is more draining on the battery. Blast Cannon: The Blast Cannon has a similar function to a shotgun. It can also be carried and fired by a person with a Brawn of 3 or more. The TL2 machine gun. Modern Firearms & Bombs Name 1/2H Dmg Flamethrower Tear Gas Grenade Flash-Bang Grenade Frag/Concussion Grenade Grenade Launcher Rocket Launcher Rocket Shotgun Rifle Carbine Handgun Derringer Assault Rifle Submachine Gun Machine Gun 2 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 2 2 2 x5Dmg n/a n/a x6Dmg Varies x7Dmg +2DM +4DM +3DM +2DM +1DM +3DM +3DM +4DM Type Lethal Lethal Varies Lethal Lethal Lethal Lethal Lethal Lethal Lethal Lethal Lethal TL 3 3 3 2/3 3 3 3 2/3 2 2 2 2 3 3 2/3 Cost 2k 200 200 300 1k 2k 200 200 100/500 300 100 300 800 1k 3k Range 5 2xBrawn 2xBrawn 2xBrawn 20 50 15 40 20 15 5 30 20 40 Shots Burst 10 1 1 2/10 1/7 7 6 2 20 12 5 -/1 -/1 1 1 2 3 - Radius 1 2 1 1 Varies 2 1 1 2 37 . expanding the radius with a burst that also drains the battery. This energy may be set to do lethal or stun damage as the user wishes. known as a Gatlin Gun. Each “shot” from a machine gun is actually a burst of 50 rounds or so. the holdout blaster is meant to be concealed. but a character with a Brawn of 3 or more can carry it and fire with a -2 Dice penalty to hit. The blast cannon can also be fired in quick succession. but kinetic energy blasters. Also unlike the blaster carbine. but with a -2 Dice penalty to hit. emptying the battery. Blaster Gatlin: Similar to the Gatlin Gun of TL2. granting the user a +3 Dice bonus to their Stealth/Palming attempt to do so (if a roll is necessary). etc. vehicles. the Blaster Gatlin is a heavy weapon made to fire over a large spread. the Blaster Rifle combines long range with power. Holdout Blaster: Like the futuristic equivalent of the derringer. robots. the user can expend the entire battery to create a wide beam to sweep across an area. the holdout blaster can be set for lethal or stun damage. Burst firing with the machine gun increases its radius of effect to 3.

affects soaking damage as normal, and some machines have special protection against EMPs. If an EMP causes a “wound” in a machine, it suffers double the ordinary penalties, as crucial systems begin shutting down. A machine brought down to 0 Hits by an EMP must undergo very serious repairs, as its main computer is fried. It requires a 30 computers/ programming check followed by a 30 technology/repair check to even begin “healing” a machine shut down by EMP. Such repairs take a triple the usual time, as fused circuits are slowly replaced, wiring redone, etc. The EMP Cannon is used to send a powerful, wideangled pulse of electromagnetic energy for a short range. It is best used to clear corridors of enemy machines. EMP Blaster: The EMP blaster is a lighter weapon than the EMP Cannon, doing less damage to only a single target, but having a superior range and using less battery life with each shot. Light Quantum Rocket Launcher: A one-handed rocket launcher, which still packs a great deal of power into its shots. The Light Quantum Rocket Launcher does damage as if it were 1 size larger than it is, making it a great weapon for damaging enemy vehicles. Heavy Quantum Rocket Launcher: The futuristic equivalent of the bazooka, this weapon does damage as if it were 2 sizes larger, making it capable of taking out even heavy tanks or bombers. Its great radius also makes it an effective anti-personnel weapon. Energy Grenade: An advancement on the modern grenade, the Energy Grenade bursts in a violent wave of blaster energy. It can be hurled 2xBrawn squares, or fired from a grenade launcher. Stun Grenade: This is an energy grenade that has been outfitted to deliver stun damage instead of lethal, and to spread the explosion wider. EMP Grenade: The EMP Grenade is designed to take out enemy machinery, robots, and vehicles while avoiding human casualties, as an EMP Cannon. Plasma Grenade: An even more deadly improvement on the energy grenade, it also affects a larger radius. Vibroknife: High tech metallurgy provides a razor-sharp, ultrahard cutting edge for this knife, while a motor in the handle causes the blade to vibrate at ultrasonic frequencies, increasing its killing power.

Vibroblade/Axe: This is either a sword or axe adaptation of the Vibroknife technology, using ultrasonic frequencies to make the sharp blade even more lethal. These weapons are preferred by space pirates who use them in close quarters when boarding enemy ships. Heavy Vibroblade/Axe: This is simply a two-handed, larger version of the Vibroblade or Axe. Vibro-Lance: A sturdy ultrasonic blade is attached to a long pole to create a Vibro-Lance. These weapons are often carried by guards. Though it is not as powerful as a heavy vibro-axe, it has better reach, allowing defenders to hold a corridor even when outnumbered. Concussion Flail: Resembling a medieval mace and chain, the Concussion Flail uses gravity altering technology to dramatically increase its mass at the point of impact, making it much more powerful than its ancient counterpart. The cable that holds the head of the concussion flail is reinforced with a small force field that makes it nearly unbreakable, and it is useful for entangling enemies. Energy Whip: An energy whip is a thinwire held by an insulated handle. When a switch is depressed, the wire glows with a sheath of plasma, as energy crackles along its length. The whip appears to increase in both mass and width when it is turned on. The intensity of the whip can be altered, so that it instead delivers a stunning electrical shock instead of superheated plasma with every swing, making it useful for taking prisoners. Like the more ancient whip, an energy whip can be used with the Snatch and Entangle powers. Energy Blade: A classic science fiction weapon, the Energy Blade is essentially a sword made out of energy—force, lasers, plasma— whatever the setting dictates. Like the bastard sword of old, the Energy Blade is designed to be wielded one or two-handed. Energy blades are extremely effective at cutting even through high-tech armor. Soak values against attacks by energy blades are halved (except soak granted from size or energy fields). Stun Stick: A baton that can be charged with electricity to incapacitate its victim. It does stun damage. It works on a similar principle to the modern cattle prod.


Stun Staff: An even larger stun stick, the Stun Staff is wielded in two hands and can hold an even bigger electrical charge. It can also be used to lunge forward, giving it a good reach.

This is using the extendable upgrade. Vibro-Lance and Vibroknife: 4,100 credits. Spear-Staff: A staff is often seen as a non-threatening item, more often used while walking than for fighting, and even then, generally a non-lethal weapon. The Spear-Staff has a hidden blade inside that pops out, using the spring-loaded upgrade. Spear and Staff: 825 Credits, Vibro-Lance and Stun-Staff: 6,600 Credits.

Examples of Integrated Functions for Weapons:
Using the Integrated Functions rules, one can make a nearly limitless combination of items. Listed below are some more common combos. Sword-Gun: Having a firearm handy while using a sword (or vice versa) is always useful. The barrel of the gun runs up the blade about six inches above the crossbar. The trigger is attached to the handgrip of the blade. Pistol and Sword: 750 Credits, Handgun and Vibroblade: 1650, Blaster Pistol and Energy Blade: 7,500 Credits. Spear-Knife: Having a long pole weapon is useful, but there are times when it can get in the way. This integration allows the shaft to collapse into a hand-grip to hold the blade in hand like a knife.

Upgrades are gizmos that add minor bonuses to the equipment they are installed on. Unlike integrated functions, however, upgrades simply add to the total cost (there is no multiplication involved). For instance, a blaster pistol might have the upgrade that it will only fire when held by its owner. A difficulty 20 ID Lock is a 100 credit upgrade to the weapon for a total cost of 1,100 Credits. Of course,

Futuristic Weapons
Name Blaster Pistol Holdout Blaster Blaster Carbine Blaster Rifle Blast Cannon Blaster Gatlin EMP Cannon EMP Blaster Light Quantum Rocket Launcher Heavy Quantum Rocket Launcher Lt. Q. Rocket Hvy Q. Rocket Energy Grenade Stun Grenade EMP Grenade Plasma Grenade Vibroknife Vibroblade or Axe Heavy Vibroblade or Axe Vibro-Lance Concussion Flail Energy Whip Energy Blade Stun Stick Stun Staff 1/2H 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 1 1 1 or 2 1 2 Dmg +3DM +2DM +4DM +5DM +5DM +4DM x7Dmg x5Dmg x7Dmg x8Dmg x7Dmg x6Dmg x8Dmg x8Dmg +2DM +3DM +4DM +3DM +3DM +1DM +3DM or +4 +3DM +4DM Type Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable Lethal Lethal Lethal Stun Stun Lethal Lethal Lethal Stun Stun Lethal Lethal Lethal Lethal Lethal Lethal Adjustable Lethal Stun Stun TL 5 5 5 5 5 5/6 5 5 5 6 5 5 4 6 4 4 4 4 5 6 6 3 4 Cost 1k 2k 2k 5k 4k 10k 7k 5k 3k 5k 600 800 300 200 400 500 500 1k 2k 2k 2k 1k 4k 1k 2k Range 10 5 20 50 10 40 10 20 30 50 2xBrawn 2xBrawn 2xBrawn 2xBrawn Reach 2 Reach 2 Lunging Shots 20 5 40 10 10 5 5 20 1 1 Burst 1 4 1 1 1 2 1 2 3 1 2 2 2 Radius -


Swords in Space?
If you want to have a campaign in which people are using swords in space, you should come up with a good reason for it. One way to do so is to have the game mechanics reflect the usefulness of this approach. For instance, you could declare that all vibro and energy blades, or all TL 5 or higher melee weapons reduce the soak of armor against them by half. This would encourage people to use such weapons, as they would be able to get through ablative futuristic armor, which was made for deflecting blaster shots, and not to resist vibroblades. Alternatively, if you don’t want people walking around with swords in the age of blasters, an easy way to enforce this is to halve the soaking value of armor against ranged weapons. This would make blasters even more deadly. If you want to keep an equilibrium, simply have armor be equally effective against ranged and melee attacks.

ambient heat from the region around it, meaning that its surface is extremely cold (the wielder’s hand is insulated from this). Striking a foe with an Endothermic weapon does +1DM (which is always Lethal damage). This is TL 5 technology, and costs 3,000 Credits when installed on an item that will be continually used for this purpose, or 500 Credits for a single use. Extendable: This allows the item (usually something long and thin) to collapse into a much shorter length. This is a useful upgrade for long weapons, like staves or vibro-lances. An extendable item can collapse down to one fourth its length or width (not both) when not extended for use. Extendable items are not usable while collapsed (unless functions have been integrated accordingly to do so). This is TL 3 technology, and adds 400 Credits to an item’s cost. Extra Ammo/Charges: Usually used with firearms, this upgrade doubles the weapon’s usual maximum magazine or battery’s shots. The cost of this upgrade is equal to the base cost of the weapon (before any integrations have been figured). If the weapon has a burst fire rating, that is also doubled. Thus, a blaster carbine with extra charges would cost 4,000 Credits instead of 2,000, have 80 shots, and be able to fire 8 bursts. ID Lock: This item makes a piece of equipment so that it can only be used by an authorized person. Whether the ID Lock is based on fingerprints, retina scan, a voice identification, or a password depends on the item. Obviously, a blaster that requires a retina scan to activate it is a bad idea! The cost of the ID lock depends on its degree of sophistication—how hard it is to bypass by thieves. The difficulty to bypass it the security is 20/30/40/50 for an ID Lock costing 100/200/500/1000 Credits. Scope: Usually applied to firearms, a scope gives the user more accuracy when shooting. After spending at least 1 page to acquire the target, a shooter using a scope receives a +2 Dice bonus to his next attack roll with the ranged weapon, but suffers a -3 Dice penalty to defense, and checks to notice things going on around them as they cannot adequately pay attention to their surroundings. TL 2, 200 Credits. Secret Compartment: Some devices are designed to hold more than what meets the eye. A secret compartment can make carrying sensitive information or an illegal weapon much easier. A secret compartment can be no larger than one-fourth as large as the object the compartment is in. To make up for the empty space inside, a lot of the technology might have to be miniaturized or rebalanced. This costs 200 Credits. Spring Loaded: This upgrade is usually used with concealed weapons, either allowing them to pop out of a wrist sheath into the hand or for a weapon to pop out of another item it has been integrated with (like a spear point popping out of a cane, or a knife blade popping out of a shoe). This upgrade is TL 3 and costs 600 Credits. Stealth: A stealth device has been made to elude the abilities of scanning devices. The object itself is not invisible to the human eye—merely to scanning equipment. This upgrade is extremely

an upgrade must be sensible for its use. It would be difficult to make use of an ID Lock on a suit of armor. Booby Trap: Often coupled with an ID Lock, this upgrade harms the person who attempts to use the device (or unauthorized person if there is an ID Lock to make such a distinction). Booby Traps can be lethal or simply set to stun, depending on the preference of who set it For 400 Credits, it does x4 dmg, 600 for x5, 800 for x6, or 1000 for x7. Whether this damage is explosive, electrical, poison gas, etc is likewise up to the person who bought the trap. A standard booby-trap will affect only the person who touches it. For an extra 400 credits, it will affect a 1 square radius. Booby-Traps are very difficult to detect. It would take a 50 Security/ Traps check to notice a booby-trap unless one is actively searching for one, which reduces the difficulty to 30. Disarming the trap also takes a 30 Security/Traps or 40 technology/sabotage check. In addition to being set to go off when triggered, booby-traps can also be set with a timer to go off when a certain amount of time has passed. Electrified: This upgrade is usually added to a hand-to-hand combat weapon, though it could be applied to a grenade, rocket, or other expendable device. When a switch is depressed, it causes massive amounts of electricity to conduct through the weapon, resulting in the weapon having a +1 Damage Multiplier, due to this extra electrical damage. This extra damage is always Lethal. TL 4, 3,000 Credits for an item that will be used repeatedly, or 500 credits for a single use. Endothermic: This upgrade is usually added to a hand-to-hand weapon, but could also be added to an energy grenade, rocket, or similar expendable weapon. An Endothermic device drains all


Thermal Filament is a series of tiny wires running through the surface of a weapon. phone numbers. the wires instantly begin to glow white-hot. A decent PDA costs about 200 Credits. or disguised inside a badge or jewelry. A tracking device with a range of a few thousand miles is worth 200 credits. and also for higher level mathematics or science. these may be mechanical replacements or lab-grown biological parts. A TL 3 personal computer can range from a relatively primitive early model good only for processing several kilobytes of information to a convenient laptop computer with very high-speed processing—the advances in computer science have essentially doubled computing power every two years.000 Credits each. TL 3. Nightvision Goggles: Worn around the head. or can be used as a cellular phone. It seems to be a hovering collection of arms. field rations might consist of an entire meal in a capsule. When a switch is depressed. A week’s worth of field rations (21 meals) costs 100 Credits. A PDA has less functionality than a computer. These are far better than any artificial replacements we know of today. 1. etc with man-made replicas. They can also have infrared sight added for an additional 500 Credits. It can be worn in the ear. the cost of the cutting edge is about the same—2. meaning that great leaps in technology have been made in relatively short High-Tech Equipment Medical Supplies Artificial Organ: Science has made it possible to replace organs. and can even be integrated with GPS devices or cellular phones. Thermal Filament is a TL 5 upgrade which costs 3. It can also tell you how to get where you want to go on the planet.prized by smugglers. possibly with a boom microphone for speech. show video. 41 . Computer: A personal computer is one of the great inventions of the modern world. This enables the wearer to stay in contact with team-mates via radio. More modern PDAs play music. Someone else can make the Diagnosis check for the Auto-Doc before it begins surgery (a wise course of action). or so that an unwitting carrier of the object can lead you to where they are going.000 Credits. This is always Lethal Damage. These wires are especially designed to conduct intense heat. Depending on the feel of the genre. TL 4 and higher versions of this device can tell you where you are on just about any planet. these goggles amplify ambient light by hundreds of times. Thermal Filament: This upgrade is usually applied to hand-tohand weapons. like hearts. often canned.000 Credits. enabling the wearer to see in the dark. including navigating the streets. etc. A tracking device that can be followed from space is worth 1. One that is effective on the surface of an entire planet costs 500 credits. freeze-dried. By TL 5. Field Rations: Food made to last a long time without refrigeration. Anything struck by a weapon filled with Thermal Filament takes +1DM from the heat. This item tells you exactly where you are on the planet. Just change the prices from dollars to credits (use a 1:1 ratio to keep it simple). Auto-Doc: This is a very specialized piece of equipment used to aid in surgery.000 Credits. Both cost 500 Credits (the lower TL pair is far more rare). TL 5. 5. EQUIPMENT amounts of time. Tracking devices get increasingly expensive based on their range and degree of sophistication. This vision is black and white. You can add to it whatever you wish. The TL 3 pair can have Nightvision added for a total price of 1000 Credits. It can be miniaturized as well. GPS: Stands for Global Positioning System. A TL 4 pair of binoculars also has a meter that tells the distance being viewed and the direction at no additional cost. with no chance of rejection. Binoculars: Used to watch birds or spy on the enemy. 200 Credits. an Auto-Doc can perform surgery on its own. on Auto-Doc performing surgery on its own is not very reliable (though several Auto-Docs working together can be effective).000 credits. though it could be useful for cold weather tools and survival gear. and other people involved in shadowy activities. Tracking Device: Tracking devices can be put on an item to make its recovery more easy when it is stolen. with a green tint to it. 200 Credits. A TL 2 pair can enhance visual range to x10. it only has a Mind of 2. More advanced versions in higher TLs might be able to allow communication between planets or even star systems.000 Credits. An Auto-Doc counts as 2 assistants to a physician making a surgery check. However. TL 4. A computer is necessary for characters who do any computer programming. assassins. while the TL 3 version is made only to work on its planet of origin. and its only skill is Physician/Surgery. PDA: Stands for Personal Digital Assistant. Obviously. each ending in various medical tools. invented during TL2. A TL 3 set can have up to x100 visual distance. TL 3. 10. Cellular Phone: A portable telephone available right near the end of TL3. Such upgrades are often illegal. What’s more. A good cell phone costs 100 Credits. or dehydrated. 500 Credits. Regardless of which type of computer it is. lungs. TL 4 computers can be very small—palm sized and even wrist-watch computers (with more speed and all the functionality of today’s top-of the line desktops) are possible— even tiny neural implants or receivers that make computer use a completely “virtual” experience can exist. kidneys. make it easier for rescuers to find you if you are lost. Modern Equipment This list is by no means complete. and is best used for keeping names. these lenses are held over the eyes to increase visual range to many times normal ability. causing the weapon to shimmer with heat.

and is simply made as a replacement part. that rid the body of free radicals and other aging affects. 300 Credits. you get a +1 Dice bonus to any Brawn dice rolls. The gun has a winch that can pull the user up the cable at a rate of 10’ per page. or as a method of reproduction. Nano-Adrenal Stimulus: These microscopic nanomachines stimulate your adrenal glands. TL 6. Bones knit. may be sold on the Black Market. or into another person. Essentially. and are quite expensive. TL 4. healing x2 damage within one minute. Needless to say. TL 6. A single longevity treatment (pill or otherwise) costs 100 Credits. Grapple Gun: This gun fires a steel cable with a magnetic tip. Cloning can have multiple purposes: to create soldiers or workers. The tip latches onto a metal surface strong enough to hold 1. Longevity Treatment: Through the wonders of science. Nano-Immunity: These nanomachines are microscopic robots designed to enhance your body’s natural immunities to disease and poison. it has a coating of synthetic skin that allows the user to feel with the limb just as if it were their own. Thus. Is there radiation contamination here? What is the makeup of this vessel? The area that a Diagnostic scanner can scan. The cable can also be released by pulling a switch. 100 Credits per dose. or NISI is used to store the thoughts and memories of a person. this sends a stream of nanomachines into the person. 5000 Credits. a cloning can essentially make one immortal. 42 . Neural Information Storage Interface: Crudely referred to as a “brain-taping” device. Hand or Foot is 2. Each dose lasts for 1 hour. You also increase your Wound Threshold by 2. and bruises heal before your very eyes. they must have the surgery before the stimulator can help.000 Credits. Is that life-form carbon based? Is that water safe for human consumption? Does that person have any disease? It can also get general readings on the surrounding area. priced based on part.000 Credits. You get full immunity to these effects.000 Credits. giving complete control. and at TL 7 it is done by genetic therapy done once a year. 4 million credits. This means that longevity treatment is a lot more expensive at TL 5 than at TL 6. Cost 20. insulating them from being manipulated by outside sources. TL 4. These devices are incredibly valuable to explorers. A person must be in stable condition for a medical stimulator to be of any use. antiaging has dramatically increased the human life-span. it is done by injections every month. and interfaced with the user’s own nerve endings. Med-Pack: One of these can heal injuries far faster than naturally possible. The cable itself can extend to 200’ and has 80 hits. allowing one to live around 200 years.CHAPTER TWO Cloning Tank: Used for the sole purpose of reproducing copies of a genetic specimen. Medical Stimulator: This device uses waves of energy to increase the body’s natural rate of healing by hundreds of times. the person will still heal. Because of various improper uses of cloning. Instead of doubling the natural healing rate. and even to cheat death itself. by placing a dead person’s memories into a clone of their body. and how detailed/ accurate the readings are should depend on the Tech-Level. A NISI can also be used to erase a person’s memories (Treat as the Memory Tampering psionic power with a Mind of 4). this device enables one to heal in 10 minutes as if a week had passed. and may carry a danger of addiction. At TL 6. A successful Physician/First-Aid check is required to use this device. it is highly regulated and very expensive. some cloning tanks merely create an infant clone of the original. A 1 or 2 point Mind Shield costs 1000 or 3000 Credits respectively. this is done in the form of longevity pills. When used by a person who makes a successful Physician/First-Aid check. Longevity treatment halves the rate of aging. but damage already done heals at the body’s normal rate. At TL 5.000 lbs. TL 5. while TL 7 might be able to read an entire planet. This device can only be effective on a person once per set of injuries to be healed. if they are below 0 Hits and need surgery. TL 6. It allows the user to swing at Agility x4 up to 40 squares of the anchor point (and the horizontal distance swung cannot exceed the vertical clearance of the cable). ear. When used together with a Neural Information Storage Interface. 1. It can be replaced with a cable cartridge in one panel. 20 soak. If needed. a Neural Information Storage Interface. Eye. 2 million credits. but only as if a day had passed. When injected. taken weekly. ear. lacerations close. Robotic Prosthesis: This device is a replacement limb. In times of stress. Useful Gadgets Anti-Psi Helm: This is a special helmet that integrates with the wearer’s brain waves. If a person suffering from radiation poisoning. Radiation Cleanser: This MRI-like machine will cure radiation sickness far faster than letting it run its course. Diagnostic Scanner: This device resembles a pda. etc made using robotics. while others reproduce fully-grown specimens. including hand-to-hand weapon damage. this grants the wearer the Mind Shield power. these devices might be highly regulated. or other part is 3. the Med-Pack heals with a x3 multiplier. TL 4. they cease being harmed by the radiation. NISI can be used by some cultures in lieu of court testimony. The limb functions exactly like a part of the user’s own body—it does not have any special powers. eye. and can be used to transfer those thoughts back to that person. TL6. TL 5 items might be able to read a 20’ area. Point it at something. however (as a normal first-aid check would do). TL 6. Though it is useful for helping people who have suffered memory loss. and it will tell you almost anything you want to know about it. and can even save people who have suffered a lethal dose of radiation if used quickly enough. The machines cost 300 Credits. Arm or Leg is 4. is still alive when placed in the radiation cleanser. and must be re-injected once per month.000 Credits.000 Credits. If the first-aid check fails. 2000 Credits.

Hallucinogenic: Daze x4. A complete set of state-of-the-art thieves’ tools costs 3. a pack of 10 costs 100 Credits.000 Credits.000 Credits on the black market. false iris and voice holograms. 900 Credits per dose. and transforms it into breathable air. Upon putting the crown on their head. and a few other necessities.Rebreather: This palm-sized device fastens over the nose and mouth. Stolen goods are usually fenced for between half and three-fourths of the original value (depending on the item). it may be considered un-heroic to use poison. re-pressurizing it. Black marketers also sell legitimate goods—but these were usually gained in an illegal manner. Essentially. 3. and the cost for a single dose. 2500 Credits per dose. Potent Paralytic: Brawn 30 Immobilize. A single slave crown costs 15. a miniature EMP unit. Slave Crown: This metal circlet has micro-transmitters that affect brain function. Weak Poison: x3 Continual Damage. the wearer will begin to suffer the effects of vacuum. a slave crown uses the Mind Control power on whoever wears it. A character can spend a panel to apply this patch to a punctured space-suit. the wearer can make a single Mind contest with the crown (at x4). a crowbar. EQUIPMENT Black Market Goods Certain equipment is not legal for purchase. s/he is able to ignore the effects of that crown. Truth Serum: Mind Control (Limitation: can only force target to tell the truth). If the wearer succeeds. it is illegal to buy things from a fence—only “scoundrel” type Heroes are likely to do this often. 43 . 1600 Credits per dose. poison can be a bought for the right price. By TL4 tools include a password generator. Weak Paralytic: Brawn 20 Immobilize. Poisons Lethal Poison: x5 Continual Damage. and open locks (basic tumbler locks at TL2 and advanced electronic locks by TL4).000 Credits.000 Credits Vacuum Patch: A small number of these are carried by anyone wearing a space-suit if they have any sense. Also. 1600 Credits per dose. even water. to the point that they will sacrifice their life without a second thought should their master ask it of them. Below are some sample poisons and their effect. They create intense feelings of loyalty and obedience in whoever wears one. however. and has become the master’s willing slave. disable security systems. TL 4. 2. and ending the vacuum effect. 400 Credits per dose. Failure indicates that the person is under the effects of the crown. Most Security skill checks require the use of a set of thieves tools if the person is trying to bypass. 400 Credits per dose. It filters out poison gas. Not all poisons work the same. if there is a demand. A crown is keyed to a certain individual—anyone wearing that crown will feel loyalty and obedience towards that individual. permanently. disable. it is very unlikely s/he will be able to get poison. a small cutting torch. However. Potent Poison: x4 Continual Damage. whether by accident or vibroknife. Note that buying and selling poison is highly illegal! Unless a character has contacts. 900 Credits per dose. Thieves’ Tools: This is a set of devices used by thieves to crack safes. TL 6. The device does not function in vacuum. or is a member of an appropriate group. It will never work on that person. If the suit is punctured. Universal Translator: This tiny ear implant allows the character to understand any language as if he had the Omni-Linguist power. Poison: Whether derived from an animal’s sting or a chemical lab. TL 5. or in other ways elude security systems. However. TL 5. there will be unscrupulous merchants who make a living selling it.

CHAPTER THREE Chapter 3: Playing the Game 44 .

The standard numbers based on difficulty are: 10 (easy). A 4pt power costs 10. A new power can be purchased by spending 6XP x The power’s point cost. In situations where the character is not in conflict with another. Kyle got a 3 and a 4. you can acquire a Hero die. the player is trying to beat a set number (decided by the Narrator) rather than an opposing dice roll. Experience Points It is traditional that RPG characters get better with experience. until you get something that does not match. 50 (nigh-impossible).* An old power can be improved one point or an enhancement added by spending 6XP. For instance. for a 21. A Hero die could also be used to “defensively” turn on a power or move. A Villain die functions exactly as a Hero die.e. or Mind is most important in the given situation (in many situations. grant bonuses to certain rolls). 45 . This doesn’t necessarily mean that characters with higher multipliers will always defeat those with lower multipliers. the Narrator (or player controlling that character) rolls the dice multiplied by their relevant attribute. and mental. A 3pt power is 6000 Credits.000 Credits. They are: hand to hand. Brawn. If this character is in conflict with another. On the character sheet. killing prisoners who surrendered in good faith. XP can be used to “buy” improvements to a character. If two Heroes are contesting each other. then a six. a Hero die can be spent to instantly heal the Hero 10 Hits. ranged. based on performance and role-playing. If it is a tie. rolling doubles can make quite a difference between success and failure. In battles. He then rolls another two. Combat Rules The first thing to consider when things turn violent is Priority—who goes first. Sometimes. even during someone else’s panel and even if you have already gone. He got a 3. Hero dice can also be awarded for good play by the Narrator. A 5pt power costs 15.PLAYING THE GAME Chapter 3: Playing the Game Dice Mechanics and Doubles The game is played with two standard six-sided dice. The point of this is so that the Narrator can judge what level of power the heroes are relative to their antagonists (Danger Level or DL). non-Heroic manner (i. in this case. A 2pt power costs 3000 Credits. the Narrator may call upon the players to roll the dice to determine the result. which counts as doubles with the other 3. the character whose actions “earned” the Villain die for the Narrator receives -2 XP. When XP is used to improve a character (not for a Hero die. Whenever the result of a situation is not certain. *Buying or enhancing Mechanical powers also costs money in addition to experience points. A Hero die allows you to choose to roll another die on any dice roll (after seeing the result). see below). but does not count as a spent XP for record keeping. But he needed a 30! So Kyle chose to spend an XP to roll another die. A disadvantage can be removed for 20 XP. As you can see. If the attack hits. which is whoever has the highest Agility. So he rolls another die and gets a 2. it counts as doubles. the Villain die has not been used. this is indicated by the rules). you could use a Hero Die to put a Force Field around the grenade or run before it explodes. 20 (standard). The Narrator must decide which of the three stats. etc). roll another d6 and add this to the result before multiplying. Hero Dice For 1 XP.000 Credits. A maximum of 5 XP is awarded to each player. 40 (heroic). the Narrator will award the players with experience points. the player still rolls the dice as written above. characters have different modes of attack. there is a section to write down XP and XP spent. thrown. The XP used for a Hero die is lost. and permits another die! Example. Multiple Heroes with the same Agility go simultaneously. A 1 1pt power or upgrade costs 1000 Credits in addition to xp. random chance has a part to play. the winner is whoever is being more Heroic at that moment! A stat can be increased (to a maximum of 5 or racial maximum) by spending 12XP x the current number. However. roll and add again. All attacks except mental are made by rolling Agility against the opponent’s Agility. his end result is 3x12=36. such as Deflect. Agility. If this die matches the other two. if an enemy throws a grenade at you. A new advantage can be purchased for 10 XP.* A new skill can be purchased by spending 3 XP.on a x3 defense roll. If at the end of the issue. or granted by certain abilities. many powers. Whoever rolls the highest wins. 30 (tough). When a player rolls “doubles” (two of the same number) on the dice. etc). and tie. The player rolls the dice and multiplies the results by the number of that stat +any bonuses (for instance. the Narrator can chose to take a Villain die for the action. proceed to determining damage. If this die is the same as either of the other two. After every story arc. but is still trying to use a skill or ability that is not certain of success. it is kept track of as spent XP. If a Hero acts in a completely reprehensible. His total roll on the dice is 36 and he survives where he may have perished! Alternately. scuttling a ship for the insurance money. Mental attacks are usually made by rolling Mind against the opponent’s Mind. Heroes go first. but is used by the Narrator to aid the roll of a Villain. and BASH! is no exception. even if s/he was unconscious or dying (the wound looked worse than it was. The Golden Rule: Heroes always win on a tie. Instead of 3x4=12. Example: A player rolling at x3 rolls a pair of twos.

half of which can be vertical. A character’s normal rate of running is 3 squares per page per point of Agility. If the damage roll exceeds the soak. and most effects that have a radius use Mind as the damage base. The person struck by an attack subtracts the Soak value of their armor.CHAPTER THREE Mental attacks don’t usually do damage. Rest to regain 1 energy and move 2xAgility. based their flying power. A character can also move by jumping. 3. and then move your allotted number of squares (but you cannot activate any powers).g. all of these methods of movement can be enhanced with powers. Every hit that got through the soak is marked off on the character’s record. E. What Can I Do in a Single Combat Panel? There are four possible options: 1. and reduce a character’s 46 . *You can activate multiple powers at once if you choose.but as soon as you attack (or heal). a roll of 35 damage is soaked 20 by an opponent wearing light body armor. and hurl a grenade at them all in one panel. and attack or use a healing power. Thus. plus any bonuses for a weapon. Of course.* 2. psionically sense the presence of enemies. If a character does nothing but move during their page. but if they do. When his total hits equals zero or less. Armor is only half as effective at soaking damage from psionic attacks. Thus. the target loses a number of hits equal to the difference. your panel is over. Attack or heal. Move double the number of squares allowed for no extra energy cost (but take no other action). If the damage is less than the soak value. Swimming is also possible. Ranged attacks. This is called ‘soaking’ damage. however. plus any bonuses for the weapon. A character’s normal swimming speed is their Brawn in squares. Characters who can fly do so according to their Agility. This number is then multiplied by the result the dice rolled. Hand to hand and thrown attacks use Brawn as the base damage multiplier. they move at double speed. psionic attacks. Mind is the base damage multiplier. a person can fly with a jetpack. or a Psionic character with Psionic Rejuvenation can make a check without moving to regain an amount equal to his Mind Stat (see power description for details). would you be walking?). either unconscious or dying. Movement: A character normally moves by running in combat (if you were under fire. Move. A character can usually jump a number of squares equal to their Brawn. the character is out of commission. usually 10/20/30/40. if the same person were hit for 20 points of psionic fire damage. the person takes no damage. he would take 10 damage rather than 0. activate any number of non-combat powers you have energy to spend on. Wounds: Injuries in combat take their toll. 4. The target of the attack loses 15 hits of damage. but still may have been knocked back a bit (see knockback).

The higher the number. using his panel for that page. The thug takes 11 points of damage (not enough to wound him) and is stuck in the hold. adding a negative number is the same as subtraction. the harder they are to hit. Every 10 squares of distance between you and your target gives you a -1 Dice penalty on your roll to hit. Ranged Attacks: From firing blasters to crossbows. he’d still take damage. This results in a much lower chance to avoid being hit. etc to make you more difficult to hit is called using cover. Grenades and other explosive attacks are much easier to hit a target with because “close” is good enough. For instance. a character will be left unable to defend himself properly. but you are also flying (whether by wings. size -3 = One-Eighth. Things smaller than humans have size represented as negative numbers. they make an immediate Brawn contest. You may have lasting injuries that impede your performance. the opponent must win a Brawn contest. Multiply the lifting capacity for their Brawn as follows: Size 1 x2. leaving him with 1 wound. If you are on the ground. they contest Brawn. is considered size 0. If you are half concealed. Brand gets a 3x4= 12 and the thug gets a 5x3= 15. you get a +1 Deflect bonus while you remain behind cover. Size 3 x8. flying targets are harder to hit. Essentially. If your target is flying. Smaller creatures are likewise less able to lift things. because they move in 3 dimensions instead of 2. Size: Size describes how big something is. Size 2 x4. To get a hold. you get a +3 Deflect bonus from the cover. After successfully grappling the thug by winning an Agility contest. With a Brawn of 1. the player takes a -4 Dice penalty. ranged attacks allow you to put some distance between yourself and the enemy. 3 left. Brand the Barbarian with a Brawn of 4 is wrestling a thug with a Brawn of 3. In a vehicle. the target is knocked back 1 square. If an attack does at least 50 damage. trees. See “Explosions” for resolving damage from grenades and other explosives. The amount of damage that got through makes no difference. they continue to take damage. monster. However. his physical actions (until he is healed) would be at a -2 Dice penalty because he has suffered 2 wounds. A character is wounded when s/he takes damage (after soaking) equal to or greater his/her Brawn x10. a size 1 creature has a +1 Dice bonus on Agility dice rolls. 4 right. and the thug gets a 7x3= 21. A wound is healed when the amount of damage equal to your wound threshold is healed. and each wound you receive results in a -1 Dice penalty for any physical action. -2 if they are flying 20 squares or less. however. For instance. So if the character were healed 10 points. Each point of size a character. you get a +2 Deflect bonus. or vehicle has adds to its Brawn rolls and adds a 5 TR bonus to its soak and damage. subtracting a negative number is the same as addition. Larger creatures strength is proportional to their size. the attacker must win an Agility contest with the opponent. even though they still die from taking damage like everyone else. and if he had a 3 or more. a big strong warrior is able to ignore pain more. If the attacker wins. or in some way restrained. but will be severely weakened by it. Vulnerability: Sometimes. when rolling to avoid being hit. This number is called the character’s wound threshold. furniture. but the damage would not result in a wound.ability to succeed in physical tasks. Also. Continual Damage: Acid. For example. 5-6 behind the target). unaware of your opponent. The net effect of this system is that characters with higher Brawns are very hard to wound. if the opponent fails. These injuries are called wounds. making it even more difficult to defend himself as he takes wounds. If s/he is successful. All you need to roll to hit with a grenade or similar explosive is a 10 for it to explode in the radius you want. one of his wounds would go away. which is soaked by rolling a Brawn contest (Armor does not soak wrestling damage). Every 10 points of damage beyond 50 knocks the opponent back another square. Brand gets an 8x4= 32. he escapes. If the same character had a Brawn of 2 he’d take 1 wound. this penalty is ignored. If you are three-quarters concealed. jet-pack. Size has been taken into account when listing the damage soaking and average attack and average defense of creatures in the encounters section. and several other effects do not do ordinary damage to their victims. In order to free himself. an attack that does 70 damage would knock an opponent back 3 squares. Characters may hold and squeeze in addition to punching and stabbing their enemies. Just because you survived the combat does not mean you will be up and about as if nothing had happened. Remember. but a -5 TR penalty on damage rolls and soak. Size -2 = Quarter. the bigger it is. Wrestling: Another thing to consider is wrestling. If a quarter of your body is concealed. the opponent takes Damage multiplied by the holder’s Brawn. and -3 if they are flying 21 squares or more. the further away you are from your enemy. A person who is not very strong may indeed survive a blaster round. and your target is flying 10 squares or less. he would take 2 wounds (his wound threshold is 10. and likely will be killed in combat before he receives an injury that can cripple his abilities (he dies on his feet). If the opponent succeeds. Their size impacts their lifting capacity as follows: Size -1 = Half. escaping does not use up his/her panel. it will instead explode 1-3 squares away from the intended target in a random direction (1-2 in front. Instead. Cover in Combat: using buildings. The thug has managed to break free (but uses his panel).being blind. If s/he succeeds by 10 or more. or on a helicopter). In this case. the penalty is -1 Dice Penalty for every 50 squares or 5 grids. which goes into 23 twice). If you miss. Each point of size is likewise a Dice penalty on Agility rolls. A standard human. Poison. you have a -1 Dice penalty to hit. Therefore. if a character with a Brawn of 1 took 23 damage after soaking. they inflict a state 47 . Each panel. PLAYING THE GAME Knock-back: is when a character is struck back in combat. The next page.

Healing: Unarmed attacks. Remember to add 5 to soak for each point of size. not mere first aid. 10 Soak Thin Metal/Stone/A large tree: 80 Hits. If the result of the Brawn roll equals or exceeds the damage. The base difficulty based Explosions: People caught in the blast radius of a grenade or other explosive automatically take damage—but how much depends on their ability to dive for cover. Success indicates no effect. If the target’s total has doubled the pursuer’s s/he has gotten away. axes. A character reduced to 0 Hits by lethal damage is dead. This turn-by-turn record of the chase is called the Chase Tally. do “stun” damage. For instance. is made by rolling Brawn (and adding any size modifiers as with any other Brawn check) or possibly Agility (as in the case of a martial artist showing off a flurry of moves to his opponent). and Dr. s/he has caught the target. When a victim has been struck by a Continual Damage attack. Chase Scenes: Sometimes. Simon succeeded in both his Diagnosis and Surgery checks. s/he will eventually catch up. the victim takes the difference in damage. A failure on either roll would result in Trask healing only 40 hits/month. An Agility roll of less than 20 indicates the victim took full damage. If the escapee is pursued. Failure means the target is scared—and has a -2 Dice penalty to all rolls made against the object of fear. Simon the surgeon. and “real” weapons. When rolling to pursue (or escape) an enemy. Intimidation: Sometimes enemies don’t want to have to harm each other—simply to scare the opponent. Typically Intimidation is made in lieu of attacking. If the damage exceeds the Brawn roll. If the pursuer moves faster. or maybe using an appropriate skill—Streetwise. they are trying to use intimidation. they are in a chase scene. Success on only one roll indicates the person will recover 10*Brawn hits/month. Below are listed how many Hits an object can take before it is broken and how much damage it soaks from each hit. and requires surgery to live. Successful medical treatment (first-aid) doubles the rate of healing from non-mortal injuries.CHAPTER THREE known as continual damage. doors smash. Trask has taken 50 hits of damage. or a gangster makes a veiled threat about the safety of a person’s loved ones. The difficulty of the check is equal to the amount of damage the person has sustained divided by 2. Collateral damage: This is what happens to the scenery around a battlefield. if Trask were dying. which means he will be fully healed in 5 days. This requires a skill check (either running. 40 Soak. 0 Soak Heavy Plastic/Thick Wood/A small tree: 40 Hits. or lose the quarry’s trail. Thick Glass/Thin Wood/Rope: 20 Hits. roll again for the next page. starship operations. the default setting is size 0. Note: Fearless characters are immune to the effects of Intimidation (and have a bonus to intimidate others themselves). followed by a Physician/Surgery check with a difficulty of 30. bites. staves. so Dr. adding the result to the one before. Failure on both rolls indicates that the patient died during surgery. etc. Obstacles are also problems in a chase. Lethal damage heals at a rate of 10 hits/Brawn/week. surgeon must make a Physician/Diagnosis check with a difficulty of 20. or mortally wounded and on the verge of death (up to the Narrator). etc do “lethal” damage. a 30 or more is one-third damage. there is no additional effect—they are already scared. Windows break. Thus. and will remain so for 7-Brawn hours. the characters roll their skill. Claws. Success on both roll indicates that the person will recover 20*Brawn Hits/Month. the 48 . Without the successful check. riding. sailing. This process repeats every page until the result of the Brawn check equals or exceeds the damage. If the pursuer’s total exceeds the quarry’s. or Society could all be used for this. When a lion roars at an approaching stranger. a 20 or more is half damage. With a success. but it does not decide who will win the chase. the victim rolls their Brawn against the damage (Adding their size as a Dice Bonus (or penalty for small creatures)). If a character is mortally wounded. A speedy vehicle certainly helps. or blocks of 10 squares if dealing with vehicles) of distance that separated the two at the start of the chase. driving. Craven characters can be intimidated. and add their speed in squares (or grids or 10s of squares for vehicles) to the result. canes. and bulkheads melt. but if their cowardice is triggered via damage. The difficulty of avoiding an obstacle is a function of its size and how fast you are approaching it. and often end them abruptly. A character who is mortally wounded requires surgery (or extraordinary healing. from psionics or an alien ability). An act of verbal intimidation is made by rolling Mind. ties go to the Hero. Start by rolling a Stat check based on the type of intimidation used—an act of physical intimidation. clubs. Trask the smuggler (with a Brawn of 4) is being healed by Dr. within 24 hours in order to live. the attacker rolls the damage—but instead of using armor and size to soak the damage. however. Add the quarry’s result to the number of squares (or grids. Simon’s player must roll a 25 on his Physician/First-Aid check. a 40 or more is one-fourth damage. the Heroes and Villains don’t want to fight it out— they just need to escape. If the result is in between. it would take Trask 9 days to fully recover (he only heals 40 Hits/week without successful first-aid. 20 Soak Thick Metal/A Redwood: 160 Hits. get distracted by some obstacle. ending the effect. The opponent rolls a Mind check against this intimidation check—higher number wins. swimming. Brand will recover 80 hits in a week. like vibro-knives. An opponent reduced to 0 Hits by stun damage is unconscious. and blaster carbines. and in need of surgery. The state of fear lasts for the rest of that scene. or pilot skill as appropriate). Stun heals at a rate of 10 hits/Brawn/hour. etc. Deception. roughly 11 hits a day. Trask would heal 80 hits/month. This includes social interaction as well as combat. such as the lion’s roar. assuming that s/he does not run out of energy. no damage is dealt and the effect ends. Wood and trees take double damage from fire.

Note. and you will suffer the consequences of running into the obstacle. the difficulty is halved. etc. This is the minion’s “Average Defense” (also called passive defense) and is the number a Hero needs to roll to strike the minion. If you are moving at half-speed. Avoiding another ship in space when moving at such great speeds is very difficult. s/he could conceivably attack multiple groups of minions. the game would be a lot less heroic! Minions fight Heroes by overwhelming them. Average Defense or Attack are not an option (fights with villains are more dramatic. Average Attack and Defense: When fighting Heroes. minion’s dice do not “explode” when rolling doubles. a servant. and cannot attack more minions. and other things. and henchmen go by the common name “minions” in BASH!. and cartoons. a child. minions do not roll Agility checks to attack or dodge when fighting main characters (they do roll against other minions. Instead. or even innocent bystanders are also rated as minions for purposes of how much damage they can take. PLAYING THE GAME Obstacle Size Mountain/Nebula Cliff/Star Building/Planet Bus/Large Asteroid Car/Starbase Person/Battle Starship Fire Hydrant/Cruiser Cat/Frigate Banana Peel/Fighter Base Difficulty to Avoid 5 10 12 15 20 24 30 36 40 attack misses. Enemy fleet captain 49 . Make a Pilot/Control (or similar. when minions attack Heroes. reduced to one-third if you are moving at one-third your max speed. To make combat go faster. If a random. The main difference between minions and main characters. pirate Tough—Sergeant Dangerous—Heavy Infantry Droid Unstoppable— Claw Titan Hero/Villain—Alien menace. because the minions are so outmatched. Using Average Attack and Defense makes combat go much faster than actually rolling for every minion on every attack or dodge. If the result is 10 or less. Often. or are greatly slowed down. If a character successfully takes down a minion with a hand to hand attack. minions often attack in large groups. s/he may attack another minion within reach. the character is overwhelmed. or take damage equal to your vehicle’s inertia rating or x5. If the result is 20 or less. and your chase tally addition for this page is half the amount. not by outdoing them! The Domino Effect: It is quite easy for Heroes (or Villains) to take down multiple minions simultaneously. the Narrator just multiplies their Agility times seven (plus modifiers). and thus. taking a -10 to your chase tally. Note that normal guards. Minions are not as Cool as Heroes or Villains: Minions do roll dice for damage. whichever is greater. the process continues until the character fails to take a minion down with a single attack OR the character has taken down 1 more minion than s/he has in Agility. or are slowed down in some way. Note. Heroes can fight off several minions at once in this fashion—keeping true to the conventions of comics. an average result. They do not get to roll an extra die. do not adjust the difficulty. This is not necessarily because they are physically weak. attacking several minions by Domino Effect only counts as a single attack panel. you lose and quickly regain control. Speed adjusts this base difficulty based on how close you are to your top speed. movies. getting a -30 to your chase tally for this page. However. If the result is 20 or less. Roll the appropriate skill to avoid this difficulty. brutes. Failing to negotiate an obstacle might mean that you crash into it. The chase is over. In turn. you spin out. If you are moving as fast as possible. nameless.on size for an obstacle is given in the chart below. Burst Minions Villains (and sometimes Heroes) don’t always go it alone. These are listed in two scales— a terrestrial scale. thug. is their number of Hits—they only have 10-50 Hits each. you crash. they have gangs of weaker beings working for them. applying a Dice penalty equal to the size of the vehicle you are operating and adding and dice bonus for maneuverability (if any). faceless star trooper were able to kill the main Hero with a single “lucky” blaster shot. The Domino Effect does not apply to ranged attacks—instead. a cat Brute—Soldier. These goons. the minions use an Average Attack (Agility x7(+Modifiers) to strike the Hero. and a space scale. The former applies to obstacles while chasing on a planet’s surface. appropriate check determined by the Narrator) to determine the results. that against Villains. you are merely inconvenienced. the later is for chases through space (which take place at such high velocity that crashing into a planet could be a real concern (though asteroids are much more likely). If the Hero’s dodge roll is equal or better than the Average Attack. the Minion Ratings #Hits Example 10 20 30 40 50 100 Normal Person—An old lady. At that point. If that minion is also taken down. If the result is 21 or greater. thugs. If a character has multiple attacks. spin out. however). worthy of actual dice rolls). but because they are less important to the story than the Heroes and Villains. This chart gives examples of obstacles one might wish to avoid while chasing an enemy.

s/he takes x1 damage and loses 1 point of energy every minute. Note that armor cannot soak the damage taken from a fall! Note also. Once you have lost 5 energy due to fatigue. Also. 3 points the third. serious. Fire: If you move through flames. Serious illness reduces the energy pool by 3 until the character recovers. or 20 story building causes x10DM (terminal velocity). If you are standing IN fire. Every minute a character is exposed to temperatures in excess of 200 degrees F. you take x6 dmg per page. Fatigue: Going for extended periods with inadequate sleep can play havoc on your body and even your mind. the character’s energy pool is cut in half. Additionally. Each day that a character is ill. A lifethreatening illness can last about 10 days. A 10 story fall on a low gravity planet might be far less severe than on a high gravity world. So a character trapped in a 500 degree room would take x5 damage every minute. preventing them from moving or attacking until they break free. severe. drop. Note that heat resistant armor does not shield against radiation. until you do something to extinguish the flames (stop.CHAPTER THREE Fire rules are used as well as powers that increase the rate of fire. A Serious illness usually lasts 3 days. Brawn and Agility dice rolls have a -4 Dice penalty until the character recovers. 13. Hazards Starvation & Thirst: Characters can be adversely affected by starvation and thirst. In such conditions. So falling from a 5 story building causes you to take x5 Damage Multiplier. When your energy reaches 0. If you stand in a burning room. 50 . s/he takes damage (armor . it begins affecting your mind. that falling damage changes dependent on how high the gravity is where you fall. and life-threatening. Immobilization: Some enemies have a special attack called Immobilize. in which case. jump into water. Life-threatening illnesses reduce the energy pool by 10 until the character recovers (Essentially the only way the character can activate powers that require energy while under the effects of a life-threatening illness is to push him/herself). each panel you hold your breath you lose 1 energy. and take x3DM each panel from drowning or suffocation (which cannot be soaked) or suffer the effects of whatever you breathed in. which doubles every panel after that. etc). Severe illnesses usually last six days. In addition to damage. you lose 1 point of energy that cannot be restored until you receive a full night’s rest. Each additional day. When you lose 10 energy due to fatigue. Illness: Illness comes in four levels of debilitation: mild. the damage multiplier is doubled. The first day a character goes without water. Brawn and Agility rolls have a -3 Dice penalty until the character recovers. For each hour of sleep you are deprived of each day (human standard is 8 hours). A mild illness reduces a character’s energy pool by 1 until s/he is cured. For every 30 degrees a character’s ambient temperature is below 0. then you collapse. The DM is 1 for every 100 degrees the temperature is.does not help against this). all Brawn and Agility rolls have a -1 Dice penalty until the character recovers. Falling from a 10. you take x1 dmg. s/he takes x1 damage that cannot be soaked. All Brawn and Agility rolls have a -2 Dice penalty until the character recovers. you are ON FIRE. When the character’s energy is reduced to 0. Falling: Every building story (about 15 feet) you fall. or Off-Hand Pistol. such as Double Taps. The first panel you are on fire. Severe illness reduces the energy pool by 6 until the character recovers. Your body shuts down and you will sleep for double your daily required amount before the exhaustion will go away. a thirsty character loses 1 point of energy the first day. you can stay awake for 10 hours. you cannot rest. A mild illness typically lasts 1 day. 2 points the second day. The damage taken from thirst cannot be healed—not even magically—until the character drinks water. you take x4 dmg and lose 1 energy per page you hold your breath (see drowning rules above for dealing with smoke inhalation). Drowning and Suffocation: If you hold your breath. you inhale water (or whatever you didn’t want to breath in). s/he takes 10 damage that can only be healed once the illness is cured. etc. starving is a very slow way to die. Wearing some furs would improve the ambient temperature in the above case to only 10 degrees below zero—a very cold—but survivable temperature for short durations.natural or otherwise . which may also be in the room (see Radiation below). For example a character whose ambient temperature is 60 degrees below zero would take x2 damage and lose 2 energy every minute of exposure. This could be the result of a poison (see below) or a powerful grip. Yes. and roll. Illnesses can be recovered from twice as fast with a Physician/ Diagnosis check. the soak of the armor would apply. you take x1 DM up to terminal velocity of x10. Extreme Cold: A character cannot function properly at temperatures below 30 degrees F. you take x2 dmg per page. The difficulty of the check is 10/20/30/40 for a mild/serious/severe/life-threatening illness. effectively raising his/her ambient temperature by 50 degrees with primitive furs to 100 degrees with advanced thermal clothing. Prolonged exposure to cold below 30 degrees will cause a character to lose 1 point of energy per hour Extreme Heat: A character cannot function properly at temperatures above 120 degrees F. A starving character loses 1 point of energy each day that cannot be regained until the character eats. This energy cannot be restored until the character drinks water. he begins to take x1 damage per day that cannot be soaked and cannot be healed until the character eats. If you actually lost any hits do to any of these situations. Protective clothing helps a character withstand more cold than s/he otherwise could. giving you a -2 Dice penalty to all physical or mental tasks performed until the energy is restored by sleep. This is a move that restricts the target’s movement. Special armor can be tempered to withstand heat.

When rolling anything involving Gravity Zero G-Characters in an environment with no gravity incur all the same problems as characters on a Low-G world. spends an action. doubling each hour thereafter. Note. If they were exposed to deadly radiation for a moderate duration. The character is likely to suffer muscle atrophy as well. A target can try once per panel. Throwing an object can help one stop or change direction (make a 20 Athletics/Throwing check). Thus. Thus a character on a 1/8th gravity world could fall 8 stories but only take x1 dmg. quarter. In vacuum. the character then takes x5 dmg from the vacuum. x4. they must roll an Athletics/Aerobatics check. If the object has more mass than the person trying to lift it. whether successful or not. A Character on a low gravity world can also choose to continue exercising while on that world to reduce atrophy. quadruple. they will take 1 damage the first day of illness. s/he breaks free instantly. it takes 1 week to recover to normal strength. However. Radiation sickness causes the body to systematically break apart. Exercising daily for at least 1 hour will double the rate of recovery. however. Anytime a character wants to move in a Zero-G environment (where there is some atmosphere). that character’s maximum lift is 50 lbs and wound threshold becomes 5. however. The difficulty of the Brawn check to break free is 10 weak/20 tough/30 powerful/40 Herculean. it is the ambient heat that tends to kill people in radioactive areas. If this lowers the character’s Brawn to 0. Every 5 points (round down all fractions) achieved by the roll is one square that character can move that page. the character effectively has -1 Brawn. When the energy pool is depleted. if the target succeeds by more than 10 points. The dosage of radiation determines how bad the illness is. If a character is reduced to 0 hits or less by vacuum. Characters knocked back by massive damage likewise are thrown back x2. High G: When you are exposed to crushing levels of gravity. after leaving that environment. quarter or 1/8th normal gravity (1 g) you can jump double. that person cannot change direction or stop unless acted upon by an outside force. but prolonged exposure to lower gravity can negatively affect your health. Each week that character spends exercising at least 1 hour per day only counts as 3 days of exposure to low gravity in terms of how long it will take to recover. they would die in 3. After spending 1 month on a Low G world. Each day spent in Zero-G is equal to 2 days spent in Low-G.otherwise they will push themselves off the object they are trying to lift! Low G: When exposed to Low gravity environments. Radiation is not likely to cause a character to die immediately. they must contend with radiation sickness. or 1/8th the distance it actually is. A person exposed to really high doses of radiation will take 1 damage the first hour. A person who was exposed for a moderate period of time will take 1 damage the first 12 hours. However. Radiation: In and of itself. as these muscles did not have to work as hard as they normally do in a 1G environment. Depending on if you are in half. and the character is no longer exposed to vacuum (though s/he is still attached to the wall until something else can patch the hole). armor can soak this damage. the target must succeed in a Brawn test against the entanglement’s difficulty. the character (and anything else not nailed down) will instantly be blown out the hole. that character will take x3 damage from the impact. aerobatics is useless in to maneuver in Zero-G (see spacewalking). Moving against the pull of vacuum requires a 40 Brawn check for each square you wish to move until the leak is contained. People who are not used to Zero-G will be extremely clumsy trying to move about. as these objects are also less affected by gravity on the planet. or octuple the distance. Grabbing onto something anchored or more massive than yourself will also stop your movement. Unless the person is treated by a physician capable of healing radiation sickness (only advanced cultures can do this) they will likely eventually die. simply treat them as having an illness. This continues until the character is healed of the radiation sickness or s/he dies. A character suddenly thrown into vacuum does not explode as some popular fiction might suggest. not requiring an action to do so. treat a fall as if it were half. An attempt. Lifting objects in Zero-G is very easy. if a person is exposed to cool radiation. quadrupling every 12 hours thereafter. or to a milder dose for a long time. PLAYING THE GAME accelerated rate. your ability to move is very restricted. Vacuum: A character exposed to vacuum takes x2 damage per page that cannot be soaked by armor and loses 1 energy per panel (and one cannot rest in vacuum). For each week spent on a low G world. A person exposed to deadly radiation for an extended period will die in 7 hours.5 days. no matter how small. s/he dies. Also. Rather. you can do a variety of things better. that person must be able to use something solid for leverage. or x8 as many squares as they would otherwise be (remember that a character only moves 10 squares per page while in mid-jump.To break free. but if the hole is plugged. however if a pressurized environment is exposed to vacuum. A character in a Low G environment can lift objects that are x2. Likewise. and how long the person will live. once one begins moving. a perfectly healthy person briefly exposed to deadly radiation would die in a week. It takes time to readjust to a normal environment. or x8 heavier than s/he normally could. Dislodging from being stuck in a vacuum requires a 40 Brawn check each panel. however). If the hole is too small for the character’s body to fit through. x4. and at a severe disadvantage to those who are. doubling each day thereafter. After 1 month on a low G world. except at an 51 . If the person was exposed for a short time. or survives being burned. Zero-G has a very different effect regarding movement. that Radiation sickness rules are only used when a person has taken lethal doses of radiation! For lesser doses. a character will develop a weakened heart & lungs.

However. A 5G world would not enable a character to even move. such footwear is no guarantee of survival. especially if they somehow get disconnected with their ship. to catch a victim by surprise. Another method of keeping oneself from floating away is to use special footwear. They are usually hidden. and 4 Gs is a quarter normal. An enemy who succeeds in grabbing a victim. tripling. So a 10 story fall on a 2G world would do x20 damage—which also happens to be terminal velocity. In order to prevent sensitive computer information from falling into the wrong hands. Landmine: A landmine is a trap made to kill or maim anyone who steps on it (and even those near a person who stepped on it) by exploding. they can make a Brawn contest to try and throw the other person into space. A hidden landmine can be discovered by making a 20 Security/Traps or 30 Vision check. that character would likely be cast off into space. you take a -2 Dice penalty for every G beyond the atmosphere of 1 G you are exposed to. An electroshock emitter can also be programmed to fry the control panel’s circuits as well. Electroshock: Sometimes. usually invisible used to warn that intruders are approaching. reducing the checks as the Narrator decides. depending on what the creator wants. The electroshock does x5 dmg to anyone within 5’ of the computer when an unauthorized person tries to use it. if you are in 3 Gs of pressure. a hologram (something predetermined by the device creator) appears and acts as it was programmed to. often buried. Thus a character with a 4 Brawn on a 4G world could only lift 100 lbs. Even throwing an object may be able to give a person floating the momentum they need to return to their ship. However. The most important thing is how the character is going to keep him/herself from floating out into the depths of space.CHAPTER THREE Brawn or Agility. machines can greatly aid in detecting mines. A landmine does damage equal to any rocket or grenade of the Narrator’s choice (including EMPs). 3Gs is a third normal. such as jetpacks are also useful for spacewalkers. if the tether were broken. A poorly hidden landmine can be discovered by making a 10 Security/Traps or 15 Vision check. and they would likely suffocate. The person who triggered the mine takes a -3 Dice penalty on the roll. doubling. A landmine’s cost is double the cost of an equivalent grenade or rocket. or simply have it speak a programmed message to those in the vicinity. though it may be necessary for a variety of reasons. An alarm may be silent or noisy. Of course. For example. A 30 computers/hacking or 50 Security/Traps check can disable the trap before it is set off. These events are called spacewalks. Spacewalking: There are times when it may be necessary for a character to leave the safety of a starship and go outside into space. exploding when someone is merely near it. A character at 2Gs has half the lifting ability as normal. or quadrupling relative to the planet’s G rating. A person could program in image of a monster attacking. Anyone caught in the radius must make a 30 Agility check or take the damage. If the alarm is noticed. rendering it useless. Movement is also affected by High G. Falling damage is also increased by High G. and are often made for repairs. They can also be tied to things Artificial Hazards: Traps & Security Systems Alarm: This trap simply alerts others to the fact that it has been triggered. Any vacuum-proof spacesuit will protect against the vacuum element. Hologram: When someone enters the proximity. opponents must abandon their posts and don’t have time to take everything with them. A spacewalk couples the problems of a zero-g environment and vacuum. Laser Tripwire: A laser tripwire is a laser. and affects the same radius and size. Mines can also be set to work as time bombs. you have a -4 to all Brawn and Agility dice rolls. Personal locomotion devices. with great difficulty. The maximum falling damage by terminal velocity is also multiplied in this manner. One method would be to use a tether to connect the spacewalker to the ship they are working on. unless they can make a 20 or Athlete/Climb check to quickly grab something (assuming there was something to grab). A character in a higher than 1G environment moves 1 square less per panel per G. The upper limit to how much a character can move is based on Brawn x3/2/1 depending on if the world is 2/3/4 Gs. Whoever wins the Brawn contest can try next page to make a 35 Brawn check to lift the other person attached by gravity/magnetic boots and hurl them into space. So a character with a normal movement of 9 on a 2G world would only move 7 squares per panel. many computers or control panels are fitted with electroshock emitters to prevent unauthorized use. usually magnetic boots that could hold one’s feet to the outer hull of a ship. Mines can also be set with a proximity trigger. unable to expand their lungs against the gravity. Security/Traps or technology/sabotage check. it is easily disabled with a 10 52 . and a very well hidden landmine is discovered on a 30 Security/Traps or a 45 Vision check.

Lockdown: When this trap is triggered. they must make a 20 Agility check or take x6 damage. This should entail a 30 Security/Traps. If someone is standing directly in the path of a slamming door. is to simply have the constructed world be a remnant of an ancient civilization. or computers/hacking check for someone outside the area of the trap. A visible laser tripwire is very easy to spot—it is a glowing laser after all. heavy object no less than six inches thick. or x5 continual damage (see poison. Gas that is poisonous does x3. automatically killing those between them (no damage roll is necessary). 2 stone. x3. Every 2 points by which an Athlete/Acrobatics check to get through the lasers fails by indicates the person touched a laser. page 43). Wall-Mounted Blaster: A wall mounted blaster is either trained PLAYING THE GAME to strike a particular location (such as when a tripwire has been activated) or can be equipped with its own targeting system to fire on unfriendly forces. These lasers are always visible. Every aspect of the entire world can be molded and changed. If there happens to be a control panel nearby (or a way of jury-rigging access) one can try a 30 computers/hacking check to drop the force field. when all one can see is the diodes is difficult. The walls will fully collapse within 5 pages. even millions of times larger than an earth sized planet. depending on its accuracy. The gas need not be lethal—it may simply be paralytic or cause the victim to sleep (which is a great plot device for Narrators who want their Heroes to have to be imprisoned for some reason). and 40 for a dense grouping. and they simply see it as a part of the universe that has “always” been there. Avoiding the tripwires. A Dyson Sphere is the largest possible constructed world. Heroes can have assistants to help (but how many depends on the width of the door). Note that creatures that don’t breath or are immune to poison will be unaffected by this trap. Laser tripwires can also be made into a deadly trap in their own right by using weapons grade lasers. A wall mounted blaster costs triple/six times/ or ten times the cost of its hand-operated equivalent.far more nasty than a mere alarm system. and BASH! Sci-Fi Narrators get to do is to create new and interesting planets for their characters to visit. This damage will persist every page that the person remains trapped in the same area as the gas. or monsters. The only way to truly save oneself from this trap is to disable the device that is causing the movement. and other factors can all have significant impact on the sort of people who live there—if people live there. the check gets harder. One solution for the Narrator that wants to include impractical constructed worlds into their sci-fi campaign. Ringworlds. Creatures could also hold their breath before inhaling the poison (see drowning rules for information about holding one’s breath). atmosphere. Gravity. Spraying the area with an aerosol mist will expose the laser tripwire. 30 for medium. 53 . technology/sabotage. 3 metal). it takes a 50 Brawn check to pry it open. Depending on how many tripwires are in the area. The surface area of these worlds are thousands. it simply causes heavy doors to slam shut. Below are brief technical distinctions between the varying types of constructed worlds. There may still be people living on (or in) it. x4. This trap can also be done with force fields instead of metal doors—in which case using brute force to open the doors would be impossible. because they are so easily concealed in an air vent. Poison Gas: This trap is often coupled with something that seals the room or hallway to prevent escape. Similarly. poison gas. blocking all exits. The pit may have various other hazards at the bottom as well. to make something truly unique. and unless there is some means of matter creation in your setting. it takes a 20 Athletics/Acrobatics check to avoid them. An invisible laser tripwire. This indicates that that person touched two lasers on the way. including water (see drowning). Constructed Worlds The technical details of constructed worlds are vast. and do x5 dmg to anyone who touches them. dropping everyone standing in the area of affect between 1-10 stories down for x1-x10 damage for the fall. Poison gas traps are very difficult to detect until they are activated. and thus took x5 dmg twice. It may be that nobody knows who built it or how. however. and x4 are available. weather. For a very sparse group of tripwires. Accuracy ratings of x2. Noticing one when actively searching for it would take a 30 Security/Traps check. or a variety of other hazards. however. The collapse can be delayed by bracing the walls with a strong. The wall-mounted blaster runs out of shots just the same as its normal equivalent and must be reloaded manually. Creating Worlds One thing that science fiction writers. It takes a 20 Athletics/Acrobatics check to avoid the fall. Removing a wallmounted blaster takes a 20 Security/Traps or technology/sabotage check. Pit: This trap opens a hidden hole in the floor. but they are not the same people who built it. is impossible to spot—though a trained eye can see the diodes that emit the laser mounted in the wall (a 30 Security/Traps check). Once the door is shut. but this will only delay it for 1-3 pages (depending on the relative strength of the object being used (1 wood. a constructed world would be impractical. Collapsing Walls: When this trap is triggered. the walls (or ceiling and floor) begin slowly moving towards each other. The targets can instantly try to make a 30 Athlete/Running check to get out of there before they are shut in (assuming there is a way out). So a person trying to clear a room of lasers attempting a 20 check only got a 16. spikes (increases fall DM by +2). reducing the difficulty by half (10/15/20). Dyson Spheres. triggering wall-mounted blasters. or until the gas dissipates. and Diskworlds are all well established in science fiction literature as worlds constructed around a star. It would take the natural resources of millions of planets to create a Dyson sphere. people unable to find suitable worlds in space may even build their own.

a 5 indicates a thin atmosphere. below are some easy to follow steps to do so. a 10. A 4 would be a world similar to Earth. Despite its being smaller than a Dyson Sphere. about one-third covered by water. and burns twice as long (and thin atmosphere worlds have a -1Dice penalty conversely. the larger the planet (and exponentially so). where it is always daylight. The people who live on the inside of the disk would have much lower gravity and much more sunlight. with much smaller continents. and burns half as long).CHAPTER THREE Originally. However. allowing populations to grow enormously. Carbon Dioxide may keep the surface temperature above the melting temperature of lead. A ringworld would be a cylinder in space. with only a few islands for land—if any at all. A habitable world will likely have a gravity of 1G. with the void in the center surrounding a star. 3. Step 3: Atmosphere & Water: For a habitable world. Step 2: Size & Gravity: How large is your world? This will also have a direct impact on the world’s gravity. If it is a 6. while on another. roll a d6. Those living near the outside would be shorter. The interior curvature of the sphere would also make it so there was no horizon in the sphere—though a blue sky (created by solar radiation scattering blue light in the air) would make it so you could not see the other side of the sphere. which would dwarf a 1G planet. you have a high G world. A 5 would be a very watery world. assume a 12 on 2d6 indicates a habitable world. The sphere would have a surface area billions of times that of a planet. pretty close to 2Gs. and better equipped to see in darkness while those on the inside of the disk would be taller. rivers. more frail. the atmosphere could be very different. the planet would have one-fourth Earth’s gravity. though there are other possible hazards there— large. roll a d6 (or even 2d6 if you want to make an enormous planet) to determine its surface gravity. Rolling a 1 will indicate a possible low gravity planet—roll again to see what fraction of a G the planet has as above. but breathing is still possible—like being at very high elevations on Earth. as gravity is the same on all sides of it). the larger the planet. or an 8 could be your campaign’s default roll to see if a world is habitable at random. For a low gravity world. If the result is a 1. if you roll a 4. 700 mile-per-hour winds of ammonia destroy anything that happens to land on it. a planet with 6Gs would be enormous compared to a 3G planet. constructed around a star at a diameter equal to that of Earth’s orbit. A planet with a thin atmosphere would be difficult to breath on. a ringworld is incredibly massive. Roll a d6 to determine the planet’s water coverage. this is simple—either life on the planet has adapted to use a different gas for breathing (like methane) or they have an oxygen nitrogen mixture similar to Earth. This is a greenhouse effect.Cold: the planet is so cold that no life is possible. etc—to provide the resources necessary for life. and require various thrusters and stabilizers to hold it in place relative to its star (a Dyson sphere would need no such thing. If it is a 2-5. it was conceived as a spherical network of satellites set up to harvest solar energy. The interior of the sphere would have the terrain you might see on the surface of a planet—trees. Random World Creation There are times when it may be expedient for the Narrator to be able to create a world on the fly. a 2-4 indicates that it is an Earth-like atmosphere. 4. Essentially. A 6 would be a virtual water world. A 2 would be a dry world. If the world is not habitable. indicating very large landmasses. Thus. flying animals (like the “Venusian Dragon” in the monsters section). Still millions of times the size of the Earth. Step 1: Habitability: Is the world habitable to humans? Most planets are not—if you need to roll. stronger. A Diskworld is a donut shaped world. Rolling a 1 indicates that the planet’s gravity is only slightly less than Earth’s. To discern which. All fire on a thick atmosphere planet does +1Dice bonus to damage. species who live on such a world would likely adapt to life in their particular region. it is close enough to 1G to have little mechanical impact. Thus. This planet must be distant from its star. you have a low gravity world. A 1 indicates that a different gas is used (meaning Heroes visiting the planet will need to wear vacuum suits). A 3 would be a world half-covered by water. and only suitable for specially adapted species. and less than 1G (anywhere from 1/6th to half a G) for smaller worlds. roll 1d6. hills. but this is not always so. and many islands and archipelagos. 1 indicates a barren desert world. and a 6 indicates a thick atmosphere. and so.Hot: this planet is so hot that soft metals melt in minutes. and should be treated as 1G. with very limited water resources. Roll a d6 and consult the chart below if you need ideas: 1. there is no air of any kind on this world 2. with 2Gs being extremely high. If you want the rate of habitable worlds to be higher. A Ringworld would be a much smaller alternative to a Dyson sphere. roll a d6. as freezing temperatures and crushing gravity would prevent life. To determine which. and could support millions of Earth’s worth of people. 54 . and the danger of fire. giving it a radius equal to the Earth’s distance from the sun. On uninhabitable planets. it is a sphere that has been built surrounding a star. the more violent its environment. On one world. with a diameter equal to 2AU.Poison: the planet’s atmosphere is made of a mixture of acid. The result is the fraction of 1G that the planet has. People live on the inside of the sphere. while those living near the outside of the disk would have little light and very intense gravity. Living ON the outside of the disk would be impossible. The distribution of water is also vital for survival. the ring world creates gravity by centrifugal force. but it has come to mean something even more spectacular. In general. Thick atmospheres would likewise be hard to breath. where people likely kill for it.No atmosphere: just what it says. and used to bright light. The higher the gravity.

meaning a day on that planet is about 10 hours. and thus. Healing: 1-5 pts. random alien traits are rolled. a 3 indicates that the species is Agile. Moderate. The first chart determines the level of physical difference between the alien species and humans—also determining what they will have in the way of powers. the true last step is imagination—envisioning what the species looks like. it is time to stock it with alien life. though some planets may have two separate climates based on a “light” side and a “dark side” if the planet is locked in a synchronous orbit. indicating that the species is mildly venomous (1pt) and has thick skin granting Toughness 2. creating a temperate climate. Powers are randomly rolled on three charts—Minor. Of course. and for advantage/ Creating Alien Species Now that you have an alien world to explore. also roll a d6. and general reputation based on the randomly generated traits. The planet’s rotation is not of great importance. and thus. Extra Arms: 2pts. Environmental Endurance: 1pt. warm. 2 3 4 5 6 7-8 9 10 11 12 2-3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Major 4-5pts 2-3 4-5 6-7 8 9-10 11-12 55 . Fly: 3pts. what its home world is like. a 3 indicates it is a moderate distance. and a 5 indicates a very long rotation—possibly several weeks. a 2 indicates it is close. Leap: 2 pts. and a very cold climate. A Narrator cannot always take the time to create a Alien Powers Table: Roll 2d6 to determine which power your alien has Alien Power Minor 1pt Moderate 2-3pts Amphibious: 1pts.Wind: winds far greater than hurricanes and tornadoes everyday 6. PLAYING THE GAME unique alien culture—but it is easy to randomly generate one by rolling on three simple charts. Natural Weapons: 1pt. Glide: 1pt. This means he must roll once on the minor and once on the moderate alien powers table. also dependent upon the level of physical difference. and will have a cool climate. A 2 would be a 25 hour rotation. Super Senses: 2 pts. A 6 indicates no rotation at all—the planet is locked in a synchronous orbit. Clinging: 1 Pt. Step 4: Stellar distance and Rotation—How far a planet is from its star impacts its climate. after that. the alien’s culture is determined by rolling on the Alien Culture Chart. indicating this species is moderately different. very warm. Shape-Shifter: 5pts. Once powers have been determined. These are all relative depending on whether or not the planet is habitable (a very cold habitable planet will be much closer to its sun than a very cold inhabitable planet). and other toxins 5. These traits are made up of either stat differences or various advantages or disadvantages the species has. A 1 indicates a very short rotation. A 4 indicates a planet is somewhat far. A 12 and 9 are rolled. Finally. a 4 a 100 hour rotation. Mimic: 3pts. For stats. while a 5 indicates a further orbit and a cold climate. a 3 a 50 hour rotation.Seismic Activity: Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions constantly rock the surface. Example of a Random Alien Creation: The Narrator rolls 2d6 to determine the level of physical difference from humans and gets a 9. Toughness 1pt Toughness 2pts Venomous: 1-5pts. Running: 1-5pts. and a 6 indicates a distant orbit. A 1 indicates it is very close. indicating to roll once for stat differences and once for advantages/disadvantages. Aquatic: 1-5pts. For a planet’s rotation. with one side constantly facing its star. Roll a d6 to determine distance from a planet’s star. Changeling: 3pts. and Major— depending on your random alien’s level of physical difference.ammonia. Two rolls for random alien traits gives a 2 and a 5. An alien species that looks almost exactly like humans could still end up being vastly different based solely on their cultural differences. Stretching: 1-2 Pts.

possibly worshipped) 56 . 1-3 indicates Stats. Roll once on the Minor and once on the Moderate powers chart. or they could have strange advantages or disadvantages as a result. Step 2. Skip to step 3. the Narrator rolls for their culture and gets an 11. no money. Their average stats are Brawn 2 Agility 3 Mind 2. 0 pts of powers. Random Alien Traits. leader is never questioned. or computers) 6 Commercial (merchants or corporations rule) 7 Democratic (elected leaders) 8 Feudal (a system of lords. clans. Differences are only cosmetic.CHAPTER THREE disadvantages an 8 indicates they have technology dependence. Roll once on the Minor powers chart. yet warlike race that is vaguely reptilian (the Toughness and venom would make sense with that). Roll once for minor differences with humans. Stats: Roll 1d6. 11-12: Very alien from humans. Stats cannot be increased above 5 or decreased below 1. 8-10: Moderately Different. 2 Anarchy/Criminal (no government—gangsters and warlords rule) 3 Tribal (not necessarily primitive. These are added/subtracted from a Baseline of 2 for all stats to make the species average. Below is a table of random cultures an alien civilization may have built itself around. twice for moderate differences. 5-7: Minor Differences. nobles. STEP 1. indicating they live in a Military culture. The Narrator decides then that this is a very advanced. etc) 10 Theocracy (religious institution runs the government) 11 Military (all rulers are high ranking officers) 12 Totalitarian (dictatorship. and Major chart. LEVEL OF PHYSICAL DIFFERENCE (from humans) 2-4: Nearly human. alien’s world has many unique cultures & governments) 5 Technocracy (government run by scientists. no private property. Moderate. and three times for major differences. To see whether the random trait is a Stat or Advantage/Disadvantage. roll a d6 do see which chart to consult. Culture: Even an alien race that looks exactly like humans can be radically different based on their culture. Roll once on the Minor. etc) 4 Diverse (like Earth. Aliens might have stats that set them apart from humans. Finally. 1 Strong: +1Brawn (Min of 3) 2 Weak: -1Brawn (Max of 2) 3 Agile: +1 Agility (Min of 3) 4 Slow: -1Agility (Max of 2) 5 Smart: +1 Mind (Min of 3) 6 Dumb: -1 Mind (Max of 2) Advantage/Disadvantage: Roll 2d6 2 Alternate Respiration 3 Chemical Dependence 4 Environmental Frailty 5 Primitive 6 Small 7 Star-Born 8 Technology Dependence 9 Large 10 Psionic 11 Inhuman Voice 12 Slave Mind Step 3. who inherit their titles) 9 Communal (all people share equally. ruled by chiefs. 4-6 indicates Advantage/ Disadvantage chart.


In space. which rates the ship’s maneuverability. Only heroes or villains can have a rating of x6 or above. a vehicle moves 3 grids times its Agility per page (grids are explained in the Starship rules). Good 30. are much easier to hit. they often take turns firing at one another as each one tries to maneuver into the best tactical position—but they do not actively dodge one another’s shots. and also figured average Attack and Defense for minions operating vehicles. This is on an exponential scale. Elite 40 Typical 20. or even hundreds of people to keep them running. Elite 30 Typical 14. Good 21. For land and sea vehicles. Vehicle Agility 1 2 3 4 5 Average Combat Stats by Pilot/Driver/Military Skill Typical 8. x4 = skilled. It represents how much punishment the vehicle can take. Skilled 32. It is also the measure of how powerful the computer systems are (if it has them). Drive. as well as what armaments it is capable of holding. Inertia is used to break free of tractor beams. Other than this. Heavy vehicles rely more upon thick armor or powerful shields for their defense than they do upon evading enemy fire. but there are exceptions to this. Elite 20 Typical 12. Size: This is how large a vehicle is. For space and aircraft it is the sum of the craft’s size and Agility. This is the base damage multiplier for any of the vehicle’s weapons systems. Good 12. Sailing or other relevant skill rolls based on its Agility. When rolling to escape a tractor beam. and is used as the damage multiplier for ramming enemy vehicles.CHAPTER FOUR Chapter 4: Vehicles and Warfare Just like characters. The size of a vehicle determines how powerful it is compared to others. For example. Light vehicles are far more maneuverable. it is the sum of Brawn and Size. and x5 = elite. vehicles have stats. Agility: This determines a vehicle’s base movement and its maneuverability. Brawn: This is the vehicle’s hull/shield strength. Good 24. This is done by the pilot rolling with their Pilot/Evasion or other appropriate skill (depending on the vehicle) to beat their opponent’s attack roll. Their slowness or great bulk make it nearly impossible for them to truly “dodge” enemy fire (though enemies may miss). A Light Vehicle gives its pilot/driver Dice bonuses or penalties to all their Pilot. Inertia: This is a function of the vehicle’s mass and speed. these stats are used to determine different things about the vehicle. while Heavy vehicles have crews of dozens. like Inertia and Volume. Skilled 16. x3 = good. and are often operated by a single pilot or driver. Instead of rolling to avoid attacks Heavy vehicles & Capital ships instead have a fixed defense number of 20. A major fundamental difference in the game mechanics of Light vs. a Size 2 Star-Bomber with Agility 3 has an Inertia of 5. Scale: Vehicles in BASH! Sci-Fi come in two scales: light and heavy. Most vehicles of size 4 or greater are Heavy. it does (and takes) x5 damage. Skilled 28. Heavy vehicles is how they defend themselves. In an atmosphere. whether in space or at sea. Below are given the Dice bonuses and penalties. This is important for both the offense and defense of Light vehicles. Elite 35 Typical 16. This means that when Capital ships meet each other. Vehicles also have stats that characters don’t have. A Light vehicle avoids enemy attacks just like a character. Skilled 40. Elite 50 Maneuverability Agility 1 2 3 4 5 Bonus/Penalty Poor Maneuverability: -3 Dice Penalty Low Maneuverability: -1 Dice Penalty Average Maneuverability: No Bonus Good Maneuverability: +1 Dice Bonus Excellent Maneuverability: +3 Dice Bonus Mind: This is the vehicle’s power for its weapons. by dodging the attack. Heavy vehicles. All this is explained below. however. Inertia is reduced by 1 for every engine the vehicle loses. most vehicles move 30 squares times their Agility score each page. Good 18. 58 . Agility determines how far a vehicle can move. Inertia is useless if the vehicle cannot move. it rolls at x5. though watercraft work a little differently (See Aquatic Propulsion later on). A minion is ranked as follows: x2 = typical. Skilled 24. This is all that is needed to hit a heavy vehicle. Heavy vehicles that are ships are referred to as Capital ships. However. If it rams an enemy ship. while most vehicles of size 3 or smaller are Light. This represents the “active” defense seen by fighters in dogfights. The maneuverability of the vehicle gives a modifier to this roll.

followed by the next fastest. If two opposing vehicles have the same amount of movement. or equal to its size for vehicles size 3 or smaller. A ship’s Volume rating is simply its size squared for sizes 1-5 and doubling for sizes 6-10. the more dangerous it can be. this roll is made at -4 Dice penalty. Priority: Priority in Vehicle combat is different than in hand to hand combat. For Light vehicles. however. it is different. defense is an active process based on the user’s Pilot/Evasion. followed by the next fastest. If these are the same. Below is a guideline for ships and size. This is to give you a general idea of how big a ship of a given size is. Vehicle Combat In many ways. with the roll adjusted by the ship’s maneuverability (see Agility above). the larger the vehicle. A ship sized 4-10 has a crew/passenger limit equal to 10 times its volume. Then. If the person operating the vehicle does not have the appropriate skill to operate the vehicle. Transports are ships designed especially for carrying extra passengers. Below are explanations of the various mechanics of vehicle combat. until all have moved. Transports have minimal other functionality. Roll the skill check each time vs. combat between vehicles is handled like combat between characters. each attack roll. as well as how much docking space it has. and a basis of comparison for all vehicles. A ship’s volume determines how many cargo units it can hold. Crew/Passengers: How many people a vehicle can carry is also based on its volume rating. the vehicle can no longer move and attack in the same page (the commander must choose one or the other). Ships on the same side having the same priority simply act simultaneously. When the crew drops to below this number. Volume: This is how much physical space a vehicle takes up. The slowest vehicle moves first. until all have fired.VEHICLES AND WARFARE Size Size Class 1 Fighter/ Shuttle 2 Bomber/ Sloop 3 Corvette 4 Frigate 5 Destroyer 6 Cruiser 7 Heavy Cruiser 8 Battle-Starship 9 Command Ship 10 Starbase Volume Size Volume 1 1 2 4 3 9 4 16 5 25 6 50 7 100 8 200 9 400 10 800 Generally. This essentially gives faster vehicles an advantage because they can react to the movements of the slower ones and capitalize on them. Cargo Units: A vehicle can usually hold a number of Cargo Units equal to its volume. Defense: How difficult a ship is to hit depends on whether it is a Heavy (Capital) or Light vehicle. and almost no powers. to determine if it is hit or not. like fighters and motorcycles. a -2 Dice penalty applies to all dice rolls made for the vehicle. and can hold 4 times as many people as normally able. consider the better pilot/driver/captain to be faster (Roll a Military/Tactics contest). tie goes to the Hero. Heavy vehicles like tanks and battleships have a fixed target number of 20 that attackers must get to hit the vehicle. 1 cargo unit is roughly a 10’ cube. There is a chart below to save you time. Drive/Steering. A standard ship sized 1-3 has a crew/ passenger limit equal to double its volume. but in other ways. If the person 59 . based on the class of ship. the fastest vehicle fires first. or Sailing/Tacking skill. The least number of crew needed to man a vehicle (called a skeleton crew) without penalties is equal to its Volume for vehicles size 4 and above. If it drops to below half this number.

x2 damage. A 30 or less is a scratch. like multiple heavy gun batteries). using his highest stat. Attack rolls are made using the Pilot/Pursuit skill (for Light star and aircraft) or the Military/Gunner skill (for all Heavy. Damage: Once a hit has been established. a Size 2 Bomber Agility 2. A vehicle must fire separate systems—it cannot fire the same system multiple times in a page (Although it could have multiple arrays of the same type of weapon. subtracting 5 per point of size of the target ship. Duo suffers a scratch. The Bomber has suffered one Breach (it nearly had two). Ties are resolved by rolling a Military/Tactics contest. There may be a very brief moment for the crew to evacuate or use a weapon beforehand (Heroes and important Villains usually make it to the escape pods or engage the ejector seat in time). Example: Vic Starhawk is an ace pilot with x6 piloting skill. The question is how many. Anything above a 30 means the character was totally uninjured. If a ship suffers damage less than its Breach Threshold. it is destroyed (or soon will be). the Frigate used a Gun that does x6 Dmg. If the damage is equal to or greater than the Breach Threshold. the ship has suffered a Breach. The result is how much damage the ship takes. he would have lost 30 crewmen. The number of Breaches a ship can sustain is equal to its size. Minions often die whenever a large vehicle suffers a Breach. with the multiplier equaling the breached ship’s size. If the shooter does not have the proper skill. Larger ships suffer more casualties when there are hull breaches because there are more people aboard these ships. Likewise. all land. This is enough to Breach the hull of the Bomber (30 Breach Threshold). with the winner going first. Note that when a ship suffers a final hull breach (a number equal to its size). Because this is a heroic system. with a -10 penalty to the total result of the attack (size difference). Attacking: Attacks are resolved in the order of which ship is fastest. multiply the result by 10. giving it a Breach. it will be destroyed! See Breach Threshold below to understand how this works. the Frigate can take the punishment much more than the bomber can. a 3 Agility. it would suffer 2 Breaches. with the fastest ships firing first. Having Pilot/Pursuit or Military/Gunner as a specialty allows the shooter to reroll one missed attack that page. A ship’s attack must hit by a certain amount to be successful. it may not always be instantaneous. A 20 or less indicates a serious injury. the attack gets a +5 bonus to its total result of the attack roll. Heroes or Villains roll times their highest stat. Incapacitating a Vehicle: Sometimes. x4 damage. giving him a 36 defense when piloting that ship (6 x6 = 36). Roll a damage roll. the Narrator rolls for the crew. The Fighter rolls 8x6=48+10= 58. He is in a fighter with Agility 3 (no maneuverability adjustment). the vehicle suffers a Breach. taking x2 damage. and if it takes another one. and took x8 damage.CHAPTER FOUR operating the vehicle has Pilot/Evasion Drive/Steering. The Frigate retaliates. A vehicle’s Breach Threshold is 10 times its Brawn. Thus a size 4 ship may fire 2 weapons systems per page. Using our above example. Example: The Centurion Eagle. If a ship is destroyed. For every size smaller the target is than the attacking vehicle. or “breach” in your vehicle. based on the size of the target vehicle. If this ship is size 4 or larger. A ship may fire a number of its weapons systems equal to half its size every page (round up). and rolls a 6. this is considered minor damage that has no real impact on the ship. they have a -4 Dice penalty to their attack rolls. it is destroyed—the only survivors will be those who managed to get into escape pods. He rolls a 9x3= 27 divided by 7 (the DL of each crewman) indicating that 3 crewmen died from the blast. it takes multiple Breaches. A 10 or less indicates that the character was badly injured. If a ship takes damage equal to multiple times its Breach Threshold. If this amount is greater than the ship’s Breach Threshold. Whether this is based on your vehicle’s Hull or Shields depends on whether or not energy shields are used in your campaign. Of course. and all sea vehicles. The Bomber rolls an 8-1= 7x4 =28 +10= 38. The bomber has a +10 total result bonus to the attack due to size difference(42= 2). A vehicle rolls damage. just as a character’s Wound Threshold is 10 times their Brawn. Next. the attack roll must succeed by 5 to actually do damage. a size 3 blockade-runner is hit for 50 damage. and divide by the minions’ DL. Light vehicles also add the vehicle’s Maneuverability adjustment (see Agility above) as a dice bonus to the attack roll. while Heavy vehicles do not (they are typically firing from independent gun batteries). and a -1 Dice Penalty due to Low Maneuverability of his ship. A ship may decide to forego attacking altogether and move again. Once a ship has sustained that many Breaches. The Narrator rolls for Captain Duo. they can reroll one defense roll per page. For example. Thus. The gunner of the Frigate rolls 11x3= 3310 =23. with a x3 gunner. Breach Threshold: This is how much damage it takes to tear a hole. the goal of the fight is not 60 . piloted by a x4 Pilot is attacking a Size 4 Frigate with Agility 4. or Sailing/ Tacking as specialties. for every size larger the target is from the attacking vehicle. Effects of a Hull Breach: Every time that a vehicle suffers a Breach. The size difference between the Fighter and the Bomber indicates that his damage roll will have a +10 bonus (20-10= 10). Had Duo been at the helm of a size 4 or larger ship. If he were piloting an Agility 2 bomber and rolled a 6. it might lose crewmembers. the more “important” characters are more likely to survive a Breach than a “red-shirt” minion. squarely hitting the Frigate’s defense of 20 (all Heavy vehicles have a 20 defense). enough to hit the Bomber’s defense of 20 (roll of 6-1= 5x4 for 20). vehicles do damage. though the Sailor/Gunner skill works for sea vessels also). The result is the number of minions slain in the attack. Thus a ship with a Brawn of 3 would have a Breach Threshold of 30. if the above ship took 75 damage. and adds 5 points per point of size it has to the total. he’d have a defense of 30 (6-1= 5x6= 30) piloting that ship. getting 3x7=21.

you have taken that weapon off-line. They make a run for their Size 3 Blockade Runner with a Breach Threshold of 30 and get inside. Ramming a ship is especially dangerous because both ships take the damage. Ramming: A more crude way to board an enemy ship is to ram it. To succeed. Possibly more effective is to target its engines. If the damage that gets through this soak is below the Vehicle’s Breach Threshold. a vehicle has 1 engine per point of size (or it has 1 engine that counts as several engines). None of them get through the ship’s soak of 90 vs. a size 1 fighter has one engine. and the damage rolls were 7. A vehicle with all its engines disabled is unable to move. Any personal armor is half as effective against vehicle weapons. the initial soak based on size difference is 0. and nearly kill any Hero). allowing the boarding crew to cut through the hull of the opposing ship with tools or explosives and enter it (this usually takes a minute or so). If it did less damage. however. the size based soak is still 0. instead of inflicting a Breach. However. In order for this to work. the star troopers try to stop them. for a grand total of 64. it would be reduced to half speed. rolling an 8 for damage. When targeting a ship’s engines. and vehicle scale (vehicle mounted weapons). If the damage exceeds the Vehicle’s Breach Threshold. a Vehicle scale weapon will affect a radius equal to the size of the Vehicle. no serious damage was caused by the attack. However. Perhaps if the shields are up. Perhaps a well-aimed shot to the docking bay would force the bay open (treat this the same as disabling a weapon system). Thus if the size 4 frigate lost one engine. this requires that the enemy ship be large enough to have docking bays. If the attack did enough damage to cause a Breach. Vehicles There are times when people armed with personal weapons will try and take on a vehicle. the easiest way is to simply teleport onto the enemy’s ship. the Vehicle has a Soak equal its difference in size times its Breach Threshold. Often. A boarding ship must have the “Drill” power. The vehicle’s movement speed is reduced proportionally based on how many engines it has remaining. If this is the case. Instead of the flat +5 dmg bonus for size. This is usually fruitless. firing their blaster carbines at the ship. The weapons do x7 damage. a Size 2 Tank with a Heavy Gun would affect targets in a 2 square radius. a Breach was caused. One way to ensure this is with a tractor beam or tow cable. There are a few different ways to disable a vehicle. it would be reduced to three-quarters of its movement speed. The simplest way to do this would be to load men into a ship. When firing at people in normal scale. perhaps each ship has an “anti-teleporter field” that goes down once the ship has taken significant damage. The other way to board a ship (in the stars or on the sea) is to physically force your way on. reducing the size difference between it and the ship to 1. choose one of its weapons to disable. 61 . there is usually some way of preventing this from happening. rendering it unable to return fire. size 0 personal weapons (size 3 x Breach Threshold 30 =90). 63. while another is to disable the ship’s engines. Another way to force one’s way onto the ship is to cut into it. Generally. When people at normal scale attack a Vehicle. it suffered a Breach. while if a size 2 bomber lost one engine. teleporting onto a ship is impossible. with the damage modified by size as normal. When attacking an engine. there is no effect. considering a person is size 0). If your game uses Teleporters. rounding up.VEHICLES AND WARFARE to destroy the enemy vehicle. The Boarding tube is essentially a bridge between the two ships. 1 size difference times the Breach Threshold of 30 left a soak of 30. one must divide the combatants into normal scale (people using personal weapons). your attack roll must exceed the target’s defense by 20. as personal weapons were not designed to take on vehicles. Boarding: There are two main ways of boarding an enemy ship. People vs. Thus. then people from the ramming ship can board it. and 11. Thus. you want to salvage it. One is to target its weapon systems. A boarding tube is designed to do just that—provide a “bridge” to the enemy ship. banging up the crew inside. This easily bypasses the Blockade Runner’s soak of 30. Because the damage that got through exceeded the ship’s Breach Threshold. If you are using a campaign where there are teleporters. but still managed to take off safely. and vehicle weapons are exceptionally deadly when fired at unprotected people. the goal is to disable the enemy vehicle rather than destroy it. and that those bays are open. We recommend that a ship cannot be boarded by Teleporter until the ship has suffered a number of Breaches equal to half its size. if the weapon firing at the vehicle is considered the same as the vehicle it is firing on. and 77. it instead takes that engine offline. choose one of its engines to disable. your attack must exceed their defense by 10 (they are easier to hit than a weapons system). it is possible that one could have “boarding ships” which latch onto enemy hulls and begin to drill holes into them so that the troops can pour in. or take prisoners. you must be sure that your ship and the enemy ship are stationary in relation to one another. When dealing with such events. while a size 4 frigate has 4 engines. doing x9 Dmg with a +2 dice bonus on the damage roll (average result of 81 damage—easily enough to kill any minion. If the target ship suffers a Breach. and unload the men once aboard. 9. for a total of 49. When targeting a vehicle’s weapon systems. For Example: The Heroes are trying to escape the landing pad after freeing the princess. Instead of using a boarding tube. Then. Ramming a ship does its Inertia as a damage multiplier. but no shields. but does not beat the attack roll by 20 takes half damage (remember to include the penalty for attacking smaller targets to the vehicle’s roll first. a forth trooper shows up and fires a Heavy Quantum Rocket Launcher at the ship. a vehicle adds its size difference to the damage multiplier and as a dice bonus on damage rolls for the weapon it is using. Thus. If the weapon firing is actually considered larger. to board a size 3 ship. While the pilot is setting a course. with 34 damage getting through—just enough to cause a Breach as the ship is taking off! Note that the Quantum Rocket Launcher does damage as a size 2 weapon. Thus. A target who beats the vehicle’s attack roll. it must have suffered 2 Breaches before its shields are weak enough to allow you to teleport through. If your attack does enough damage to Breach the enemy vehicle. preventing its escape. transport it into the enemy ship.

Thus a size 3 ship could not dock inside a ship smaller than size 6. This power can only be bought for a starship with a Stardrive requiring recharge time. when a cloaked ship fires on an unwitting enemy. a third of the total compartments on your vehicle can be secret. or use of a Repulsor Beam. steep hills. a vehicle cannot usually be hit by enemy fire. this power represents a more durable engine. A vehicle that is too large to fit inside a docking bay must dock externally (this is how battleships dock at starbases). It has a movement speed equal to its points in this power. Each point in this power is an extra unit of power the ship can tap when using its Stardrive. Likewise. A size 6 cruiser with two broken engines. It bends light around it. it gets a +4 Dice bonus to its attack (this bonus is reduced to +2 if the enemy has reason to suspect the presence of a cloaked vehicle). Vehicles with the All-Terrain power move through difficult terrain (shallow water. However. sand-dunes. This vehicle can hold several others inside it. For all intents and purposes. A bomber with a breach takes far less time to repair than a carrier does. All-Terrain: 1-2pts (Land & Sea Vehicles only). Vehicles without the All-Terrain power cannot move through difficult terrain. while a size 4 ship could only hold 8 fighters or 2 bombers. these engines are only for Sublight travel. and a disabled weapons system would require 200 man-hours to repair fully. the ship could even earn experience points. add 1 to your vehicle’s Mind for the purpose of resisting computer hacking or unauthorized use of the ship’s systems. Auxiliary Power: 1-5pts. This ship has been equipped with an extra 1 or 2 engines (for 2 or 4 points in this power). a ship with a Mind of 2 and Data Encryption 2 would have an effective Mind of 4 vs. dips. Aquatic Propulsion: 1-3pts. they can attempt to fire in its general area. if there was a Breach. This vehicle is outfitted to move in water. How long the repairs take depends on how extensive the damage is and also how large the vehicle is. 2 people do it in 25 hours. This ability allows a starship to move faster at Sublight speeds than it should be able to. When a ship is at a star-base. To do so requires either a contest of Inertia with the other ship. most vehicles described in this book do not fit this guideline. Either ship can attempt to break free. A Ship has docking space equal to half its own volume. A character with the Push Technology power can make repairs much faster. the engineer must spend time to integrate these enhancements. but these are only temporary. Likewise. Thus. a breach. In addition. etc) at one-fourth (for 1 point) or at half (for 2 points) their normal speed (round up). most often fighters and bombers. The minimum time any such repairs ever take is 1 hour. hackers. The largest that can dock inside another vehicle can be no more than one half its size (round down). while dampening all emissions that could be detected by another ship. Thus. Data Encryption : 1-3pts. Of course. Vehicle Powers Just like characters. it should have around 3 times its size in power points. The amount of space a vehicle takes up inside another is equal to its own volume. it is only for use at Sublight speed. While cloaked. if a cloaked vehicle fires. While cloaked. Docking Bays: 3pts. although this can be altered as the Narrator sees fit. a size 10 star base could hold 400 fighters or 100 bombers inside its docking bays. In the case of starships. it will immediately uncloak. Extra Engines: 2/4pts. times its Agility times 10 squares. Enhanced Engines: 1-3pts (Starships only). and they need to buy them with points. 5 do it in 10 hours. Repairs: A vehicle that suffers breaches will need repairs. simply makes them have to recharge less often. A vehicle must be size 4 or larger to have docking bays. or 10 people do it in 5 hours. This vehicle can hold double the normally allowed amount of cargo. it takes a technician 1 man-hour to repair a breach or broken system times the ship’s volume. during which s/ he cannot spend experience points on his/her own advancement. the two ships will be stuck together. For every point in this power. because there will be emergency backup engines to rely on. or it will be able to be detected by enemy scanners. It does not improve how fast the engines recharge— it 62 . rubble. Your vehicle has been built to withstand the efforts of hackers. As a general guideline. a cloaked vehicle is invisible. enabling you to hide contraband aboard. If an enemy has reason to suspect something is there. a vehicle must maintain communications silence. In general. and even visual. snowdrifts. then multiplied by the ship’s Agility. and may become stranded for trying. The vehicle is outfitted with a device that enables it to disappear from sensors. it will likely have many able-bodied repair personnel available to it (assume an average of double the amount that would normally be working on it in space). This will allow it to weather engine damage better. Enhanced engines increase a ship’s Inertia by 1. Note that this power does not help the Stardrive in any way. So a vehicle with Agility 3 and 2 points in Aquatic Propulsion power would have a movement rate of 60 squares. So size 6 cruiser would take 50 man-hours to repair a broken engine. which would be used by the engineer to upgrade powers on the ship in the same manner as a character does. Be sure to remember that this time is to repair each breach or broken system. if a player is creating a vehicle. In the case of a vehicle where it would not make sense to have additional engines. If the campaign revolves around the Heroes and their trusty ship. starships and other vehicles have powers. The result is how many grids the ship can move each page. Extra Cargo: 2pts.CHAPTER FOUR After ramming. which would take a repair crew of 10 about 3 days to accomplish. bumps. Filling the area with chaff or some other way of revealing the displaced area of the cloaked vehicle reduces this penalty to -2. This could mean a single person makes the repairs after 50 hours of work. Cloaking Device: 5pts. attacking with a -4 Dice penalty on the roll. Each point in this power is added to 3.

Weapons Systems Auto-turrets: 3-5pts. Thus a starship with a 2 Brawn and 3 points in this power would have a Breach Threshold of 35. turning off their safety features. Your vehicle has an automatic defense system to keep smaller enemies from harassing it. Thus. usually operating in darkness. Usually. etc. When an unauthorized vehicle approaches within 5 grids (or 50 squares) of yours. diagnosis. if the target vehicle does not have a computer system. This power represents how far the ship can travel at beyond light speed. A Stealth vehicle cannot be seen by enemy scanners—but does not become invisible. Heavy guns are less accurate than others. A vehicle using Stealth must maintain communications silence. They have a range of 10 grids (or 100 squares) and do +3DM. Thus. A ship must be size 3 to have a boarding tube. but if it scores enough damage to cause a Breach. An aircraft with this power can achieve great speeds. defenses. A vehicle must be at least size 4 to have a Sick Bay. or to destroy the boarding tube (just like disabling a weapon system). To do so.500 mph. crew. This gives the vehicle its own hospital facilities. This device allows your ship to transport matter and crew to and from the vehicle. Stealth: 3pts. This means that the operator of the vehicle must keep out of the enemy’s visual range to avoid detection. A vehicle with the Fast power is faster than average. Your vehicle has an array of really big guns. scanning a ship with a Mind of 3 would be a 30 Computers/Hacking check. first-aid. a Drill can be used to cut a hole in the hull of a larger enemy ship. Holodeck: 5pts. Light guns have a range of 5 grids (or 50 squares) and do +2DM. or it will be noticed by enemy scanners. The other ship must be holding still relative to your ship to establish the link. This array of guns is even stronger than light guns. Guns. This extra damage only affects the enemy vehicle. The number of people or cargo units you can teleport at a time is equal to one quarter your ship’s volume (with a minimum of 1 person). and forcing the users to remain inside until they accomplish a set goal. this device gives your ship +2 Inertia.VEHICLES AND WARFARE Extra Hull/Shield Strength: 1-3 pts. Medium: 3pts. the auto-turrets fire on it. For instance. this ability is useless. A land vehicle can use a Drill to burrow underground (very slowly. Mach 1 is about 750 mph. It does not use this movement during combat. Of course. When ramming an enemy vehicle. Mach 2 1. and have a -2 penalty to the total result of the roll to hit. Guns. To have Autoturrets. or for more aggressive purposes. a small fighter shouldn’t have a 10pt Stardrive! See the Stardrive rules at the beginning of the Starships section for more information. For a vehicle to have a Holodeck. Every point in this power represents 1 times the speed of sound (Mach 1) the vehicle can travel when not engaged in combat. depending on what the parameters of the campaign are. if an Agility 3 vehicle had 2 points in Fast. which is either opened for friendly visitors or broken through by boarding parties using explosives or cutting torches. The base damage multiplier for auto-turrets is x5/x6/x7 for 3/4/5 points. These heavy guns have a range of 15 grids (or 150 squares) and do +4DM. 2 squares/Agility). you cannot teleport onto a hostile vehicle (or teleport targets from it) until its defenses have taken a pounding (taken a number of breaches equal to half its size). These facilities include an autodoc (if they exist in the campaign) and supplies necessary for medical research. either energy guns or firing solid ammunition. breaking the sound barrier. For every point in this power. Sea. The range of the Teleporter is 5 grids. Medium guns are less accurate than light guns. and have a -5 penalty of the total result of the roll to hit. The tube does not cut its way into an enemy ship. Your vehicle has an array of Guns. or Land vehicles Only). Teleporter: 5pts. This can be a wonderful plot diversion for the Narrator or players during a sci-fi game. surgery. Sick Bay: 2pts. Sometimes Holodecks can malfunction. This ability gives the vehicle +5 to Breach Threshold per point invested. TL 7. A starship with Invasive Sensors also has a Sensor Range 2 higher than normal. the person running the scan must make a Computers/Hacking roll with a difficulty of 10 times the target vehicle’s Mind. Stardrive: 1-10pts (Starship Only). or a very outdated one employing vacuum tubes. Light: 1pt. the holograms inside are indistinguishable from the real thing. which can form a bridge with another ship. Fast: 1-3pts (Land and Air Vehicles Only). Your ship has a boarding tube. It creates a virtual world for the users to enjoy that is so realistic. whether for peaceful transfer of personnel and cargo. allowing your crew to board it. Boarding Tube: 1pt (Starships Only). maybe using teeth) that can be used to cut into an enemy ship. and routine exams. Auto-turrets hit and do damage as if they were half the size of your vehicle (round down). This vehicle has a drill (maybe using lasers. add the vehicles Agility x10 to its total movement speed. Usually. On a sea or starship. Invasive Sensors: 2pts. it would have a movement of 150 instead of 90. but when traveling to the target zone. which the Narrator may limit however s/he wishes. Mach: 1-5pts (Aircraft or Starships with Atmospheric Flight only). a vehicle must be size 7 or larger. but not as advanced. Your vehicle can scan others and learn vital information about their weapons. Once the ships are connected. etc. the only way to break the hold is to relinquish it. Drill: 2pts (Starship. power. The Drill does damage as if the ship were ramming for this purpose. it must be size 5 at least. This is similar to the Cloaking Device. This power is most common on submarines and bombers. A ship’s Stardrive rating is equal to its points in this power. A Holodeck is a very popular form of entertainment. Guns. it connects to an airlock. the ship does not actually suffer a Breach—it 63 . Heavy: 5pts.

Loading missiles takes time. Your vehicle has a sharp prow used for piercing the hulls of enemy ships. The gravity net affects a radius equal to 1 grid per point in this power. This extra damage only affects the enemy ship (yours takes only ordinary ramming damage). their tracking device is barely able to counteract their poorer maneuverability (and thus give no bonus to hit its target). A ship that enters a grid containing a Mine must make a 20 Piloting (or other appropriate skill) check to avoid the mine. The range of light missiles is 15 grids (150 squares). medium missiles have a +2 total result bonus to hit. a 4pt Gravity Net can affect ships up to 4 grids away. A heavy missile has a range of 5 grids (50 squares) and does +4 DM. it takes x8 dmg. When ramming an enemy vehicle or wall. If it fails. Thus. Missiles. Mines: 1-5pts (Sea & Starships Only). Missiles. Heavy: 5pts. Light: 3pts. making boarding easier. with this power. This power increases the effective size of a single weapon system for the purposes of firing and damage (thus taking the size penalty to hit and the bonus damage). Repulsor Beam: 3 pts (Starship Only). but not a Size 6 Cruiser. Medium: 4pts. A missile array can only fire every other page. if it is strong enough. Loading missiles takes time. A missile array can only fire every other page. and is only effective on other ships equal to its own size +1. a Size 4 Frigate could deploy a gravity net to stop a Size 5 Destroyer. Enhanced Weapons: 1-3pts. Ram: 1pt. yours gets an extra +2 Inertia. This powerful weapon creates an artificial gravity well. but cannot exceed size 10. The trail is one grid wide (or 10 squares). This power allows you to jettison explosive devices that go off whenever a vehicle enters their area. Missiles. The effective size increases by 1 per point invested in this power. Thus. and does +2 DM. It has a tracking device that gives it a +5 total result bonus to hit. Gravity Net: 3-5pts (Starship Only). and they +3 DM. The range of medium missiles is 10 grids (100 squares). You leave these mines in a trail behind your vehicle. This ability allows a vehicle to enhance one of its weapons systems to be as powerful as one from a larger vehicle. It may also be called a torpedo. a size 2 bomber could be made with a missile system capable of firing missiles as effective as those from a size 5 ship! This makes it possible for smaller vehicles to defend themselves against larger ones. The most powerful missiles available. and 1 grid (10 squares) long per point in this power. It can even push away an enemy ship. Loading missiles takes time. Even more powerful than light missiles. preventing nearby ships from engaging their Stardrive. A missile array can only fire every other page. This tool is used for a ship to push away from something else. Thus a starship with 3pts in this power could leave a trail of mines behind it that was one grid wide and three grids long.CHAPTER FOUR simply now has a hole connecting it to the other ship. A ship’s gravity net is weaker than a naturally occurring gravity well. A Repulsor Beam has a pushing 64 . This weapon is an array that fires rockets that explode on impact. or for smashing through walls or other barriers to a land vehicle. Thus.

giving all crewmen +1 DL. even backwards. and Minions DL is treated as if it were 1 point higher. but rather. it does so without having to spend its panel doing so. Characters in an area that has been struck by a Bombard attack roll for injuries as if they were aboard a vehicle that had just suffered a Breach. the tightness of quarters means that the crew is especially at risk when the ship suffers a breach. In addition to attacking at the listed range and radius in tactical combat. Spacious: One possible advantage of travel through space. and radius does not do justice to. and can make even 180 degree turns with no loss of movement. hull breaches are less lethal. the food aboard is much better than that found on most vehicles of its type. almost motionless. be pulled into a docking bay. Aquatic Propulsion is a co-requisite for this power. A vehicle with the Submersible power is air-tight when it submerges and has enough air to last several months before it must resurface. If a vehicle beats the tractor beam’s power by 10 or more when attempting to break free. While most crewmembers likely still share rooms. or is bland and unappetizing (like field rations). A ship must be size 3 to have a Repulsor Beam. Hover: (Sky vehicles or Starships with Atmospheric Flight only) This vehicle is capable of hanging in mid-air. A vehicle that has lost its engines cannot escape a tractor beam. A vehicle held in a tractor beam cannot move. This tool is usually used to tow things. +1 more grid for every 10 the Repulsor Beam beat the other ship by. the officers have their own private quarters. This advantage is only common in ships size 1-4. Ships with Bad Food are also more likely to have a mutiny than ships with good food. and took damage from the weapon. Heroes and Villains aboard have a +1 Dice bonus when rolling their highest stat. so do vehicles. the other ship’s Inertia. Submersible: This advantage is used by marine vehicles to travel beneath the sea. Each grid (or 10 squares) beyond 1 that a tractor beam fires from reduces the power of the tractor beam by 10. When the bombard ability is used. land. A vehicle caught in a tractor beam can break free if it spends a panel and beats the power of the tractor beam with an Inertia roll. In order to push an enemy ship away. When determining the effects of a breach. All minions in the crew have -1 to their DL as a result. this vehicle may also strategically bombard targets several miles away (how far away and the area effected depends on how big the vehicle is. and sea vehicles only. or excellent food replication devices. Heroes and Villains aboard have a -1 Dice penalty when rolling their highest stat. the Narrator could allow the players who are creating the vehicle to choose their advantages. A vehicle must be size 3 or larger to have a tractor beam. As with character creation. but can also be used as a weapon of sorts. If the other ship is not moving. use its size instead. Most crewmembers share rooms with several others. people living in cramped spaces for extended periods of time may be subject to poor nutrition. This is especially the case when the vehicle is a named vessel that is home to the entire party—the vehicle almost becomes a character in and of itself—with its own quirks and abilities. it is assumed that the bombarding vehicle has been continuously Vehicle Disadvantages Bad Food: Often seen as an unavoidable hazard of long voyages. and is decided by the Narrator). When determining the effects of a hull breach. the bombard ability means the ship’s weapons systems can be used to attack areas on a planet’s surface from orbit. Bombard: (Starship. Hitting with a Bombard attack requires a Military/Strategy check of 20+ the distance in miles to the target. supplies. Optionally. VEHICLES AND WARFARE shelling for minutes if not hours for each single bombard attack. A successful hit means that the target was bombarded. like a city or fleet. general areas. and the DL of all Minions aboard is treated 65 . Atmospheric Flight: (Starships only) A vehicle with the Atmospheric Flight advantage is capable of flying within the atmosphere of a planet. while the Narrator chooses the vehicle’s disadvantages. In the case of space vehicles. or Land Vehicles only) This vehicle packs some major fire power that the “squares” system for range. roll the pushing multiplier vs. A vehicle’s tractor beam points must be no more than half its size. or even on luxury ships is the possibility of a truly spacious vehicle. Bad food indicates that either the food served is poorly prepared. Cramped: Everybody aboard is packed together very tightly. Crews eating bad food are less happy and perform their duties more shabbily than a crew with decent food does. to latch onto an enemy vehicle. A Repulsor Beam can also be used to break free of a tractor beam. Vehicle Advantages Just as characters have their upsides and downsides. Ships with Good Food are also very unlikely to mutiny.strength multiplier equal to the ship’s Mind+Size. Good Food: This advantage is only viable for a vehicle that has a large enough crew and makes long enough trips to necessitate a galley. and can be towed by the other ship at will. Success indicates that the other ship was pushed away 1 grid. leaving that panel free to do something else. This advantage is for space. Larger ships tend to use shuttles or teleporters to transfer people and goods to and from the ship. Bombard attacks are not aimed as specific targets. There is an additional advantage to all this space—because people aboard the ship are more widely dispersed. Tractor Beam: 1-3pts. Good Food keeps the crew happy and well-nourished enough to perform their daily duties. or if small enough. only 1 grid (10 squares) at full power. In addition. leaving no room for privacy or much personal space for people. Either by having a good cook. Tractor beams have very short range. Sea. every advantage that a vehicle has must be paid for by a disadvantage for that vehicle as well. It can fly directly up or down. The power of the tractor beam is 20/30/40 for 1/2/3 points in this power.

a grid may be a 100 meters. This disadvantage may be taken twice (call this Very Slow). In some settings this may be referred to as Warpdrive. while in settings with fast ships and a well settled galaxy. The higher the rating the more units of space can be covered in a single unit of time. A vehicle must be size 3 or larger to have this disadvantage (smaller ships don’t carry supplies for extended journeys). the size of which are determined by the Narrator. The Narrator will decide what goes wrong “this time”. the Breach Threshold of this ship is half what it would normally be. In other settings. As a result. Ships that cannot move beyond the speed of light do not have Stardrives—they must rely on Sublight speed only. All minions in the crew have -1 DL due to the poor supply situation. For this reason. It moves at half the speed per page that another vehicle with similar powers and stats should. Note that even a Stardrive rating of 1. For this reason. a ship with a Stardrive rating of 3 could move 9 space units in 1 time unit. For instance. major headaches like the com system being offline. Rationing: The vehicle barely carries enough supplies for its own crew. Zero-G: The vehicle in question (which must be a starship size 3 or greater) has no means of creating gravity for the crew—meaning that inside. and could be the difference between being stranded and being rescued out in the black of space. As long as the units are consistent within the setting. while a ship with a Stardrive rating of 8 could move 64 space units in 1 time unit. and much of the galaxy remains unexplored. Exactly how far a unit of space is depends on the setting. These Jump Gates could allow multiple ships—even entire fleets to move to a single location instantly—thus preventing the need for a column to move at the speed of its slowest ship. To do so would be silly. they can be whatever the Narrator believes appropriate. Regardless of what units are used. as dogfights and even wars can be fought in the stars. or just a general maximum. Starships can also be the focus of danger and intrigue for a campaign.CHAPTER FOUR as 1 less. or the maximum Stardrive speed set in your campaign). Sensor Range: The sensor range of a ship is the distance in space that its computers can detect the presence of other ships or stellar bodies in real-time. other stellar body. while a setting with slower ships. Jump Gates—essentially manmade wormholes in space-time. powered by specially trained psions. Likewise. As a guideline. Instead. or even only several A. 66 . In a setting where starships are relatively slow. it is recommended that you simply make it be equal to the ship’s size. requiring a certain period of time to recharge it. ships moving at sublight speeds move through “grids” of space. hours. they are under the effects of Zero-G. A starship moves much faster than any conventional vehicles of our own time do. Suggested possibilities include dice penalties to rolls for the afflicted system of the ship. How often a ship can use its Stardrive also depends on the setting. Thus. major repairs on your ship take 50% more than the usual man-hours. A Stardrive also cannot be used when within the gravity well of a planet or Sample Stardrives Based on Ship Size If you want to have the maximum Stardrive rating of a ship be based on the ship’s size. Jump Gates: Alternative to Stardrives Some settings don’t use Stardrives to propel a single ship beyond the speed of light.U. nor can they be used while engaging other ships in battle—Sublight engines must be used in these situations. the space through which starships move are not represented in standard 5-foot squares. or even Psidrives. a ship’s sensor range should be a radius covering a number of space-units (see Star Drive above) equal to its Mind. A setting with very fast ships and extragalactic exploration would have a space unit equal to hundreds of light-years. a Stardrive allows a ship to travel a number of space units in one time unit equal to its Stardrive rating squared. and little available in the way of entertainment. they have somehow constructed. a freighter with a Brawn of 3 with the Unarmored disadvantage would have a Breach Threshold of only 15. it will start to have malfunctions. or ship’s size +1 (with a maximum of 10. Exactly how far a ship can travel with its Stardrive depends on the ship’s Stardrive rating. there may be no water for showers. Stardrives may be Types of Vehicles: Starships Starships make interaction with alien species and visiting strange new worlds possible. Instead. If it does not receive a complete tune-up every week. Using a Stardrive may drain the ship’s power. Unarmored/Unshielded: The vehicle was not designed to withstand the stresses of combat. High-Maintenance: Your vehicle is constantly in need of repairs. The Narrator is of course also free to set a maximum Stardrive rating allowed to ships in the game. or are able to open. In addition. or minor annoyances like all the showers break at once. or even months.allowing one to move only 1 space unit per time unit would still be far faster than using Sublight engines to reach a destination. a grid may be 100 kilometers or more! The scale of the grids really only depends on the imagination of the Narrator! Stardrive: The Stardrive is a generic term used in BASH! Sci-Fi to refer to a ship’s engine that allows it to move beyond the speed of light. no extra food. either relative to ship size. Slow: Your vehicle was not built for speed. days. The Invasive Sensors power increases this range by 2. how long a unit of time is also depends on the setting—whether it is minutes. Hyperdrive.s (astronomical units—the distance between the Earth and the Sun). quartering the speed the vehicle should move. and a partially explored galaxy would have a space unit equal to only a few light-years.

The ratings are given for varying levels of proficiency in these skills. Good is x3. you roll a Pilot/Stunts check. When making a crash landing. but you might just be able to guide it down so that the passengers survive the impact. Your vehicle may crash. It takes 1 page for a vehicle to dock or to takeoff from a dock. Turning is another thing that is limited. Certain rules for space (and air) combat should be addressed for dogfighting vehicles specifically. It also takes time to fire up the Stardrive. A ship can only turn a maximum of 90 degrees throughout the course of its movement during a page. starbases. Light Starships Dogfights pit pilots in light starships against one another in the ultimate test of skill. It is important that the Narrator apprise the Heroes aboard a starship (especially the Astrogator or the Captain) their proximity to nearby planets. posted on every other page featuring a vehicle description. Add to this base. allows ships to use the Stardrive at lower settings more often than at higher settings. like a city street. like an ocean or tarmac. and Elite is x5. the figures for how far away a star base is don’t have to be memorized or guessed at.allowed to be in continuous use. Using graph paper to map their position might be a good way to do this (having each square represent a certain number of space units). requiring a period of rest to avoid permanent damage to them. A good rule of thumb is that it takes 1 page per Stardrive rating you want to achieve to power up. A suggested method for doing this. while in others. Crash Landing: Your air or space vehicle has been damaged and is going down. a ship with a Stardrive rating 6 could uses its Stardrive at level 6. no roll is required. A ship travels faster than its safe speed only in times of emergency. These average combat ratings are here for the Narrator’s convenience. Each setting below the ship’s maximum Stardrive rating used is 1 power unit it regenerates every time unit. The target number you need to make depends on the type of terrain you are landing on and the speed at which you are going. but in special conditions (like in the midst of battle. Also included in the statistics of these ships are the average combat rolls for the pilot/helmsman. using the Engine Recharge Time model. These are assuming that the pilot/helmsman in a minion (Heroes and Villains actually roll dice 67 . While a Capital ship can fire in any direction. and other ships by space units. the target number is 40. Each setting of the ship’s Stardrive rating that is used burns 1 power unit per time unit. the pilot must make a 20 Pilot/Control check to successfully dock their vehicle. Skilled is x4. rounding up (or its actual speed in grids). If the terrain is flat. the base target number is 30. because after the jump. and various other “extras” are for the Narrator to add. you must take 3 pages to fire up the Stardrive. the ship could be left stranded without use of its Stardrive until it recharged. but would then have no power units left. Normally. or a storm). Light Guns can fire in any direction on a size 2 or 3 craft—these are considered to be a swivel gun (but a fighter does not have a swivel gun—it is always nose or wing mounted). teleporters. This second example is what is known as the “safe speed” of a ship. The hope is that players and Narrators will design their own ships—but these samples will give you an idea of what can be done with the system. Docking: Landing your vehicle inside or on another vehicle can be tricky sometimes. A pilot/ helmsman with a x2 multiplier is rated as typical. which assumes an automatic roll of “7”. Anything x6 and above would be rated as “Ace” and is reserved for Heroes and Villains (who never take average attack and defense). invasive sensors. the base target number for success is 20. Thus. Sample Starships Included below are several examples of starships to use in the game. Light space and aircraft must fire their main guns (medium and large) and their missiles in front of them. If the terrain is very dense. VEHICLES AND WARFARE in combat). where the participants learn who is an Ace— and who is dead. each use of the Stardrive has deleterious effects not on the engine—but on the crew. and most have only the bare necessities written into them. Holodecks. These are only a sampling of possible starships. If the terrain is sparse. one tenth the craft’s speed in squares. A ship has a number of power units equal to its Stardrive rating. People wishing to jump out of a combat situation tend to make it a short jump. They change the direction they are aiming by changing the direction they are flying. requiring a time unit to pass before it recharged the lost power—or it could simply travel at level 3 or less continuously because it is regenerating 3 power units per time unit—the same amount it is using. like a jungle. This way. Failure indicates a Crash Landing (see below). So if you want to reach Stardrive Rating 3.

Good 21. For every 10 the piloting roll fails 4 by. while a vehicle moving 332 squares 2 per page adds 34 to the difficulty. x4 Dmg) Heavy Guns (Range 15 Grids. Skilled 16. Good 24. the vehicle suffers 1 breach. or to destroy targets on the ground during battles on a planet. A success indicates that the ship landed relatively unscathed. Vehicle Agility Average Combat Stats by Pilot/Driver Skill Typical 8. x7Dmg) -5 Total result penalty to hit Heavy Missiles (Enhanced to Size 5) (Range 5 grids.CHAPTER FOUR Thus. They are often used by smugglers and pirates for their combination of power and speed. taking only 3 incidental damage. x5Dmg) +2 to hit Advantage: Atmospheric Flight Move: 15 grids 30 Million Credits Star-Bomber Size 2 Light Ship This ship is designed to damage much larger enemy ships. Skilled 32. x6Dmg) Advantage: Atmospheric Flight Move: 9 grids 20 Million Credits Light Guns (Range 5 grids. x4 Dmg) Light Missiles (Range 15 grids. x6 Dmg) -5 Total result penalty to hit 100 Million Credits Light Fighter Size 1 Ship B1 A4 M2 Breach Threshold 10 Volume 1 Inertia 5 68 . x4 Dmg) +5 to hit Advantage: Atmospheric Flight Move: 12 grids 10 Million Credits Escape Pod Size 0 Light Ship This vehicle was not meant to see combat. even in the hands of an ace pilot. characters would roll three separate checks against their best stat to see how injured they were in the crash. Remember that crew are injured by each breach separately. but lack maneuverability. which usually involves them engaging the fighters that the enemy had sent to escort their bomber. Skilled 28. Three different fighter designs are presented below: Blockade Runner B3 A4 M2 Extra Cargo 2pts Size 3 Ship Breach Threshold 30 Volume 9 (18 cargo units. Elite 30 Typical 14. x6 Dmg) -5 to hit Medium Missiles (Range 10 grids. but to escape from a doomed ship. Elite 50 Light Guns (Range 5 grids. the craft would suffer 3 breaches. B3 A2 M3 Breach Threshold 30 Stardrive 1 Volume 4 Inertia 4 Heavy Fighter B2 A3 M2 Volume 1 Inertia 4 Size 1 Ship Breach Threshold 20 Heavy Guns (Range 15 grids. Good 18. Fighters Fighters are mostly used to escort. x7Dmg) Enhanced Weapons 3 (Heavy Missiles) Advantage: Atmospheric Flight Move: 6 grids 50 Million Credits Corvettes A corvette is the heaviest of all the light ships.000 Credits—but they are included in most ships. Skilled 24. x5 Dmg) Heavy Guns (Range 15 grids. 6 secret) Inertia 6 Stardrive 4 Advantage: Atmospheric Flight Light Guns (Range 5 Grids. while crew minions would take damage three times. Escape pods are practically helpless. thus in the previous case. Elite 20 Typical 12. Elite 40 Typical 20. Thus if the landing 5 had a difficulty of 70. a vehicle moving 47 squares per page adds 5 1 to the difficulty. Good 30. and the Pilot/Stunts check resulted in a 33. x6 Dmg) -5 to hit Heavy Missiles (Range 5 grids. They are tough. Elite 35 Typical 16. B1 A1 M1 Breach Threshold 5 Volume 1 Inertia 1 Disadvantage: Unarmored Advantage: Atmospheric Flight 8. Elite Fighter Size 1 Ship B2 A5 M2 Breach Threshold 20 Stardrive 1 Volume 1 Inertia 6 Heavy Guns (Range 15 grids. Good 12. Skilled 40. or to intercept and destroy bombers.

C. C. A Heavy-Cruiser is essentially the same. C. Range 5 grids (or 50 squares)) Boarding Tube Drill Advantage: Atmospheric Flight Move: 9 Grids 5 Million Credits Defense: 20 Cruiser Size 6 Capital Ship (3 Attacks) This ship has the heavy armor and the powerful guns. This is not a rule set in stone. Range 5 grids) Stardrive 4 Docking Bay Invasive Sensors Cloaking Device Move: 9 Grids 200 Million Credits Destroyer Size 5 Capital Ship (2 Attacks) Capital Starships Capital Starships are much larger than light starships. except it is Size 7. Rank 2.O. and have a set defense value of 20 (there is no rolling involved). Though they are lightly armed. and many are outfitted with cloaking devices to make them more useful in pitched battles and gathering information. x5Dmg) +5 Total result bonus to hit Advantage: Atmospheric Flight 100 Million Credits Breach Threshold 30 Stardrive 3 Volume 9 Inertia 6/8 Ramming Heavy Missiles (x7 Dmg. usually making them faster on long journeys (though not usually at Sublight speeds). B4 A2 M4 Breach Threshold: 40 Inertia: 7/9 Ramming Stardrive 5 Heavy Guns (x8 Dmg. B5 A2 M5 Inertia 8 Stardrive 6 Extra Hull Strength 1 Heavy Guns (x9 Dmg. B3 A3 M3 Inertia 7 Breach Threshold 30 Defense 20 69 . rank 1. A Destroyer is a medium-sized capital starship which often supports larger battleships or escorts lightly armed transports or supply freighters. B2 A3 M1 Breach Threshold 20 Inertia 7/9 Drilling Transport: Capacity: 640 2 Arrays of Light Guns (x3 Dmg. Range 10 grids) +2 to Hit Boarding Tube Drill (x9 Dmg when ramming) Enhanced Engines 1 Move: 8 Grids 500 Million Credits Defense 20 Dropship Size 4 Capital Ship Dropships are not all that powerful in their own right.). In the descriptions below. but a guideline. Rank 2. this is mainly to allow them to drill into the side of a larger vessel for boarding or to clear away any fighters or ground units that may harass it. Range 15 grids) -5 to hit Light Guns (x6 Dmg. Range 10 grids) +2 to hit Tractor Beam 2 Gravity Net 4 Advantage: Bombard Move: 6 Grids 1 Billion Credits Breach Threshold 55 Defense 20 Frigate Size 4 Capital Ship (2 attacks) Frigates are the lightest of all the capital ships. a ship will have listed the minimum points in Rank usually associated with command of that ship type. Range 15 grids) -5 to hit Medium Guns (x8 Dmg. Capital Ships can fire in any direction.O. They can support larger Stardrives. Rank 3.O. Destroyers are often used to board enemy ships that have been sufficiently damaged by larger vessels. Range 5 grids) Medium Missiles (x7 Dmg. it only takes 3 people to operate the dropship itself. Range 10 grids) -2 to hit Medium Missiles (x8 Dmg.O. C.O. They are usually used to pen-in ships so that the Battle-Starship can obliterate them.VEHICLES AND WARFARE Pirate Sloop Size 3 Ship B3 A3 M3 Ram 1pt Heavy Guns (Range 15 grids. meaning that they hold 4 times the number of crew for a ship of their size—most of this crew are soldiers. but they can be quite important on a battlefield as they allow waves of troops to land on a planet or starbase. Also. x7Dmg) -5 Total result penalty to hit Light Missiles (Range 15 grids. They are considered a transport ship. no matter what the rank of a ship’s commanding officer (C. s/he is addressed as “captain”—even if s/he is only a Lieutenant.

Range 15 grids) +5 to hit Two arrays of Heavy Missiles (x9 Dmg.O. These are the flagships of a fleet. Rank 4—a flagship of this caliber is fit for an Admiral’s command.O. usually a very seasoned & honored captain.O. B4 A2 M1 Breach Threshold 20 Defense: 20 Inertia 7 Stardrive 5 Passenger capacity: 1. while auto-turrets destroy any that wander too close. Range 5 grids) Two arrays of Light Missiles (x7 Dmg. B5 A1 M5 Breach Threshold 60 Defense 20 Inertia 11 Docking Bay Extra Cargo (1600 Units) Extra Hull Strength 2 Heavy Guns (x9 Dmg. but is used to transport goods and supplies.000 Technically. Command ships are rarer still.0. Its ultra-heavy armor (or shields) allow it to ignore most smaller vessels. Good 30. by adding amenities such as a Holodeck. usually anchored into a location orbiting a planet or star. Rank 3.O. Range 15 grids) -5 to hit Two arrays Light Guns (x7 Dmg. Skilled 32. Elite 50 Enhanced Engines 1 Disadvantage: Unarmored Move: 8 100 Million Credits The Battle-Starship is the ultimate weapon when fleets of starships engage one another. Skilled 16. Range 15 grids) +5 to hit Auto-turrets (Fire as if size 5) (x6 Dmg to small ships within 5 grids) Disadvantage: Slow Move: 1 Grid 10 Billion Credits 70 . Good 12. but a Starbase can put up a good defense in its own right.CHAPTER FOUR Battle-Starship (4 Attacks) Size 8 Capital Ship Vehicle Agility Average Combat Stats by Pilot/Driver Skill 1 2 3 4 5 Typical 8. Usually starbases are defended by a several starships. a Starbase barely moves at all. Elite 35 Typical 16. C. Range 5 grids) Two arrays of Light Missiles (x7 Dmg. Its powerful guns can bombard a planet. Range 5 grids) Auto-turrets (Fire as if size 4) (x6 Dmg to small ships within 5 grids) Docking Bay Enhanced Engines 1 Advantage: Bombard Move 4 Grids 5 Billion Credits Star-Freighter Size 6 Capital Ship This ship is not made for combat. Skilled 28. C. Skilled 40. But might also be used in evacuations It could also be a luxury liner of sorts. Good 24. Elite 40 Typical 20. Good 18. Good 21. a Starbase is less likely to see action in war—usually given over to a capable administrator than a brilliant tactician. Skilled 24. Rank 2 or 3—even though it is bigger than a Battle-Starship. Creating a Command Ship is essentially the same as a Battle-Starship. destroying major installations. often used by civilians with rank 0. Rank 1 if military. and there may only be one such ship even in the mightiest armada. Rank 2. not a starship. Elite 20 Typical 12. B5 A1 M5 Breach Threshold 60 Defense 20 Inertia 10 Stardrive 8 Extra Hull Strength 2 Two arrays of Heavy Guns (x9 Dmg. C. Elite 30 Typical 14. as many are also fully armed and operational battle-stations! C. B5 A1 M5 Breach Threshold 65 Defense 20 Inertia 12 Enhanced Engines 2 Extra Hull Strength 3 Move 5 Grids 8 Billion Credits Arc Transport Size 5 Capital Ship This is a transport ship used mostly for civilian travel. with the following differences: C. B3 A3 M1 Breach Threshold 15 Defense: 20 Inertia 8 Stardrive 6 Enhanced Engines 1 Extra Cargo (100 Units) Disadvantage: Unarmored Move: 12 Grids Starbase Size 10 Capital Ship (5 Attacks) Command Ship Size 9 Capital Ship While colossal Battle-Starships are rare. Range 15 grids) -5 to hit Two arrays Light Guns (x7 Dmg.


a vehicle can move up to one-third its maximum speed. enabling travel across or even between galaxies—far more powerful than a standard Stardrive. These clouds are usually not dense enough to cause any problems to a starship—which can freely travel through it. From hovercycles to tanks. Speed must be built up. some starships can travel within a planet’s atmosphere. This test must be made for every grid of asteroid field the ship travels through. wormholes are a natural phenomenon that can be traveled through. If a vehicle crashes into a person. Finally on the third page. it increases to 40. etc). assuming that they are current for their TL. but that does not mean they are safe to operate at those speeds. and plasma in space. The first page. At speeds starting at 75 squares (about 125 mph). These radiation fields are treated as giving a severe. a ship must make a Maneuverability test with a difficulty of 10/20/30 for a sparse. A driver with the Steering specialty may reroll one defense roll per page. The ship’s weapons systems are also disrupted. Those that do so use their Sublight speed. of course. the driver must make a 20 Drive/Acceleration check to maintain control of the vehicle on anything but a straight road with no obstacles. moderate. just like characters. Keep in mind that the Ranges on vehicle weapons are also listed in squares. or dense asteroid field. A ship in a magnetic storm is very vulnerable—pirates often raid ships traveling through them to take advantage of this.CHAPTER FOUR More Vehicles “Terrain” in Space Nebulas: Nebulas are great clouds of gas. it can move two-thirds its maximum speed. and at 125 squares it increases to 50. This inertia rating is used for interacting with other vehicles (ramming them. Vehicles use the squares system of figuring distance. but multiply x10 to figure how many squares they move in the atmosphere. a light land vehicle uses its driver’s Drive skill to determine Defense. In addition. The maximum damage in this situation is x20 (being run over is deadly). reduce its price to half. the vehicle can achieve its top speed. Some of the vehicles described below can attain very high speeds. which standard starships are equipped to resist. A ship in a dense nebula has its sensor range halved and has a -2 Dice penalty to hit enemy ships when firing from within the Nebula. large ships don’t do well in asteroid fields—which is why smaller ships can use them to elude capture—though a small ship struck by an asteroid is unlikely to survive. and takes x7 damage (ignoring size). In science fiction. Depending on how dense the field is. They are formed when a star goes supernova. and has only a fraction its usual sensor range (change the Space Units to Grids). Extremely dense nebulas. Losing control of the vehicle at these speeds will cause the driver and vehicle to take x10 damage. Magnetic Storms: Magnetic storms are phenomenon that jam all communications and disrupt sensors and key systems on a ship. The prices listed for each vehicle are for brand-new ones. the difficulty is 30. If the ship strikes an asteroid large enough to damage it. Inertia for Land Vehicles is based on their Brawn+Size rather than Agility. Add the vehicle’s Inertia rating to the multiplier. etc. wind resistance. evading tractor beams. a ship traveling through it might be severely damaged. dust. The second page. Needless to say. Asteroids: An asteroid field can be very dangerous terrain to travel through. Taking a ship through these radiation fields is tantamount to suicide. that person takes damage based on the speed of the vehicle—x3 Dmg +1DM for every 10 squares the vehicle was moving when it hit. At speeds starting at 50 squares (about 85 mph). many more vehicles to worry about than spaceships. The examples below just scratch the surface to get you started. Modern Land Vehicles Unlike a starship. lethal dose of radiation to the entire crew of a ship that goes through them. The ship’s size is used as a Dice penalty on the roll. They must move much slower in an atmosphere both for safety reasons and due to the presence of friction. and limiting the ship’s visibility. they move 10 times faster than a person or animal could—essentially Agility x30 as a base speed instead of x3. believed to be the remains of a collapsed black hole. Radiation Fields: Many stellar bodies give off radiation. however could impose problems with a ship’s sensors—forcing many automatic functions to be performed manually. and the curvature of the planet. If the driver can make a Drive/Control check equal to the difficulty of the Drive/Acceleration check they failed previously. Starships convert the distance of ranged weapons as they do movement— essentially the curvature of the planet and other forces shorten the effective range of their weapons on planets. some areas of space have such intense radiation that standard protections are useless against them. There are. and at speeds of 100 squares (about 170 mph). However. A land vehicle cannot accelerate to its full speed on the first page it is driven. However. 72 . to submarines. A ship caught in a magnetic storm cannot contact other ships. they only take x5 damage. Wormhole: A wormhole is a point in space that connects to another point in space. To avoid damage. giving a ship a -2 Dice penalty to hit its target and -1 Damage Multiplier with all attacks. If the vehicle is obsolete. there are many important vehicles to include in science fiction settings.

but this reduces its Agility by 1. However. busses carry passengers while 18-wheelers are trucks built to carry cargo.VEHICLES AND WARFARE “Terrain” in Space Cont. ships just plow right through dark matter without ever realizing it. An 18-Wheeler can carry 9 cargo units. B4 A2 M1 Inertia:7 Fast 1. In addition. A driver can make a motorcycle jump a distance in feet equal to the result of a Drive/Tricks check. To make an old car. A 30 would be to escape a large gas giant. Gravity Wells: Large bodies in space. Of course. A sidecar can be added to carry an additional person.000 Credits Sports Car Size 1 Vehicle Faster and flashier than the standard car.000 Credits Car Size 1 Vehicle This write-up is for a late 20th century car. B2 A4 M1 Fast 1 Move: 160 squares (about 270 mph) Disadvantage: Unarmored 50. while a 50 would be to escape a black hole. The Inertia roll must beat a difficulty set by the Narrator. in peacetime. enabling passengers to engage in smallarms fire at enemies. These are assuming that one is actually far enough away from the center of these objects that escape is even possible. The roll of 6 indicates the person took 72 damage—critically injuring him—but he luckily survives. It can even be mounted with a machinegun (sold separately). like a Model T. All-Terrain 2 Move: 90 squares (45 in difficult terrain) 20. A ship caught in a gravity well is unable to engage its Stardrive. the gist is that dark matter is matter in the universe that we cannot see. it can be tagged and avoided). the Sports Car is a status symbol more than anything else. in BASH! Sci-Fi. dark matter is invisible. a very big piece of dark matter could become a very dangerous obstacle for a starship. as it is mostly in tiny particles. B1 A5 M1 All-Terrain 1 Move: 150 squares (30 in difficult terrain) (About 250 mph. undetectable flotsam in space. but also far less protection for the driver. Motorcycle Size 0 Vehicle A motorcycle is more maneuverable than a car. driving it this fast is extremely dangerous. The Jeep usually has an open cabin. Disadvantage: Unarmored Breach Threshold 20 Defense 20 Breach Threshold 20 Inertia: 3 Breach Threshold 10 Inertia: 3 Breach Threshold 10 Inertia: 3 Breach Threshold: 10 Inertia: 1 73 . For most stars and small planets this is not a problem. or star one had wandered too close to. while a bus can accommodate 50 passengers. Solar Flares: Solar flares have all the effects on a ship as a magnetic storm. The plume of a solar flare can be deadly to a ship. such as planets and stars have strong enough gravity that they prevent a ship from using its Stardrive in close proximity. 50 in difficult terrain) 5. doing x12 damage to the poor witness. B2 A3 M1 Fast 1 Move: 120 squares (about 200 mph) Disadvantage: Unarmored 10. Dark Matter: While modern scientists still cannot agree on exactly what dark matter is. As a general rule. all-terrain vehicle intended for carrying messages and troops to and from the front. the ship must make an Inertia roll or be sucked deeper into the well. Normally. Because it cannot be seen. A ship running into a massive piece of dark matter will take damage as if it had just performed a Ramming action. Based on that principle. even an enormous. A ship struck by the plume of a solar flare immediately takes x10 damage as if from a size 10 weapon. well armored ship could be destroyed by a solar flare. B2 A3 M1 Example: Gangsters in a size 1 car with Inertia of 3 run down a key witness in their boss’ trial. Jeeps were also enjoyed by off-road enthusiasts. it cannot be charted around (though once found. anything less than a 30 is negligible. A motorcycle can carry two people.000 Credits Jeep Size 1 Vehicle The Jeep was created as a sturdy.000 Credits Bus/18-Wheeler Size 3 Heavy Vehicle Both enormous vehicles designed for long hauls. Although a motorcycle can move 200 squares per page. Needless to say. giving a bonus if the jump is off a ramp (+10 or +20 total result bonus based on the ramp). The car had a speed of 60 squares at the point of impact. one simply adds the slow disadvantage to it. A 40 would be to escape a neutron star’s pull. Black holes and neutron stars have strong enough gravity wells that they could very well suck in a ship that passes too close.

There is no roof. Losing control of the vehicle at these speeds will cause the driver and vehicle to take x10 damage. but a sidecar cannot be attached. allowing the crew to fire their small arms at enemies. the difficulty is 30. At speeds starting at 230. as it unbalances the floating cycle. the land-speeder hovers on a cushion of air and is jet-propelled. Range 150. Good 24. they only take x5 damage.000 Credits Hover-Tank Size 2 Heavy Vehicle Hover-Tanks are heavily armored war machines designed to be faster. Elite 30 Typical 14. Just like the original. B2 A2 M2 Inertia: 4 All-Terrain 2 Move 60 squares (30 in difficult terrain) 400. it carries up to two passengers. it increases to 40. giving a bonus if the jump is off a ramp (+10 or +20 total result bonus based on the ramp). Radius 2) -5 to Hit Light Gun (50 squares.CHAPTER FOUR Move: 80 Squares 100. Skilled 32. the driver must make a 20 Drive/ Acceleration check to maintain control of the vehicle on anything but a straight road with no obstacles.000 Credits Breach Threshold: 20 Base Defense 10 Defense 20 Breach Threshold 10 Inertia: 3 Heavy Gun (x7 Dmg. Skilled 16. Good 30. A driver can make a hovercycle jump a distance in feet equal to double the result of a Drive/Tricks check. rather than go around (treat as if it has a Ram). They are also made to plow right through obstacles. Elite 50 Land Speeder Size 1 Vehicle Tanks are heavily armored war machines designed to be able to withstand direct fire from the enemy and keep on moving. B4 A3 M4 Breach Threshold 40 Inertia: 6/8 Ramming Light Gun (x6 Dmg. Unlike the motorcycle. B1 A5 M1 Breach Threshold: 10 Inertia: 1 Fast 3. Good 18. Elite 35 Typical 16. They are also made to plow right through obstacles.000 Credits Heavy Gun Heavy Gun (x8 Dmg. B2 A4 M1 Fast 3 Move: 240 squares Disadvantage: Unarmored 200. Like an ordinary motorcycle. Range 50. A Land Speeder can seat between 4 and 8 people comfortably (depending on the model). Hover-Tanks are affixed with a heavy gun and also a blaster-gatlin for taking out enemy personnel. and deadlier than their treaded predecessors. Range 150. This makes it even more maneuverable in poor terrain (though it is not perfect. Skilled 28. Elite 20 Typical 12. Skilled 40. Radius 2) Ram. 50. and at speeds of 260 squares. The Tanks has a gun that is affixed to a rotating turret on top (Heavy Gun) and also a machinegun for taking out enemy personnel. If the driver can make a Drive/Control check equal to the Drive/Acceleration check they failed previously.000 Credits Tank Size 2 Heavy Vehicle Vehicle Agility Average Combat Stats by Pilot/Driver Skill 1 2 3 4 5 Typical 8. Good 12. All-Terrain 2 Advantage: Bombard (about 10 miles) Disadvantage: Slow Move: 45 squares (23 in difficult terrain) 7 Million Credits Rumbler Assault Jeep Size 2 Vehicle Unlike a lot of war vehicles. All-Terrain 2 Move: 300 squares (150 in difficult terrain). Elite 40 Typical 20. the Hovercycle floats above its riding surface on a three to six foot cushion of air. Radius 2) Ram All-Terrain 2 Disadvantage: Slow Advantage: Bombard (about 5 miles) Move: 30 squares (15 in difficult terrain) 5 Million Credits Defense 20 Even faster than a modern sports car. as the uneven surface is less ideal for hovering). B4 A2 M3 Breach Threshold 40 Inertia: 6/8 Ramming Light Gun (x5 Dmg. rather than go around (treat as if it has a Ram). Hovercycle Size 0 Vehicle The Hovercycle is a futuristic improvement on the motorcycle. x4Dmg. Radius 2) 74 . Range 50. while another crewman uses the Light Gun attached to a swivel in the back of the Rumbler. Skilled 24. Good 21. the Rumbler is made so that the crew are actually outside the vehicle. Radius 2) -5 to Hit” Futuristic Land Vehicles At speeds starting at 200 squares.

faster. Radius 3) +5 to hit All-Terrain 2 Advantage: Bombard (about 10 miles) Disadvantage: Slow Move 30 squares (15 in difficult terrain). They are dangerous against poorly armed craft. if they are carried aboard) Mines 1 (Can seed an area 10 x10 squares with mines) Extra Hull Strength 3 75 . regarding the safety under certain speeds and inertia. The submarine is designed to attack ships without warning. lightly armed craft could be used to alert larger. and even serve as a mobile firing platform for nuclear missiles (see Heavy Ordinance). Sailing/Tacking is the skill used for maneuvering these vehicles. its function is more focused towards being mobile artillery rather than infantry support. Radius 4) (considered size 4 weapon) +5 to Hit. Radius 2) Move: 60 Squares 100. 15 Million Credits Walker Size 2 Vehicle The walker is a slower. Rather than being a mobile artillery piece. Range 50. Range 150. the Doom Walker is a mobile command station.000 Credits Patrol Boat Size 2 Light Vessel This small. Radius 2) All-Terrain 2 Disadvantage: Very Slow Move: 23 squares (12 in difficult terrain) 5 Million Credits Doom Walker Size 5 Heavy Vehicle (2 attacks) The four-legged Doom Walker is much larger and slower than the smaller walker. Range 50. Radius 3) -5 to hit Light Missile (range 150. and Sailing/Gunner or Military/Gunner is used to attack. maneuverable craft is the nautical equivalent of a racecar.VEHICLES AND WARFARE Spider-Crawler Size 3 Heavy Vehicle The slow. cheaper alternative to a hover-tank. Their long range heavy guns. Speedboat Size 1 Light Vessel This fast. B3 A3 M4 Breach Threshold 30 Inertia: 5 Light Missiles (x6 Dmg.Tractor Beam1 Extra Hull Strength 2 Heavy Gun (range 150 x7 Dmg. Unlike the tank. as well as their tractor beams and tough hulls make them deadly to troops and vehicles alike. more well armed ships to danger. monotonous advance of the Spider Crawler is often the signal for an enemy army to retreat before it’s too late. Radius 5) -5 to hit Light Missiles (x7 Dmg.000 Credits Submarine Size 4 Capital Vessel This is a powerful weapon of stealth. the Walker moves around on two legs. B2 A5 M1 Breach Threshold 10 Inertia: 3 Aquatic Propulsion 2 Move: 120 squares Disadvantage: Unarmored 70. which can disembark from the bottom to gain ground once the Doom Walker has “softened up” enemy defenses. B3 A3 M3 Breach Threshold 30 Defense 20 Heavy Missiles (x7 Dmg. Futuristic Sea Vehicles follow these same rules. Range 150. though they can move through nearly any terrain. Enhanced Weapons: Light Missiles 2 (count as size 4 weapon) Light Gun (x6 Dmg. Radius 5) +5 to hit Heavy Missiles (x9 Dmg. A Hover-Tank facing a walker’s only hope is to fire first. Range 150. The purpose of the walker on the battlefield is to take out other enemy vehicles. B2 A3 M2 Breach Threshold 20 Aquatic Propulsion 2 Light Guns (x4 Dmg. Their only weakness is their lack of speed. Range 50. and can hold over 200 troops. however. B5 A2 M5 Inertia: 10 Breach Threshold 65 Defense 20 Modern Sea Vehicles Modern Sea Vehicles adhere to many of the same rules as modern land vehicles. Radius 4) (These torpedoes travel through water only) Docking Bay (Used to house nuclear weapons. B4 A2 M3 Inertia: 7 Breach Threshold 50 Defense 20 Heavy Guns (x9 Dmg. Range 50. Radius 5) All Terrain 2 Advantage: Bombard (About 20 Miles) Disadvantage: Very Slow Move: 15 squares (8 in difficult terrain) 300 Million Credits Powers: “Spider’s Web”. x5 Dmg.

Radius 6) -2 to Hit Light Guns (x7 Dmg. Elite 40 Typical 20. Range 150. Slow Move: 20 squares 20 Million Credits 76 . it is built for pure combat. allowing it to send air support from a Aquatic Propulsion 2 Extra Cargo (50 units) Disadvantage: Unarmored. B5 A1 M4 Inertia: 12 Docking Bay Aquatic Propulsion 2 Medium Guns (x7 Dmg. designed to be the launching site of fighter aircraft. Radius 5) Medium Missiles (x7 Dmg. Range 100. they often do so under escort by cruisers. If they need to carry supplies in times of war. Good 30. Radius 5) +2 to Hit Advantage: Bombard (about 5 Miles) Move: 40 squares 120 Million Credits Battleship Size 6 Capital Vessel This ship has the heaviest armor and the biggest guns in the modern fleet. Elite 50 distance. B3 A3 M1 Breach Threshold: 15 Inertia: 6 Aquatic Propulsion 1 All-Terrain 2 (Used to go on beaches. Elite 30 Typical 14. Radius 6) Medium Missiles (x8 Dmg. Range 100. through shoals. Skilled 16. over sandbars. B5 A2 M5 Inertia 11 Breach Threshold 60 Defense 20 Designed to be able to go on land as well as sea. Range 50. Act as if Size 3) (Note: These are manned anti-aircraft guns) Disadvantage: Slow Move: 20 Squares 500 Million Credits Hovercraft Size 3 Light Vessel Breach Threshold 50 Defense 20 Aquatic Propulsion 2 Heavy Guns (x8 Dmg. Range 100. Radius 6) +2 to Hit Two sets of Light Missiles (x7 Dmg. Skilled 40. Range 50. the hovercraft is perfect for maneuvering though areas that normal ships cannot go—like sandbars and shoals. Though it is formidable in its own right. and can be used to bombard inland areas to support infantry units. While it is smaller than an aircraft carrier. Range 100. Range 150. Skilled 24.CHAPTER FOUR Aquatic Propulsion 2 Stealth Move: 15 Squares Advantage: Submersible Disadvantage: Very Slow 200 Million Credits Cruiser Size 5 Capital Vessel A Cruiser is a medium-sized capital vessel which often supports larger battleships or escorts lightly armed transports. Good 24. etc. Range 150. Good 12. Radius 7) -2 to hit Auto-turrets 4 (x6 Dmg. B4 A2 M4 Inertia: 9 Breach Threshold: 40 Defense 20 Vehicle Agility Average Combat Stats by Pilot/Driver Skill 1 2 3 4 5 Typical 8. Elite 20 Typical 12. Skilled 32. Elite 35 Typical 16.) Disadvantage: Unarmored Move: 60 squares 4 Million Credits Cargo/Transport Vessel Size 5 Capital Vessel These ships are unarmed and not well defended. Radius 5) -5 to Hit Light Guns (x6 Dmg. Good 21. Radius 6) +2 Dice bonus to hit Advantage: Bombard (about 20 miles) Disadvantage: Slow Move: 20 Squares 400 Million Credits Aircraft Carrier Size 7 Capital Vessel This is the largest of all modern sea vessels. Radius 6) -5 to Hit Medium Guns (x8 Dmg. it is often accompanied by cruisers and battleships to keep enemy vessels away. B4 A2 M1 Inertia: 9 Breach Threshold: 20 Defense 20 Aquatic Propulsion 2 Extra Hull Strength 2 Two sets of Heavy Guns (x9 Dmg. Good 18. Skilled 28.

and on the third page it can reach its top speed. and increase its move by the appropriate amount. Radius 1) Heavy Missiles (x6 Dmg. Range 150. Bi-Plane Size 1 Light Aircraft This vehicle is the first aircraft designed for combat. but for its time. To create a hover-ship. Thus. Radius 1) Light Missiles (x5 Dmg.VEHICLES AND WARFARE Futuristic Sea Vehicles Sub-Cycle Size 0 Light Vessel This fast. Volume 1 Inertia 5 Volume 1 Inertia 5 Modern Sky Vehicles These are essentially modern planes and helicopters. but they move faster. if they are carried aboard or Sub Cycles) Mines 2 (Can seed an area 20 x10 squares with mines) Aquatic Propulsion 3 Ram (x12 Inertia ramming) Cloaking Device Move: 120 Squares Advantage: Submersible 300 Million Credits Hover-Ship Size (Varies by Type) Hover-Ships are essentially the same as their non-hovering counterparts. maneuverable miniature submarine is ideal for insertion of covert ops. Range 50. Increase the cost of a Hover-Ship by 1/5th its original cost.000 Fighter Jet B1 A4 M3 Fast 3 Light Guns (x5 Dmg. a Hover-Cruiser would have an Agility of 3. Range 50. Range 50. Radius 1) +5 to hit Mach 2 Move: 240 squares Cost: 16 Million Flying Fortress Size 2 Heavy Aircraft B3 A3 M3 Breach Threshold 30 Volume 4 Inertia 4 Defense 20 Size 1 Light Aircraft Breach Threshold 10 Inertia 5 Size 1 Light Aircraft Breach Threshold 20 Inertia 6 Heavy Missiles (x7 Dmg. B4 A4 M3 Inertia: 10 Breach Threshold 40 Defense 20 an atmosphere. the Hover-Battleship would cost 480 Million Credits instead of 400 Million. Also. or as an escape from a doomed ship.000 Credits Mega-Sub Size 6 Capital Vessel Larger and more deadly than a modern submarine. Radius 1) Light Missiles (x4 Dmg. Radius 2) -2 Dice Penalty to Hit (t10/g15/s20/e25) Heavy Missiles (Enhanced to Size 5) (x7Dmg. Inertia functions the same for sky vehicles as it does for space vehicles—Agility added to Size. used during World War I. Radius 1) Note: these are bombs dropped by the bombardier. it was a very deadly weapon. Because they only fly in an atmosphere they do not need the Atmospheric Flight advantage. Move:90 squares Cost: 200. the Mega-Sub is a match even for a HoverBattleship. Able to strike from the depths with complete stealth. then it can move two-thirds on the following page. Radius 4) (These torpedoes travel through water only) Docking Bay (Used to house nuclear weapons. Range 50. increase the Agility listed for a ship of its type by 1. because they are always within an atmosphere. B2 A5 M1 Breach Threshold 10 Inertia: 2 Aquatic Propulsion 3 Disadvantage: Unarmored Advantage: Submersible Move: 150 squares 700. Range 150.000 Credits Fighter Plane B2 A4 M2 Fast 2 Light Guns (x4 Dmg. Range 50. Range 150. A vehicle cannot immediately reach its top speed at take off. and can only be fired at targets beneath the plane. The Bi-Plane is at the very bottom of TL3 flight technology. Thus for example. and even into World War II. B1 A3 M2 Breach Threshold: 10 Inertia: 4 Light Guns (x4 Dmg. and a move of 60 instead of an Agility of 2 and a move of 40. they must conform to the rules for acceleration within Heavy Guns (x7 Dmg. a Mega-Sub is the ultimate weapon upon the sea. It begins moving one third of its total move. Radius 1) +5 to hit Move: 200 squares Cost: 500. Radius 2) 77 . Range 50.

Radius 2. Good 21. Radius 2. Good 12. x6 Dmg) Medium Guns (Range 100. In addition. while thrusters on all sides provide horizontal movement. Skilled 40. B3 A3 M1 Breach Threshold 15 Inertia 4 Advantage: Hover Disadvantage: Unarmored Move: 90 squares Cost: 1 Million Credits Attack Helicopter Size 2 Light Aircraft Built for combat. Elite 40 Typical 20. Range 150. Range 50. and take off and land just about anywhere. Radius 2) -2 Dice Penalty to Hit (t10/g15/s20/e25) Heavy Missiles (Enhanced to Size 5) (x7Dmg. This added versatility make helicopters ideal for evacuations and insertions in enemy territory. it is mainly used for ground support. x6 Dmg) Medium Guns (Range 100. repulsors on the bottom do so. B3 A3 M2 Breach Threshold 30 Inertia 5 Advantage: Hover Heavy Missiles (Range 50. Elite 30 Typical 14. B3 A4 M3 Breach Threshold 35 Inertia 6 Advantage: Hover Heavy Missiles (Range 50. x5 Dmg) -2 to Hit Extra Hull Strength 1 Fast 1 Move: 160 Squares 15 Million Credits 78 . Futuristic Sky Vehicles Hovercopter Size 1 Light Aircraft Hovercopters are a futuristic update to the modern helicopter. Good 30. Radius 2. Skilled 16.CHAPTER FOUR Enhanced Weapons 3 (Heavy Missiles) Fast 2 Move:150 Cost: 2 Million Bomber-Jet B3 A3 M3 Size 2 Light Aircraft Breach Threshold 30 Inertia 5 Vehicle Agility Average Combat Stats by Pilot/Driver Skill 1 2 3 4 5 Typical 8. Skilled 24. Skilled 28. the military helicopter combines the mobility of a helicopter with the fighting power of a fighter jet. they are able to hover in mid-air. Elite 20 Typical 12. B3 A4 M1 Breach Threshold 30 Inertia 5 Advantage: Hover Disadvantage: Unarmored Move: 120 squares 2 Million Credits Assault Hovercopter Size 2 Light Aircraft The Assault Hovercopter is larger and more well armed than the standard Hovercopter. Elite 35 Typical 16. A Hovercopter is faster and more durable than a helicopter. Like a helicopter. Radius 2. Good 24. Good 18. x5 Dmg) -2 to Hit Fast 1 Move: 120 Squares 7 Million Credits Heavy Guns (x7 Dmg. It is used to move troops and provide infantry support. they can also hover. Though it is slow by comparison to a fighter. Instead of using a propeller and rotor to create lift. Skilled 32. Radius 2) Enhanced Weapons 3 (Heavy Missiles) Fast 3 Stealth Mach 3 Move:180 Cost: 80 Million 747 Size 4 Heavy Aircraft Breach Threshold: 20 Defense: 20 B4 A3 M1 Inertia 7 Fast 3 Extra Cargo 2 (32 units) Disadvantage: Unarmored Mach 1 Move: 180 squares Cost: 200 Million Helicopter Size 1 Light Aircraft Helicopters are unique vehicles because they are capable of taking off and landing completely vertically. whereas other aircraft must keep moving forward in order to maintain lift under their wings. Elite 50 rather than aerial combat.

000 Credits VEHICLES AND WARFARE Light Missile Battery Size 1 Heavy Ordinance These surface to air missiles are primarily used to attack enemy aircraft. they need a 20 to be hit. but rather. or a magnetic rail-gun.000 Credits Nuclear Missile Size 3 Heavy Ordinance A Nuclear missile does not follow the standard rules for weapons. Because they don’t move. B1 A1 M2 Defense: 20 Move: None 3. A futuristic version may be a giant laser. and are often used to defend ports from enemy fleets. x8 Dmg. this could easily be used in space against enemy starships. B1 A5 M5 Defense 20 Breach Threshold 10 Inertia 8 Heavy Guns (Enhanced to size 5.000 Credits Heavy Artillery Size 2 Heavy Ordinance This huge gun emplacements can fire at distant targets.Heavy Ordinance These are not really vehicles. B1 A1 M2 Two Arrays of Light Missiles (Range 150 squares/15 grids. x6 Dmg. Radius 1) Two Arrays of Medium Missiles (Range 100 squares/10 grids. In essence. It is essentially a self-propelled vehicle that destroys itself and a several mile radius on impact. rather than a standard weapon. but rather. a Nuclear Missile should be used as a plot device. Thus. per se. They are not personal arms. B1 A1 M3 Defense 20 Breach Threshold 10 Inertia 0 Breach Threshold 10 Inertia 0 60. Radius 2) +2 to hit Advantage: Bombard (about 10 miles) Move: None 50. B2 A1 M4 Defense 20 Breach Threshold 20 Inertia 0 Medium Guns (Enhanced to size 3. weapons often used to destroy enemy vehicles. Radius 6) Enhanced Weapons 3 (Heavy Missiles) Advantage: Bombard (about 2 miles) Move: None 80. just the same as heavy vehicles or capital ships. Stats are given below in case Heroes are intended to intercept such a weapon before it reaches its target. These are not listed based on any certain TL—just assume these are the most up-to date versions (i.000 Credits Medium Missile Battery Size 2 Heavy Ordinance These are usually surface to surface missiles. or to keep infantry units pinned down under fire. Radius 5) -5 to hit Enhanced Weapons 3 (Heavy Guns) Advantage: Bombard (about 20 miles) Move: None 79 . rather than a flack firing machine-gun). they can only be used within short range. B2 A1 M4 Defense 20 Breach Threshold 20 Inertia 0 Two Arrays of Heavy Missiles (Range 50 squares/5 grids. Range 150 Squares/15 grids. The clearest advantage that these weapons have over vehicles is that of cost—a heavy artillery piece may seem expensive.e. such as tanks. x6 Dmg. but is cheap compared to a fighter jet. intended to level a city. or rely on other vehicles to move them. B1 A1 M3 Defense 20 Breach Threshold 10 Inertia 0 Light Guns (range 50 squares/5 grids. used to target enemy ground forces. x4 Dmg Radius 1) +5 to hit Advantage: Bombard (about 15 miles) Move: None 30. Radius 3) -2 to hit Enhanced Weapons 2 (Medium Guns) Advantage: Bombard (about 2 miles) Move: None 15. x8 Dmg. a futuristic Anti-Aircraft Gun will probably be a battery of laser cannons. Fortunately. x4 Dmg. heavy weapons designed to inflict damage on a massive scale. Anti-Aircraft Gun Size 1 Heavy Ordinance Designed to shoot down enemy planes.000 Credits Light Artillery Size 1 Heavy Ordinance These gun emplacements are used to destroy enemy support vehicles. They are either not intended to move. Range 100 squares/10 grids.000 Credits Heavy Missile Battery Size 3 Heavy Ordinance This surface to surface missile battery is a powerful weapon. it does not fit into the standard “squares” or in regards to its range or effect.

It takes about 20 minutes to arrive. just like a ship—though these represent more abstract things. a faster fleet can evade a slower fleet almost indefinitely. maybe even tens of thousands of capital ships. A fleet can move a number of sectors equal to its own Agility per turn. rather than a tactical one. indicating how many sectors it can move in a single turn of fleet combat (which may take place over the course of a day. The Rules of War There are times when the Narrator must set up a situation in which the Heroes take part in a battle. Anyone entering the zone must make a 30 Brawn check each day. a more generic system has been created. more powerful fleets will have more. A fleet reduced to size 0 is obliterated. A fleet’s Brawn score represents how strong its defenses are. Space. they automatically hit. The surface will be a radioactive zone for years after impact. Thus. to a full-scale war to rule the galaxy. Move: 250 Squares 20 Million Credits its Mind+2. Thus. The lowest score moves first. If a fleet suffers a “breach” it lowers its size by 1. A fleet’s damage multiplier is equal to 80 . Instead. or month. Fleets move in an order determined not by their Agility (which simply determines how far they move). Of course. Rate these scores from 1-5. From a battle on the surface of a planet. depending). but could be merely an hour. A “typical” fleet will thus. a turn is equal to at least a day. Each fleet is rated according to the size of the fleet. all supported by numerous fighters. Heroes and Villains can be a part of the action. mass combat is regarded from a more strategic stand-point. It is even possible that an enormous navy could have multiple size 10 fleets. Fleet to Fleet: Mass Combat in Space Battles between fleets of starships involve hundreds. then falling on its target. followed by the next lowest. with only a few survivors who were smart enough to flee the battle. In BASH! Sci-Fi. and Movement Fleets of starships (or naval vessels. we will just use the generic phrase “turn”. and a war between two countries would be smaller still. and so on. the size of a sector is completely subjective. A war between two star systems will be a much smaller than one between two galaxies. Most likely. or it can simply be established by the Narrator. for BASH! Sci-Fi. or they will contract minor radiation sickness unless they are wearing protective gear (don’t forget that “minor” radiation sickness will likely kill you within a week). a navy could be divided into several fleets. assuming a 3 is an “average” rating for each stat. called sectors represent the basic unit of distance in fleet engagements.CHAPTER FOUR Everything within one mile of the blast radius takes x10 Dmg three times. by anticipating the enemy’s moves. Rolling would involve the commanders rolling Military/Strategy against one another. have 9 points invested among these stats. though they may have to stay underground for a long time. This does not mean that he will allow himself to be surrounded—movement is considered to be simultaneous. Micromanaging the movement of each individual ship in a fleet would be tedious at best. It will still suffer damage from the enemy’s attack. though it is actually moving away from them as they approach its former position). Squares of space. When fleets engage one another. Don’t bother figuring out what the individual ships are within the given fleets (though Heroes & Villains ships can play a part)—just figure how large each fleet is relative to one-another (considering 5 to be the size of an “average” fleet). The commanders of the fleets can roll for this (maybe even rolling each turn). but by who has better intelligence or strategy. Fleets also have stats. Keeping track of all this to resolve a battle in space is rather tedious. A unit of time for fleet engagements would likewise be subjective. Less powerful fleets will have less than 9 points. Thus. Everything outside 2 miles. the better commander only engages the enemy when they wish it to be so. they become “engaged”. allowing a fleet under better command to avoid engagement if it wishes (appearing to move “through” the fleets trying to corner it. A fleet gets a +5 total result bonus to damage and to its “breach threshold” for each point of size it is larger than the enemy fleet. When engaged in battle. The Nuclear Missile travels by boosting into the upper atmosphere. When two fleets occupy the same sector. bombers. until all have moved. or armies) need to measure time and space in much broader scales than individual ships would. large fleet battles are resolved in a more abstract way. Those who have BASH! Fantasy Edition will note that these mass combat rules are different from those presented in that book. Mind represents the destructive firepower of a fleet. How big a sector is depends on the setting and the scale set by the Narrator. a fleet may choose to forgo its ability to counterattack in order to disengage the enemy and retreat (by beating the enemy commander in a Military/Tactics contest). Everything within 2 Miles of the blast radius takes x10 Dmg twice. In this way. and planning their own movement accordingly. but the fleets will be separated. to the edge of the blast radius only takes x10 Dmg. Time. from 1 (a very tiny flotilla) to 10 (a massive armada of epic proportions). and other support vehicles. This enables the better commander to gain tactical advantage. and cannot take damage until they again move to engage one another. Thus. Damage is resolved simultaneously. week. A fleet’s Agility represents how fast it can move as a group. People in special bunkers may be completely unharmed.

so the enemy cannot benefit from its resources—but these resources do not automatically go to the blockading fleet. or increase its own Breach Threshold by 10 for that engagement. the Heroes fleet will get a +10 total result bonus to damage dealt to the enemy fleet. Alternately. Victory here will cause a chain reaction to the enemy fleet. if the Heroes or Villains are in a fleet that has suffered a Breach under enemy attack. Instead of using the bonus for damage or resisting damage. A fleet holding more than 10 planets has no special advantage over one with 10—but it does have redundant sources of supply should any of their planets fall to an enemy. Essentially. which in the end serves the same purpose. The result will be that for that engagement. up to a maximum of its currently controlled planets. Attack/Defend Critical Position: By engaging the enemy along with their fleet. This means that if a fleet of size 5 were damaged. A 20 or less indicates a serious hit. the Narrator could simply describe the impact of the Heroes actions without rolling the results of the actual battle—this is just to give the Narrator options. How long this effect lasts is up to the Narrator—but likely will only make a difference until the next major engagement. These serve as a fleet’s base of supply. In this situation. or to maintain their own. and knocked down to size 4. Winning control of the planet requires that an army be placed on the planet to wrest it from the enemy army (See “Mass Combat on Planet” page 82). Anything above a 30 means the ship was totally undamaged. Ports and Planets If you are keeping track of long-term strategic goals. To do so. every 5 planets under your control can build a new strength 1 fleet every turn—but you cannot have more total fleet strength than the total number of planets you control. after taking damage dealt by the attacking fleet. adding double the points in this power to the total result of the Command roll. A fleet may choose to disengage the enemy in lieu of attacking. Below are some options for how the actions of a few Heroes (or Villains) can affect the mechanics of fleet combat. the fleet weakens. Note that this does not mean that a size 10 fleet will only control 10 or so planets (or ports). A successful mission will result in penalties to the enemy fleet commander’s Military/Command roll to increase the size of their fleet. fleets will need to maintain zones of control over various planets or ports (or other regions of great importance). A 10 or less indicates that the ship was badly damaged. A fleet must control a number of planets (or ports) equal to its own size or it will be unable to replace lost men and equipment. A larger scale simply means that each sector contains more planets. the fleet commander must defeat the enemy commander in a Military/Tactics contest. Also. x2 damage. Likewise. be sure to see what happens to the characters inside. If this mission is successful. Supply/Communications: Heroes may be needed to disrupt enemy communications or supply lines. The Narrator should set this up as a battle between a handful of individual ships. a navy with 14 planets could have a size 10 fleet and a size 4 fleet. Of course. which could hold the key to victory for their side. the planet itself will be protected by an enemy army. VEHICLES AND WARFARE Impact of and on Heroes & Villains How can a handful of Heroes impact such massive battles? What they may or may not realize is that their missions are of vital strategic importance to their side. Even if the planet is not defended by an enemy fleet. or two size 7 fleets. Depending on how key these communications relays are. Additionally. The difficulty of the check is 5 times the fleet’s current size. There may be 100 habitable planets in a sector granting supplies to a fleet—but one of those planets is the key to controlling all of them (think of it like a capital city). or prevent such penalties from befalling their fleet. and as their control over planets (or ports) diminishes. the Heroes will be engaging the enemy at a key location. Maintaining control of a planet (and access to its resources) requires first being able to place a fleet in its sector. This will succeed only if a Military/Command (or other skill that grants the Command specialization) check is made to succeed in motivating enough new men. supplies. as they are able to make use of this intelligence to plan their movements. the Heroes can contribute to the fleet’s overall success in battle. and took x8 damage (size does not figure into this). Of course. this can be used to prevent the enemy from outmaneuvering your fleet. as the Heroes ships are able to punch through—or hold the line against a similar assault by the enemy. It means that it will have 10 or so systems that are of major strategic importance that would be a devastating loss. until a new communications station or supply source is built or another one taken back or repaired.Fleets resolve attacks simultaneously. or any other combination of 14 to make maximum use of available resources. If this damage results in a Hull Breach. a mission might be to give the enemy false intelligence. it would do its damage as if it were size 5 during its retaliation to the enemy. when fleets have disengaged. Intel: Heroes may embark on missions in order to gain Intelligence regarding the movements and plans of enemy fleets. If successful. these effects could last for several turns. their side’s fleets will be considered automatically under a better commander. they roll their ship’s Highest stat to see if it took damage. it can be used to automatically allow one’s fleet to successfully disengage or prevent the enemy from doing so—without the fleet commander having to roll a Tactics contest with the enemy. x4 damage. Inspiring Leadership will aid the commander in making this check. the fleet is able to pull away. 81 . and equipment to be issued. A 30 or less is a scratch. taking place with the rest of the fleet battle going on in the background. they may return a portion of their number to a planet (or port in the case of sea vessels) in order to regain what was lost—increasing the fleet 1 size. This effectively blockades that planet.

but cannot move through any terrain other than ocean sectors. Swamp. but of support vehicles as well—tanks. it is possible for the fleet to fight much more effectively against the enemy. Terrain Type Movement Cost/Sector Plains Desert Hills Mountains Swamp Forest/Jungle Snow 1 2 2 3 3 2 +1 to existing type Cover Bonus 0 0 +5 +10 +5 +5 +0 Mass Combat on Planets Combats between land-based armies can be resolved the same as fleets of starships. A map drawn to represent the boundaries where the conflict is taking place will likely have sectors containing mountains. such as terrain. as is the bonus to that army’s “breach threshold” to resist damage. Stats work mostly the same for armies as they do for fleets. giving them a +2 Mind for damage rolls OR +2 Brawn for resisting enemy attack or a +1 to each. An army has a damage multiplier equal to its Mind+2. Brawn represents how resilient an army is to damage. but are still damaged by counter-attack as normal). The rules for resolving damage work the same as well. An army is assumed to be made up not only of soldiers. Thus. and can continue to move after they engage an enemy (assuming they have movement left over. and a 10 being an army of massive proportions. it is in the interest of an air-force to strike first and to position itself away from enemy attacks. but cannot end their movement in Hills. granting a +5 bonus per point of size larger than the enemy army engaged. If this mission succeeds. which are difficult or impossible for an army to move through. The cost for moving through a sector of terrain is listed on the chart below. any size advantage an attacked army has grants a +5 bonus to that army’s Breach Threshold. rated from 1-5. etc. Different terrains also provide varying degrees of protection to armies. Ocean sectors can only be passed by fleets of sea-going ships. walkers—or whatever else is appropriate to the setting. or oceans. and sets its Breach Threshold. Attacks that do less damage than an army’s Breach Threshold do only incidental damage to the army. Airforces engaged by ground forces take double damage. Likewise. Sea vehicles can carry an army of equal their own size and drop them off when adjacent to land. An army reduced to size 0 is destroyed. They also gain no benefit from cover provided by the terrain. jeeps. prototypes. A “3” is considered an “average” number for each stat. deserts.CHAPTER FOUR Steal/Recover Plans: By stealing enemy plans. or by flying vehicles. there are some other factors to consider. Ocean. Mountains. Army sizes are ranked from 1-10. as mountains provide more cover than an open plain. Agility represents how many sectors an army can move each turn. However. “Armies” of flying vehicles can pass over any terrain with no increase in movement cost. or Forest/Jungle terrain. a 1 being a miserable company. 82 . as they are essentially being attacked with their planes still on the landing strip. the next 3 major engagements will give the Heroes side a big advantage. and can carry a maximum army equal to half their size. with 5 being an “average” sized army. Attacks that do more damage than the army’s Breach Threshold cause the army to shrink in size by 1. Air-forces move 2 sectors per point of Agility. An army with major technological gaps against their opponents will likely have lower stats than the higher tech opponent. and Mind is the baseline for how much damage an army does.


The Narrator can add to or alter the listed skills if so desired. and creatures of this size have no entry for size. Mutants. the minions should outnumber the Heroes (by a factor based on DLs as a rough guideline). This indicates that this type of creature can be a Villain/ Hero as well. it does not go into enough depth to cover “ordinary” alien beasts. If a monster’s DL is too low for the Heroes to fight. Skills are listed when it is likely to matter. -2 being about the size of a cat. some are rather pleasant to look at. Human size is size 0. adding a negative number is the same as subtraction. 84 . if the Narrator so chooses (usually a mastermind. Creatures larger than humans are sized 1. Thus a seasoned Hero who spent 30 XP would have a DL of 25. A Heroes DL is 10+ half the Hero’s spent XP. 3. Danger Level: In order for the Narrator to decide what threats the Heroes can handle. Size has been taken into account when listing the damage soaking and average attack and average defense of creatures. the term monster is used very loosely. Maybe your little alien bunny rabbit just happens to have a deadly electric shock! Several of the creatures detailed below were made in a similar fashion. All you have to make up is essentially what it looks like. each size much larger than the previous one. Example: A size 3 creature has +3 Dice bonus on all Brawn rolls. While this section covers exotic alien life. Each point of powers adds 1 to the DL of a monster. Each point of size is likewise a Dice penalty Agility rolls (which affects average attack and average defense accordingly). you can likewise take away powers. but some are Villains (or possibly Heroes). Not all things listed below are hideous beasts. and -3 being about 6” in circumference. we mean “creatures/ people that Heroes may encounter on their adventures” and it includes guards. These creatures need not be aliens—maybe they are the result of hideous mutations or genetic experiments. and some are even human. Energy Cost (EC): When a power costs energy to use. all Starship Captains have the Starship Operations skill. one per Hero should be a challenging fight.Stat total+ Powers total+ Size+ (1/10th Hits -5). For instance. letting it attack and defend better. The use of the word “alien” here is simply to demonstrate that these things are not of this world… yet. Notice that some descriptions might say “40 Hits if minion”. and up. Simply adding the name of the planet the creature hails from as a prefix might even do in a pinch (oh no! The dreaded Venusian Fire Dragon! Everybody run!). it does get a +3 Dice bonus on all Agility dice rolls. Each point of size a monster has adds a Dice bonus to its Brawn rolls (except damage) and adds a 5 TR bonus to its damage rolls and soak. Using an animal from the real world as a template is a great way to create and run alien animals on the fly. You can also take creatures from BASH! Fantasy or other BASH! supplements. Smaller creatures have their size represented by negative numbers. A negative damage soak is possible. However. Aliens. -10 to its damage soaked and damage dealt with each hit. A Hero’s DL is figured differently. +15 to its damage soak and damage dealt with each hit.CHAPTER FIVE Chapter 5: Aliens & Adversaries Here. If you just have to make use of a docile alien animal. Don’t worry about having to do this— we computed the results for each monster for you! The DL of a monster is compared to the Heroes’ DL to determine the range of creatures the Heroes should be able to cope with. Its diet. Size: Size is a measurement of how large or small a creature is compared to a human. war droids. It also suffers a -3 Dice penalty on all Agility dice rolls. regardless of their size. including attacks and defense. just remember to use what you know. A size -2 creature has -2 Dice penalty on all Brawn rolls. If a minion’s DL is less. All creatures have a pool of 10 energy. Remember. If the minion’s DL is equal or higher than the Heroes. or dangerous creatures you may find on other worlds. By monster. meaning the creature takes extra damage each time it is hit. If the villain’s DL is within 10 of the Heroes’ it should be a fair fight. it is listed next to the power’s description. If you want to make a weaker monster. A DL 16 Hero could fight three DL 5 minions. and various other things. furbles. which subtract 1 DL per point. How they came to be in your game is up to you. unusual. You can also use this design philosophy to create many “monstrous” aliens by taking an Earth animal and adding a fantastic quality to it. This number is figured by the following formula. and simply change their names and appearance to be more fitting to a science fiction setting. behavior. Many creatures listed below are minions. like alien equivalents of rabbits. and Monsters This section details strange. you can always add powers to make it a more worthy challenge. possibly with several more creatures of the same type rated as minions working for him/her). or are universal for the being listed. with a size -1 creature being roughly half the size of a person. but negative damage dealt is impossible—the minimum damage an attack does is 0. each monster is assigned a danger level. mainly because there is little likelihood that the Narrator will need the stats of such creatures. indeed. for instance. subtracting a negative number is the same as addition. 2. and habitat could just be the same as its Earth counterpart. or if they are a minion.

Disadvantage: Environmental Frailty: Heat. they do seem to have a weakness to flame. bat-like beasts from a cold world with a dense atmosphere. their mouths and eyes look more like that of an insect than a bear. Brhinox are used by primitive aliens as beasts of burden or war machines. and irate tempers have given rise to the name Bear-Bats. it eats its way out of the living host! Adults reproduce asexually. When they smell a likely meal. or throw it into its mouth. they do have some primitive sentience. When it becomes large enough. Its arms end in enormous claws. When not in a reproductive phase. serrated blade arms. it bursts out of its body. The claw titan’s face has four black eyes and a gaping maw full of teeth. rubbery hide gives them good protection. 100 Hits/30 Soak B5 A3 M1 Running 1 (12 squares) +1DM to horn attacks with a running start Paired Weapons (hoof stomp) 1EC Toughness 3 +30 Soak Keen Hearing x4 Horn x7 Dmg Hooves x6 Dmg Advantages: Fearless. Though they are herbivores. which grows to be a baby alien predator beast. they are extremely territorial and violent. Their size. they swoop down and pounce upon it with their claws and mandibles. x3 continual damage (5 EC) Swift strike (Bite or Tail spike) 2 EC Paired Weapons (Blade Arms) 1 EC Healing x1 (1 EC) Keen Senses (Scent) x4 Skills: Stealth+1/Hiding. which it can use to grab prey and crush it. even against blaster fire. Bear-Bat Size 1 Claw Titan Size 3 DL 16 Bear-Bats are large. their great size has gifted them with incredible strength. They are voracious eaters. A Brhinox will charge anything it perceives as a threat—which amounts to just about anything. The egg gestates for 2 days. Radius 1. However. They reproduce by using their tail spike to inject prey with an egg. They are nocturnal. Outdoor/Tracking Bite x6 dmg Arm Blades x5 dmg Tail Spike x5 dmg and possible injection with egg. Their tough. and their bodies have numerous natural weapons and defenses. in a matter of hours. When the host reaches 0 hits. 85 . Athlete/Jumping. rubbery hide and three massive horns—one on its nose. You just may have an Alien Predator Beast aboard! These monsters reach adulthood very quickly. B4 A3 M1 Chitinous Shell: Toughness 3 +30 Soak Acid Spray: Range 5. Despite this environment. tail spike. hoofed herbivore has red. Sometimes. be very careful what you pick up. and Brhinox fighting can be a popular arena sport. Blaze of Glory Disadvantage: Berserk 100 Hits/35 Soak Paired Weapons (Claws only) EC1 Fly (9 squares) Toughness 1 +10 Soak Bite Tech. and two curving forward from the side of its earless head. B5 A3 M1 Ave Atk 18 Ave Def 18 Claw Titans are enormous creatures from a low gravity world. producing 1 egg every 2 months or so. Very few predators are daring (or foolish) enough to enter the territory of a Brhinox. adults will attack any living thing in order to eat it. However. Though in the wild. teeth. +1DM Keen Smell x4 Claws x6 Dmg Bite x8 Dmg 50 Hits/15 Soak Brhinox Size 1 DL 20 This large. flying through the night on bat-like wings. shaggy fur. and a black chitinous shell that protects them from even blaster fire. The egg is fertilized when it is injected into a host. doing x5 continual damage. Acidic spit. Claw Titans seem to be brutish. then begins eating its way out.ALIENS AND ADVERSARIES Alien Predator Beast DL 26 When taking rock samples from an unknown world.

it has evolved a mind powerful enough to use psionics in order to make it nearly undetectable when it wishes. preferring to slay their enemies with vicious swords while uttering blood-curdling screams. This chirp is so loud it can be heard for miles. +1 Hit. Survivors are only spared to be tortured later.CHAPTER FIVE Young Claw Titans can be trained to follow commands. blue. Its long. 30 Hits (20 Reckless Might) Doom Hopper Size -1 DL 14 The Doom Hopper is an alien arthropod. and it is rumored. All attempts at communication have failed. this 3-4 foot long monstrosity has a voracious appetite for blood. B4 A2 M3 Paired Weapons (Claws) 1 EC Running 1 (16 Squares of movement) +1DM to attacks made with a running start Invisibility 3 (30 Mind check to see it until it attacks) 3 EC Tail Technique +2DM Claws x5 Dmg Bite x6 Dmg Tail x8 Dmg. Nobody has ever seen a Dune Raider without their robes. resembling a giant. alien. Environmental Endurance: Heat Disadvantage: Berserk. They only use blasters as a last resort. however (-4 Dice penalty to Defense rolls. Range 20. dropping average defense to 12). the Dune Raiders have no relations with any other sentient race—they know only slaughter. alien. both due to their savagery and their seeming inability to speak an intelligible language. Doom Hoppers attack by one of two methods. and they will mercilessly attack any non-Dune Raider they see. Against a single target. B2 A3 M1 Clinging Ave Atk 24 Ave Def 24 (12 when feeding) Leap (8 squares) +1DM to attacks made when leaping Dune Raider Chief B3 A2 M1 DL20 Reckless Might (Boosts Brawn to 3) Sword Tech. Victim takes x4 continual damage. Stealth/Hiding. +1DM Paired Weapon Fighting Break Weapon Skillful Mind Shield 3 (x7 Mental Defense) Their minds are chaotic. and hard to understand. and the eyes and mouth are protected by a mask. During Spring. it will leap onto it. These garments cover every inch of the body. EC 5. Reach 2 Skills: Stealth/Prowl. with a Radius 3. They often are seen riding Sand Runners. Bite x4 Dmg 20 Hits/5 Soak Dune Raiders DL10 Cloaked Stalker DL 20 This hyena-like creature is native to dense jungles and preys on the unsuspecting. and psionics can be used to communicate with them. Blaster Carbine x5 Dmg. eaten. Outdoor/Tracking 100 Hits A barbaric people inhabiting a great desert. as they travel in swarms. However. reduces Hits to 20) Sword Tech. the Doom Hopper will use its shrill sonic chirp to confuse the prey when it pounces in. mace-like tail can be used to strike prey from a distance. Sonic Chirp: acts as the Confusion power. and hard to understand. If the beast is especially hungry. violent xenophobia drives them to fits of madness. The effects of the chirp last a maximum of 3 pages. Their extreme. +1 Hit. Athlete/Climb. Though it is in fact. Land Animal Riding/ Galloping Equipment: Sword x5 Dmg (x6 Reckless Might). +1DM Skillful Mind Shield 3 (x7 Mental Defense) Their minds are chaotic. four-legged grasshopper. Doom Hoppers become even more dangerous. 86 . seemingly from nowhere and begin to siphon blood from the pinned target using a pair of hollow fangs. Doom Hoppers are especially vulnerable when feeding in this way. Inhuman Voice Skills: Outdoor+2/Survival. and the nearest food is in a group. B2 A2 M1 Ave Atk 14 (21 sword) Ave Def 14 Reckless Might (Boosts Brawn to 3. a non-sentient animal. however. B5 A3 M1 Toughness 2 +20 Soak Paired Weapons (claws) 1EC Swift Strike (bite) 2EC Claws do x6 dmg +15 (size) Bite does x7 dmg +15 (size) 50 Hits (if minion)/35 Soak Carapace grants +10 Soak Blood Siphon: Must strike with Bite first. Victims have a -4 Dice penalty on all Agility rolls if they fail a x3 Mind contest. The sparse technology that they have is collected from wreckage and their victims’ bodies.

Often. and the chase begins. (enhancement: within 24 hours a duplicated Furble can make duplicates of itself. Furbles can ruin life aboard a starship. Range 20. they have no eyes. and as a result. white. with the roaring beast charging the prey. furbles can find food anywhere! Needless to say. Inhuman Voice Skills: Outdoor+2/Survival. Entangled prey is automatically bitten next page. if properly managed. as this is how the species reproduces). which is featureless save for a massive maw filled with rows of teeth and a prehensile tongue. They navigate by an inexplicable ability to “feel” their surroundings. Land Animal Riding/ Galloping Equipment: Two Swords x5 Dmg (x6 Reckless Might). carnivore that resembles a cross between a gorilla and a polar bear. Jaw monsters live low enough in the tree canopy that they do not have any sunlight. Because of their reality warping abilities. Omnipotent Entities such as this can have personalities ranging from benevolent. that it can literally bend reality to its will (but some entities of this type may be limited to doing so on their own planet). and to keep unconscious prey on ice. In addition to great strength. A Jaw monster has two massive clawed legs. Stealth/Hiding. By consuming a very small amount of food. It also has a massive head. creatures that stray too far below the tree canopy find themselves being chased by massive predators like the Jaw Monster. 87 . there is no “set” appearance for these creatures—they take on a form of their own choosing—though this often emulates the form of the species they are interacting with. usually 0 DL Unlimited This sentient alien has evolved so much power. B5 A2 M1 Toughness 1 +10 Soak Paired Weapons (claws) 1EC Swift Strike (bite) 2EC Cryokinesis 1 1EC Environmental Endurance: Cold Omnipotent Entity Size between -3 and 3. the Ice Beast has some minor psionic ability to manipulate ice. B5 A3 M1 Ave Def 15 Clinging Running 2 (15 squares) +1DM to attacks while running Toughness 2 +20 Soak Super Senses: Feel Surroundings Appendage (tongue) Stretching 3 (tongue only) Entangle (with tongue) Tongue Reach 3. they can reproduce several times a day. Furbles also eat any dead matter—animal or vegetable they can find. furbles can ensure a continuous supply of food—as long as the crew are not picky eaters! B1 A1 M1 Duplication—this power allows a Furble to make a duplicate of itself once every hour. Furbles are a spherical fuzzy species with a metabolism that is incredibly fast. 100 Hits ALIENS AND ADVERSARIES Disadvantage: Environmental Frailty: Heat 40 Hits/15 Soak Jaw Monster Size 2 DL 21 Jaw Monsters are native to a jungle environment where the trees are several miles tall. A Furble reaches full maturity within a day. but rather. and teeth. used to Entangle. and a food source by others. Bite x7 dmg (+10 from size) 50 Hits/30 Soak Ave Atk 15 Furbles Size -3 DL-1 Considered a plague by some. They will suck on carpets to feast on dust-mites and dead skin cells—in other words. 10 Hits Ice Beast Size 1 The Ice Beast is a shaggy. Any vibration in the tree or air is felt by a Jaw Monster. claws. It does not usually use this to attack. enough Furbles will form to fill an entire cargo bay.Environmental Endurance: Heat Disadvantage: Berserk. that are strong and sharp enough to allow it to run up and down the trunks of the trees where they live. Blaster Carbine x5 Dmg. and are crippling to merchants who find their stores have been eaten by them! On the other hand. to shape its den. Within a week. These duplicates are permanent.

This ghost-form has no substance. Omnipotent Entities are not to be trifled with. instantaneously transporting people or starships across time and space.CHAPTER FIVE to indifferent. Energy Blade. Phase Wraith DL 41 Among the most horrifying creatures to inhabit the galaxy. create earthquakes. all dressed up as the Three Musketeers. If the Heroes can “beat” the game. Curious or Sadistic entities might treat humans or other “lesser” beings in the same manner as a child treats an insect. or fire. Heroes beat an omnipotent entity by simply surviving any weirdness it puts them through. trick it. possessing them. and even sadistic. Indifferent entities only wish to be left alone. When a Phase Wraith uses its Mind Control ability. Usually. If the Entity is indifferent. with the Entity starring as Cardinal Richelieu. To make up for its limited ability to interact with our world. and may use deadly force to maintain their solitude. but often these games will be deadly. making any high technology useless when they wish to—this can cause ships in orbit to lose power. alive). prove their worth. An example of a “game” would be if the Entity transported the Heroes to a pre-industrial pocket dimension. they exist in “phase”. Another impressive ability is their Awareness. An Omnipotent Entity has an unlimited supply of energy. when dealing with stellar vessels. a ghost-like form. in such a story. draining 2EC per page it remains solid. the Entity may let them leave. as well as the ability to duplicate any Alien power or even Mechanical Powers it chooses. The stats and powers listed below are by no means the limits of what an Omnipotent Entity has. In addition to these powers. Phase Wraiths have very powerful psionic abilities. as well as everything in orbit of that planet. and can pass through solid objects. They have also held people hostage. or even kill with a thought. Solid weapons. however. encounters with an Omnipotent Entity should never be meant to result in actual combat! The Entity might feign interest in the fight for a time. they have the mentality of a spoiled. The Heroes have become its new pets or toys. however. blasters to cease functioning. and they are also strangely vulnerable to EMPs (just as if they were machines. the parents show up just in time to stop their child from doing something horrible to the Heroes. In any case. bratty 8-year old. A phase wraith is capable of temporarily manifesting itself physically in our world. They also have a very potent ability called Nullification. but when the game became boring it could snap its fingers and vaporize one of the foes (perhaps an unnamed ensign in a red shirt). or altering reality to put the Heroes in a situation from which there is only one means of escape. or figure out something it wants that they can provide. Especially evil phase ghosts have been known to use these abilities to sabotage ships or even cause mutinies (for instance. Benevolent entities may be sworn protectors of a certain planet or its people. by possessing the captain of a starship and ordering the helmsman to pilot it into a star). While they may have a supragenius intellect. Omnipotent Entities are aware of everything that happens on the planet or pocket dimension they are on. This is especially humorous if the Heroes are from alien cultures and never read Dumas’ work! A common plot involving Curious or Sadistic Entities is that they are immature versions of the species. Phase Wraiths are malevolent alien intelligences that only partially exist in our own reality. but doing so is very tiring to the creature. encounters with Omnipotent Entities are intended as role-playing encounters. even though they are in fact. Omnipotent Entities can Warp Reality. Instead. including Telekinesis and Mind Control. to curious. the Narrator should have some sort of Achilles’ Heel in place that the Heroes must discover and exploit. An Omnipotent Entity is even capable of emulating starship powers. Omnipotent Entities do not bother with mundane powers. Usually. as their powers can cripple starships. resembling any culture it desires. Often. and vice-versa. like a blaster. you do not need to keep track of energy costs for their powers. by answering its questions. An Omnipotent Entity has every Psionic power in the game. or guarding a planet that the Heroes must get to. they are a guideline of the powers that the entity is likely to use. it may force the Heroes to entertain it. it actually phases itself into the living body of the subject it is controlling. If the Heroes for some reason must be in direct conflict with an Omnipotent Entity. pretending to dodge attacks or even be wounded. but they are still vulnerable to high energy attacks. Instead. B5 A5 M5 Awareness Warp Reality Nullification Electro/Pyro/Cryo-Kinesis 5 (variable) Daze 5 (variable) Confusion 5 (variable) Omni-Linguist Telepathy Damage Aura 5 ??? Hits/??? Soak Depends on its mood. they may have to find some way to talk their way past it. Force Fields affect them normally. Sadistic entities may also make games for the Heroes. As a result. With such potent abilities. by possessing their bodies and threatening to harm themselves unless their demands are met. B1 A2 M4 88 . An Omnipotent Entity can use its powers on anything it is Aware of. creating unique “pocket dimensions” populated by whatever the Entity wishes. as well as psionics. In order to “win” the Heroes would have to foil the plot of the Lady De Winter. or even medical equipment to fail. and as such. such as bullets or vibroblades will not hurt a phase wraith in this form. If the Entity is curious. and are viewed by them as “gods”.

Healing 3. There is no range—they seem to do it with their hands) 100 Hits ALIENS AND ADVERSARIES Disadvantage: Environmental Frailty: Heat 30 Hits/15 Soak. They can also emit a hypnotic dazing effect to lull victims to stand still to be devoured. they are both feared and prized as spies and assassins. A Razor Cat is capable of amazingly long jumps. with its ability to become a large. They can blast a keening sound that agitates the victim’s very molecules. and prey on anything that moves into their caves or near them. which it uses to catch prey by surprise. They run on two powerful legs.Phasing (see above) 2EC to become solid Telekinesis 4 Hovering (they can have this power even though it is on the mechanical powers list. They are omnivores. Radius 1. -2 penalty) 3EC Illusion 3 (This power only works when phased out) 2EC Invisibility 3 (This power only works when phased out) 2EC Omni-Linguist Suggestion Mind Control (when using this power. Stealth+1/Hide. Cost: 5000 Credits Shifter Size 0 DL 30 Shifters are creatures with a very strange body. however. If they become solid. A discovered shifter is almost as deadly. Stretching 2. they are often used by the indigenous peoples of these tundras as riding animals. using its giant fangs to cut the neck. snarling beast. dinosaur-like creatures that live in some of the most unforgiving deserts. Outdoor/Tracking 50 Hits/5 Soak Snow striders are large. A Razor Cat usually hides in the brush. each about the size of a dog. and will eat animal feed. For this reason. They can change shape at will—become other creatures or even other people or objects entirely. B3 A3 M1 Ave Atk 18 Ave Def 18 Toughness 1: +10 soak damage Running 3 (18 squares) (Rider gains +1DM if making a hand to hand attack from a running animal) Environmental Endurance: Cold Disadvantage: Environmental Frailty: Heat 30 Hits/15 Soak. Radius 1 4EC Super Sense: Echolocation—Sonic bats don’t need to see. causing serious burns with sound. Natural Weapons. B4 A3 M1 Ave Atk 18 Ave Def 18 Leap (16 squqres) +1DM to Bite after leap Running 2 (15 squares) +1DM attacks after running Paired Weapons (Claws) Bite x6 Dmg Claws x5 Dmg Skills: Athlete/Jumping. B3 A3 M2 Shape-Shifter. Sonic Stun: Daze Range 5. Flying x3 10 Hits/-5 Soak 89 . Changeling 100 Hits Snow Strider Size 1 DL 12 Size 1 DL 8 Razor Cat This green furred animal resembles a saber-tooth tiger with a great column of spines running down its back. or even turn its hands into knives or spears. they are much larger than ordinary bats. they use echolocation to find their prey. but only when phased out. and have a long neck. Radius 1. B3 A3 M1 Ave Atk 18 Ave Def 18 Toughness 1: +10 soak damage Running 3 (18 squares) (Rider gains +1DM if making a hand to hand attack from a running animal) Bite does x5 Dmg Environmental Endurance: Cold Whether these beasts are bat-like alien animals or mutated bats from the future. they lose this power) 10 squares Keening Wail: Confusion (Range 5. B1 A3 M2 Ave Atk 24 Ave Def 24 Bite does x2 dmg Sonic Scream: Range 5. +2DM (x4dmg) 4EC. Mimic. in the wild they run in packs and attack just about anything for food. Cost: 5000 Credits Sonic-Bats Size -1 DL 14 Sand Runner Size 1 DL 8 Sand Runners are large. ostrich-like animals that live in frozen wastes. Clinging. They are carnivorous. Though they can be tamed for riding by desert peoples. and leaps on top of its prey. it actually possesses the victim’s body) Telekinetic Crush 4 (x4 Continual Damage. Hardy and tamable.

B4 A3 M1 Long Legs: Stretching 1 (3 square reach with limb spikes) Extra Arms (spikes) Swift Strike EC 2 Chitinous Shell: Armored Body 2 +20 Soak Spike x6 Dmg Bite x4 Dmg 100 Hits/30 Soak Swarm Flight Leader B2 A3 M2 Fly (9 squares) Medium Armor Familiarity Blaster Pistol Tech. and eventually overpowered the visitors. +1DM Equipment: Vibroblade (x7 Dmg) 100 Hits/25 Soak The Swarm Long ago. A Tentacle worm has 5 tentacles that it can lash out at prey individually (behaving as 5 separate minions). blaster pistol (Range 10. and its tentacles. A Commander of the Swarm is the only one encountered that is capable of truly independent thought. barbaric. Who this race was is unknown. The hive has three levels of Swarm—the Drone— mindless workers/warriors. they came in waves. but still submissive to the authority of the Commander. x6 dmg). They have no visual organs. It uses these tentacles to crush prey and electrocute it. After “convincing” their scientists to repair the ship. each in charge of their own section of hive. The other swarm members heed his commands. Its massive legs end in sharp spikes. but their unusual sensory abilities more than make up for this. and took his people into the stars—to pillage new worlds and enslave new civilizations! When the Swarm are encountered. Very large colonies of Swarm will have several Commanders. blaster carbine (Range 20. Then. Despite superior weapons destroying Swarm by the thousands. and Medium Body Armor Disadvantage: Slave Mind 30 Hits/25 Soak Swarm Commander Size -1 DL B3 A3 M2 Fly (9 squares) Medium Armor Familiarity Blaster Pistol Tech. and took over the ship. the Flight Leader. Its body is capable of lurking below the surface while it sends the tentacles above to procure prey. +2 DM Off-Hand Pistol Vibroblade Tech. the race known as the Swarm was a small. a more intelligent member of the colony placed in charge of several Drones. they are often organized as a colony or hive. and as a result they were embroiled in constant civil war. Their planet was low in natural resources. They sense the presence of prey on the surface by feeling vibrations in the earth. x5 dmg). a star-faring people stopped on their planet for repairs. and light armor Disadvantage: Slave Mind 10 Hits/15 Soak 90 . Using the ground for cover. this gigantic worm lashes out at its prey using massive tentacles that serve as its tongue.CHAPTER FIVE Spike Strider Size 2 DL 21 This six limbed beast resembles a cross between a preying mantis and a dinosaur. used to spear its prey before devouring it. and will die defending him. due to the voracious demands of the Swarm. the Swarm king dispatched him. it can make killing the body very difficult. but they were soon set upon by the Swarm. Body Size 4 B5 A1 M1 Keen Senses: Touch (x4) Super Senses: Vibration—it can sense the presence of anything touching the ground Super-Dense Hide gives it +30 soak Tunneling 5 (15 squares) Bite does x7 Dmg (+20 for size) 100 Hits/50 Soak Tentacles Size 1 B3 A3 M1 Swarm Drone B2 A2 M1 Fly (6 squares) Light Armor Familiarity Size -1 DL 4 Typically carries a vibroblade (x5 damage). +1DM Off-Hand Pistol Size -1 DL 12 Ave Atk 24 (18 w/ offhand pistol) Ave Def 24 Equipment: vibroblade (x5 damage). The Tentacle Worm is written up as two parts—the main body. Tentacle Worm A subterranean beast of immense size and power. primitive insectoid people.

despite the Mind of 1) 4 EC Tusk x7 Dmg Trample x8 Dmg (only x1 to hit) Affects all in a line 4 squares long. Healing 4 EC 4. They can also use them to hurl enemies up into the air (just as the martial arts “throw” maneuver). Despite its vegetarian diet. +1 Hit (x3) Bony Hide gives +30 Soak Acid Blood x4 Continual Damage Radius 1 Tunneling 3 (5 squares) Bite x8 Dmg +10. 2 squares wide. Running 2 (15 squares). however. Radius 1 (this is done at x3 multiplier. the slug waits for its body to decompose and eats the rotting flesh. there are some mercenaries stu… brave enough to take them on. rubbery skin. Even the subtle movement of a sleeping person attracts their attention. roots. Thunder beasts get their name for their thunderous bellow. often dropping from above. but their highly caustic acidic blood. Luckily. is to simply trample opponents. a Thunder Beast will charge a foe with these tusks. Cling. They especially enjoy eating sentient life-forms. berries. Viper Slugs will attack things many times larger than themselves. its mouth houses a pair of giant tusks that jut up from the lower jaw. B2 A3 M1 Powers: Rubbery Skin +10 Soak. The Thunder Beast roams grasslands. which can daze those who get too close (allowing it to trample them). but react to movement. or protecting its young. B5 A2 M1 Toughness 1 +10 Soak Running 2 (10 squares) +1DM to attacks made while running Thunder Bellow: Daze Range 5. the Tunnel Devil is one of the most hated beasts in the galaxy. Viper Slugs do not seem to have any eyes. six powerful legs. Claws x6 Dmg +10 100 Hits/40 Soak Unstoppable Gorger Size 1 DL 22 This beast resembles a huge hairless ape with green. Swift Strike (Bite) EC 2. Whenever a Tunnel Devil is wounded by an attack. and will toy with their food before eating it. Viper Slugs often hunt in family groups of 3-8. 30 Hits/15 Soak ALIENS AND ADVERSARIES Bite Tech. Disadvantage: Environmental Frailty: Heat 100 Hits Thunder Beast Size 2 DL 21 This gentle giant has a pale blue pebbly hide. which causes x4 Continual Damage! B5 A2 M1 Paired Weapons (claws) 1EC Swift Strike (Bite) 2EC This creature is prized by assassins for its deadly venom. The victim can attempt a Brawn contest every page to break free. They can subsist on nearly anything (nuts. Their most dangerous attack. Stretching 1 (arms are very long). Venomous: x4 Continual Damage 20 Hits/5 Soak 91 . bony skin and the great curved horns atop its head. Its habit of burrowing into nearby mines and eating the workers slows production to a crawl as workers refuse to go into the hole. an entangled victim is put into the worm’s mouth and bitten automatically. and seem to revel in causing pain and fear. They seem to move by gliding along a surface—far faster than a true slug or viper moves. B4 A3 M1 Extra Arms.Long Reach: 5 squares from the mouth Appendage Entangle: A tentacle that grabs someone can entangle them instead of electrocuting them. lumpy skin. Claws do x5 Dmg +5. On the following page. grazing for food. and even rocks). A viper slug has black. When threatened. or electrocuted. but they prefer more lively prey. It also has four long arms ending in wicked claws. +1 Hit (x3) +1DM Claw Tech. anyone standing within a 1 square radius of the wound must make a 20 Agility check or be sprayed with this blood. Bite does x6 Dmg +5. not only because of their teeth and claws. Leathery skin +10 Soak. and are seldom encountered alone. Though it is believed to be descended from plants. hoping to kill them. and is about 3 feet long. it is a very viscous killing machine. which the beast moves through 100 Hits/20 Soak Viper Slug Size -1 DL 10 Tunnel Devil Size 2 DL Named for its red. Electrocution: x5 dmg Toughness 1 +10 Soak Disadvantage: no movement—the tentacles are anchored to the mouth of the worm. especially by miners. They are very dangerous up close. and a giant tusked mouth. Advantage: Eat Anything. If the prey is dead.

or even if it is sheer malevolence that drives it to do so. 92 . Choke. Great Dune Worm Size 4-6 Native to a desert planet. It is unknown if it does this in order to eat the crew. Cyborgs. For this reason. Cyclone Kick). tentacled beast that somehow lives in the vacuum of space. Psionic individuals are usually chosen for this process (whether willing or not) because their danger sense ability is useful in ensuring the Cyberninja’s mission is completed. That is to say. Whether by programming or brainwashing. Great Dune Worms tunnel under the sand. but only 1 grid of reach) Propulsion: Enhanced Engines 2 (10 grids) Leviathan Fish Size 5 On some watery worlds. Colossus creatures move at 10 times the speed of an ordinary sized creature (so a Colossus with Agility 2 moves 60 squares instead of 6). Kippup. Running 1 (12 squares). They have incredible tactile senses. Damage below the Colossus’ Wound Threshold is considered incidental damage— it does not harm the creature. the Star Kraken latches onto it with its powerful tentacles. the Great Dune Worm is a very dangerous predator. These creatures have been spotted from a distance. there are places in the deep where man dare not go—for this is the domain of the Leviathan Fish—a marine beast that has survived for millions of years by consuming all things smaller than it. Vibro-Blade Technique +1DM. 10 Shuriken (x3 Dmg) range 10. The Star Kraken is a massive. it uses its Inertia as its base damage. Self-Destruct 4 (x7 dmg). Leap (8 squares). just as a ship is destroyed by suffering a like number of breaches. clawed robots of 1950s B-Movies to the completely human looking androids of modern sci-fi. there be monsters. B4 A2 M1 Wound Threshold: 45 Defense: 20 Inertia 8-10. Colossus creatures in space use movement represented in grids instead of squares (so don’t multiply by 10). a Colossus would not have the “Toughness 1” power. Cyberninja Drones are often sent on a mission under the leadership of a Cyberninja Master—which actually houses a living brain and organs within a cybernetic body. Swinging (12 squares). B4 A3 M1 Inertia 10 Wound Threshold 40 Defense: 20 Bite: Drill 2pts (+2 Inertia when attacking) Robots. somehow These robotic spies/assassins are among the deadliest ever created. Martial Arts: 2 (Punch. but would instead take the “extra armor/shields” power to represent its tough hide. and Droids Science Fiction abounds with artificial life. and are often used by unethical corporations or governments. they often are found near magnetic storms. almost seeming to swim through it. Exactly how it propels itself in vacuum is unknown (theories range from gravity control to biological thrusters). The test for when a creature should be considered a Colossus is whether or not the Narrator believes that the creature should be able to hold its own against a vehicle in combat. feed on the ship’s radiation. based on size Extra Armor 1pt Tunneling 5pts (60 squares) Super Senses: Touch Cyberninja DL: Varies Star Kraken Size 6 Deep in the black. Pressure Point. B4 A2 M1 Inertia 10 Wound Threshold 40 Defense: 20 Tentacles: Treat as Tractor Beam 3 (40 Brawn. but rather. making them potential prey. attempting to rip the ship apart. Whatever the reason.CHAPTER FIVE Colossus Creatures Some monsters are so big. Cyberninjas are completely loyal to their “employer” and if defeated will activate their self destruct sequence rather than give up any information! Cyberninja Drone DL 24 B2 A3 M2 Ave Atk 21. Ave Def 21 Speed-Wired 2 EC 2. from the bulky. For instance. work using the vehicle rules instead. and strike at it. Attack Weak Point. gravity wells. Those that do not likely have the “Cyborg” advantage instead. Star Krakens are a very dangerous threat to starships that find themselves in their clutches. but it is actually fast enough to pursue a starship moving below light speed. Built-In Weaponry 2. When a ship approaches. rather than simply using its Brawn. Invisibility 1 EC 1. Shuriken Technique +1DM. Clinging Equipment: Vibro-Blade (x6 Dmg). in the same manner as a starship’s Breach Threshold. These creatures have an inertia rating because their great size might make them resistant to tractor beams. Unless otherwise specified. It also happens to be larger than most submarines. capable of consuming an entire tank in a single bite. all the creatures listed here have the “Unliving” advantage. or even able to push a ship out of their way. that they do not function by the rules for creatures. that they don’t have hits— they die from suffering a number of wounds equal to their size. In addition to using vehicle scale for damage. Kick. Colossus creatures also use vehicle scale for movement as well as for some powers. but never seen up close by anyone who lived to tell about it. allowing them to feel any movement on the surface of the sand. and other such phenomenon in space that might cause a ship to disengage its Stardrive. uncharted regions of space. When a Colossus attacks.

Heavy Body Armor (+40 Soak) Duel Bot DL 20 Duel Bots are made to serve as sparring partners to those who practice the ancient a rt of fencing. Escapology/Ropes. a Star Knight may be tasked with the protection of a specific location (usually the site of some ancient alien artifact). Equipment: Vibroblade (x7 Dmg). and no head. These android Star Knights are all that remain or the culture that created them. Running 1 (12 squares). Self-Destruct 4 (x7 dmg). EMPs). Swift Strike 2 EC. Though they are machines. and Energy blade does x8 dmg. Clinging. Martial Arts: 3 (Punch. Athlete/Acrobatics. Star Knights are fully sentient. B1 A1 M3 Any Ave Atk 7 Ave Def 7 3 Mental Skills. +2DM. Vibroblade does x7 dmg. the Star Knights continue to do their duty. If the helmet is removed. Danger Sense. The Duel Bot is unlike most other droids because it only has 1 arm. They seek no reward or pay. Choke. Jump Kick. Pressure Point. they are not as good as a living specialist would be. Escapology/Ropes. Energy Shield. Technology. More often. Hovering (12 squares). Deception+2/Disguise Advantage: Cyborg (5/6 chance of Machinery Damage). 10 Shuriken (x4 Dmg) range 10 Skills: Stealth+1/Prowling. Head Butt). Society. other than seeing justice done. Most often they wield practice swords. B3 A2 M2 Heavy Armor Familiarity. Kippup. Science/ Repair: Computers. and are called Repair Droids. Deflect 2 (x4 Defense) Equipment: Energy Blade (x7 dmg). and are thus called Medical Droids. Science Diplomacy: Foreign Cultures. On occasion. EMP Resistance 3 (40 soak vs. Commerce 30 Hits Star Knight DL 21 An ancient order of robotic warriors was created by a benevolent empire millennia ago to uphold justice and right wrongs in the galaxy. Energy Blade Tech. Footwork (changes Ave Atk to 28 Ave Def to 14. though their programming causes them to act the part of a gallant knight. They do not serve any government. Star Knights wear heavy body armor that has been styled to look like the armor of a medieval knight. but their torso hovers about 3 feet off the ground at all times. +1 Hit. Athlete/ Acrobatics. 40 Hits/30 Soak Utility Droid DL 2 A Utility Droid is programmed to perform a specific profession. or changes Ave Atk to 14. Break Weapon. Deception+1/Disguise 30 Hits Cyberninja Master DL 42 B2 A4 M3 Speed-Wired 4 EC 4. Star Knights take on quests in order see justice and honor are satisfied. Some utility droids may be manufactured to act as doctors. while others might be used in making 93 . Shuriken Technique +2DM. Practice Sword does x6 stun. Though their old empire has long since been lost to history. Star Knights completely reject the use of blasters or other such “un-chivalrous” weapons. Leap (8 squares). claiming that justice is their only master. depending on type Medical: Biology. Invisibility 2 EC 2. and more often serve as assistants to living counterparts.ALIENS AND ADVERSARIES Skills: Stealth+1/Prowling. Disarm. Utility Droids tend to have a humanoid body type and voice. They are not made for war and are completely inept at combat. with their face covered by a visor. Cyclone Kick. Psionics 100 Hits/10 Soak repairs. There are even utility droids meant to serve as translators and go-betweens— these are Diplomacy Droids. While Utility Droids are usually capable in their chosen profession. Swinging (12 squares). Servant: Domestic+1. and also capable of emotion. Toughness 1 +10 Soak. B2 A3 M3 Ave Atk 21 Ave Def 21 Sword Tech. but they can be equipped with real blades if the owner wants to use them for security instead of practice. Physician+1. revealing its artificial nature. Vibro-Blade Technique +2DM. Unlike many other warriors in the galaxy. Ave Def 28 for 1 page) 1 EC. +1 Dmg. Toughness 3 +30 Soak. Kick. defending its secrets with their very life. Built-In Weaponry 2. Feint. the Star Knight’s metallic face is shown. which it uses to grip the sword. and instead depend on sword and shield to do their fighting (albeit modern ones). They do not have legs. Attack Weak Point.

advantages. At some point. and a second arm ending in an enormous vibroblade should any opponent be foolish enough to get close. It was thought that this would save lives in the long run.CHAPTER FIVE Advantages: Virtuous. +1Hit Toughness 3: +30 Soak Blaster Gatlin x6dmg. disadvantages. and can be modified by adding their alien powers. Juggernaut Assault Droid Size 3 DL 21 This massive war machine often leads the charge in attacks on enemy positions during ground assaults. Membership: Star Knights Disadvantages: True Grit. robots are also completely cold. B5 A2 M2 Blaster Gatlin Technique:+2 to hit (x4. without conscience. instead of being a droid. +1 Hit Blast Cannon: x7 Dmg Range 10. Radius 1 (Burst Attack =14) Blaster Carbine x6 Dmg Range 20. Equipment: Blaster Gatlin x6dmg (+15 size). 94 . Honor Bound. They have one arm that has a giant blaster gatlin mounted on it. (Burst Attack =7) Self Destruct 3 (x6 Dmg in a 1 square radius) Advantage: Unliving Disadvantage: Slave Mind 10 Hits/10 Soak Heavy Infantry Droid DL13 B4 A2 M2 Ave Atk 21 Ave Def 14 Built-In Weaponry 3 Toughness 2: +20 Soak Blast Cannon Tech. though they do not kill indiscriminately. The Cause: See Justice Done. Whether Heroes are trying to bargain with a shrewd trader or battling wave after wave of pirates. -3 Dice penalty from size) Toughness 3 +30 Soak Advantage: Unliving. and stats to the base given below. Below are listed some models of robot soldiers wrecking havoc today. They avoid civilian casualties whenever possible. Machine. Range 40. Radius 2 Vibroblade x8 Dmg +15 Size Light Infantry Droid DL5 B2 A2 M2 Toughness 1 +10 Soak Blaster Carbine x6 Dmg Range 20. these killers are extremely professional. These characters can be of any race the Narrator desires. Indeed. Radius 2 3 Light Quantum Rockets Advantage: Unliving Disadvantage: Slave Mind 40 Hits/20 Soak 100 Hits/45 Soak Sci-Fi Icons Conflict in a Science Fiction setting is not limited to Man vs. Whether working for a government or hired by a private contract. They kill without mercy or hesitation. Alternately. some scientists decided that it would be better for all if the robots served in the place of humans for military engagements. the Juggernaut may be piloted as if it were a Mecha. +1 Hit Blaster Carbine Tech. Man. and swarm on any intruders. it is important for the Narrator to have a wide array of such characters to interact with the Heroes. the most common conflict in Science Fiction is Man vs. (Burst Attack =14) Light Quantum Rocket Launcher x7 Dmg Range 30. Oath: Never use ranged weapons 100 Hits/40 Soak B3 A2 M1 Ave Atk 21 Ave Def 14 Hovering (10 squares) Force Field Emitter 3: 10 Soak 100 Hits Blaster Gatlin Tech: +1DM. Nature or Man vs. followed by waves of War Droids and Assault Droids. Range 40. Blaze of Glory Disadvantage: Slave Mind. However. Below is a collection of some of the more prolific and necessary character archetypes of science fiction. Radius 2 Keen Vision (x4) 40 Hits/30 Soak War Droids DL: Varies When robots became advanced enough to interact with humans. cultures that used robots for their armies realized this error—but for some it was too late. Assassin DL 14 DL 26 Roving Gun Droid These war machines are deployed to guard an area from enemy assaults. or restraint. as these only complicate the job and draw undue attention. They hover around their patrol route.

duelists become one with their weapon. Some criminals manage to create a virtual empire for themselves—and that empire is protected by an army. at other times. x6 Dmg 30 Hits Duelist DL 23 Where sword-fighting is still in fashion. Expert Marksman 1. Pistol Technique +2DM. Weapon Lock. Deception/ Disguise. B2 A3 M2 Martial Arts 2 (punch. Crime Lord DL 19 95 . Two Stun Grenades. Disarm. Sometimes they work for the law. Streetwise/Gather Information. One Plasma Grenade. Martial Arts 1: (Punch. the Bounty Hunter does the job for the money. Blaster Carbine Technique +1 Hit. Commerce/Bargaining. Stealth+1/Hiding. And in front of them is a garrison of slavishly loyal guards who defend them to the death. Whether it is a rapier. If you want to make non-human guards. Choke). Blaster Rifle Technique +1 Hit. Stealth/Hide. Kick. kick. there will always be duelists—people who make a reputation for themselves by their skill with a blade. x7 Dmg two-handed). Blaster Carbine Technique +1 Hit. Grapple Gun 100 Hits/20 Soak Gangster DL 7 As long as there are laws. Remember to adjust the DL accordingly. Security/Evading Alarms. Radius 1. Quick-Draw Equipment: Rapier (x4Dmg. +1DM. and eliminating competitors. of others. bartenders in sci-fi stories often serve up drinks with a side of information… for a price. Vibroknife (x4 Dmg x3 Hit) 100 Hits/10 or 20 Soak Bounty Hunter DL 21 A very common archetype of science fiction is the bounty hunter— a hired gun who tracks down fugitives. B2 A2 M3 Double Taps. Heel Stomp. Streetwise/Gather Information Equipment: Jetpack. choke. B1 A1 M2 Ave Atk 21 Ave Def 7 Blast Cannon Tech +2 Hit. B3 A3 M3 Martial Arts 3 (punch. kick. +1DM Equipment: Blaster Pistol (x6 Dmg). Feint. tracking criminals down for the reward. Skills: Athlete/Run. Quickdraw. choke. the bigger their fees can be. adapt a Merchant or Noble’s stats to suit your needs. The stats below are for a tough crime boss who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. B2 A3 M2 Light Armor Familiarity (Leather or Light Body Armor). or Energy Blade. Martial Arts 1: (Punch. x4 to hit)/Vibroblade (x6 Dmg)/Energy Blade (x6 Dmg. Driving/Control. Choke). Blaster Carbine (x6 Dmg) 20 Hits Guards DL: Varies Behind every great aristocrat. if an innocent person stands between them and elimination of the target. Charisma (x4). and also to maintain their reputation—the better it is. collecting protection money.Nevertheless. less physical crime lord. Disarm Skills: Stealth/Hiding. and often deaths. leg sweep) Light Armor Familiarity Blaster Pistol Technique: +2DM Quick-Draw Jetpack Jockey 4 (12 squares) Skills: Athletics/Aerobatics. Leather Armor(Soak 10)/ Light Body Armor (Soak 20). they work for the crime-bosses. Feint. They are also ready to defend their property with a blast cannon (or shotgun) under the bar. Athletics/Climb. Footwork. throw. In any case. should a brawl start in their establishment. Engineering/Demolitions. head-butt. Skills: Commerce. Heel Stomp. bribing authorities. Spring-Loaded Thermal Filament Vibroknife (x5 Dmg). suplex. Pierce Armor. martial block. For a softer. Footwork. knife strike. Deception/Lying Equipment: Blaster Pistol (x8 Dmg) 100 Hits Bartender DL 4 Sci-Fi bartenders run the gambit from lovable scoundrels to ornery bigots. there will be those who live outside them. there is a great woman. crime lords make their fortunes by the suffering. Pistol Technique +2DM. Investigation/Analysis Equipment: Vibroknife (x7 Dmg). vibroblade. +1DM. even the most fearsome soldiers in the galaxy are still faceless minions when facing down Heroes or Villains! The information below is regarding human guards. catch. feel free to add the abilities of other alien races to these. Equipment: Blast Cannon (kept under the bar) Range 10. Rapier (or Vibroblade or Energy Blade) Technique +1 DM +1 to hit. that person is as good as dead. Gangsters are the enforcers of these self-styled crime lords. bringing back former employees who’ve tried to quit. Vibroknife Technique +2DM. Unfortunately. Kick. In either case. pressure point). Streetwise. B2 A2 M1 Ave Atk 14 (21 w/ Carbine) Ave Def 14 Double Taps. Two Blaster Pistols (x7 Dmg). Blaster Rifle 100 Hits ALIENS AND ADVERSARIES Although they may merely see themselves as “businessmen”.

Nobles tend to be a bit detached from the societies that they represent. These stats are for a “typical” noble. Quickdraw. a merchant who sells weapons likely has Engineering/Weapons as a skill. Charisma 1 (x5). throw.CHAPTER FIVE Standard Guards B2 A2 M1 Ave Atk 14 Equipment: PDA 100 Hits (10 Hits if only a minion) DL 4 Ave Def 14 (21 vs. kick. B2 A3 M3 Offhand Pistol. the law of the central government is nowhere to be seen. B1 A1 M2 Skillful 1 Charisma (x4) Rank 2-4pts Skills: Ride/Land Animals. unarmed foes) Medium Armor Familiarity. there is an elite class of officer who protect the ship not by manning stations inside.Charisma (x5 to Social Rolls). A great leader or tyrannical warlord should probably have stats created by the Narrator. Staff or Halberd Technique +1 Hit +1DM. Stun-Staff x7 Dmg (stun) or Vibro-Lance x6 Dmg Reach 2 40 Hits/30 Soak Gunfighter DL 20 On the fringes of the civilized colonies. Target Fixation). Foreign Cultures/ Customs. Expert Marksman 3 Equipment: Two Blaster Pistols x8 Dmg. Society/Savoir Faire. who use their position to exploit their people. Martial Arts 3 (punch. +any two other skills that interest the noble 100 Hits Light Armor Familiarity. Military/Any. Veteran Pilot DL 10 B1 A3 M3 flying) Ave Atk 21 (28 flying) Ave Def 21 (28 Dogfighting 3 (Strafe. A noble who is interested in a certain field might well be made by using another icon. Athlete/Any. Any two mental skills Equipment: Blaster Pistol (x6 Dmg) 20 Hits Merchant Money makes the galaxy go round. Martial Arts 1 (punch. In either case. Loop. kick. they tend to hire bodyguards if they go anywhere dangerous. but by flying out in their small craft. Quick-Draw. martial block. Target Fixation. Keen Vision (x6 to vision checks) Skills: Pilot+1/Pursuit. etc. and Merchants are the people that ensure that it changes hands as much as possible. This icon can also be used to represent privileged members of a democratic society—celebrities. Property rights are maintained only by those who can defend it with lethal force. 20 Shots 100 Hits Pilot DL: Varies Aboard a capital starship. Merchants usually have some area of expertise—for instance. Their job is the most dangerous—and most thrilling— in the fleet. leg sweep. Quick-Draw. Commerce/Bargaining. The law of the gun says the man with the faster draw is in the right. Barrel Roll. Gunfighters are often hired to run people off their land. while one who sells food has Domestic/Cooking. throw) Blaster Pistol x4 Dmg Stun-Staff x6 Dmg (Stun) or Vibro-Lance x5 Dmg Reach 2 20 Hits/20 Soak Elite Guards B2 A2 M2 Ave Atk 21 DL 13 Ave Def 14 (21 vs. but simply adding 1pt of Skillful. Pilots tend to be cocky show-offs either to hide their fear—or because they are too foolish to have any. While merchants are not usually capable warriors. Blaster Pistol Technique +1Hit +1DM. Pistol Technique +2DM. Keen Vision (x6 to vision checks) Skills: Pilot+1/Pursuit. Society/Diplomacy. + any two or one skill at +1. despite having advanced technology and cultures. Military/Any. senators. Range 15. B1 A1 M3 Skillful 1. Power Dive). Social Science/ History. martial block. Rookie Pilot DL 6 DL 13 (4 if minion) B1 A2 M3 Ave Atk 14 Ave Def 14 Dogfighting 2 (Strafe. uppercut) Equipment: Blaster Pistol x6 Dmg. A traveling Merchant who hauls cargo through space would instead have Starship Operations/Astrogation. catch. Barrel Roll. Nobles may be aloof. Loop. callus rulers. and using it to purchase the Society/Diplomacy and Social Science/History. or compassionate leaders who view their position as a sworn duty to defend their people. in order to destroy enemy bombers that might approach. Rank 1-2 (Merchant’s Guild) Skills: Any one physical. This extra skill is represented by the skillful power which can be used to buy a skill at +1 or two skills that meet the merchant’s needs. unarmed foes) Noble DL 13 In many science fiction stories. planets maintain a system of nobility. Any two mental skills 96 . or protect them from others trying to do so. head butt.

Psi-Rangers train at special academies known as Citadels. B1 A2 M4 Ave Atk 14 Ave Def 22 Danger Sense. 100 Hits if Hero Psi-Ranger Oracle DL 21. Target Fixation.ALIENS AND ADVERSARIES Equipment: Blaster Pistol (x6 Dmg) 30 Hits Ace Pilot B1 A3 M3 DL 21 Dogfighting 5 (Strafe. Once their early training is complete. or even one planet. Sentinels are the warriors of the Psi-Ranger order. Military/Any. or fire. they may choose a career path as a Sentinel. Leap (8 squares). B2 A2 M3 Ave Atk 21 Ave Def 30 Danger Sense. and also have a strong affinity for Telekinesis. creating a paramilitary group based around these abilities. Spin). 180. though they are not often sent on missions. Telekinesis 3. Psi-Ranger Oracles endeavor 97 . They might specialize in electricity. Telekinesis 4. You can adapt it differently if you wish— perhaps they only protect one certain solar system. Barrel Roll. 28 if Hero Tribunes are Psi-Rangers who have chosen to concentrate their energies on controlling energy that flows through the universe. Psi-Ranger Initiate DL 8 Initiates in the Psi-Ranger order learn the basic abilities of telekinesis. 28 if Hero Oracles are the most revered of all the Psi-Rangers. The Psi-Rangers teach their recruits how to wield this power. or Electrokinesis 5. Any two mental skills Equipment: Blaster Pistol 100 Hits Psi-Rangers DL: Varies The Psi-Ranger organization is one example of how you can utilize Psionics in your campaign. Loop. Psionic Rejuvenation. x5 Dmg. Telekinesis 1. ice. x6Dmg 2-handed) 50 Hits or 100 if Hero Psi-Ranger Tribune DL 21. Tribune. Psionic Rejuvenation. Energy Blade (x3 hit. Charisma (x5 to social rolls). Power Dive. Keen Vision (x6 to vision checks). Energy blade Tech +1 Hit. Psionic Rejuvenation. Deflect 1 (Defense is x3 +3 Dice Bonus). Cryo. which exist in various parts of the galaxy. and psionic rejuvenation. Skillful 1 Skills: Pilot+3/Pursuit. The Psi-Rangers presented here are an intergalactic police organization that utilizes people with Psionic potential. or Oracle. Endure X Equipment: None 30 Hits Psi-Ranger Sentinel DL 16 or 21 if Hero Sentinels are Psi-Rangers who have chosen to focus their abilities on perfecting one’s physical self though the power of the mind. B1 A2 M3 Danger Sense. Endure X Equipment: Blaster Pistol (x6 Dmg). Choose Pyro. Damage Aura 3 Equipment: Staff (x4 Stun) 30 Hits. danger sense. endure x. Endure X. Athlete/Any. and use it to preserve law and order within the galaxy.

They feel that the order is holding them back. +2DM (x6 Dmg) Electrical Damage Aura x4 Endure Electricity Equipment: Energy Blade x5 Dmg 1-handed. either on their own. Dark Psi-Destroyers are often warlords. they should be rulers— not public servants. uses energy blade to deflect) Mental Powers Multipower 4 EC Telekinesis 3 (300 lbs. Endure X. OmniLinguist. +3DM (x6 dmg) Energy Blade x7 dmg 1 hand or x8 dmg 2 handed. or working with a Dark Psi-Seer. and hate. Empathy. Psionic Rejuvenation. are excellent at reading people’s thoughts. B2 A2 M3 Suggestion Danger Sense (+3 Dice bonus to defense) Energy blade Tech. Telekinesis 3. Healing x3 (enhancement: Usable on Others) Equipment: Staff (x4 Stun) 30 Hits or 100 if a Hero Dark Psi-Destroyer DL 27 The Dark Psi-Destoryer is a warrior consumed with his own power. some Psi-Rangers go bad. They also believe that if they have such power. While some focus on the destructive power of fire. Channeling rage. they start tapping into the darker powers of the psyche. Those too weak to defend themselves deserve no consideration. some of those recruited for the Psi-Ranger program find its discipline too restraining on their natural psionic gifts. 100 Hits Dark Psi-Seer DL 29 Dark Psi-Corruptor DL 29 The Dark Psi-Corruptor uses his/her talents to manipulate minds and obfuscate the truth. For this reason. and when they do. Clairvoyance 2 (future/past). Dark Psi-Rangers are among the most dangerous threats to the Galactic order— especially to the Psi-Ranger Corps. and are so naturally empathic they can even heal other’s wounds. and are lucky to be left alive to serve the strong. to ensure that his/her plans fall into place. the Psi-Seer presented below focuses on psionic manipulation of electricity. or who takes the blame. B1 A2 M4 Suggestion Danger Sense (+4 Dice Bonus to Defense) Clairvoyance 3 Telekinesis 3 Electro-Kinesis 4 (Range 5. the Dark Psi-Seers have a talent in forseeing the future (and past) as well as more powerful offensive magics. 100 Hits Scoundrel DL 16 From the cocky. +1 Hit +1 DM Adrenal Control (2 EC) Dark Psi-Rangers DL: Varies The Galactic Order of Psi-Rangers has upheld the law in the galaxy for years. fear. scruffy-looking smuggler to the well-polished dandy 98 . Suggestion. they can often cause chains of events far more destructive than any energy blade or pyromancer. B1 A2 M4 Suggestion Danger Sense (+4 Dice bonus to defense) Mind Control Memory Tampering Telepathy Telekinesis 3 Equipment: Energy Blade x5 dmg 1-Hand. B1 A2 M4 Ave Atk 14 Ave Def 22 Danger Sense. By learning a person’s true desires and manipulating the truth.CHAPTER FIVE to interpret the very forces of destiny. Omni-Reader. It does not matter who is hurt. x6 dmg 2-handed 100 Hits Also known as Psi-Wizards or Psi-Witches. However. Deflect 2 (Defense multiplier x4. They believe that victory is truth. and mercy is for the weak.000 lbs concentrated) Telepathy Attack Powers Multipower 5 EC Telekinetic Crush x3 continual dmg range 5 Electrokinesis Range 5. 3. or x6 dmg 2handed. or the freezing cold. Radius 1. They are prized for their truth-seeking ability and as mediators of large disputes. justice is for the strong. pain.

+Any one skill Equipment: Holdout Blaster (x5 Dmg) 100 Hits ALIENS AND ADVERSARIES 100 Hits/20 Soak Starship Personnel DL: Varies It takes a large group of people working together as a team to keep a massive starship running in good order. Deception. and outgoing. and join the good guys to evade bounty hunters! B2 A2 M3 Skillful 1. Quick-Draw Skills: Athletics. while a crewman serving as a medic would have the Physician skill and the Science/Biology skill. Computers Advantage: Techno-Wizard Equipment: Sidearm Blaster Pistol x6 Dmg. B1 A2 M2 Skillful 1. martial block) Skills: Athlete + Any other Physical. +1 Hit. +1DM. hoping to goad a poorly armed ship into surrender. Skillful. Blaster Pistol x7 Dmg. Deception/Lying. From interstellar combat to everyday maintenance. Reckless Might*. Technology/Jury-Rig. kick. Footwork (1EC). They all receive a well-rounded training in maintaining and operating a starship. freighters that have been modified for combat effectiveness rather than storage. Pirates often strike without warning.gambler. Cutting Torch x3 Dmg 100 Hits Engineering. Stealth. + Any 2 Mental skills (occupation related) Equipment: Blaster Pistol x4 Dmg 20 Hits 99 . Athlete/Aerobatics. Blaster Pistol Technique +2DM. who have even temporarily set aside their mercenary natures for the sake of the greater good. OffHand Pistol. Chief Engineer DL 16 Space Pirates DL: Varies As long as traders have made a living traveling the space lanes. Martial Arts 1 (punch. Stealth/ Palming & Planting. Commerce/ Haggling. Most pirate ships are in fact. If the ship won’t surrender. Commerce. Charisma. Rank 2 (Lt. Drive/Steering Advantage: Contacts Disadvantage: Outlaw These are the rank and file members of a starship’s crew. Attack Weak Point. Light Body Armor +10 Soak. Streetwise. they will board her in order to fight for the goods. to add to their pirate fleet. Exemplary (in engineering) Skills: Science/Physics. Offhand Pistol (-2 Dice penalty with both attacks). the crew of a starship work like a welloiled machine. there have been pirates waiting out in the black to steal from them. the Chief Engineer is probably the most important officer aboard a starship—including the Captain! B1 A1 M4 Push Technology. who seems to make the ship do the impossible when the chips are down. Light Armor Familiarity Skills: Athlete/Aerobatics. Pilot/Pursuit. Commander). Starship Operations+1/Weapons. Skillful Skills: Starship Ops/Maneuvers. Starship Ops. These ones usually have a price on their head. While most scoundrels will gladly fleece an old woman of her last credit with a wink an a smile. a crewman serving under an engineer should have the Engineering skill and the Science Skill. Pilot+1/Persuit Vibroblade x5dmg Blaster Pistol x4dmg 20 Hits/20 Soak Crewman DL 3 Space Pirate Captain B3 A3 M2 Sword Technique: +1 to hit (x4). Military. For instance. Blaster Pistol Tech. attacking hard and fast. scoundrels can be encountered just about anywhere there is a profit to be made. often taking the ship as well. However. Rank 2: Criminal Equipment: Vibro-Blade x6/x7* Dmg. whether in military or commercial starships. Behind every legendary ship of the fleet is a hard-working chief engineer. Pilot. crewmen often have specific assignments (the extra skills below are left for these). Space Pirate Crewman B2 A2 M1 Ave Atk 21 Ave Def 14 Sword Technique +1 Hit. there are also some scoundrels with a heart of gold. catch. Light Armor Familiarity. Stealth/Palming & Planting. Often brash. and are both physically and mentally fit. and keeps it in top-form when they’re not.

30 Hits if unnamed. Martial Arts 100 . x5 Dmg. martial block. 100 Hits if Hero/Villain Startrooper Scout DL 10 Startrooper Scouts are sent ahead of the rest of the army deployed on a planet in order to report back with enemy movements and find serviceable terrain for bases. the assignments of Heavy Assault troopers often lead to very high casualty rates among them. Scouts serve as snipers. their purpose is to punch holes in the enemy lines (or fly behind them) and cause chaos among their ranks. +1 point in any one combat related power Skills: Athlete + Any other Physical. often hiding out of view of most of the battle. kick. 100 Hits Startrooper Heavy Assault Force DL 11 The heavy assault force are the first troops to disembark into battle when a transport lands on a planet. This special area of expertise is represented by 3 unfilled mental skill slots that vary according to the job of the officer. B2 A3 M2 Ave Atk 28 w/rifle (-4 per 10 squares of distance from target after 10) 21 w/pistol Light Armor Familiarity. +1 DM. Power Armor w/ Built-in Jetpack and Rebreather. In battle. kick. Ave Def 18 Heavy Armor Familiarity. and are the leaders aboard a spaceship. because a wounded man requires the aid of his comrades. +1 point in any one combat related power Skills: Athlete + Any other Physical. unarmed attacks)) Skills: Military/Gunner. Drive/ Steering. throw. while a dead man is left behind during battle. kick. 1 Energy Grenade 30 Hits/40 Soak Startrooper DL: Varies Startroopers are the rank and file soldiers in at least one of the powers in the galaxy. martial block. Martial artist 2 (punch. B1 A2 M4 Skillful 2. Drive/Steering. they also excel at a certain specialized area of expertise that they oversee on the ship. +1 DM. Starship Ops+2. Military+1. +2 DM. The stats below are for a “typical” starship captain. During conflicts. graduates of a special academy. Carbine Tech +1 Hit. The purpose of such sniping is to disrupt enemy troop movement and deployment. these units could just as easily be retooled as ordinary soldiers. Inspiring Leadership 3. Starship Ops+1. Skills: Outdoor/Survival. leg sweep). + Any 3 mental skills Equipment: Blaster Pistol x6 Dmg. Stealth/Hide. If your campaign is not taking place amongst the stars. Athlete/Aerobatics. A legendary captain should be stated by the Narrator. Military/Tactics Equipment: Blaster Rifle x8 dmg. Rifle Tech +1 Hit. For the purposes of this book Startroopers are listed as the “typical” military. however. A security officer will have different skills than a medical officer. B2 A2 M1 Ave Atk 21 Ave Def 14 Medium Armor Familiarity. Rank 3. who must turn their attention away from fighting. Martial Arts 2 (punch. leg sweep). Having trained in military operations and leadership. throw. choke. Light Body Armor. Pistol Tech. Jetpack 3 (9 squares). Inspiring Leadership 1. using the example below as a guideline to build up from. B1 A2 M3 Skillful 2. a standard military order used to take and maintain a hold on enemy planets. Radius 1. a starship captain has years of experience that enable him/her to make the tough decisions that come with command. throw. Expert Marksman 3. catch. Vibroknife x6 dmg. Athlete/ Climbing.CHAPTER FIVE Starship Officer DL 11 or 18 Officers are elite personnel. Blaster Pistol x6 Dmg. Scouts shoot to wound. catch. firing then moving. uppercut. Vibroknife x5 dmg 30 Hits/20 Soak Starship Captain DL 24 The master and commander of his (or her) ship. rather than to kill. When sniping. Startrooper Regular DL 7 The rank and file soldiers are the Startroopers. You could likewise down-grade weapons to the tech-level you need (replacing vibroblades with swords and blaster carbines with assault rifles or submachine guns). Military+1. martial block (def 24 vs. B2(3) A3 M1 Ave Atk 18. In spite of their advanced equipment and training. + Any 3 Mental skills Equipment: Blaster Pistol x5 Dmg. and they are the last ones to leave. Martial Arts 2 (punch. Blaster Pistol x5 dmg. Equipment: Blast Cannon Range 10. Rank 1-2.

kick. Special equipment (for instance. 1 Energy Grenade 30 Hits/30 Soak ALIENS AND ADVERSARIES Startrooper Officer DL 18 Specially trained Startroopers are experts in certain fields. Streetwise/Gather Information. Blaster Pistol Technique +1 Hit. Sword Tech +1DM. or a command officer. B2 A2 M3 Medium Armor Familiarity. an engineer will carry computing tools. a medic. integrated with Vacuum seal and air supply. for example. Power Armor. Technology/Sabotage Equipment: Vibroknife x4 dmg 30 Hits 101 . Military/Command. choke) Equipment: Blaster Carbine x7 dmg. Vibroblade x6 dmg. In either case. Heroes may find themselves forced to deal with them—as enemies or allies. Computers/ Hacking. Security+1/Locks. throw. +Three additional mental skills.1 (punch. Engineering/Demolitions Stealth/Hide. Blaster Carbine x7 dmg. Medium Body Armor. Attack Weak Point. Range 6 40 Hits/40 Soak Thief DL 9 Thieves can be either likeable rogues or vile cut-throats. Carbine Tech +1 Hit. leg sweep). The officer’s specialization is represented by skill slots left to the Narrator to fill in. 100 Hits/20 Soak Star Marines DL 11 While Startroopers are recruited to fight on planets. etc). Athlete/Climbing. kick. Martial Arts 1 (punch. Keen Hearing Skills: Stealth+1/Palming. Vibroblade (x5 Dmg). Skillful 1 Skills: Athlete/Running. throw. Atk 21 Ave Def 21 Skillful 2. throw. Star Marines are meant exclusively to fight in space. +One additional physical skill at +1 Multiplier. Vibroknife x5 dmg. 1 Energy Grenade x6 dmg. A Startrooper officer might be a tank pilot. Deception/Lying. Heavy Armor Familiarity Skills: Athlete+1/Aerobatics. Security/Locks. B2(3) A3 M2 Ave Atk 18 Ave Def 18 Blaster Carbine Tech. +1DM. +1DM. Equipment: Light Body Armor. Vibroknife Tech. often serving as boarding parties for (or repelling them from) enemy vessels. Blaster Pistol (x6 Dmg). B1 A3 M2 Ave. kick. Martial Arts 1 (punch. +1DM. a Medic will carry a med-pack. choke).

chapter 6 Chapter 6 science fiction genres 102 .

and Arthur Conan Doyle. Travel by a TL2 Aether-ship might be the same speed if not faster than travel in a TL 6 starship. flying steam-powered starships through “aether”. Victorian This genre is based on the works of H. There could even be Aether tides or currents that ships use to navigate between the stars. Wells’ The Time Machine is an extreme example—a TL 8 invention made by a man in a TL 2 world. with technology equivalent to the late nineteenth century. Ships made to ply the Aether might be powered by several methods. however. or an exploration mission to the center of the world. but rather. rather like air. If the Narrator wants his/her game set in a more progressive version of the Victorian era. Like air. Such items will likely be far larger than they normally would be in their native TL. It is a genre about Victorians in space. Of course. noisy steampowered motor attached to the hilt. From the ancient Greek. Characters who are not Caucasian may also have this disadvantage. and need continual maintenance by you. we will try to cover some of the sub-genres of science fiction. robots. After a week of use without your maintenance. or very early twentieth century. real physics plays little role. this genre should be a TL 2 world. Aether is a silvery. However. however. and chugging away a stack of black coal-smoke. clad in iron. However. then this disadvantage is not available. you could also use this power to access “Steam-Punk” powers from the BASH! Fantasy Edition rules. Propellers are one obvious means. In general. that is attacked by more advanced aliens. there are subtle nuances between different styles of science fiction. in earlier times. Sails are another. Jules Vern. it is used to signify fiction taking place with the backdrop of advanced science. New Advantages: Amazing Inventor: You have scientific skills far beyond those of most people in your time. Each of your inventions requires an hour of maintenance by you per week. It might also be set on the Earth. and often taking place in the future (though some science fiction takes place long ago in galaxies far away). players are free to have their characters be as free-thinking or close-minded as they wish—they do not have to ascribe to societal norms of the period. are all prototypes. Obviously. though 2-3 TLs is recommended). or under the sea. a female character with this disadvantage will be patronized more than she is actually admired by men. so that your gaming group can play in the setting of their choice. and claiming planets for Queen and Country. in this conception of the universe. In the pages that follow. If there is no dice roll involved in using it. scientists.Science Fiction Genres Chapter 6: Science Fiction Genres Science Fiction is a very broadly defined term. unlike the ordinary version of Attack Weak Point. You can use the Science skill and the Technology skill to create items several Tech-Levels higher than your native one (the Narrator decides how high exactly. and spaceships all make appearances. It is all up to the Narrator. Aether as Space In the real world. even if they are of a high rank. depending on what you are running. there will also be a few items in the genre that are beyond TL 2. some female characters may totally buck this tradition. If the Narrator wishes to include this grim reality in his/her game. the item will cease to function. For the most part. Aside from simply emulating higher TL items. Prejudiced people will seldom take such characters seriously. but its use only applies to animals or monstrous beasts. and believed to be the air breathed by the gods themselves. Anger or sorrow on a woman’s part would be attributed to “hysteria” rather than any legitimate reason. transparent substance. Aether can be displaced and traveled through by turbine propulsion. if the Narrator wants the campaign to reflect some of the ugly values of the Victorian period. Women were also definitely not supposed to be adventurers. using it always has a -1 Dice penalty. as the thoughts and opinions of women were often dismissed by men. you can combine its use with Weapon Technique and Pierce Armor powers.G. G. Remember. man imagined that the cosmos was not spread across a vast vacuum. wearing pants. Aether sails likely rely on currents in the Aether and thus need to Big Game Hunter: You are skilled taking down even the largest beasts with the toughest hides. These original inventions of yours. Such ships will likely resemble the battleships of the late nineteenth century. In either case. suspended in Aether. this disadvantage would be appropriate. a vibro-cutlass would have to have a large. “Light Clear Sky”. and debris. New Disadvantages: Second-Class Citizen: The real Victorian era was a time of prejudice and chauvinism. comets. 103 . and often rely on steampower (though “undiscovered” power-sources could be used). and shooting guns with the best of men. if the game takes place in a primarily white society. You are allowed to purchase the Attack Weak Point power. Nevertheless. or anything other than wives or mothers. often including space travel. Aliens. there is a 1 in 6 chance that it malfunctions each day the first time it is used. For instance. planets. Wells. we know that the Earth is surrounded by “outer space”—a black vacuum that is sparsely filled with stars. this disadvantage is optional. Female characters would qualify for this disadvantage. H. However. Because you have not worked all the bugs out of the invention (and you cannot—there are too many). even if they are brilliant scientists or nobles in their own country. fighting moon men.

chapter 6 104 .

However. humans likely have a great deal of chauvinism. They need not actually be from Mars. Escapology/Cells. 2-handed weapon (x8 dmg). and only the most seasoned of adventurers could hope to survive an encounter with one. Dagger. Most often. some weapons powers don’t make sense. B2 A2 M2 Saber Technique +1 Hit +1DM (x3 to hit. or to defend their own. a gatlin-gun type device fired by a gun crew. and are trained well to use them. considered an abomination by society.stick to certain routes in their travels. using their powers to steer. Revolver Skills: Athlete+1/Acrobatics. an Animated Creature is much larger and stronger than an ordinary person. with one person with such gifts manning the helm. 5 soak) Martian Tripod Size 3 DL 37 These are giant war machines built by the Martians to use in subjugating planets. Society/Fashion or Streetwise/Gut 100 Hits Weird Science Creatures Below are some potential enemies facing heroes in a steampowered world of weird science. Another option is psionic (or even magic) control of the ship. and disdain alien cultures. x5 Dmg) Disarm Feint Footwork EC1 Weapon Lock Paired Weapons Offhand Pistol Charisma (x4) Equipment: Saber (basket hilted). or take off into the aether. Sailing/Navigation (or Starship Ops/ Astrogation). B1 A3 M4 Ave Atk 24 Ave Def 24 Possible Disadvantage: Ray Gun: Range 10. they may turn violent. as this would be the honorable thing to do. These captains carry swords. They may be small. x7 Dmg (-5 Size). autocannons would not be computer controlled defense systems. the enemy would probably send men to rescue any hands still adrift in the Aether. but rather. Though they are small and weak. but should be renamed “Aether Drives”. However. some ship powers may not be very sensible to have. For instance. Officers fought other officers out of a sense of duty. similar to an anti-aircraft gun on a battleship. but could be represented by having a very large cable and winch. When building a starship in a universe with Aether-based physics. and Teleporters are inappropriate for the genre. and Repulsor Beam specifically should not be here—the “tractor beam” does not either. most of the existing weapons powers could exist so long as the weapon is conceived with a Victorian flair. Outdoor/ Survival + Any 2 Mental skills They attack with their fists (x5 dmg Stun or Lethal) or with a heavy. as the rigid Victorian class system is in place. 20 Shots Advantage: Amazing Inventor Inhuman Voice 20 Hits/-5 Soak (Personal Force Field 100 Hits. If a ship were destroyed in battle. especially when a human captain plants his national flag on their soil and claims their land for queen and country. the very attitude of a Victorian ship battle would be quite a bit different than standard space battles. Science Fiction Genres Skillful 1 Skills: Athlete/Climb. and capable of long-term planning in achieving its goals. not hatred for the enemy. In addition to the nuts and bolts being different. Enemy captains have more in common. 100 Hits/15 Soak Aethership/Submarine Captain DL 21 These daring gentlemen are the men who explore the ocean’s depths. Such attitudes might often lead to war with alien civilizations. perhaps affixed with a magnet. It is also quite intelligent. As for weaponry. and more mutual respect for each other than they do with the crewmen under their own command. and try to teach them the “correct” way of living (including the management of their resources). Martians Size -1 DL 14 Animated Creature (Frankenstein’s Monster) Size 1 DL 19 This is a creature similar to that in Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein— brought to life by a mad scientist. such creatures only desire companionship and acceptance—and if that desire goes unfulfilled. They are incredibly deadly. but they are very technologically advanced. Cloaking Devices. Much like the creature from that book. Invasive Sensors. their personal Force Fields and ray-guns make them deadly opponents for a Victorian game. B5 A2 M2 Toughness 1: +10 Soak Paired Weapons (fists) 1EC Break Weapon These aliens are the proverbial “little green men”. Stealth/Hide. They are still a part of the naval tradition in the Victorian period. B5 A4 M4 105 . The Gravity Net. and may be necessary if the ship is boarded. Stardrives would still exist. Holodecks. Data Encryption.

B1 A4 M1 Ave Atk 28 Ave Def 28 (35 w/ shield) Armor Familiarity 3 Steam Titan Size 2 DL 21 A gigantic steam-powered robot. Moon-Men. The moon men listed below are typical warriors who would be entrusted to repel invaders from the blue planet. Sword 30 Hits/30 Soak Steam Robot DL 11 These automatons may have been designed to perform routine tasks. where they have escaped the desolation of the surface world. Giving them futuristic equipment (like a blaster or 106 . size) EC1 or 5 burst Advantage: Unliving 100 Hits/45 Soak Sword Technique +2 DM (x5 Dmg) Swift Strike EC2 Break Weapon Charisma (x3 to social rolls) Fleet of Foot (Jump 2 squares. has x3 Hit (-2 Dice penalty. but they may also be assigned to guard duty. they have at their disposal the means to create mechanical and living monstrosities to do their bidding. are nevertheless civilized. run 16) Equipment: Plate-Mail Armor (TL 1 heavy). Shield (TL 1). or lumber clearing. possessing Medieval technology and culture. EC2 X-Ray Vision Stretching 4 (5 square reach) Built-in Weaponry 2 Metal Tentacle does x6 Dmg (+15 size). x4 to hit (-3 Dice penalty. probably originally designed for some benevolent purpose such as construction. can also be used as a deadly enforcer. size) Advantage: Unliving 100 Hits/40 Soak Weird Scientist DL 11 These men possess such genius that they often stray into madness. B5 A2 M1 Toughness 3 Fists do x5 Dmg Advantage: Unliving 50 Hits/30 Soak Ave Atk 14 Ave Def 14 Paired Weapons (Fists) EC1 Moon Men DL13 More primitive than the listed Martians. x4 to hit (-3 Dice penalty. size) Energy Beam: Range 20.chapter 6 Toughness 3 Clinging Leap (20 squares) Speed Wired 2. Lunarians live below the moon’s surface. Though these men are not a great physical prowess. in enormous caverns. x8 Dmg (+15 Size). B5 A3 M1 Paired Weapons EC1 Built-In Weaponry 2 (giant hammers or axes) Toughness 3 Axe/Hammer Arm does x7 Dmg (+10 size). and can turn against a society that failed to appreciate them.

Ave. The arms will attempt to grab people from the crew and put them into the mouth to be eaten! There are 13 tentacles. 100 Hits/5 Soak Lion/Tiger/Sabertooth have been Body Size 3 DL 20 Brawn 5 Agility 3 Mind 2 Bite x7 dmg (+15 to result from size) x3 to hit (-3 Dice Penalty) Swift Strike (2 bites per page) 2EC Toughness 1 +10 Soak Advantage: Fearless 100 Hits/25 Soak Tentacles Size 0 DL 9 each Brawn 4 Agility 2 Mind 1 Ave. If the Heroes are fighting on a rickety bridge above the water. Atk 14/12 Ave Def 14/12 Toughness 2 +20 Soak Aquatic 2 (12 squares) EC2 Bite x6 Dmg 50 Hits/20 Soak size 0. Toughness 1: +10 Soak 40 Hits/10 Soak Centipede. but Agility 5. Attacking the kraken is also possible. x6 bite. Below are some monsters that are particularly fitting to such locales. it definitely is filled with crocodiles. Singly. these beasts are often huge. or fending off giant squids as they explore the ruins of Atlantis. Ave Def 14 Swat x4 Dmg Reach 5 Grab: Instead of damage. Atk 18 Ave Def 18 Venom: x4 Continual Damage EC4 Toughness 1: +10 Soak 107 . encountering dinosaurs and cavemen on a lost volcanic isle. Atk 24 Ave Def 24 Paired Weapons (Claws only) EC1 Fleet of Foot (16 Squares of movement) (Cheetah is 20) Claws x5 Dmg Bite x7 damage Cheetah has only a Brawn of 3. Ave. Atk 14. it is even possible to encounter the longthought extinct sabertooth tiger. 100 Hits/25 Soak size 1 Amazing Exploration on Earth In most science fiction of the Victorian Era.force field) could make them quite a challenge to people from a nineteenth century world. but will only result in the target being dropped if the kraken is wounded. Techno Wizard 100 Hits Science Fiction Genres 20 Hits/10 Soak Crocodiles Size 0-1 DL 10/16 Heroes who find themselves near a river in an exotic location would be wise to stay out of the water. Giant Size 0 DL7 There is little on Earth that invokes as much revulsion and terror as a giant. The victim can attempt to break free once per page by a Brawn contest or by killing the tentacle. A kraken will usually back off once so many tentacles destroyed. Ave. it must beat the target in a Brawn contest. as it is likely filled with crocodiles. Kraken A Kraken is an enormous sea squid with a penchant for sinking ships and eating the crew! The beast’s body is considered a villain while its tentacles are considered minions. Science/Choose Any. (x4 claws. B2 A3 M1. Ave Atk 30. Engineering/Weapons. In lost worlds. Physician/ Genetics Advantage: Amazing Inventor. the Giant Centipede is only a minor threat—but a nest of them can be quite deadly. the Heroes were not bold explorers of space. next page it can feed the target to the mouth. B4 A2 M1. B4 A4 M1. Big Cat Size 1 DL 10/19 Big Cats live in very diverse climates— from hot dry savannas to steamy jungles to snowy mountain peaks. Humanities/Occultism. In a “lost world” setting. If it succeeds. braving cannibalistic beast-men as they journeyed to the center of the Earth. creepy-crawly. B1 A1 M5 Skills: Stealth/Hiding. Ave Def 30) 50 Hits/5 Soak cheetah/panther/mountain lion. Technology/Invent. Instead they were bold explorers of our own Earth.

Despite their small size. even a single viper can be a dangerous threat to an expedition. headhunting humans. reach 2 or throw 6 20 Hits Veteran Warriors B2 A2 M1 Bow Technique +1DM DL 8 Ave Atk 14 Bow 21 Spear. or cannibalistic. they fight with nets and clubs. allowing them to feed on the surface dwellers they raid at night. viper venom is quite deadly—so there is no size penalty to damage dealt by the venom of a smaller viper. B3 A3 M2 Weapon Lock Keen Sense of Smell Super Senses: Echolocation (no penalties to combat for being blind) Natural Weapons: Bite x4 Lethal Dmg. Outdoor+1/Tracking. chances are that they will encounter one in their travels. and uses its strength to crush the life out of its victims. Because of their deadly venom and lightning speed. Athletics/Climb. hostile aliens. Ave Def 14/12 Constriction: a constrictor snake always attempts to use Wrestling on its victims (See Combat Rules: Wrestling) Some varieties have Aquatic 1 (swimming 8 squares) Bite x6 Dmg (+5 if large) Skills: Stealth/Hide. Viper Size -2/-1/0 DL7/9/11 Vipers are poisonous snakes that may be very small. Cudgel x4 Stun dmg Blind—Morlocks are immune to any effect that relies on vision. What they lack in technology they more than make up for in enthusiasm and sheer numbers. +1DM Bow does x4 Dmg + Poison 108 . Constrictor Size 0-1 DL 12-15 While there are many explorers who hate snakes. Skills: Athlete+1/Climbing. B2 A4 M1. Ave Def 36/32/28 Venom: x4 continual damage EC4 Swift Strike: 2EC Some varieties have Aquatic 1 (Swimming 4 squares) Skills: Stealth/Hide. Outdoor/Jungle Survival First Wave DL 1 B2 A2 M1 Ave Atk 14 Ave Def 14 Spear does x3 Dmg. Size 1. and take a -1 Dice penalty on their roll to resist such effects. such as illusions or bright flashes of light.chapter 6 Spear does x4 Dmg Morlock Morlocks are the cave dwelling. 30 Hits Scorpion. x4 Continual Damage 4EC Claw Grab: It uses Wrestling to resolve this (See Combat Rules: Wrestling) Toughness 2 +20 soak 40 Hits/25 Soak Snake. Claws x3 Lethal Dmg Net: is used with the Entangle power and Weapon Lock. Athletics/Climb. Savages are a very common enemy faced by explorers in Victorian science fiction. Ave Def 14 Spear Technique +1 Hit Multiplier. cannibalistic descendents of mankind in H. Wells’ The Time Machine. 50 Hits/5 Soak size 1 Savages Whether they are primitive. Ave Def 21 Poison does either x3 continual damage (beginning the page following the initial attack) or is a paralytic. Snake. Because they want to bring their prey back to their lairs alive. Ave Atk 14/12. Stealth/ Prowling. Outdoor/Jungle Survival 30 Hits size 0. they are vulnerable to effects based on sound or smell. Ave Def 18 Poisonous Sting: Reach 2. DL 14 Ave Atk 18. Gigantic B3 A3 M1. 30 Hits Ave Atk 21. requiring a 30 Brawn check to shake off the effects. B4 A2 M1. The constrictor snake is very large. They are a race of albinos that have lived in the darkness of caves for so long that they are completely blind—however extremely well adapted and cunning. However. Ave Atk 36/32/28.G.

DL 14/17 These giant arachnids likely live deep inside of subterranean caves. such as stegosaurus. 30 Hits size 0 Science Fiction Genres Triceratops Size 2. and the day! This genre was very popular in the 1930s through 50s. DL 19 The king of the dinosaurs. Ave Def 21/18 Venom: x4 Continual Damage EC4. B5 A3 M1 Running 1 (12 squares) +1DM to horn attacks with a running start Toughness 3 +30 Soak Horns x7 Dmg (+10 from size) Advantages: Fearless. x3 to hit (with -2 Dice penalty to hit due to size) 100 Hits/30 Soak 109 . 20 Hits/-5 Soak size -1. or with webs spanning a great chasm in the earth. Web: range 5 Immobilize 20 EC3. B3 A3 M1. Outdoor/ Jungle Survival 40 Hits/10 Soak Spider. put them in elaborate death-machines. snake-men attack warm-bloods on sight in hopes of gaining a sacrifice for the monster they worship. or very different from humans (little green men with three eyes). It began as fiction written for pulp magazines. the hero is larger than life—able to charm t h e evil galactic overlord’s daughter into freeing him from the prison cell. You can use these same stats to create other wellarmed herbivores. The Heroes are likely to be humans from Earth. but somehow. When they sense prey. so long as you mention the difference in its natural weaponry (they all do the same damage). except for an alien who has joined their cause. and focused more on the fiction than the science. Ave Def 21 Toughness 1: +10 Soak Usually Armed with scimitars +2DM (x5 Dmg) Venomous Bite: x4 continual damage EC4 Paired Weapons EC1 Skills: Stealth+1/Hide. B5 A3 M1 Running 2 (15 squares) +1DM to attacks while running Toughness 2 +20 Soak Bite x7 dmg (+10 from size). and pilot the stolen rocket out of the base just as the gates shut behind him. the Tyrannosaurus Rex and its kin are only ever found in mysterious “lost worlds” where dinosaurs somehow never became extinct. they drop down from the ceiling and strike. Gigantic Size 1. This is science fiction in the spirit of Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers. Narrators who don’t want to deal with figuring the distance between two planets and how long it would take to travel between them will be most comfortable in this genre. or ankylosaurus. Tyrannosaurus Size 2. fight his way though hordes of imperial guards.10 Hits/-10 Soak size -2. and one of the common genre conventions is for Earthlings to try and introduce democracy to a universe oppressed by an evil dictator. B3 A3 M1. Alien governments are likely to be aristocracies. In Space Pulp. They may take the Heroes prisoner. save the princess. Athletics/Climb. then became illustrated comics. Ave Atk 21/18. DL 19 This herbivorous dinosaur has three horns and a bony frill for protection. or perhaps denizens of the center of the Earth. the Heroes always manage to slip out of the Villain’s clutches. Ave Atk 21. or make them fight in a gladiator arena. Aliens in Space Pulp are either very human-like (bird-men). They are capable of subjugating entire star systems. Blaze of Glory Disadvantage: Berserk 100 Hits/40 Soak Snakemen DL12 Possible inhabitants of a lost world. The villains wear capes with peaked collars and keep their beard trimmed to a point. Toughness 2 +20 Soak Clinging 50 Hits/20 Soak (25 if size 1) Space Pulp Space Pulp is a genre focusing on action and adventure that really became popular in the 1920s and remained so into the 1950s. but can never quite prevail when the Heroes try to stop them. and eventually radio programs and movie serials.

+4DM. but below are some especially “fantastic” weapons that were imagined in an era when manned space flight was a distant dream rather than a reality. Needle Gun: Range 10. 2000 Credits. and fire in zero-g. This gun shoots an arc of lightning 5 squares long and 1 square wide. Many weapons found in this genre are weird-science. 20 shots. and it must be reloaded with another one after firing about 12 shots. this will also result in the armor being disintegrated! 10. However. No TL is given because in Space Pulp genre. technology is very sporadic. Because of their effectiveness. 500 Credits. 3000 Credits. Any armor is half soak against a mono-weapon. The fusion battery in this device does not last long. there is no penalty to hit. but because there is no recoil. This weapon has an edge that is only a single molecule thick. and can instantly convert matter into dust. This is largely due to the fact that when these stories were originally written. this weapon uses magnetic repulsion to fire a rapid spray of 2-inch-long needles sharpened to a molecular point. It is always considered to be bursting. 110 . 3000 Credits.000 Credits. A person wearing armor being hit by this will get to soak damage on the initial blast. even possibly resembling magic. +5DM. and the sound it makes is very loud. where close-quarters fighting might make ranged weapons more of a liability than an asset. Freeze Beam: Range 10. Radius 1. enabling it to cleave through even advanced armor. Disintegrator Pistol: Range 5. Atomic-Ray-Gun: Range 20. possibly freezing them in place. the mono-sword is a favorite weapon for boarding enemy ships. allowing it to pierce any armor.chapter 6 Weapons and Equipment The Pulp genre of Science Fiction often utilizes weaponry that defies scientific explanation. This damage is considered heat for purposes of damage resistances. This knife has a blade and point that is but a single molecule thick. This damage is electricity for the purpose of damage resistances. Each page. not based on “real” physics. allowing them to pierce armor better than older “slug-throwers”. +4DM. A target struck by this beam must make an immediate 20 Brawn check or be unable to move. These weapons are often employed by soldiers ordered to bring back prisoners alive. 6. Any armor is half soak against a needle gun. Mono-Knife: +1DM. You could use the equipment list earlier in this book (rapiers and cutlasses are especially appropriate) for a Pulp Sci-Fi campaign. regardless of how many times the target was hit by a freeze beam). Lighting Gun: +4DM. Armor of TL3 or less has 0 soak against it. Mono-Sword/Axe: +2DM. Anything caught in this area of effect must roll to dodge the attack or take damage. 4000 Credits. The beam it fires is long and wide. This weapon fires a bluewhite beam of icy-cold energy at its target. however. Heat Gun: Range 5. 10 Shots. the target may try again (only 1 such check is necessary each page. it can only fire 3 times before running out of energy. however. This is essentially a more primitive blaster-carbine. 10 Shots. This weapon blasts a fanshaped jet of atomic fire at its targets. Radius 1. +1 DM.000 Credits. and armor TL 3 or less has a soak of 0 against it. we understood far less about physics and the universe at large. +2DM stun. 4.000 Credits. as a guideline for equipment not listed here TL 5 is most fitting. Any armor has half the soaking value against this weapon. This short range weapon packs a wallop.

Despite their comical appearance. Equipment listed for such enemies should be modified to fit the Space-Pulp setting. Science Fiction Genres Space Pulp Monsters Many of the creatures already featured earlier in this book would work well in a Space Pulp campaign—especially robot soldiers and alien monsters. evil (but beautiful) women will take advantage of the Frog Men’s weakness to manipulate them towards their own evil ends. like Stardrives and Holodecks don’t really fit with rockets—otherwise they’d be starships (but hey—blending genres makes for good sci-fi).A Needle gun can fire 5 times before it must be reloaded with another needle cartridge. and Fly 3. They have a Max Brawn of 2. and can be a matter of life or death when a rocket is being boarded. Primitive. Instead. The different alien races may well be at war with one another. Toughness 2 (+20 soak). Large rockets and space-stations create artificial gravity by spinning. at least on small rockets. They may either be primitive or advanced as the Narrator sees fit. an Atomic Robot can be a very helpful ally—or a deadly enemy. Warp or Hyperdrive was non-existent. and may capture one in order to make her their “goddess”. Of course. things like this are up to the Narrator. far. Here are a few more that may especially fit into a pulp setting. Even outer planets like Jupiter and Saturn’s moons might hold alien species. Jetpacks and magnetic boots help to compensate in zero-g situations. Instead of circuitry. One world may be home of the frog-men while another is the world of the hawk men. Frog Men tend to wield poisoned spears or arrows. Weapon Technique +2DM (choose one of the 111 . Break Weapon. the size should be limited. or no war at all. Ave Def 21 Aquatic 2 (Swim 6 squares. Frog Men DL 12 Adventures in Our own Solar System Another common thing is Space Pulp is for the setting to take place within the confines of our own solar system. 2000 Credits. warm and inviting Venusians. Writers abandoned science for adventure when they populated not only the Earth and Mars. 10 shots/ clip. cold and distant Plutonians. +3DM. but Mercury and Venus with their own native alien inhabitants. and detonating on impact. however. using centrifugal force. B2 A3 M1 Ave Atk 21. certain powers. A Hero can be a Hawk Man if they want to. a developing science. Toughness 1 (+10 soak). Only the largest of rockets would exceed size 5. Don’t let the “real science” get in the way of the fun. the Frog Men live in steaming jungles. depending on the degree of realism the Narrator wants. At other times. Imaginative writers may even have things living on Neptune and Pluto! The key is suspension of disbelief. They are prone to worship beautiful women. Atomic Robot DL 22 Designed to aid mankind. nobody had conceived of the concept of “starships”. Rockets are generally used for travel within a solar system. Without artificial gravity. One of these planets is also likely Amazonian in its society (space amazons were a genre favorite at the time). Also. This weapon fires rockets that spiral towards their targets. Or. Building a rocket uses the same rules as building a starship. as were the colossal starships seen in later science fiction of the 60s and beyond. was used as the basis for space travel in this genre. often resembling a garbage can with waving accordion-like arms ending in metal pincers. Ships and Rockets When the era of Space Pulp was in its prime. B5 A2 M3 Paired Weapons: Pincers EC1. The main use of a rocket gun is for zero-gravity. Rocket Gun: Range 20. When they attack. Keen Vision. swaggering commanders. They are bulky and slow. Built-In Tools 3 Pincers do x6 Dmg Advantage: Unliving 100 Hits/20 Soak Disadvantage: Slave Lack of Artificial Gravity In Space Pulp. the hawk-men are a proud people who distrust outsiders. far in the future. they are programmed with a password that will cause them to shut down—such as “Klaatu barada nikto”. some stories have no artificial gravity. the great Asteroid Belt was populated by “belters”— prospectors setting up mining operations from all over the solar system. there may be a cold war in place. these things have also been known to malfunction and attempt to destroy all humans! Atomic Robots don’t look very human-like. the “guts” of the Atomic Robot consists of transistors and vacuum tubes. rocketry. even arming Frog Men with the latest technology and sending them to wreck havoc. Sometimes. but may also be used to travel between stars. and doomsday devices. Cultures of these planets might reflect their environment—fiery and passionate Mercurians. Aerobatics is especially important when maneuvering around a rocket. and ugly. B1 A3 M2 Keen Vision (x6). when many other weapons will not fire properly. short. building momentum. Leap (8 squares) Arrows and spears do x3 dmg followed by x3 Continual damage from poison the next page 20 Hits/10 Soak Hawk Men Living in great cliff-face homes. Minimum Agility of 3. Meanwhile. hold breath triple time). with a series of secret alliances.

The Star Wars films are an excellent example of the Space Opera genre of science fiction. What is even more anachronistic than the technology. A Space Opera setting might have ships that can travel faster than light. unless they attempt to escape the planet of the Amazons—at which time they learn that Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned! Freeze Beams are the favored weapons as they allow mates to be captured unscathed. and larger-than-life characters. The design of starships. crystals. empires. mankind has discovered how to wield arcane forces as well as technology. red. Mono-Sword Technique +1DM. Spear x4. Space opera often involves despots. Like Space Pulp. unarmed Science Fantasy Mysterious “magic”. As a result. Suplex. or orange for instance). It is said that long ago. and now must “cast” a spell in order to make their powers work. When the campaign is created. Martial Arts 2 (Punch. and lords involved in a complex tapestry of alliances. BASH! Fantasy would be an excellent resource. military uniforms. Quickdraw Equipment: Mono-Sword (x7 Dmg—halves target’s soak). Examples of Science Fantasy from popular culture include Thundarr the Barbarian and He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Even computers might somehow not exist in such a setting. Space Amazon Warrior Space Amazons are a mysterious. and believe to be magical? Perhaps these psionic gifts developed along with rituals—magic words and gestures that were used to focus their psionic energies. Is there actual magic? If so. Everything needed to make a compelling Space Opera campaign is already included in the rules—there is no need for extra equipment or monster listings here. Freeze Beam (x4 Stun. Space Amazons are genetically compatible with humans. Medium Body Armor 100 Hits/30 Soak Space Opera Space Opera is a genre that came out of Space Pulp. Jump Kick. etc—appear to be magic. or women to be taken back alive to fight in the arena. +1Hit. However. B3 A3 M1 foes) Ave Atk 21 Ave Def 21 (28 vs. Martial Arts 3 (Punch. If the character is unable to “cast” (their hands are tied. and architecture might take on a more Gothic theme than usually seen in other science fiction. making the military dress resemble that of Victorian Europe closer than they do modern military uniforms. Although there is a great deal of technology. female humans will likely be challenged to fights to the death. Without the focus Armor Familiarity: Light. This is also a 1 point limitation: focus. +1Hit. Or perhaps. Martial Block. While they enjoy having male human companionship. their mouths are gagged). Perhaps the science is so advanced (and the knowledge of how it works is so rare) that many high-tech devices—staves. psionics have become dependent on these rituals. there is also an anachronistic quality to such settings. nobles. though they may have skin of an unusual color (blue. Fly 3 (9 squares) Weapons do the following damage: Bow x6. Kick. Alternatively. overlaps with it. but has also incorporated more modern science fiction conventions like Stardrives. Freeze Beam (x5 Stun. Jump Kick). Throw. people wearing capes. Vibro-lance x6. plus Immobilizing effect). often using technological devices to replicate fantasy/swashbuckling conventions (ship captains duel with energy blades in the corridor during a boarding 112 . The main component for the Narrator to decide is what they want to leave out (if anything) and what the cultures and conflicts are within the setting. Freeze Beam Technique +1DM.chapter 6 following: bow or spear (primitive) Lightning Gun or vibro-lance (advanced). vendettas. This dependence on casting is a 1 point limitation on all psionic abilities. it emphasizes romantic adventure. The Science Fantasy genre focuses more on the fiction than the science. matriarchal race that values combat ability above all else. exotic settings. Suplex. the first task for the Narrator to figure out is the metaphysics of the campaign. a strange disease caused all their males to die out. Martial Block. Light Body Armor 30 Hits/20 Soak Space Amazon Queen B4 A3 M2 Medium Armor Familiarity. but no teleporters or energy weapons. Lightning Gun x8 20 Hits by enemy troopers). and intrigue. It is a mix of technology. and in many ways. Science Fantasy would also include “Sword and Planet” adventures similar to Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Barsoom series. Elbow Smash. however is the culture. let alone a more “progressive” version of the future. Men are pampered among them. green. Mono-Sword Technique +1DM. The political climate more closely resembles medieval Europe or Japan than it does modern Earth. or other focus items to utilize their psionic powers. Throw. But what if people have psionic abilities that they do not fully understand. primitive psions might depend on fetishes. they are unable to use their powers. Freeze Beam Technique +1DM Equipment: Mono-Sword (x6 Dmg—halves target’s soak). they must capture mates from other worlds—although none of their male children have been strong enough to survive to adulthood. Kick. wands. Spinning Backfist). and strange aliens or mutants that often resemble animals are common in this genre. Science Fantasy often features a blend of or blur between science and magic. plus immobilizing effect). wands.

Science Fiction Genres 113 .

However. they are primitive by most standards. Converting money for equipment from BASH! Fantasy to BASH! Sci-Fi prices is simple. Of course. Perhaps it has been only 20 years since the disaster. You can also use the alien species rules to create these mutants. Oftentimes. chainsaws run 114 . very little of man’s former culture still exists. ape-like Martians. Keen Sense: Smell (x4) Skills: Athlete/Run. In any case. They are deadly opponents. and how much information people in the setting have about the world before the calamity. M4 Fire Breath range 10. A4. So if your Science Fantasy campaign uses credits. In either case. and goblins (see BASH! Fantasy Edition for info on these). s/he should decide what technological rarities are in demand. these mutations may have also created various monsters as well. Other mutations might be various forms of “animal men”. Technology is not what it used to be— far more rare than in most science fiction. and Monsters section earlier in the book would work well in a science fantasy setting. Keen smell (x7) Bite does x6 dmg +15 . Turning on a chainsaw requires a 10 Brawn check and counts as an attack for that panel. If the mutations created “fantasy” monsters. In some cases. like elves. divide the Sci-Fi prices by 100. However. perhaps with a more “fantasy” appearance to them—a video communicator that looks like a crystal ball. +2DM (x6 Dmg +15) radius 1 (Enhancement Reduced EC) EC 2 Environmental Endurance: Heat Skin is extremely tough +30 Soak Flying x4 speed. and likely treated as the “magic” of the “ancients”. or a mad road warrior. Something else the Narrator should decide is how long ago the calamity happened. or perhaps 2000 years have passed. Flaming swords. Also. Toughness +10 Soak. or even paper may have become commodities more precious than gold. In addition. in this section you will find a few examples of other mutant monsters. Such rare things would be almost priceless. Any damage soaking ability is halved against it. the Venusian Fire Dragon can breathe fire and is resistant to flame as well. Gasoline. However. like dragons. firearms might be exceedingly rare. magic has arisen to replace the lost technology. In some of these settings. it makes a very effective one— especially against mobs of shambling zombies. what if there is no magic? Maybe it is just very advanced technology. Claws do x5 dmg +15 100 Hits/45 Soak New Equipment: Chainsaw: The chainsaw was not invented for use as a weapon. For rules on use of magic. Perhaps the game is home to a thunderous barbarian. Post Apocalyptic This genre of sci-fi revolves around society after a major calamity. Thunder Beasts. many of them created by crossing existing animals. Another consequence of the calamity could be widespread mutation. especially when the secrets of making gunpowder have been lost. and that “spells” and chanting are a part of the ritual that helps people focus these psychic energies. Outdoor/Track Equipment: Three swords (x5 Dmg) and a shield (x3 Stun) 50 Hits/15 Soak Technology The First thing that a Narrator must do when creating a PostApocalyptic setting is decide what the tech level of the society is. for instance. the psion cannot use it. boots that make the wearer run really fast. You could also make use of some of the magic items listed in the BASH! Fantasy rules. and are even dangerous to small starships that venture too close! People who fight them are advised to bring a rocket launcher to the battle! B4. You could use items featured in this book. such as a shift in the planet’s axis or the melting of the polar ice caps has decimated mankind. Brhinox. and Viper Slugs all fit the bill here. Swift Strike (2EC).chapter 6 item specified for that power. and are even available. multiply fantasy prices by 100 to get their price. you can consult BASH! Fantasy Edition. claiming that “magic” is simply the unlocking of mankind’s psionic abilities. Though they have intelligence. with four arms. explaining them as a function of high technology. Has the world’s geography changed in any way? Venusian Fire Dragon Size 3 DL 34 Strikingly similar in appearance to the mythical beast it is named after. Deflect 1. Mutants. or maybe a world wide natural disaster. the world is in a state of chaos. If you are using gold marks. you can also simply make some modifications of the psionics rules. adventures in these post-apocalyptic worlds involve recovering items from the past. and still use swords and shields as their primary weapons. you may wish to use the BASH! Fantasy rules for such creatures. Reckless Might. Brachiating. Here are a couple other ideas: Four-Armed Martian Berserker Size 1 DL 16 These are nomadic. green. ammunition. 1 gold mark from BASH! Fantasy is equal to 100 credits in BASH! Sci-Fi. For instance. or wands that telekinetically open locked doors are all possible with this type of setting. this mutation results in the creation of many fantasy races. Monsters Many of the creatures listed in the Aliens. A chainsaw is a 2-handed weapon that does +3DM. B3 A2 M1 Ave Atk 14 Ave Def 21 Extra Arms. Perhaps a nuclear world war has wiped out most of civilization. Or. Stealth/Hide. dwarves.

useable hand. it is down one third of its fuel. Whether you were born with it. Just list the disadvantage by the name of the disability below. you suffer a -2 penalty to the dice roll before multiplying. a parasitic twin on your torso. Whenever you must engage in an activity that requires good depth perception. As a result. Bad Legs: For some reason. Paired Weapons (Claws) 1pt. such as using a ranged attack. Ave Def 18 Powers: Brachiating 1pt. It is also possible that you don’t even have legs. bearillas live in family groups. Possible examples include having two heads. The other may be disfigured. perhaps using tentacles or a snake-like tail for locomotion. After three such results. and must select another one. the armor worn by them will be either simple leather or light body armor depending on the TL. While most Ape-Men scholars are ethical. Swift Strike (Bite) 2pt. Range 25). Post-Apocalyptic Powers Rapid Reloader: 1pt. Technology/ Any. Crossbow (x4 Dmg. Science/Any. On a 1 or 2. or skin constantly oozing pus. Science Fiction Genres If you have a prosthesis that is fully functional. Low-Tech Equipment: Two Swords (x7 Dmg). etc). and you must spend 1 energy whenever you do it. and intelligent (for an animal). +Any two mental skills 100 Hits (or 10 Hits if only a lab assistant. Each time a chainsaw is turned on (except for the first time after refueling). One potential post-apocalyptic world is one in which humans became nearly extinct. speech. you have the Slow disadvantage and you also have a -2 Dice penalty on any Athlete/Acrobatics. Light Body Armor (20 Soak) 30 Hits/10 or 20 Soak Disadvantages Hideous Mutation: You have a mutation that disfigures you. causing you to lose these penalties. If money is still of value in this setting. some may be crazed scientists who experiment on humans. One Hand: You have only one good. a Chainsaw sells for 2000 Credits. while apes then evolved sentience. You may choose Special Powers with the Alien descriptor for your character. Keen Smell (x4 to notice by scent) 1pt Claws do x5 dmg. and technology.on some sort of power—either a battery that must be recharged or gasoline that must be refilled. DL 7) Bearilla Size 1 DL 14 A hideous cross between a bear and a gorilla. it is out of power and ceases to function until refueled. a third eye. you have poor depth perception. Below are some examples of things that might have occurred. the bearilla is incredibly strong. B4 A3 M1 Ave Atk 18. Fleet of Foot. Note that these disabilities do not need to be the result of a mutation—you may have lost an eye in a fight. you lose this disadvantage. In any activity where someone should be using 2 hands (like climbing a ladder). You have a -2 Dice penalty to any dice rolls made to be persuasive. Effectively. B4 A2 M3 Brachiating. Those humans who still exist are kept as pets by the now-dominant ape culture. Leather Armor (Soak 10) High-Tech Equipment: Two Vibroblades (x8 Dmg). Humanities/Any. or consult your Narrator to create one of your own. Brachiating. or if it just “happened” to you. Ape-Men have a long and noble tradition of science and philosophy rivaling that of the ancient Greeks. You can reload and fire your weapon (choose one TL1 or lower ranged weapon type) at double the usual speed (meaning you can fire a bow twice per panel or a crossbow every panel. One Eye: You have only one useable eye. entertaining. and hunt as a team. Ape-Man Warrior DL11 Advantages Useful Mutation: You have a mutation that can be used to your advantage. Blaster Carbine (x5 Dmg. Ave Def 21 Armor Familiarity: Light. if the calamity created mutations. Fleet of Foot. a big claw. However. B5 A3 M1 Ave Atk 21. rather than as a Disabling Mutation. or lost a leg. many of these became incredibly dangerous to mankind. and fuel/batteries for 200 each refill. this is tiring. Debilitating Mutation: You have a mutation that disables you Ape-Man Scholar DL 16 in some way. Unlike bears. Monsters: Doubtless. Roll a d6. or even just socialize. the swords carried by an ape-man warrior could be ordinary swords or vibroblades. Toughness 1 +10 Soak. Likewise. depending on technology. it is here to stay. Either Rapid Reload or Double Taps. and could make other people instantly dislike you when they first meet you. your legs do not work properly. Range 20). Paired Weapons (swords or fists) 1EC. You are incapable of any activity that requires two hands (like wielding a two-handed weapon). vicious. Choose from the following list. Depending on the TL assigned this world. you have a -2 Dice penalty. Performance/Dance or similar checks that require good use of your legs. Bite does x6 dmg 115 . or completely non-existent. Skillful Skills: Athlete+1/Climb.

Most Bio-Engineered beings have some sort of limitations placed on them. which resemble security guards or even monsters. Paired Weapons (Claws) EC1. You might have an incredibly short lifespan. The virtual world of the Network is often even more exciting. you have memories that do not seem to reflect your reality. anti-viral programs. and even manipulate or destroy computer systems mentally. your primary motive in life is an obsession 116 . You make the most of your time you have left—and as a result you easily become impatient when you have to wait for something. Note. Assume the surgery costs 1000 credits per point of powers being changed. traps (like firewalls). vicious teeth and claws.chapter 6 Skills: Athlete/Climb. All you have to do is pay for the surgery—there is no experience cost. How many points a character’s Avatar has should be based on how many points they have in a separate power called Avatar (requires the Brain-Jack advantage). Effectively. Doing this requires a surgery where your old implants are removed and replaced with new ones. protected by walls. Bypasses to this protection might involve using Tampered Memory: For some reason. Cyberpunk Advantages: Bio-Engineered: You are an artificial life-form—much like an android—however you were constructed biologically rather than mechanically. Adventures in Cyberspace Not all adventures happen in the real world in the dark future of Cyberpunk. Fortunately. and Blade Runner are all good examples of this genre in film. Data is represented by real objects. also. Once it has attacked with its horn. often a grim dystopia ruled by corporations or taken over by machines. While you are “jacked in” you become unaware of your immediate surroundings. Zombies are people who have gone insane. you can access computer information. as your brain focuses completely on the “virtual world” of the computer. although you can change the powers if you wish. B5 A3 M1 Keen Smell (x4 to notice by scent). This genre is mostly TL 4 in nature. drugs. heroes appear as Avatars—either idealized versions of themselves even fictional beings. though it makes up for this with a very keen sense of smell. it then uses its teeth and claws to slay its prey. you have a scrambled brain. which might be necessary to navigate this virtual world. with the exception of very advanced robotics or cloning in many cases. Within the Network. this allows you to swap unwanted old mechanical powers for new ones. and a deadly horn atop its head. You are not sure what is real and what has been fabricated—and you are suspicious of anyone claiming to know who you are. But the candle that burns half as long burns twice as bright. Claws x6 dmg 100 Hits/25 Soak powers that the person does not possess in the real world. or nuclear radiation. Stealth/Hide. Of course. a disease. and now live with unending agony. Outdoor/Tracking 50 Hits/15 Soak Lionoserous Size 1 DL 21 Another abomination of nature is the Lionoserous. It has thick. Cybernetic Implants: Less invasive than becoming a Cyborg. Unarmed Technique +1 Hit into your brain. such as flying or energy blasts. and then there are the unnamed people who seem to be after you. Cyberpunk Cyberpunk is a genre of Science Fiction set in the not-so-far future. They walk with a slow. The Matrix. It is likely you are unable to reproduce. that there is almost always some infallible way of detecting if someone is bio-engineered or “real”. and likely were not born and raised. As a result. it has very poor eyesight. This may be a function of your species. Their skin looks rotting and grey. It enables you to connect a computer jack directly to your brain. but created in a laboratory. you only have a few years at the most. It uses its horn to gore its enemies after a powerful charge (remember that an attack after using the running power does 1 extra DM). Bite x7 dmg. Running 1 (12 squares). and single-mindedness like that of their b-movie namesakes. search the Network. B3 A1 M1 Bite does x5 Dmg 20 Hits/10 Soak Ave Atk 14. The most you can have is 5 points of mechanical powers at a time. a cross between a lion and a rhino. Cyberpunk Disadvantages Diminished Lifespan: You are not going to live very long. Total Recall. Brain-Jack: You have a computer interface surgically implanted Zombie DL 3 Victim of a mutant virus. Ave Def 7 Toughness 1 +10 Soak. Perhaps you are a castoff or escapee of a corporate experiment. They only get relief from this torture by infecting others or consuming brains. rambling gait. Whatever the case. Swift Strike (Bite) EC2 Horn Gore x7 dmg. micro-technology allows you to have several mechanical powers without losing your humanity or limiting your ability to heal yourself. tough hide. however. you can purchase Mechanical or Alien powers. or no legal rights. When you do this. as a full-grown adult. Toughness 2 +20 soak. This advantage allows you to take the Avatar or Upload Training Power. or some sort of genetic engineering. Whatever the case. and they appear not to feel pain from external sources (probably because the pain they feel internally is so strong).

However this may make sense in a campaign where the Heroes are “mere mortals” only capable of truly fantastic things within the network. Of course. These advantages and disadvantages have to be able to make sense for a virtual character to have. This could make a problem if you are jacked-in to a network in a high-security building with police pounding on the door. You could even have “magical” powers while within the network. It may also be difficult to get in or out of the network—maybe the Hero can only remove him/herself from the jack when they find an exit. Agility. if the Avatar is earning experience for that interaction. You must put a minimum of 1 point in each stat. just like a regular character. but is capable of being even more powerful within that network. or it may look like whatever you want it to. the less powerful your own Hero will be. For instance. Depending on how the Narrator is running the genre. However. For instance. Depending on the campaign. s/he could allow you to use ANY power from any edition of BASH! that the Narrator approves of. however. or that “Alien” powers cannot be taken. it will always look the same when you enter the network. if you had 3 points in the Avatar power. the Hero jacked into the network is injured as well (they take the same damage). The number of points you have to distribute is equal to your points in the Avatar power +4. and each has a maximum of 5 points. s/he could insist that only “Mundane” powers be taken. This could be especially dangerous if the Avatar is able to be healed quickly. The downside of course. the Narrator can allow Avatars to receive experience points for their exploits in the network. being Large or Small could matter when fighting enemy programs. or where some characters are meant to shine in the network while others are meant to shine in the real world. the Narrator may set a “power cap” on what powers an Avatar can take. For instance. usually from some massive brain trauma. however. Finally. Your Avatar divides up points into Brawn. and the Narrator 117 . the Avatar would gain 1 experience point and the Hero would gain 2 experience points. a virtual you inside the virtual world of computers. Also. using Avatars can be dangerous. Also. It could be the case however that losing one’s avatar merely severs one’s connection to the Network. the Narrator limit how powers are available for Avatars. this Avatar may look exactly like you. Alternatively (to make things easier) s/he could allow Heroes to spend their own experience points to improve figure out the truth—even if it costs you your life. If the Narrator wishes. however may differ. Cyberpunk Powers: Avatar 1-5pts: When you interface a computer with your brain. In some settings. one cannot take an Avatar that can fly. with a 2 pt power cap. Your Avatar has a number of points for powers equal to 3 times your points in Avatar. that person’s mind). the Hero controlling the Avatar does not. whenever the Avatar is injured. if the Narrator chooses. Science Fiction Genres assigned 3 XP. In such situations. to the Avatar power is that the more powerful your Avatar is. For instance. One way is to limit what types of powers Avatars can take. If the Narrator wishes to allow Avatars to upgrade. Avatars only should be gaining experience if the Narrator says they can. Thus. if the Narrator wants to keep an aspect of realism in the virtual world. in an issue in which one third took place in the network and two-thirds took place in the “real” world. but the Hero in control cannot. and simply allow the player to allocate what portion goes to their Hero or Avatar. after all. Mental advantages and disadvantages such as this cannot be bought separately for the Avatar—the Avatar has the same mental conditions as the Hero who created it (it is. The Narrator could even decide that the “virtual” characters use the superhero rules! An Avatar can also have advantages and disadvantages. your mind creates an Avatar. and it is quite possible that a Hero could die while in control of an Avatar. This virtual person has stats and powers just like a normal character. Avatars can earn experience points. but your Avatar cannot find the way back to your body! Severing the link to the Avatar might result in a coma or even death. However it would not make sense for a character to have a phobia in the virtual world that they do not have in the real world and vice-versa. Physical and social conditions. and even having Contacts or a Ward within the virtual world may matter. Your Avatar also begins with powers. However. and Mind. you could make an Avatar with 9 points of powers.

Physical skills used with uploaded training have a -1 Dice penalty as your body is not used to making use of it. Outdoor+1/Survival Equipment: Sub-Machinegun (x8 Dmg).C. The second character they get to design is the Mecha itself. sprouting guns and swords from nowhere in an instant. Sub-machinegun (x3 hit. TL 2. Leap. and many pleasure replicants are quite beautiful to look at. Katana: The queen-mother of all swords in cyberpunk. The first character is their Hero. the Mecha pilot. catch). Medium Armor Familiarity. choke. x6 dmg. TL 1. Advantage: Unliving or Bioengineered Disadvantage: No Legal Status Skills: Driving+1/Control. Athlete/Climb. Computers/Hacking Equipment: Katana (x3 hit. Sub-Machinegun Technique +2DM. It also is good for concealing tools and weapons (+2 Dice bonus to do this). the katana gives a +1 to Agility for the purposes of determining priority. Nevertheless. This can be useful if you need quickly learn how to pilot a jet or set a broken bone. Leap. unarmed(for rank Leather Trenchcoat: This coat is tough enough to count as and file) Leap. throw. Martial Arts 2 (punch. they can be quite capable at it when they must be. leg sweep. You can only have one “uploaded” skill at any given time. A group of Heroes who pilot Mecha make 2 characters. Military+1/Tactics. martial block. 30 Hits/30 Soak for rank and file Mecha-Pilots This is a genre of gigantic robots known as Mecha and the people who pilot them. You get a +2 Dice bonus to Computers/Hacking rolls while using a Hacking Kit. throw. Toughness 1 (+10 Soak). kick. Radius 1. Soldier Replicant and file DL 28 or 21 for rank This model of Replicant is made for war. 400 Credits. They are not only faster and stronger (and more easily replaced) than normal humans. Streetwise/Shortcuts. Skills: Athletics/Acrobatics. choke. Investigation/Gather Information. remove the soakhalving effect. 2000 Credits. Burst rating 3) 50 Hits/10 Soak Cyberpunk Equipment Hacking Kit: A kit that you patch into a computer network to make it easier to hack into.O. but to change which skill you have uploaded all you need is a computer with the right program. Handgun (x5 Dmg). Diminished Lifespan Disadvantage: No Cyberpunk Encounters While many of the potential enemies and allies listed earlier in the book are appropriate (especially cyber-ninjas). B4 A2 M3 Ave Atk 14 (21 katana or SMG) Ave Def 20 Martial Arts 2 (punch. +1 more physical. Any 1 mental (depending on function) 100 Hits/10 soak (30 Hits if they are minions) Upload Training 2pts: You have the ability to “upload” skills Security Program DL 17 that normally require years of training and natural talent directly into your brain. Performance/Dance. Pilot/ Pursuit. Medium Body Armor (30 Soak). while they are not designed for combat. Skillful 1. +1DM.s. with big eyes and wild hair. Their function is entertaining humans. B5 A4 M3 Ave Atk 28 Ave Def 28/35 vs. most commonly seen in Japanese Anime. Even a Pleasure Replicant can become dangerous when it is on the run. Toughness 1 (+10 soak) Skills: Stealth/Hiding. Danger Sense. Often created to be unswervingly loyal. it does +2 or +3DM (1 or 2 handed) and halves the soak of any target it strikes. Combat Driving Advantage: Unliving or Bioengineered Legal Status. the properties of the katana has been exaggerated by Hollywood for decades. even a soldier replicant can acquire individuality and attempt to break away for their freedom. you can temporarily gain any one skill—physical or mental. If the Narrator wants a “special effects” katana. Hacking Kits may also be necessary to enter the Network from unauthorized locations. Katana Technique: +1 Hit. leather armor. In addition. Mecha tend to be 118 . In this genre. Speed-Wired 2. on occasion. Speed-Wired 2. but mental skills can be used unimpaired. Athlete/Running. kick. here are a few extra that are especially cyberpunk. Often. Sub-machinegun technique +1 hit. Toughness 1 (+10 Soak). Designed to stop hacker’s avatars from breaking into corporate or government files.chapter 6 it would be vital to have some non-interfaced friends around to protect your body during an interface. security programs are designed with brutal efficiency and tracking ability in mind. foot stomp). giving +10 Soak. Essentially. Vibroknife (x7 Dmg) 100 Hits/30 Soak for N. x8 dmg). and possibly the strongest substance in the universe. these Mecha-pilots tend to be struggling in some galactic war with another power also using Mecha. B4 A3 M1 Ave Atk 21 Ave Def 21 Charisma (x3). For a more realistic katana. Security programs can transform from ordinary looking “people” to killing machines. but also possess a keen tactical mind for warfare. Stealth/Prowling. Pleasure Replicant DL 18 or 11 if minion These are androids—either mechanical or bio-engineered—to appear completely human.

act as minions. Mecha Power Level Depending on the series the Narrator is trying to emulate. and 10 Million credits in equipment. either. or use aerobatics. Mecha are the ultimate fighting machines. Note—pilots should not neglect having a decent Brawn themselves—if they want to survive combat outside their Mecha (which should happen often enough). Example: A size 2 Mecha with a vibro-lance would have a reach of 4 squares. • Mecha wield equipment just like any character—except much larger versions of the same equipment designed for Mecha. Damage is unchanged—though it is considered Mecha-scale damage. • Like vehicles.000 times 1. A Mecha can lift 10 tons per point of Brawn. and have 9 points in stats. It cannot take any other powers. In essence. 9 points of powers. • Unlike vehicles. For Brawn. while a size 3 Mecha with the same weapon has a reach of 6. • It is common for Mecha to outshine other vehicles like jets or tanks. even though they may be 100’ tall! granting a +1DM bonus. Mecha are superior to standard tanks and fighters. 10 times the range. The number of Hits a Mecha has equals their pilot’s multiplied by the size of the Mecha. however. the Mecha will have a difficult time trying to climb. etc. and therefore. A size 2 Mecha with a Brawn of 2 throws a grenade with a radius of 2 in regular scale. When doing Vehicle scale combat. The Mecha-scale Vibro-lance costs 2 Million credits (2. If one of them has a size 2 Heavy Quantum Rocket Launcher. Likewise. Below are guidelines for 3 different power levels of Mecha. not a replacement for. the Mecha-Pilot’s skills are used. The reach of all other weapons (or radius effects if any) are multiplied by the size of the Mecha. Such experimental Mecha are often used by Heroes or Villains. and have become the main technology employed in warfare. When a Mecha takes a wound. For example. etc. there is nothing to say that a Mecha-Pilot cannot be especially accomplished in piloting a Mecha. defense. However. They don’t deal with “breaches”. however does. Low-Powered: In this series. Enemy armies each try to outdo each other by creating “super-Mecha” intended to annihilate the other side. add its size difference as a Dice bonus on its damage inflicted. when a larger vehicle attacks a Mecha. Instead. drive. and much bigger). the add 20 to the Mecha’s soak per size it is greater than the weapon firing upon it. Any damage exceeding the target’s Breach Threshold causes a breach just as it would if attacked by a vehicle (including size difference adjustments). but 1000 times the cost. Mecha piloted by minions are more easily destroyed than if piloted by a Hero or Villain. Mecha have Hits. The mass-produced Mecha tend to be piloted by minions—and in fact. the players get to create their Mecha. The range on all distance weapons is x10. standard military tanks and fighters. Mecha are a supplement. cannot have phobias. 15 in powers. not even Mundane Powers.000). It has a thrown range of 20 and explodes in a radius of 4. The Mecha has a +2 dice bonus and +2 multiplier to damage and also a +40 soak against the soldiers. High-Powered: In this series.Science Fiction Genres highly individualized. 119 . Mundane powers represent individual focus. and ranged damage. Mecha damage has a dice penalty equal to its size difference smaller than the target (putting it closer to on-par with Vehicle scale damage). A Mecha has none of these things. • A Mecha can choose Mechanical powers from the Special Powers list. Many Mecha are size 2. and 5 Million credits worth of equipment (Mecha equipment is the same as character equipment. 12 points of powers. Weapons without “reach” now have a reach equal to the Mecha’s size. Mecha add their size as a Dice bonus and to their Damage multiplier when attacking people outside vehicles. Mecha Creation & Combat Once the Narrator has chosen the scale of the series. When people with personal weapons attack a Mecha. Mecha should not be able to obliterate enemy capital ships on a whim. it bypasses this extra soak. and 7 Million credits of equipment. Over the Top: In this series. Most Mecha are size 1. Mecha scale weapons are 1000 times the regular cost. with the following differences: • A Mecha can only select Advantages and Disadvantages from the Mecha Advantages and Disadvantages lists. • A Mecha has no skills. A Mecha is created just as an ordinary character. Mecha have varying degrees of power and size. the Mecha wielding a sword will have the same bonus. The Mecha pilot. and Wound Thresholds like characters. • With respect to Agility and Mind in combat. These Mecha can be size 3. and from the Mecha-Powers list. if a Mecha pilot has Sword Technique Mecha-Pilot Powers It is important that the capabilities of the Mecha and the Pilot be kept separate. use the lower of the Mecha’s and the Pilot’s for determining attacks. The standard is 7 points of stats. however. So if the Mecha Pilot has no Athletics skill. • The Mecha pilot’s Mundane Powers work while piloting their Mecha. For example: a size 2 Mecha fires at a platoon of soldiers who return fire. and training. seldom are any two the same—at least those piloted by Heroes and Villains. The standard is 8 points of stats. A Mecha has no emotions or capacity to think independently. only use the Mecha’s. the powers of the Mecha outline what it is capable of—what weapons. there is a chance that the pilot/crew is injured just like when a ship suffers a breach.

chapter 6
defenses, and movement capabilities it has. However, the pilot can have powers that give special aptitude with these systems.

Battle-Cry: 2pts. Somehow, your Mecha is able to perform
better when you announce your attack, or use your catch-phrase. Once per issue, (usually during a climactic battle) you can use a Hero die to resolve one attack or damage roll by your Mecha when you use your Battle-Cry. Example battle cries could be: “Burning Sword!” “Attack pattern Gamma”, or “Ultimate Laser”!

component with the best Brawn is used as the Brawn of the entire Ultra-Mecha. The component with the worst Agility is used as the Agility of the entire Ultra-Mecha. The component with the best Mind is used as the Mind of the entire Ultra-Mecha (“and I’ll form the head”). In addition to all this, An Ultra-Mecha also has 5 extra power points, and can buy extra Advantages/Disadvantages that only manifest while in Ultra-Mecha mode. When an Ultra-Mecha performs a task that requires a dice roll, the player controlling the Hero who is piloting that part of the UltraMecha makes the roll. So if the Ultra-Mecha attacks with its blazing sword, the Hero piloting the sword-arm would make the attack and damage rolls. Ultra-Mecha defense rolls are made by whoever is piloting the legs. If more than one person is piloting the legs, both people roll, and the worse result is taken (it is difficult to coordinate motion in this way). Ultra-Mecha do not have Hits on their own—they are the sum of their parts. Thus, an Ultra-Mecha with 5 size 1 parts would have 100 Hits per part. Enemies fighting an Ultra-Mecha can target any one of the component parts they choose with an attack with no penalties to the roll. However, all the parts of the Ultra-Mecha gain the benefit of the Ultra-Mecha’s size increase (somehow, forming into one big Mecha makes all the parts more effective).

Custom Mecha: 1-3pts. Instead a standard issue military Me-

cha, you have one that is special. In some campaigns, you may even have the ONLY Mecha on your side. This power allows your Mecha’s stats, powers, and equipment to be better than the baseline of the campaign. For each point in this power, a Mecha has either 1 extra point of stats, 2 extra points in powers, 3 Million credits in equipment, or 1 higher level of size. This power can only be taken with Narrator permission.

Mecha Advantages
Instant Summons: Through teleportation or a really cool cutscene, you are able to do one of two things. Either you can summon your Mecha to you, or you can transport yourself inside your Mecha (choose only one of these effects). Even if this effect should take time—i.e. a summoned Mecha flying out of its volcano base to find you—it is somehow accomplished within a single page. repairs. Essentially, between issues, it will automatically be fully repaired, as long as it has had a chance to report to base by then. If you need repairs during an issue, you can take it to the base (or have the repair crew come to you) and make the repairs. This “heals” 10 Hits times your Mecha’s size per hour of repairs. So a size 3 Mecha with 3 hours to make repairs would heal 90 Hits.

Mecha Disadvantages
Bonded: Your Mecha is not just a vehicle: it is a part of you. This
damage yourself. Often, this means the trauma of damage will kill the pilot before the Mecha is destroyed. can be useful: only you can pilot it. However, the drawbacks can

Repair Crew: Your Mecha has an entire staff devoted to its be severe. Every time the Mecha takes damage, you take half

Limited Battery: Your Mecha cannot stay away from its base

Ultra-Mecha: One interesting aspect in the Mecha-Pilot genre

is the team of Mecha that can combine to form some super-Mecha. The television shows Voltron and Power Rangers are both examples of this. This advantage must be taken by all the Mecha that form components of the larger Mecha to be created. When this advantage is taken, it enables the Mecha in question to form into a specific Ultra-Mecha—it cannot combine with just any Mecha that has this advantage. When designing the Mecha, the full-sized “ultra-Mecha” will have all of the powers of its combined components! As it uses these powers, it expends energy from the component that supplied the power, essentially giving it a separate energy pool per component Mecha. It will also have the benefit of added size. To figure the final size of an Ultra-Mecha, Add 1 to its largest component part. This makes it possible to have Mecha that are larger than normally possible. An Ultra-Mecha’s stats are determined in the following way. The

for very long—or it needs an extension cord to keep it supplied with so many ultra-mega-super-watts of power. This limited window of time means that much of the time in the game will be spent outside the Mecha. Typically, the Mecha will only be called upon during major emergencies—maybe one scene in the entire issue.

Remote Control: This Mecha does not actually have room for

a pilot. It is actually a giant robot that was made to be controlled by remote. This means that the person with the remote must be nearby—and will be unprotected because they are not in the Mecha! This can lead to all sorts of problems when the little person who usually has the remote control gets kidnapped!

Mecha Powers
Mecha can have any Mechanical powers they want—though some work a little differently. Below are adjustments to old powers and some new powers just for Mecha.

Movement Powers: Any of the Mechanical powers based on

movement can be taken, but have greater effect for Mecha. Mecha


always move 10 times faster than a character could. So a Mecha Agility 2, Flight 3 would be able to fly 60 squares a page. As a 1 point limitation, a power might require some removable component—like a rocket glider pack that is only used to fly. Any power with such a limitation requires at least 1 page to activate the movement before it can be used.

Science Fiction Genres
Living Mecha: It is possible that in the world in which you are
playing, the Mecha are not mindless machines that use humanoid pilots. What if the Mecha are artificial life-forms, as in the Transformers franchise? In that case, the Heroes would not get to make 2 characters—they would get to make a single character—their Mecha. In addition to the Mecha advantages and disadvantages, they would have access to ordinary Advantages and Disadvantages, as long as they are reasonable that the Mecha could have that. For instance, giant robots with emotions might have a phobia, but it would not make sense that they could have an allergy. In addition, Living Mecha have skills, just as ordinary characters do. Also, Living Mecha can take Mundane powers as well as Mechanical and Mecha powers. Note, despite the name, the Living Mecha should have the Unliving advantage (unless they are in fact a biological construction) since they have no internal organs, don’t require food, etc. The rules for Mecha-Pilots genre was assuming that Mecha were man-made products of high technology. However, they might be something different. What if Mecha are clockwork machines or even golems infused with magic? If this is the case, the powers presented in the Mechanical powers section or the Mecha powers section might not all be appropriate. A Mecha that exists in a steampowered TL2 world would not be able to use a blaster carbine! It is recommended that the players work with the Narrator to create “appropriate” powers. For “magic” Mecha, consult the BASH! Fantasy Edition rules on Magic powers. For “clockwork/steam-powered” Mecha, look at the powers in the Steam-Punk rules in BASH! Fantasy Edition. However, these powers should have the usual effects from the Mecha’s size affect them (normally, magic and steam-punk powers are not effected by the user’s size).

Built-In Weaponry: Some built-in weapons used by Mecha
are also concealed or act as natural weapons. A Mecha with a missile launcher may, for instance, fire its rocket-powered fists at enemies (which then return to their arm sockets). A Mecha with sharp teeth and a powerful bite could be represented by having a built-in vibro-knife.

Rail-Gun: 4pts. A rail gun is
a special shoulder-mounted weapon used by Mecha. Instead of firing a projectile with propellant, or even a laser, it uses magnetic repulsion to fire a metal slug at super-sonic speeds. This allows it to fire even in the vacuum o f space (few Mecha weapons are designed for starship scale combat). When fired within an atmosphere, the rail-gun emits a powerful sonic boom. Because it fires using magnets, there is no recoil from firing this weapon either. The impact velocity of a rail-gun is so high that armor is only half effective against damage dealt by it, and vehicle Breach Thresholds are 10 lower against it. The Range of a rail gun is 10 grids, or the sensor range of the Mecha firing it, whichever is lower. When firing within an atmosphere, the range is 100 squares. Rail-guns do +4DM.

Unusual Technology Mecha:

Transform: 2pts. A Mecha with this power can change into
another type of vehicle or even a building. When this power is taken, just what the Mecha can turn into is decided. A Mecha cannot transform into anything larger or smaller than itself.

Twists on the Genre
Not Everybody in the game uses Mecha- Normally, in a Mecha based campaign, every Hero would be a Mecha pilot, but this does not have to be the case. What if one of them is the fleet commander, or the mechanic? If you want to run a game where characters having Mecha is an exceptional thing, you could have a disadvantage: No Mecha. This may not mean that the character is unable to pilot a Mecha—just that they simply do not have one to pilot. However, if they lack the pilot skill, then they actually won’t be able to pilot one.

Sample Mecha
Standard Infantry Mecha old 30 Size 1 Wound Thresh-

These mass produced Mecha were designed to assist tanks in planetary combat. They are faster, and more accurate, though probably less sturdy. B3 A2 M2


chapter 6
the ground. Very few are issued—and only to the most capable pilots. Toughness 3 (+30 Soak), Built-In Weaponry 2 (Sword), Leap (60 squares), EMP resistance 2 (30 soak vs. EMP) Equipment: Sub-Machinegun (x5 Dmg, Range 200, Radius 1), Vibro-Blade (x6 Dmg) 30 Hits/35 Soak (Pilot has 30 hits, B2 A2 M2) B4 A3 M2 Toughness 3 (+30 Soak), Fly 5 (150 squares), Built-In Weaponry 3 (Flame-Thrower), EMP resistance 1 (20 soak vs. EMP), Built-In Weaponry 1 (Vibro-Knife (actually fangs)) Equipment: Built-in Flamethrower (x5 Dmg, Range 50, Radius 3), Vibro-Knife Bite (x6 Dmg, Reach 3) 300 Hits/45 Soak (Pilot has 100 Hits, B2 A3 M3)

Mecha Sky-Corps old 20

Size 1 Wound Thresh-

These Mecha are designed to transform into fighters between engagements. They are issued to people with training in both dogfighting and hand to hand Mecha combat. B2 A3 M3 Toughness 2 (+20 Soak), Fly 4 (120 Squares), Rail-Gun, Transform (into fighter) Equipment: Assault Rifle (x6 Dmg, Range 300, Burst rate 2), Extendable Vibro-Lance (x4 dmg, Reach 2), Rail-Gun (x7 Dmg, Range 100 (or 10 Grids)) 100 Hits/25 Soak (Pilot has 100 Hits, B1 A3 M3)

Hard Sci-Fi
Hard Science Fiction is a subgenre that attempts to do what many science fiction works simply abandon—to explain the technology, aliens, and robots using real science. In this genre, the laws of physics are meant to be obeyed. This means no faster-than-light travel, no teleporters, and no energy blades. Does this mean that Hard Sci-Fi is boring? Certainly not—it simply means that space explorers in this setting will face different challenges than other Sci-Fi settings.

Space Travel
Just because space travel is limited to speeds below the speed of light does not mean that it is impossible for man to leave the solar system. Indeed, travel to other stars would still be possible. However, much like explorers in the age of sail, long voyages take many years to accomplish. Because of the time dilation property of relativity, however, as one approaches the speed of light, time seems to pass relatively slower. Thus, a person traveling at the speed of light for a few months may find that ten years have gone by when he returns. He would have only aged for those few months that he experienced, however. Thus, it is very possible for spacers to travel to other systems, even those inhabited by intelligent alien life, but each voyage would take several years of actual time, even though only a few months of “relative” time had passed. Thus, a person going on a voyage to a nearby star might return home more than 20 years later, only looking 1 year older. Of course, even at near-light speeds, exploration would be limited to nearby stars. To travel to distant stars would take so long, the crew would die of old age before ever approaching the destination. There are two ways of dealing with this problem. First, there is stasis, where the crew is put into a state of hibernation until they approach their destination. The second is a “generation ship” where the crew and passengers never intend to arrive at their destination. Aboard the ship, they will reproduce, and train new generations with the skills necessary for space travel, and how to get along in the world they will arrive in. It may even take several generations for them to reach their destination.

Shiva Class Mecha Size 2 Wound Threshold 30
Superior in everyway to the Standard Infantry Mecha, the Shiva class is faster, stronger, and better all around. With its extra arms, it can bring more weapons to bear on the enemy. They are usually issued to commanding officers of infantry divisions. B3 A3 M2 Toughness 3 (+30 Soak), Running 2 (150 squares), Scan, Extra Arms, EMP resistance 1 (20 Soak vs. EMP) Equipment: Two Heavy Vibro-Blades (x7 Dmg, Reach 2), Two SubMachineguns (x5 Dmg, Range 200, Radius 2) 200 Hits/40 Soak (Pilot has 100 Hits, B2 A3 M3)

Ninja Class Stealth Mecha Size 2 Wound Threshold 10
Designed for stealth and quick strikes, the Ninja Class is intended to be used only with surprise—never for drawn-out combats. B2 A3 M3 Toughness 1 (+10 Soak), Hovering (150 Squares), Invisibility 3, Scan, Illusion 3 (Holo-projections), Equipment: Energy Sword (x6 Dmg, Reach 2, all soak is halved) 200 Hits/20 Soak (Pilot has 100 Hits, B1 A3 M3, usually trained with Attack Weak Point, Feint, and Pierce Armor)

Dragon-Zorg Mecha Size 3 Wound Threshold 30
Designed to resemble the legendary creature it was named for, the Dragon-Zorg Mecha is extremely powerful on the wing or on


Science Fiction Genres
When the distance to which a species can explore is limited by physics, the search for life-supporting worlds may come up short. However, this is not to say that a life-supporting environment cannot be manufactured on a planet. A dense atmosphere that keeps the planet too hot to sustain life can possibly be taken care of by introducing genetically engineered bacteria to eat the obstructing gasses. A world too hot or dry to sustain life can have water added to it by altering the course of comets to slam into the planet, providing water. An atmosphere can be given breathable air by planting trees and algae. Of course, these processes take a great deal of time to come about. In the mean time, people might use domes over their small colonies on a planet’s surface, creating a habitable biosphere amidst the unforgiving tundra. Each day, work crews would leave these colonies, dressed in special gear to help them survive the outside conditions, bringing the planet one step closer to life-supporting. To a more extreme degree, instead of adapting a planet for the uses of people, people might adapt themselves (through genetic engineering) to survive on planets deemed inhospitable to “normal” humans—though this concept is less likely in a “hard” sci-fi game. These genetically engineered people might be able to breath something other than oxygen, or more resistant to heat, cold, extremes in gravity, etc. To represent these genetic enhancements, you can allow some of the Alien powers from the Special powers list. Oftentimes, heroes must also avoid, “polluting the time-stream”, which means that they cannot allow knowledge or technology from the future to end up in the past. Because of this, characters from advanced societies will either have to forgo their typical equipment for more primitive gear, or that any equipment they take with them will need to be sufficiently disguised. Thus if a starship captain went back in time with his crew to the 19th century, they better keep their blaster carbines at home. Likewise, romances with “natives” of that time period are also strictly forbidden (unless you want to wind up becoming your own grandfather).

Means of Time Travel
Not everybody who travels through time does so in the same way—or even intentionally. The methods one uses for time travel are important as they may hold the key to returning to one’s own time.

Spaceship: Though unlikely, a starship has been used as a

Something that conventional sci-fi often does is to “assume” that certain things will be possible in the future, even though they may be deemed impossible by modern science. This holds especially true for weapons like energy blades and blaster carbines. Because Hard Sci-Fi takes science more seriously, certain weapons are not viable in this genre. A laser gun that is powerful enough to blow a hole in someone, for instance, would have to have an enormous battery in order to hold enough energy to power such a weapon. Instead of impractical energy weapons, it is more likely that future weapons will be more advanced versions of solid-ammo weapons. Most weapons will be TL 3 or TL 4.

makeshift time machine. This likely has to do with the concept of time dilation—that the faster one approaches the speed of light, the slower time passes for that individual, allowing one to travel into the future. It is theorized, then, that by exceeding the speed of light, time would seem to move backwards, allowing one to travel to the past. Why this does not happen all the time in starships is likely due to various devices put in place to maintain the ship’s stability when using the Stardrive—without them, the ship risks tearing itself apart. However, if these devices were disabled, and one could calculate the trajectory with extreme precision, and use the gravity of a star or black hole, the slingshot effect could theoretically produce enough velocity to make such a trip possible. Theoretically. Essentially, this method of time travel is used only as a plot device. It is too dangerous to attempt on a whim—and likely only even possible when the Narrator says so.

Time Machine: A Time Machine of this sort is designed to travel

Time Travel
Time Travel is another classic genre of Science Fiction, allowing readers to marvel at the wonders of the past rather than the future. It is also quite often used as a short-term side-plot for an ongoing series of another genre (like if a starship captain had to take his crew back in time to prevent the extinction of a species, etc). Common plots in this genre include meeting an ancestor or historical figure. The Heroes may be charged with changing history, or changing it back. Another very common theme is preserving the “space-time continuum”, ensuring that the events of history don’t cause a paradox.

in time. Some time machines only travel to a specific date in time (and hopefully back), while others can travel backwards or forwards in time as the user wishes. Some can only be used to travel into the past, while others only enable one to peer into the future. Very elaborate time machines may be able to travel through space as well, enabling the user to visit any moment in history at its precise location. The obvious advantage of a Time Machine over any other means of time travel is that they enable the user to control when in time they are traveling. A potential setback of such a machine might be that it requires a certain amount of time to recharge before being used again. Alternately, using the machine too frequently could have dire health consequences.

“Natural” Phenomenon: Of course, there could also be

“natural” reasons for a character to travel in time. Perhaps there is some sort of cosmic storm that sends anyone caught in it back to 20th century Earth, or a “rift in the space-time continuum” that sends people into the future. It is likely, that one of two things hap-


the Heroes would be free to use any technology they want and take advantage of their knowledge of history to achieve heroic ends—or merely survive. For these reason. Even the best of intentions can have disastrous. or “inventing” futuristic technology. as s/he already remembers having Time Travel Forward Not everyone who travels in time does so to visit the past. The phrase comes from a term in chaos theory. For instance. For these characters. but culture shock and dealing with the extreme technology. However. unforeseen consequences. rather than changing it themselves. This is just one example of an invention not intended for time travel inadvertently producing that effect. Usually. though it could be an awkward conversation to ask your future self about your beloved spouse only to find that in the future you are divorced. thought this seldom works out so well. Even actions that seem completely inconsequential can have a powerful influence on the flow of history. For instance. the world may end up having an Alternate History (see “Alternate Realities and Dimension Hopping). time travel might be an ability possessed by certain aliens from the fourth dimension or a product of extremely powerful telepaths. the adventure is discovering what went wrong and fixing it before repeating the cycle. the greater the alteration will be. a bigger. Perhaps these abilities are simply prerequisites for the use of an actual time machine. thus preventing you from ceasing to exist. some stumbled upon this ability inadvertently. If something changes course early in its journey. who have “the power”. through a series of chain reactions known as a “butterfly effect”. you would cease to exist. Some are hurled into the future. In this case.chapter 6 pen. Meeting Yourself is another peril of time paradox. A company attempting to develop a teleportation device might realize that the objects were not appearing where they were supposed to—and many of them showed heavy signs of aging. time machines could only be piloted by a select few. One dangerous time paradox is meeting one’s own ancestors. if someone went back in time and prevented Hitler from coming to power. one’s past self will not really be able to tell the future self anything valuable. or on the stock market. They were not only sending objects to another place. the challenge is not getting by without their accustomed technology. One pitfall of time travel is the possible temptation to use one’s knowledge of the future to exploit the past. someone from our time might be 124 . one might become wealthy indeed. Of course. If neither of the two of them faint. If they fail. Effects on the Future Of course. If people ever went into such a machine. and various other advances that to him. how could you go back in time to prevent your birth? Paradoxes like this occur in Sci-Fi all the time. This would make it impossible to get back to their own time. all people would know is that the test objects just disappeared. Heroes in a Time Travel campaign are often tasked with preventing changes to history. or some similar thing. he might be amazed (or terrified) by your television. until a certain event happens that can break them free of the cycle. If you caused events that prevent your being born. giving blaster technology to people in the middle ages would have much stronger consequences than giving it to people in the modern world. but to another time. Heroes’ actions may have various side-effects. Likewise. the explanation is that the person in question was not actually your ancestor. The further back in time that history was altered. Most likely. deadlier war with the Soviet Union might have occurred in its place. raging for decades. if this machine sent things into the future. Alien/Psionic Ability: Likely an ability of an Omnipotent Entity. How large an impact events in the past will have on the future is proportional to how distant they are in the past. If the campaign does not want to focus on maintaining the timeline. they may well be stuck back in the past. Whether by gambling on sports. could only be perceived as magic. electric lighting. thereby avoiding World War II. the future self will tell the past self things they should or should not do (like which stocks to invest in) to change the future more favorably to them. the conversation. there may be time police or some other such organization that punishes people for this. but rather on what people from the Future might do if they were trapped in the past. Seeing a younger/ older version of yourself face-to-face is extremely shocking. it will end up much farther offcourse than if it did so near the end of the journey. Accident: While Time Machines were usually built with the sole purpose of time travel. Either the characters pulled through this natural phenomenon must bide their time until this phenomenon repeats itself (usually at a certain time. if you never existed. A character in this situation must make a 20 Mind test in order to prevent fainting. Thus. and must make the best of things. One way to send people into the future does not even involve time travel at all—simply holding the people in stasis for centuries until they are brought out of it. they may be able to interact with one another. Thus. whereby they are forced to continually repeat a certain period of time. However. The Perils of Time Paradox Suppose a Hero does violate some major principle of the spacetime continuum? It is possible that the Heroes may be caught in a Time-Loop. which the characters will know in advance) or they are stuck there forever. In other words. tiny variables can have great impact farther on down the road. Likewise. if a knight from 13th century Earth were transported into your living room. from the supposition that even the wings of a butterfly could eventually lead to a change in wind enough to cause devastating storms.

Indian Medicine Man DL 16 B1 A2 M4. however. B2 A2 M2 Ave Atk 14 Ave Def 14 Saber Technique +1 DM Skills: Animal Riding/Control. Thus. Carbine (Range 20. Outdoor/Tracking. robot servants. Performance/Dance. Athlete/Any. Equipment: Two Revolvers (x7 Dmg) Range 15 (six shots per gun) Advantage: True Grit 100 Hits Disadvantage: Outlaw Alternate Realities and Dimension Hopping Actions in the past could lead to various possible futures. this disadvantage will be lost as the person gets “caught up” with current technology. Omni-linguist (casting) 1EC Skills: Ride/Control. characters visiting an alternate reality are there to set right something that went wrong in that reality or simply to survive until they can escape it. a world run by sentient dinosaurs. similar to the Comanche DogSoldiers or Apache raiders. the Cavalry is most dangerous when it has a numbers advantage. 8 months for 3TLs. Ave Def 21 DL5 Bow Technique +1DM (Range 30 x5 Dmg). described as “casting” the effect he is trying to invoke) 100 Hits Enemies & Allies Many potential enemies and allies in a Time Travel or Dimension Hopping game have already been listed elsewhere. Physician+1/Herbalism. Humanities/Occult Advantage: Psionic (The medicine man is able to focus his abilities only through sacred chants and dances. B3 A3 M2. How long catching up takes depends on how different technology is. Eventually. Tomahawk Technique +1DM. B2 A3 M2 30 Hits Ave Atk 21. Old West DL Variable Indian Scout DL17 This is an elite group of warriors. creating infinite “alternate realities”. This assumes that there are infinite “parallel universes” where each possibility occurred differently in each one. this is assuming that the person speaks the language of the people in the future. even if his own species has become advanced. Clairvoyance/Future 1pt. Craft Weapons. there would be many “alternate histories” to these alternate realities. x5Dmg) 20 Hits Pirates DL Variable Time travelers who find themselves cast back into the 17th or 18th century may have to contend with buccaneers on the high seas. Pistol Technique +2DM. Travel between these is called “Dimension Hopping”. x6 at a gallop). perhaps a mysterious stranger who rides into town to save it from worse banditos. Military/Tactics. A character who travels into the far future will automatically begin with the Primitive disadvantage. Of course. Science Fiction Genres Perhaps a hired mercenary.similarly awestruck by flying cars. B2 A3 M3 Offhand Pistol. Indian Brave DL 5 This is the average Indian warrior—often pitted against the US Cavalry. Outdoor/ Tracking Equipment: Horse (move 18). Desperado Gun-Fighter DL17 125 . and 32 months for 5TLs or more. Quiver with 12 arrows. Healing x3 (Enhancement: Usable on Others/ Limitation: Casting) EC3. It is possible he may end up being placed in an asylum first. x6Dmg). or teleporters. Tomahawk Advantage: Membership: Scouts (allows attack weak point) 100 Hits It may be possible that the heroes go back to the old West—often getting themselves embroiled in local affairs and gunfights! US Cavalryman DL3 Often called in to save the day at the last minute. Quickdraw. Dinosaurs for instance can be found in the Victorian Sci-Fi section. Cavalry Saber (x5 dmg. Often. Skills: Stealth/Prowl. 1 Shot. Ride/Gallop. Nazis winning World War II. Dimension hopping involves characters moving from one reality (dimension) to another. Sometimes. or a British victory over the American Revolution are all common enough alternate histories for such worlds. an alternate reality is simply a way of showing characters what their actions in the past have done to the present—causing them to go back to the past to fix them. Lethal. 16 months for 4TLs. Attack Weak Point 2pts. the Desperado GunFighter can be a dangerous enemy or a powerful ally in the Old West. Outdoor+1/ Tracking Equipment: Bow (Range 30. Below are a few extras. Bow Technique+2DM. 4 months for 2TLs. A difference of 1TL would take 2 months to catch up.

These men and women are the Time-Police. Uppercut. Thus a time-cop in Victorian London might wear a stove-pipe hat. x3 Dmg) 20 Hits Waffen SS B3 A2 M2 DL 9 Ave Atk 14 (21 w/ rifle) Ave Def 14 Rifle Technique +1 Hit. Radius1). Throw. Reckless Might* 1pt. Stealth/ Palming & Planting. it is more than likely they will end up having to fight them. Double Taps. Athlete/Climbing. An elite unit from the far. Leather Armor 10 Soak. x6 Dmg. B2 A2 M4 Blaster Pistol Technique (+2 to hit). uppercut). Skills: Sailing/Gunner. Stealth/Hide. Choke). Martial Arts 3 (punch. they do all that they can to prevent the meddling of people in the past. Ave Def 14 Cutlass Technique: +1 to hit. 3 Potato Mashers (Frag Grenades) (x2 hit. Butterfly Mechanism. 30 Hits/20Hits* DL 21 Pirate Captain B3 A3 M2 DL23 Time-Police In a setting where time travel is possible. 3 Potato Mashers (Frag Grenades) (x2 hit. which can detect even minute distortions in the timeline. Knife Technique +1 Dmg. +1 Dmg. Pistol x4Dmg. Below are three categories—ordinary soldiers. jump kick. Martial Arts 2 (Punch. Rank 2 (Time Police). 3 Potato Mashers (Frag Grenades) (x2 hit. Luger (Handgun) (x3 Hit x6 Dmg) 100 Hits B2 A2 M1 Ave Atk 21 Cutlass 14 Pistol. Disarm. while an officer assigned to the renaissance might wear a ruffled ascot. Skills: Athlete/Run. Science/ Temporal Physics. In addition. They are equipped with a special device called the Butterfly Mechanism. Offhand Pistol 2pts 2EC. x4 Dmg) 30 Hits 126 . kick. Martial Block. Investigation/Find Clues. Social Science/History. Kick. Soldier B2 A2 M1 DL 3 Rifle Technique +1 to hit. x8 Dmg). Pistol x6 Dmg. Radius1). kippup. Off-hand Pistol Equipment: Rifle (x3 hit. Deception/Lying. Craftsmanship/Carpentry Advantage: Contacts Disadvantage: Outlaw 100 Hits Nazis DL Variable If the Heroes travel to an alternate Earth in which the Nazis won World War II. leg sweep. whenever they want (though their use is strictly monitored). Standard issue also includes a holo-projector and disguises to make sure that the officer “fits-in” in his current time assignment. x5Dmg). Knife (x3 hit. Deception/Jargon. x5 Dmg). x7Dmg). Skills: Sailing/Tacking. Portal-Key 100 Hits Cutlass Technique: +1 to hit. Footwork 1pt 1EC. Throw. Footwork. Time-Police have portal-keys that allow them to open rifts to travel to any time they wish. Feint. Uppercut. far future. throw. x7Dmg). Choke) Equipment: Rifle (x3 hit. Double Taps Equipment: Rifle (x3 hit. Pistol Technique +2DM. Rank 2: Criminal Equipment: Cutlass x6/x7* Dmg. +1 Dmg. it is likely that there are people charged with the task of protecting the timeline from corruption. QuickDraw. blaster pistol (x4 hit. and a brutally cold SS officer. x6 Dmg. Pistol Technique +1DM Equipment: Cutlass x4/x5* Dmg. Society/Savoir-Fair. Armor Familiarity: Leather 1pt. martial block. Radius1). A person who goes back in time with the intent of changing the past will find themselves in Time-Police custody soon enough for violating temporal law. Knife (x2 hit. Offhand Pistol 2pts 2EC. +1DM. Kick. Knife (x2 hit. Reckless Might* 1pt. other task members are assigned to go back and undo the damage. Athlete+1/Climbing. Skillful 1. x6 Dmg. more elite Waffen SS troopers. Martial Arts 2 (Punch. Then. or have traveled back in time to ensure they do not. Drive/Control Equipment: Holo-projector (treat as the Illusion power).chapter 6 SS Officer Pirate Crewman DL7 B3 A3 M3 Pistol Technique +1 Hit. The Time-Police keep a prison at the end of time where temporal criminals and time-terrorists are held indefinitely. Martial Block.

3200 lbs at size 2. as they can be game breaking.Science Fiction Genres Appendix A: Rules Options Stats above 5 It is not recommended for characters to have stats above a 5. Note: Brawn is proportional to size. and are more suited to superheroic rather than heroic scale games. Near 127 . Below are benchmarks for stats going up to 10. Mind 10 Incalculable omniscience psionic power. computer possible. doubling with each size increase. Thus a creature with a Brawn of 5 at size 1 can lift 1600 lbs. Brawn 6 Lift a ton or two (+5 Soak) Brawn 7 Lift several tons (+10 Soak) Brawn 8 Lift 10s of tons (+20 Soak) Brawn 9 Lift 100s of tons (+30 Soak) Brawn 10 Immeasurable strength and resilience (+50 Soak) Agility 6 Four times faster than the most agile human Agility 7 Sixteen Times faster than the most agile human Agility 8 64 Times maximum human speed and accuracy Agility 9 100s of times maximum human speed and accuracy Agility 10 Immeasurable speed and accuracy *Note: Mind above 5 cannot increase damage with ranged weapons beyond a base of 5DM) Mind 6 several times smarter or psionically powerful than most beings. As stats increase. Very few creatures in this book have a stat above 5. incredible Psionic potential. and 6400 lbs at size 3. Sometimes it may be needed to represent a key story element or emulate creatures from movies. Mind 7 IQ over 500 or 5 times the Psionic Power of a typical psionic Mind 8 IQ over 1000 or 10 times the Psionic power of a typical psionic Mind 9 Smart as the fastest A. at this rate they become exponentially more powerful.I. a killer robot from the future that can lift a truck should not have a mere Brawn of 5. The extra soak and damage for size are already figured in—so just because a creature is big does not mean its Brawn must exceed 5. For instance.

medium. the experience point equivalent is listed. Likewise. like a phobia). Below is a chart for beginning with more powerful characters. a sci-fi character’s stats are halved when converted to BASH! for superheroes (round up). Essentially. you should feel free to incorporate anything from this book into your BASH! Superheroes game. characters in BASH! for superheroes are actually moving the same speed as fast as BASH! Sci-Fi characters with doubled stats because it is assumed that every page is 2 seconds in Sci-Fi as opposed to 1 second in super-heroes. especially if you want to emphasize the role of the supernatural in that game. so Narrators wanting to add new Heroes to an existing campaign can bring in new characters on a more equal footing with older ones. Characters at the “superheroic” scale’s stats are simply doubled when converting them to BASH! Sci-Fi. use the superheroic rules for soaking damage (just remember to adjust the stats first). Some of the powers work differently. characters from the super-heroic version do not have wound thresholds. You should use the version of the power as it fits in the campaign you are converting to. It gives a descriptor for the level of power. and the number of points they have to spend on powers. So a character with a 4 Agility in Sci-Fi would convert to a 2 in Superheroes. If you are converting Sci-Fi characters into a super-heroic world. That character moves 12 squares every 2 seconds in Sci-Fi and 6 squares every second in Superheroes. They want high-powered games that can challenged seasoned veterans. Additionally. Which rule you use should depend on which campaign you are playing in.Science Fiction Genres Appendix B: More Powerful Starting Characters Not every Narrator wants the Heroes to be green beginners with lots of potential. When considering movement speed. Are you converting superheroes into a Sci-Fi world? Then use the Sci-Fi rules for soaking damage. In addition. the number of points characters of that level can spend on stats. even though the base movement speed is still 3x Agility. they move the same speed! Something else to consider is that characters in the Sci-Fi version do not have Mental Malfunctions (though they can choose to take a mental disadvantage. Power Level Lowly Red Shirt Promising Hotshot Gung-Ho Proven Expert Unmatched Legendary Stats 6 7 7 8 9 10 11 12 Powers 5 7 9 9 11 13 15 17 XP -24 0 12 24 48 72 96 120 Conversion to and From Super Heroic BASH! Conversion from the Superheroes version of BASH! is relatively easy. Of course. 128 . or heavy armor. super-heroic characters soak damage by rolling times Brawn +Armor points. Likewise. while Sci-Fi heroes only soak 20/30/40 for light.

747. 72. 74.Index Index 180 (Dog Fighting Maneuver) 16 18-Wheeler: 73.Traps & Security Systems:52 Artificial Organ: 41 Assassin: 94 Assault Droids: 94 Assault Hovercopter: 78 Assault Rifle: 37 Assistants: 27 Asteroids: 72 Astrogation: 28 Athlete / Athletics: 28 Atmosphere & Water: 54 Atmospheric Flight: 65 Atomic Robot:111 Atomic-Ray-Gun: 110 Attack Helicopter: 78 Attack Weak Point: 14 Attack/Defend Critical Position: 81 Attacking: 59 Auto-Doc:41 Auto-turrets: 63 Auxiliary Power: 62 Avatar: 117 Average Attack and Defense: 49 Average Maneuverability: 58 Avinoid: 8 Awareness: 88 Axe: 32 Bad Food: 65 Bad Reputation: 12 Bargaining: 28 Baron:18 Barrel-Roll (Dog Fighting Maneuver):15 Bartender: 95 Base Difficulty to Avoid: 49 Basket Hilt: 34 Bastard Sword: 34 Battle Starship: 49 Battle-axe: 33 Battle-Cry: 120 Battleship: 76 Battle-Starship: 69 Bear-Bat: 85 Bearilla: 115 Berserk: 12 Big Cat: 107 Big Game Hunter: 103 Binoculars:41 Bio-Engineered: 116 Biology: 28 Bio-Manipulation: 20 Bi-Plane: 77 Black Market Goods: 43 Blast Cannon: 37 Blaster Carbine: 37 Blaster Gatlin: 37 Blaster Pistol: 37 Blaster Rifle: 37 Blaze of Glory:10 Blind: 108 Blockade Runner: 68 Blunderbuss: 35 Boarding: 61 Boarding Tube: 63 Bombard: 65 Bomber: 59 Bomber-Jet: 78 Bonded: 120 Booby Trap: 40 Bounty Hunter: 95 Bow 35 Brachiating: 20 Brain-Jack: 116 Brain-Taping See Neural Information Storage Interface: 42 Brawn: 8 Breach Threshold: 60 Break Weapon: 15 Brhinox: 85 Bronze Age: 32 Built-In Tools: 20 129 . and Monsters: 84 All-Terrain : 62 Alternate History: 124 Alternate Realities and Dimension Hopping :125 Alternate Respiration: 13 Amazing Inventor: 103 Amphibious: 19 Anarchy/Criminal Government: 56 Android: 11 Animal Lore: 28 Animal Riding: 28 Animated Creature: 105 Anti-Aircraft Gun: 79 Anti-Psi Helm: 42 Anti-teleporter field: 61 Ape-Man: 115 Appendage: 19 Appendix: Rules Options: 127 Appraisal: 28 Aptitudes: 6 Aquatic: 20 Aquatic Propulsion: 62 Arc Transport:70 Archaic Ranged Weapons: 34 Archaic Weapons Descriptions:32 Archeology:28 Armor:33 Armor Familiarity:14 Art: 28 Artificial Hazards.77 Accident: 124 Accounting: 28 Ace Pilot: 97 Acid: 47 Acrobatics: 28 Active Multiplier : 5 Admiral:18 Adrenal Control: 19 Advantages:10 Aerobatics :28 Aether : 103 Aethership/Submarine Captain:105 Age:11 Agile:56 Agility:8 Aircraft Carrier:76 Alarm:52 Alien Powers:18 Alien Predator Beast :85 Aliens & Adversaries: 84 Aliens. Mutants.78 Abnormal Diet:: 13 Acceleration: 28.

: 12 Creating Worlds: 53 Crew/Passengers: 58 Crewman: 99 Crime Lord: 95 Crocodiles: 107 Crossbow: 35 Cruiser: 69 Cudgel: 34 Culture: 28 Cursed: 12 Cutlass: 34 Cybernetic Implants: 116 Cyberpunk: 116 Cyborg: 10 Cyclone Kick (Martial Arts Maneuver)17 D6:5 Dagger: 34 Damage: 60 Damage Aura: 21 Damage Multiplier: 6 Dance: 28 Danger Level: 84 Danger Sense: 22 Dark Matter: 73 Dark Psi-Corruptor: 98 Dark Psi-Destroyer: 98 Dark Psi-Rangers:98 Dark Psi-Seer: 98 Data Encryption: 62 Daze: 22 Debilitating Mutation: 115 Deception: 28 Defense: 59 Deflect: 15 Democratic Government: 56 Demolitions: 28 Derringer: 37 Desert: 82 Desperado Gun-Fighter: 125 Destroyer: 69 Detect Deception: 28 Diagnosis: 28 Diagnostic Scanner: 42 Dice Bonus: 6 Dice Penalty: 6 Dice Mechanics: 45 Diehard: 10 Dimension Hopping Genre: 125 Diminished Lifespan: 116 Diplomacy: 28 Direction Sense: 28 Disadvantages: 11 Disarm: 15 Disguise: 28 Disintegrator Pistol: 110 Diverse: 56 DL: 84 DM:6 Docking: 67 Docking Bays: 62 Dog Fighting: 15 Domestic: 28 130 .Index Built-In Weaponry: 20 Burrowing: 91 Burst Fire: 32 Bus: 73 Butterfly Effect: 124 Butterfly Mechanism: 127 Can affect others: 27 Can affect you: 27 Cane: 34 Capital Starships: 69 Captain: 18 Car: 73 Carapace: 86 Carbine: 37 Cargo Units: 58 Cargo/Transport Vessel: 76 Carpentry: 28 Cat: 49 Catch (Martial Arts Maneuver):17 Cathulian: 9 The Cause: 11 Cellular Phone: 41 Centipede: 107 Chain: 32 Chainsaw: 114 Changeling: 20 Character Creation: 8 Charisma: 15 Chase Scenes: 48 Chase Tally: 48 Cheetah: 107 Chemical Dependence: 13 Chemistry:28 Chief Engineer: 99 Choke (Martial Arts Maneuver): 17 Clairvoyance: 21 Claw Titan: 85 Climbing: 28 Clinging: 21 Cloaked Stalker: 86 Cloaking Device: 62 Cloning Tank: 42 Club: 34 Cold. Extreme: 50 Collapsing Walls:53 Collateral Damage: 48 Colossus Creatures: 92 Combat Ace: 67 Combat Driving: 15 Combat Rules: 45 Command: 28 Command Ship: 70 Commander: 18 Commerce: 28 Commercial Government: 56 Communal Government: 56 Companion: 10 Compulsive Behavior: 12 Computer (as equipment): 41 Computers: 28 Concussion Flail: 39 Conditional Use: 27 Confusion: 21 Constriction: 108 Constructed Worlds: 53 Contacts: 10 Continual Damage: 47 Cooking: 28 Corvette: 68 Cover in Combat: 47 Cramped: 65 Crash Landing: 67 Craven.

Index Domino Effect: 6 Doom Hopper: 86 Doom Walker: 75 Double Taps: 16 Doubles: 45 Dragon-Zorg Mecha: 122 Drill: 63 Drive: 28 Drone: 90 Dropship: 69 Drowning: 50 Duelist: 95 Dumb Luck: 10 Dune Raiders: 86 Durg: .: 12 Freeze Beam: 110 Frigate69 Frog Men: 111 Furbles: 87 Futuristic Armor and Suits: 33 Futuristic Land Vehicles: 74 Futuristic Sea Vehicles: 77 Futuristic Sky Vehicles: 78 Futuristic Weapons: 37 Galloping: 28 Gambling: 28 Gangster: 95 Gardening: 28 Garrote: 33 Gather Information: 28 Gauntlet: 32 General: 18 Genetics: 28 Genius: 8 Geography: 30 Glassworking: 28 Glide: 23 Global Positioning System: 41 Golden Rule: 45 Good Food: 65 Good Maneuverability: 58 Governor: 18 131 .: 68 Fighter Jet: 77 Fighter Plane: 77 Finance: 28 Finding Clues: 28 Fire: 50 Fire Hydrant:49 First Wave: 108 First-Aid: 28 Flamethrower: 37 Flash-Bang Grenade: 37 Fleet of Foot: 16 Fleet to Fleet Combat: 80 Flight Leader: 90 Fly: 22 Flying Fortress: 77 Focus: 27 Footwork: 16 Force Field: 22 Foreign Cultures: 28 Forest: 82 Four-Armed Martian: 114 Frag/Concussion Grenade: 36 Fragile: 27 Frankenstein’s Monster: 105 Freak.9 Duty: 12 Dyson Sphere: 53 Eat Anything: 10 EC: 84 See Energy Cost: 84 Echolocation: 89 Elbow Smash (Martial Arts Maneuver): 17 Eldan: 9 Electrified: 40 Electro Magnetic Pulse: 37 Electro/pyro/cryo-Kinesis: 22 Electrokinesis: 22 Elite Fighter: 68 Elite Guards: 96 EMP: 37 See Electro Magnetic Pulse: 37 EMP Blaster: 39 EMP Cannon: 39 EMP Grenade: 39 EMP Resistance: 22 Empathic: 28 See Empathy: 22 Empathy: 22 Encryption: 28 Endothermic:40 Endure X: 22 Energy: 14 Energy Blade: 39 Energy Cost: 84 Energy Grenade: 39 Energy Manipulation: 20 Energy Pool: 14 Energy Shield: 33 Energy Whip: 39 Engineering: 28 Enhanced Engines: 62 Enhanced Weapons: 63 Entangle: 16 Environmental Endurance: 22 Environmental Frailty: 13 Escape Pod: 68 Escapology: 28 ESP: 22 Evasion: 28 Evasive Action (Dog Fighting Maneuver): 15 Exemplary: 16 Experience Points: 45 Expert Marksman: 16 Explosions : 48 Extendable: 40 Extra Ammo/Charges: 40 Extra Arms: 22 Extra Cargo: 62 Extra Engines: 62 Extra Hull/Shield Strength: 62 Extragalactic Travel: 66 Extreme Cold: 50 Extreme Heat: 50 Falling: 50 Famous: 10 Fashion: 28 Fast: 62 Fatigue: 50 Fearless: 10 Feint: 16 Feudal Government: 56 Field Rations: 41 Fighter.

Artificial:111 Gravity Net: 63 Gravity Wells: 73 Great Dune Worm: 92 Grenade: 35 Grenade Launcher: 37 Guards: 95 Guild: 11. or Mace: 33 Heavy vehicles: 58 Heavy Vibroblade: 39 Heavy-Cruiser: 69 Heel Stomp (Martial Arts Maneuver): 17 Helicopter: 78 Herbalism: 28 Hero: 5 Hero Dice: 45 Hideous Mutation: 115 Hiding: 28 High G: 51 High G-Force Suit: 33 High-Maintenance: 65 High-Powered: 119 High-Tech: 10 High-Tech Equipment: 41 History: 28 Hits: 6 Holdout Blaster: 39 Holodeck: 62 Hologram: 52 Holographic Body: 23 Honor Bound: 12 Hovercopter: 78 Hovercraft: 76 Hovercycle: 74 Hovering: 23 Hover-Ship: 77 Hover-Tank: 74 Hull/Shield strength: 62 Human: 9 Humanities: 28 Ice Beast: 87 ID Lock: 40 Ifurian: 9 Illness: 50 Illusion: 23 Immobilization: 50 Immunity: 23 Improved Holographic Body: 23 Incapacitating a Vehicle: 60 Indian Brave: 125 Indian Medicine Man: 125 Indian Scout: 125 Industria: 32 Inertia: 58 Inertia for Land Vehicles: 72 Inhuman Voice: 13 Inspiring Leadership: 16 Instant Summons: 120 Integrated Functions:32 Integrated Weapon: 33 Intel: 81 Intensity: 6 Intergalactic Travel: 32 Interplanetary Travel: 32 Invasive Sensors: 63 Invent: 28 Investigation: 28 Invisibility: 24 Issue: 6 Jaw Monster: 87 Jeep: 73 Jetpack Jockey: 16 Jr. Axe. Extreme: 50 Heat Gun: 110 Heat Tempered: 33 Heavy Artillery: 79 Heavy Body Armor: 33 Heavy Cruiser: 69 Heavy Fighter: 68 Heavy Infantry Droid: 94 Heavy Missile Battery: 79 Heavy Ordinance: 78 Heavy Quantum Rocket Launcher: 39 Heavy Sword.:18 132 .Index GPS See Global Positioning System: 41 Grapple Gun: 42 Gravity: 51 Gravity. Officer: 18 Juggernaut Assault Droid: 94 Juggling: 28 Jump Gate: 66 Jump Kick (Martial Arts Maneuver): 17 Jumping: 28 Jury-Rig: 28 Katana: 118 Keen Senses: 17 Kevlar: 32 Key Terms: 5 Kick (Martial Arts Maneuver): 17 Kippup (Martial Arts Maneuver): 17 Knee Smash (Martial Arts Maneuver): 17 Knife Strike (Martial Arts Maneuver): 17 Knock-Back: 47 Kraken: 107 Land and Air Vehicles Only: 62 Land Speeder: 74 Landmine: 52 Languages: 28 Large: 10 Laser Tripwire: 52 Lasso: 34 Law: 28 Leap: 24 Leather Armor: 32 Leg Sweep (Martial Arts Maneuver):17 Lethal Damage: 48 Lethal Poison: 43 Leviathan Fish: 92 Lieutenant. 18 Gunfighter: 96 Gunner: 28 Guns (Starship): 63 Habitability: 54 Hacking: 28 Hacking Ki: 118 Halberd: 34 Half-Breed : 9 Hallucinogenic: 43 Handgun: 37 Hard Sci-Fi: 122 Hawk Men : 111 Hazards: 50 Head Butt (Martial Arts Maneuver): 17 Healing: 23 Heat.

27 Lion: 107 Lionoserous: 116 Living Mecha: 121 Lockdown: 53 Logistics: 28 Long Sleeper: 13 Longevity Treatment: 42 Loop (Dogfighting Maneuver): 15 Low G: 51 Low Maneuverability: 58 Low-Powered: 119 Low-Tech: 29.: 24 Outcast: 12 Outdoor: 28 Outlaw: 12 Overconfidence: 12 Page: 6 Paired Weapon Fighting: 17 Panel: .6 Parrying Dagger: 34 133 .49 Mountain Lion: 107 Mountains: 82 Movement: 46 Movement Powers (and Mecha): 120 Multiplier Bonus: 6 Multiplier Penalty: 6 Multipower : 27 Mundane Powers: 14 Music: 28 Musket: 35 Nano-Adrenal Stimulus: 42 Nano-Immunity: 42 Nanomachines: 42 Narrator: 5 Natural Weapons: 24 Navigation: 28 Nazis: 126 Near Omniscience: 127 Near-Future: 32 Nebula: 72 Needle Gun: 110 Neural Information Storage Interface: 42 Nigh-Impossible Tasks: 45 Nightvision Goggles: 41 Ninja Class Stealth Mecha: 122 NISI: 42 See Neural Information Storage Interface: 42 No Atmosphere: 54 No Enhanced Healing: 13 No Legal Status: 12 Nuclear Missile: 79 Oath: 12 Obsession: 12 Obstacles: 48 Occultism: 28 Ocean sectors: 82 Off-Hand Pistol: 17 Old West: 125 Omni-Linguist: 24 Omnipotent Entity: 87 Omni-Reader.Index Lifelike Appearance: 11 Light Artillery: 79 Light Body Armor: 33 Light Fighter: 68 Light Infantry Droid: 94 Light Missile Battery: 79 Light Quantum Rocket Launcher: 39 Light Ship: 68 Light Starships: 67 Light Vehicles: 58 Lighting Gun: 110 Limited Battery: 120 Limited Target: . 115 Lunging: 34 Lying: 28 Mace: 34 Mach: 63 Machine Gun: 37 Magnetic Storms: 72 Maine Gauche: 37 Maneuverability Adjustment: 58 Manipulation: 28 Martial Artist: 17 Martial Block (Martial Arts Maneuver): 17 Martian Tripod: 105 Martians: 105 Mass Combat in Space: 80 Mass Combat on Planets:82 Mathematics: 28 Mecha Advantages: 120 Mecha Creation & Combat: 119 Mecha Disadvantages:120 Mecha Powers: 120 Mecha Sky-Corps: 122 Mechanical Powers: 18 Mecha-Pilot Powers: 119 Mecha-Pilots: 118 Medical Stimulator: 42 Medical Supplies: 41 Medical Treatment: 48 Medieval Technology:106 Medium Body Armor: 33 Medium Missile Battery: 79 Med-Pack: 42 Mega-Sub: 77 Membership: 11 Memory Tampering: 24 Mental attacks: 45 Mental Skills: 28 Merchant: 96 Metal Working: 28 Military: 28 Mimic: 24 Mind: 8 Mind Control: 24 Mind Shield: 17 Mind Spikes: 24 Mines: 64 Minion Ratings: 49 Minions: 49 Missiles: 64 Modern Armor: 32 Modern Equipment: 41 Modern Firearms & Bombs: 35 Modern Land Vehicles: 72 Modern Sea Vehicles: 75 Modern Sky Vehicles: 77 Mono-Knife: 110 Mono-Sword/Axe: 110 Monsters: 84 Moon Men: 106 Morlock: 108 Motorcycle: 73 Mountain: .

Gigantic: 108 Scoundrel: 98 Second-Class Citizen: 103 Secret: 13 Secret Compartment: 40 Sectors: 80 Security: 28 Security Program: 118 Security Systems: 52 Seismic Activity: 55 Self Destruct: 25 Shadowing: 28 Shape-Shifter: 25 Sheriff: 18 Shield Deflect: 32 Ships and Rockets: 111 Shiva Class Mecha: 122 Short Sleep: 11 Shortcuts: 28 134 .: 24 Scholar: 8 Science: 28 Science Fantasy: 112 Sci-Fi Icons: 94 Sci-Fi Skill List: 28 Scope: 40 Scorpion.: 53 Plains: 82 Plasma Grenade: 38 Pleasure Replicant: 118 Poison: 43 Poison Gas: 53 Political: 18 Poor Hearing: 12 Poor Maneuverability: 58 Poor Vision: 13 Portal-Key: 127 Ports and Planets: 81 Post Apocalyptic: 114 Potato Mashers: 126 Pottery: 28 Powder Keg: 35 Power: 28 Power Armor: 33 Power Dive (Dog Fighting Maneuver): 16 Powerful Enemy: 13 Pressure Point (Martial Arts Maneuver): 17 Primitive: 13 Priority: 6 in Vehicle combat: 59 Programming: 28 Psionic: 11 Psionic Disciplines: 20 Psionic Powers: 19 Psionic Rejuvenation: 24 Psi-Ranger Initiate: 97 Psi-Ranger Oracle: 97 Psi-Ranger Sentinel: 97 Psi-Ranger Tribune: 97 Psi-Rangers: 97 Psi-Witches: 98 Psi-Wizards: 98 Punch (Martial Arts Maneuver): 17 Pursuit: 28 Push Technology: 17 Pushing Yourself: 15 Quick Healer: 11 Quick-Draw: 18 Radiation: 51 Radiation Cleanser: 42 Radiation Fields: 72 Radiation Sickness: 51 Radius: 27 Rail-Gun: 121 Ram: 64 Ramming: 61 Random Alien Creation: 55 Random World Creation: 54 Range: 27 Rank: 18 Rapid Reloader: 115 Rapier: 33 Razor Cat: 89 Rebreather: 43 Reckless Might: 18 Reduced Energy Cost: 27 Religion: 28 Reloading: 32 Remote Control: 120 Repair Crew: 120 Repairs: 61 Repulsor Beam: 64 Research: 28 Rest: 46 Revolvers (also known as Handgun): 36 Rifle: 36 Ringworld: 54 Robotic Prosthesis:42 Robots: 92 Rocket Gun: 111 Rocket Launcher: 36 Rookie Pilot: 96 Rope: 48 Roving Gun Droid: 94 Rumbler Assault Jeep: 74 Running: 24. Vehicles: 61 Performing Arts / Perform: 28 Person: 49 Personal Force Field: 33 Phase Wraith: 88 Phasing: 89 Phobia: 12 Physical Skills: 28 Physician: 28 Pierce Armor: 17 Pilot: 28 Pirate Captain: 126 Pirate Crewman: 126 Pirate Sloop: 68 Pirates: 125 Pistol: 35 Pit. 28 Saber: 34 Sabertooth: 107 Sabotage: 28 Sailing: 28 Sample Mecha: 121 Sample Starships: 67 Sand Runner: 89 Saran: 9 Savages: 108 Savoir-faire: 28 Scale: 58 Scan.Index Patrol Boat: 75 PDA: 41 People vs.

Index Shotgun: 36 Shrewd: 11 Shuttle: 59 Sick Bay: 63 Simbasa: 9 Size: 47 Skillful: 18 Skills: 27 Slave: 13 Slave Crown: 43 Slave Mind: 14 Sling: 34 Sloop: 59 Slow: 13. Officer: 18 SS Officer: 126 Staff: 33 Standard Guards: 96 Standard Infantry Mecha: 121 Star: 49 Star Knight: 93 Star Kraken: 92 Star Marines: 101 Starbase: 49. Constrictor: 108 Snake. Gigantic: 109 Spider-Crawler: 75 Spike Strider: 90 Spin (Dog Fighting Maneuver): 16 Spinning Backfist (Martial Arts Maneuver): 17 Sports Car : 73 Spring Loaded: 40 Square: 6 Sr. 66 Small: 14 Smart: 56 Snake.: 6 Social Science: 28 Society: 28 Solar Flares: 73 Soldier: 26 Soldier Replicant. 70 Star-Bomber: 68 Star-Born.: 118 Sonic Chirp: 86 Sonic-Bats: 89 Space Amazon Queen: 112 Space Amazon Warrior: 112 Space Opera: 112 Space Pirate Captain: 99 Space Pirate Crewman: 99 Space Pulp: 109 Space Pulp Monsters: 111 Space Travel: 112 Spaceship: 123 Spacewalking: 52 Spacious: 65 Spear: 33 Spear-Knife: 39 Spear-Staff: 39 Special Power Enhancements:27 Special Power Limitations: 27 Special Powers: 18 Species Specific Disadvantages: 13 Speedboat: 75 Speed-Wired: 25 Spider. 65 Suffocate: 50 Suggestion: 25 Super Senses: 25 Suplex (Martial Arts Maneuver): 17 Surgery: 28 Survival” 28 Swamp: 82 Swarm Commander: 90 Swarm Drone: 90 Swarm Flight Leader: 90 Swift Strike: 15 Swimming: 28 Swing-Line: 25 Sword: 34 Sword-Cane: 34 Sword-Gun: 39 Tactics: 28 Tank :74 Target Fixation (Dog Fighting Maneuver)16 Teargas Grenade : 36 Technocracy Government: 56 Technokinesis : 21 Technology (skill): 28 Technology Dependence :14 Technology Level: 32 Techno-Wizard : 11 Telekinesis: 25 Telekinetic Crush: 25 135 . 59.: 32 Story Arc: 6 Strafe (Dog Fighting Maneuver): 15 Strategy: 28 Streetwise: 28 Stretching: 25 Stun Grenade: 38 Stun Staff: 39 Stun Stick: 38 Sub-Cycle: 77 Sublight Speed: 72 Submachine Gun: 37 Submarine: 75 Submersible. Viper: 108 Snakemen: 109 Snatch: 18 Snow: 82 Snow Strider: 89 Soak.: 14 Stardrive: 63 Star-Freighter: 70 Starship: 11 Starship Captain: 100 Starship Officer: 100 Starship Operations: 28 Starship Personnel: 99 Startrooper: 100 Startrooper Heavy Assault Force: 100 Startrooper Officer: 101 Startrooper Regular: 100 Startrooper Scout: 100 Starvation: 50 Stats: 6 Stats above 5: 127 Steal/Recover Plans:82 Stealth (Skill): 28 Stealth (Upgrade): 40 Stealth (Vehicle Power) : 63 Steam Robot: 106 Steam Titan: 106 Stellar Cartography: 28 Stellar distance and Rotation: 55 Stone-Age.

: 26 Telepathy: 26 Teleporter: 63 Tentacle Worm: 90 Terraforming: 123 Terrain in Space: 72 The Swarm: 90 Theocracy Government: 56 Thermal Filament: 41 Thief: 101 Thieves’ Tools: 43 Thirst: 50 Throw (Martial Arts Maneuver): 17 Thunder Beast: 91 Tiger: 107 Time Machine: 123 Time Travel: 123 Time Travel Forward: 124 Time-Loop: 124 Time Paradox:124 Time-Police:127 TL See Technology Level: 32 Tongue: 19 Total Result Bonus/Penalty: 6 Totalitarian Government: 56 Tough: 45 Toxicology: 28 TR See Total Result Bonus/Penalty: 6 Tracking: 28 Tracking Device: 41 Tractor Beam: 64 Trample: 26 Transform: 121 Transports: 59 Traps: 28 Tribal Government: 56 Triceratops: 109 True Grit: 13 Truth Serum: 43 Tunnel Devil: 91 Tunneling: 26 Types of Vehicles: 66 Tyrannosaurus: 109 Ultra-Mecha: 120 Unarmored/Unshielded: 66 Universal Translator: 42 Unknown Ally: 11 Unliving: 11 Unstoppable Gorger: 91 Unusual Technology Mecha: 121 Upgrades: 39 Upload Training: 118 Uppercut (Martial Arts Maneuver): 17 US Cavalryman: 125 Useful Gadgets: 42 Useful Mutation: 115 Vacuum: 51 Vacuum Patch: 43 Vacuum Sealed: 33 Variable: 27 Vehicle Advantages: 65 Vehicle Combat.Index Telekinetic Push: 26 Telekinetics: 20 Telemechanics.: 59 Vehicle Disadvantages: 65 Vehicle Powers: 62 Vekar: 9 Venomous: 26 Venusian Fire Dragon: 114 Very Slow: 66 Veteran Pilot: 96 Veteran Warriors: 108 Vibroblade: 38 Vibroknife: 38 Vibro-Lance: 38 Victorian: 103 Viper Slug: 91 Virtuous: 11 Vision check: 52 Vulnerability: 47 Waffen: SS.126 Walker: 75 Wall-Mounted Blaster: 53 War Droids: 94 Ward: 13 Warfare and Exploration: 58 Warp Reality: 88 Weapon Lock: 18 Weapon Technique: 18 Weapons: 28 Weapons Systems: 63 Web: 75 Weird Science Creatures: 105 Weird Scientist: 106 Whip: 34 Wind: 55 Wokana: 9 Wormhole: 72 Wound Threshold: 47 Wounds: 46 Wrestling:47 XP See Experience Points: 45 X-Ray Vision: 27 Xrek: 9 Zero G: 51 Zombie: 116 136 .


Advantages. numerous skills. or to play just about any fantasy genre: High Fantasy and Low Fantasy from Samurais to Swashbucklers. •Heroes. Do not assume that by simple. advantages. Character generation is so simple.BASHRPG. this book and a 3x5 card for your character. you could fit all the info you need on a 3x5 card. Use this book to play an epic fantasy game. but we included a sheet anyway. •Interesting locales ranging from the affluent to crime-ridden. traps. we mean incomplete. Download them today from RPGNOW.Check Out these Products by Basic Action Games: BASH! Basic Action Super Heroes The game that started it all! Basic Action Games is proud to present the Basic Action Super Heroes Role-Playing Game. BASH! Fantasy Edition is here! This game features fast character creation. paced over a series of panels. The action is fast and furious. and even rules for collateral damage. monsters. pages. and this book. LOTS of Villains for your Heroes to do battle with. and optional rules. and over 70 powers both magic and mundane! You only need a pair of ordinary six-siders. and other dangers for your heroes to face down as well. and the Wild West as it never was! Island of the Forgotten Tomb: Swashbuckling Adventure and Campaign Setting for BASH! Fantasy. Sharpen your cutlass and prepare to set sail on a journey to discover a King’s tomb on an uncharted or find us online at www. and rules for running a swashbuckling game. •Villains. but we included a sheet anyway! There are hoards of monsters. just like a comic book. also known as BASH! This book has everything you need to create characters and run super-heroic adventures within minutes. Also look for Megapolis: A City of Supers. A printer friendly edition is also included. BASH! has over 50 versatile super powers. It introduces a 17th century magical world not unlike our own. com . incorporate more “magic” into your BASH for Supers game. disadvantages. In this book you’ll find many things you’ve been needing for your superheroic campaign including: •A complete history of the city and outline of its Burroughs. a piece of paper. •New Powers. This city has everything from a hidden magical world to a haunted suburb. including the mysterious HUSH. a sourcebook for BASH! This book outlines a fictional major US city somewhere in the Northeastern United States. Dozens of Heroes and teams for your own Heroes to join. What perils await the heroes on the isle and in the waters around it? This also includes a short campaign setting for BASH! Fantasy Edition. either. Also included are 10 “Fencing Schools” that grant characters a unique fighting style that improves with experience. There are new powers. quick combat. The rules are light and easy all you need are two ordinary dice. and issues.

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