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Factoring by Grouping When we use FOIL to multiply two binomials, we multiply the first, outside, inside, and last

terms to get four products: (x + y)(a + b) = ax + bx + ay + by. Sometimes we have no choice but to use this method, but other times we can simplify and arrive at a final answer with a smaller number of terms instead. Since we know how big you are on smaller numbers of things, we will let you know how. Factoring by grouping is like "undistributing" or "unFOILing." You pictured a baked potato too, huh? The simplest situation in which we can factor by grouping is when we have a 4-term polynomial whose first two terms have their own common factor, and whose last two terms have their own common factor. Confused? Check out the examples...they will unwrap the mystery. Then all that will be left to do is to slap on a pat of butter and sprinkle on some bacon bits. Sample Problem Factor by grouping: 6x2 + 3x + 20x + 10. This is a polynomial written with four terms that do not have a single common factor among them. However, the first two terms have a common factor (3x), and the last two terms have a common factor (10). This situation doesn't answer all of our wildest factoring dreams, but we'll take it. By pulling out the common factors for each pair of terms, we can rewrite the original polynomial as 3x(2x + 1) + 10(2x + 1). These two terms now have a common factor of (2x + 1). Seems like we should be able to do something with that information, don't you think? In fact, we can pull out this common factor and rewrite the polynomial as (3x + 10)(2x + 1). User: what is the complete factorization Weegy: In mathematics, factorization or factoring is the decomposition of an object into a product of other objects, or factors, which when multiplied together give the original. Auto answered|Score .6|allybee|Points 8999| User: 3x2 - 6x - 240? Weegy: 3x^2 - 6x - 240 => 3 ( x^2 - 2x - 80 ) => 3 ( x + 8 )( x - 10 ) Auto answered|Score .9211|danimai|Points 1504| User: which is the complete factorization of 25a2 - 100? Weegy: Which of the following is the complete factorization of 25a2 - 100? (5a +10)(5a-10)]

User: which is the complete factorization of 10x - 3 - 3x2? Weegy: Which is the complete factorization of the trinomial 3x2 10x - 8? Do you mean 3x 2 +10x-8 if so then it is (3x-2(x+4) when factored Which of the [ following equals 3x2 ... ] Auto answered|Score .9549 User: Given: -7y2 + 7y + 84. What is the greatest common factor of the polynomial? Weegy: Given: -7y2 + 7y + 84, the greatest common factor would be 7. Auto answered|Score 1|vchutkan|Points 5773| User: Factor 35d + 5d2 - 30. Weegy: 5(7d+d^(2)-6) is the answer. Auto answered|Score .9538|OxTornado007|Points 6879| User: Factor 75t2 + 12. Weegy: When you factor 75t2 + 12 you get 3(25t2 4). Auto answered|Score 1|vonna79|Points 396| User: Factor 6y2 - 48 + 42y. Weegy: 6y^2 - 48 + 42y = 6y^2 + 42y - 48 = 6(y^2 + 7y - 8) = 6(y-1)(y+8) Auto answered|Score .7293|yeswey|Points 2881| User: Factor -4 + 8a - 4a2. Weegy: The answer is -4 (a-1)^2. Auto answered|Score 1|jeifunk|Points 9995| User: Factor 5x4 - 30x2 - 135. Weegy: 5x^4 - 30x^2 - 135 in factored form is 5(x-3)(x+3)(x^2+3) Auto answered|Score 1|andrewpallarca|Points 22839| Weegy: n^4 - 1 = (n^2 + 1)(n^2 - 1) = (n^2 +1) (n+1)(n-1) Auto answered|Score .76|drsyed19|Points 470| User: Factor 2x4 - 20x2 - 78. Weegy: 2(x^(2)+3)(x^(2)-13) is your answer. Auto answered|Score 1|OxTornado007|Points 6879| User: Factor completely. n4 - 1

Isidro .Suring Basa sa Pilipino Argel L. Jabutay VIII-Cherry Mrs.

Onychatrophia It is describe as wasting away of the nail .The square-shaped nails are the most famous among the nail shapes. Nail walls .filed away at the sides to a point at the tip. 7.1. which is called the 'true cuticle'. Free edge -the part of the nail that can be filed and shaped. dryness. This is usually due to injury and bleeding of the nail bed. The main purpose of the nail is to protect the fingers and toes.the pearly coloured and crescent shaped is due to the cells being pushed closely together. 4. Square nail. Blood supply provides the cells with nourishment. the blood capillaries cannot be seen through the lunula because of this. Onychophagy or bitten nail It is a deformity of nail plate caused by biting nails. 1.1BEAUTY CARE (NAIL CARE) SERVICES K to 12 – Technology and Livelihood Education 96 nerves. 2. It is the transparent skin.5 mm and then the tip is filed into a rounded shape. Carelessness in removing the cuticle. Nail bed . Blue nails i. The main course for infection is through damaged cuticles and broken skin. It is created by allowing the nail to grow out straight and then filing the tip straight across at right angles with the rest of the nail plate NAIL DISEASES AND DISORDERS Nail diseases are conditions of both the nail. Structures of Nail 1. Matrix . Information Sheet 1.the only living reproducing part of the nail. Furrows These are long ridges that run either lengthwise or across the nail.. having numerous parallel ridges which dovetail exactly with the ridges on the under surface of the nail plate. It is caused by an internal imbalance. Stiletto/ pointed nail . the fingernail also assists with certain physical activities in daily life. Carefully remove the adhering growth by means of a cuticle nipper. 9. It is bluish in color. shrinks and falls This can be caused by injury to the nail matrix or by internal disease. this gives the nail tip strength over the oval shape 5. The onset of the disease takes about two to three months and the attack is rarely on more than one or two nails. 7.the part of the nail where the nail plate rests on. Lunula .BEAUTY CARE (NAIL CARE) SERVICES K to 12 – Technology and Livelihood Education 99 Nail Diseases Characteristics 1. these white spots eventually disappear 8.1 very well then find out how much you can remember and how much you learned by doing Self-check 1. or yellowish in color and is lifted-up by an accumulation of . 3. may be attributed to poor blood circulation or heart disorder. Squoval . 5. Nail Plate . fungal and viral infections. dried blood in the nail bed will also go out. but followed by squaring off the tip. cutting off too much may result in hangnails. Some lengthwise ridges are normal in adults. 11. They may be caused by injury to the base of the nail. Below are the diagrams of the nail and its structure. Some conditions will show a green. poor circulation and frostbite. This is made up from dead cells and minimum amount of moisture.ideal for shorter nails. Brittle nails It is a vertical splitting or separation of the nail plate layers at the distal (free) edge of the nail plate. Hangnails It is a condition in which the cuticle splits around the nail. Eggshell nails The nail plate separates from the nailbed and curves at the free edge. Nail disorders can r Given below is a list of the few important nail diseases and disorders and their characteristics.Basic Information About Nail Nail is a plate of keratin that lies on the tips of the fingers and toes.the folds of skin that overlap the sides of the nail. 3. 12. It may be caused by chronic illness of the systemic or nervous origin. This is a strong shape which is great for those who keep their nails short. 2. As the nail continues to grow. and the surrounding skin which result from bacterial. grayish.As above.the overlapping epidermis around the nail. the nail is allowed to grow out straight at the sides for approximately 1. It also contains blood vessels and What Do You Need To Know? Read the Information Sheet 1. These ridges increase with age and can also be caused by psoriasis. They hold your nail in place and protect the nail plate edges. It is an extension of the nail plate that overlaps the hyponychium 4. excessive use of cuticle solvents and nail polish removers. The nail is semi-transparent – allowing the color of blood supply of the dermis to show. 5. careless filing of the nails. Nail Disorders Characteristics 1. brittle with furrowed surface. Leconychia or white spot White spot appears frequently in the nails. Pterygium It is an overgrowth of cuticle which sticks to the surfaces of nail plate. As the nail grows. also a continuation of the matrix. It may cause infection if not treated. Onychomycosis It is an infectious disease caused by a vegetable parasite. 10. 4. such as local infection or heredity. If the matrix is damaged the nail will grow deformed. this shape is very weak as the sides of the nail (which provide the strength) are totally lost 6. Onychorrhexis or split or brittle nails It refers to split or brittle nails caused by an injury to the finger. pregnancy & measles. Round nail . opaque. Shapes of Nail The shape of nail conforms to that of finger tips of an individual. The appearance of the nail is frayed (worn out). It may be styled slightly rounded at the base and slightly pointed at the fingertips. Oval nail . Most often this type of nail has a natural look and looks very good in a short-medium length. that is removed during the manicuring process 3. Onychauxis or hypertrophy It is an overgrowth of the nail usually in thickness rather than length. The nail loses its luster. This is situated directly below the cuticle. Over exposure to detergent soap and other chemical solvents may attribute to the effect.this is common among people with long. Cuticle .is visible nail that rests on the nail bed up to the free edge. 6. Bruised nails It shows dark purplish (almost black or brown) spots in the nail. depending on the nature of the infection. Many disorders can affect the nails. however. New cells form here and continually push towards to produce the nail plate. It is abundantly supplied with blood vessels and nerves. The nails may be extremely dry because of some granular disorder. 2. It is an acquired nervous habit which prompts the individual to chew the nail or the hardened cuticle. These disorders can affect any portion of the nail unit and can impact the appearance of the nail plate itself. perfect nail beds. Ridges that run across the nail are caused by high fevers. yellow or black discoloration of the nail.

Tinawag nila itong “sampal-alok. starting at its distal and/or lateral attachment. Ang pangalan niya’y Felicidad. Umalis ka na at uli-uli ay huwag mong dudumihan ng mga marurumi mong paa tiong aking villa” Hindi mo sa inirespeto ang katandaan ko. usually resulting from illness. 4. Onychocryptosis It is referred to ingrown nails which affect the fingers and toenails. “ and sagot ng pulubi. Incorrect trimming a shaping of nails are often responsible for ingrown nails. at sa kanyang pagkalito ay nahulog.” At pagkasabi niyon ay umalis na ang pulubi na isinigaw ang salitang “Sampal-alok! Sampal-alok! Parang nabingi si Donya Felicidad at walang malamang gawin. usually it is caused by varying degree of hyperkeratosis (skin disease in which the skin gets thicker) on the distal portion of the nail bed that detaches and lifts the plate off the bed. Namatay ang lalaki na hindi nabigyan ng remedyo. Onychoptosis It is the periodic shedding of one or more nails. Ang mga nangyaring iyon ay nalaman ng lahat ng mga tao. It is marked by nail growth into surrounding tissues and may cause infection. Apply an antiseptic immediately. pinaikli nila itong “sampalok”. naisipang umalis ng mga magsasaka sa lupa ni Donya Felicidad.” at di nagtagal. Isang araw. ano ang kailangan mo rito?” “Ako po’y nagugutom at ibig ko lang pong manghingi ng kaunting pagkain. Treating cuts It is caused by an accident during manicure service. nag-ususap ang mga magsasaka sa pangunguna ni Regalado.” ang galit na sabi ng pulubi. Onychia Is a term applicable to chronic inflammation of the nail fold and nail bed (matrix). Noon din ay namatay ang may masamang ugaling babae. may tumubong punong kahoy sapinaglibingan ng donya. Kinuha niya lahat ang mga inaning bigas at sinabing iyon ay bayad sa mga utang sa kanya. Kumuha ng kapirasong tinapay si Donya Felicidad at nang hawak na’y sinampal ang pulubing inalok. Donya Felicidad kungtawagin siya ng lahat. Do not apply nail polish on the affected are 100 drug 5. 3. 14. Lalong nagging masama ang ugali ng Donya at nang dumating ang anihan ay walang itinira samga magsasaka. may matandang pulubing pumasok savilla ng donya para humingi ng pagkain. . The most common cause of onycholysis is psoriasis 6. Dahil doon.Nagtatakbo siyang pumanhik sa terasa ng villa. Nag-isip sila ng paraan kung paano maihaharap sa donya ang kanilang reklamo. ANG ALAMAT NG SAMPALOK Noong araw ay may isang mayamang babaing ubod ng suwapang at masamang ugali.Inilibing nila ang donya sa isang lugar. Buffing the nails with paste polish will help remove ridges. Nakiusap ang mga magsasaka na bigyan sila kahit na ilang salop lamang na bigas para makain lamang ng kanilang pamilya. Mula nang mamatay ang asawa ni Donya Felicidad ay lalo siyang nagging masama ang kanyang pag-uugali. Ayaw niyang mabawasan ang kanyang kayamanan. hindi niya pinagamot ang asawang may sakit. Nalaman ni Donya Felicidad ang pag-uusap ng mga magsasaka. Makaraan ang ilang buwan. “Sinampal mo ako at saka inalok. It results from the introduction of microscopic pathogen through small wounds. Ridges It is caused by uneven growth of the nails. Dahil sa kasamaan ng ugali ni Donya Felicidad. trauma systematic upset or adverse reaction to 13. Gayon na lamang ang galit ni Donya sa utusang napapasok sa pulubi. Isang araw. 2. pagkatapos ay kinuha ang mga pagkain sa bodega at sinunog ang villa. Ang bunga ay maasim katulad ng maasim naugali ng donya.epidermis underneath. either in the whole or in part. Onychogryphosis or claw nails It pertains to extreme thickening curvature of the nails. “Ikaw. Perohindi naawa ang donya. This condition maybe a symptom of a more alarm disease such as syphilis or can result from fever. Onycholysis It refers to the detachment of the nail from the nail bed. Nagalit ito ‘pagkat inisip na baka masama na ang gustong gawin sa kanya ng mga magsasaka. Pinalayas pa niya ang kanilang enkargadong si Regalado ‘pagkat’t nanghihinayang nasiya sa ibinabayad dito. Pinag-uusapan nila ang kanilang kawawang buhay dahil kay Donya Felicidad. “Hayan ang tinapay.