INFINITE LAX 5/22 FAN ACCOUNT First of all I just need to state that this was one of the best

days of my life. I m going to skip all the boring details but we were standing in front of the midd le of the railing waiting for them. Then this tall guy in a hat and mask walks i n and like before I could stop myself I went OH MY GOD and people were like whattt ? And I said, Is that? Sungyeol? And he walked straight through this group of fan girls into the bathroom and everyone was so confused but it was him and then eve ryone started freaking out. Then Myungsoo came up the ramp and stopped and looked around and went right back down the ramp it was so funny. BUT HE COMES BACK WITH MOTHERFUCKING KIM SUNGGYU. He is so perfect in real life I can t even explain. UGH. He is a lot smaller than I thought he would be and I lo ve it omg. I like shorter guys and damn I was dying on the inside. Sunggyu was just standing in the middle of the circle looking around and so I ye lled, Annyeonghaesayo Oppa! And he looked up and like bowed and said, Ne~ Anneyongh aesayo. in his cute little polite voice. I WAS TECHNICALLY THE FIRST FAN HE TALKE D TO OKAY IM DYING. ( that s me yelling at :03 seconds lol) Also correct me if I m wrong, there were about 30 fans there and I m pretty sure I w as the only Sunggyu biased one? I had my Another Me album and no one else had on e that I saw and everyone I talked to had a different bias. Plus I stayed by Su nggyu s side the entire time LOL. I was so close to him that at points I took a fe w steps back because I didn t want to invade his personal space. ANYWAYS, So at first Sunggyu wasn t signing any albums but then one girl handed him her alb um and he signed it so I immediately went over and handed him my Another Me albu m and he signed it but my sharpie wasn t working at first and I was like Ahh! My sh arpie isn t working! ( And he smiled at me and I thanked him in korean and he nodded at me. I moved out of the way afte r so other fans could get autographs. The fans were really respectful and there was no pushing or screaming it was amazing I love Inspirits. The only thing I had a at at this little cafe he stuff for the girls order for them it was problem with was a few girls ran to Infinite while they s or something. But Infinite was so sweet and they signed t anyways. Sungyeol spoke so much English and they made him cute ><

Then they got their drinks and walked back to the railing and I stood next to Su nggyu the whole time lol. I didnt record too much tho because I didnt want to ha ve a camera in his face. I was just admiring his perfection<3 And the events will probably be out of order because I was just so amazed and sh ocked that they were there in front of me a couple of inches away. Sungyeol spoke a lot of English and kept talking to the fans. He was so funny he had us all cracking up. He got excited about Animal Fries, and he said a few fa ns names when they asked him too. He gave this fan a handshake/fist bump (I will put up a fancam of this as well). While Sunggyu and L and Sungyeol were in the cafe part, Hoya and Sungjong came o ut! I saw Sungjong first and I handed him my album to sign. He looks so flawless in person he is seriously a doll. And people kept saying thank you and he nodde

And Sungyeol took my album and signed it! My aegyo was a success kekeke! Hoya and Sungjong ended up going outside the doors and started taking selcas wit h fans away from their manager lol. Oppaaa ~ Sign? Cheballlll~ And he just play glared at me like no. I yelled Annyeonghasaeyo Oppa at Dong woo too and he smiled and nodded and hair flipped. I wanted to go but I couldn t leave Sunggyu. But they gave him a thumbs up and were like your bag is nice. But he kept telling the fans he wouldn t sign anything el se.T I was so sad but Woohyun and Dongwoo s till weren t there so we kept waiting. And he was like Oh thank you. But then I asked Sungg yu in korean if he would take a selca with me and he LEANED TOWARDS ME and was l ike what? oh a selca? And his manager shook his head and Sunggyu said sorry he c ouldn t. he is my absolute infinite bias (despite heart palpitations because of myungsoo s fa ce. i just can t function well in airport welcoming settings. No. and maybe like ten minutes later they came out but they looked so tired.d but when he signed mine I bowed and said Kamsahamnida! And he was like da! In his adorable voice and he was absolutely fabulous. this happened and it is now officially one of my prized possessions.tumblr. They finally left to go in their cars T. Dongwoo and Woohyun weren t there. . but I sent him a heart. And I saw Sunggyu laugh out of the corner of my eye. its okay and kept signing. Poor babies I hope they went to the hotel and got some rest~ I m probably forgetting something because so much stuff happened but if I remember I ll add it in :D http://gyucumber. I felt so bad. i freak o ut and my brain shuts down. It was seriously so precious. At on e point the manager said no more signatures and Hoya was like. Then when his manager turned around Sunggyu pointed to him and either sai d Nappeun Saram or Nappeun-sii I couldn t hear the last part but he was basically call ing his manager a bad guy lol. and Sungyeol was the only one w ho s signature I didn t get. and guitar lol). He is seriously the most perfect crea ture in the world. Dongwoo smiled a little bit but Woohyun I couldn t tell because he was wearing a mask. I really wanted his signature tho so I said. (probably not going to write a fan account because i had a mental breakdown like myungsoo --selca instax with hoya today at lax. They were little shits it was so cute. Like the greasy ones Woohyun always sends and I put my hands above my head and like leaned to one side and popped my foot up and smiled. precious baby :) They just wa lked straight to the car. At one point he stopped signing and motioned to the crowd and was like Many! Many! (So funny and adorable). Kamsahamni Then when Hoya came by he seemed nervous? I dont really know but he was stiff wh en he was signing cd s and he kept repeating Thank you Thank you Thank you over an d over again. Myungsoo s manger said L had a mental breakdown so he didnt want to take pictures or sign anything. camera.) however. So I m really embarrasse d I did this. Also at one point a fan told him they liked his bag and he was like what? And th ey pointed to his bag and he panicked and thought something was wrong with his b ag I was dying he was so cute.

sungyeol:many fans!!! Im free!! Lol i dont get it but too cute . i had a longer conversation with him after that. ?? (no.if you are wondering what that black marker is on the picture.ja lalaine Omggg sungyeol is so funny me:oppa sign pls. . he was sweet and perfect and everything i ever i magined. or something like that lolll . about infinite having a concert in the us. lol. in english. here) /points to the white part of the instax hoya: ok /chuckles i kind of completely died okay.gelli17 Fans: Oppa! Eat in N Out! Animal fries! SY: ANIMAL FRIES!?!?!?! LMAO OK I think he wins today s award for Best Snark Ass dlskfjsjkfkjd http://miri-nae. this is why it s th ere: hoya: /starts signing on the film part of the instax me: ??! (no!) hoya: no??? me: ? ???! (ah why are you like this!) hoya: ?? ???? (not here?) /points to where he started signing me: ??. another one same acct OMG SDLKAFDHHF HE IS /TALL/ well I m short I m like 5 LOL so to me he is tall BUT HE WAS SO TALKATIVE AND A LITTLE SHIT I SWEAR.simplykyrie i remember when people were followong sungyeol he was like follow other member! don t follow me! and he was pointing at myungsoo. he said he doesn t know.tumblr. Some things he said: This girl ask Sungyeol for a hug and he was like Hug? HUG? hug? HUg? NO Hug! Then h e laughed lmao .

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