The World When Elise Was Born by Ann Elizabeth P. Rollon August 15, 1993.

While Analiza was in great pain, crying, shouting in a small room in Jesus Delgado Memorial Hospital, giving birth to a 6-lb baby they named Ann Elizabeth, a lot of things were happening in the big world… August 15 was a special holiday in Korea because it signifies the end of the Japanese colonial rule in Korea (AP, 1993). 100,000 students from Hanyang University rallied for the unification of the Korean peninsula (AP, 1993). However, the students were banned to rally (AP, 1993). In the Philippines, some political organizations ask for reparation and compensation from Japan for the Filipino women who were sexually abused during the Japanese colonization. What was happening in the world 17 years ago is not much different from what is happening in the world today. Even then, murder cases, kidnapping and hostage were eminent in the Philippine news. Two UP Los Banos students were slayed and raped on June 29 (Esplanada, 1993). A local official named Sanchez was involved in the rape and murder of the two students (Esplanada, 1993). Private armies and jueteng networks were eminent in Calauan, Laguna (Esplanada, 1993). Even in other parts of the country, people were being kidnapped and held hostage. In Agusan del Sur, 11 DENR men were held hostage (De Leon, 1993). In Basilan, another teacher was kidnapped (De Leon, 1993). Luckily, some Basilan hostages were freed by the MNLF (Feliciano, 1993). Issues on corruption were also prominent in the Philippine government even then. In Tiwi, a mayor filed a libel suit against a high school freshman student who wrote in her exam paper that the mayor corrupts the money of Tiwi (Calleja, 1993). Luckily, the libel suit was thrown out and instead, the student must be paid damages by the mayor (Calleja, 1993). Ramos was planning to increase taxes from cigarette firms or what we call now as “sin tax” (Esplanada, 1993). During that time, the president was still planning on how to increase the taxes and many people were still against the increase of taxes for cigarettes. The issue on commercialization of education is also eminent even during 1993. There was an issue in UP Visayas because the Dean planned to put rental fees on university facilities (PNF, 1993). Many students and constituents disagreed on the Dean’s plan to put rental fees on what was supposed to be free service for the students (PNF, 1993).

30 firms faced legal cases against them because of their improper disposal of toxic wastes (Allegre. (1993. (1993. 1993). the 6-lb baby named Ann Elizabeth was big enough to realize that the world when she was born was not much different from the world she is living in now. 100 or more people were trapped when the hotel collapsed (AP. There is still no true peace between the MNLF and the government because people were still being kidnapped and hostaged. 1993). August 16). 1993). is getting worse… There hasn’t been a great change that could surpass the worsening scenario of the country. AP. (1993. (1993. earthquakes. Natural calamities also became worse because of global warming. Pampanga (Jimenez. the world. as worse as the Maguindanao massacre. Natural disasters and calamities troubled the people even then. Thailand. Pollution is even worse with the increase of cars and smoke belchers in the country. Let us hope that with the change of leaders and the citizen’s help. and it even worsened. Murder cases were still eminent. 2010 is a special year. There were lahar flows and ash clouds triggered by heavy rain in San Fernando. However. Malaya. 30 firms face raps for toxic wastes. AP. After 17 years. Many firms throw toxic wastes in the rivers. August 15). Corruption is very much a large issue. More students were still rallying about rights.Pollution was also a problem even before. In general. we could have a great change in the government and in the country. collapsed on August 13. Philippine Daily Inquirer. Tiwi Mayor’s libel suit against student thrown out. (1993. A. 1993). commercialization of education. 1993 (AP. 1993). 1993). tsunamis. Philippine Daily Inquirer. strong storms. There are floods like Ondoy. heavy rains. students are more free to write about corrupt officials now without being accused with libel. 11 DENR men held hostage in Agusan Sur. The theory was that the collapse was partly caused by the addition of the three top floors because the building was still under renovation when it collapsed (AP. Sin tax is now large and other taxes are about to rise. Bibliography Allegre. a high-class hotel collapsed. August 15). Royal Plaza Hotel in Korati. Philippine Daily Inquirer. and many more. 100 trapped when hotel collapsed. August 15). Studes stage rally. C. August 15). particularly the country. Philippine Daily Inquirer. particularly in UP. Calleja. De Leon. In Thailand. particularly the Tunasan-San Pedro River (Allegre. D. .

Philippine Daily Inquirer. August 15). Over rentals: UP Visayas restive too. August 15). FVR: Abusive local officials face Sanchez’ fate. (1993. (1993. Feliciano. Teacher snatched in another Basilan kidnapping. Philippine Daily Inquirer. J. Philippine Daily Inquirer. (1993. August 15). (1993. August 15). Jimenez. Esplanada. Philippine Daily Inquirer. Philippine Daily Inquirer. August 15). Basilan hostages freed. Esplanada. J. Malaya. C. (1993. ash clouds in CL. PNF. Heavy rains trigger lahar flows. Ramos eyes bigger takes from cigarette firms. August 16). E. J. (1993. .De Leon.

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