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May 13, 2009


Perry, KS. Caleb Stegall issued the following statement today on behalf of his client,
Kristian Van Meteren, in the wake of the monthly meeting of the Kansas Governmental
Ethics Commission:

This afternoon, under the pressure of litigation, the Kansas Governmental Ethics
Commission has fully and completely recanted and rescinded its findings and the $7,500
fine it had previously imposed on my client, Kristian Van Meteren, for exercising his
constitutionally protected rights to free speech.

By vacating its prior order after challenge in court, the Commission has both tacitly and,
through its counsel at the Kansas Attorney General’s Office, expressly conceded that its
actions violated Mr. Van Meteren’s constitutionally guaranteed rights to free speech. As
such, today’s action is a victory for the liberties of all Kansans.

Unfortunately, though Mr. Van Meteren’s legal rights have been clearly vindicated and
he has emerged from this litigation victorious, it has not been without cost. This episode
illustrates clearly the abuses that can occur when agents of the State choose to use their
power to advance a political agenda, to reward friends, and to discourage political
opponents. In fact, were it not for my client’s commitment to liberty, his resources, and
his dogged adherence to his clearly protected rights, the Commission would not have
been forced to this decision and the speech of all Kansans would remain constrained.
While today’s victory is clear, only continued vigilance on the part of citizens can protect
against these kinds of abuses in the future.

As such, today’s decision does not end this matter. Mr. Van Meteren has been damaged
by the Commission’s actions in having to expend time, energy, and financial resources to
clear his good name. In addition, he has suffered the indignities of the Commission’s
actions and prior public statements. We fully intend to evaluate Mr. Van Meteren’s
options to pursue further recourse in federal courts for this clear and admitted violation.

Finally, we call on the Kansas Legislature to immediately address the unconstitutional

statutes and regulations of the Commission at the convening of the 2010 session.
Nothing short of a full review and rewrite of those laws will prevent such abuses from
occurring in the future.

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