Master in A ss et M a n a g e m e n t

Master in Asset management International Pasantia Coordinator Tutor Author : Mr. Marco Macci : Mr. Luca Fumagalli : Mr. Sebastián Yáñez

Fundaments: Asset cycle life The assets associated at productive process have risks of no payback their investment values. The risks can to have causes related to the different stages of assets cycle life and no necessary shows their consequences at the same time, even often its consequences are shown past the earliest asset age during their operation and maintenance stage. An optimum management shall be concern an adequate cycle life estimation of equipments to get the right opportunity to replace the equipments and get the maximum Net Present Value (NPV), as its shown on attach fig. To concern an integral vision of asset management, since of the conceptual stage, its design, its manufacture, erection, start up and dismissing, is necessary to understand and apply different kinds of techniques and methodologies that allow to take the right decisions to maximize NPV during their cycle life. The choices that we have depend of different criteria adopted during the earliest stages of the assets cycle life, giving different behaviors of the total cost of the project. Lows standards at the beginning could be means high cost during the operation, maintenance or and anticipate prematurely equipment replaces.

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4. development and training on metallurgy manufacturing techniques. Industrial Certificated and Technical training.Lombardia Sector: Desing.Liguria Sector: Research. Ansaldo Energy / Genova .MAM Master in A ss et M a n a g e m e n t Scope of the work: Good Practices The above concepts require to apply a set of a Good Practices. STF S. manufacturing and built-up equipments for energy plants and high pressure and temperature vessels.Liguria Sector : Italian energy generator. an strategic interviews plan must be considered. For to undertake this work is necessary the most complete information that the professionals and the time available allow to have. Rina S. Resume : Final Report A complete report of the good practices found at interviews shall be prepared to discuss with tutor and coordinator of this program. The kind of matters depends of industries types.A. Schedulling : Visit Program The visits program will take about 20 days long during September 2007. / Magenta .p. / Genova . To get the information. To take a review of their practices verifying in own scenarios its achievements of assets management integral vision.A. 3.p. inspection. Instituto Italiano de Soldadura / Genova .sep. and procurement certification. 2007 2 / 13 .Liguria Sector: Naval register. During the interviews shall be taken different kind of evidence and register of those practices. 2. SYD/syd . The Pasantia goal is to take practical reviews during technical interviews with manager of assets in those mentioned stages. To get that goal it had been considered interviews with the followings enterprises: 1.

STF S.A. Resume History Main products and services Main markets Organisation Assets reference Best Practices 3 / 13 .p. : Ing.A.p. Michele del Veccio : Quality manager.MAM Master in A ss et M a n a g e m e n t Visit Report Enterprise Contact Position : STF S.

.-- 4 4. 25 kms near to Milano.-7 7. 7 m 7.MAM Master in A ss et M a n a g e m e n t History The STF group was founded in xxxx... E En ng giin ne ee erriin ng g– –R Re es se ea arrc ch h& & D De ev ve ello op pm me en ntt 3 3. P Pu urrc ch ha as siin ng g– –P Prro ojje ec ctt m ma an na ag ge em me en ntt 4 ..-- 9 9..000 m2 of total covered areas and 32.. 1 1. Machining Shop 5 5. P Prre es ss su urre eP Pa arrtts sM Ma an nu uffa ac cttu urriin ng g 6 6.. H He ea att T Trre ea attm me en ntt 9 9. S Su urrffa ac ce eT Trre ea att me en ntt 8 8.-3 3.. M a c h i n i n g S h o p 4.000 m2 of covered manufacturing area. located in Magenta town. H He ea ad dq qu ua arrtte err 2 2.. H He ea att T Trra an ns sffe err P Pa arrtts sM Ma an nu uffa ac cttu urriin ng g..-- 5 5...-8 8.-- 6 6. actually it has an industrial complex with 160..-- 2 2.. Lombardie Region...-- 4 / 13 . S Stto orra ag ge e 1 1....

Its agreement allows to STF to have under control the main concept standards for different applications. . erection and start up specific equipment and whole installation for energy plants project. develop. 5 / 13 .Heat Transfer manufacturing : As previously described for the thermal equipments in this case. Foster Wheeler (American Boiler manufacture licence). . Normally the welders doing the first steps into the join parts.MAM Master in A ss et M a n a g e m e n t Main products and services STF offer a complete set of services from design. modifications. Their obtain and maintain its qualification up-grade and related exclusively for specific process. In order to reach this target they are owner of specific technology and license for design. Even some qualifications are validated for a specific project life only in order to guarantee full quality achievement. . Purchasing and project management provides materials delivery control in accordance with specifications. Organisation In plant STF has about 200 professionals and technicians whose working directly. is working about 1. to up grade capacity or efficiency this standard give the reference for make decision.000 employees. ASME. They make the first control for workshop order traceability. up grades.Machinery shop : here works qualified welders. in order to choice the right new materials. STF has an engineering department for study new proposal. Those standards provide useful criteria about performance equipment and know-how for operation and maintenance activities. In this stage there are a close approach between client. new security advices or new dimension or equipments capacity . STF and technical reference advisor. manufacturing. gas turbine. development solution. But their main objective is to solve manufacturing and construction problems to the production line inside STF and to the team project on client site. Production department involves different process into the site : .Surface treatment : Last one manufacturing process to get certain hardness in specific parts. STF has related agreement with different entities. In the different site where STF has their project. heat recovery and steam generator. Under any circumstance of changes. The headquarters has a complete installation to satisfy all client requirements.Pressure Parts manufacturing: The prepared parts are assembly and doing the last welds steps. Main markets The STF target markets are industrial boilers.

but also is the entity who gives response any questions of the client controller. These kinds of information allow guarantee the equipment under the design specifications. doing Ultrasonic Test. STF apply ISO 9000 standards. The main function is to take all register in each step of the process. humidity control and other parameters for traceability. Quality Control Department is an internal controller. from the material reception to the each one of process step. verified welders qualifications and procedure certifications. Best Practices Standards For design process STF use ASME. Fabrication Drawings Engineering department provide all specification for complete the standards. In some cases. Welders Qualifications Also belongs to PCQ as Quality Control and verify the welder’s ability for doing specific task. its allows keep under control all design parameters Quality Plan To keep under control all design parameters and task registers STF use a master plan PCQ (Plan of Control Quality) where its belongs all necessary reference for planning works. workers. Non Destructive test NDT allows to keep under control all job development. API and UNI EN its allows keep safety standards. such as an ASME inspector. Its include reference for each welding and assembly procedure into the unassembled drawings. Have a special consideration to affected zone area (AZT) because is the critical point and a wrong job will produced high failure risk. the project the participation of expert considers.MAM Master in A ss et M a n a g e m e n t - Storage: Place to keep stand by intermediate parts o finals pieces to be delivered. To control the manufacturing process. In addition. Ionized Radiation and Hardness Measurement.The system allows guaranteeing for the clients the materials quality used for built up the equipments are under engineering specifications. Magnetic Particles. Procedure Certifications Its belong to PCQ as Quality Control and provide specification and testing for welding procedure in order to guarantee to keep design parameters. each shift. Quality control: This function across the entire organisation to get specific control inside the process and take corrective tasks immediately when they happen. including all workers that made any tasks on the pieces. Its systems allows to know in any moments all data concern to the original material source. 6 / 13 . find the root into the join pieces or finish the last step in different position. Penetrate Liquid. Traceability / stampillado All the single parts and components of the equipment in manufacturing process are identified by metal mark.

In some case the state-of-art made a contribution to determinate this kinds of matters. given more capital payback of the investment because the asset will be keep on service. Since that their final client has the project in conceptual terms gives a first input to develop specific equipment under their own standard requirement. If all control are been applied then is possible reduced de risk of failure for assembly or erection reasons.MAM Master in A ss et M a n a g e m e n t Assets reference STF have concern into the earliest age of assets. For that reason many important details must be controlled in order to get all design parameters during the manufacturing equipments. In this age (project & development) technical-economical evaluation are made in order to determinate the return investment and the asset life expectancy. This period must be keeping on the cycle life. environmental request or business needs. This is possible to obtain if is apply a strict quality control systems. 7 / 13 . Those standards are defined by authority requirements.

8 / 13 . 1 : Nuclear plant reactor body in France site.MAM Master in A ss et M a n a g e m e n t Fig. Top view. 2. Side view. Fig. Nuclear plant reactor body in France site.

Fig. : Reactor shell machining. 9 / 13 .MAM Master in A ss et M a n a g e m e n t Fig. : Reactor cup under the quality process control. 3. 4.

: Orbital welding for Heat exchanger of gas Turbine. 5.MAM Master in A ss et M a n a g e m e n t Fig. Fig. 10 / 13 . 6. : Heat exchanger of gas Turbine in assembly and tubes positioning.

11 / 13 . : Multi welding machine. Fig. 7.MAM Master in A ss et M a n a g e m e n t Fig. 8. Metal mark application for later recognize task during the trace applications. It register voltage variation in order to get all the information about the task doing out of the range allowed during the each step.

A. History Main products and services Main markets Organisation Best Practices Assets reference 12 / 13 . Andrea Bombardi Ing. Alfredo Traverso.MAM Master in A ss et M a n a g e m e n t Visit Report Enterprise Contact Rina S. Danielle Giorgi / Ing.p. : Ing.

Giancarlo Canale History Main products and services Main markets Organisation Best Practices Assets reference 13 / 13 .MAM Master in A ss et M a n a g e m e n t Visit Report Enterprise Contact : Istituto Italiano Saldatura : Ing. Stefano Pinca Ing.

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