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The Plan to Change New York State for

Prosperity and Justice.

Here proposed are the "outrageous and radical" measures that will
turn around the State of New York to a truely prosperous and fiscally &
bureaucratically sound state.

If I were a duly and legitimately elected Governor for the State of New
York, I am committed to the following proposals laid out by me.

The list follows.

Substantially reduce taxes across the board, including property, state and other
"side" tax. I favor easing tax burden on small businesses with low tax rate &
elimination of “red tape.” Consider reasonable substantial tax on corporations with
larger revenues;

Shut down or reduce some social and bureaucratic programs that demonstrably
waste taxpayer money, such as welfare programs and investigation unit devoted to
"firearm tracing" with zero efficiency in outcome. Once fiscal policy is in control to
eliminate waste and abuse, I believe, with state of economic health good to
excellent with plenty of job opportunities available, forcing by reasonable
compulsatory the resident-citizens to work part- or full-time (disabled, infirm and
feeble people and petitioners of physical/mental hardship excepted) will be
recommended to reduce the number of "useless eating parasites and leeches" by
hundreds of thousands or more. I will consider to support the realistic plans to
reduce and eradicate homelessness and afflicted poverty with resources expedited
towards drug & alcohol abuse treatment, behavioral modification favorable to
correct social rules, education and environmentally satisfactory housing;

Develop and devise sensible & rational solutions to institute prison and government
reform across the board, from legislative to executive, judicial, administrative,
education, wildlife, etc;

Abolish remaining draconian drug and particular type of crime laws that
demonstrably fail to produce evidence of a positive result in effective crime
prevention for benefit of a just and moral society;

Legalize marijuana/cannibis/hemp with regulated and taxed distribution identical to

tax and control of alcohol and tobacco. Licensed farming and growing of hemp for
the purpose of recreation and free market distribution to regulators for dispensing
good-to-superior quality drug for medical and recreational use (the latter under
condition of controlled environment identical to social rules for consumption of
alcohol) will be allowed. Such stimulants as cocaine and ecstasy may be considered
for regulation but only under strict condition that may require license for
recreational use consumption under most correct circumstances. Abuse and trade
of heroin will remain unlawful and banned for reason of addiction that would be
very difficult to detox. However, prescribed grams of heroin will be allowed for
medical purpose;

Rescind gun and weapon (knife, &c for combat defense) control laws by repealing
Sullivan Act and other absurd laws that violate good citizens' fundamental right to
self-defense. Abolish the mandate of county jurisdiction in the issuance of
concealed carry, firearm possession and miscellaneous license to encompass “shall
issue” state licensing program without restriction for all good citizens to exercise
right to possess and carry for recreation and defense. Combat martial arts, defense
spray, stun gun, knife, brass knuckle, and other mode of defenses should be
legitimate with ‘oppressive’ weapon and assault-for-defense laws eliminated.
Criminal minds do not have regard for such “strict” laws that makes it wholly
ineffective and pointless to ostensibly reduce and prevent crime at the expense of
citizens’ right to protect self, family and property. Will sign the bill similar to
Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law with inalienable rights granted for “Castle
Doctrine” in aggressive defense of life & property. Will extend the right to carry
everywhere (open with reasonable restrictions and concealed), including schools,
restaurants and bars (latter adhere to one drink for a licensee). Business and
property owners where public is invited to conduct business may not have the legal
boundary to ban valid licensees on the premises with “No Gun” sign. Will expand
hunting rights and “unrestricted” access of national & state park.

Inspired by recent news of Montana government in asserting state sovereignty to

devise its own laws on manufacture, trade, and possession of firearm and the right
to defense within the state border that adamantly refuses to cooperate with federal
firearm control law (BATFE, FBI, etc), I will sign the bill, passed by legislature
without interference in politicking to filibuster as sabotage, that establish absolute
state sovereignty with right to secede and ignore unreasonable federal laws,
specifically Gun Control Act of 1968 and successive laws;

Rescind the state mandate of Holocaust curriculum in public/private schools on the

ground of one-sided emphasis on the suffering of Jews while ignoring other races
who had suffered equal and worse genocide (Armenian, etc). Reason for rescind is
that education institutions should not be used for propaganda to brainwash
children by discouraging critical thinking in dissection of history for veracity;

Restore parents' right in determining the path of education for their children with
the full rights granted to the practice of homeschooling without undue civil and
governmental interference;
Authorize executive orders and/or sign bill that recognize Amish, Jew and
recognized groups' right of communal segregation while still adhering to state laws
with exemptions under special circumstances (such as exempt of building code for
Amish; Amish should respect environmental sanitary law [sewage] with no

Authorize executive orders to enforce prosecution of corrupt practices under RICO

and applicable state laws. Applies to enforcement on Wall Street and against hedge
fund/insurance corporation executives/etc that received bailout money to commit
fraud and abuse;

Authorize executive order to investigate the "unregistered foreign agent"

organizations for consistent acts of abuse of tort, terrorism, sabotage, fraud,
treason, etc. Banish by decree of eradication "provenly subversive detrimental to
sovereignty of the U.S. and New York" Zionist organizations such as Anti-
Defamation League; Zionist Organization of America; American-Israel Public Affairs
Committee; Jewish Defense League; Southern Poverty Law Center; American Civil
Liberties Union (for reason of Communist attitude as antagonistic to reason in law
cases and deliberate misinterpretation of the 2nd Amendment in support of gun
control); too numerous to mention. Zionist groups and individuals who prove to be
a nuisance will be detained for prosecution followed by deportation to the State of
Israel on the basis of treason by disloyalty to the sovereign rights of America and
New York to curb pernicious foreign influence. Impose divestment policy on certain
foreign nations that continue to violate human rights and sovereignty, notably
Israel. This also applies to "National Council of La Raza" and other militant pro-
foreign organizations that actively support state subversion;

Within legality of executive boundaries to demonstrate my intolerance for treason

and corruption, I will authorize the arrest of certain corporate executives and other
peoples in the private sector and administrators, attorneys, politicians, and other
public servants on accusation of corruption, fraud and treason. Notably the public
servants who acquiesce to perfidy in unconditional support for Zionism that
subverts New York and U.S. sovereignty;

Support passage of law that substantially limits legal immigration to a specific

annual quota, with strict enforcement against illegal immigration by imprisonment
and mandatory accelerated deportation of undocumented aliens to native lands
with permanent banishment instated for disregarding the rule of "stand in the line
and wait your turn to become resident alien or naturalized citizen";

Affirm the support of segregated upscale communities (enforced with restrictive

covenants) designed for Whites (Western European descent) who may have
attained the level of wealth to make race relations least of the problem for Whites
who place protection of self and/or family from adverse influence, security and
peace of mind above all else;

Propose the relocation of United Nations in New York City to a suitable location in a
foreign nation. U.N., with its preference for one-world government with consistent
call for abolishment of the right to keep and bear arms for citizenry among other
egregious offenses that disrespect liberty, merit eviction;

I will support audit and abolishment of Federal Reserve of New York by eviction and
remnants of “corrupt” financial service corporations as receptive subsidies of the
Fed and U.S. Treasury (i.e. bailout). Federal Reserve is responsible for the
deleterious effect on monetary and fiscal policies of New York and United States of
America. By abolishing the Fed of NY with force, the legion of a corrupt, avaricious
and traitorous banking cartel have no place to call New York home. The cartels and
subsidies’ assets will be confiscated for state fund if the antagonism on the side of
the Fed proponents prove vexing.

New York State shall have the right to assert its sovereign rights when it challenges
Federal government’s unreasonable attitude and conduct that supersedes the state
rights, particularly on the matter of fiscal and firearm control policy.

As a "conscientious separatist" with express concern for natural and absolute state
rights pursuant to the Tenth Amendment, I would authorize an executive order to
segregate the entire vicinity and zone area of New York City from New York State in
regards to NYC's continuous disrespect for some New York State laws by
circumvention to assert NYC's unique sovereignty that violates upstate citizens'
right in due process and defense, among other rights.

New York City will either continue to provide a bulk of the economy for New York
State government in tax revenues and other financial receptions or NYC will declare
itself a segregated area with tax revenues and finance diverted exclusively to the
city and to the federal government.

And more.

With the ambitious goals envisioned to develop the State of New York as the least
corrupt, fiscally responsible, judicially and bureaucratically fair and most
economically & morally prosperous state in the nation, the conscience of the
presiding Governor who looks out for the People and vested in Justice will reflect
on the urgent need for proper social justice and fundamental rights that epitomizes
the founding principles of “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”