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Unclog Your Arteries and Flush Away Plaque…
For Less Than $1 Per Day!


f you’re over 50, your arteries are probably stiff… hard… and full of gunk! That’s because starting as early as age 10, rogue calcium molecules—calcium deposited where it doesn’t belong—began gluing fatty cholesterol deposits to the inner walls of your circulatory system, forming deadly plaque. Year after year, plaque deposits grow larger, gradually starving your heart, brain cells, and every other cell in your body. In fact, by the time you reach 60, you will have a one in three chance of becoming one of the 960,000 Americans who experience heart or brain disaster this year! But it doesn’t have to happen to you. In fact, you can help scrub away artery clogging plaque Continued on page 2 inside...

Unclog Your Arteries and Flush Away Plaque… For Less Than $1 Per Day! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 Get Your Digestion Back on Track and Say Goodbye To Painful Gas and Embarrassing Tummy Troubles!. . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Sharper and Clearer Vision—No Matter How Old You Are! . . 11 Re-Energize Your Heart, Brain,And Your Entire Body—Starting Now! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Add Just 4 Drops to Your Drinking Water— And Experience a Healing Miracle! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 Cleanse Your Way to Better Health. The Remarkable Remedy for Your Overworked Liver and Kidneys! . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Look and Feel YEARS Younger— Starting Today! . . . . . . . . . . 31

The Breakthrough Medical Report from Michael Cutler, M.D.— Leading Authority on Better Health and Faster Healing…

Continued from page 1... and unleash a flood of healthy blood to your heart… brain… and every other organ, muscle, and cell in your body with a 100% natural nutritional supplement—and without negative side effects!

Uniquely Qualified to Help You Live Healthier for LIFE!
᭤ Board-certified family physician with over 16 years experience specializing in chronic degenerative diseases, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue. ᭤ Graduate of Brigham Young University (BYU),Tulane Medical School, and Natividad Family Practice Residency in Salinas, California. ᭤ Successfully brought professionals of several healthcare disciplines together to bridge the gap between conventional medical training and effective complementary medicine. ᭤ Through his patients’experiences, as well as his own, Dr. Cutler utilizes many natural medicines to work with conventional treatments and therapies for an integrative solution to health problems. ᭤ Sought-after speaker and lecturer on the importance of maintaining optimum health and wellness. ᭤ Founder and editor of the newsletter, Easy Health Options™— America’s most authoritative monthly guide to today’s most effective natural healing treatments. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This product is not intended to be a substitute or replacement for any drug, surgery, or any other medical treatment. Seek the advice of a competent health care professional for your specific health concerns.

EDTA Chelation: How it Works.
It’s a scientific fact—EDTA chelation (pronounced, “key-lay-shun”) therapy helps improve blood flow to the heart and other organs. The word chelation is taken from the Greek word khele, which means, “claw.” EDTA claws toxic metals, calcium, plaque buildup, and cholesterol deposits from the walls of your arteries. As a result, plaque is softened and easily flushed out of your body—leaving your arteries clean as a whistle! The powerful, yet ultra safe amino acid called ethylenediamine tetra-acetic acid—or EDTA for short—was first synthesized by German scientists in 1935. EDTA is very similar in composition to common household vinegar. It has been shown to be up to three times safer than common aspirin. In fact, it’s officially approved by the FDA as a preservative in packaged foods, vitamins, and even baby food! What’s more, when administered according to the treatment protocol developed by the American College for Advancement in Medicine, intravenous (I.V.) chelation treatment is more than 300 times safer than bypass surgery! Even conventional medical doctors can’t deny the truly amazing results of chelation therapy. Research shows EDTA is effective in removing heavy metals and toxins from the 75,000 miles of your arteries, veins, and capillaries—leaving them squeaky clean for healthy blood flow throughout your entire body! And, clinical and scientific studies have proven that EDTA is up to 82% effective at eliminating plaque from your arteries! It’s no wonder doctors worldwide recommend EDTA chelation therapy to their patients! And chelation therapy has been given to more than one million Americans and three million patients in Canada, Europe, Australia, and South America!

The Power of Chelation Therapy Is Now at Your Fingertips!
Until recently, getting the full benefits of chelation therapy was uncomfortable, time-consuming, and expensive. You had to drive to the nearest chelation clinic… get poked with an I.V. needle (usually several times since veins are often hard to hit)… and wait for at least three hours while EDTA was pumped into your body through the I.V. When it was over, you’d get a bill for up to $300 and instructions to return for at least nine more treatments—another $2,700 out of your pocket! The high price and inconvenience of I.V. chelation therapy put it out of reach for many Americans. But now, those days are gone for good— thanks to the miracle of oral chelation!



Dr. Garry Gordon, known as the “father” of I.V. chelation—and the medical doctor who established chelation protocol over 30 years ago—has presented research proving oral chelation to be a safe and effective method for getting all the benefits from EDTA. According to the Journal of Laboratory and Clinical Medicine, taking oral EDTA every day works just as well over time as the painful, timeconsuming I.V. chelation therapy! And, studies show that when taken on a daily basis, oral chelation has the benefits of I.V. chelation without any negative side effects.

arteries—that’s it! And when Advanced Artery Solution™ clears out the calcium build-up in your arteries, you’ll have stronger and more elastic blood vessels to reach your delicate organs. That means soon, you can once again experience more energy… sharper, clearer thinking… strong and healthy bones… and even an added boost to your sex life! There’s no doubt about it—Advanced Artery Solution™ helps flush plaque out of your arteries. But this remarkable heart and brain saver does more—MUCH more!

Advanced Artery Solution™: The In-Home Chelation Miracle!
Now, you can receive the heart-saving, artery clearing benefits of chelation therapy in the comfort of your own home with Advanced Artery Solution™! Advanced Artery Solution™ is your personal, inhome chelation remedy—but you don’t need a doctor’s supervision… painful needles… or the high price tag. In fact, Advanced Artery Solution™ will cost you less than one dollar a day! All you need is just three capsules a day to gently and effectively flush out hardened plaque from your

Malic Acid and EDTA— A Tough Twosome!
Studies have shown that EDTA is highly effective at removing most heavy metals from your body. But for optimal chelation therapy—getting rid of most of the toxic metals is just not good enough. That’s why Advanced Artery Solution™ also gives you optimum doses of malic acid—a powerful, complementary chelator that picks up where EDTA leaves off! Malic acid removes other toxic metals EDTA can’t. This includes aluminum—known to damage delicate brain cells. In fact, research Next page, please...

In a short time my cholesterol went from 400 to 165!
“For years I struggled with high cholesterol and high triglycerides. My body just couldn’t tolerate prescription drugs. I tried every prescription drug that my doctor recommended. I followed a low fat, low carbohydrate diet. I exercised and still had problems. I read everything I could find on eating healthy. The story on Advanced Artery Solution™ made sense to me so I ordered the supplement. In a very

short time my cholesterol changed from 400 to 165. There was also a dramatic change in HDL, LDL, and triglycerides. I suddenly had more energy and could sleep like a baby. Thanks for this wonderful product.” —Jane T., Venice, FL

was regular. My heart had been quite irregular even skipping a beat quite regularly. I didn’t have any side effects.” —Christian R., Scio, OR

I worried about my irregular heart beats—but not any more!
“Three weeks after beginning to take Advanced Artery Solution™, my blood pressure was steady at 126/80 and my heartbeat

I feel and look 20 years younger!
“Advanced Artery Solution™ is a great product. I feel about 20 years younger after using it. Had several people comment on how well I looked. I strongly recommend the product.” —Elizabeth A., Rockville, MD

These statements are anecdotal and may not represent typical results. Individual results will vary.



᭤ RESTORE hearing loss—caused by Since EDTA in Advanced Artery Solution™ is so effective at removing heavy metals and minerals from your arteries. selenium. ᭤ RESTORE your eye health—help dissolve cataracts before they impair your vision. That’s why it’s important to take a potent mineral supplement along with Advanced Artery Solution™. This product is not intended to diagnose. a one month supply of Mega-Minerals™ is $19. and over 70 trace minerals into one powerful formula.shows aluminum can cause memory loss. life-giving blood can once again surge through your entire body! And with a healthy circulation full of oxygen-rich blood. chromium. ᭤ FIGHT OFF chronic infection caused by a sluggish immune system. ᭤ EXPERIENCE deep. FREE supply of Mega-Minerals™ for as long as you’re also taking Advanced Artery Solution™! calcium deposits in the ear. ᭤ ELIMINATE angina and chest pain. cure.000 miles of arteries. silica. fibromyalgia patients were given malic acid along with magnesium for eight weeks. ᭤ REV UP your love life—have better sex more often. ᭤ SHARPEN your memory—experience razor sharp thinking at any age. inhome remedy that can deliver these great benefits— for less than a dollar a day? Insist on the Best! Advanced Artery Solution™ gives you high quality nutrients at optimum levels so you can experience the MAXIMUM benefits of oral chelation! In every serving. The results? All patients reported significant reduction of muscular pain within 48 hours of starting the supplement! Can Advanced Artery Solution™ Really Make a Difference in Your Health? When you flush calcium plaque and toxins from your arteries… veins… capillaries… and microscopic arterioles. brain decay. treat. Normally. iodine. and even unexplainable fatigue. restful sleep at night. veins. and capillaries in your body squeaky clean! ᭤ Malic Acid—The other half of the EDTA dynamic duo! Helps remove deadly aluminum from your blood. ᭤ BOOST your energy—keep it in high gear all day. I formulated Mega-Minerals™ especially for folks taking Advanced Artery Solution™. molybdenum. ᭤ S-L-O-W DOWN aging—you’ll look and feel years younger. ᭤ MAINTAIN healthy cholesterol. copper. you can help eliminate—even reverse scores of dangerous health problems and experience a genuine return to health! Advanced Artery Solution™ can help you: ᭤ Slowly erode blood clots BEFORE they cause heart or brain disaster. ᭤ REDUCE painful swelling in your legs and ankles. it may deplete certain key minerals your body needs. ᭤ ALLEVIATE chronic shortness of breath— and improve breathing. In one clinical test. But. vanadium. zinc. manganese. Critical factor to help protect your brain from mental decline and memory loss! These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. surgery. 4 TRUE HEALTH NEWS™ . ᭤ RELIEVE chronic cold hands and feet—stay warm even during winter months. This product is not intended to be a substitute or replacement for any drug. Mega-Minerals™ combines calcium.95. or any other medical treatment. homocysteine. or prevent any disease. as part of this Special Introductory Offer. you get 18 powerful nutrients for maximum heart protection and total body health! Each dose contains: ᭤ EDTA—Scrubs and helps keep the 75. you’ll receive a full. magnesium. and blood pressure levels. boron. ᭤ And MUCH more! Can you think of ANY other life-saving.

10 and get 3 FREE gifts: ᭤ 3 FREE bottles of Mega-Minerals™ (a $59. It can also damage arteries and increases blood vessel blockages in the heart. plus $6.. and other organs. I SAVE $50.90 in Discounts and FREE GIFTS! Order a 3-month supply of Advanced Artery Solution™ for just $99..75.” or oxidized. Also helps lower homocysteine levels in your body! ᭤ Alpha Lipoic Acid—The ultimate insurance for brain health! Delivers remarkable protection to your brain for optimum health. B12. brain.70 value)… ᭤ Plus. and Folic Acid—Helps prevent high homocysteine levels. sick cells—so you can experience higher energy levels and total well being! ᭤ Vitamin B5—For healthy adrenal function. CALL 1-800-746-4513 .95 Shipping & Handling! Next page. Also helps prevent cell damage and premature aging! ᭤ TMG (Trimethylglycine)—Helps prevent liver damage. Can also naturally help lower blood pressure! ᭤ Bromelain—Soothes inflammation and joint pain.᭤ Vitamins B6.35 in discounts and FREE gifts today! BEST VALUE! $177. High homocysteine causes cholesterol to become “sticky.70 and also get: ᭤ 6 FREE bottles of Mega-Minerals™ (a $119. FREE Shipping & Handling (a $6.85 value)… ᭤ Plus. And it’s yours absolutely FREE! See what Advanced Artery Solution™ can do for you. Also a natural stress reliever! ᭤ Vitamin C—To protect delicate heart muscles and help repair leaky capillaries! ᭤ Vitamin E and Selenium—Potent free radical fighting antioxidants.95 value)! Advanced Artery Solution™: Nothing Less Than a Miracle! With Advanced Artery Solution™ it’s never been easier to flush out deadly plaque from your arteries… boost healthy blood flow… and help you TRIAL OFFER! Try a 1-month supply of Advanced Artery Solution™ for $39. I SAVE $20.35 in Discounts and FREE GIFTS! Order a 6-month supply of Advanced Artery Solution™ for just $189. Also provides mega protection against DNA damage! ᭤ Magnesium and Quercetin—Helps regulate heartbeat and prevent the development of “sticky” blood! ᭤ Gugulipid—Helps prevent LDL (bad) cholesterol production. starting today! Call 1-800-746-4513 for your risk-free trial and claim up to $177. Also boosts immune function! avoid a heart or brain disaster! And best of all. FREE Shipping & Handling (a $6. These homocysteine fighting nutrients also help form healthy blood cells! ᭤ Vitamin B3—Boosts blood flow to help repair weak. you’re GUARANTEED to feel the difference Advanced Artery Solution™ makes on your health— or it’s FREE! Say NO to clogged arteries and a host of other health problems! For the #1 source of in-home oral chelation—there’s nothing better than Advanced Artery Solution™! Special Bonus! With every order of 3 or more bottles of Advanced Artery Solution™—you also get a 30-day supply of Mega-Minerals™ absolutely FREE! Since the EDTA found in Advanced Artery Solution™ is so effective at clearing out the gunk in your arteries—it’s vital that you replenish lost minerals with a potent mineral supplement. please.95 value)! GOOD VALUE! $86. Also a major aid in preventing blood clots! ᭤ N-Acetyl-Cysteine—Protects DNA by neutralizing free radicals. 5 FOR MORE INFORMATION.95. ᭤ Garlic (deodorized)—Helps keep blood thin. There’s just nothing better than Mega-Minerals™ to restore healthy mineral balance.

Get Your Digestion Say Goodbye to Embarrassing Y ou’ve probably heard the saying. “Death begins in the colon. you can keep your digestive tract in optimal health—WITHOUT costly and dangerous drugs! If you’re one of the 100 million Americans who suffer from digestion problems.” That’s because scientists have proven that a poorly functioning digestive tract can quickly become a breeding ground for viruses and germs… triggering a host of dangerous health problems! But it doesn’t have to happen to you. you can finally say goodbye to even your worst tummy troubles—thanks to a breakthrough discovery in the field of natural medicine! 6 TRUE HEALTH NEWS™ . In fact.

and hydrogen. By then. These noxious fumes can cause a host of abdominal problems including bloating… foulsmelling flatulence… embarrassing diarrhea… painful constipation… irritable bowels… food Next page. carbon dioxide. help your body absorb essential nutrients and keep the “bad” bacteria from multiplying out of control and attaching themselves to the walls of your digestive tract. your digestive tract is in balance. damaged. And any healthy bowel flora microorganisms that remain are easily destroyed by prescription drugs… poor eating habits… illness… alcohol… smoke… pollution… and even stress! If You Frequently Burp… Belch… and Expel Smelly Gas—You Probably Have An Imbalance in Your Digestive Tract! Smelly gas and loud belches are not just embarrassing—they’re a hidden warning sign that your digestive tract is in trouble! You produce gas when there are insufficient healthy bacteria and enzymes to break down foods in your small intestines. there’s a war going on inside you! At this very moment.. please. CALL 1-800-746-4513 .Back on Track and Painful Gas and Tummy Troubles! Now. you can once again enjoy the foods you love—things like chocolate ice-cream… pepperoni pizza… cheese steak with EXTRA onions… milk shakes… peanut butter… and other “forbidden foods” you’d given up years ago! And at the same time. and dying cells! But as the years fly by. blood. the harmful bacteria release huge amounts of gases including methane. and nerves are getting the nutrients they need to energize you and repair and replace old. the “bad” bacteria are waiting to feast on the rotten foods. The undigested foods begin to rot in your digestive tract as they slowly make their way to your large intestines. FOR MORE INFORMATION. You can properly digest foods… process essential nutrients… absorb critical minerals… and keep your bowels healthy and regular. friendly bacterial levels in your body naturally decline. there are more than 400 types of bacteria in your digestive tract. the amazing nutrients in this incredible digestive formula will help erase health problems such as… ᭤ Embarrassing gas ᭤ Constipation ᭤ Painful bloating ᭤ Heartburn ᭤ Acid reflux ᭤ Diarrhea ᭤ Irritable bowel ᭤ Leaky gut ᭤ Indigestion ᭤ Food allergies and sensitivities ᭤ Chronic fatigue ᭤ And MUCH more! Best of all this 100% safe formula is GUARANTEED to help you WIN the digestion war going on in your body! Here’s how… When healthy probiotics control “bad” bacteria. 7 The War Inside Your Belly If you suffer from digestion and intestinal problems. As they’re devouring the undigested foods. muscles. Probiotics also ensure your organs. cells. The “friendly” bacteria—healthy intestinal flora called “probiotics”—break down food..

But if you’re eating any of the popular commercial brands of yogurt sold in grocery stores… you’re probably not getting the digestive protection you need. These powerful probiotics have been proven to boost digestive health and prevent “bad” bacteria from clinging onto the walls of your intestines. acidophilus and B. chemicals. But don’t be fooled by the hype! If you want to ensure you’re getting the beneficial bacteria you need to properly digest foods… absorb minerals… and crowd out the “bad” bacteria—you need the ULTIMATE source of probiotics… Experience the Healthy Digestion You Deserve With Ultimate Probiotic Solution™. or prevent any disease. You can RESTORE a healthy probiotic balance in your digestive tract—and it’s easy to do! The secret is to flood your digestive tract with healthy intestinal flora—probiotics—with Ultimate Probiotic Solution™ from True Health™! Only Ultimate Probiotic Solution™ gives you a robust combination of eight types of beneficial bacteria and up to SIX BILLION* powerful probiotics in every capsule to completely protect the entire length of your intestinal tract! With each serving. shipping. All Yogurts Start Out With “Active Cultures”— but few end up with them! After processing. treat. and parasites that can make you seriously ill! Can you see why it’s SO important to have an abundance of beneficial bacteria in your digestive tract? If You Think Your Yogurt is a Good Source of Probiotics… THINK AGAIN! Most folks think of yogurt as a “healthy” food. bifidum. Most Yogurts Contain Loads of Sugar— in fact. TRUE HEALTH NEWS™ . Most Yogurt Brands are Heat Processed! This high heat processing can kill most to all of the delicate beneficial bacteria you need for optimum digestive health! 3.allergies… unbearable fatigue… and even contribute to inflammatory bowel problems and worse! What’s worse. This product is not intended to diagnose. “bad” bacteria turn all that undigested food into dangerous digestive clumps… blocking your body’s ability to absorb nutrients… preventing stools from being eliminated quickly… and creating a witch’s brew of toxins. it’s the second most predominate ingredient! Sugars in the yogurt actually feed and boost the health of the yeast and “bad” bacteria you’re trying to eliminate! If you like the taste of yogurt. That’s because yogurt manufacturers spend millions on advertisements claiming their products contain “friendly” bacteria like L. NO questions asked. cure. and sitting on store shelves… most of the “good” bacteria are destroyed before they can even reach your digestive tract! 2. TRY OUR PRODUCTS COMPLETELY RISK-FREE! I’m so confident that you’ll benefit from our quality nutritional products that we offer this 100% guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with our products. Here’s what you need to know: 1. you can return the unused portion at any time and receive a 100% refund. by all means keep eating it. 8 These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. decayed matter from festering in your colon! ᭤ Sweep out deadly toxins—to eliminate potential health hazards! ᭤ Help you overcome food allergies—so you can enjoy the foods you love again! ᭤ Crowd out the “bad” bacteria that trigger a host of health problems—and wreak havoc with your digestive tract! ᭤ Soothe irritable bowels—no more embarrassing moments or accidents! ᭤ Keep beneficial intestinal flora vibrantly healthy— so your entire body stays in optimal balance! *At time of manufacture. you have an entire army of beneficial bacteria working together to help you… ᭤ Thoroughly digest your foods—and prevent rotten.

The Gas Blocker! Lactobacillus casei: Known to improve digestion… reduce lactose (dairy) intolerance… and relieve constipation.. most probiotics must be constantly refrigerated. and the bacteria that cause staph infections! Individually these EIGHT beneficial bacteria are stellar. The Digestion Defender! Lactobacillus rhamnosus: Populates and thrives in the acidic environment of the digestive tract! That means you get a natural resistance to health problems including diarrhea… urinary tract infections… and even vaginitis! 4.TOTAL Protection for your ENTIRE Intestinal Tract! In every serving of Ultimate Probiotic Solution™. ᭤ 190 candy bars. They can be destroyed if they’re over-processed or exposed to air… heat… light… or stomach acids. helps remove toxins from the foods you eat! 8. Without the “good guys”—the harmful bacteria can easily take over and wreak havoc on your digestive health! But don’t worry.. ᭤ 45 large bags of potato chips. The Watchdog! Lactobacillus acidophilus: Guards the health of your entire digestive tract and helps destroy harmful bacteria and fungi such as Salmonella. ᭤ 150 slices of pizza. If you experience embarrassing gas or belching after dairy or beans. The Nutrition Storehouse! Lactobacillus plantarum: This remarkable probiotic helps ensure nutrients from your vitamins and supplements are getting to your cells! Also. and chronic fatigue! 3. you’re putting out the welcome mat for the “bad” bacteria to take over your digestive tract! Why? Because bad bacteria LOVE sugar—in fact they THRIVE on it! That’s why you need billions of beneficial bacteria in your digestive tract at all times. you get… 1.S. Did you know that every year. According to the U. on average each American eats: ᭤ 120 orders of French fries. please. they’re a PROBIOTIC POWERHOUSE! Here’s Why EVERY American Needs Ultimate Probiotic Solution™. that’s equal to 52 teaspoonfuls of added sugar per person per day—and a whopping 150 pounds of sugar each year! Without healthy and beneficial bacterial to help properly break down your foods. In fact. E.coli. The Evacuator! Lactobacillus salivarius: Produces high amounts of lactic acid—a critical factor in eliminating “bad” bacteria! 5. Department of Agriculture. you need the power of this essential probiotic! 7. 9 FOR MORE INFORMATION. The pH Balancer! Bifoacterium longum: Helps regulate the acid content of your digestive tract! By keeping the pH balance hostile to “bad” bacteria—they don’t have a chance to colonize and destroy the health of your gut! 6. you can get up to SIX BILLION* healthy live-giving probiotics in each serving of Ultimate Probiotic Solution™! Why Most Probiotics WON’T Work for YOU! Most probiotic supplements fail to deliver live flora to your digestive tract—even if they claim to deliver 1… 2… 3… even 15 billion beneficial bacteria! Why? Because probiotics are very delicate. ᭤ 566 cans of soft drinks. Next page. and Staphylococcus aureus! 2. CALL 1-800-746-4513 .coli. The Antibiotic Antidote! Biobacterium bifidum: Quickly replaces beneficial bacteria— and gets you back on the path to better health— FAST! If you need to take a course of antibiotics… this amazing probiotic can help restore intestinal balance and protect against diarrhea… systemic yeast infections… allergies. but together. And you’ll lose millions—even billions of beneficial bacteria if these probiotics *At time of manufacture. The Antioxidant Ally! Streptococcus thermophilus: This amazing probiotic clobbers dangerous free radicals and pathogens such as E. Salmonella. ᭤ 120 pastries or desserts.

55 in discounts and FREE gifts today! The Probiotic Solution Guaranteed To ARRIVE ALIVE! Ultimate Probiotic Solution™ contains not one— but TWO exclusive processes to guarantee your probiotics ARRIVE ALIVE! Patented process #1: LiveBac® processing! Prevents heat. FREE Shipping & Handling (a $6. simply return the bottles and you’ll receive a complete refund! You can take as long as you want to make up your mind. with this exclusive protective system Ultimate Probiotic Solution™ does not require refrigeration! In fact.70 and also receive: ᭤ 2 FREE bottles of Ultimate Probiotic Solution™ (a $79.10 and also receive: ᭤ 1 FREE bottle (a $39. This product is not intended to diagnose. thriving probiotics in every single serving! You only get this double-patented process with Ultimate Probiotic Solution™! There’s nothing better to guarantee your probiotics ARRIVE ALIVE—to protect your digestive health! BEST VALUE! $137.95 Shipping & Handling! 10 These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. I SAVE $50. and moisture from destroying delicate probiotic organisms. or prevent any disease. this remarkable delivery system releases the power of probiotics directly into your intestines! That’s why you can be confident you’re getting healthy. TRUE HEALTH NEWS™ .95 plus $6.55 in Discounts and FREE Gifts! Order a 6-month supply of Ultimate Probiotic Solution™ for just $189.95 value)… ᭤ Plus.90 value)… ᭤ Plus. there’s a good chance you’re getting ZERO benefit from them! That’s because constant exposure of air to powdered probiotics.95 value)! TRIAL OFFER! I’ll try a 1-month supply of Ultimate Probiotic Solution™ for just $39. even in capsules.75. starting today! Call 1-800-746-4513 for your risk-free trial and claim up to $137.are left sitting in a warehouse… on a store shelf… or in your kitchen cabinet! Even worse: If your probiotic supplements are in encapsulated powder.95 value)! GOOD VALUE! $67 in Discounts and FREE Gifts! Order a 3-month supply of Ultimate Probiotic Solution™ for just 99. studies show that LiveBac® tableted probiotics manufactured over two years ago and stored at room temperature still contain microorganism viability today! This is significant considering most probiotic capsules lose potency and viability within 90 days without refrigeration! Patented process #2: BIO-tract® Gastric Bypass System! This patent-pending delivery system forms a protective barrier around the probiotics to prevent stomach acids and bile from killing them on contact! Thanks to BIO-tract®. If you’re EVER dissatisfied with your results—you will get back every cent you paid— even if you’re down to your VERY LAST TABLET of Ultimate Probiotic Solution™! See what Ultimate Probiotic Solution™ can do for you. treat. you can be certain you’re getting up to SIX BILLION* living probiotics to help you build a healthy digestive tract—that’s SIX TIMES more than other leading probiotic products! Once these beneficial bacteria reach your intestines. cure. So what you’re getting are often DEAD and USELESS bacteria! Eliminate 10… 20… Even 30 Years of Tummy Troubles—Or it’s FREE! To put an end to embarrassing digestive problems and experience the benefits of healthy intestinal flora—there’s nothing better than Ultimate Probiotic Solution™! The best way for you to see and feel the difference Ultimate Probiotic Solution™ can make in YOUR health—is to give it a try today! If your digestive problems continue after trying this proven remedy… we’ll give you back EVERY RED CENT! And if you’re not 100% satisfied with the results on YOUR digestive problems. Plus. FREE Shipping & Handling (a $6. air. quickly destroys any viable cells that were once present. I SAVE $20.

But the truth of the matter is— it doesn’t have to happen that way.. 11 FOR MORE INFORMATION. In fact. your eyesight can start to degrade rapidly and severely. over 1. ᭤ Myth #2—Eyes are genetically programmed to get worse. ᭤ Myth #3—Eyesight fades from a lifetime of abuse. Your tired old cells are constantly replaced by energetic new ones. How many of these myths have you heard before? ᭤ Myth #1—Poor vision is a natural part of normal aging. And here’s something just as startling. and rejuvenate themselves. CALL 1-800-746-4513 .. your eyesight could be as bad as 70/20 or worse. but it’s true. It’s a startling statistic. Don’t strain your eyes by reading in dim Next page.8 million Americans are classified as legally blind. please. By the time you reach your 70s. they believe the myths perpetrated on the American public—ones that mainstream medicine has done little or nothing to dispel. Most people believe there’s nothing they can do about their fading eyesight. Don’t believe it! Nature gave your eyes everything they need to repair. However. it was demonstrated that most Americans only maintain their perfect vision through their 20s and 30s. relying on stronger and stronger eyeglass prescriptions every year. recharge. once you hit your 40s and especially your 50s. Austin University. And you might just accept your fate. In a scientific study performed at Stephen F. Instead.Sharper & Clearer Vision– No Matter How Old You Are! I f your eyesight’s getting progressively worse as you get older—you’re definitely not alone. You’ve probably heard the warnings for years.

But relax—you didn’t do anything wrong. you can have powerful eyesight well into your 80s and beyond. killing your eye cells. minerals. you can help bring your vision loss to a screeching halt. Are you experiencing poor vision right now? Don’t worry— because you’ve got options beyond stronger eyeglasses. helping you reclaim your active lifestyle and your independence. The problem is. Truth be told. With 18 eye-saving nutrients at your fingertips. without the appropriate nutrients in your diet. most Americans get far too few of these nutritional building blocks in their daily diet. TRUE HEALTH NEWS™ . when you’ve got the right vitamins. you might think. they start to break down on you. ■ Blood sugar imbalances. Your body needs specific nutrients to maintain powerful eyesight. But you may not be getting optimum levels of this visionsaving nutrition in your diet. What’s more—these highly specific nutrients can even improve your eyesight. Scientists have proven your eyes require specific nutrients to help protect them from free radicals… to help replace old eye cells with new ones… and to help keep ocular muscles and nerves healthy and strong. As a result. minerals. and other problems can gradually destroy your eye function. ■ Blood flow to your eyes can be greatly diminished. And the result is declining vision starting as early as age 40. and numerous vision problems. Completely false! It’s very possible to improve your vision. What’s worse—they don’t even realize it’s happening. Simply put. high blood pressure. It happens just slightly at first. ■ Harmful free radicals flow like silent invaders throughout your eyes. cure. and amino acids in your diet. Now. treat. you don’t get the proper ocular nutrition on a daily basis. or prevent any disease. not many people in our society do. The good news is. causing your muscles and nerves to weaken. When you don’t give your eyes the nutrients they crave. If they did—they would take steps to help prevent their eyesight from deteriorating. and amino acids they need. your eyes can be literally starving to 12 death. The Safe and Natural Way to Boost Your Eyesight. Eyes don’t “go bad” from overuse. This product is not intended to diagnose. then becomes much more severe as the years go by. you can reverse this trend quickly and easily. ᭤ Myth #4—Vision loss is irreversible. their eyesight starts to fade after age 40 and keeps fading. If only you had listened. Don’t sit so close to the television or the computer. creating oxygen starvation. ■ Poor nutrition means your eyes lack the fundamental building blocks to replace aging cells with new ones. light. and clouding your lenses. But most people don’t know the real story about their eyes—one of your most precious organs. So the question becomes—what’s the real story about vision loss? If it’s not the aging process… if it’s not your genetic make-up… if it’s not the stress and strain of overuse… and if fading eyesight is not as inevitable as we’ve been led to believe… then what transforms your perfect 20/20 vision into the fading eyesight of your older years? Here’s the answer. clearer vision.What’s Really Causing Your Vision to Fade? Your eyes were designed to last for a lifetime. But if you’re like most people in this country. This nutritional power-pack offers you concentrated amounts of eye-saving These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. And these nutritional deficits can lead to blurry vision… eyestrain… fatigue… night blindness… and even poor distance vision. However. you can take a doctor-formulated supplement that contains 18 essential nutrients for sharper. Quite frankly. your eyes are starving to death for nutrition—and the damage can be incalculable! Here’s what happens when your eyes don’t receive the vitamins.

Scientific research has proven that your eyes need 18 essential nutrients to achieve peak performance. So it’s quick and easy to get the nutrients your eyes crave. Rock Valley.. But even more miraculously. I have been trouble free. One 72-year old man was totally blind and suffering from painful leg cramps. And numerous studies have proven them right. and helps to prevent the clouding that often occurs with age.” —Pastora C. In fact. I immediately ordered my supply and began taking it. his vision was restored to Next page. you get concentrated amounts of the nutrients you need for outstanding eyesight. Sometimes these vision problems are arrested or even reversed. With Ultimate Vision Formula™. These nutrients include: Bilberry—In World War II. Ewa Beach. dry.vitamins. and amino acids in a single daily dose… and it’s called Ultimate Vision Formula™. And the effectiveness of EDTA is shown in a pair of astonishing case studies. God’s precious gift to mankind.. How Ultimate Vision Formula™ Works.. Thanks for providing me with something that helps.. I certainly can feel it if I miss a day or two. I strongly recommend Ultimate Vision Formula™ to all who want healthy eyes. Simply take three capsules of Ultimate Vision Formula™ daily… and with every dose. He was given EDTA to reduce the cramps and it worked like a charm. they’re available in single nutritional supplement. malabsorption. At 83. EDTA—An amino acid that helps keep blood pumping to your eyes and helps dissolve plaque that can lead to serious vision problems. The floaters are gone and my eyes don’t get tired easily. I was scared and alarmed. CALL 1-800-746-4513 13 . There are an increasing number of patients whose eye problems have slowed progression with a change of daily dietary habits. bilberry can indeed improve your night vision. Thank you for your wonderful product. Copper—Optimum levels of copper can help keep your lenses clear.” —Ruth V. FOR MORE INFORMATION. Really a great product!” —John P.” —Health Supplement Retailer No more eyestrain and fatigue! “When I noticed my eyesight was weakening. minerals.. I noticed some progress and decided to order another threemonth supply in order to improve the results. allergic response. What People Are Saying Proper nutrition can stop or reverse vision loss! “Most eye problems are a result of vascular or digestive dysfunction. KY These statements are anecdotal and may not represent typical results. They were certain that bilberry gave them superior night vision and allowed them to better navigate the pitch-black skies. my doctor detected a cataract and an operation was scheduled in June. I’ll continue taking it for lasting benefits. helping your eyes adjust more quickly to darkness and recover more quickly from sudden exposure to glare. What many eye professionals do not realize is that these vision problems can be prevented. Here’s exactly how it works. I’m still enjoying reading and other activities. IA I cancelled my eye surgery! “In 2005. After having tried Ultimate Vision Formula™ for a while. Individual results will vary. or malnutrition. and scratchy feeling eyes. Since I started to use Ultimate Vision Formula™. pilots in Great Britain’s Royal Air Force consumed bilberry extract as part of their daily rations. please. I am now on my third bottle and notice improvements in my vision. HI Say “goodbye” to red and dry eyes! “I continue to use Ultimate Vision Formula™ because it seems to give me the most relief from having red. Walton.

it was demonstrated that a taurine deficiency can lead to “significant retinal lesions. 14 These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. A study presented in Molecular & Cellular Biology showed that taurine can help prevent—and even reverse—cloudy eye lenses. it was shown that zeaxanthin can help protect your eyes from short-wave visible light. it was shown that there’s a powerful link between zinc and night vision. In a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. clear vision. It also reduces the risk of vision loss by 11%. In a study published in Archives of Ophthalmology. scratchy. This amino acid is a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals that can damage your healthy eye cells.” But after treatment with EDTA. This product is not intended to diagnose. one group of patients was given vitamin A supplementation and another group was given placebos. acting much like the popular blue-blocking sunglasses. This included a diagnosis of a severe syndrome called “Map Dot Fingerprint Dystrophy. TRUE HEALTH NEWS™ . In a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition. and watery eyes— and reduce eyestrain and fatigue…. Lycopene—This powerful antioxidant is found in the highest quantities in tomatoes and tomatobased products. All of them are crucial for optimal eye health. her right eye was restored to 20/25 vision and her left eye to perfect 20/20. it was discovered that populations lacking sufficient vitamin A had a higher incidence of night blindness. and focused vision— both in the daytime and the nighttime… ✔ Soothe red. With Ultimate Vision Formula™. ✔ Improve your night vision—and increase your comfort while driving… ✔ Avoid stronger and stronger eyeglass prescriptions in the future… ✔ Destroy the free radicals that can ravage your healthy eye cells… ✔ Maintain your independence—and live your life to the fullest… 100%! Another patient. Also.” Vitamin A—This vitamin reduces the occurrence of blurred vision… double vision… dry eyes… and eye inflammation. Optimal amounts of NINE other eye-saving minerals. your eyes can become highly susceptible to damaging solar rays. In research presented in Investigative Opthalmology. the patients who were given vitamin A had a dramatically slower rate of retinal decline. Lutein—This remarkable substance helps to ward off cataracts… glaucoma… age-related macular degeneration… and other ocular disorders. The Lancet reported that taking zinc supplementation reduces the risk of eye degradation by up to 21%. And in another study conducted by the United Nations in third world countries. But if you don’t have enough zeaxanthin.Ultimate Vision Formula Can Help You… ™ ✔ Experience clear. sharp. Zinc—This unique mineral is one of the most important for optimal eye health. Over the course of the study. Lutein—a carotenoid—protects your macula from free radical damage and promotes better lens density. The benefits of lycopene have been scientifically proven. a 59-year old woman. treat. you also get the necessary servings of Elderberry Extract… Eyebright… Gingko Biloba… N-Acetyl-Cysteine… Selenium… Tocotrienol… Vitamin B6… Vitamin C… and Vitamin E. The research also found that the lower the concentration of zeaxanthin in the eyes. Further. And in another study published in Neurochemical Research. the patients’ retinas became thicker and gained more pigment. Taurine—It’s essential to get enough taurine if you want sharp. In a study presented in Experimental Eye Research. the greater the risk of vision loss. or prevent any disease. had a history of poor eyesight. it was shown that patients taking lutein for 140 days had a 30% improvement in retinal function. it was found that subjects with high lycopene had a 60% lower risk of eye lens clouding compared to subjects with normal lycopene. Zeaxanthin—This eye pigment helps eliminate harmful blue light. cure.

55 in discounts and FREE gifts today! BEST VALUE! $137. I SAVE $50. you can improve your eyesight… and experience sharp. So why not have the healthiest eyes possible? With a little help. you don’t have to live with eyestrain… blurry vision… fatigue… night vision problems… or poor distance vision. They’re taking responsibility for their own health and ensuring their own sharp. ᭤ Visit the eye doctor less often. You don’t have to worry about other serious eye disorders either. You might find that you can: ᭤ Read fine print much more easily. CALL 1-800-746-4513 . starting today! Call 1-800-746-4513 for your risk-free trial and claim up to $137. Instead. you can help protect your precious eyesight… help restore your sharp. ᭤ See your TV or computer screen more easily. clear vision… and regain the independent lifestyle you’ve treasured all your life.95 value)… ᭤ Plus. They recognize the need for eyesight—boosting nutrition and they’re getting it. How to Get Started. You’re excited about the things you can do. ᭤ Drive confidently at night. You can watch your favorite programs and see the picture better than you have in years. people who use this remarkable supplement begin to notice profound and permanent changes in their vision. 15 FOR MORE INFORMATION. they’re not worrying so much anymore.Enjoy Eagle-Eye Vision. FREE Shipping & Handling (a $6. You can avoid cataracts… glaucoma… age-related macular degeneration… serious eye clots… and other ocular diseases. You can save time shuttling back and forth from the doctor’s office… and save money because you don’t need those extra appointments or new eyeglasses. You can trust natural products from True Health™! The fact is.. instead of the things you can’t. See what Ultimate Vision Formula™ can do for you. But after three months.95 plus $6.70 and also receive: ᭤ 2 FREE bottles of Ultimate Vision Formula™ (a $79. I SAVE $20.90 value)… ᭤ Plus. You can also work for hours on your computer without worrying about eyestrain or fatigue. You can improve your depth perception… see other cars more clearly… react to glare more quickly… and feel more comfortable behind the wheel.95 Shipping & Handling! Next page. clear vision. six months. you might notice subtle shifts quickly. You can easily navigate the phone book or daily newspaper… order from a restaurant menu even if the light is low… and avoid books in big type.95 value)! GOOD VALUE! $67 in Discounts and FREE Gifts! Send me a 3-month supply of Ultimate Vision Formula™ for just $99. Now that you’re back on the road. ᭤ Rediscover your favorite hobbies. You can thread a needle… tie a fly… go to the movies… take in a play or a musical… or hit a tennis or a golf ball again. Ultimate Vision Formula™ is available only from True Health™—where every nutritional supplement is absolutely and 100% free of impurities… easily absorbable for optimal effectiveness… designed to give you the results you’re looking for… and easy and pleasant to take on a daily basis. Your eyeglass prescription may even improve.. FREE Shipping & Handling (a $6. And best of all. People who take Ultimate Vision Formula™ realize they’ve got an advantage. When you take Ultimate Vision Formula™ from True Health™. you can accept social invitations from friends and relatives because you feel okay driving home.10 and also get: ᭤ 1 FREE bottle of Ultimate Vision Formula™ (a $39. ᭤ Prevent medical traumas in the future.95 value)! TRIAL OFFER! I’ll try a 1-month supply of Ultimate Vision Formula™ for just $39. You’ve got a lot of living to do. please.75.55 in Discounts and FREE Gifts! Please send me a 6-month supply of Ultimate Vision Formula™ for just $189. or more. clear vision for life.

Re-Energize And Your 16 TRUE HEALTH NEWS™ .

Entire Body— Starting Now! A re you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired all the time? Then here’s some great news for you—because you might not have to feel that way anymore. your brain. As a result. bones. lungs. CALL 1-800-746-4513 17 . But when you lack energy. Your muscles get fatigued… your thinking gets cloudy… and you feel bored. your muscles. it’s very possible to increase your energy levels… rejuvenate your heart. It sustains your physical body and helps you enjoy a happier. you can return the unused portion at any time and receive a 100% refund. and liver… and all your other organs.Your Heart. lethargic.. Meanwhile. You MUST Have Enough CoQ10 CoQ10 is the “spark” that ignites your cells’ ability to convert stored fats and nutrients into a usable form. And with 100 trillion living cells. please. To Have Enough Energy. The fact is. So… what exactly is going on here? Basically. your body produces less and less of this critical enzyme every year. Brain. And not just sometimes! Your cells and tissues need this boundless energy on a constant basis. precious years of your life are slipping away—years you can never.. So you might eat all the right foods… you might take all the right vitamins… but it still won’t help you unless you’ve got enough CoQ10. it’s an energy crisis in your cells—one that may be caused by a shortage of Coenzyme Q10 (or CoQ10). And before you know it. FOR MORE INFORMATION. your cells can no longer muster up the massive amounts of energy your body needs. CoQ10 is a remarkable substance used by mitochondria—known as the “energy factories” in your cells—to create energy in your body. and ears… your joints. depressed. How? By unlocking the secret of your body’s energy supply. you can feel it right down to your core. you must have an unlimited supply to stay healthy and keep your body running smoothly. insufficient CoQ10 may even cause lifethreatening problems in your brain and Next page. and cartilage… your brain. NO questions asked. ever get back. energy is absolutely essential to your well-being. and every other organ in your body… and feel better than you have in years. hair. healthier life. after age 40. this insidious “energy crisis” can sap your strength and stamina… impede your ability to repair and restore tissue… and generally wreak havoc on your entire body. TRY OUR PRODUCTS COMPLETELY RISK-FREE! I’m so confident that you’ll benefit from our quality nutritional products that we offer this 100% guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with our products. heart. eyes. This includes your skin. It goes without saying—CoQ10 is pretty darn important! Unfortunately. Ever heard the phrase “bone tired?” That pretty much describes it. or even worse. Now. Making matters worse.

you can get the COQ10 your body needs—quickly and easily—from a daily CoQ10 supplement.especially your heart. In a 1994 study reported in a major German medical journal. the more energy you have in every single cell in your body. hundreds of scientists have proven conclusively: The more CoQ10 you have. In a study published in the Cardiovascular Therapy journal. These patients experienced 78% less fluid retention… 60% fewer sleep problems… 49% reduction in liver size… 77% improvement in lung sounds… 75% fewer skipped heartbeats… 53% less nighttime urination… 78% improvement in skin color… and a 63% reduction in irregular heartbeats. However. Instead. 115 patients with serious heart problems were given CoQ10 supplements. Dr. And the results were startling! The patients who took CoQ10 supplements recovered after just three to five days in the hospital without any complications. Since CoQ10 was discovered in 1957. Beating Heart. ■ Less chest pain and less cardiac events. double blind study published in the Clinical Investigator journal. In a 1993 study reported in the Clinical Investigator journal. Fortunately. this healing nutrient has helped millions of people plagued by energy problems get their lives back. 2. ■ Doctors give it the thumbs-up. In a study of 424 patients with a cardiovascular condition. turning their latent fuel sources into healthpromoting energy. even at extremely high dosages of 800 mg or more per day! Proof Positive That CoQ10 Improves Heart Function Over the past 50 years. 43% were able to stop taking from one to three of their medications following CoQ10 therapy. Over the last 50 years. thousands of studies have shown that CoQ10 supplements are completely safe and non-toxic. In a 12-month. In a 1994 study. This product is not intended to diagnose. heart patients who were given CoQ10 supplementation has 66% less chest pain and 75% fewer heart rhythm disturbances than heart patients who received a placebo.152 patients with serious heart conditions. the patients who received a placebo had longer. ■ Stopped needing some of their prescription drugs. Research has also proven that taking CoQ10 supplements every day significantly improves heart muscle function while producing ZERO adverse effects. scientists and researchers have conducted at least 34 placebo-controlled studies of CoQ10’s effects on 2. 18 These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The result? 100% of these patients experienced improvement in their symptoms and 80% had a reduction in blood pressure. treat. And the results have been very encouraging! CoQ10 has been shown to offer powerful benefits to these heart patients—even those who have failing hearts. Because after all—energy is the very essence of life! The Natural Solution for a Healthy. Another 322 heart patients were given a placebo. it doesn’t have to happen to you. The result? All 65 physicians reported “significant”improvements in their patients’ symptoms. or prevent any disease. 51% of patients with high blood pressure were able to stop taking from one to three of their high blood pressure medications in a little over four months of CoQ10 supplementation. TRUE HEALTH NEWS™ . ■ Reduced recovery time after surgery. How? By boosting the amount of CoQ10 in their bodies.664 heart patients were given CoQ10 over a threemonth period. Here are just a few of the landmark studies that demonstrate the heart-healing power of CoQ10… ■ Every patient experienced improvement. And in another study reported in Pharmacotherapy. Peter Langsjoen followed 65 cardiologists who were using CoQ10 supplements to treat 806 patients with weakening hearts. ■ Remarkable reduction in symptoms. Not only that. more complicated recovery periods lasting 15 to 30 days after surgery. 319 heart patients were given 100 mg of CoQ10 for 14 days before surgery and for 30 days afterwards. cure. What’s more—the CoQ10 group experienced about HALF the cardiac events of the placebo group.

limes. 400X. sometimes allowing patients with an otherwise extremely serious heart condition to resume their normal lives. It’s called Ultimate CoQ10 Formula™—available only from True Health™. One hundred percent is available for use by your body! ADVANTAGE #3: Ultimate CoQ10 Formula™ has built-in fat molecules your body NEEDS to help absorb CoQ10! Small amounts of medium chain triglycerides are added to each capsule—giving your body just enough fat molecules to promote absorption! With Ultimate CoQ10 Formula™. I am diabetic and I'm happy that they do not increase my blood sugar levels. and even 1. Ultimate CoQ10 Formula™ is so revolutionary and so uniquely absorbable. The popularity of CoQ10 supplements has skyrocketed around the country. And starting right now. And the majority of these products are offered as powdered capsules or tablets because they’re cheaper to produce. and I'm sure they enhanced my rapid healing. WA Triple Your CoQ10 Levels In No Time Flat.000X magnifications. I have also had total hip surgery recently. powdered CoQ10 products: ADVANTAGE #1: Ultimate CoQ10 Formula™ is MUCH easier for your body to absorb! Much more absorbable than most of the powdered CoQ10 you can buy.. you get a remarkable combination of purity. Your products are exceptional! I not only appreciate the fact that the ingredients in your vitamins are of the highest quality and that they are easily absorbed with absolutely no stomach upset. you can get this high quality CoQ10 nutrient in a single daily dose. you can ramp up your CoQ10 levels for maximum heart protection. and oranges—to help dissolve CoQ10 crystals making Ultimate CoQ10 Formula™ 100% crystal free and HIGHLY ABSORBABLE! Under a microscope the difference between Ultimate CoQ10 Formula™ and regular CoQ10 supplements is STARTLING. But the problem is… scientific studies have shown powdered CoQ10 supplements are extremely difficult for your body to absorb. and absorbability. “Dear Dr. potency. Thank you very much!” —Jim P. ADVANTAGE #2: ZERO crystals to impede absorption! Ultimate CoQ10 Formula™ includes both vitamin E and d-Limonene—a natural. the vast majority of research has focused on CoQ10’s ability to promote a healthy. But what happens after age 40 when your body’s natural CoQ10 starts to plummet? Simply put—your heart could be too pooped to pump! But by taking CoQ10 as a nutritional supplement. And there’s more… Continued on page 21. At 200X. To accomplish this task. And only 60 mg of CoQ10 was used in the study. What’s even more amazing— CoQ10 can help strengthen a failing heart. it’s being patented! Ultimate CoQ10 Formula™ is specifically formulated by leading scientists to give you three huge advantages over ordinary. organic solvent found in the peels of lemons. Cutler. 19 FOR MORE INFORMATION. it requires 10 TIMES the energy of normal cells. Your heart beats approximately 100. CALL 1-800-746-4513 . College Place. beating heart. the patent-pending form of CoQ10 used in Ultimate CoQ10 Formula™ TRIPLED blood levels of CoQ10 in test subjects in just 14 days. but also that they energize me. not a single crystal shows up in Ultimate CoQ10 Formula™.000 times a day (or about 36 million times a year). Imagine almost twice that much! Because Ultimate CoQ10 Formula™ offers you 100 mg in an easy-to-swallow soft gel capsule. This astonishing nutrient can help you maintain a stable blood pressure… a normal heart rhythm… or even banish your heart pain.However. And you can bet it works like gangbusters! In a 2004 study. And it needs this huge amount of energy every second… of every day… for your entire life.

but would not use either. Leading Coenzyme Q10 Researcher “A Revolutionary Advance in Treatment!” “New and revolutionary treatments of disease. “Reduces Your Blood Pressure Too!” “39% of hypertension patients are found to be deficient in Coenzyme Q10. particularly where there has been no treatment of intrinsic biochemical significance. it could save your life.” —International Journal of Tissue Reactions “Baby Heart Patient Recovers Without Surgery!” “In one case. It appears that the bioenergetics of CoQ10 is remarkable and its potential in medicine is no exception to the history of controversial advances in medicine.O. you can easily get it on your own. “Results Have Been Dramatic!” “The clinical experience with CoQ10 is nothing short of dramatic. the more the patient benefited during this study.D. surgery that was being recommended by the university medical center. The Miracle Nutrient: Coenzyme Q10 “Safe With No Side Effects!” “CoQ10 has not been shown to have side effects and appears to be a safe addition to conventional treatments.” —Jean Carper.” —Alan Gaby. and CoQ10 is a crucial component of the energy cycle and therefore of life itself. In human trials.” —Garry Gordon. reduced the number of hospitalizations.” —Karl Folkes. and Gerald Hunt. 47% of patients.D. M. Ph. or prevent any disease. Coenzyme Q10 Researcher “Protects Your Heart—And Your Health!” “CoEnzyme Q10 can provide rapid protective effects if administered within three days of the onsets of (cardiac) symptoms.D.” —Dr. The baby recovered without the heart transplant “CoQ10 Could Save Your Life!” “(CoQ10) is a heart medicine used around the world. TRUE HEALTH NEWS™ . Best-Selling Medical Author. Administration of CoQ10 ameliorated symptoms.. Peter Langsjoen. Miracle Cures 20 These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. I asked the attending doctor if he tried Coenzyme Q10 or carnitine. Revolutionary therapy has always been so and perhaps it always shall be. but such is the nature of true discovery.. I went to see a newborn diagnosed with a serious heart condition.” —Journal of Clinical Pharmacology “Helped Patients With Failing Hearts!” “(In a study of patients with enlarged. M.” —Cardiovascular Drugs Therapy Journal “Chest Pain Disappears!” “Deficiencies of CoQ10 have been documented in patients with serious heart problems.D. treat. It is reasonable to believe that the entire field of medicine should be reevaluated in light of this growing knowledge.The more a patient’s heart lacked CoQ10 before treatment. cure. M. D. This product is not intended to diagnose. have generally been believable to a few persons and unbelievable and even ridiculous to others before proof of efficacy.” —Emile Bliznakov.What Doctors and Scientists Say About CoQ10: “CoQ10 is Energy and Energy is Life!” “Energy is life. M.” —Steven Bratman.D. I treated the baby with these supplements. and appeared to decrease chest pain. With the family’s permission. Heart size went down. He said he had read about their effects. an average daily dosage of 225 mg of Coenzyme Q10 caused a reduction in average systolic blood pressure from 159 mm/Hg to 147 mm/Hg and a reduction of average diastolic pressure from 94 mm/Hg to 85 mm/Hg within two to three months of CoQ10 supplementation. failing hearts who were given CoQ10 supplements)… the CoQ10 levels went up in 95% of the patients. and if your doctor doesn’t know about it. symptoms and heart class improved.

much more. The only way to make sure your heart.85. muscles. starting today! Call 1-800-746-4513 for your risk-free trial and claim up to $246. CoQ10 is one of nature’s most potent antioxidants.90 in Discounts and FREE GIFTS! I get a 3-month supply of Ultimate CoQ10 Formula™ for just $149. This process can electrify your restoration of health… restore your “get up and go”… and improve your outlook on life… ᭤ Get maximum protection for even a failing heart.70.95 plus $6. With Ultimate CoQ10 Formula™ at Your Fingertips. bones.. and other organs… ᭤ Repair your damaged cells and tissues.. you can regain your strength and stamina… ramp up your mental and memory powers… increase your natural immunity… end sleep problems… help prevent swelling… improve your breathing… and much more… ᭤ And CoQ10 works with dozens of other miracles in your body. FREE Shipping & Handling (a $6. and other organs have enough CoQ10 is through daily CoQ10 supplementation… ᭤ Boost your overall health considerably. You Can… Re-energize your heart. Karl Folkers. BEST VALUE! $246. healthy cells… and restore damaged cells… ᭤ Replace the CoQ10 diminished by prescription drugs.95 Shipping & Handling! 21 FOR MORE INFORMATION. hair. With Ultimate CoQ10 Formula™ in your daily routine. and more. According to The Lancet medical journal. According to CoQ10 researcher Dr. Ultimate CoQ10 Formula™ triggers energy production in your cells. rejuvenating your entire body with a cascade of life-giving energy. I SAVE $60 and also get… ᭤ 3 FREE bottles of Ultimate CoQ10 Formula™ (a $179. you can increase your energy levels by leaps and bounds… shield your heart and brain from disaster… reduce the aging and damage caused by harmful free radicals… enjoy a more youthful attitude… discover new possibilities for your health and your life… and much. Ultimate CoQ10 Formula™ is available only from True Health™—where nutritional supplements are 100% free of impurities… easily absorbable for optimum effectiveness… designed to give you the results you’re looking for… and easy and pleasant to take on a daily basis.. How to Get Started.80 in Discounts and FREE GIFTS! I get a 6-month supply of Ultimate CoQ10 Formula™ for just $299. Plus—Ultimate CoQ10 Formula™ is all-natural and side-effect free. more than 120 drugs can cause severe CoQ10 deficiencies in your body.Continued from page 19. Ph.95 value)! GOOD VALUE! $96. please… . Ultimate CoQ10 Formula™ gives you the abundant energy you need to reproduce normal. eyes. CALL 1-800-746-4513 Next page. brain. And Ultimate CoQ10 Formula™ can help you to destroy the deadly free radicals that can age and damage your skin. FREE Shipping & Handling (a $6. muscles. brain. Ultimate CoQ10 Formula™ can help you maintain a stable blood pressure… normalize your heart rhythm… and even banish your heart pain… ᭤ Protect yourself from deadly free radicals.95 value)… ᭤ Plus.80 in discounts and FREE gifts too. With Ultimate CoQ10 Formula™. You can trust products from True Health™. See what Ultimate CoQ10 Formula™ can do for you.95 value)! TRIAL OFFER! I’ll try a 1-month supply of Ultimate CoQ10 Formula™ for just $59. I SAVE $30 and also get… ᭤ 1 FREE bottle of Ultimate CoQ10 Formula™ (a $59.85 value)… ᭤ Plus.D.

This product is not intended to diagnose. or prevent any disease.Add Just 4 Drops To Your Drinking Water— And Experience a Healing Miracle! 22 These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. TRUE HEALTH NEWS™ . cure. treat.

you’ll be protecting your heart and brain… and creating muscle-bound defenses against infection. there’s a remarkable nutrient that’s scientifically proven to help you FEEL BETTER and get you back the healthy life you deserve. In fact. your body’s tissue pH balance begins to change—from alkaline to acidic. Even daily exercise unloads lactic acid into your muscles. when he stated… “The countless names of illness do not really matter.” That means ANY health problem you are experiencing RIGHT now may be improved or even REVERSED just by getting your body chemistry back on track! And any joint pain and stiffness you have may soon vanish… painful digestive problems can fade… mood swings. acid is everywhere in your external environment. and antibiotics in the meat. this acid waste builds up inside your body. herbicides. Or maybe he’ll blame it on your diet… or your lack of exercise… food allergies… or even stress.H ave you ever wondered why you really get sick? Chances are your doctor will blame it on something you can’t change: Your genes… your age… or your body type. Dr. joints. 4. most doctors have NO IDEA why you get sick! And that’s tragic—because medical science discovered the answer over 70 years ago! Nobel Prize-Winning Scientist. in his blockbuster book. food additives. What’s left is then excreted as a highly acidic waste product. Your youthful energy and stamina can return to you with a vengeance. and age-related mental problems may now be a thing of the past. And if that’s not bad enough. Let me explain… work. your cells burn nutrients as fuel. Every second of every day. Your bones can begin growing stronger. At birth. Over many years. your body is pH balanced and may even stay a little on the alkaline side—a model of perfect metabolic health.” More recently. fruits. and later into your bloodstream! Next page. memory lapses. Your mood lifts and you’ll feel like singing again! Even more important. Baroody shook the scientific community. you’re bombarded with acid causing substances from the environment: In acid rain… in tap water… in air pollution… in the pesticides. You’ll likely feel 10. What does matter is that they all come from the same root cause… TOO MUCH ACID IN THE BODY!” In short… Excess Acid is KILLING YOU! Here’s how it works… 1. In fact… Right now. and vegetables you eat—even in the dry-cleaned clothes you’re wearing and the carpet in your home. To perform this miracle inside your body. most of your 100 trillion cells in your body are busy creating new cells to replace old ones that are damaged or dying. Hay concluded that… “All disease is caused by autotoxication (self-poisoning) due to acid accumulation in the body. please… 23 Acid Overload: The Real Reason Why You’re Sick! Back in 1933. But the sad truth is. a New York doctor named William Howard Hay published his groundbreaking FOR MORE INFORMATION. After citing voluminous research. CALL 1-800-746-4513 . maybe 20 years younger—and you could also add a decade or two of healthy living to your life! The science behind this remarkable discovery is simple. Theodore A. Unless you can eliminate acid waste. Linus Pauling stunned the medical world when he revealed: “You can trace EVERY sickness… and EVERY ailment to a mineral deficiency. A New Health Era. 2. you’re literally bathing in acid: Every minute of every day. Dr. Dr. 3. Alkalize or Die.

᭤ In your arteries—eats away at the linings and gives plaque a foothold—lowering your defenses against cardiovascular problems or braindestroying illnesses. liver.0 6. this near-miracle wonder costs just pennies per day! Here’s What Acid Overload Can Do to Your Body… You know what acid can do to your car battery. This product is not intended to diagnose.5.5 means your body is more alkaline — which is GOOD! You’re gulping down even more acid: Prescription and over-the-counter drugs—and even most foods create acid overload in the body. A saliva pH reading of slightly more than 7 means your body is alkaline (good). ᭤ In skin cells—causes premature wrinkling… dry.75 6.What Does “pH” Mean? The letters pH mean “potential of hydrogen” and simply measures how acidic or alkaline your body is on a scale of 0 to 14.25 7. TRUE HEALTH NEWS™ . A low saliva pH reading of less than 7 means you’re too acidic (bad). cure. No wonder the average American is so highly acidic! And no wonder we’re getting sicker! ᭤ In your joints—erodes vital cartilage and causes painful inflammation.5 8. ᭤ In your body tissues—drains the calcium in your bones and causes crippling osteoporosis. pancreas—and every other vital organ in your body.0 A low pH reading of less than 7 means you’re too acidic — and that’s DANGEROUS! A high pH reading of 7 to 7.5 9. you can stop acid overload in your body and experience better health and faster healing— by simply balancing your pH level! Reducing High Acidity Has Never Been Easier! Can you imagine using. ᭤ Wears down muscle mass—and causes premature aging. Now here’s what too much acid can do to your body: ᭤ Attacks your lungs. treat. Are you willing or able to completely stop taking your medicines—and even stop eating the foods you love? The stress of modern life immerses you in even more acid: The traffic snarl on the way to work… a cranky boss… aggressive co-workers… financial stress… and family stress… ALL are extremely acid forming in the body.0 5. ᭤ In your bloodstream—kills your body’s defenses—weakening your immune system and leaving you more vulnerable to infection. aging them before their time and leaving you vulnerable to a major health nightmare down the road.5 5. You achieve optimum health when the tissues of your body stay in a slightly alkaline environment—about 7. A pH of 7 is neutral.5 6. and bacteria— and BEGGING them to make you sick! That’s exactly what happens when you don’t flush out toxins that invade your cells! But now. you can assist your body to FLUSH out toxins and bathe every cell in your body with alkaline nutrients that boost your energy levels… help fight off sickness… and help you feel better than you have in years! Thanks to a revolutionary mineral-rich supplement called Ultimate pH Balance™ from True Health™ it’s never been easier to go from a sick acid environment to a healthy alkaline balance—in no time flat! And best of all.0 7. ᭤ Damages delicate enzymes that are essential for fighting germs… properly digesting foods… and even breathing! ᭤ Slows Human Growth Hormone secretion… zaps your sex drive… and makes it difficult to get a good night’s sleep! ᭤ And much more! But now… thanks to a revolutionary discovery.5 5.75 7. but NOT flushing your toilet for three months? You’d be crazy to live in that environment! It’s like laying down a welcome mat for every germ. brittle nails… and dull.25 6. A pH of 7 is neutral… 4. 24 These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. or prevent any disease. lifeless hair.0 8. bug.

and this helps with it too. I feel great!” —Art W. the better it will help you get rid of nasty acids! Ultimate pH Balance™ helps neutralize acid and floods your body with the alkalizing minerals your cells CRAVE to keep you going strong! And it’s completely safe… odorless… and tasteless. freezing. I just had a dental check-up and my hygienist said my gums looked great! I’ve had periodontal problems for years and was told that part of the problem was that I was very acidic. Just 4 Drops a Day… Keeps High Acid AWAY! Just FOUR drops of Ultimate pH Balance™ in each 8 oz.but I must write and tell you very honestly I am so pleased with the Ultimate pH Balance™.5 now. please… 25 FOR MORE INFORMATION. However.” —Elsie B.. Myrna A. Add to that chemical processing—and heating. It’s that simple! In fact.” —Olga V.I feel my energy levels RISING! “I just started to take Ultimate pH Balance™ recently and I can feel the energy rising in all of my body. my test score went from 6.. so it won’t change the taste of your water! Unleash the Energy of Ultimate pH Balance™! According to leading health experts.” —Don C. they put between three to eight drops of Ultimate pH Balance™ in each bottle of water. few people are eating enough fresh vegetables and fruits.” —Berna T. IL The first and only product that gave me the results I wanted! “I’ve never done this before. Individual results will vary.. Thank you very much for Ultimate pH Balance™. yet alert with a steadier energy and less aches and pains in my body. the higher the alkaline level. CA I feel calmer… and full of energy! “Having a BS in clinical nutrition and being a health psychologist. laboratory tests prove Ultimate pH Balance™ raises alkaline levels of drinking water dramatically! Researchers at a laboratory in Northern California tested average bottled water at 7.5 when I started to 7. I know the overall health significance of alkalinity in the body. I also have to take care of my blood sugar problems. research shows most Americans only get about eight minerals in any significant quantity from the foods we eat today! That’s because in addition to our soil’s depletion of essential minerals. boosts your alkaline levels to get rid of nasty acid overload. I love your product!” —Dr..” —Dave B.VA My alkaline levels went way up! “After a month on Ultimate pH Balance™.. CALL 1-800-746-4513 . the pH balance shot up to 9. CA I had acid reflux for years— but not anymore! “Ultimate pH Balance™ helped me get my body back in balance by neutralizing acid therefore helping my acid reflux.38-pH level. I now sleep at night with no problem. alkaline balance. CA These statements are anecdotal and may not represent typical results.3! Remember. So I’m planning on using Ultimate pH Balance™ for good. FL for me. Next. glass of water. Thank you. I am feeling calmer. I’ve tried a number of other products… but this is the first and only product that gave me the results of normalizing my acid.. I want to also add that these good results came very quickly My joints and my teeth work better! “I’ve noticed that my joints seem to work better— I’m more limber. Also.. which are many in my work as a holistic psychotherapist. So I thank you heartily for this product. When they measured the water again. the human body requires at least 60 minerals for optimal health. My sleep is improved so I am better rested to face the tensions of the day. TN Worked really fast for me! “Big surprise when I took your Ultimate pH Balance™ for a couple of days and checked my pH—amazing!! At 87 years of age. I think it is doing its job. I’ve told at least five other people about it. Next page.

And you’ll notice that even your skin looks and feels years younger and smoother. And you can take Ultimate pH Balance™ as long as you want to keep experiencing the full power of a pH-balanced body—completely risk free! You can also enjoy improved digestion and fewer bouts of pain.and microwaving foods—and delicate minerals don’t stand a chance of surviving! That’s why you need Ultimate pH Balance™! In each serving. and gas. This product is not intended to diagnose. 26 These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. or prevent any disease. ᭤ Potassium. I SAVE $30 and get: ᭤ 1 FREE bottle of Ultimate pH Balance™ (a $29.85. Instantly. bloating. ᭤ And many more! significantly fewer joint problems… and feel mentally sharper than ever. treat. you won’t pay a cent! You’ll get a 100% REFUND on your purchase price— even if you’re down to the very last bottle! See what Ultimate pH Balance™ can do for you. FREE Shipping & Handling (a $6. you’ll get a FREE package of 15 pH Test Strips. This remarkable strip of paper can nearly save your life! Why? If your acid levels are high—you’re a target for a health disaster. The exclusive processing of Ultimate pH Balance™ keeps all 72 nutrients in an organic colloidal state—that means these minerals are ready and able to go to work for you immediately—to make up for any current mineral deficiency! These stellar nutrients include: ᭤ Alkaline buffering salts—including potassium.98 value)… ᭤ Plus. a color chart is included at no charge) to indicate your true and accurate pH level.95 value)! Watch it Work—Free! It’s never been easier to spot illness—and know how healthy you REALLY are! In just 15 seconds. plus $6.82 in Discounts and FREE Gifts! Please send me a 6-month supply of Ultimate pH Balance™ for just $149. It’s just that easy! GOOD VALUE! $48.70. cure. you’ll discover if your acid levels are high.97 value)… ᭤ Plus. FREE Shipping & Handling (a $6. starting today! Call 1-800-746-4513 for your risk-free trial and claim up to $114.95 value)… ᭤ 30 pH Test Strips (a $11.90 value)… ᭤ 45 pH Test Strips (a $17. TRUE HEALTH NEWS™ . I SAVE $30 and also get: ᭤ 2 FREE bottles of Ultimate pH Balance™ (a $59.95. and boron—ready for quick mobilization when dangerous acid levels are present. If Ultimate pH Balance™ doesn’t do all this for you and more. and perfectly balance your pH—GUARANTEED! You’ll notice higher energy levels… experience TRIAL OFFER! A 1-month supply of Ultimate pH Balance™ for just $29. calcium. Simply dip the test strip in your saliva or urine and watch it change color (don’t worry. you can quickly get rid of nasty acid overload—and get your body back in perfect pH balance! With your paid order. Now.95 Shipping & Handling. thanks to Ultimate pH Balance™.82 in discounts and FREE gifts today! BEST VALUE! $114.95 value)! Ultimate pH Balance™ Slashes Your Deadly Acid Levels or it’s FREE! Ultimate pH Balance™ will help you rid your body of acid waste. a pH Test Strip gives you an accurate at-a-glance reading of your body’s acid level. zinc.88 in Discounts and FREE Gifts! Please rush me a 3-month supply of Ultimate pH Balance™ for just $89. raise your alkaline levels. and other minerals to help quickly replenish the drained supply in your bones. you get 72 trace minerals to help you achieve perfect alkaline balance.

hidden health threat that’s likely targeting you and your loved ones. if you… ᭤ Regularly take over-the-counter medicines.Cleanse Your Way to Better Health The Remarkable Remedy For Your Overworked Liver and Kidneys! R ight now. Don’t You? It’s that four-pound organ that performs more than 500 bodily functions and chemical reactions every single day to keep you alive! Next page. including aspirin. there’s a serious. CALL 1-800-746-4513 . tangible. Tylenol®. in just a few hours you can experience undeniable. or a high fat diet… ᭤ Are exposed to chemicals and pollutants at work or use sprays and aerosol products around your house… ᭤ Drink less than six to eight glasses of clean. red meat. In fact. please… 27 FOR MORE INFORMATION. it’s just 20 cents a capsule! You Remember Your Liver. purified water daily… …You could be heading toward a health disaster that’s striking millions of Americans WITHOUT WARNING! But there’s hope! In fact. or even cough and cold syrup… ᭤ Are using prescription drugs to treat your joint problems… high blood pressure… high cholesterol… pain… digestive problems… prostate or sleep problems… ᭤ Are over 40 years old… ᭤ Drink two or more glasses of alcohol (including beer or wine) a week… ᭤ Eat fast foods. this all-natural therapy won’t cost you an arm and a leg—in fact. and visible proof that years of accumulated toxins from your body have been ELIMINATED! And the best news is.

medical experts agree: If your body was a corporation. And by age 50. you’re probably only getting one-fourth of the bile your body needs to break down the fats from the foods you eat! When your liver can’t make enough bile.000 crucial chemicals and hormones including cholesterol. it shifts to “Plan B:” Instead of dissolving toxins. cure. testosterone. It’s so important. your liver is under attack from… ᭤ Prescription drugs ᭤ Alcohol use ᭤ Air and water pollution ᭤ Chemical food additives ᭤ Water chlorination ᭤ Household chemicals ᭤ Pesticides ᭤ Contaminated foods ᭤ Stress hormones ᭤ And more! Just by living and breathing in our modern. your liver removes toxins and impurities from your body before they can cause you harm. there’s up to a 99% chance your liver is not performing at maximum capacity! So if you’re over 40—you may already be in the danger zone! In fact. This product is not intended to diagnose. your liver… ᭤ Manufactures a full quart of bile daily to break down fat. your liver would be the president! In fact. TRUE HEALTH NEWS™ . and estrogen. If your liver didn’t continually remove toxins from your blood— you’d be dead in a matter of hours! stones stored in your bladder—commonly known as “gallbladder stones. the tubes and ducts leading to and from your liver start to get clogged with environmental toxins… undigested fats… gallstones… scar tissue… and metabolic waste. It plays a key role in emulsifying—or breaking down the food you eat. just beneath your lower ribs. your liver is being abused 24 hours a day! And the result of this neglect is all sorts of health problems including: headaches… chronic fatigue… high blood pressure… irritable bowels… joint pain… rashes and itchy skin… high cholesterol… and much. you can get started on the fast-track to better health quickly! What Your Overworked Liver is Dying to Tell You. polluted world.” Over time.000 enzymes to maintain a healthy body! ᭤ Detoxifies all internal and external environmental pollutants. Think of bile as a detergent that gets rid of grease from your dishes! ᭤ Filters harmful toxins and substances (including alcohol) out of nearly 100 gallons of blood every day! ᭤ Regulates blood sugar levels! ᭤ Produces more than 13. treat. if you have gallstones… you’ve got a red flag warning of serious liver problems! Your Liver is Under Constant ATTACK! Every second of every day. these accumulated stones can block normal bile flow from your gallbladder to your liver. Plus your liver manages over 50. Bile is the yellowish-green fluid that’s produced in your liver and stored in your gallbladder. your liver encapsulates them—puts them into a storage form that your organs harbor for many years! Some of these toxins become hard mineralized 28 Don’t Forget About Your Kidneys! If Liver & Kidney Cleanse™ only flushed out toxins from your liver—it would still be worth its weight in gold! But this remarkable combination of detoxifying nutrients does more—much more! While your liver is processing digested foods… neutralizing and eliminating toxins… and storing nutrients for future use—your kidneys are also These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. by the time you reach age 40. According to experts.Located on the right side of your abdomen. So. or prevent any disease. MUCH more! And what’s worse… most doctors are clueless about this hidden source of health problems! But now there’s a simple way to safely help eliminate deadly toxins from your liver… unclog liver cells… boost liver function… and keep your liver young and strong for decades to come! Thanks to Liver & Kidney Cleanse™.

if you’re not taking care of your liver and kidneys by eliminating toxins from prescription drugs… alcohol use… high protein and fat diet… and environmental pollutants. FOR MORE INFORMATION. supernutrients. Individual results will vary. Drink plenty of water! Six to eight glasses a day will help your kidneys eliminate wastes and regulate your body’s fluid contents. antioxidants. Stowe. Cutler for making a great nutritional supplement. and alcohol you can significantly boost your health… improve kidney function… and even help prevent kidney stones! #3. and amino acids to help clean.. and maintain peak liver and kidney performance! And when you use Liver & Kidney Cleanse™ every day—you are helping to keep your liver and kidneys running at peak performance! By boosting the health of these overworked organs… you can clobber the leading 10 Powerful Healing Nutrients in Every Capsule! With Liver & Kidney Cleanse™. In fact. you could be facing serious health problems! cause of many illnesses and health problems! With a healthy liver and kidneys. Eat healthier! By reducing refined carbohydrates such as sugars and limiting your intake of sodas. #2. VT These statements are anecdotal and may not represent typical results. and eliminate dangerous toxins from your body! With just four capsules a day. Thank you Dr. we’re eating more animal fats… protein… and sugars than ever! That’s why Americans are developing kidney stones 10 times more frequently than our grandparents! The truth is.hard at work too! They’re regulating all your body’s water to clean your blood and flush acid wastes out of the body. improve. CALL 1-800-746-4513 29 . coffee. cleanse your kidneys. sharper vision! ᭤ Better memory recall—say goodbye to “senior moments!” ᭤ Relief from water retention and edema! ᭤ And much more! Clobber Health Problems With Liver & Kidney Cleanse™! But.. please… The Best Defense for Kidney Health is a 3-Step Offense! Here’s a simple 3-step plan to help keep your kidneys in tip-top shape! #1.” —Mark H. you get: ᭤ Milk Thistle—helps your liver effectively repair itself and replace dead or damaged cells! ᭤ Soy Lecithin—scientifically proven to remove fat accumulation and excess cholesterol that can clog your liver and make you feel sluggish! Next page. you can quickly experience: ᭤ A boost of energy! ᭤ Clean. Take Liver & Kidney Cleanse™! Give your liver the extra “TLC” it needs and keep your kidneys clean… clear… and clog-free! My liver thanks you! “This is the single most important thing I’ve ever done to improve my health!” —Carline A. the good news is Liver & Kidney Cleanse™ contains a potent blend of bacteria—fighting and healing agents including herbs. GA Not Guilty! “I don’t feel nearly as guilty about my burgers and beer when I know I have Liver & Kidney Cleanse™ to help forgive my sins. clear skin—and you may even see wrinkles fade! ᭤ Healthier blood pressure! ᭤ Improved cholesterol levels! ᭤ More freedom from joint pain and muscle soreness! ᭤ Regular bowel movements! ᭤ Clearer. Lawrenceville. your kidneys process about 200 quarts of blood and removes about two quarts of waste products and extra water every day! They also monitor acid/alkaline balance of your blood… help control blood pressure… remove waste salts… uric acid and ammonia. In addition to this heavy workload. you get a unique scientifically formulated combination of 10 powerful nutrients to help unclog your liver.

drugs are one of the main causes of liver failure! But fortunately. I SAVE $20. starting today! Call 1-800-746-4513 for your risk-free trial and claim up to $137.90 value)… ᭤ Plus. don’t you? 30 These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose. TRUE HEALTH NEWS™ .95. FREE Shipping & Handling (a $6. RISK FREE Guarantee! Your 100% Money Back.55 in Discounts and FREE Gifts! Order a 6-month supply of Liver & Kidney Cleanse™ for $189. treat. If you are not 100% satisfied with the results.95 value)! GOOD VALUE! $67 in Discounts and FREE Gifts! Order a 3-month supply of Liver & Kidney Cleanse™ for just $99. UNLIMITED. Mother Nature has the answer— TRIAL OFFER! A 1-month supply of Liver & Kidney Cleanse™ for just $39. Michael Cutler If you are EVER dissatisfied with your results —you will get back every cent you paid—even if you’re down to your VERY LAST CAPSULE! No matter what you decide. no drug can restore the health of your liver. Also helps soothe irritated kidneys and enhance urine flow! ᭤ N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC)—helps eliminate painful kidney stones! ᭤ Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)—elevates levels of the liver-supportive enzyme glutathione—a powerful antioxidant known to neutralize the damaging effects of over-the-counter and prescription medicines! ᭤ Trimethylglycine (TMG)—helps improve liver function! Plus. I SAVE $50. And you get it all for as little as 20 cents per capsule! Liver & Kidney Cleanse™ may well be the best investment you can make in your health today! See what Liver & Kidney Cleanse™ can do for you.95 Shipping & Handling.95 value)! Why You Need Liver & Kidney Cleanse™! The simple fact is. bacteria. simply return the bottles and you will receive a complete refund! Dr.᭤ Artichoke Leaf—used for centuries to enhance healthy bile secretion! ᭤ Turmeric Root—helps remove dangerous toxins from the liver and stimulate the production of bile. several clinical trials show TMG can help repair liver damage caused by alcohol use! ᭤ Dandelion Root—this age-old herb helps filter toxins from your liver and kidneys without overstraining or tiring out these organs! ᭤ Olive Leaf—gives your body a force field of protection from viruses. FREE Shipping & Handling (a $6. T he only way to be absolutely convinced about our products is to try them and let them go to work for you! That’s why. all the free gifts you received with your first order are yours to keep as a thank you for giving them a try. or prevent any disease. I think that’s fair.10 and get: ᭤ 1 FREE bottle (a $39. and fungi! and you get 10 remarkable nutrients to help revive and regenerate healthy liver and kidney cells so you can experience the optimum living you deserve.75.55 in discounts and FREE gifts today! BEST VALUE! $137. Also helps reduce liver inflammation! ᭤ Burdock—helps neutralize many poisons that enter the liver. cure. True Health™ is willing to make you this extraordinary guarantee: Try our products today. plus $6.70 and also get: ᭤ 2 FREE bottles of Liver & Kidney Cleanse™ (a $79. In fact.95 value)… ᭤ Plus.

please… FOR MORE INFORMATION. you get 17 scientifically proven nutrients working TOGETHER to help… Next page.Look and Feel YEARS Younger— Starting Today! H ow old do you feel today? If you’re in your 40’s… 50’s… or 60’s—and are experiencing health problems such as heart problems… joint pain… blood sugar imbalances… poor vision… memory loss… or chronic fatigue… …You probably feel 10… 20… even 30 years older than the age on your driver’s license! In fact. But most of these health problems can be improved or even REVERSED when you do just one single thing to improve your health! It’s easy to help keep your mind sharp as a tack… age gracefully… look and feel better than ever… and fight off the ravages of health problems common to folks over 40! And this one single step takes just 10 seconds—and it won’t cost you an arm or a leg either! The truth is. many of my patients have experienced nearmiraculous reversals of health problems by taking just one remarkable formula that contains 17 scientifically proven nutrients! In just a short time. CALL 1-800-746-4513 31 . there’s a remarkable formula called Essential Youth™— available exclusively from True Health™—and it’s GUARANTEED to work wonders for you! Why? Because Essential Youth™ is a unique formula for optimum brain and body health! In every serving. one out of every three Americans suffers from illnesses most people chalk up to “old age” problems. you can now REVERSE the effects of aging… add quality years to your life… sharpen your memory… and regain that youthful vigor we all miss so much! Now. these folks regained energy levels… experienced genuine relief from joint and muscle pain… put an end to embarrassing “senior moments” and memory loss… and even slammed the brakes on aging! Here’s how: America’s #1 Age-Reversing Secret—REVEALED! Thanks to a breakthrough in scientific research.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. my muscle tone is a lot improved. Thank you. That’s 32 TRUE HEALTH NEWS™ . MD “Under arm flab is gone!” “I am 75 years old. Since I have been using this Godsend for about six months. An impressive 71% had reduced depression… decreased anxiety… and a Here’s Why Essential Youth™ is Truly Amazing… You probably take individual supplements to protect your heart… lower your blood pressure… enhance your memory… balance your blood sugar… or even boost your energy levels. Thank you.” In one study. ᭤ Boost energy levels ᭤ Feed your brain and help protect it from “wear and tear” ᭤ Enhance your memory recall ᭤ Improve circulation to your entire body ᭤ Recharge your immune system ᭤ Tighten up loose. or prevent any disease.” —Cynthia P.” —Wayne L. When I tell people that my son is 38 and I have four grandchildren some say. Palm Beach Gardens. “every measure of cognitive function” including mood and emotional well-being of mature adults! ✔ Ginkgo Biloba: Remarkable Results in a Blue-Chip Study! In a placebo-controlled. Bowie. saggy skin ᭤ Balance blood sugar levels ᭤ Protect your cells from harmful free radical damage ᭤ Slow aging to a c-r-a-w-l ᭤ And much. WI These statements are anecdotal and may not represent typical results. double-blind trial published by the Journal of The American Medical Association. MUCH more! because this remarkable formula contains not one brain-saving nutrient… but an entire network of brain health ingredients to create dynamic interplay! Help De-Age Your Brain With These Five “High Octane”Nutrients… When these nutrients are combined… given at optimum doses… and taken at the same time—you can quickly experience MEGA brain boosting health: ✔ Acetyl L-Carnitine: Doctors Report Major Improvements! A study reported by the New York Academy of Sciences involving leading European researchers revealed that this nutrient improved. I was getting awful flabby under the arms and now it’s all gone.. I sleep better and feel more relaxed during the day.. I have no wrinkles on my face. Las Vegas. NV “My skin glows!” “I’ve got more energy and receiving many positive comments on my skin.. Clear Lake. most nutrients require “dynamic interplay”. Individual results will vary.“Feeling calm and relaxed!” “Since taking your wonderful products. treat. FL “Even my fingers and toes look youthful!” “Your product makes me look 20 years younger! It gives me strength and energy. cure.‘you look younger now then when I saw you last’. But you may not be aware of ONE BIG PROBLEM with individual nutrients: Scientists have discovered that for best results. ginkgo helped people with serious mental problems—even improving their cognitive abilities! ✔ DMAE: Extremely popular in Europe for Enhancing Memory! Some call it the “smart supplement.‘What do you do to look so young?’” —Cecilia A. This product is not intended to diagnose. That’s a fancy-schmancy way of saying nutrients work better when they’re formulated for optimum dosage… combined with other key nutrients… and taken at the same time! For example… Essential Youth™ helps you maintain healthy brain function… boosts your memory recall… and helps fight off ravages of brain aging.. it was given to 14 elderly people—and the results were extraordinary.” —Marguerite B. Even my fingers and toes look youthful! One of my friends said.

enzymes and minerals to stay healthy and repair damages. free radicals can: ᭤ Prematurely age your skin! Free radicals destroy delicate collagen that keeps your skin soft. In short. This yellowish brown cell debris can interfere with your body’s ability to metabolize protein— your #1 source for energy! ᭤ Choke cell growth! Cells need hormones. Free radicals are those “loose cannons” of the cell world. Fortunately. your natural supply of antioxidants significantly drops. you’ll get 12 more vitamins. smooth and flexible. and More! This all-star nutrient increases dopamine— which helps your mood. Memory. What’s the leading cause of oxidized cholesterol? You guessed it—free radicals! ᭤ Block DNA and RNA function! DNA is the “blueprint” that tells your cells how to act… duplicate… and even how to repair themselves. If you’ve got brown age spots on your hands or face. Unlike other antioxidants. and even conserves cortisol—which reduces stress. Scientists rave about it! ✔ Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA): Helps Protect Your Brain! This powerhouse provides powerful antioxidant action. scientists believed antioxidants performed their job independently of each other. ALA is both water and fat soluble. And if you don’t replenish that shortage.more positive outlook on life! ✔ Phosphatidylserine (PS): Helps Your Mood. please… 33 FOR MORE INFORMATION. greatly enhancing its ability to be absorbed by your brain! PLUS. Free radicals can damage both DNA and RNA communication—causing your cells to malfunction and even self-destruct! ᭤ Trigger joint pain and muscle aches! An overproduction of free radicals in a specific area can cause inflammation. Mother Nature gives us a remarkable remedy to clobber pesky free radicals—called antioxidants! For Ultimate Protection Against Free Radicals… Try Essential Youth™! Antioxidants are your body’s super heroes! They protect your organs and tissues against the villains that rob decades off your life. you can’t get away from free radicals. and nutrients proven to help de-age your brain—and your entire body! Your Fight Against Free Radicals— The #1 Cause of Aging One of the key reasons why the vast majority of us never make it into our 80s and 90s in good health. that’s a tell tale sign you’ve got free radical damage! ᭤ Release dangerous cholesterol in your blood stream! When fat molecules such as cholesterol get oxidized. This leads to degeneration of the joints! The result? Chronic joint a muscle pain! ᭤ Drain your energy! Free radicals release a toxic waste matter called lipofuscins. RNA transmits the information in the DNA to your cells. minerals. free radicals can take over. as you get older. These bad guys wreak havoc with your body by upsetting stable molecules. foods… environmental pollutants… toxins… and even stress can trigger “hits” from free radicals. increases acetylcholine— necessary for learning and memory. is because our bodies lose their ability to defend themselves from free radicals. in every serving of Essential Youth™. But breakthrough research performed by the Packer Lab at the University of California at Berkeley showed combining powerful antioxidants… and taking them at the same time… can ENHANCE performance and deliver MAXIMUM AGE-DEFYING PROTECTION for your entire body! In other words… Next page. CALL 1-800-746-4513 . And they clobber free radicals before they can attack your delicate cells! Unfortunately. Free radicals block the pathway to these nutrients and prevent healthy cell function— leaving you vulnerable to sickness… disease… and early death! The truth is. they can clog up your arteries and set the stage for heart and brain disasters. The very process of breathing creates these destructive molecules! What’s more. The results? You start to feel and look old way before your time! Until recently.

The results of this dynamic interplay? You feel better… think clearer… remember longer… look younger… and enjoy life again! Performance.95 Shipping & Handling.95.95 value)… ᭤ Plus. TRUE HEALTH NEWS™ .95 value)! The BIG. What’s more… Combining all 17 powerful nutrients with optimum doses turns them into SUPER-DUPER nutrients that can help you clobber premature brain and body aging! Add 10… 15… Even 20 Years to Your Life—Starting NOW! Forget about taking single anti-aging supplements— they just won’t work as well alone! With Essential Youth™. you get the powerful “fearsome foursome” antioxidant network of glutathione. I SAVE $20. vitamin E. you get 17 brain-boosting… muscle-toning… and agedefying nutrients in ONE easy to take capsule! And best of all—you’ll save a boatload of cash! BEST VALUE! BEST VALUE! $137.Antioxidants Work Better With Dynamic Interplay! That’s why Essential Youth™ packs optimum doses of key and essential antioxidants in EVERY serving! For example. plus $6. But fighting off free radicals is a tough job for just one nutrient. But. And you may have even tried a few. alpha lipoic acid.10 and I also get: ᭤ 1 FREE bottle of Essential Youth™ (a $39.95 value)! The REAL Reason Why Anti-Aging Nutrients Don’t Work! According to noted researchers at the University of Florida College of Health and Human 34 TRIAL OFFER! Order a 30-day supply of Essential Youth™ for just $39.55 in Discounts and FREE Gifts! Order a 6-month supply of Essential Youth™ for just $189. are you really “anti” or against aging”? Think about it. age-defying nutrients in every serving. FREE Shipping & Handling (a $6. Plus.90 value)… ᭤ Plus. you’ve probably heard of the powerful effects of vitamin C for fighting colds and preventing vision problems.75. Are you against the wealth of knowledge… skills… opportunities… and adventures you’ve experienced with each passing decade? Or do you want to mature and age gracefully—having the mental energy and physical stamina to continue to pursue the things you love without falling victim to illness and disease? If so. HUGE “Anti-Aging”Hoax! You’ve probably seen dozens of “anti-aging” products on the market.70 and I also get: ᭤ 2 FREE bottles of Essential Youth™ (a $79. However. I SAVE $50. you don’t want an “anti-aging” product… you need an AGE-DEFYING remedy like Essential Youth™! GOOD VALUE! GOOD VALUE! $67 in Discounts and FREE Gifts! Order a 3-month supply of Essential Youth™ for just $99. you get brain and energy boosting nutrients for optimum mind and body health! All 17 nutrients in Essential Youth™ work together to enhance the effectiveness of each other. when you pair up vitamin C with another powerhouse antioxidant like glutathione—you can quickly recycle worn out vitamin C molecules and restore them back to antioxidant health! And combining vitamin C with vitamin E can help prevent free radicals from oxidizing cholesterol molecules that can harden your arteries! With Essential Youth™. “the fountain of youth is made of antioxidants. FREE Shipping & Handling (a $6. and vitamin C —at optimum dosages—working together for an all-star team of antioxidant protection for your cells. NOT water!” But most anti-aging products on the market give you a puny one… two… or just a few of these essential antioxidants to fight off the ravages of aging! With Essential Youth™—you get 17 scientifically proven.

FREE SAVINGS CERTIFICATE Product Name Page BEST GOOD Number Value Value TRIAL Offer Amount check one check one check one C U T A L O N G T H E D OT T E D L I N E check one check one check one check one check one check one check one check one SAVINGS CODE: SUBTOTAL Please add $6. For faster PHONE (In case we have a question with your order): (________)___________________ delivery.O.S. It starts with “TFF. Please complete and mail this page with your payment in the postage-paid envelope provided to: ©2007 True Health™ TRUE HEALTH™ ■ P. please include the SAVINGS CODE found above your name and address on the mailing you received. ____________ For best prices when mailing in your order. Alabama 35023 Call: 1-800-746-4513 ■ Fax: 1-800-941-7027 35 . please give us your SAVINGS CODE. When mailing in your order. TO RECEIVE THE SPECIAL SAVINGS included in this offer. d Please Bill My: a VISA a MasterCard a Discover a Amex TOTAL Card #: _______________________________________________ Expires: _____/_____ d Check Enclosed For: $ _______________ NAME: ________________________________ ___________________________________ ADDRESS: ________________________________ ________________________________ SHIPPING POLICY: All orders are shipped via UPS Ground or CITY/STATE/ZIP: _________________________________________________________ U.ORDER TOLL-FREE: 1-800-746-4513 Or simply complete and return this order form in the envelope provided! Never run out of your supplements! Sign up for auto order and save even more $$$! Call 1-800-746-4513 for more info.95 shipping & handling if your subtotal is less than $75! Alabama residents add 4% sales tax. please place your order by calling E-MAIL (Optional): _______________________________________________________ TOLL-FREE 1-800-746-4513.” followed by 4 digits. You’ll find it in the shaded box above your name and address. Mail ONE BUSINESS DAY AFTER ORDER IS PROCESSED. please write your unique SAVINGS CODE in the shaded box below. on the back cover of the publication you received. Box 3703 ■ Hueytown.

See page 2.S. Proof Positive That CoQ10 Improves Heart Function. If You Frequently Burp… Belch… and Expel Smelly Gas. See page 18. America’s #1 Age-Reversing Secret—REVEALED! See page 31. What’s Really Causing Your Vision to Fade? See page 12. ©2007 Health Resources™ Th-NL172 TRUE HEALTH™ Quality Nutrients for Quality Living! P. Postage PAID True Health . Acid Overload: The Real Reason Why You’re Sick! See page 23.: e d i s n I Live a Healthier and More Active Life! The Power of Chelation Therapy. See page 28. What Your Overworked Liver is Dying to Tell You. Alabama 35023 YOUR SAVINGS CODE: PRSRT STD U.O. See page 7. Box 3703 Hueytown.

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