From the moment I first sat down and played NWN2, I was immediately vexxed by the camera and movement controls as they were set by default. I am not alone, apparently. Trying a simple reconfiguration of in-game settings didn't seem to help much--the controls/camera always seemed to feel clunky and inaccurate. After some experimentation, I determined several things. First was the fact that I was applying my experiences with other games (WoW, Baldur's Gate, etc.) to NWN2, yet NWN2 never seemed to accurately emulate any of these games. Second was the fact the engine for NWN2 has bugs. One glaring bug is the constantly swiveling point of view in Character mode, bad enough to make some literally sick. Here are a few explanations, work-arounds and settings suggestions I've put together to make the game more enjoyable for those who are having such issues. All of this is based on using both the mouse and keyboard for camera control/character movement. If you are not using both, I highly recommend changing over now and getting used to it--it's by far the smoothest and best-functioning layout, as well as the least confusing. Read on and you will see why.

First issue--the Swiveling Bug. I found no way to fix this problem, but did find a way to minimize it. The problem is from using both a "forward" command and a "turn" command at the same time, and then stopping forward movement while there is still a turn command active. So, the way to stop it from happening is to simply stop turning before you stop forward movement. Letting up on the turn buttons before the forward button takes a bit of getting used to, but once you do the problem of wild-swiveling disappears almost entirely. Instead, when you stop, your character will simply take a step backwards--no swiveling. If you are one of those people, like me, who prefers to simply go forward by holding the " W" key and then steering by holding the Left-Mouse button, simply let go of the Left-Mouse button before you let go of the "W" button--no swiveling.

I noticed that this problem exists in all three camera modes, but adjusting your movement, as described, will solve the issue in all three modes.

TIP!: In Character Mode, using the "W" button to go forward and then steering with the mouse while holding down the Left-Mouse button results in much smoother turning!!

the other is your "Middle-Mouse" button (pushing down on the scroll-wheel. for most people). Freeing up the "X" button also gives us another opportunity—changing the "Toggle Play Mode" button from the keypad "*" button to “X” so you don't have to take your hand off either the WASD buttons or your mouse. They do almost the same thing--the only difference I can tell is that the one tied to the "X" button is buggy as hell.Second Issue—Idiotic Drive Camera Hot-keys Why. the game has two hotkeys for using the "Free-Camera". I recommend remapping the "X" key and only using the "Middle-Mouse" button. For everyone else. This is totally unnecessary and only confuses matters. Remap the keys to be the same in all three modes. I do not know. They should look like this: Third Issue--Free-Camera Nonsense By default. but the developers opted to make the WASD keys function differently in Character mode. most of the camera speed settings are way too high. One “Free Camera” hotkey is the "X" button on your keyboard. you have no choice but to use the buggy "X" button. . It is confusing and serves no real purpose. Also. Pay attention to the settings in my screen-shots and try to match the speed sliders as closely as possible. For those of you who have no "Middle-Mouse" button.

Remap the "Toggle Play Mode" to "X' as shown in the following image: This will erase the setting for “Mouse Look/Camera Movement”. as shown (You will not need it anymore because the “Middle-Mouse” button will be used instead): .

the three modes work great.Third Issue--The Three Camera Modes Initially. giving you the ability to switch to whatever works best for you based on the situation. I soon realized that some people might be expecting each mode to function like what they are used to from other games played. Changing the way you are thinking is what is really important here. . because they behaved so differently from each other. It seems like the three modes were designed to emulate different game genres. Exploration mode is basically the equivalent of the view and controls you might expect in the Baldur's Gate/Icewind Dale series of games. I was confused by the three modes. Some of the default settings made it worse. The primary difference is that you can also take control of the free-camera by holding the middle-mouse button. apply the settings as shown: Make sure you match the speed sliders on the right side (you can always fine-tune them later). Once you set them up properly. including different movement hotkeys. You just need to wrap your head around the differences between them. If it helps. and getting confused when they don't. Exploration Mode To get this mode to function as closely as possible to Baldur's Gate. think of Exploration mode as “Baldur's Gate (Enhanced) Mode”.

You can still change the direction and angle of the camera at anytime by simply holding down the middle-mouse button. However. the advantage to always keeping it facing North is that the play screen will always match both the mini-map and the area map. WASD will move your Character around like normal.. Moving the mouse to the edge of the screen will cause the camera to behave just like Baldur's Gate—it will scroll around without being tied to any location allowing you to scroll around the entire area map (including seeing far-away monsters located with tracking). just like it does in Baldur's Gate. but the camera angle will not change. but my character is facing South. .Below is an example of how I usually keep my camera angle set in “Baldur's Gate (Enhanced) Mode” (Exploration Mode): I keep the camera angle facing North (as indicated by the blue cone on the minimap). As long as you don't change the camera angle. Holding the “Z” Button down will highlight all objects that can be interacted with. but the camera will remain fixed. this mode functions like Baldur's Gate as far as movement is concerned—left-click anywhere on the screen and your character will run there. In addition to click-to-move.

This also makes it harder to get “lost” with the camera (or lose your character!). you have to go there with your character.Strategy Mode Think of this mode as “Dungeon Siege Mode”. Another interesting aspect of this “leashed” camera is that it can help you determine distance to avoid being detected by monsters—when zoomed all the way out. While you can scroll around the camera view. this mode will probably feel more comfortable then the “Baldur's Gate Mode”. . In order to see something on the play-screen. you cannot stray far. they probably cannot detect you. as I have tried to emulate the camera and controls in the Dungeon Siege series of games. the camera angle will not change unless you make it do so by using the middle-mouse button to free-look. For those that have played Dungeon Siege. but once again. “Dungeon Siege Mode” is very similar to the “Baldur's Gate Mode” except that the camera is tied to the character. WASD still functions. if you cannot see a monster without moving your character closer to them. Change your “Strategy Mode” settings as shown in the screen-shot: With the settings as they are shown.

Instead. or figuring out where those arrows are coming from (follow the trail they leave!) . It gets to be second nature once you start doing this—you are punished with the wild swiveling if you don't. You can literally look straight up from worms-eye level. use the Middle-Mouse button to pan the camera while you move using WASD. not the RTS series of games) and it's control/camera arrangement. in my opinion. as well as to prevent accidentally clicking the ground when trying to target something (and running your Mage right into a pack of goblins instead of hitting one of them with Magic Missile). Keep in mind that the “Swiveling Bug” is most obvious in this mode—try to remember to stop turning before you stop moving. Another difference between this mode and WoW is the freedom of camera movement when the game is paused while in this mode—the lock that prevents the camera from going all the way to the ground is removed. Learning to avoid this bug will improve the game experience more then any single factor. It is NOT exactly like it. Left-Click to move has been disabled to match World of Warcraft. This is by far the best situation for screen-shots.Character Mode This mode has been set up to most closely resemble World of Warcraft (The online MMO. To most closely resemble World of Warcraft in “WoW Mode” alter the settings to match the screen-shot: The main difference between these settings and World of Warcraft is that the Right-Mouse button does not function as a camera control. I do not recommend doing so. nor can it be without altering system files outside of NWN2.

it is possible to select the entire group of characters like the games they emulate. If they did it was probably because you were zoomed in too far. Take a look at this screen-shot in “WoW Mode” . Only one character at a time may be selected in “WoW Mode”.“WoW Mode” is probably the closest to what most people expect when they start the game for the first time. Use “WoW Mode” instead of zooming in the other modes. the only reference as to the location of the character in the game world (apart from a blank wall) is the mini-map. just like World of Warcraft. in this case South. Another difference between the modes is group selection. even without the “swiveling bug”. as well as the direction the character is facing (the blue cone). It also severely limits your field of view in terms of 360 degree awareness. As you can see. Nobody is going to sneak up behind you in “Baldur's Gate Mode” or “Dungeon Siege Mode”. It is far easier to lose one's sense of direction in this mode. In “Baldur's Gate” or “Dungeon Siege” modes. The mini-map shows us the direction of North. but is actually the most limited for many reasons. . The hotkey for group selection can be set in the “Misc” tab in the keymapping options.

1st-Person-style Hack & Slash. Role-Play. Suggested modes based on game-play. multiplayer action. Constantly switching modes usually means having to reorient oneself each time the mode is changed and this takes time. frequently-paused game-play = “Baldur's Gate Mode” Faster-paced. PVP = “WoW Mode” Enjoy. Try it! It tames that wildly spinning camera at the push of a button. mentally speaking.Due to the various advantages and disadvantages of each mode it is recommended that the modes be used based on your play style... PVP = “Dungeon Siege Mode” Immersion. Turn-based. and Peace! BugNight Bonus Tip: A mouse that has a DPI switch on it (such as the Logitech G5) can be used to instantly scale ALL the camera-speed settings. switching only when obstacles block field of view. .

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