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DAILY LESSON PLAN Day/Date : Friday / 1st March 2013 8.40 a.m-9.40 a.

m / 60 minutes 2 Bestari /39 Unit 4 World of Knowledge Read Me a Story The Crow and the bottle of water. Focus skill : Integrated skills : Content Standard : Writing Listening, Speaking and Reading 2.2 by the end of the 6-years schooling, pupils will be able to demonstrate understanding of a variety of linear and nonlinear texts in the form of print and non-print materials using a range of strategies to construct meaning. 3.2 by the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be able to write using appropriate language, form and style for a range of purposes. 2.2.3 able to read and understand simple sentences in linear And non- linear texts. 2.2.4 able to read and understand a paragraph of 5-8 simple sentences. 3.2.2 able to write simple sentences with guidance. By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to : 1. Read a text with correct pronunciation. 2. Match the sentences strips with the correct picture cards. 3. Rearrange the parts of the story in the correct order. 4. Do a worksheet where they write out the sentences in correct order to form a paragraph. Vocabulary : Previous knowledge : Teaching aids : Moral values : CCTS : Bottle, Crow, hot, fly, thirsty, stones, drop, happily, beak, short, increase Pupils might heard about the story in Bahasa. Picture cards, words cards, sentences strips, worksheet 1. Never give up. Work hard. Matching, pronunciation, relating

Time/ duration : Class : Enrolment : Units/ Themes/ Topics:

Learning Standard :

Learning Objectives :

Extra-Curricular Element (EMK) :

Multiple Intelligences, Knowledge Acquisition

Stage/ time Set induction (5 minutes )

Teaching strategy 1. Teacher show a picture of a crow 2. Teacher will asks questions relating to what have she done before. 3. Pupils respond to the teachers questions. 4. Teacher will relate the questions with today topic which is the story about The Crow and the bottle of water.

Language content What can you see from the picture? Expected answer : A crow. What is the sound of crow Expected answer : ar Today, we will learn a story about The Crow and the bottle of water.

Remarks Resources : Picture of Crow CCTS : relating

Presentation (25 minutes)

1. Teacher pastes a text on the blackboard. 2. Teacher will asks the pupils to listen to her reading first. 3. Teacher asks pupils will read after her. 4. Teacher does drilling on the reading. 5. Teacher explains the meaning of new vocabularies.

Listen when I am reading. One day, a crow was flying around. It was a very hot day, the crow felt thirsty. The crow saw a bottle of water. There was only little water in the bottle. The crow tried to drink but the beak was short. The crow dropped stones into the bottle. The water level was increased. The crow drank the water happily. Lets read together! Read aloud the text. Boys, lets read together.

Resources : Text of The Clever Crow CCTS : Pronouncing LO 1

Girls, lets read together. Vocabularies : Bottle, Crow, Hot, Fly, Thirsty, Stones, Drop, Happily, Beak, Short, Increase Look at the sentence strips. Read aloud the sentence Choose the correct picture with the sentence.

Practice ( 15 minutes)

1. Teacher removes the text from the board. 2. Teacher pastes the sentences strips on the blackboard. Teacher also pastes the picture cards on jumble sequence. 3. Teacher asks one pupil to read one sentence strip. 4. Teacher asks pupils to choose the correct picture card according to correct sentence strip. 5. Teacher jumble up the sentences strips in wrong sequence. 6. Teacher asks pupils to arrange the sentence strips according to correct order. 1. Teacher distributes worksheet 1 to the pupils. 2. Teacher explains the instructions to the pupils 3. Pupils completed their work and submit the worksheet to the teacher. 1. Teacher asks the pupils what they have learned in the lesson today. 2. Teacher gives some advices to the pupils relating to moral value.

Resources: picture cards sentence strips number cards CCTS : matching LO2

Look at the sentence strips. Arrange the sentence strips in correct order. Paste the number next to the sentence strips. Rearrange the picture below. Write the sentences in the correct order to form a paragraph.


Production (10 minutes)

Resources : Worksheet 1 LO4

Closure ( 5 minutes)

What have we learn for today? Expected answer : The Crow and the bottle of water. In life, we must never give up and work hard to achieve

Reflections Moral value: Never give up and always work hard.

for our aim.