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Hi , Here i mentioned few common Trouble Shooting techniques in Tibco Iprocess How to change the default table size

in staffware database Problem Description: To increase the table size to large (total space of 65GB) ------------------Issue Resolution: ---------------There are three tablesize files provided by the installer: tablesizes, tablesizes.large, During installation, the default table sizes are taken from tablesizes file. To in crease the table size to large (total tablespace of 65GB), run the below command from your installation directory before running swinstall . cp tablesizes.large tablesizes 2) Problem while starting and stopping iProcess Engine

Problem Description -------------------: "Timed out for response for stopping the server." used to occur when stopping the server using swpro user Issue Resolution: ----------------Start and stop the server in the following sequence only: swstart -p swstart swstop swstop -p This may happen when one of the iProcess clients is opened. To forcibly stop the server use the following commands swstop -f <time-delay in sec> swstop If the problem still persists, kill the processes started by "swpro" user (ps -e f|grep $SWDIR) 3)Problem with User Validation in iProcess Client by enabling O/S User Validatio n Problem Description: -------------------When user validation was enabled with O/S User Validation in staffpms file, the user was not allowed in even with correct swadmin user name and password. Issue Resolution: ---------------Temporary Fix: Removed the user validation flag in the configuration file on the server

Related Documentation: Section Specifying if Client Passwords are Required on Login of TIBCO iProcess En gine Administrator s Guide 4) Path to the jre file "" while installing EAI Java Server Plug-in) Problem Description: ---------------------Installation of EAI Java Server Plug-in was successful, but got many errors like jre classpath not correct, etc during execution. Issue Resolution: ----------------The path of "jre" is to be specified as below during the installation of BW Conn ector on UNIX environment. Path: $JRE/lib/sparc/server 5)Unable to initialise EAI Java Client plug-in in the iProcess Client Problem Description: -------------------The EAI Java Plug-in is loaded but failed to initialize d when using the EAI Java step in the iProcess Modeller.

error message is displaye

Issue Resolution: ----------------1)Set the SW_CLIENTCLASSPATH to $CLIENT\ eaijava\libs\bootstrap\bootstrap.jar a nd $CLIENT\java_common\libs\log4j-1.2.8.jar (where $CLIENT is set to the iProces s Client Directory) 6) Unable to load/initialize the EAI JAVA Server Plug-in Problem Description: -------------------The EAI JAVA Server Plug-in is installed and registered but failed to load and th e Login Daemon was suspended Error: The EAI Java Runtime Plug-in is not registered on all the servers The Login Daemon is not started Issue Resolution: ---------------1) Add the following in your .profile . The JAVA_HOME should be defined and ex ported before declaring the following. LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:$JAVA_HOME/lib/sparc/native_thr ME/lib/sparc/server:$JAVA_HOME/lib/sparc export LD_LIBRARY_PATH eads:$JAVA_HO

SW_SYSCLASSPATH=$SWDIR/eaijava/libs/bootstrap/log4j-1.2.8.jar:$SWDIR/eaija va/libs/bootstrap/bootstrap.jar export SW_SYSCLASSPATH SWJVM_OPTIONS="-Xrs" export SWJVM_OPTIONS 7) Runtime Plugin error when using the EAI Java Step Problem Description:

-------------------When using a EAI Java step the following was the error encountered. Error: The EAI Java Runtime Plug-in is not registered on all the servers Issue Resolution: ---------------1)Check whether the EAI Java plugin is registered on the iProcess Engine using t he below command $SWDIR/util/sweaireg LIST [eai_type_name] [-m machine name] [-x] 2)Check for the s-bit permission for the following files (for unix operating sys tems) $SWDIR/bin/swstart $SWDIR/etc/procmgr $SWDIR/etc/staffrpcbg $SWDIR/etc/swbgmbd If enabled remove the s-bit on these files. (After running the fixperms f ile all the above listed files will again have s-bit permission. So the s-bit pe rmissions should be removed each time fixperms is executed) Related Documentation: Installing the TIBCO Staffware EAI Java Plug-in The java class not found in EAI Java Plug-in Problem Description: -------------------Error inside execute method of Java object-com.staffware.eaijava.FatalPluginExcep tion: Could not instantiate <<CLASS NAME>> at com.staffware.eaijava.impl. SWGene ric Plugin.execute ( Issue Resolution: -------------------Place the java class file in a jar file in the directory SWDIR/eaijava/libs/re pository/user Related Documentation: ---------------------Post-installation Tasks and Manual installations in the fware EAI Java Plug-in Guide

Installing the TIBCO Staf

9) Unable to get the audit trail Problem Description: ------------------Even if a case is started from Business Works and a case number is returned by i t, the audit trail is not updated and no case exists with that case number Issue Resolution: 1) Check in the AUDIT_TRAIL table with the new case number. 2) If it still doesn t exists, check whether an EAI step is used as the first st ep 3) If EAI step is the first step, Use a Transaction Control Step as commit poi nt since the transaction is rolled back to the starting point when the EAI step (which is the first step) fails and no audit trail is recorded.

10) JMS messages sent by the EAI JAVA programs are merged Problem Description: --------------------When the JMS Messages are polled by the EAI JAVA class file, the messages sent b y it are either corrupted or merged and this occurred when a load of 1000 cases were started at once. Issue Resolution: -----------------Remove the CACHE option for the EAI JAVA Class in the EAI JAVA Plugin. 11) Procedure in the iProcess Client is locked


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Problem Description: Unable to edit the procedure in the iProcess Client since i t s locked by a staffware user. -------------------Issue Resolution: -------------------1) Login to the staffware database with swpro (background database user) and r un the following sql statements (change the PROCNAME to the required Procedure name which is locked) delete procedure_lock where proc_id = (select proc_id from proc_index where proc_name = PROCNAME ) delete pm_objects_lock where object_guid = (select object_guid from pm_objects where object_name like PROCNAME ) 12) WorkItems get locked in the iProcess Client

Problem Description: --------------------The Work Items are locked in the iProcess Client due to various reasons like Improper closure of iProcess Client Network connection lost when the Work Item is opened, etc., Issue Resolution: -----------------Unlock the WorkItem with the following command The user executing the command should be member /participant and should have MEN UNAME of ADMIN. swutil UNLOCKMAIL queuename reqid:hostname [/t]/t is for a test queue.. The reqid of the work item is found with the help of plist mv <queuename> which giv es a list of all the work items available for the queue and then search for the WorkItem with the help of fields like step name and casenum 13) Deadlines are not working on Saturdays and Sundays

Problem Description: -----------------------The deadlines are not working as expected. For example, if a step deadline of 5 min is sent to the work queue on Saturday, then the deadline date would be set for Monday and the step expires only on Mon day and not within 5 minutes.

Issue Resolution: --------------------The 5th line in staffpms contains the information for the working days. Change them as required as shown in the following way in bold characters: %2d/%2d/%4d\/\%s%s %s, %s\dmy\wdmy\%2d:%2d\:\ AM\ PM\Week\YYYYYYY 14) Adding mboxsets, queues, Oracle AQ queue, Oracle AQ queue table and their re lationships for better handling of volumes Description: --------------For adding new Oracle AQ queues, mboxsets and assigning them to different proces ses for optimizing and enhancing the performance as desired. Methodology: 1. Use SQLPLUS to connect to the Oracle instance. $ORACLE_HOME/bin/sqlplus connect swpro/staffpro1; 2. Create an AQ queue table called bgmboxtable3. EXECUTE DBMS_AQADM.CREATE_QUEUE_TABLE (queue_table=> 'swpro.bgmboxtable3', queue_payload_type=> 'swpro.swlocalmsg', comment=> '3rd background mbox', compatible=> 8.1); 3. Create an AQ queue called bgmboxqueue3 in this queue table. EXECUTE DBMS_AQADM.CREATE_QUEUE (queue_name=> 'swpro.bgmboxqueue3', queue_table= > 'swpro.bgmboxtable3', retry_delay=> 300, max_retries=> 12); 4. Start the bgmboxqueue3 queue. EXECUTE DBMS_AQADM.START_QUEUE (queue_name => 'swpro.bgmboxqueue3'); 5. Grant the required privileges on the bgmboxqueue3 queue. EXECUTE dbms_aqadm.grant_queue_privilege (privilege=> 'all', queue_name=> 'bgmboxqueue3', grantee=> 'swuser', grant_option=> false ); 6. Commit the changes, disconnect and exit. commit; disconnect; exit; 7. Use the SWDIR\util\swadm utility to add a new message queue which uses the bgmboxqueue3 queue. cd $SWDIR/util swadm ADD_QUEUE BGMBOX3 Local 0001::bgmboxtable3:bgmboxqueue3 called BGMBOX3,

8. Add the BGMBOX3 queue to the BGMBSET Mbox set. swadm ADD_QUEUE_TO_MBOXSET 1 8 1 is the number of the BGMBSET Mboxset (from the swadm SHOW_MBOXSETS command) and 8 is the number of the message queue (from the swadm SHOW_QUEUES command). The various commands used to list the various mboxsets, queues, relationships, p rocess attributes For listing: swadm swadm swadm swadm show_mboxsets v show_queues show_all_attributes show_processes

For adding: swadm ADD_MBOXSET <MBOX Set Name> <Message Type> swadm ADD_QUEUE_TO_MBOXSET <MBOX Set ID> <Queue ID> 15) Adding CDQP to a queue

Description: To add CDQP so that it can be used for sorting, filtering and displ aying based on the user defined Fields. Procedure: 1) Write a file in the following format ; ;Add the fields TOWN and AGE as CDQPs. ; F+TOWN,20,Town/City Q+testqueue C+TOWN 2) Run the command with either swadmin or <user> with MENUNAME as ADMIN and sho uld be a participant/member of the queue. $SWDIR/bin/ swutil QINFO $filePath where $filePath is the path to the above saved file. 3) Export the CDQPs SWDIR/bin/ swutil QINFO EXPORT [queuename [GLOBAL]] 4) Now the CDQP name is available for sorting, filtering and displaying either from iProcess Client or SPO. in iProcess Client Click on the queue and select the Queue>Change Access Criteria and the new CDQP is displayed in the available fields in SPO filter criteria can set before fetching the cases or the workitems 16) Enabling DEBUG level while executing staffware util/etc/bin commands

Problem Description: ---------------------How to turn on the debug level while executing staffware util/etc/bin commands Issue Resolution: Run the util/etc/bin commands after setting the DEBUG environm

ent variable as given below. On Windows: - In the registry (on the Staffware server) navigate to the following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Staffware plc\Staffware Server\Nodes\<nodename> - Create a new string value in the key called "DEBUG" - Once created, double click it, and enter the following for the value data: T=255, f=15,F=-15,q=255,X=255,u=255,U=255,v=255,TIME=ABS 17) The Table and List area on User Administrator are locked

Problem Description: ---------------------The Table and List area on the User Administrator are locked and unable to open or edit Issue Resolution: Logout of the User Administrator and the check FLAG_TABLE of the staffware datab ase. Check the AREA_LOCKED columns. If it contains 1 value set in any one of the column s then check for the MOVE_REQ flag. If it not 1 then edit the table to change the AREA_LOCKED to 0 and USER_NAME field to empty. NOTE: o Its always better to do the changes in the database only after shutting down the server. o If the MOVE_REQ flag is set to 1 then some changes have been made to in that a rea of the User Administration and a MoveSysInfo has been made. So all the data fr om the corresponding TSYS_ tables should be deleted and then the MOVE_REQ flag s hould be made to 0 .In this case, changes should be made with the consultation of TIBCO SUPPORT. 17) Unable to add two MBSET in the Process Attribute table for better performanc e Problem Description: --------------------We are using the using the jdbc SSOLite procs from Tibco Designer for starting a case and performing delayed release of the eai java step. In order to increase the performance we added two queues (BGMBOX3 and BGMBOX4) and added them to a n ew mboxset (BGMBSET2). Now when we try to add the BGMBSET2 to the process attributes table with the fol lowing commands swadm set_attribute 0 ALL 0 MBSET_READ_BG 6 swadm set_attribute 0 ALL 0 MBSET_WRITE_BG 6 it is replacing the previous entries of MBSET where the attribute value is 1 (i .e., BGMBSET). Issue Resolution: What was wrong here is simply giving the default attribute a different value. Th e syntax of the process attribute is this: <Machine ID>, <Process Name>, <Process Instance>, <Attribute Name>, <Attribute V alue>

Now for your attribute you are specifying this: 0 ALL 0 MBSET_READ_BG 6 This means on ALL machines (0 means all for numeric values), ALL processes, and ALL instances write to MBSET 6. So this is telling every single process to use M BSET 6, and you are actually specifying the same attribute, but giving it a new value - so you are simply overwriting the default. If you want your new queues to be used exclusively by a set number of processes, you actually need to tell the INDIVIDUAL process what MBSET it must read from ( these will override the 0 ALL 0 attribute). For example, if you have added 4 BG processes and now have 8, you can tell the last 4 BG's to read from your new MBS ET by adding the following attributes: 0 0 0 0 BG BG BG BG 5 6 7 8 MBSET_READ_BG MBSET_READ_BG MBSET_READ_BG MBSET_READ_BG 6 6 6 6

So in this case, BG's 5,6,7 and 8 will exclusively use MBSET 6. The rest will us e MBSET 1 as defined by the "0 ALL 0 MBSET_READ_BG 1" attribute. If you do it this way, you will also have to specify which processes will write to the new MBSET by defining individual WIS processes, otherwise no messages wil l actually be written to these new queues: 0 WIS 1 MBSET_WRITE_BG 6 0 WIS 2 MBSET_WRITE_BG 6 This will tell two of the WIS processes to write to the new MBOX, and again, the remaining ones will write to MBSET 1 as defined by the "0 ALL 0 MBSET_WRITE_BG 1" attribute. Additionally, you can add your new queues into MBSET 1 as well, and any remainin g processes (the ones you do not add attributes for) will also read from and wri te to the new message queues.