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Zahra Ayoubi

1133 E. West Hwy Apt 417W 14810 Fernwood Dr.

Silver Spring, MD 20910 Carmel, IN 46033
Feb 1st-April 28th 317-938-5585

Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, 2005-2009
School of Public and Environmental Affairs-SPEA
Bachelor of Science
Major: Legal Studies
GPA 3.18/4.000
Merits Award: Groups Program, Bloomington, IN 2005-Current
Groups Program: Scholarship program for first- generation college students

Scholarship Chair of Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, August 2008-Current
• Provide tutors to the members of Sigma Lambda Gamma
• Assign study table hours for the organization (Sigma Lambda Gamma)
• Mentor academic progress for all the members of Sigma Lambda Gamma
Member of Multi-Cultural Greek Council (MCGC), August 2007- Current
• Work in collaboration with other fraternities and sororities to sponsor campus life initiatives
• Promote multiculturalism at Indiana University
• Perpetuate constructive fraternity and sorority relationships
• Foster an understanding of the structure and method of operation among the affiliate organizations
• Develop action strategies on matters of mutual concern to the affiliate organizations
President of Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Bloomington, IN January 2007- August 2008
• Organize discussion forums on topics including:
o Difficulties of single parenthood
o How being a Greek helped one achieve his/her professional status
• Program events to spread cultural awareness on topic including:
o Tour of different campus cultural centers
o Guest speakers from different countries or backgrounds
• Collaborate with other campus groups to program events such as:
o Voters registration
o Blood drive
Vice President of Eigenmann Hall Student Government, August 2006-January 2007
• Programmed events for all the residents of Eigenmann Hall
o Super bowl gathering
o Soul food discussion
o Guest speakers
Groups Students’ Ambassador, June 2006- July 2006
• Educated the new coming freshmen about the program
• Gave students a tour of Indiana University
• Informed the students about the resources that would be helpful for them in the future
• Mentored and advised students about different majors that they can pursue
Department of State, Washington D.C.
Intern Activities Coordinator, January 22-Current
• Coordinate activities for all the interns to enrich their experience at the U.S. Department of State
• Plan guest speaker series to inform the interns about different career options in government
• Schedule an event for the Secretary of State to speak to the Department of State interns
African American & African Diaspora Studies Department, Bloomington, IN
Undergraduate Research Assistant, January 2006-January 2009
• Provide administrative support and conference planning for Dr. John H. Stanfield II
• Facilitate discussion sessions with students of different backgrounds to explore issues of culture
awareness and racial tolerance
• Chartered a Truth and Reconciliation Club focused on issues pointing to social justice and multicultural
awareness and support
John Waldron Art Center, Bloomington, IN
Receptionist, April 2007-August 2008
• Answered phone calls and provided administrative support
• Managed registration for classes at JWAC
Indiana University Bloomington Basketball games, Bloomington, IN
Ticket Taker, September 2006- October 2006
• Scanned tickets
• Assisted the security to check bags for safety reasons
• Assisted and communicated with the fans about safety precautions
Herman B Wells (Main) Library, Bloomington, IN
Center Desk and Stacks Assistant, April 2006- February 2007
• Provided customer service and helped students find books
• Assisted the manager check out/in books

Students for Change: Field Logistic Coordinator (Internship), Bloomington, IN September 2008
• Promote voter registration
• Spread awareness and knowledge of the election
• Work with student groups to help with voter registration
• Encourage early voting
AmeriCorps Volunteer Tutor, Bloomington, IN September 2008- January 2009
• Tutor children ages 11-13 in basic math skills
• Promote math awareness and encourage youth interest in math and science
Breast Cancer Awareness/Hoosiers Outrun Cancer, Bloomington, IN September 2008
• Fundraised money for the Breast Cancer Awareness Walk on September 20th
• Provided logistical and volunteer support for Hoosiers Outrun Cancer
Hannah House Maternity Home, Bloomington, IN January 2007- December 2009
• Provide meals and additional support
• Clean the Hanna House and help maintain the grounds
• Award for Academic Support and Diversity at Indiana University Bloomington, January 2006
• The National Scholars Honor Society, September 2006
• Black Student Union, January 2006- January 2007