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Today almost all the professional and engineering programs in India include industrial training as an essential part of their curriculum. The main objective is the enhancement of knowledge of the students on various technologies. These technologies have become a very important part of their respective industries. Industrial training is an essential strategy for exposing the students to real life situations of the industry and equipping them with all the necessary skills. Industrial training plays a vital role for professional development,understanding of real

life situations and pre-professional work experience is provided. Industrial training provides a

systematic introduction to the developing attitudes, talent and ways of industry. one can easily understand how Human Resource Development works. One can gain some good experience of the industry and this in turn will widen his learning, career aspects and skills. The student will also be exposed to the real career world. one will be accustomed to the business operations, administrative functions and organizational structure. National Aluminium Company Limited, abbreviated as NALCO has units in Odisha at places like Angul and Damanjodi. It was incorporated as a public sector enterprise of the Ministry of Mines, Government of India in 1981.It is Asia's largest and the sixth largest, integrated aluminium complex,encompassing bauxite mining,alumina*refining,aluminium sme lting and casting, power generation, rail and port operations. Commissioned during 1985-87, Nalco produced and exported alumina and aluminium.The main units of NALCO are at Damanjodi (Mines & Refinery complex) and Nalconagar, Angul (Smelter & Power Plant Complex). The Bauxite mines called "Panchpatmalli Mines" is situated a top a set of five mountains called Panchpatmalli. These Damanjodi. It is expanding by currently employing new projects. The ongoing second phase of

mines are open cast mines. The refinery complex for producing bauxite is located in expansion is set to make it the sixth largest producer of the metal in the world. The recent disinvestmentissues, for the alumina giant, finally settled down after the central government decided not to disinvest profit making PSUs which meant that Nalco would not be privatized and continue to be a complete Govt of India Enterprise PSU. Industrial training in NALCO DAMANJODI provides a systematic introduction to the developing attitudes, talent and ways of industry. My main objectives during the training at NALCO are:-

Exposure to real time situations in industries. To develop an appreciation of the structure and operation of industrial organisations. To understand the role of the engineer and engineering in industry. To appreciate the importance of good communication and interpersonal skills, and to develop these skills. To appreciate the ethical basis of engineering practice in industry. They will be accustomed to the business operations, administrative functions and To find out some of the industrial problems at NALCO and to give my best for the solutions. As the training facility at NALCO DAMANJODI is a great opportunity to utilize my academic knowledge and to gain real time exposure to industries and their management system which I think will help me to develop in me a industrial attitude to deal with my future career opportunities. organizational structure.

Dr. Abanti Sahoo Dept. of Chemical Engg. Associate prof.

Guided by,

NIT Rourkela,Odisha-769008.