b. the day after tomorrow c. every night d. sunday 2. How about a cup of coffee ? a. Yes I do. b. Yes, please c.

No, please d. No, I don't. 3. What can we do in a bank ? a. mail a letter b. send a package c. open an account d. buy a suit 4. It's four fifteen. What time is it ? a. 4:15 hours b. quarter to four c. 15:15 hours d. a quarter past four 5. He has a scholarship. What does he have ? a. a government support b. a class in the morning c. a ship for traveling d. a shower 6. He must go to the dentist a. He should go b. He has to go c. He is able to go d. He ought to go 7. She is preparing coffee a. repairing b. fixing c. doing d. stirring 8. Mary should get in touch with her mother a. contact b. see c. call d. call in 9. He ignored the blinking yellow light a. bright b. mid c. flash d. turning on and off

10. He got the right answer a. correct

b. false c. answer on the right d. opposite left 11. Tickets are available for the show tonight. a. expensive b. cheap c. sold out d. obtainable 12. Mary got to class on time a. She was early b. she was late c. She was panty d. She was punctual 13. The flight was canceled because of the rain a. called off b. called of c. called for d. called out 14. Silver and gold are metals a. cheap b. usual c. expensive d. common 15. The room is stuffy. a. crowded b. hot c. cold d. with no (fresh) air 16. You should do some physical training. a. exercise b. physics c. military training d. studying 17. He also speaks Spanish quite / well a. many b. pretty c. much d. quality 18. He tore his new suit a. took away b. took apart c. took part in d. took up 19. John made a good grade on the exam. a. got a good mark b. copy some of it

c. wrote on the mark d. sold his score 20. His car has much dirt on it a. it needs to be fixed b. it needs to be washed c. it needs to be painted d. it needs to be waxed 21. My hotel room faces Madison Avenue a. look out of b. look in on c. look out on d. look on out 22. Sue broke away from the crowd a. joined away b. joint from c. scared of d. stopped associating 23. Keep your eyes on the road a. Be aware of b. Be up for c. had them fixed d. got it cheap 24. The students checked out their suitcases. a. registered b. paid for c. had them fixed d. got it cheap 25. My father enjoy reading the local news. a. news in the continental b. news in abroad c. news in the city d. news in the states 26. He fixed my car in an hour . a. in a period of an hour b. by a period of an hour c. after one o'clock d. between two hours 27. Tom is a very neat person a. tiny b. tidy c. tone d. Tommy 28. Mr. Jones tried out the plane a. fixed b. tested c. tasted d. toasted

29. The hotel rooms are expensive a. not cheap b. cheap c. available d. properly 30. I took swimming last year. a. went b. studied c. gone d. made 31. Robert failed in his last exam. a. passed b. didn't pass c. succeeded d. got a good grade 32. The weather was cloudy but it cleaned up last night a. made rainy b. became windy c. became d. hail stormed 33. Steve is not afraid to fly sole a. with an instructor b. alone c. in the back d. in the front 34. I'm not used to drinking coffee a. be used for b. be accustomed to c. be accustom to d. be not accustomed to 35. Don't try this one on a. test b. fix c. shorten d. lengthen 36. The sleeves are not long enough a. They are too long b. They are short c. They are wide d. They are loose 37. Mary wrote a letter to Insurance Company a. to get a letter b. to borrow money c. to compensate for the accident d. to get her mother work 38. The merchandise are expensive here. a. good b. well

c. goods d. wells 39. The suit for summer are on sale. a. expensive b. cheap (at a reduced price) c. available d. common 40. Mr. Smith and Mr. Brown are business partners. a. friends with each other b. doctors on the land c. associated with another d. communicate with another 41. The students made up their minds to go to party. a. went b. wanted c. declared d. decided 42. Occasionally Joe is going to the movies. a. Sometimes b. rarely c. usually d. always 43. John is irritated with his friends. a. bothered (annoyed) b. talked c. rewarded d. communicated 44. They left out important words. a. skipped b. memorized c. got use to d. went on 45. He dreads going to the dentist. a. is willing to b. isn't afraid of c. fears d. feathers 46. You should report at headquarters at once. a. immidiately b. scarcely c. promptly d. at one time 47. Today's lecture is heard by everybody. a. menu b. talk c. device of record d. woman

48. He pointed the corner and said " please sit there a. He sit in the corner b. He sit on the corner c. He sit under the corner d. He sit somewhere in the back 49. He said instrument Panel is very important. a. a place where you sit b. a place where you hang c. a board holding the Gauges d. a vehicle you get on 50. He bought a light-weight uniform a. clothes for flying b. clothes for swimming c. clothes for training d. clothes for summer 51. He asked where he could find the weather news. a. in the want ads section b. in the weather report section c. on the first page d. on the editorial page 52. Larry seems very antagonistic a. hostile b. friendly c. anxious d. Hungary 53. We had a thundershower last night. a. a rain with snow b. a rain with lightning c. a snow with ice d. a rain with sunlight.. 54. Synthetic fabrics are made from _______________ . a. wool b. cotton c. artificial things d. big plants 55. In summer 98% saturated air means __________ . a. snow b. clear, sunny day c. lightning d. rain 56. A thermometer is used to measure _______________ . a. pressure b. temperature c. density d. humidity 57. Competitive sports are ___________ . a. played with a team against another

b. played with everybody c. played with children d. played with a group 58. Scales are used for ____________ . a. stealing objects b. weighing objects c. treasury of objects d. driving objects 59. The man said turn off the faucet. He wanted us to __________ . a. switch on b. switch off c. switch of d. switch up 60. The dentist drilled Haymoor's tooth. a. made a hole b. put a medicine c. gave him a shot d. broke his teeth 61. Their mission was to blow up the building. a. erection b. not to catch c. assignment d. situation 62. I don't want to interrupt you. a. cut off b. disconnect c. cut out d. cut in on 63. The sailors abandoned the burning ship. a. watered b. left c. painted d. burned 64. Nylon differs from silk as to origin and cost a. to be like b. to be similar c. to be unlike d. to be same 65. He said "Hold the phone, please," a. hang up b. answer it c. don't hang up d. catch it 66. New York and Boston are port cities. a. important cities b. harbor cities c. capital cities

d. large cities 67. I can pass this car before the oncoming car gets-here. a. passing b. going c. approaching d. vanishing 68. I don't believe in supersitition. a. magic b. super things c. good saying d. bad beliefs 69. Mary and I do away with the old books. a. threw away b. eliminate c. renew d. restore 70. John is a _____________ student than Mary. a. more b. most c. best d. better 71. I saw John last night. a. tomorrow night b. the night before yesterday c. yesterday d. the other night 72. Which number is between 15 and 20. a. 8 b. 10 c. 16 d. 23 73. In what season does snow fall? a. spring b. summer c. fall d. winter 74. What is the solid form of water? a. ice b. water c. vapor d. steam 75. Alice went to the movies two hours before 13.00. When did she go to the movies? a. 09.00 hours b. 11.00 hours c. 13.00 hours d. 15.00 hours 76. Bad weather hold up the flight.

a. canceled b. decayed c. delayed d. deployed 77. There are many high buildings here. a. height b. large c. wide d. tall 78. I'll be back at ten o'clock. a. in back of b. return c. detour d. remind 79. Hotel prices are very expensive here. a. tall b. cheaper c. high d. reasonable 80. Sue was sitting next to Mary in class. a. beside b. besides c. against d. in back of 81. She has to see the doctor right away. a. ought to b. should c. must d. be able to 82. All soldiers stand by to receive a message. a. standing in order b. standing at ease c. standing at attention d. be prepared 83. People must put out their camp fires. a. put it out of tent b. extinguish c. distinguish d. relinquish 84. He sensed very sick yesterday. a. felt b. got c. was d. looked 85. They'll leave there for good.?? a. being rich b. permanently

c. for a short time d. for merchandise 86. Allen called his wife up last night. a. called her upstairs b. telegraph her c. telephoned d. reprimanded 87. My father is used to smoking a. be accustomed to b. become accustomed to c. be accustom to d. become accustom to 88. The plane will leave at 9.15 a.m. a. arrive b. depart c. land d. crash 89. Can I rely on you on this matter? a. depend on b. reply on c. gripe a. grape 90. This TV. set needs to be fixed. a. have b. gets c. requires d. wants 91. If you divide 100 by 5, the result is a. 105 b. 500 c. 20 d. 95 92. The doctor looked the patient over carefully. a. examined b. gave a shot c. gave a medicine d. gave a prescription 93. Two plus two equals four. This process is called a. multiplication b. division c. subtraction d. addition 94. The plane landed the island. a. in b. on c. at d. from 95. You're in charge of the office.

a. have possession of b. have responsibility for c. have something done d. have the money for 96. The storm made much damage last night. a. strong b. a lot of c. severe d. several 97. No, two dresses were alike. a. two dresses were alike b. two dresses were not alike c. everyone's dresses were alike d. everyone's dresses were different. 98. He called a cab so he will travel ________ . a. by bus b. by taxi c. by private car d. on a taxi 99. New York attracts many people every year. a. many people visit there. b. many people like there c. some people spend a night there d. everybody is pulled to New York 100. a. He looked the patient over. b. He over looked the patient. c. The patient looked he over. d. The patient looked over him. 101. a. Did you get here when? b. When did you here get? c. When you get here? d. When did you get here? 102. She _______ he ________ going to the movies. a. and - is b. or - were c. or - was d. and - was 103. It was a cold night. a. Temperature was very high. b. The weather was cloudy. c. Temperature went down d. It was a very dark night.

104. What is a sofa? a. a place to eat

b. a place to sleep c. a place to drink d. a placeto sit 105. After the fire drill he took down the ladder: a. fall into chief b. fell onto ground c. pushed away d. pulled down 106. He picked out the gray suit. a. choosen b. choosed c. chose d. selects 107. They ___________ on the exam in the morning. a. made good b. made well c. did good d. did well 108. While ____________ you must be careful. a. drive a car b. a car driven c. driving d. to drive a car 109. He goes to the cafeteria once in a while a. rarely b. sometimes c. always d. for a short time 110. The engine of the car is not running a. out of order b. in good condition c. in good shape d. opening well 111. What can we use in lubrication? a. fuel b. gasoline c. oil d. unleaded kerosene 112. They try to avoid _______Turkish in class! a. to speak b. to speaking c. speaking d. for speaking 113. He is tired _________ studying English. a. of b. off c. with d. for

114. __________ is very dangerous on icy roads. a. to speeding b. speeding c. speeded d. spending 115. ____________ is a hazard for workshop. a. studying b. tight c. tie d. loosened suits 116. a. He writes to his wife many letters. b. He writes his wife to many letters. c. He writes many letters his wife. d. He writes many letters to his wife.

117. The high head lights of an oncoming car makes the people annoyed. Because, they make people a. hungry for the time b. angry for dark moment c. awake for a moment d. blind for a moment 118. The knife isn't sharp. a. interesting b. dull c. cuts easily d. unbladed 119. I don't think it _________ rain. a. can b. might c. shall d. doesn't 120. There is a heavy traffic on city street. a. a lot of cars on the streets b. a lot of people on the streets c. a lot of people and cars on the street d. a lot of bumpy road in the city 121. I thought of him much. a. anxious b. wondered c. respect for d. trained 122. He checks his car every day. a. pays b. inspects c. registrates

d. drives 123. The light keeps turning on and off. a. blinking b. wrinkling c. revolving d. going out 124. We arrived at a place with stream. a. available b. expensive c. small house d. small river 125. She has a lot of time to study. a. much b. some c. any d. many 126. We have two or more different types. a. many b. much c. several d. lot of 127. Jane is _________ member of all. a. the more clever b. better clever c. the most clever d. clever 128. She is as tall as her sister. a. the same b. different from c. alike d. similar to

129. He _________ buy it if he had money. a. would b. will c. would be d. would have 130. You can never go there yourself, ________ a. can't you? b. can you? c. are you? d. don't you? 131. They _______ him since 1971. a. have gone b. has gone c. haven't seen

d. had been 132. He paid $ 0.75 for haircut, $ 0.25 for coffee Which item is more expensive? a. coffee b. haircut c. both d. none 133. Mary bought some magazines ___________. a. reading b. to reading c. read d. to read 134. It ________ make any difference to me. a. do b. may c. does d. doesn't 135. He sent a letter to ________. a. me b. they c. he d. I 136. He came to class after it started. He was a. Handy b. tidy c. large d. late 137. Compass always points ______________. a. east b. west c. north d. south 138. He seldom goes to the movies. a. often b. sometimes c. not often d. not always 139. The machine isn't running well, so its condition is ________ . a. well b. rich c. powerful d. poor 140. This jacket has a good lining. a. design b. color c. quality d. inner surface

141. Sgt. Coe got out of the room after him. a. slept b. right c. left d. picked 142. The class will start at 3 o'clock. When does the class start? a. 15.00 p.m. b. 15.00 hours c. 15.00 a.m. d. 15.00 afternoon 143. The job is still open. a. not close b. available c. reasonable d. fashionable 144. They came here and settled. a. went to a new place and lived b. sold a new house c. bought a new plant d. fixed the TV and radio 145. She is ___________ than her mother. a. more short b. taller c. more expensive d. more nicer 146. It's a quarter before ten. a. 10.15 b. a quarter to nine c. fifteen minutes after ten d. fifteen minutes to ten 147. Light-weight uniforms are put on in ______ . a. winter b. summer c. sports d. ceremonies 148. They search for the lost child. a. sake b. seek c. soak d. save 149. He took off his hat. She did ________ . a. so b. too c. also

d. either 150. The remainder of the sentence is not understood a. stayed b. left c. rest d. grammar 151. Jane worked the problem out easily. a. saved b. seeked c. solved d. saked 152. You should see the doctor at once. a. immediately b. intermediately c. unconsciously d. intentionally 153. The dentist extracted john's tooth. a. put a medicine b. broke c. made a hole d. pulled out 154. The police is looking into the criminal. a. watching b. investigating c. investing d. waiting 155. Many children look up to their parents. a. admire b. take after c. be similar to d. resemble 156. They eliminate some of the students. a. do away for b. do away with c. do away in d. do away from 157. He felt (faint) for lack of food. a. weak b. happy c. sad d. sorry 158. You should skip the dessert. a. ommit b. omni c. leave for d. leave out 159. Extinguish your cigarette before throwing it.

a. put off b. put out c. put on d. put aside 160. Review your notes before the exams. a. look for b. look in on c. look up to d. look over 161. He was tardy for class this morning. a. sick b. late c. old enough d. well 162. He took over after his father. a. assumed control b. approved the facts c. opposed with d. saluted on 163. The resume is heard by everbody. a. announcement b. shortoned form of a speech c. a lot of noise d. a slight noise from machine 164. I bought a book on a digest of Roman Laws. a. condensed form b. strenghten form c. largened form d. dividing form 165. These trousers need to be taken up. a. studied b. covered c. lenghtened d. shortened 166. What would you like to drink? a. coffee b. candy c. cigarette d. soup 167. She felt unconscious after the operation. a. faint b. dead c. strong d. sick 168. How would you like your meat? a. T-bone steak b. with wrapped

c. in a refrigirator d. well-done 169. Did he drink much coffee? a. No, he never b. Yes, he ever drink c. No, he never drink d. Yes, he did 170. What do you see? I see fİve ------------? a. sheep b. ship c. sheeps d. deers 171. Was it expensive to you? a. it was expensive for buy. b. it was for me expensive c. it was expensive for me to buy d. it was expensive to me to buy. 172. Do you need a complete rest after you are sick? a. No I don't take it after you are sick.. b. Anybody needs it after he is sick. c. Nobody needs it after he is sick. d. Somebody needs it before he is sick. 173. Does she look like her mother? a. take back b. follow c. resemble d. admire 174. Does he go to class every morning? a. Yes, she doesn't b. No, she doesn't c. No, he does d. No,he doesn't 175. Can you get out of class? a. If I can get money. I can. b. If I can't get permission, I can c. If I can't get books, I can't. d. If I can get permission, I can. 176. It should come in any minute now. a. recommendation b. necessation c. probability d. possession 177. Did she say that he ____________ come? a. will b. is going to c. would d. had have 178. Do you go with them to the party?

a. Yes he does b. No she doesn't c. Yes you do so d. Yes I think so. 179. To be careless with arms is dangerous. What is dangerous? a. to be careful with arms. b. to break with arms c. to be careless with guns d. to be careless with armies.

180. What is the difference between 4 and 2 ? a. 6 b. 8 c. 2 d. 4 181. Where did you wind up last night ? a. in a hospital b. to the clock c. No, I didn't d. I did wound up in home. 182. Did she say he would come? a. yes, he would b. yes, she would c. no, she would d. yes, she did 183. Is he a fast driver? a. no, he is slow b. yes, she comes fast c. yes, he drives fast d. she sometimes rides a bus. 184. He wears his hair down his ears. a. he has long hair b. he cuts his hair long c. he has the barber cut his hair long. d. he has long sideburns. 185. What do the streetcars use? a. fuel b. electricity c. vapor diesel d. stream power. 186. If you have a__________ . You can travel without pay. a. money b. money order c. check d. transfer 187. You pay a few cents for a transfer. For what do you pay a few cents?

a. a bus b. a transfer c. a game d. a show 188. Can't you come with me? a. Yes, I do b. Yes, I'm not c. No, I'm not d Yes, I can 189. You went to the movies with him, ___________ a. did you? b. don't you? c. doesn't he? d. didn't you? 190. He decided to go at last. a. end b. at bottom c. finally d. in the back of 191. He dated his letter on the ____________ . a. twenty-first b. twenty-one c. sunday d. last night

192. Many countries have kings but not __________ . a. president b. ministers c. teachers d. cowboys 193. Who protects the country? a. women b. Armed Forces c. rangers d. policemen 194. The commander gave a ______________. a. speech b. speak c. order d. sayings 195. I wish I ____________ more English a. know b. have known c. had known d. knowed

196. Will you please do me a ______________? a. favor b. favoritte c. favorable d. cake 197. Henry cought _____________ badly. a. a fish b. cold c. the police d. his mother 198. Those two books are close ___________ . a. next to b. near c. together d. ranges 199. In many cities they don't charge people for ____________ . a. crimes b. a bus c. a restaurant d. schools 200. My friend always makes me _____________ . a. study b. studies c. studied d. studying 201. She makes the every morning. a. job b. beds c. homework d. dishes 202. He will take a new job . a. in a different city. b. for a few money c. for take more money d. get more pay 203. Doctors must be ready to go out . a. with their cars b. on a call c. on a sunny day d. on bad weather conditions 204. He should do it right away a. promptly b. quickly c. slowly d. will 205. He has of time to do it a. many

b. much c. a lot d. lot 206. What is the between you and me? a. different b. difference c. differential d. differ 207. He drives more carefully than we ....................... a. are b. do c. does d. is 208. She knows more than....................... a. him b. me c. his d. anyone else 209. This situation is going to get ........................ a. worse b. good c. quickly d. at once 210. There are many mountain peaks in west. a. summits b. sums c. summary d. sumtans 211. Traffic is a problem --------------- city life. a. for b. of c. with d. from 212. I had him --------------- my letter. a. sealed b. seals c. sealing d. seal 213. She -------------- she'll buy it soon. a. said b. says c. tells d. told 214. The bird flew --------------- the trees. a. on b. over c. amongly d. with

215. His mother told him ----------- early. (tell s/o to do s/t) a. come back b. to come back c. coming back d. came back 216. They sat close ------------------ in the clasroom a. near b. next to c. together d. shave 217. ------------------ I own is my (property) a. which b. where c. what d. why 218. All these --------------- made him very tired. a. exercises b. experience c. experiment d. Studyings 219. They are all voting for me. a. against me b. not against me c. supporting me d. possessing me 220. I am ---------------- such heavy traffic. a. used to b. using to c. use to d. using in 221. There are few mountain peaks in texas. a. three of them b. many c. not much d. not many 222. Uniforms are mandatory in class. a. optional b. must c. choiceable d. depends on you. 223. He will -------------- a speech. a. make b. do c. want d. gain 224. Are you going to pass on the exam?

a. yes, I thinks so b. yes, I imagine so c. yes, he is going d. yes I believes so. 225. I ' m not a pilot. --------------- am I. a. neither b. either c. so d. also 226. They go to movies off and on. a. usually b. sometimes c. rarely d. always 227. This watch needs -------------------a. to fix b. fix c. fixing d. be fixed 228. --------------- case of fire, pull the knob. a. on b. in c. at d. off 229. The slacks are on sale. a. for sale b. four sail c. at a reduced price d. cheap 230. When did you turn in last night? a. go to bed b. came back c. be on time d. submitted 231. It is good to make reservation in advance. a. on time b. at the station c. already d. beforehand 232. There are many huge buildings here. a. strong b. very large c. apartment d. private 233. He accepted the present---------------- pleasure a. in b. on

c. at d. with 234. There are many rigid traffic rules. a. unnessary b. necessary c. strict d. punishable 235. The car stalled on the highway. a. stopped b. turned over c. slowed down d. slipped 236. He managed to start the car. a. may b. could c. can d. might 237. Neither he -------------- his parents are coming. a. nor b.. or c. both d. either 238. Would you mind ---------------- the door? a. to open b. opening c. open d. opened 239. I arrive ---------- the station at 6 o'clock. a. in b. on c. at d. from 240. I usually go by bus. a. off and on b. occasionally c. rarely d. most of the time 241. The class is over at 3:20 pm. a. ends b. terminate c. finish d. begins 242 I saw him ------------- . a. leaves b. leave c. to leave d. for living 243. Look me ----------- in the directory.

a. over b. up c. into d. for 244. He was under the weather yesterday. a. in a rainy day b. in a debt c. ill d. very upset 245. You should take it individually. a. one to by b. one by one c. one for one d. one after one 246. They live there for good. a. temporarily b. optional c. sometimes d. for ever 247. We should have a new furnace in here. a. lamp b. table c. stove d. tape-recorder 248. They imitate their parents. a. look like b. take after c. resemble d. copy 249. You shouldn't increase the prices. a. decrease b. declare c. dedicate d. decide 250. They got a ticket because of increasing. a. speeding-up b. not obeying the traffic lights c. not obeying the policeman d. ignoring the traffic sign. 251. Would you give me a ride? a. horse b. nickel c. writing letters d. lift 252. There is much room on the bus. a. seat b. space

c. people d. crowd 253. I'm putting weight. a. fat b. thin c. less than usual d. loading packages 254. It isn't familiar ----------------- Jane Hassel. a. in b. for c. with d. to 255. I am familiar ----------- that word. a. in b. for c. with d. to 256. He was a real wind bag. a. handsome b. chatler box c. stingy d. two faced 257. Jane was a two faced girl. a. beautiful b. tricky c. fat d. clever 258. The thief was at large. a. in prison b. in a large place c. fat d. clever 259. Who brought up this subject? a. carried b. carried up c. introduced d. took up 260. The flight was called off. a. delayed b. can celed c. left d. announced 261. The book you bought was a good deal. a. bargain b. much c. a lot d. expensive

262. The commander called the Sgt. in a. summary b. summarized c. summoned d. survived 263. His score on ECL test was unbelieveable. a. incredible b. very high c. very low d. real success 264. Not only John ________ his uncle is coming. a. and b. but c. because d. also 265. Is it likely to rain this morning? a. may b. apt c. perhaps d. may be 266. We have quite ample food here. a. enough b. much c. less d. spailed 267. Each person stands for his country. a. represents b. reprimands c. replaces d. saves 268. He was late on account of heavy rain. a. because b. because of c. rely on d. depend on 269. Who took up the books? a. covered with b. collected c. brought upstairs d. stole 270. Where do we have a dense fog? a. thick b. thin c. hot d. cloudy 271. Who is a plumber ? A men who deals with. a. books

b. tapes c. cars d. faucets 272. The instructor handed in the papers. a. sent b. delivered c. pick out d. bought 273. She uses a lot of make up. a. cosmetics b. exercises c. tariff d. recipe 274. She had a valid excuse for missing the class a. temporamy b. acceptable c. optional d. currency 275. He had a temporary duty last year. a. permanent b. continous c. hasty d. not permenant 276. I wish I _________ the money to him. a. give b. lend c. barrowed d. had given 277. Smoking is prohibited in here. a. permitted b. not allowed c. not to be allowed d. to be allowed 278. How much is that in ____________? a. whole b. all c. you d. stale 279. Where are the trousers that go with this suit? a. come with b. go by c. go together d. match 280. There is a booth in a laboratory. a. a small enclosed place b. a place to seat c. shoes for training d. a kind of vessel

281. Mary is a timid girl. a. easily taken b. easily frightened c. ugly d. hard to get 282. I don't care for hill billy music. a. dislike b. like c. take after d. listen to 283. You may find more data in school. a. information b. friends c. girls to date d. something to study 284. There is a lot of barren land in Turkey. çorak a. fertile (verimli) b. wet c. not fertile d. large 285. There is a lot of arid land in Turkey. kİraç kurak a. fertile b. dry c. wet d. large 286. There was abundant food left at the party. (more than enought) a. much b. fade c. spoiled d. enough 287. Worn-out floor mats indicate high-miliage. a. new b. painted c. repaired d. useless 288. Please , take your time. a. arrange your time b. plan your work c. don't hurry d. hurry up 289. You can acquire money by working. a. loose b. gain

c. lend c. borrow 290. I got my ticket confirmed last night. a. proved b. proofed c. prohibited d. prolonged 291. Weatherman predicts rain today. a. prepares b. forecasts c. broadcasts d. casts 292. They have something fragile in that box. a. unknown b. durable c. easily broken d. expensive 293. Her father was well-off before death. (hali vakti yerinde olmak) a. sick b. rich c. poor d. operated 294. In comparison__________many countries Turkey is fairly rich. a. with b. to c. in d. for 295. We have a stationary site there a. mobile b. fixed c. big d. temporary 296. Many people have numerous children. a. handicapped b. clever c. a lot of d. small 297. They tear down old buildings to restore a. demolish b. polish c. selfish d. panish 298. They calculated how many are coming. a. listed b. figured

c. solved d. wrote 299. The walls of the castle collapsed a. crashed b. caved in d. demolish d. destroyed 300. The walls of the house hold it up. a. delay b. cancel c. support d. put off 301. My shirt has a stiff collar. (katİ sert) a. large b. long c. rigid (sert) d. loose 302. When did you wax your car? a. wash b. polish c. paint d. repair 303. I bought a portable radio. a. movable b. fixed c. stationery d. stationary 304. Have ou got any idea about solar system. a. selling used cars and appliances b. having to do with the sun c. a system in modern math. d. a system used in teaching 305. Don't use the rear door. a. back b. front c. main d. gate 306. I wish him a merry christmas. a. long b. new c. cheerful d. significant

307. Sue is an industrious student in his class. a. lazy b. hard-working c. merchants d. sleepy 308. What are the dimensions of this class. a. numbers b. names c. distances d. desires 309. Why do we inflate the auto tires ? a. put air in b. put air out c. exhale d. exhaust 310. Mary is an envious girl. a. stingy b. cheerful c. attractive d. Jealous 311. They have usually had drizzle there a. heavy snow b. heavy rain c. light rain d. rain with thunder 312. A shower is rain that falls for_____________ . a. a long time b. a short time c. only in winter d. a period of an hour 313. A cloudburst is a very_____________. a. heavy rain b. light rain c. rain with thunder d. rain and hail 314. When hail falls we say it ___________. a. is hailed b. is hailing c. hails d. hailed 315. I jacked up the car before he came. a. started b. stopped c. stalled d. lifted 316. New York is famous for its skyscrapers. (gökdelen) a. Tall buildings

b. large houses c. World's fair d. lightnings 317. He never fails to read books a. sometimes reads b. always read c. usually reads d. reads now and then 318. The blind_____________the people who need help. a. am b. is c. are d. would

319. Jane would have had enough money for the groceries if she hadn't bought a hat. a. She bought a hat b. She bought the groceries c. She went to grocery d. She didn't buy a hat 320. If the plane is due to at 7:15 and has been delayed a quarter of an hour . İt will arrive at _________. (due to = arrive) a. 7:00 b. 7:15 c. 7:30 d. 7:45 321. Jane should have gone to the party instead of studying on Saturday night. a. Jane didn't study but attended to the party. b. Jane didn't study and didn't attend to the party. c. Jane studied but didn't attend to the party. d. Jane studied and attend to the party. 322. Henry slams the door and gets out. (çarparak) a. closes slightly b. opens a little c. slips under d. closes forcefully 323. Marry has to be more carefull,_____________. a. has she ? b. hasn't she ? c. don't she ? d. doesn't she ? 324. It must have been forgotten. Must shows __________. a. necessity

b. recommendation c. probability d. obligation 325. Susan's suitcase was so full that it wouldn't shut. Susan's suitcase was_______. a. big b. small c. loaded d. overloaded (aşİrİ doldurulmuş) 326. Do they mind _______I open the door ? a. because b. beside c. if d. whether 327. The cowboy shot and bandit bit the dust . (tozunu atmak) a. died b. kicked c. lied down d. fainted 328. Please lend me ___________ dollar. a. a few b. few c. a d. some 329. We never learn from history. a. We learn many things by history b. History is important in people's life c. We repeat the mistakes of the past d. We don't learn through history 330. The helicopter rescued the flood victims (kurban) (kurtarmak) a. saved b. escaped c. got rid of d. found 331. The policeman directed him to the station. a. showed b. guided c. arrested d. accused 332. After the accident he had a severe injury. a. important (ciddi, önemli) b. serious c. much d. wounded 333. He is walking _______________ rain. a. in

b. on c. at d. out 334. She waits on the customer fast. a. waits for b. pays for c. serves d. answers 335. He was a well-known artist. a. handsome b. famous c. poor d. very rich 336. Mother was holding _________ the child's hand. a. in b. with c. from d. on 337. Who gave you a ring last night ? a. after marriage b. a present c. telephoned d. visited 338. He was resuscitated after the operation. (hayata döndürmek, yaşatmak) a. fainted b. revived c. died d. recovered 339. you can handle the machine easily. a. switch b. operate c. stop d. buy 340. How are the rates for meal of this hotel ? a. Prices b. rations c. tastes d. qualities 341. How many floors do this hotel have ? a. houses b. departments c. rooms d. stories 342. He took off the wheel to repair it. a. mounted b. remounted c. repaired

d. removed 343. What does the indicator read ? a. show b. shower c. boarder d. needle 344. The student's behaviour must be good. a. conduct b. condense c. contract d. contrary 345. Would you give me a hand ? a. help b. shake hands c. a bread d. hold a hand 346. There were many horses in the race. a. confess b. confirm c. contest d. conduct 347. Who asist the doctors in hospital ? a. cares b. pays c. looks over d. helps 348. You are not allowed to copy in exams. a. cheat b. chase after c. choke away d. chop down 349. Have you got any chance to go out ? a. oppose b. opportunity c. opportionet d. chose 350. You feel relaxed after taking a bath. a. comfortable b. time-table c. schedule d. programme 351. Normally I eat three times a day. a. always b. sometimes c. usually d. after 352. The plane was detained due to rain. a. plan to

b. according to c. as to d. because of 353. The plane was detained due to rain. a. dismissed b. delayed c. delivered d. deliberated 354. My wife turns down all kinds of offers. a. accepts b. refuses c. approves d. confirms 355. To tell the __________ he was very strong. a. lied b. true c. truth d. truely 356. We'll maintain talking about him later. a. go b. start c. keep d. stop 357. We defeated the enemy in war. a. suffered b. beat c. cheated d. disguised 358. Dr.Smith advised him to give up smoking. a. start b. admit defeats c. stop d. addict 359. She was well-attired at the party. a. dressed b. made up c. coiffered d. known 360. Practically every American has two cars. a. always b. almost c. about d. generally 361. This patch outlines my job in the Army. a. summary b. briefs c. indicates

d. holds 362. We ran ot of gas while driving to town. a. finished b. bought c. sold d. found 363. Durable things last longer. a. flexible b. solid c. stable d. easily broken 364. They did many feats in their field. a. jobs b. experiments c. achivements d. experiences 365. I took it for granted that he was gone. a. accepted b. assumed c. understood d. realized 366. He got a new vocation in that field. a. vehicle b. plant c. profession d. flowers 367. It's relevant with the other people. a. corporated b. coordinated c. similar d. related 368. What holds you up ? a. effects b. delays c. looks d. takes 369. Did you do away with these stuffy things ? a. eliminate b. repair c. paint d. sell 370. The ship is discharging a. unloading b. changing direction c. loading d. eliminating 371. Where did you come across that expression ?

a. realize b. memorize c. summarize d. seize 372. We shouldn't believe in superstitions. a. fictitous b. fiction c. bad beliefs d. super things 373. When did you hit the sack last night? (kafayİ vurup yatmak) a. go to bed b. short c. sleepy d. study 374. He is addicted to smoking. (yapmaktan kendini alamamak) a. likes very much b. habitually accustomed to c. hates to do it d. not accustomed to 375. He makes up these kind of stories. a. tells b. invents c. writes d. memorizes 376. He went to the bank to __________ some money. a. try b. borrow c. lend d. steal 377. The Lt. was put on red carpet by the commander. a. bought a rug b. reprimanded c. ordered d. promoted 378. The thermostat is used to regulate the temperature in the class. a. adjust b. regularity c. control d. increase 379. What regulates the temperature ? a. thermostat b. thermo c. barometer d. altimeter 380. __________ liquids must be kept carefully. a. capable b. flammable

c. explosive d. bloomy 381. I am tired of ______ books a. to read b. to reading c. read d. reading 382. I would have gone there if I _________ . a. slept b. didn't sleep c. hadn't sleep d. hadn't slept 383. He has a nickel and three cents. He has ______. a. 4 cents b. 6 cents c. 13 cents d. 8 cents 384. We'll be there at exactly three o'clock. a. untill three o'clock b. about three o'clock c. at 1500 hours sharp d. by three o'clock 385. It's three forty-five. a. a quarter to five b. a quarter to four c. a quarter past three d. a quarter to three 386. Attending to the meeting was optional a. everybody should go there b. Some students will go to the meeting c. They had a must to go there d. They had a choice of attending to the meeting 387. He is the tallest member of the team. a. He is taller. b. He is taller than the other members. c. The other members are short d. They are all shorter than other team. 388. He drives as ___________ Mary does. a. many than b. much so c. fast as d. as fast as 389. She sings __________ of the three. a. the more melodiously b. the most melodious c. the most melodiously d. the melodiously

390. He will make a good pilot. a. He teaches how to fly. b. He wants to fly c. He learns pilot in squadron. d. He writes records for pilot. 391. He is going to take a pilot training. a. He will be a teacher b. He wants to take exam. c. He is going to fly. d. He will buy a book about flying. 392. Why don't you avoid ______ ? a. smoke b. to smoke c. smoking d. to smoking 393. ___________ is a good exercise. a. swimming b. swim c. swims d. to swimming 394. I'll put those books in place ______ you can find them. a. where b. which c. who d. how 395. Don't you understand English ? a. No, I don't b. Yes, I don't c. Yes I never d. No, I ever do 396. What is the result called in addition ? a. sum b. summary c. summot d. summit 397. I got my lessons ___________ . a. to forwarded b. forward c. forwarded d. to forward 398. He __________go to the movies, does he ? a. usually b. doesn't never c. doesn't ever d. never 399. I never go to the library , ______ ? a. do I b. don't I

c. am I d. am I not 400. Because it was snowing outside, _____ . a. We went to the picnic. b. We went to the movie. c. We didn't go anywhere. d. We didn't stay home instead.

401. It was snowing badly. ? a. with dirt b. harmfully c. Hardly d. thickly 402. What happens to the water at 32 F ? a. it freezes b. it boils c. it is heated d. nothing remarkable 403. Who takes care when you have a trouble with your car ? a. painter b. mechanic c. dentist d. repair shop 404. He is interested ________ photography. a. for b. with c. in d. on 405. He was bored _______ studying English. a. in b. with c. of d. on 406. Neither father nor Mary smokes. a. She doesn't smoke b. He doesn't smoke c. They don't smoke d. They smoke 407. Both Mary and Sue speak Spanish. a. They don't speak Spanish b. They speak Spanish c. She doesn't speak Spanish d. She speaks Spanish and English. 408. Both Mary and Sue drink coffee. Who drinks coffee? a. Mary or Sue

b. Mary in Sue c. Sue with Mary d. Mary and Sue

409. Neither father ___________ mother sleeps. a. nor b. or c. and d. with 410. Neither Ira nor I __________ a. smoke b. smoken c. smoking d. weren't smoking 411. Both you and I ________ a. smokes b. smoke c. smoking d. was smoking 412. The airplanes fly ______ one continent ________ another less than 24 hours. a. to - and from b. from - to c. over - in d. to - over 413. The bank is near the Post Office a. close to b. next to c. closed to d. beside 414. There were many things behind the house. a. on the side of b. in the front of c. in the back of d. on opposite of 415.He was used to _________ coffee. a. drink b. drinks c. have d. having 416. Using the electricity makes people have more _____________ . a. money b. leisure time c. property d. salary 417. The police officer said "Pull over your car". a. stop b. decrease your speed

c. slow down d. have another car pulled 418. There was a minute particle in it. a. a hand b. tidy c. 60 seconds d. tiny 419. Flammable liquids must be kept in ________ containers. a. close b. closer c. closed d. closing 420. They must be kept in safe places. a. helded b. stored c. had d. protested 421. I am tired ______ reading that book. a. of b. with c. from d. in 422. What should you do when the teacher asks you a question? a. write it down b. record it c. answer it d. erase it 423. What is the air we breathe? a. a blue gas b. several gases together c. gases containing water d. a compound 424. He has much time to do the work. a. none b. little time c. a lot of time d. very time 425. He has a pain in his waist. a. rigth at the stomach b. below his stomach c. in his foot d. in his ankle 426. He lost one of his grand parents. a. his father's mother b. his father who is 90 c. his brother's father d. his father 427. He wasn't alert in the class this morning .

a. He wasn't sleepy. b. He was careful. c. He was sleepy d. He couldn't sleep. 428. He was eager to eat big dinner. a. In the cafeteria b. He has a good appetite c. at four o'clock d. bread and meat 429. You should contact with your instructor. a. touch with your instructor b. forget your instructor c. get in touch with your instructor d. remember your instructor 430. They were blinking the light. a. turning the light on b. turning the light off c. turning the light to the right and left d. turning the light off and on. 431. They have the key to the right room. a. correct b. large c. opposite on the left d. wrong 432. They have three rooms available a. There were three rooms at the hotel b. There were three clerks at the hotel c. Three rooms are ready to be used d. Three rooms are full with customers 433. He was punctual at the school. a. never came late b. absent c. always late to class d. unusual student 434. They canceled the meeting at 4:30 . a. called it off b. called for it c. called about it d. called in for it. 435. Post office was quite a distance from school. a. beside b. close to c. far away d. next to 436. He tore his suit while playing. a. made a paint in it b. made a hole in it

c. made a dirt in it d. made a stitch in it 437. He failed on the test. a. made a good score b. missed few question c. his score was unsatisfactory d. received help on the exam 438. It was cloudy last night. But it cleared up this morning , didn't it? a. It got worse yesterday b. The clouds went away last night. c. It was clear last night d. It was cloudy but clouds went away. 439. When it is hailing we say the weather is _______ a. stormy b. bathy c. harvesty d. sunny day 440. They intend to go to USA next year. a. wish to b. plan to c. hope d. want 441. American food tastes ________ when one gets used to it. a. better b. very best c. more good d. more best 442. He told his son to turn the TV on If he ____ a. should want b. would want c. want d. wanted to 443. If I had more time , I _____ him a letter. a. have written b. had written c. would have written d. would write 444. The trouble ___________ by the mechanics a. was located b. locates c. was to located d. was locating 445 They __________ since two o'clock. a. are waiting here b. wait here c. has waited here d. have waited here 446. I have been in this school _____________.

a. for six weeks b. since six weeks c. while six weeks d. to six weeks 447. How do you check a performance of a new car? a. by looking at it b. by driving it c. by paying for it d. by repairing it 448. We are having beautiful weather this February but a month ago we had snow. a. We had snow in January b. We had snow in March c. We had snow in December d. We have beautiful weather every month. 449. I can't go with you _____ I'm busy. a. because b. but c. until d. because of 450. How far is it to the school? a. four minutes b. near the Post office c. six miles d. far away to school 451. Where do we get money order? a. at the bank b. at the finance office c. at the post office d. at the school 452. After seeing the dog I feared. a. dreamed b. dreaded c. delayed d. depressed 453. He took the flower __________ the table. a. for b. off c. from d. with 454. Do you mind ___________ the window? a. to open b. opening c. opened d. to be opened 455. The molecules are far apart. a. close each other

b. away from each other c. next to each other d. right to each other 456. They sent the books by means of air mail a. avion b. avia c. via d. vie 457. I would go to the movies İf I ____ time. a. was b.. were c. have d. had 458. Can you get resume of the book? a. assume control b. begining c. summary d. title 459. What is your main aim to study English ? a. profit b. benefit c. goal d. idea 460. You can realize the main point when you study that book. a. understand b. solve c. to know d. become aware 461. We depend on rubber for its so many uses. a. count on b. need c. supply d. rely 462. Did the mechanic find out the trouble a. discovered b. forecast c. locate d. repair 463. You need poor copper to do that. a. mixed b. unmixed c. well-off d. straighten 464. Babies need pure milk to grow. a. mixed b. unmixed c. watery

d. unwatery 465. No matter how difficult situation becomes I will stand by you. a. represent b. support c. wait for d. listen to 466. Air takes up space in the atmosphere. a. starts b. occupies c. shortens d. stirs 467. It is the yellow big building next to the bank. a. besides b. at c. beside d. toward 468. He wants to give up smoking. a. quit b. insist c. take up d. think trough 469. Why don't you cut down on expenses a. cut in to pieces b. raise c. isolate d. reduce 470. The judge fined him 15 dollars for speeding a. rewarded b. for gave c. punished d. halted 471. He must make up for the damage he could a. invent b. catch up on c. alter d. compensate 472. I don't know how to deal with a situation like this. a. count on b. handle c. comprehend d. communicate 473. The electrical system furnishes the electric. a. provides b. produces c. gain d. holas 474. He struggled against adverse circumstance

a. misfortune b. unfavorable c. favorable d. friendly 475. You should go over some of the points. a. review b. continue c. memorize d. replace 476. My watch is fast. It gains 7 minutes everday. a. needs b. becomes c. requires d. acquires 477. Don't release the lever yet. a. let out b. return c. regulate d. extend 478. Can you keep up the home now you have best your job. a. preserve b. escape c. maintain d. go over 479. The Red Cross sent relief to the flood victims. a. aid b. free c. reduction d. A worry and excuse 480. ____________ problems have solutions. a. No all b. Not many c. Not all d. No many 481. The damage is so _____ that you hardly notice it. a. great b. slight c. specific d. in vain 482. They don't know how to read or write. They are ______ . a. little educated b. illiterate c. weak d. fairy 483. There is a relation between nutrition and ______ a. growth b. confidence c. breathing

d. assemble 484. It was ______ dull speech that I fell asleep. a. so b. such c. such a d. very 485. He would be thinking of home İf he _________ . a. were b. was c. had been d. is being 486. We watched the bus _________ away. a. went b. go c. gone d. goes

487. When his father died he _______ the businness. a. put out b. give up c. put in d. give out 490. The aircraft _______ on the flight line a. is being flied b. looks like c. are d. runs 491. I would rather go downtown ______ here. a. to stay b. than stay c. to staying d. that staying 492. _______ about you, before I heard of the accident you had. a. I have been thinking b. I will have been thinking c. I have already thought d. I had been thinking 493. I haven't seen him since ______. a. yesterday b.. today c. five days d. two days ago 494. He is a capable driver in the family a. efficient b. progress c. excellent d. homework

495. If you have a question lift your hand. a. raise b. eliminate c. left d. sharp 496. The ship discharged her load yesterday a. declared b. unloaded c. disappeared d. changed 497. He certainly did his job well. a. by means of sure b. by no means c. anything d. without any doubt 498. He helped him some money for present. a. contributed b. recovered c. left d. quarreled 499. The company hired him . a. He doesn't work with the company b. He is employed by the company c. He works for the goverment d. he is used to working 500. I ran into a letter while cleaning the drawers. a. I found it unexpectedly b. It was torn c. I cleaned the letter. d. It turned down 501. He felt that there must be a difference. a. sensed b. forget c. destroy d. remembered 502. He put some money in the bank. a. deposited b. lacked c. gained d. dropped 503. I took the necessary things with me. a. free b. optional c. probable d. required 504. He obeyed all the orders he was given . a. created

b. celebrated c. followed d. wrote down 505. He was on a sick call this morning. a. He was present b. He was in class c. He was ill. d. He wasn't ill. 506. Brass is a compound metal. a. satisfactory b. curreint c. complicated d. a mixture of two 507. When seven is subtracted from ten, the result is ______ a. 17 b. 70 c. 3 d. 4 508. If you work 8 hours a day it makes _____ hours for a week. a. 48 b. 56 c. 40 d. 32 509. You can avoid allisions _______ a. we took any actions b. took any actions c. by taking many actions d. to take many actions 510. He can't find the money İf you _________. a. hid the money b. hided the money c. hide the money d. to hide the money 511. I would give you a letter İf I __________ a. receive it b. received it c. had received it d. had had received it 512. I will _______ by your house tomorrow at this time. a. be driving b. drive c. drove d. driven 513. When you multiply 5 (by) 3 , it's _____ a. 2 b. 8 c. 15 d. 2.5

514. They went home after the game ended. a. played b. terminated c. agreed d. defended 515. Jane looks like her mother. a. likes b. cares for c. looks after d. resembles 516. They came back home hastily. a. quickly b. slowly c. carefully d. watchfully 517. While we were going to town, we ran out of gas. a. had no gasoline b. met at the gas station c. a lot of gasoline d. some exhausts 518. He is not familiar ________ that new word. a. with b. to c. at d. from 519. Scales are used for ____________ . a. to weigh objects b. weight objects c. much weight d. weighing objects 520. Mary___________when I saw her. a. studies b. was studying c. is studying d. has been studying 521. Please have Mr.Brown____________me tonight. a. call b. calls c. calling d. to call 522. I haven't got the tickets, __________. a. but b. although c. though d. on the other hand 523. Which system deals with breathing? a. circulatory system b. respiratory system

c. skeletal system d. digestive system 524. You should keep studying hard from now on. a. continue b. finish c. leave d. stop 525. You should call the doctor______________. a. injured at once b. in case of injuries c. to hunt him d. help him in any case 526. Why do they prevent them ______ forming a nation. a. for b. from c. to d. not 527. Who caused George __________ ? a. pay back b. give back c. give up d. to pay it back 528. She has got the repairman ___________ . a. have it fixed b. to have it fix c. to have it fixed d. to having it fix 529. Passengers should __________of cars a. not aware b. conscious c. be aware d. not be ware 530. Your passport is expired, sir. a. cancel b. cross out c. stay away d. invalid 531. Many things in this area are immune a. immovable b. protected c. impartial d. imminent 532. _____________ is a natural beauty. a. for watching a free animal b. to watch a free animal c. Watching a free animal d. Watched a free animal

533. I' d rather ____________________ . a. watching TV to sleep b. watching TV to sleeping c. watch TV than sleep d. watch TV to sleep 534. This book has been __________ in the meeting a. mention b. mentioning c. mentions d. mentioned 535. Oxygen and CO are the _______________of air. a. two metals b. few gases c. gaseous dust d. two ingredients 536. Each division itself is a _______ unit. a. through b. complete c. all d. entirely 537. Would you mind _____________ the window a. opened b. open c. opening d. my open 538. Electricity has gone. There must be ___________. a. no current b. circuit c. short circuit d. electro magnet 539. What is rain and snow ? a. humidity b. moisture c. precipitation d. prescription 540. Air is neither solid ___________ a. or liquid b. nor a gas c. nor a liquid d. either a liquid

541. What is the force which attracts objects towards the centre of the earth? a. gravity b. orbit c. surforce d. revolution 542. The passengers on the plane depend on the pilot.

a. The passengers didn't count on the pilot b. They rely on the pilot's skill c. The pilot was very skillful d. It was a very skillful plan. 543. Jonh recovered from an illness. a. He discovered an illness b. He has been seriously ill. c. He didn't find out anything d. He is fine now 544. Mr.Brown refused to help us ski. a. He didn't help us b. He settled the occasion c. We regretted to take ski lesson d. We had no refuse 545. She failed because of lack of studying. a. She won't study hard. b. She didn't study hard. c. She doesn't study hard. d. She was ill. 546. You should oil the machine in order to make it operate well. a. The machine isn't operating well b. We expect the machine to operate well c. The machine might operate well d. We should take care of the machine well 547. Natural and artificial light come from the sun directly or indirectly. a. The energy of the match comes from the sun b. The sun has a lot of energy c. The match burns because it has energy d. The sun contains energy 548. Mary and Sue are hungry. a. Many people are hungry b. There is little food c. They are starving d. Many of them are ill 549. The police suppressed the riot.*kargaşa ayaklanma (bastİmak) a. surplused b. enlarged c. held back d. supported 550. The judge can hardly hear the defendant. a. He doesn't hear him b. He hears him hard c. He defends himself d. He hears the defendant difficultly. 551. I shouldn't have told him the truth. a. I told him the truth b. I didn't tell him the truth

c. Should I tell him the truth ? d. I shouldn't tell him the truth 552. He didn't respect us intentionally a. He intended to respect us b. He intentionally respect us c. He didn't respect us intentionally d. His intention was unknown

553. Mary is fifteen and so John is. a. Mary isn't as young as John b. Mary is as young as John c. George is older than Mary d. John is older than Mary 554. I opened the door to go to the mess hall when Mary saw me. a. I left the school b. I was about to leave c. I was on that point d. The door was open 555. I was in Istanbul for ten days last month. a. I was there ten days ago b. I spent my time in İstanbul c. I stayed there ten days d. I stayed there less ten days 556. The truck will be loaded with the equipment on the ship which was sent by the company. a. The truck will convert the equipment b. The conversation will be done by the truck c. The ship will be loaded by the truck d. The truck will transport the equipment. 557. Many people are being killed in traffic accidents everyday. a. People are engaged in car accidents b. People cause car accidents daily c. Car accidents are involved by people d. People are supported daily by accident 558. They lost the enemy because of the fog a. The fog was slippery b. The boot was under the fog c. The enemy disappeared d. The cover was foggy 559. He was surprised with the money he was paid a. He was working hard b. He was satisfied with the money c. He found the money less than he expected d. They paid him monthly

560. The area was deserted by the enemy a. descended b. derived c. joined d. abandoned 561. There is a ring around the moon a. square b. satelite c. circle d. mountain 563. Which country is located to the North of U.S.A. ? a. Texas b. Mexico c. Canada d. New York 564. I have trouble _________ my car a. starter b. started c. starting d. to start 565. What is berth on the train ? a. a place to eat food b. a place to sleep in c. a place to sit on d. a place to put your baggage 566. That building is the __________ in the city. a. higher b. highest c. most highest d. more higher

567. The weather was so bad that we _______ . a. shouldn't fly b. may fly c. can't fly d. couldn't fly 568. We don't get used to new foods very quickly. a. find money for b. forget c. be accustom to d. become accustomed to 569. There are four main ways to travel in the U.S. a. fast b. cheap c. principal d. different 570. Adam's blue shirt is just as mine.

a. He has a new shirt b. He wants my shirt c. My shirt is blue d. He has my shirt on 571. Mary usually turns in late. a. hands in b. turns off c. comes to class d. goes to bed 572. The injured man passed out. a. died b. fainted c. passed away d. recovered from 573. The instructor wanted the students to turn in their papers in two minutes. a. look over b. hand in c. turn over d. study 574. Keep your eyes on that man. a. take part in him b. take after him c. take care of him d. take charge of him 575. The contract ________ by this time a. will sing b. will have singed c. will have been singed d. have been singed 576. This building needs to _______ repaired. a. painting b. be c. got d. make 577. I am interested ______ meeting your friend. a. in b. on c. with d. for 578. Would it be better to buy a new radio instead of _______ to repair it? a. try b. trying c. buying d. to buy 579. I am afraid I ________ a mistake a. do b. did c. made

d. make 580. John isn't as fast now _______ he was. a. while b. when c. as d. that 581. The man wouldn't carry _______ the orders. a. on b. out c. off d. of 582. A dime is ______ ten cents. a. value b. worthy c. valuable d. worth 583. There is a ring around the moon. a. cycle b. circle c. encircle d. cylinder 583. What color is your uniform? a. thick b. long c. red d. tind 585. If I teach Algebra, what do I teach? a. science b. chemistry c. mathematics d. geometry 586. Tom operates a service station. a. runs b. owns c. delivers d. stops 587. I wanted to change the design of the house. a. size b. color c. plan d. shape 588. The explosion was instantaneous. a. quickly b. in a while c. briefly d. in that instant 589. The action was instantaneous.

a. soon b. immediately c. not long after d. shortly 590. A television set which is very compact is________ . a. a very small set b. a set that is closely put together c. a low set d. a tiny set 591. Some people prefer a compact car. a. a small car b. a medium-sized car c. a large car d. a used car 592. Bosses do not like the people who are idle. a. bussy b. slow c. sick d. not busy 593. The factory is idle now. a. in good condition b. not completed c. not ready for use d. not in use 594. This product has many applications. a. designs b. codes c. uses d. defects 595. Tom was told to cut down on his smoking. a. reduce b. quit c. increase d. buy 596. I don't have the solution to that trouble. a. answer b. problem c. truth d. reason 597. He was told to attach a copy of orders. a. fold b. fasten c. copy d. take a copy 598. The commander told him to carry out the instructions. a. pick up b. read

c. follow d. copy 599. Your car is comparable to mine. a. is better than b. is smaller than c. is similar to d. is older than 600. The first two digits of the amount were unclear. a. letters b. desings c. numbers d. codes 601. We're told to work it out ourselves. a. study b. solve c. copy d. do 602. What is a laboratory? a. a learning center b. a research room c. a testing room d. a medical building 603. We thoroughly enjoyed the movie. a. barely b. among c. fully d. completely 604. We were already aboard the plane. a. beside b. near c. in or on d. off

605. What do you do when you depart? a. arrive b. leave c. enter d. go back 606. He was told numerous times not to drive fast. a. more b. additional c. extra d. many 607. You should take over while I'm on vacation.

a. assume control b. catch up on c. change d. carry out 608. I need some accurate information. a. sure b. close c. excellent d. precise 609. The recorder had many defects. a. things worked right b. interesting things c. dull things d. things did not work right 610. I didn't know when it would be completed. a. constructed b. finished c. continued d. worked out 611. He got through with part of the job. a. worked b. stopped c. completed d. rested 612. I want to examine the records. a. look up b. look up to c. look in d. look over 613. The can of milk was leaking. a. breaking b. falling c. dripping d. getting wet 614. He needs to find the initial letter he wrote. a. last b. first c. old d. new 615. The young boy floated. a. swam b. drowned c. didn't sink d. dived 616. He was to construct a bridge. a. finish b. get across c. build

d. desing 617. The commander rejected the first plan. a. didn't like b. enjoyed c. didn't accept d. favored 618. I am in training business. What do I do? a. I teach b. I travel c. I repair d. I coustruct 619. Jack ______ at the airport. a. meets b. met c. will meet d. will be met 620. Do you know how much ______? a. milk cost here b. costs milk c. milk costs d. milk cost 621. He keeps _________ his old friends. a. in with touching b. touch in with c. in touch with d. with in touch 622. "Lay off" means ________ at. a. take b. make c. come down d. stop 623. It's unsafe to drive with ______ breakes. a. defect b. defected c. defective d. defection 624. How many students ________ in class. a. was b. there were c. was there d. were there 625. The nurse ________ is my sister. a. when you saw b. where you saw c. you saw d. what you saw 626. What is the last month of a year?

a. january b. december c. february d. november 627. The pilot landed his plane. a. board on his plane b. crashed his plane c. take his plane off d. brought his plane down 628. He often uses dictonary. a. looks into words b. looks up to words c. looks up words d. looks for words 629. I put the book some where. a. place b. table c. shelf d. what 630. I was informed that I'll be in class. a. noticed b. notified c. realized d. shaped 631. Some things are rigid in position. a. stick b. solid c. stiff d. stone 632. Why don't you try that gradually? a. one by one b. one after another c. quickly d. little by litle 633. I must be there twelve sharp. a. exactly at 12:00 b. by twelve o'clock c. until 12:00 noon d. 12:00 p.m. 634. He came here the day before yesterday. a. in two days b. two days before c. two days ago d. after two days 635. I'll be there in a few minutes.

a. several b. five c. many d. not many 636. I put a notice on the bulletin board. a. address b. marked c. announcement d. advicement 637. Who made her so angry? a. weak b. mad c. maid d. annoy 638. Coffee is stimulating I ___________ coffee. a. ought to like b. would like c. might like d. must like 639. A tape measure is used to measure __________ . a. heights between distances b. weights c. distance d. liquids 640. There was a crowd there at noon. a. many cars b. many trees c. many people d. many traffic 641. When are you going to give up smoking. a. begin b. put out c. put off d. surrender 642. When he got home he _______ receive a cheek. a. may b. can c. will d. might 643. They didn't have __________ to do. a. anything b. something c. nothing d. some one

644. Propeller rotates on its axis. a. turns

b. breaks c. comes d. comes around 645. There were a number of students in lab. a. many b. a few c. several d. much 646. It was equipped with furniture. a. bought b. painted c. crowded d. furnished 647. I doubt he went to class. a. am sure b. am not certain c. feel d. think 648. He was sinking very slowly. a. going down b. going up c. swimming d. flonting 649. He studied English ________ a language school. a. into b. at c. from d. on 650. He took the flowers ________ the table. a. upon b. on c. in d. from(off) 651. The machine was out of order. a. running well b. not running c. operating d. operated 652. When did she give you a ring? a. calkapse b. visit c. telephone d.. call down 653. John mailed me a package last month. a. sent b. wrote c. bought d. viad

654. the class will be over at 6 o'clock. a. ended b. got through c. finish d. start 655. This hotel room is very convenient. a. expensive b. cheap c. used d. handy 656. Which subjects did you take up this year? a. pass b. study c. slender d. select 657. It was a very narrow passage way. a. wide b. long c. height d. not wide 658. I sometimes go there by bus. a. often b. occasionally c. usually d. most of the time 659. He was not guilty of the charge. a. innocent b. anonymous c. paid d. not paid 660. You should carry on your studies. a. continue b. memorize c. take notes d. do 661. Can I count on you? Yes I am _________ . a. independable b. independed c. depended d. dependable 662. There was a sharp and knife wind. The weather was________. a. hot b. cold c. rain d. sunny 663. Every body _______ money to new organization. a. has contribute

b. have contributed c. has contributed d. has contributance 664. There was a lot of water in the air. The weather has ______ in it. a. dust b. humidity c. wind d. oxygen 665. Jane contributes in sport activities. a. she plays games b. she watches games c. she likes games d. she helps games 666. It is a secret between you and _______. a. I b. me c. they d. he 667. The chairs are in back of the building. a. behind b. in the c. out of d. next to 668. He was always punctual at school. a. late b. early c. on time d. sick 669. Chin is a part of your _________ . a. face b. leg c. chist d. arm 670. I have attended class for a long time. a. for an extended time b. for a short while c. for a while long d. for instance 671. He slammed on the brakes. a. put on face b. put the brakes down suddenly c. slightly pushed d. released 672. A meter is a measure of ________ . a. long b. distance c. thermometer

d. kilometer 673. We do ______ in books and newspapers. a. to read b. read c. reading d. readed 674. An airplane may give a ______ to a number of persons. a. lift b. life c. ticket d. seats 675. Some persons have a ____ of things which are of no danger to them. a. sense b. shame c. reaction d. fear 676. If you let the wing of the airplane touch the side of the building you may ________. a. damage b. do damage c. did damage d. demolishing 677. We must always show ______ to our parents. a. example b.. reward c. award d. respect 678. A city's parks are ______ property. a. public b. private c. prison d. proper 679. He goes to the library ______ he is in the city. a. however b. whenever c. whoever d. whatever 680. "Wise" and "foolish" have _______ different meanings. a. completely b. expertly c. privately d. usually 681. She was in the room by ________ a. him b. me c. herself d. myself 682. A man with children is a _______ . a. mother

b. father c. brother d. waitress 683. Parents are _______ than their children. a. mine young b. younger c. more younger d. older 684. Mary has only _____ uniform. a. some b. an c. a d. a few 685. Mary met a _______ gentleman. a. pretty b. beautiful c. lovely d. handsome 686. I counted fifty ______ in the room. a. people b. peoples c. person d. student 687. Student pilots are usually very ________ to fly. a. alert b. meagre c. eager d. careful 688. He is __________ aircraft maintenance. a. in change of b. in charge of c. in place of d. in group of 689. Discipline is _______ in military life a. impossible b. necessary c. determined d. remarkable 690. In what direction do the ______ winds blow. a. prevail b. prevalent c. prevalented d. prevailing 691. I thought It was a very uninteresting and _____ film I saw last night. a.. exciting b. interesting c. boring

d. sharp 692. He is _______ to be careless with his new car. a. able b. ought c. apt d. like 693. He is not relaxed at the wheel. a. efficient b. tense c. sensitive d. careful 694. I can't feel anything. My fingers are _____ with cold. a. freeged b. numb c. cold d. hot 695. It is dangerous to _______ the speed limit in a city. a. exert b. except c. expect d. exceed 696. The pilot has to _______ his instrument for flying. a. depend b. rely to c. rely on d. dependent 697. A scientific theory is _______ on facts. a. relied b. counted c. charged d. based 698. The wind ______ is 30 m.p.h. a. speed b. blows c. blow d. hits 699. The back part of the shoe is the _______ . a. hill b. heel c. hell d. hull 700. One $10 bill and ten $ 1 bills are of _____ buying value. a. equality b. equalance c. equal d. equaled 701. He likes to read cartoons in the newspaper. a. ads

b. stories c. news d. classified 702. He used an electric grinder to _________ . a. sharpen the tool b. drive a nail c. screw a screwdriver d. clean the tool 703. The hail last night made a serious damage. a. a heavy rain b. a piece of ice c. an aircraft crash d. an accident 704. I occasionally go to the movies. a. then and after b. usually c. three times a day d. now and then 705. We use hammers to ________. a. drive a car b. cut the metal c. drive a screw d. drive a nail 706. There were approximately 20 teachers. a. over than 20 b. more over than 20 c. less than 15 d. about 20 707. He dreads to speak in public. a. has an opportunity b. has a fear c. has an ability d. doesn't afraid 708. There was a flammable liquid in the tank. a. something heavy b. something easly runs c. something burns easily d. something explodable 709. We had a sudden snacks before we left a. big b. small c. quick d. light 710. I got a surprise present last night. a. expectable b. unexpectable c. expecting

d. inexpected 711. I bought a new car recently. a. before b. now and then c. every 5 years d. lately 712. What is the opposite of ******* a. crosswind b. headwind c. northwind d. frontwind 713. He always follows the ******* a. news about sports b. news about schools c. advertisements d. articles 714. John checked the steering checking the rubbers . a. wheelings b. doors c. steering wheels d. tires 715. He has a talent of telling stories a. stories about music b. ability c. stability d. determination 716. He has to see the doctor immediatelly a. right now b. in a minute c. at once d. immediate 717. Is there any telephone both ? a. a place to sit b. a thing for walking c. a small enclosure d. a small enclosed 718. What is a hunting permit? a. A place where you can hunt b. an animal which you can hunt c. a license you use for hunting d. a vehicle you use for hunting 719. Students ought to pay attention to their inmates. a. listen carefully b. believe deeply c. love all the time d. do their homework darly 720. Officials may be removed from the office. a. remounted

b. rejected c. dismissed d. disposal 721. He used a telescope to ___________ . a. have a close view b. see the general c. get the idea of ceremony d. see the small insects 722. John is going to work in technİcal area. He needs ___________. a. much money b. special skill c. a secratery d. some training 723. I would like to know the capacity of this tank. a. how well it is built b. how much water it holds c. the material it is made d. how strong it is 724. He arranged to go to Mexico next summer a. adjusted b. attached c. admitted d. planned 725. Why does he have to study much ? a. ought to b. should c. must d. need to 726. We couldn't find any seats in the restaurant. a. foods b. chairs c. waiters d. plates 727. Hail and sleet are ___________ of water. a. iced forms b. iced form c. icy forms d. ice forms 728. I turned in late last night a. admitted b. submitted c. gave back d. went to bed 729. Mr. Adam is a skillful driver, on the other hand, Mr.Brown is a careless driver. a. They are both careless driver b. They are both skillful driver

c. Mr.Adam is a careless driver d. Unlike Mr.Adam, Mr.Brown is a careless driver. 730. They work " just like a machine". a. as an expensively built machine b. like an automobile c. as a complete unit d. like a strong animal 731. You can attach these two ends together by using pliers. a. bend b. fasten c. operate d. arrange 732. I would have bought a new shirt If I'd gone to İstanbul. a. He bought a new shirt b. He went to İstanbul c. He didn't buy a new shirt d. He went tto İstanbul and bought a new shirt 733. You can pick out the one you like best. a. choose b. chose d. choice c. chosen 734. We had a cloudburst last night. a. a lot of clouds in the sky b. a lot of sunshine c. a lot of precipitation d. a lot of rain suddenly 735. He operates a filling station a. sells b. runs c. works d. walks 736. Mary is 15 , Jane is older. Alice is the oldest of all. a. Jane is the youngest. b. Jane is older than Alice. c. Alice is older than Mary. d. Jane is older than Mary and Alice. 737. My book is ________ that one. a. as old as b. so old as c. the same d. as old as 738. The car you have is _________ this one. a. the same as b. same as c. as the same as d. not so the same as 739. Who's going to take this one off?

a. need to b. ought to c. will d. has to 740. Henry checked out the hotel early this morning. a. registered b. left c. controlled d. went to 741. He got all the food from the basket. a. put the food in b. took the food out c. cooked the food on the basket d. selected the food from the basket. 742. My wife has been sick, though. a. illness b. ailment c. patient d. ill 743. This machine must have a malfunction. a. is working well b. is in good condition c. is not working d. is not clean 744. Sally is able to swim every summer. a. may b. can c. ought to d. likely to 745. Your mother is always in a hurry. a. rushing b. nervous c. relaxed d. at ease 746. Before I finish my homework, I must finish drinking my coffee. a. continue b. fix c. quit d. quite 747. You should go over your notes before exam a. run over b. reviev c. examine d. take notes 748. The sailors had to abandon then ship. a. leave b. left

c. right d. paint 749. Jane wants to take part in sports. a. contest b. compete c. play d. participate 750. The books were taken by the students. a. They checked the books b. They got the books c. They bought the students' books d. They bought by the students. 751. A student ought to study at least 2 hours a. maximum b. at most c. minimum d. extra 752. The men used the baskets ________ fish. a. to catching b. for catching c. in order to catching d. for catch 753. Would you please put those books back _______________? a. What they bought b. Where they borrowed c. Why you borrowed d. Where they belong 754. Why do you enroll in this course? a. to get more money b. to improve myself c. to have more leisure time d. to see my best friends 755. We wanted him ________ about it. a. to know b. know c. knew d. known 756. The roads are covered with ice. They are ________ . a. bumby b. bumpy c. rough d. slippery 757. We had a shower coming home. a. took a bath b. took a shower c. got cought in rain d. bought a shower 758. What do we use to put things together?

a. papers b. slippers c. plicrs d. fasteners 759. What is something we eat after meals, which is sweet? a. dessert b. cake c. ice-cream d. chocolate 760. What do we say when hail is falling? We say " it is _____________". a. falling hail b. hail falls c. hailing d. hailing fall 761. This part is broken. You should ___________. a. paint it b. replace it c. mount it d. remount it 762. Visibility is poor because of __________. a. heavy fog b. heavy rain c. many clouds d. lightnings 763. What is a drizzle? a. an ailment b. a light rain c. a headache d. a kind of food 764. Headlines are printed in __________ . a. color type b. black and white c. beatiful colors d. large type 765. He cleaned the picnic area by picking up the _________. a. baskets b. foods c. trash d. papers 766. Their first goal was to win the game. a. make a score b. porpoise c. aim d. duty 767. What is a digest? a. condensed forms of article b. articles for readers

c. most remarkbe articles d. article which has local news 768. "Sometimes" is equilavant for "Occasionally" a. not different for b. equality to c. similarty for d. almost the same as 769. He was sick, but he has a good appetite now. a. He is sick now b. He is not eating now c. His eating is all right now d. He is eager to take medicine now 770. We've traveled in thunderstorms many times. a. in rough air b. an bumpy raods c. slippery and rainy d. on an old airplane 771. Children are usually interested _______ American Indians a. in b. on c. about d. for 772. John's car has a loose wheel________the right side. a. in b. on c. near d. at 773. Mr.Jones knows ___________that word means. a. why b. where c. which d. what 774. Indians used bows and arrows________kill bears. a. in b. for c. to d. and 775. Blood is ________by the heart. a. pumping b. pump c. pumped d. pumper 776. Are you all set _________ the exam ? a. to b. for c. on d. in

777. Everybody was all set _________ . a. to b. going c. went d. to going 778. I believe you have confused that word _____ another one. a. for b. with c. by d. from 779. Richard and I don't eat lunch at the snack bar ______ . a. some more b. furthermore c. any more d. moreover 780. The usher ________ James to his seat. a. sent b. mailed c. pointed d. showed 781. Were the students happy about ______ a holiday a. to get b. got have c. to have got d. getting 782. The automobile is a ____________ form of transportations. a. depending b. depended c. dependable d. dependably 783. The Indian women _____________small fields. a. are cultivated b. cultivates c. cultivated d. cultivating 784. The police recovered the ________ jewellery yesterday. a. stealed b. stealing c. stole d. stolen 785. Most newspapers are ____________ to the home a. delivered b. delivering c. delivers d. been delivered 786. The heads of the federal departments ______by the president . a. are sent b. are been assigned

c. are named d. are called 787. _________ do you speak and write English ? a. How quick b. How good c. How well d. How slow 788. English is ______ in the schools of almost every nation. a. teaching b. taught c. teached d. been taught 789. It can be altered into liquid. a. kept b. changed c. required d. amused 790. Don't argue with the policeman a. dispute b. request c. harmony d. favor 791. These shirts are very stylish. a. plain b. short c. several d. fashionable 792. His first attempt was unsuccessful. a. pray b. undermine c. try d. discourage 793. Is it possible to see the trail on the scopes ? a. gauge b. temptation c. cough d. path 794. We always celebrate these holly days. a. scold b. rejoice c. shift d. mobilize 795. I estimate that it is about 200 km. a. rough guess b. average c. promise d. am afraid

796. The jury announced that he was guiltless. a. probable criminal b. speechless c. innocent d. shifty 797. He has recovered from his bad cold. a. realized b. recuparated c. evolved d. revolved 798. The people ran from the enemy in terror. a. annoyance b. anger c. pleasure d. panic 799. There were errors an both sides. a. stalemates b. misstates c. journeys d. mistakes 800. John explained how to use the telephone. a. balanced b. hid c. clarified d. confused 801. The sea was very calm yesterday. a. serene b. careful c. gravel d. secret 802. The poor children pestered the travellers for money. a. irrigated b. bothered c. doubted d. eliminated 803. " Z " is the last letter in the alphabet. a. first b. final c. low d. level 804. I must get the radio fixed. a. filed b. failed c. replaced d. repaired 805. Don't yell at me like that ! a. whisper

b. bark c. shout d. toot 806. It was the costly war in our history. a. expensive b. shoddy c. inferiorly d. powerful 807. He boasted of the big fish he caught. a. complained b. borrowed c. showed d. bragged 808. My bags were examined when I entered the country. a. investigated b. undone c. driven d. taken 809. She isn't here. She ______ to must her uncle at the airport. a. will go b. goes c. has gone d. had gone 810. _______ you like to go on a picnic with me? a. would b. will c. can d. won't 811. _______ as the rain stops, you can go outside to play. a. so b. even c. İf d. as soon 812. ________ exams is part of a teachers job. a. gave b. given c. giving d. having given

813. Do you all have ____books? a. his b. your c. yours d. theirs 814. The captain said he wanted four ______ for a patrol behind enemy lines. a. volunteers b. cowards

c. puppies d. children 815. We watched the three little kittens playing _____ the grass. a. under b. at c. near d. in 816. There _____ salesmen at the door all day long, they drove me crazy. a. have been b. has been c. will be d. are 817. Have you ever ______ a large truck? a. drove b. drived c. driven d. driving 818. Have you ______ the play so far? a. enjoy b. enjoys c. enjoying d. enjoyed 819. During World War II metal was very _____ So we saved all our tin cans. a. plentiful b. abundant c. cheap d. scarce 820. Will you let me know when this bus gets to Oxford street. I want to _____ there. a. get on b. get of c. get up d. get off 821. Even if the rain stops in time, it will be _____ for the picnic. a. too dry b. too muddy c. too dried d. too mud 822. Why did you buy that dress if it ______ fit you? a. didn't b. would c. did d. don't 823. Mary can't go to the movies unless she takes her little brother______. a. around b. with c. among d. along 824. My sister enjoys _________ the piano.

a. to play b. played c. playing d. to playing 825. It's Dan's turn _____coffee. a. at ordering b. in ordering c. in order d. to order 826. I am _______ . I don't think I will ever finish this job. a. practiced b. discouraged c. quailified d. amused 827. Mr. Taylor called to say she has a flat tire and won't be here ____ 9.30 or 10.00. a. until b. by c. during d. up to 828. If I ______ you were coming, I'd have saved you a piece of cake. a. had known b. knewn c. known d. know 829. His _________ of the problem cleared up many of my doubts. a. graduation b. estimation c. explanation d. location 830. The ______ on Cyprus is rapidly getting out of hand. a. graduation b. explanation c. situation d. location 831. What do you plan to do after _______? a. graduation b. explanation c. estimation d. situation 832. In your ________, which man is best qualified to be president? a. explanation b. situation c. location d. estimation 833. The new restaurant is being built on Jackson street. Isn't that a good ____? a. explanation b. estimation c. situation

d. location 834. Have you _______ my uniform to the cleaner's yet? a. given b. taken c. brought d. bought 835. I ____________ you a bouquet of flowers from my garden. a. bought b. brought c. took d. arrived 836. Yesterday I _____ a kilo of oranges from the man who came to the door. a. brought b. taken c. bought d. saw 837. The meeting was for 8:30, but I _______ early to make sure the building was warm enough. a. brought b. bought c. tried d. arrived 838. Have you ___________ my suggestion any consideration. a. given b. taken c. brought d. bought 839. __________he crept in the door of the haunted house. a. hastily b. readily c. fearfully d. cheerfully 840. I knew she had studied hard, she gave all the correct answers____. a. hastily b. readily c. fearfully d. doubtfully 841. She began her work _________ , she was always one to see things in their best light. a. hastily b. fearfully c. cheerfully d. doubtfully 842. She put a few things in her suitcase and ___ left the house. If she didn't hurry she would miss the bus. a. hastily b. fearfully c. cheerfully

d. doubtfully 843. The puppy wagged his tail _____ , he wasn't sure whether the cat wanted to be friends or not. a. doubtfully b. fearfully c. cheerfully d. readily 844. Let's take a break a. We need to rest a minute b. They won't miss just one c. I generally take mine in August d. I don't never take a break. 845. She beat me to the telephone. a. She used her belt b. She runs after me c. She runs faster than I do. d. It has an excellent flawor 846. You can say that again ! a. I'm sorry, I didn't understand you b. She's rather dumb, you'd better tell her again c. I certainly agree with you, on that. d. It's your job to do it again 847. Will you take a message, please ? a. Oh, I always have extras. b. Where shall I deliver it c. Certainly, I'd be happy to. d. No, thank you. 848. Please get to the point. a. This part of the knife is dull b. I want to get home fast. c. Please, take it away from me. d. What is it you are trying to say. 849. This mixer is defective. a. It is very lazy. b. It doesn't work right c. It costs more than I can afford. d. It is very cheap. 850. He is noted for his attention to detail. a. Not even the small things escape his notice b. He gives assignments to each work detail. c. He always rides in the last car of the train. d. He ignores the small things. 851. It's half past nine. a. It's 8:30 a.m. b. It's 0930 p.m. c. It's 930 hours

d. It's 9:30 852. She 's two-faced. a. She's so mean she must have two heads. b. She says one thing to your face, another behind you. c. He's been drinking much and sees two offer. d. She usually uses a lot of cosmetics. 853. You look like the cat that ate the canary. a. You have been gaining weight. b. You need to shave. c. Did you just hear some good news ? d. You look very sleepy. 854. The same programme will be ___ the air at 9. a. in b. on c. at d. up 855. He wants to leave _________. a. right on b. right to c. right about d. right away 856. The train is ________ to come. a. up b. out c. about d. readiness 857. It is not dark in here. Turn the lights _____. a. in b. of c. off d. on 858. He has finished his work _______. a. at most b. at least c. at last d. at the latest 859. After a quarrel they ______ again. a. made of b. made in c. made up d. made for 860. The thief ______ my house. a. broke into b. broke down c. broke out d broke up 861. He was a small child when the war ________. a. broke into

b. broke down c. broke in d. broke out 862. It's very _______ to you. a. become b. became c. becoming d. becomes 863. What has become _______ my car? a. in b. of c. to d. off 864. I'm tired from walking. Let's ______ the bus. a. get up b. get in c. get off d. get on 865. She is very rich. She's _________. a. well-to-do b. very well c. well out d. well-built 866. If I feel like doing something, I _________. a. feel like a new man b. feel foolish c. have the desire to do it d. in fact, do nothing 867. If she looks forward to something, she ________. a. looks it out b. looks it up c. anticipates it d. participates it 868. We can't afford to eat ______ every night. a. out b. away c. from d. about 869. If you laugh at someone, you ________. a. make up your mind about him b. make fun of him c. make a fool of yourself d. did a well job 870. He looks after the baby. He __________. a. resembles the baby b. calls for the baby c. takes after the baby

d. takes care of the baby 871. She will visit us in spite of the rain.. She will ________. a. call on us despite the rain b. call for us in spite of the rain c. call down us in spite of the rain d. call off us in spite of the rain 872. I will take up medicine at the University a. take some b. teach c. study d. sell 873. The telephone isn't working. It's __________. a. out of date b. out of order c. out of season d. out of hotness 874. Joe takes after his father. a. looks alike b. looks after c. looks up d. looks like 875. I wish I could stop smoking. a. cut in b. cut off c. cut out d. cut about 876. I'll pick up my laundry a. call on b. call for c. call up d. call in 877. He was called down by the manager. a. called on the carpet b. sold the carpet c. knocked out d. telephoned 878. She is used to _____ . a. smoked b. smoke c. smoking d. smoky 879. We'd like to telephone you later. a. call up b. call on c. call in d. call for 880. I didn't catch on to what he said.

a. repeat b. understand c. forget d. memorize 881. We decided to hold a meeting. a. made up of our minds b. made up our mind c. made up ours mind d. made up our minds 882. I came across my ex-wife downtown. a. had a date b. made a date c. met by chance d. met by change 883. Your hotel bill comes to 75 dollars. a. costs b. value c. worth d. price 884. We were interrupted by the operator. a. cut in off b. cut off from c. cut down on d. cut in on 885. We postponed _______ the meeting. a. to hold b. holding c. held d. have held 886. She avoids ______ me these days. a. to see b. seeing c. saw d. have been 887. We're looking forward to __________. a. have visited b. have been visited c. visiting d. visit 888. It was 5 pm when the meeting broke up. a. began b. finished c. went on d. interrupted 889. Next saturday night's concert was called off. a. cancelled b. called down c. reduced

d. finished

890. They bought a new electric stove. a. chased b. pursued c. priced d. purchased 891. She couldn't get in touch with me. a. concenrate on b. come up with c. communicate with d. come across to 892. We feel sorry for him. a. take pity on b. take part on c. take for granted d. take on assume 893. He got lost in the woods. a. couldn't find his way b. lost his mind c. lost his weight d. lost his friend 894. We did away with some old books. a. collected b. covered c. eliminated d. put away with 895. We'll get through the work tomorrow. a. be will b. finish c. see to d. begin 896. They stopped fighting suddenly. a. gave away b. gave out c. gave up d. gave off 897. We don't have enough chairs to go around. a. around here b. around the school c. for everybody d. in the classroom 898. The students had better study hard. a. should b. might c. must d. may

899. He was willing to keep an eye on my kids. a. take pait in b. take after c. take down after d. take care of 900. My watch runs well. a. is on the blink b. keeps good time c. kept it well d. says the time well 901. They put the computer together step by step. a. over and over b. little by little c. all of a sudden d. at once 902. The school we're in here faces the sea. a. looks out on b. looks it over c. looks it up d. looks out of 903. The mechanic examined the car thoroughly. .a. looked around b. looked it overhall c. looked over d. looked out 904. She made up a very funny story. a. found out b. heard c.. invented d. said 905. They visit us occasionally. a. all the time b. most of the time c. once in a while d. once upon a time 906. This style is out of date. a. before its time b. old fashioned c. very new d. expensive 907. She chose the best dress in the store. a. picked in b. picked from c. picked up d. pickedout 908. The refere put off the game.

a. called down b. put out c. called up d. postponed 909. The pilot should look at the manual off and on. a. on and on b. over and over c. from time to time d. usually 910. It was a hard course. But she made it. a. succeeded b. failed c. fell behind d. gone forward 911. It is so painful that I can't put up with it. a. ful b. endure c. endorse d. encounter 912. He got over his illness recently a. got worse b. recovered from c. took over d. climbed 913. You will run across some difficult question. a. come out b. run away c. run up to d. run into 914. Mehmetçik stands for all Turkish soldiers and sailors. a. goes for b. reprimands c. represents d. repairs 915. He took over the company. a. buoght b. sold c. assumed control of d. argued with 916. Where did the accident take place? a. happied b. occured c. found d. involve 917. That was a very good idea. Who thought it up. a. made it out b. talked it over

c. look it over d. invented it 918. When will you turn in ? It's getting late. a. hand in b. go to bed c. turn off d. come back 919. Please turn out the lights. a. turn off b. turn in c. turn on d. turn right 920. That waiter waited on us. a. served b. changed c. called d. showed 921. My clothes wore out fast a. became saturated with b. became wet c. became old d. became painted 922. I would rather have coffee than tea. a. prefer to have b. had better drink c. likes to drink d. don't want to drink 923. I am really tired of riding the bus a. tired from b. became of c. sick of d. charged 924. Mary put on some weight recently. a. lost b. gained c. died d. had put 925. They stopped studying German a. gave away b. gave off c. gave out d. gave up 926. He got used to hearing English. a. became accustomed to b. was used to c. be accustomed to d. got unfamiliar to 927. He passed out and was taken to the hospital.

a. died b. fainted c. injured d. passed away 928. I have quite a few friends in the U.S. a. only a few b. little c. many d. some 929. We have to cut down on our expences. a. reduce b. introduce c. produce d. increase 930. They sometimes come and see us. a. rarely b. seldom c. often d. occasionally 931. She gets on the bus at Konak. a. enters b. left c. leaves d. get in 932. She gets off the bus at Üçkuyular. a. enters b. left c. leaves d. get in 933. He'll come back tomorrow. a. retired b. entire c. revolve d. return 934. A furnace is used to produce _________ a. food b. heat c. neat d. product 935. Ingredients are the things a mixture is made ______ a. in b. of c. from d. for 936. To reduce friction , we use _________ a. coment b. plastic

c. lubricant d. alive 937. Lubricants are ________ substances. a. slick b. sticky c. hard d. solid 938. Cement is used to ______ things together. a. fasting b. fastening c. fasten d. sticks 939. This one adheres to another easily. a. slick b. skips c. stacks d. sticks 940. Graphite is a soft form of _________. a. clay b. carbon d. lead d. iron 941. a. Where he lives? b. Where does he lives? c. Where does he live? d. Where is he live? 942. a. We arrive last night. b. We arrived last night. c. We are arriving last night d. We've arrived last night. 943. a. He did left yesterday b. He left yesterday c. He has letf yesterday d. He doesn't leave yesterday 944. a. Why he go home? b. Why he went home? c. Why did he went home? d. Why did he go home? 945. a. Did he finish the test? b. Did he finishes the test? c. Does he finishes the test? d. Did he finished the test? 946. a. Where is graphite found?

b. Where graphite is found? c. Where is found graphite ? d. Where graphite found? 947. a. How you did that? b. How you did do that? c. How did you do that? d. How do you did that? 948. a. Where did you found your book? b. Where you found your book? c. Where did your find your book? d. Where did you find your book? 949. Scientists are still discovering new creatures. a. lands b. minerals c. animals d. plants 950. We are interested in special purpose ******organs. a. discoveries b. mechanisms c. materials d. methods 951. Some animals have uncanny abilitles. a. interesting b. believable c. certain d. strange 952. The car collided with the truck. a. ran into b. went around c. avoided d. crowded 953. Your mother will direct you along the coast. a. restrict b. confine c. connect d. guide 954. Many animals direct themselves using echoes. a. rebounding sounds b. frequent sounds c. land sounds d. soft sounds 955. Some birds emit high-pitched sounds. a. copy in b. like with

c. send out d. listen to 956. How do you account for his interest in sculptures. . a. like b. explain c. accept d. change 957. The tortoise swims with remarkable skill. a. awkward b. deficient c. extraordinary d. considerable 958. Let me give you a hand. a. sat around b. help c. see d. shake 959. He finally caught on. a. looked around b. heard me c. got in d. understood 960. Elasticity is an important property of rubber. a. advantage b. requirement c. characteristic d. indication 961. The coolant alternately from changes a liquid to a gas. a. gradually b. by turns c. slowly d. rapidly 962. They are waiting for the wind to let up. a. stop blowing b. start blowing c. changed direction d. blow harder 963. That changes some substances to a vapor. a. gaseous form b. liquid form c. a watery substance d. slick form 964. A compressor is a__________. a. pump b. piston c. machine d. coll 965. When a liquid evaporates, it picks up heat.

a. gains b. loses c. changes d. controls 966. Let's hang around and see what happens.. a. leave b. stay c. hurry d. go 967. A gas is _________ substance. a. an oderless b. a liquid c. an air-like d. a watery 968. A light rising from a fire is a ______. a. visible b. wood c. match d. flame 969. The tongue is a sense organ for ______. a. tasting b. smelling c. hearing d. faling 970. Is it possible ________ in the dark? a. to seeing b. seeing c. to see d. seeing to 971. Rubber is important _______ it has so many uses. a. although b. since c. because d. but 972. Keep in mind that you'll be here at 6. a. remember b. c. d. 973. He left ______ saying a word. a. when b. without c. with d. memorize 974. I go to class _____ going to the lab. a. when

b. while c. with in d. before 975. Many years ago, a sailor standing in the board of a ship would shout, a. used to b. might c. was going to d. be used to 976. A fire wouldn't burn _____ oxygen ? a. with b. without c. by d. in place of 977. His constant companion was on ox, Babe a. owner b. property c. friend d. relative 978. ________ mathematics or physics easy to understand ? a. Is b. Does c. Are d. Do 979. My shoes are made _________ pure leather. a. for b. with c. from d. of 980. That material can not be bent. It is _________ . a. rigid b. solid c. flexible d. flammable 981. I can revise your paper later. a. write b. give c. correct d. take 982. Why do some children insist on _______ that ? a. do b. to do c. done d. doing 983. We must ________ drive without a license, a. always b. never c. sometimes d. ever

984. Doctors say _________ is a good exercise. a. walk b. walking c. to be walking d. to have walking 985. Mary was thrilled when she was flying. a. execited b. frightened c. happy d. unhappy 986. It looks like to rain today. a. It is raining outside b. It looks like it is raining outside. c. It might rain today d. it will be raining 987. He gets up at seven o'clock. a. He sleeps at seven b. He sleeps by seven c. He sleeps until seven d. He leaves his bed at seven 988. He wakes up at seven o'clock. a. He sleeps at seven b. He is sleeping at seven c. He sleeps until seven d. He leaves hid bed at seven 989. He won a victory _______ fear. a. on b. over c. to d. from 990. This is _______ 1896 model Fiat, I think. a. new b. an c. older d. a 991. Each of the children _____ three pens. a. have b. has c. have to d. has to 992. Neither of the two women ____ over thirty. a. am b. is c. are d. has 993. Each of the boys _______ newspaper. a. have b. had

c. have to d. had to has 994. Some of the planes ______ on the runway a. are b. is c. has d. goes 995. All of your instructors ________ here. a. is b. have c. are d. has gone 996. Most of the men _________ "good morning" . a. say b. says c. tell d. tells 997. Some of the cheese ________ eaten. a. are b. have c. has d. is 998. All of the sugar ________ wet. a. were b. was c. had d. get 999. None of the girls _______ come yet. a. have b. has c. would d. is 1000. most of our oil _________ from Batman. a. come b. comed c. comes d. coming 1001. One of the men _________ to the office. a. are going b. going c. go d. is going 1002. All of the pies _______ sold. a. are b. is c. have d. has

1003. Either of the answers ________ correct. a. are b. is c. get d. will have 1004. Some of the children ________ blind. a. are b. is c. becomes d. have 1005. Most of the money _________ missing. a. are b. is c. has d. have been 1006. Bill and Joe _________ good friends. a. becoming b. being c. is being d. are 1007. John, together with his brother, ________ coming. a. am b. is c. are d. will 1008. She or Mr.Brown _______ the person you need. a. are b. will c. has been d. is 1009. Every boy and every girl _________ very fast. a. runs b. run c. running d. have run 1010. Our furniture ___________ getting old. a. a. will b. have c. is d. are 1011. The number of the men _________ increasing. a. is b. are c. have been d. has being 1012. The car you have _________ the same as this tin. a. done

b. is c. made d. on hand 1013. What is the difference _________ you and I . a. among b. between c. from d. along 1014. Henry knows ________ anyone else. (Soru Eksik doðrusunu bulamadİm) a. more than b. much of c. most of d. well 1015. Mary lost my hat. Whose hat is that? a. Mary is b. Mary's c. its d. his 1016.The train should arrive at 6 o'clock. But it will delay two hours. When will it arrive? a. 6 o'clock b. 8 o'clock c. 2 o'clock d. 4 o'clock 1017. He will retain his s e r i a l (yasak Kelime!) number. a. keep b. loose c. find d. change 1018. He walks a lot in his job. What does he need? a. a good car b. a pair of good shoes c. great help d. a good umbrella 1019. Everybody _________ how to drive. a. knows in the family b. in the family knows c. know in the family d. in the family know

1020. His voice irritated. John during the exam. a. annoyed b. sorried c. angried d. worried 1021. His progress in English was consistent. a. improveabley b. slowly

c. constant d. permittable 1022. It was sprinkling outside last night. a. shower b. light-wind c. being to rain d. thunder shower

1.C 41.D 81.C 121.C 161.B 201.B 2.B 42.A 82.D 122.B 162.A 202.A 3.C 43.A 83.B 123.A 163.B 203.B 4.D 44.A 84.A 124.D 164.A 204.A 5.A 45.C 85.B 125.A 165.D 205.C 6.B 46.C 86.C 126.C 166.A 206.B 7.B 47.B 87.A 127.C 167.A 207.B 8.A 48.A 88.B 128.D 168.D 208.D 9.D 49.C 89.A 129.A 169.D 209.A 10.A 50.D 90.C 130.B 170.A 210.A 11.D 51.B 91.C 131.C 171.C 211.B 12.D 52.A 92.A 132.B 172.B 212.D 13.A 53.B 93.D 133.D 173.C 213.B 14.C 54.C 94.B 134.D 174.D 214.B 15. 55.D 95.B 135.A 175.D 215.B 16.A 56.B 96.C 136.D 176.C 216.C 17.B 57.A 97.D 137.C 177.C 217.C 18.B 58.B 98.B 138.C 178.D 218.A 19.A 59.B 99.A 139.D 179.C 219.B 20.B 60.A 100.A 140.D 180.C 220. 21.C 61.C 101.D 141.C 181.A 221.D 22.D 62.D 102.C 142.B 182.D 222.B 23.A 63.B 103.C 143.B 183.C 223.A 24.A 64.C 104.B 144.A 184.D 224.B

25.C 65.C 105.D 145.B 185.B 225.A 26.A 66.B 106.C 146.D 186.D 226.B 27.B 67.C 107.D 147.B 187.A 227.C 28.B 68.D 108.C 148.B 188.D 228.B 29.A 69.B 109.B 149.B 189.D 229.C 30.B 70.D 110.A 150.C 190.C 230.A 31.B 71.C 111.C 151.C 191.A 231.D 32.C 72.C 112.C 152.A 192.A 232.B 33.B 73.D 113.A 153.D 193.B 233.D 34.D 74.A 114.B 154.B 194.A 234.C 35.A 75.B 115.C 155.A 195.C 235.A 36.B 76.C 116.D 156.B 196.A 236.B 37.C 77.D 117.D 157.A 197.B 237.A 38.C 78.B 118.B 158.D 198.C 238.B 39.B 79.C 119.B 159.B 199B 239.C 40.C 80.A 120.A 160.D 200.A 240.D

241.A 281.B 321.C 361.C 401.B 441.A 242.B 282.B 322.D 362.A 402.A 442.D 243.B 283.A 323.D 363.C 403.B 443.D 244.D 284.C 324.C 364.C 404.C 444.A 245.B 285.B 325.D 365.B 405.B 445.D 246.D 286.A 326.C 366.C 406.C 446.A 247.C 287.D 327.A 367.D 407.B 447.B 248.D 288.C 328.C 368.B 408.D 448.A 249.A 289.B 329.C 369.A 409.A 449.A 250.A 290.A 330.A 370.A 410.A 450.C 251.D 291.B 331.B 371.D 411.B 451.C 252.B 292.C 332.A 372.C 412.B 452.B 253.A 293.B 333.A 373.A 413.A 453.B 254.D 294.B 334.C 374.B 414.C 454.B 255.C 295.B 335.B 375.B 415.D 455.B 256.B 296.C 336.D 376.B 416.B 456.C 257.B 297.A 337.C 377.B 417.A 457.D 258.D 298.B 338.B 378.A 418.D 458.C 259.C 299.B 339.B 379.A 419.C 459.C 260.B 300.C 340.A 380.B 420.B 460.A 261.A 301.C 341.D 381.D 421.A 461.A 262.C 302.B 342.D 382.D 422.C 462.C 263.A 303.A 343.D 383.D 423.B 463.A 264.B 304.B 344.A 384.C 424.C 464.B 265.A 305.A 345.A 385.B 425.B 465.B 266.A 306.C 346.C 386.D 426.A 466.B 267.A 307.B 347.D 387.B 427.C 467.C 268.B 308.C 348.A 388.C 428.B 468.A 269.B 309.A 349.B 389.C 429.C 469.D

270.A 310.D 350.A 390.B 430.D 470.C 271.D 311.C 351.C 391.C 431.A 471.D 272.B 312.B 352.D 392.C 432.C 472.B 273.A 313.C 353.B 393.A 433.A 473.B 274.B 314.B 354.B 394.A 434.A 474.B 275.D 315.D 355.C 395.A 435.C 475.A 276.D 316.A 356.C 396.A 436.B 476.D 277.B 317.B 357.B 397.C 437.C 477.A 278.B 318.C 358.C 398.C 438.D 478.C 279.D 319.A 359.A 399.A 439.A 479.A 280.A 320.C 360.B 400.C 440.B 480.C 481.B 521.A 561.A 601.B 641.D 681.C 482.B 522.C 562.C 602.B 642.D 682.B 483.A 523.B 563.C 603.C 643.A 683.D 484.B 524.A 564.C 604.C 644.A 684.C 485.A 525.B 565.B 605.B 645.C 685.D 486.B 526.B 566.B 606.D 646.D 686.A 487. 527.D 567.D 607.A 647.B 687.C 488. 528.A 568.D 608.D 648.A 688.B 489.A 529.C 569.C 609.D 649.B 689.B 490.C 530.D 570.C 610.B 650.D 690.D 491.B 531.D 571.D 611.C 651.B 691.C 492.D 532.C 572.A-B 612.D 652.C 692.C 493.A 533.C 573.B 613.C 653.A 693.B 494.A 534.D 574.C 614.B 654.C 694.B 495.A 535.D 575.C 615.C 655.D 695.D 496.B 536.B 576.B 616.C 656.B 696.C 497.D 537.C 577.A 617.C 657.D 697.D 498.A 538.C 578.B 618.A 658.B 698.A 499.B 539.C 579.C 619.D 659.A 699.B 500.A 540.C 580.C 620.C 660.A 700.C 501.A 541.A 581.B 621.C 661.D 701.B 502.A 542.B 582.D 622.D 662.B 702.A 503.D 543.D 583.B 623.C 663.C 703.B 504.C 544.A 584.C 624.D 664.B 704.D 505.C 545.B 585.C 625.C 665.A 705.D 506.D 546.D 586.A 626.B 666.B 706.D 507.C 547.A 587.C 627.D 667.A 707.B 508.C 548.C 588.D 628.C 668.C 708.C 509.C 549.C 589.B 629.A 669.A 709.C 510.C 550.A 590.B 630.B 670.A 710.B 511.B 551.A 591.A 631.C 671.B 711.D 512.A 552.C 592.D 632.D 672.B 712.B 513.C 553.B 593.D 633.A 673.C 713.C 514.B 554.B 594.C 634.C 674.A 714.D 515.D 555.C 595.A 635.B 675.D 715.B 516.A 556.D 596.A 636.C 676.B 716.C 517.A 557.A 597.B 637.B 677.D 717.D

518.B 558.C 598.C 638.B 678.A 718.C 519. 559.C 599.C 639.C 679.B 719.A 520.B 560.D 600.C 640.C 680.A 720.C

721.A 761.B 801.A 841.C 881.D 921.C 722.B 762.A 802.B 842.A 882.C 922.A 723.B 763.B 803.B 843.A 883.A 923.C 724.D 764.D 804.D 844.A 884.D 924.B 725.C 765.C 805.C 845.B 885.B 925.D 726.B 766.C 806.A 846.C 886.B 926.A 727.C 767.A 807.D 847.C 887.C 927.B 728.D 768.D 808.A 848.D 888.B 928.C 729.D 769.C 809.C 849.B 889.A 929.A 730.C 770.A 810.A 850.A 890.D 930.D 731.B 771.A 811.B 851.D 891.C 931.A 732.C 772.B 812.C 852.B 892.A 932.C 733.A 773.D 813.B 853.C 893..A 933.D 734.D 774.C 814.A 854.B 894.C 934.B 735.B 775.C 815.D 855.D 895.B 935.B 736.C 776.B 816.A 856.C 896.C 936.C 737.D 777.A 817.C 857.C 897.C 937.A 738.A 778.B 818.D 858.C 898A 938.C 739.C 779.C 819.C(D) 859.C 899.D 939.D 740.B 780.D 820.D 860.A 900.B 940.B 741.B 781.D 821.B 861.D 901.B 941.C 742.D 782.C 822.A 862.C 902.A 942.B 743.C 783.C 823.D 863.B 903.C 943.B 744.B 784.D 824.C 864.D 904.C 944.D 745.A 785.A 825.D 865.A 905.C 945.A 746.C 786.C 826.B 866.C 906.B 946.A 747.B 787.C 827.A 867.C 907.D 947.C 748.A 788.B 828.A 868.A 908.D 948.D 749.D 789. 829.C 869.B 909.C 949.C 750.B 790.A 830.C 870.D 910.A 950.B 751.C 791.D 831.A 871.A 911.B 951.D 752.B 792.C 832.D 872.C 912.B 952.A 753.D 793.D 833.D 873.B 913.D 953.D 754.B 794.B 834.B 874.D 914.C 954.A 755.A 795.A 835.B 875.C 915.C 955.C 756.D 796.C 836.C 876.B 916.B 956.B 757.C 797.B 837.D 877.A 917.D 957.C 758.D 798.D 838.A 878.C 918.B 958.B 759.A 799.D 839.C 879.A 919.A 959.D 760.C 800.C 840.B 880.B 920.A 960.C

961.B 986.C 1001.D 962.A 987.D 1002.A 963.A 988.C 1003.B 964.A 989.B 1004.A 965.A 990.B 1005.B 966.B 991.B 1006.D 967.C 992.B 1007.B 968.D 993.B 1008.D 969.A 994.A 1009.A 970.C 995.C 1010.C 971.C 996.A 1011.A 972.B 997.D 1012.B 973.B 998.B 1013.B 974.D 999.A 1014.A 975.A 1000.C 1015.D 976.B 1016.B 977.C 1017.A 978.A 1018.B 979.D 1019.B 980.A 1020.A 981.C 1021.C 982.D 1022.C 983.B 984.B 985.A

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