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The expansion and a global economic recovery that will lift aluminum consumption will help boost Rain Commodities profit in 2015, Rao said. Ruetgers distills coal tar to make pitch products that are blended with calcined petroleum coke and pressed into anodes, which are baked in kilns for 17 days at a temperature of 1,250 degrees Celsius (2,282 degrees Fahrenheit) to produce aluminum, according to Aluminium Bahrain’s website. The anodes are replaced about every 28 days. Rain, which also makes Priya Cement in India, has a total capacity to produce 2.4 million tons of calcined petroleum coke or about 8 percent of global output, according to the company’s website. N. Jagan Mohan Reddy, a graduate from Purdue University, formed Rain Calcining Ltd. in 1989, which was combined with Rain Commodities and Priyadarshani Cements Ltd. in 2004, according to the Business Standard newspaper. The company is working toward increasing net cash generation to as much as $150 million as demand improves, from $80 million now, and plans to use internal accruals of as much as $500 million in four years to cut debt from $1.3 billion, Rao said. “If one is looking to invest in the stock for six to eight months, one might not get the value asked for,” said Rohit Agarwal, an analyst at SPA Securities Ltd. in Mumbai. “The prospects are good over a two-year period as aluminum demand will be good once the global markets recover. These guys will be in a good position to benefit from that.”
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000 tpa of CPC..The Company was incorporated on 8th November. in terms of which HIE will ..... Why corporates like Godrej. Rising rural wage may boost UPA’s chances More » Company History .. Bihar turns major hub for. on 20th April. Five tax filing mistakes to avoid this year Sharekhan’s top ten stocks for the month of J. From transit point.... Manmohan Singh should. calcination and combustion of GPC.. The project will have a power generation facility capable of generating an annual average of 41 MW of surplus power from the flue gases evolved during processing. Piramal. AP.. More »  o o o o o How shell companies turn black money of India... . buy gold: Kishore Narne Most Read Most Shared Most Commented  o o o o o How shell companies turn black money of India. The main objects of the company as per the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company...The Company is setting up a 100% EOU for the manufacture of 250. 1995 .. in the port area of Visakhapatnam. Metal fencing around nuclear plant leads to d. Mahindra.. Intelligence suffering...The Company has entered into a technical assistance contract with HIE. Jagan Mohan Reddy and associates. HIE-Rain and AMICOR.. RIL chief Mukesh Ambani joins M&M boss to bac.. 1994 . Sharekhan’s top ten stocks for the month of J. Ishrat Jahan encounter case: CBI evidence aga. which will be sold to industrial consumers or APSEB under a Power Wheeling and Purchase Agreement between the Company and APSEB dated 4th November.. More »  o o o o o How shell companies turn black money of India.. YEAR EVENTS 1989 .o o o    The business case for carbon management Pilot Error Eyed in Crash Rupee's pain is bullion's gain. Piramal..The Company has been promoted by Shri N. Are retirement homes for you? All you need to.. and received the certificate for commencement of business on 20th November.Rain Calcining Ltd. Mahindra. Why corporates like Godrej..

The Company has enetered into an agreement on 20th April.each for each at par aggregating Rs.RCL promoted by a US based Non Resident Indian group. Jaganmohan Reddy. . .The company is also setting up 49 MW captive power plant.The company is setting up a 100 per cent export-oriented unit in Andhra Pradesh in technical collaboration with HIERain and AIMCOR for manufacturing calcined petroleum coke from imported green petroleum coke.A. . offloads 26. Houston Industries Energy-Rain Inc.The company proposes to harness the waste heat to generate electricity. Street No 1. 2002 -Informs NSE about the address of acting R & T agents as M/s Karvy Consultants Ltd.00. 46. Avenue-4.The Public issue of the company of 3. . U. -Acquires 24.RCL has a technical as well as financial collaboration with Reliant Energy International Inc and AIMCOR. along with USbased Houston Industries Energy Inc. Inc.RCL is the largest producer of calcined petroleum coke (CPC) in Asia with a capacity of 3 lakh tonnes. promoted by a US-based group of NRIs headed by Mr. 'Karvy House'. Reliant Energy Rain Inc. AIMCOR and IFC will be the largest of its kind project in Asia and is expected to have operating costs that are the lowest in the global coke calcining industry. 1998 . . nominee of Reliant Energy-Rain. (CCCI). -Mr.00.50. 10/. 2004 -RCL buys out entire stake held by US partner in Reliant Energy Rain .RCL has a power-wheeling and purchase agreement with the APSEB.The Company has awarded the contract for erection of plant and machinery to Larsen & Toubro Limited and erection works have commenced. 10. in the Board of Directors of the company and Mr.000 during the February. -Improves its performance quarter after quarter because of the uptrend in the prices of aluminium in the international markets.50.Mr. engineering. under which the company can sell the surplus power to industrial consumers in Andhra Pradesh. on 29th April. Alternate to Mr. Steven H Schuler.000 tpa of Calcined petroleum Coke. construction operation and maintenance of the power generation facility. . which is used in the aluminium smelting process.85. Hyderabad 500 034.Rain Calcining Ltd. .The Company has entered into a consultancy services agreement with Coke Calcining Consulting Inc.provide technical and managerial advice to the company with respect to the design. International Finance Corporation (IFC). 2003 . AIMCOR and International Finance Corporation. Rain Calcining Ltd.00. 1996 . 1997 .79% equity holding stake in their foreign technology and equity partner.RCL has an installed capacity of 300.000 including firm allotments to Indian Financial Institutions/Banks/FIIs/NRIs/OCBS/aggregating Rs. . 1999 .000 Equity Shares of Rs.. Steven H Schuler have given their resignation. . with AIMCOR for assisting the Company in marketing its production of CPC in the international and Indian markets. .58lakh equity shares of the Hyderabad based. 38.S. N. Steven H Schuler and Mr S L Rao appointed as the Additional directors on the board of the company. Douglas Darrow. Banjara Hills.The Washington-based.

Provisions) during the year 1990 and in April of the year 1992. own and operate a petroleum coke calcining plant in China through its wholly owned subsidiary Rain CII Carbon LLC. 2004. At present.e. Toronto. RCL is engaged in the manufacture and sale of Cement (under the brand 'Priya Cement') and Calcined Petroleum Coke (CPC) along with generation of Electricity. a wholly owned subsidiary of the company had entered into an agreement with Great Lakes Carbon Income Fund. The Company had . Rain owns and operates 3 cement plants with a combined capacity of 3. Inc.f. RCL had proposed to acquire Hemadri Cements. was transferred to the company with effect from July of the year 2006. in 1986 RCL made its Initial Public Offering (IPO). Rain Commodities (USA). The cement business. LLC in October 2006 from American Industrial Capital Partners II. the capacity of the CPC plant has increased from 300.com Web Url: Scindia Road Naval Base Post City: Vishakapatnam State: Andhra Pradesh Pincode: 530014 Email ID: Web Url: "Rain Center" 34. also in Hyderabad. The Company came under the provision of the Sick Industrial Companies (Sp. Rain Calcining got amalgamated with RCL in November of the year 2007. The name of the company was changed to Priyadarshini Cement Limited on 4th May of the year 1984. City: Hyderabad State: Andhra Pradesh Pincode: 500073 Email ID: hydinfo@raincalcining. Board for Industrial and Finance Reconstruction (BIFR) had accepted the sick industrial companies (Sp. -Rain Calcining signs O&M agreement with PCIC Registered Address 6-3-571/2.000 MTPA.2mn mtpa.5mn mtpa. one of the leading producers of cement in South India was incorporated on 15th March 1974 under the name and style of Tadpatri Cements Limited. (RCUSA) acquired 100% of the membership interests of AIP/GLC Holdings.Provisions) scheme. 2003 have confirmed the delisting of the equity shares of the company from HSE w. Louisiana. The Company got its present name as Rain Commodities Limited on 27th December of the year 2004.com Web Url: http://www. The second ready mix concrete plant of the company had set up at Miyapur. Somajiguda City: Hyderabad State: Andhra Pradesh Pincode: 500082 Email ID: hydinfo@raincalcining. The Company had acquired CII Carbon of USA In July of the same year 2007.2004 -Rain Calcining Ltd has informed that the company had made an application to the Hyderabad Stock Exchange Ltd (HSE) for delisting of shares and HSE vide its letter dated December 31. housed in RIL.000 MTPA to 480. "Rockvista" Rockdale Estate.Company commences commercial production of the expanded calcination plant effective May 23.com Rain Commodities Limited (RCL). also passed an order. L. Srinagar Colony. accordingly. II Floor. 2005 .9Million TPA of CPC with manufacturing facilities in Illinois... 2005 and. January 05.raincalcining. The Company's wholly owned subsidiary Rain Commodities (USA). RCL had launched a feasibility study to construct. manufacturing 1. USA (Rain CII) in February of the year 2008. Missisipi and West Virginia. nearly year after taking over a cement unit from Nagarjuna Construction Company. RCL commissioned its first ready mix concrete plant in December of the year 1999 at Hyderabad. After two years. It had set up two manufacturing plants with a rated capacity of 7200 cubic meters per month. 8 CPC plants with a capacity of 2.P. Canada during February of the year 2007 to acquire majority stake and certain assets. During the year 2000.

.42% to Rs 41.69% to Rs 2. India and Rain Global Services.42% to Rs 41.02 crore in the quarter ended March 2013 as against Rs 34. Sales rose 18.67 crore during the previous quarter ended March 2012. Sales rise 18. RCL's second unit situated in Kurnool had started its commercial production with expanded capacity of 1.03 crore in the quarter ended March 2013 as against Rs 3.64 crore during the previous quarter ended March 2012.02 crore Net profit of Rain Commodities declined 44. USA as it's wholly owned subsidiaries in April of the year 2008.5 million metric tonnes of cement per annum with effect from 19th June 2008.incorporated Rain Calciner.

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