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CPR training and certification, Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, basic

sewing, gardening, editing.


Substitute Teacher
Monroe County Community School Corporation
315 E North Drive, Bloomington, Indiana 47401
Phone Number: 812-330-770
Supervisor: Patti Sparks- Human Resources
Phone Number: 812-349-4753
August 2008-Present
Description of Duties:
On call basis, be prepared to be called in the evenings or in the morning
starting at 6:00 am; arrive 20 minutes before class starts and report to
office; read and prepare the lessons for each class left by the teacher; be
prepared to take the place of the certified teacher; instruction of class- roll
call, be prepared to answer to questions, collection of homework, lead the
class in discussion; familiarize self with rules of the classroom and school,

Customer Service
Bloomingfoods Market and Deli
3220 E Third Street, Bloomington, Indiana 47407
Phone Number: 812-336-1884
Supervisor: Justin Goellner
September 2007-Present
Description of Duties: Customer service; basic computer skills;
knowledge of the store’s products- organic and natural food options;
collection of carts in parking lot; cleaning the front end of store- deli area
and cashier station; signing up new
Co-op members; taking and finding special orders.

Marketing Director’s Student Worker

710 Bookstore and Office Supplies, Carbondale, Illinois 62901
Phone Number: 618-549-7304
Supervisor: Leah Perschbacher- Marketing Director Ext. 119
August 2004-August 2007
Description of Duties:
Cashier, in charge of taking pictures of all new clothing items and
accessories, editing photos in Adobe Photoshop and uploading onto
website; web orders- boxing and shipping items out; inventory of all items
on website; assisting marketing director at promotional events, specifically
at “Back to School” events.
Reason for Leaving:
Graduated and moved away.

Subway Sandwich Artist

Subway Sandwich Shop, Carbondale, Illinois 62901
Phone Number: 618-457-7827
Supervisor: Holly Gilmore- Shift Manager
Phone Number: 618-713-6399
June 2003-August 2004
Description of Duties:
Cashier; food preparation- slicing vegetables and making sandwiches; basic
cleaning- sweeping, mopping, etc.
Reason for Leaving:
Offered a job that worked around my class schedule.

Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Carbondale, Illinois 62901
August 2002 to May 11 2007
Degree Earned: Bachelor of Art in English/Creative Writing
Cum Laude GPA: 3.557
Activities: Copy editor of Grassroots Literary Magazine- a student run
selective collection of undergraduate prose, poetry, photography, and

John A. Logan Community College

Carterville, Illinois 62918
January 2002 to December 2004
13 credit hours

Carbondale Community High School

Carbondale, Illinois 62901
August 1998 to May 2002
Studied the general curriculum
GPA: 3.85
National Honor Society
Personal Statement

I am interested in pursuing the Transition to Teach program to have the opportunity to

further my study of English and to be qualified to teach at the Secondary Education level. I

recently had the opportunity to talk with Jeane Novotny about the program and I was excited to

learn about such an involved program for students.

I spent five years studying at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, graduating cum

laude in May 2007 with a degree in English and a specialization in Creative Writing. I spent the

first three years as a Science/Pre-nursing major, uninspired by the lectures on meiosis and the use
of a centrifuge. I changed my major to English the next semester.

My first semester as an English major I received a 4.0 GPA, as opposed to the 2.692 GPA

my first semester as a Science major. My cumulative GPA continued to climb and I stopped

feeling so out of place.

The reason I am applying to the Transition to Teach program is because I feel it has a rare

sense of community that few programs have. It also just happens to fit my situation perfectly,

having graduated with an English degree and a 3.557 GPA. I did not study Education as an

undergraduate student because I wanted most of my focus to be towards furthering my writing

skills and my knowledge of literature. After failing to be accepted to the highly selective and

competitive MFA program in Creative Writing, I decided it was time to use the skills I have

learned already and help others discover what talents they may have. Part of the reason I wanted

to pursue an MFA in Creative Writing was to have the opportunity to teach. After I talked with

Jeane Novotny and learned about the Transition to Teach program, I wished I had pursed it first.

I am applying for Summer II 2009 term later than I would prefer because of my

experience with applying for an MFA in Creative Writing. I understand the program is small, but

if there is any chance for an opening this summer, I would be honored to accept the spot.

However if this is not possible, I would like for my application to be kept on file until Summer

2010 term for a possible spot that term.

Many of my family members are educators, including my grandfather, three aunts, and a

close cousin. It is these relatives and a great handful of English teachers I had in high school and

beyond, who have inspired me to follow in their footsteps. I hope I can continue to expand my

influences to the Transition to Teach program at Indiana University.

Rachel Bahr