Why You Can Improve Your Game Without Practicing

by Craig Sigl creator of Break 80 Without Practice

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I on the other hand. Here’s the thing. In fact. I’ve given you this simple analogy to shake you up a bit. …Twelve seconds! Would this be correct? Of course. times 60 in an hour. “how is this possible?” “Is this guy nuts?” “Who the heck does he think he is?” You’ve been told all your life that the way to get better at golf is to first take a lesson. times 365 days in a year…. is either they practice terrible habits. right? Don’t worry. I admit it. and then be able to come up with a huge number. right? I will not argue with you that that method I just outlined works. You’d multiply 1 second times 60 in a minute. come on. It’s a tragedy really. I never say that practicing golf is bad for your game…. Yep.far from it! The problem with most folks though. etc. times 24 in a day. Now. could come up with an answer far faster than that…12 What? That’s not right? Oh yes it is. or maybe do some math in your head. Then. I probably will and won’t disappoint you on that. me too. at least let’s give it a go… Let me start with a question…If I were to ask you: “How many seconds are there in a year?” Some of you would get out your calculator. a March 2nd. I can change your mind before we even disagree? What do you think? Well. I’m not telling you here or anywhere in my writings not to practice. and it’s intuitive. and practice each individual movement that the pro golf instructor just taught you. There is a January 2nd.Why You Can Improve Your Game Without Practicing Dear Fellow Golf Fanatic. 12 is not intuitive and doesn’t “seem” right to answer the question with. It does. If you want to break out of the “mold” that the golf industry has put you in for all those years. or they don’t have time to practice at all! And so THEY NEVER IMPROVE. but does it satisfy the question. I probably haven’t said anything yet for you to disagree with me on yet. But maybe. it must be right. a February 2nd. or repeatable without thinking. go down to the golf range. which is the desired outcome? Absolutely.and the number you come up with would be right! Now. And do it until it becomes habit. I know you’re curious about this subject or you wouldn’t even be reading this. 3 . I mean. Since it makes sense.

We’ve read umpteen books and magazines that discuss it. We know that many many golfers have improved their game the standard way. everyone predicted that Fedex would suffer heavily as more documents would travel electronically.” Are the “seconds” of the month real? Well. You see. When personal computers came out. that helps! I don’t want to get too deep here so let’s get back to golf. Ahh. it was primarily a document-moving overnight delivery company. I used to work for Fedex.Why You Can Improve Your Game Without Practicing then you will have to open your mind to some possibilities that you might never have come across before. We tend to see and live in the future the way we have experienced in the past. My 12 year old boy recently told me: “Dad. your tendency might be to immediately dismiss it as “not real. All the pros say that is the way to do it! So that must be the only way to do it huh? Ok fine…then I guess you don’t ever want to get in a car and drive over 35mph. I totally disagree and here’s why. 4 . we are our experiences and history. Sometimes I make myself dizzy when talking about “out there” ideas. Practice. leeching blood cures illness. it was said that Fedex would get hurt even more. then the golf industry will lose untold amounts of $ per year. And. Lessons. explained to his detractors that these technological jumps would actually INCREASE his business. Anyway. What? Did you know that before railroad engines were built that most EVERYONE believed that the human body would explode if it traveled over 35mph? Both times. Fred Smith. humans will never fly…etc.” Nope. You see. When Fax machines first started coming out. Can you touch them? Smell them? See them? We like to paint pictures in our mind to understand some things and so we take this a step further and make a “calendar” and number the boxes on it for every month. The Golf Industry Says “No Way” “But Craig. the same thing goes for golf. because you have never seen anything like this. or any other sport for that matter.” I guess I should consider that a badge of honor. an international air and now ground transportation network. the CEO. my friends and I sometimes have no idea what you are talking about when you talk to us. if folks started thinking they could get better without practicing. But in it’s early days. I don’t think so except as an idea in our mind. We’ve seen it! We’ve witnessed it. Fedex stock dropped. He was right. Play (LPP) . increased productivity for everyone meant that (about 56 kph) I don’t have to waste your time telling you about all the old beliefs that are now looked upon as completely silly today do I? World is flat.

It’s a well-known fact that average golf scores have not gotten better among the general golf-playing public since the invention of steel shafts. Yes. I say. But it’s not.” That is. And even with today’s high-tech equipment and golf balls. It was written that he was taught the mental game at an early age. there has been a leveling off of new courses built and new players entering the game. everyone in the industry benefits! Do you know how many folks give up on the game every year because they feel they are no good at it? Or get frustrated with the game? And why is that? It’s because they are told that the only way for them to get better is to take lessons and practice at the range! And they just don’t have the time or the patience to do that! Teaching pros will always be needed to work on the fundamentals and they can now work with their clients in other areas than just traditional “swing instruction. documents might not be that important anymore but something else will still need to be transported. Remember. Flash to golf. The game of golf should be absolutely booming right now since all the baby boomers are hitting their retirement age. Tiger Woods was playing at 3 years old! His Dad was his greatest teacher and they played on a military base course and public courses. When that happens. then more golfers would stay golfing and not take up watching sports on the Television in their easy chair. Some huge golf companies are actually in trouble these days. So. scores are not going down…and lately.Why You Can Improve Your Game Without Practicing more “things” would need to be moved. More deals would be created and thus more opportunity for making connections that required transportation of some sort. When more people get into and stay in the game. Why? Because a guy named Tiger Woods came on the scene. Never before has a minority from such humble beginnings accomplished so much and made the game exciting! Many folks took up the game to be “part of the excitement. Then. If more golfers actually improved. Golf experienced a short-term boom in the 90s. it all became old hat for the millions of new golfers as they were all told that they had to hit zillions of balls on the 5 . So. the game is pretty hard to play well and many folks just give it up in frustration. if their clients actually wanted to lower their scores rather than just look good.” They all thought that if this guy can do it. more people will get into the game. Now that was a big one and it did give golfers a huge jump at that time. the way for golf to grow and EVERYONE in the industry to benefit is for real folks everywhere to start actually pushing that average score statistic lower. the general golf public. Let’s face it. then so can I. it has to begin with YOU.

I wouldn’t disagree with them. AND…if you want to learn how to go from shooting over 100 to getting in the 90’s. What? This is golf blasphemy your saying here. They tell us that they worked their tails off practicing their technique for countless hours. Golf Pros Can’t Be Wrong…Can They? So here’s the problem as I see it: We want to get better at golf. and the average person has left the course. then maybe you should ask some average folks how they did it. You can either be right and be one of the masses…or you can get results…it’s your choice. Craig. If they did. 6 . They don’t follow the masses. you should absolutely ask pro golfers how they’ve done it.MODELLING – do what successful people have done. the most important thing you have to do…is JUST BELIEVE that you can! If you can do that…then you’re half way there. Only thing is…in golf. they would be one of the masses right? . if you want to be a pro golfer. Really! I think Hale Irwin said it best when he wrote: “So many golfers get themselves into a position to improve and then never come through because they subscribe to this self-defeating prophecy that they belong at a certain skill level. So what has happened lately? Tournament winnings have gone through the roof. most of us shouldn’t be asking the pro how he/she got to the top ranks and try to model them. you. Now. It’s sad actually.” You see. You know exactly what they will tell you don’t Do You Believe? Ok.simple logic that you can’t deny. how do we have to think in order to be successful at improving our golf scores when we aren’t able to practice like we think we should? Believe it or not. instead of playing themselves. Belief is everything. then YES. We conclude that is the way to go. If they tell you that they took lessons and practiced like crazy…and you don’t have time to do that…then ASK SOMEONE ELSE! I am a Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). to watch all those average folks leave the game and go back to watching Tiger on T. We look to those that are very good at golf and ask them how they did it. the popularity of pro golfers is at an all-time high. and in some other sports as well.V. The major theme behind NLP is….Why You Can Improve Your Game Without Practicing practice range like Tiger in order to improve. Just hang on a minute and let me explain. Successful people think differently than the average person in whatever sport or business we are talking about.

they could easily pull the stake out of the ground because of their huge strength…but they don’t. It’s because of how our brain and bodymind processes new information through the filter of deleting. no matter what. The rest is discarded. their legs are chained to a stake in the ground to keep them where they should be. knowledge and stored values. We can only handle about 7 bps. One particular circus had a massive fire in the tent where the elephants were chained up. I didn’t get to where I’m at by blind faith. Let me first tell you about baby elephants in a circus. would you please explain that…” Ok. can you remember a time (I know you can because it happens every day) when you were listening to someone tell a story? They were telling you about THEIR experience…and what were you doing? About midway through the story. Your mind must always be considering what it thinks is important at any given moment. As they get older. as that is what I would have thought a few years ago. this guy is OUT THERE!” And I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that. What’s your chain? “If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing.Why You Can Improve Your Game Without Practicing Even though many folks totally understand this concept. they will still choose to believe in the old ways. You will always tend to think and feel and react based on what you already know. distorting and generalizing all inputs to form an internal representation that results in a behavior. I am one of those that are always in need of some 7 . “What? Geez. they won’t attempt to stray any further than the normal distance of the chain. For instance. our senses are bombarded with 126 bits per second of input. they finally give up on pulling on the chain and stake because it only hurts them to try. Well. they become totally conditioned that when the chain is on. you see. When they are young. Over a period of years. you’re right. So. it’s all you can do to keep from interrupting them to tell them YOUR thoughts. If they were to try pulling the chain. Everything we do is a result of our past experiences. our automatic processes filter out and pay attention to only what it thinks we need to deal with. All of the elephants burned to death even though they could have escaped had they just believed they could and pulled on the chain. And this is due to a survival mechanism in our brain processing. they say something that triggers you to remember your own story that somehow relates to theirs. You might think that I am a Hypnotist and NLP trainer and say…”Wow. That always baffled me but I now understand why. I could go on and on about this NLP stuff but I know you just want to improve your golf game so I’ll get back to the task. And now.” Henry Ford Quantum What? The next part of the puzzle comes from the scientific study of Quantum Physics.

Quantum Physics is the study of subatomic (smaller than atoms) particles. Before that. If you are ready to believe that your mind is powerful enough to make a huge jump in your scores. I want to see the studies! I want some solid research and reasons WHY something is the way it is. you had traveled that road befo re. And I found it in a study called Quantum Physics. Those smaller objects or particles don’t BECOME particles until you create them with your thought. In a nutshell. Let me see if I can do any justice here with an oversimplification: We used to think that atoms were the building blocks of matter (things we can see. I would recommend that you read this book as well as my humble writings. I could write a book on what I have learned about Quantum Physics and how it applies to us but you know what? There is already a book out there that has applied it to golf…it’s called: Quantum Golf by Kjell Enhager. This is the science that has convinced me that Scoring Lower Without Practicing is possible. A p a rt of you can do that…automatically! This is big folks! Let me go on… Have you ever learned to ride a bike? Why is it that it takes a lot of falls and spills and training to ride a bike the first time…and then once you know 8 It gets real complicated let me tell you but it’s all grounded in the scientific method and mathematical formulas…and it’s very empowering for your golf and your life! And it all PROVES how powerful your mind is. You press the gas and the brake at diffe rent times and see diffe rent things eve ry trip. WITHOUT PRACTICING. touch. nothing is objective! Everything is influenced by the observer (YOU!) Yes. Quantum Physics has determined that the thoughts you have become matter. You create your reality by how you think. In other words.) Physicists have discovered smaller. feel etc. but eve ry car ride is diffe rent. Have You Ever…? Have you ever gotten in your car with a destination in mind? You turned the key and drove off…and then you arrived at your destination…and you can’t remember the trip! You drove a highly complex vehicle in varied conditions totally on autopilot! . they exist as wave-form potential. I want to know “WHY” something is the way it is before I believe in it. Just go read “Quantum Golf”. at the sub-atomic level of matter. I read this book a few years ago and I must tell you…I didn’t understand it! It’s only now that I have learned about the power of the mind and how it relates to Quantum Physics that it makes sense to me.Why You Can Improve Your Game Without Practicing scientific proof or study.

Everything about the food sends your mind into a place of just…well. The wine comes and you sip and savor it as you look at the food menu. Why do you go to this restaurant? Because you love it. It involves millions of chemical and neuron patterns in your body to make the muscles move precisely to keep balance while turning and maneuvering a bike. What are the chances of this happening with teaching someone how to ride a bike? Zero.You let the flavors swirl around in your mouth as you engage your mind to take it all in from your senses. Everyone is there to experience the joy of a good meal and excellent conversation. then you would be able to do it fairly easily the first time right? But it’s not. you can go 30 years without riding a bike and you’re still able to ride it again perfectly! You might be saying that riding a bike is so much easier than swinging a golf club…and I would disagree. cheerful talk with your partners at the table. Finally. feeling great! Now…let me ask you. Would you say that you were focused and could concentrate on that wonderful experience during the times when it meant the most to you? Was it difficult to hold that intense focus on the food for the minute from when the food arrived until you swallowed that first bite? No? I didn’t think so… Focus and Concentration Let’s go to your favorite restaurant. You get enjoyment and pleasure out of experiencing everything about the place and of course. maybe it’s a wonderful wine. It’s perfect! You soak in the beauty of the food as nourishment and a stimulus for pure bliss for a few moments before you finally take that first bite.Why You Can Improve Your Game Without Practicing how. that tastes so good…. or within a few tries. more than swinging a club. the delicious food. in your mind. The descriptions are so tantalizing as you read every word. You engage in fun. You can’t wait. I can put a golf club in a complete novice’s hands and they could hit the ball a fairly good distance maybe the first time. You sit down and look at the menu. Mmmmm. In fact. You order your 9 . The atmosphere surrounds your body and senses adding to the enjoyment as you await your meal in giddy anticipation. If it was an easy task. right now. Oh mannnn. the server arrives with your plates! Ahhh. you can smell the aromas as you see your plate being put in front of you just as you pictured it. Can we model how we learn and successfully ride a bike for a lifetime and apply this same principle to golf? Yep. Have you ever felt like the only thing you were missing in scoring your best round of your life was…focus and concentration? Maybe just on one particular hole that you blew it on? favorite beverage for starters. you can begin to taste what you have decided is exactly what you want to eat today.

we can find out how they do it. will improve your game more than weeks of hip-swiveling on the practice ground with a blank mind. I know. you’re thinking. mentally rehearsing the Morrison Keys. Remember.” I’m not the first to tell you this… Allright. Morrison was THE GREATEST teacher of his day by far. maybe you wanted MORE time to concentrate on the choices and sent him away.Why You Can Improve Your Game Without Practicing Did you find it really hard to read the menu and choose which way to go with your food? Or did you get a small feeling like you get right before you open up a gift in wrapping? And how long did that take? Didn’t it seem like you didn’t have enough time and the server was there to take your order? Or. He taught Jack Nicklaus’ dad and the great Henry Pickard among many other pros. He taught many politicians and big-time entertainers including Bing Crosby and Bob Hope. which afford you a successful swing. He had his own golf school in New York. My beginnings in becoming the Golf Anti-practice 10 . He wrote this in 1940 at the peak of his fame. I told you that NLP is all about modeling successful people. Modeling in NLP is simply: If someone can do something. Many of you reading this far are still not convinced. I mean. and we can do it too. Morrison. Morrison wrote: “Five minutes in an easy chair. Expert were created the day I found a book called: Better Golf Without Practice by Alex J. “why should I believe this guy?” What are his credentials? Is he a golf pro? What big names has he trained? Good questions and fair enough.” and “You can give the right kind of attention to the Keys by seeing them clearly with your brain.

” This seems logical. the more we know. it doesn’t matter. It’s a fascinating time for neuroscience! They’ve hooked up athletes to these machines and found virtually no difference from reality to imagining themselves playing and competing in their sport. Nobody. Here we go again with the “woowoo” stuff right? Well. for very few players have the time or inclination for long hours of practice. not exactly but hope is on the way! Let’s talk about “Memory” for a minute. instead of lower scores. the less we know. finished” If all of that isn’t enough for you. there are countless studies done on the effects of mental practice in sports. You hear people say that we only 11 . And for their failures they invariably resort to that old alibi – “lack of practice. most players finish with lower spirits and higher figures. That “no practice” alibi is through.Why You Can Improve Your Game Without Practicing and “Unfortunately. Scientists can now watch the brain functioning on a monitor! They have identified all sorts of processes and mapped out where different functions of the brain happen. Here’s the thing though. It has only been in the last 10 years that the study of the brain has really taken off due to Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanning technology. You see. I’ve seen We only use a small percent of our mind power This has been stated so often in so many ways that it’s now a cliché. but nobody thinks we use even half of our powers. you hear others say 1/3. it has now been scientifically proven that the brain and nervous system do not know the difference between real events and vividly imagined events! use 10% of our brain. Let me assure you that this excuse will no longer hold.

I just wanted to break 80! That’s all. That doesn’t count the number of non-golf athletes before that for 15 years. I just couldn’t get enough of the feeling that every time I went out.” This is a guy who has worked with over 1300 golfers in his career since he started specializing in golf performance in 1986. Some of the latest research I’ve read suggests that memory and indeed. I took a group lesson course and learned the fundamentals. when will you believe that you have all the ability you need to become a better golfer? That you don’t need to find “The perfect swing?” How many great golfers must you watch with your own eyes who have technically “poor” swings (like Lee Trevino or Jim Furyk) before you are convinced? My Story/Your Story? I’ve been golfing since I was 11 years old. including Olympic champions. Us humans have been doing “impossible” things for a long time. I played 12 . A class of new doctors at Harvard was learning how to use the machine. normal. So. Golf pros say that you have to practice in order to create “muscle memory. just a good one. So. It turned out that this student. even today. nobody would have ever known. I played the game for a good 25 years and could never shoot a 79 or better. Tom Kubistant says that there is no such thing as “Muscle Memory.000 pound vehicles off their trapped children. I was going to do better than the last time. In my late teens.” Golf psychologist Dr. let’s get that out of your head right now unless you just want to continue to be “one of the masses. average folks are told by doctors to go home and die of some incurable disease. and maybe even below the level of DNA. After all. With that hopefulness. The professor needed a volunteer to go in the machine so they could read the scan. like cancer…and then they heal themselves! Small women have been able to lift 3. I read golf books and magazines regularly. I didn’t want to be a pro golfer. what are molecules and DNA? They are nothing more than chemical structures. The human mind is an amazing and not well-understood thing. feel like I’m going to have my best game ever. who eventually finished med school and became an excellent doctor only had about half of a normalsized brain! This is a true story! He was extremely intelligent and if there was no brain scan. ALL INTELLIGENCE resides below the level of the cells.” Check this out: I read recently about when MRI machines first came out. blind…have been able to shoot in the 70’s on regulation courses! I could go on and on about human potential and you may even know more than I.Why You Can Improve Your Game Without Practicing and heard the term “muscle memory” a zillion times. I loved the game right off the bat. Golfe rs that have no eyesight…yes. I always. below the level of molecules. Every day in the world today.

I played only sporadically after that for awhile without a care in the world about my score. I didn’t win any more of our bets. I’m cleaning my garage. I shot 112! No kidding. And I was working 50 hours a week at my regular job! My golf game got worse after those lessons.” I definitely remembered the class but I didn’t remember reading the books. I had less time to practice than I did before and so I felt there was no way I could turn things around. since I had invested so much time and money into it all. Well. I still couldn’t break 80 and that was all that mattered to me. I got home from that round and pretty much gave up the idea of improving my game anymore. I will say that my swing looked better. decided to apply them to my pitiful game. My regular partners told me so! But. I took the ideas and as an experiment. I was very intrigued. I didn’t improve a bit. in my mind. Both of them had quotes and learnings from pro golfers but neither of them was about golf. Just went out to have a good time and drink some beers. I dunno. I read them over the winter. maybe I got a little better. my life started to get busier and busier. I went back to school to get training in computer technology. I was so sure that after I took these lessons that I was on the path to the 70s! Lodge” in SW Washington state. I had nothing to lose since But it didn’t happen. I finally had a meltdown when I went to a golf course called “Skamania 13 . Seems like I always just kind of skated through college doing the minimum to just “get by.” I put the box away but bring these 2 books inside to read before I go to bed at night. I did everything you are supposed to do to get better given the fact that I had to work a full-time job and had only so much time for my golf game.Why You Can Improve Your Game Without Practicing once a week and went to the range often. Didn’t matter. At the age of 30. I figured they would help me get to sleep and maybe I could remember some cool things about that class that I liked. I go through a box of books that were stored in the corner. They were from my college days! I pull out a couple in particular that were from a class I took called “Interpersonal Communications. I’m not sure how long that period was but one day. We had 2 children. I took a set of lessons from a local pro.

I stopped reading swing advice and started reading about the human mind in addition to golfing shortcuts for everything. They can listen in the car or while exercising. to those of you that might be wondering. OR. Anyway. I shot my first 79! I couldn’t believe it! Was I dreaming? How did this magic happen? How was I able to keep it going the last few holes when I knew I was close? It was all very hazy and fuzzy to me at the time. Even folks who do have time to practice are adding these concepts to their game. it’s really much easier 14 .Why You Can Improve Your Game Without Practicing I had no time to practice anymore. I’m a tad bit over 5’ 5” (165 cm) tall and at the time. I let my golf magazine subscriptions lapse too. Once we understand a few principles of the mind and the physics of the game. totally different than any other round. Was it working? The techniques I was using from those 2 books? I started asking a million questions of myself and knew I had to find out more about what I was doing. to finish the story. wherever! I’ve since taken advanced trainings and certifications and revised “Break 80 Without Practice” with my latest research. about 140 lbs. Now. at Eagle Crest Golf Course in Redmond. why I was golfing so well all of a sudden. My game you ask? I’ve brought my handicap down to a 5 and had my best round of my life scoring a 71 on a 6840 yard course! And I still don’t practice. folks all over the world are writing me to tell me that they too are driving their scores down from what I’m teaching. (163 kg) so you know that I’m no overpowering person. I know. That following summer. you know. It’s audio because many of those folks don’t even have time or the patience to sit and read either. I only hit balls at the range before a round to warm up and I never took another lesson. This game does not have to be so complex as we make it. I created my first product “Break 80 Without Practice” an audio CD program because I sympathize with all those folks who don’t have time to practice. Now. I expanded my horizons on how to get better at golf and drove my scores down lower and lower over the coming years. I continued to not practice my game in the spring and played about once or twice a month. including pros. I was one of you.

Why in the world would you want to believe otherwise? Why would you CHOOSE to believe that you must do something a certain way when an easier or more efficient way for you is waiting your discove ry? What will it take for you to MAKE THE DECISION that you are not one of the sheep waiting in line to be sheared. That you are instead.Why You Can Improve Your Game Without Practicing than you’ve always thought. Craig Sigl The Golf Anti-practice Expert http://www. no questions asked. Go buy it now here. Greens and fairways. one of the elite thinkers at the front of the pack.break80golf. I encourage you to BELIEVE in yourself and give “Break 80 Without Practice” a chance to transform your game.com 15 . It’s guaranteed for a full year.

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