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A Savings bank is financial institution that gathers savings and pays interests or dividends to savers. It channels the savings of individuals who wish to consume less than their incomes to borrowers who wish to spend more. This function is performed by mutual savings banks, savings and loan associations, credit unions, postal savings systems, and municipal savings banks. Unlike a commercial bank, a savings bank does not accept demand deposits. Many savings banks originated as part of a philanthropic effort to encourage saving among people of modest means. The earliest municipal savings banks developed from the municipal pawnshops of Italy. Other early savings banks were founded in Germany in 1778 and the Netherlands in 1817. The first US savings banks were nonprofit institutions established in the early 1800s for charitable purposes.


Fig.1 Eastwest Bank Logo The brand mark is created from two arrows, currently called chevrons, representing the East and West, fusing together to result in synergy; hence, the solid core of the logo. Within the heart of the logo, good things happen. Specifically, the center of the logo, which is in the shape of a diamond, symbolizes the value that we create in the lives of our clients though our products and services. For their new corporate colors, they selected green for its light and fresh hue. Moreover, the meaning of the color "green" aptly captures our recharged corporate perspective, namely: focusing on new growth, thinking creatively and adopting a go-getting attitude. On the other hand, we chose purple and magenta as the other colors of the new logo. They chose green, purple and magenta primarily for their uniqueness in the banking industry as well as the enthusiasm and out-of-the-box thinking that these 1

Architectural Interiors | Diana Joy L. Tulaylay, John Michael M. Catapang, Just D.L. Bernal

shades denote. As for the name, "EastWest" will now be printed in lower case typeface sans the word "bank" to further emphasize the aforementioned characteristics represented by their corporate colors. Corporate Vision "To be a world-class bank anchored on service excellence in our chosen markets." Corporate Mission To create value: o For our chosen markets, by providing them with excellent service in the delivery of integrated and innovative products, responsive to their current and future financial needs, at the best value. o For our employees, by continuously providing them with opportunities to develop their full potentials and by giving recognition and rewards commensurate to their contribution. o For our community, by committing ourselves to improving the quality of life of those around us through the support for various charities and involvement in outreach activities. o For our regulators, by uncompromisingly adhering to the highest standards of business ethics and corporate governance. For our shareholders, by managing the bank professionally and prudently to consistently achieve optimal possible returns. Corporate Values Integrity, Excellence, Mutual Concern, Teamwork and Individual Initiative, Corporate Pride, Sense of Urgency, and Leadership.

Architectural Interiors | Diana Joy L. Tulaylay, John Michael M. Catapang, Just D.L. Bernal

The site that we have scouted is a building for lease located at corner Stanford along Aurora Blvd. , Cubao, Quezon City beside BDO (rightside) and Ministop (leftside). The site is approximately, 15mx10m with a modular floor plan and of perpendicular orientation. The site was a former bank, to be precise, the Orient Bank of the Philippines. It is suited as a commercial area for its strategic location, for Cubao is a center of trade and industry. It is also adjacent to different banks like BDO, China Bank, Landbank and Metro Bank. It is also accessible but connected to the malls namely Gateway, Alimall, Farmers mall, Shopwise and SM. EXISTING SITE: EXTERIOR



Receiving area

Architectural Interiors | Diana Joy L. Tulaylay, John Michael M. Catapang, Just D.L. Bernal

Second Flr. Existing Interiors

Architectural Interiors | Diana Joy L. Tulaylay, John Michael M. Catapang, Just D.L. Bernal