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Flower associations

As tAken from the sAcred reAlm of witches

Acacia Acacia, Rose Aconite: Wolfs Bane African Marigold Agnus Cactus Agrimony Allspice Almond Tree Aloe Amaranth Amaryllis Ambrosia American Cowslip Angelica Apple Apple Blossom Arbor Vitae Asphodel Auricula Austrian Rose Azalea Bachelor Buttons Balm -

Deep friendship, Platonic Love Elegance, Regal poise and position Misanthropy Vulgar Minds, Selfish Lust Coldness: to live without love or feeling Thankfulness, deep gratitude Benevolence Indiscretion; Promise Acute Sorrow, Sadness Immorality, loose pride Haughtiness; Pride Love returned, pleasure divine You are my Divinity, total trust Inspiration Temptation, Love Preference, Choice in love Unchanging friendship, Old Age My regrets follow you to the grave\ Painting Very lovely, beautiful inside Temperance, patience Hope in love Social intercourse

Balm of Gilead Balsam Basil Beech Bears Beech Belladonna Bilberry Bindweed Broom Bittersweet Nightshade Black Mulberry Tree Black Poplar Black Thorn Blue Bottle Centaury Blue Periwinkle Blue Violet Borage Carolina Rose Chamomile China Aster China, or Indian Pink China, or Monthly Rose Chrysanthemum Cinquefoil Coboca Cocks Comb -

Healing Impatience, do not haste Hatred; Money attraction Prosperity The Arts and culture Imagination (hallucinogen) Treachery, deceit Extinguish, control Humility; Neatness Truth I will not survive you Courage; defense Difficulty; negativity Delicacy, compassion Early Friendship, easy friendships Modesty Bluntness, Courage Love is dangerous; broken promises Energy in adversity; Calm Variety; many happy tidings Aversion Beauty ever new Cheerfulness under adversity Beloved daughter Gossip Singularity; oneness

Cornflower Coronella Cowslip Crown Imperial Cuckoo Flower Cuckoo Pint Daffodil Dahlia Daisy, Michaelmas Daisy Dandelion Elder Evening Primrose Fern Field Anemone Fig Flowing Fern Foxglove French Honeysuckle French Marigold Garden Anemone Garden Daisy Garden Marigold Geranium, Ivy Gillyflower Golden Rod -

Abundance, fertility Success crown your wishes Pensiveness; restlessness Majesty; Power Paternal error; Father Ardor Deceitful hope Instability Cheerfulness Innocence; simplicity, clarity, playfulness Oracle Compassion Inconstancy Sincerity Sickness Argument Reverie Insincerity Rustic Beauty Envy; Jealousy Forsaken I partake your sentiments Uneasiness and jealousy Bridal favor Lasting beauty Beware the Golden Rod; Precaution

Ladys Mantle Ladys Slipper Larkspur Laurel Lavender Lemon Lemon Blossom Lilac, Purple Lilac, White Lily of the Valley Lily, White Lily, Yellow Linden Locust Plant Locust Flower Magnolia Marigold Mimosa Mint Flower Mistletoe Morning Glory Mountain Laurel Musk Rose Narcissus Nasturtium Nosegay -

Fashion Fickleness Lightness; Levity Glory Honesty, truth Zest Fidelity in love First emotions of love Youthful innocence Return of happiness Purity, Sweetness Falsehood, Gaiety Conjugal love Affection beyond the grave Estranged love Love of nature; Magnificence Mental anguish Sensitiveness; Courtesy Virtue I surmount all difficulties Affection Ambition Capricious beauty Egoism Patriotism Gallantry

Orange Blossom Orchid Osier Ox Eye Pansy or Heartsease Passion Flower Pea, Sweet Peach Blossom Periwinkle Pheasants Eye Phlox Pimpernel Polyanthus Pomegranate, Flower Pompon Rose Poppy Primrose Purple Clover Quince Ranunculus Rhododendron Rock Rose Rose Scarlet Fuchsia Scarlet Geranium Scarlet Lily -

Your purity equals your beauty A belle Frankness Patience Thoughts, Pensiz a moi Faith if erect, superstition is reversed Departure, Delicate pleasures I am your captive Sweet remembrances Sorrowful remembrances Unanimity Assignation Pride of riches Mature elegance Genteel; Pretty Consolation of sleep Early youth and sadness Provident Temptation You are radiant with charms Danger; Beware Popular favor Love Taste Comforting High Soul

Sea Lavender Shepherds Purse Sweet William Thistle, Common Thorn apple Tiger Flower Trefoil Trumpet Flower Tuberose Tulip Tulip, Red Tulip, Variegated Tulip, Yellow Tussilage Verbena, Pink Verbena, Scarlet Verbena, White Veronica Violet, Blue Violet, Dames Violet, Yellow Virgins Bower Wake Robin Wallflower Water Lily White Daisy -

Dauntlessness I offer you my all Gallantry, dexterity and finesse Austerity; Independence Deceitful charms For once may pride befriend me Unity Fame; Separation Dangerous pleasures Mends a broken heart Declaration of love Beautiful eyes Hopeless love Justice shall be done you Family union Unite against evil Pray for me Fidelity Faithfulness Watchfulness Rural happiness Filial Love Ardor Fidelity in adversity Eloquence; Purity of heart; Relieves emotional pain I will think of it

White Lily White Mulberry White Violet Wisteria Yellow Day Lily Zephyr Flower Zinnia -

Spiritual awareness Wisdom Candor Welcome, fair stranger Coquetry Expectation Thoughts of absent friends