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Ayodeji Adetunji Idowu,
An economist with some experience in investment banking; has knowledge in
Information echnology, Insurance, and general Administration. !as interest in
corporate "nance, investment banking, market research, governance and public
policy management; has proven ability in research, strategy thinking and
conducting econometric data analysis.
#ducational #$%e!ience
#!$ %tudent in &uantitative 'conomics (une,
)*+, -'xpected.
!ua/hong 0niversity of %cience 1 echnology, 2uhan, 3hina
4aster of %cience in International rade 5irst 3lass $ivision
(une, )*+6
!ua/hong Agricultural 0niversity. 2uhan, 3hina
7achelor of Agriculture in Agronomy %econd 3lass lower $ivision
(une, )**,
0niversity of Agriculture Abeokuta. 8gun %tate, 9igeria
&.'c. ()e*i*
An 'mpirical Analysis of the :elationship between 5oreign $irect Investment and
the Agricultural %ector of 9igeria
Awa!d* + ,i*tinction*
Ac;uired a <level four= 3hinese level pro"ciency certi"cate
3hinese >overnment %cholarship Award recipient? 5ull academic scholarship
-e*ea!c) Inte!e*t
'conometric analysis of stationary and non@stationary time series data
#ublished an academic paper titled <An 'valuation and 5orecast of the
Impact of 5oreign $irect Investment in 9igeriaAs Agriculture %ector in A BA:
'nvironment.= he paper is available online at?
-e*ea!c) #$%e!ience
8btained research fund -93'@+)@*GDG. from 9ew 3entury 'xcellent alents
and #rojects -)*+6#H*+,.
/on0e!ence a%e!
Attended and submitted a paper -An Analysis of the 'Iect of 5oreign $irect
Investment -5$I. on Agricultural %ector of 9igeria. to the 3onference of
4ainland 3hina 1 aiwan.
!o0e**ional 1uali"cation
8racle +*g 3erti"ed Associate -83A. certi"cate 5ebruary
!o0e**ional #$%e!ience
#$ecuti2e Ad2i*o! 3anua!y4 2514 6
3uly4 2514
'.&.A.-.( Ad2i*o!y 7imited. 7ago*. 8ige!ia
3ommunicated the %.4.A.:. Advisory vision and values to staI, key
stakeholders and the wider public
#lanned "nances and set budget to support future growth and development
of the company
$eveloped new partnerships and maximi/ed the impact of %.4.A.:.
AdvisoryAs work by integrating its services and programmes with other
industry actors
:eviewed and implemented policy decisions towards achieving set goals
and oversaw the strategy division of the organisation
#articipated and oversaw corporate "nance activities, negotiations,
strategic partnerships and new business Cproducts development
'stablished an eIective line management structure and performance
monitoring to ensure excellent standards in the delivery of all company
services and programmes
Instituted and maintained suitable staJng structure for eIective delivery of
company programmes
Initiated and implemented ideas to improve operational procedures in the
%uccessfully developed several proposals to generate business
9u*ine** ,e2elo%ment #$ecuti2e
8o2em.e!4 2559 6 Augu*t4 2515
Alte!nate -i*k (!an*0e! 'olution* 7imited. 7ago*. 8ige!ia
4anaged a team of four staI members as the "rst reporting oJcer
Interviewed job applicants and outsourced staI to other companies
8rganised business seminars and trainings
:epresented the company with a team of consultants to organise an
economic summit for a state university
8Iered and implemented ideas; also introduced new partnerships that led
to expansion of business and growth of the company
,i!ect 'ale* Agent A%!il4 2559 :
;cto.e!4 2559
#<uity A**u!ance 7/. 7ago* 'tate. 8ige!ia
%old insurance products on a retail scale
Initiated and sold over E* units of an accident emergency insurance cover
product -'xpress 3ard. to the 9igerian Association of motorcyclists -Kagos
state chapter.
&a!keting #$ecuti2e =/on*ume! 9anking> 8?'/
A%!il4 2558 6 @e.!ua!y4 2559
Aenit) 9ank 7/. #nugu 'tate. 8ige!ia
!andled low volume "xed deposit transactions -under treasury unit.
2as part of the team that managed local money transfer transaction
%upported the head of customer service in attending to client needs
#repared weekly and monthly departmental reports
'nglish L 5luent 3hinese 4andarin@ 3onversational Horuba
-9ative. @ 5luent
In@depth knowledge of?
8perating systems @ 2indows ,, 0buntu Kinux and 4ac 8% M
%tatistical analysis packages@ %AA, '@views, %A%, %#%%, 3rystal :eports
and 4ath type
4icrosoft 8Jce %uite @ 2ord, 'xcel, #ower#oint, Bisio, 8utlook, #roject, and
Adobe creative suite @ Acrobat, 3aptivate, #resenter, and In$esign
Account, book@keeping and reports software @ &uicken, &uick7ooks and
3rystal :eport.
able tennis, 5ootball, #hotography, raveling, 3ycling, #olitics, 3urrent aIairs,
3hinese people and culture