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Copyright © 1982 by Frank Garcia All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic oF mechanical means including information storage and retrevalsystems without except by a permission in writing from the publi Feviewer who may quote beef passages in review From The Man Who Gave You: 19 20, 21 2. 2. Garcia on Spongeballs Garcia on Biliard Balls 1960 1960 Marked Cards and Loaded Dice — 3rd Printing 1962 Wild Card MacDonald's $100 Routine — Stats of Magic Million Dollar Card Secrets — Also translated into German, Japanese, French and Spanish Farky Hollis Super Subile Card Miracles — Also translated into German, Japanese, French and Spanish Amedeo's Continental Magic — Co-authored Garcia Tels it Allin « Nutshell Magic With Cards — Co-authored — Also translated into Japanese and Swedish Encyclopedia of Spongeball Magic Also translated into German Wild Card Miracles — 2nd Printing How to Detect Crooked Gambling Dorit Bet on It! 3 Card Monte The Real Secrets of the 3 Ball Routines — Aso translated into French Bullseye with Fr. Cyprian ‘The New Stars of Magic The Very Best of Cups and Balls — Also translated into French Exclusive Card Miracles Exclusive Card Secrets The Elegant Card Magic of Fr. Cyprian ‘The Close-Up Magic of Fi The Close-Up Magic of Frank Garcia, Part IL Garcia, Part 1962 1972 1972 1972 193 1974 19% 174 176 wo wor los wr 1978 1979 1980 1980 1980 1982 1982 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS My many friends in Magic have encouraged me to write this. Tike to thank them all ‘Special thanks s due to Bob Hirsch, the illustrator clever amateur magician grasps what needs tobe understood in earning slight. He knows exactly how to disclose such knowledge with his magnificent magical illustrations Gratitude and thanks to Paul Flayer for his striking cover Aesign. He isa devotee of Magic and his interest i sincere. Also much creditand special thanksto Lillian whochecked, re-checked and corrected the original manuscript fr larity and accuracy, making your task ease. ‘Thisbook isnot intended for the beginner, Iisassumed that the readers familiar with, and has mastered all the basics of ‘This book is dedicated to Lilian, ‘The world is a much beter place because of her.