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Jews always mikabel yom tov or shabbos with anticipation. How do we mikabel tisha bav?

We know a shtikel from the tzadikim. R Yissacher Dov from Belz right before Maariv on Tisha B’av cried out "what's the Tachlis (purpose)?" Nachamul." We accept it but again? So if it exists must be Hashem wants us to have it. It doesn't help to have new ideas on this night but we must mikabel and get hisorririus for Tisha b’av and another Tisha b’av. There was an adam gadol from the sheeris of the Holocaust in Shanghai. He said he met a secular Jew who was reminiscing memories from the home Eeurope). The secular Jew said the poverty of the villages was so unbearable that a piece of hard bread and water was the way we lived. We were far removed from pleasures and luxuries. But.... The shtetl had one pleasure that we occasionally indulged in riva/jelly. They would go to the forest and gather berries. Would only do it for a simcha or a child wasn't well. But, one time there was no special occasion and his Bubby had a cheshek to indulge in this pleasure she had a jar that was locked in a closet with a little left. She took out the container and put in the spoon and tasted a shtikel. Closed her eyes and smacked her lips. Then the Bubby started to cry. Nobody knew what was wrong. She started banging her head saying the Beis Hamakdash is destroyed how can I have 1 so much pleasure. This was the hasaga of simple grandma. What's the Tachlis? Can we possibly masig tzadikim? The Ohr Sameach (probably talking about rav kook) said that he was nispoel from the kohen. Once Rav Kook came to him and something was agitating him. Ohr Sameach asked Rav Kook what's bothering you? Rav Kook said he’s been on the road and its been a lot of time since he saw parents and now he has opportunity but its shavua shechal bo. Rav Kook said I am mesupak how can I feel intense pleasure during 9 days. What's our tachlis? We are not bubby and of course we aren't Rav kook. What is avoda? Our jar of jelly has grown large. Our stomachs are filled but Hashem is asking us one day of the year to take out the Jar of tears from the cabinet. Even with our full cabinets should be able to taste a shtik bitterness which bubby felt in the jelly. How? There are many video presentations. We have people speaking for us and somebody crying for us etc. What's the tachlis.

‫תלמוד בבלי מסכת ברכות דף ג עמוד א‬ ‫ בא אליהו‬.‫ ונכנסתי לחורבה אחת מחורבות ירושלים להתפלל‬,‫ פעם אחת הייתי מהלך בדרך‬:‫ אמר רבי יוסי‬,‫תניא‬ !‫ רבי‬,‫ שלום עליך‬:‫ לאחר שסיימתי תפלתי אמר לי‬.‫זכור לטוב ושמר לי על הפתח (והמתין לי) עד שסיימתי תפלתי‬ :‫ ואמר לי‬..… .‫ להתפלל‬:‫ מפני מה נכנסת לחורבה זו? אמרתי לו‬,‫ בני‬:‫ רבי ומורי! ואמר לי‬,‫ שלום עליך‬:‫ואמרתי לו‬ ‫ אוי לבנים שבעונותיהם‬:‫ שמעתי בת קול שמנהמת כיונה ואומרת‬:‫ מה קול שמעת בחורבה זו? ואמרתי לו‬,‫בני‬ .‫החרבתי את ביתי ושרפתי את היכלי והגליתים לבין האומות‬

R yose was walking and entered the churba to daven. There was Eliyahu and said my child why did you enter? R Yosei said to daven. Eliyahu said what voice do you hear in the churba? R’ Yose said I hear a ‫ בת קול‬that was crying like a dove and saying woo that I destroyed my house and burned my holy place and I have exiled my children amongst the goyyim. Aish Kodesh on parshas mishpatim

Rav JJ Schachter quoted this story in his Tisha B’av lecture of 2012. He has a printed copy of this story.

‫ וכאלו כל יםוריוה פרטיים ויסודי הכלל ישראל אינם‬,‫דהנה האיש הישראל המעונח ביםוריו חושב שרק הוא מצטער‬ ‫ ובגמרא איתא בזמן שאדם מצטער שכינה מה אומרת‬,‫ אבל הפסוק אומר ובכל צרתם לו צר‬.‫נוגעים למעלה ח״ו‬ ‫ כביכול הוא ית׳ מצטער ביסודי איש‬,‫ ובםפ״ק איתא שהרבה יותר ממה שהאדם מצטער‬,‫קלנימראשי קלני מזרועי‬ ‫ לכן גם צערו ית׳ מצרות ישראל‬,‫ ואפשר שכיון שהוא ית׳ בלתי בעל גבול שבשביל זה אינו מושג בעולם‬,‫הישראלי‬ ‫ רק גםלהשיג את צערו ית׳‬,‫ולא בלבד שלהצטער בצער גדול כזה לא הי׳ אפשרות לאיש לסבול‬,‫הוא בלתי גבול‬ ‫ א״א בשביל שהוא למעלה‬,‫לדעת שמצטער הוא ית׳ ולשמוע את קולו ית׳ אוי לישחחרבתי את ביתי והגליתי את בני‬ ‫ ונחרב חותרבחי׳ חצמצום‬,‫ורק כשנכנס ר״י לחורבה מחורבות ירושלים שנתבטל עצמותו יותר‬,‫מגבולות חאדם‬ ‫ ורק מעט ממנו שמע כי הואשמע ב״ק מנהמת‬,‫ שמע מקולו של הקב״ה‬,‫וגבול שלו‬ .‫רק כיונה ובפסוק איתא ששאוג ישאג על נוהר היינו כשאגת ארי כביכול על חורבןבהמ״ק‬

The Aish Kodesh on parshas mishpatim asks why did R Yose need to daven by a chorva? Why only when he entered the ruins was he able to hear the ‫ בת קול‬crying like a dove? Answers Hashem speaks this way 3 times each day. A Jew tortured in suffering thinks he is the only one in pain and nobody else has suffering. Eicha Yashva Badad. The greatest pain is when the master of the world is oblivious to their personal pain. Everybody has had a drink a jug of tears but the worst thing is when we think we are alone. That Hashem doesn't feel our pain. In ‫ ישעיהו‬says ‫בכל צרתם <לא> לו צר‬. The shchina is crying that this Jewish home is destroyed. ( I missed a gemara in chagiga) Hashem suffers the pain more than the person. Aish Kodesh says that if one tear enters this world the world would cease. It’s impossible to understand Gods pain. Hashem made the world in such a way. In order for R Yose to hear that he's not alone had to enter the devastation of the ruins in Yerushalyim. Let go of his self centeredness. That is our avoda on tisha b’av. We must let go of our personal suffering and jam and hear the voice of god. We can only do that if we let go of our own life. Let the heart be filled of the ‫ בת קול‬of ‫החרבתי את ביתי‬. R Yose only heard a murmur of the voice. In ‫ ירמיהו‬says

‫ירמיהו פרק כה‬ ‫(ל) ואתה תנבא אליהם את כל הדברים האלה ואמרת אליהם יקוק ממרום ישאג וממעון קדשו יתן קולו שאג ישאג‬ :‫על נוהו הידד כדרכים יענה אל כל ישבי הארץ‬
Hashem roars yishag. Even R Yose who let go of his life and enters the ruins by letting go of his selfcenteredness was only able to hear the cooing of a dove but he could have listened and heard the lion roar. A'k couldn’t believe the roar of the lion of the Shchina couldn't destroy the nazis. The world is not obliterated by gods pain because we don't open ourselves up to allow gods tear to enter the world. This is our avoda ofTish b’av. Go lifnei lifnim to the churva of yerushalayim. Everybody knows more than one family of a churva. Rebbe spoke about the Menora family of Chicago. Grandfather burnt to a crisp. Saref es hechali. Homes destroyed by children who don't want to go in the path of their parents. We don't need to be a tourist to see destruction. In Gush katif the people are still vagabonds. Think and feel.

‫החרבתי את ביתי‬. What does it mean when the gates of the concentration camps opened and nothing was
there. That's what rachel imanu wants us to feel. Says in pasuk

‫ירמיהו פרק לא‬ :‫כה אמר יקוק קול ברמה נשמע נהי בכי תמרורים רחל מבכה על בניה מאנה להנחם על בניה כי איננו‬

The meforshim say not just that she's crying. It could have said bacha Why does it say‫ ?מבכה‬She wants us to cry. She wants the meleachim to cry. One drop of Hashem tears the mashiach will come. She can't be consoled. Story of the Minchas Elazar. End of his life was suffering. Needed to take him to Budapest. He died right before the war in 1937. On Thursday in the hospital he was worried about a minyan on shabbos. The hospital was anti_semites and he couldn't make a request. The rebbes Dr. was a non religious jew with a warm Jewish heart. Minchas elazar asked the Doctor to try to arrange a minyan. Dr agreed the responsibility with two conditions. 1. Exactly 10 2. Must be in silence because danger and its a hospital with sick patients. The minchas elazar gave the D a bracha for arichas yamim. Friday Night they brought 9 Jews and it was silent. Within 6 seconds the rebbe starts to yell, screaming and crying. Dr comes running into the room. Rebbe quiets himself down and they didn't get caught. After shabbos the DR. asked the rebbe "I risked my life, people are sick in this hospital, how can you scream like that" the Minchas Elazar said that when I made the promise I thought there was a rule nobody can scream in the hospital but Thursday night I heard horrible screams down the hall so loud I couldn't sleep. Dr said I don't understand the connection. There the person yelling was in terrible car accident and both his legs were crushed but otherwise there is silence in the hospital. The rebbe responded “dear doctor, you learne d in university, and there you learned many pains and illnesses, headaches, stomach aches etc, but tell me did you learn about the pain of a Jew? Do u understand about the pain of a heart of a Jew who is waiting 2000 yea rs for mashiach and the redemption? Did you learn that each year on Pesach we say zu hahshana that this will be the year and we are going to be saved and it still hasn't happened. Dr have you ever felt the pain of the Jew that is seeking for a peace of Jerusalem and waiting with great longing for the geula. Believe me honored Dr. that this pain is great. I couldn't hold it in. No promise in the world could quiet the pain of the scream of the pained heart of the yid" What's the Tachlis? Its the yortzeit of the Chozeh Mlublin. He was called the Choze because of his eyes. How far in the future he could see? He said I see the way the Jews sitting on Tisha Bav having a seder saying Hallel and giving praise to Hashem. Vatiten lanu es yom tiasha B’av hazeh. That it will become a yomtov. The divrei chaim was dancing at seudas mafskes adir hu yivne beiso. We should merit through our tears to feel Hashems tear entering the world. It should be a Chag where we are thinking bigger thoughts than the jar of jelly.