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Anger and Sadness: Burn Them Out!

I can feel myself moving from anger into sadness. I don't know whether I should try and get the anger out or just let it explode inside.

nger and sadness are both the same. Sadness is passive anger and anger is active sadness. Sadness comes easily, anger seems to be difficult because you are too much in tune with the passive. It is difficult for a sad person to be angry. If you can make a sad person angry, his sadness will disappear immediately. It will be very difficult for an angry person to be sad. If you can make him sad, his anger will disappear immediately. In all our emotions the basic polarity continues that of man and woman, yin and yang, the male and the

female. Anger is male, sadness is female. So if you are in tune with sadness, it is difficult to shift to anger, but I would like you to shift. Just exploding within will not help much because again you are seeking some way of being passive. No. Bring it out, act it out. Even if it looks like nonsense. Be a buffoon in your own eyes, but bring it out. If you can float between anger and sadness, both will become similarly easy. You will have a transcendence and then you will be able to watch. You can stand behind the screen and watch these games, and then you can go beyond both. But first you have to be moving

easily between these two. Otherwise you tend to be sad and when one is heavy, transcendence is difficult. Remember, when two opposite energies, are exactly alike, then it is very easy to get out of them, because they are fighting and cancelling each other and you are not in anybody's grip. Your sadness and anger are fiftyfifty, equal energies, so they cancel each other. Suddenly you have freedom and you can slip out. But if sadness is seventy per cent and anger thirty per cent, then it is very difficult. Thirty per cent anger in contrast with seventy per cent sadness means forty per cent sadness will still be there and it will not be possible; you will be in capable of easily slipping out. That forty per cent will hang over you. This is one of the basic laws of inner energies. Always let the opposite polarities come to an equal status, because then you are able to slip out of them. It is as if two persons who are fighting are so engaged with themselves that you need not worry and you can escape. Do not bring the mind in. Just make it an exercise. You can make it an everyday exercise; forget about waiting for it to come. Every day you have to be angry - that will be easier. So jump, jog. scream, and bring it. Once you can bring it for no reason at all, you will be very happy because now you are free. Otherwise even anger is dominated by situations. You are not a master of it. If you cannot bring it, how can you drop it? Gurdjieff used to teach his disciples never to start by

dropping anything. First start by bringing it in, because only a person who can create anger on demand can be capable of dropping it on demand; simple mathematics. Gurdjieff would tell his disciples to first learn how to be angry. Everybody would be sitting and suddenly he would ay, "Number One, stand up and be angry!" It looks absurd. But if you can bring it.... And it is always available, you just have to pull it in. It comes easily when anybody provides an excuse. Somebody insults you and it is there. So why wait to be insulted? Why be dominated by the other? Why can't you bring it yourself? Bring it yourself! In the beginning it looks somewhat awkward, strange, unbelievable, because you have always believed in the theory that it is somebody else whose insult has created the anger. That is not true. Anger has always been there; somebody has just given an excuse for it to come up. You can give yourself an excuse. Imagine a situation in which you would have been angry, and become angry. Talk to the wall and say things, and soon the wall will be talking to you. Go completely crazy. You have to bring anger and sadness to a similar status, where they are exactly proportionate to each other. They will cancel each other out and you can slip away. Gurdjieff used to call this "the way of the sly man" -to bring inner energies to such a conflict that they are engaged together cancelling each other, and you have the opportunity to escape. Try it.

Uprooting Anger beyond Catharsis

When the angry feelings build up inside, like in a pressure cooker, many therapists try to get their 'patients' to express the feelings and get them completely "off your chest." This is called venting or catharsis, a cleansing of the system. Early in Freud's career, psychoanalytic therapy depended heavily on catharsis--uncovering old emotional traumas and venting those feeling until we had some understanding of the internal stress and a thorough draining of the pent up emotions. A popular and common notion is that feelings need to be expressed openly and completely. For example, when a child wants something he/she can't have, it is likely to cry, get angry, and even hit, i.e. vent feelings. We may not like it, but we see the frustration as an understandable reaction. Osho Meditations especially Dynamic and Gibberish help one to achieve this catharsis to go beyond this process when during the next stage, the meditators become silent and move inwards to experience 'thoughtless awareness'. This is what uproots anger from the deep psyche and becomes a permanent solution when one does not react but responds with awareness.

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