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AvondaleAvondale-Waterview Historical Society Incorporated

July—August 2013 No. 64 Prepared by Lisa Truttman, President and Editor

Former toilets & plunket offices at Rosebank Road
I’ve been notified via email from the Whau Local Board office that work is due to begin by the end of July on renovating and altering the old 1940s building to serve as a community space. I have written to the Board’s Chairman Derek Battersby expressing my appreciation for all his efforts in seeing this project through — rescuing a small bit of our district’s history from being just another forgotten footnote under a car park.

How long have you studied Waterview? Have you been in the construction site? Is it possible to find stuff under the school if you dig it? When did the mill stop? Was there a wharf? Are you looking forward to finding more things? How did you find out about all this stuff? Who named Waterview - Waterview? Was there a school in Waterview before this one? What do you know about Oakley Ave? Who was the first person living in Waterview? Are there any wreck’s in the mangroves off Waterview? Where exactly was the mill? Do you have any family relationship to Waterview? I don’t have family connections with Waterview myself, but did give them answers to the rest, and also told them about whales caught in the mouth of the Oakley Creek, and poultry farms right where their school is today. They were really interested when I told them about Papers Past and other places on the internet where they could look up info on Waterview’s past. In our age when so many in their generation and just a bit older seem to expect ready-made facts served up on a plate — it was great to see clever young minds keen to explore and discover for themselves. I received this letter of thanks, written by one of the students (format theirs):

Visit to Waterview School
Whenever a local school asks me to come along and have a chat with the students, I do wonder how on earth I’ll get along. I don’t have any children, and it’s been quite a while since I was one myself! But the morning spent at Waterview School on 22 March was wonderful. Waterview’s Gate Class there is particularly interested in local history, including how to find out more about their neighbourhood, and what might lie beneath their feet in their slightly-relocated school, next to the machinery and cranes building the northern portal to the Waterview SH20 motorway extension. I was sent this list of questions: Could you tell me interesting facts about Herdman Street?

Dear Lisa
Thank you so much for the interesting information you have given to us. Thank you for coming to our school. You have given us a big boost on history with waterview. Yours faithfully Waterviews gate class.
History of Avondale Community Centres 1947-1990
I’ve finished this, and it’s ended up being a 28-page document. Once it has been proof-read, I’ll forward a copy to the Whau Local Board, copy to Avondale Library (probably on CD to keep the cost down), and a summarised version in an upcoming issue of the Journal.

Next meeting of the Avondale-Waterview Historical Society:

Saturday, 3 August 2013, 2.00 pm
at St Ninians, St Georges Road, Avondale This will be our Annual General Meeting.

Murals on Control Boxes
Murals funded by the Whau Local Board are pending for the corner by Avondale Baptist Church (to feature John & Jane Bollard), Victor Street (hopefully, Avondale College & Intermediate’s 70th anniversary of construction), and Elm Street (Kirkpatrick’s cart). Images for Glenburn brickyard was intended for a control outside Saintly Lane on St Georges Road — but someone else has painted an abstract of railway lines instead. My thanks to Board Member Kathryn Davie for keeping me in the loop as to planning for these murals.

Birkenhead in 1880. Then swap. Lunch between12.00 and 12.45. Bus tour will depart at 1.00 and visit the Museum. 3.00pm review of all Societies activities. Afternoon tea available for those who want, before departure. ALL ENQUIRIES TO MRS MAVIS THROLL 483 7230 , E-MAIL: P.O BOX, 34- 419. BIRKENHEAD, AUCKLAND Cost $20 per head.

2 October, 4 pm
Memories of living in Avondale, at Avondale Library. Manjula Patel is looking for volunteers who would like to pop along and share their memories of growing up or living in Avondale in years gone by. Contact Manjula at the library for info.

140th anniversary of St Ninians cemetery
Auckland Council have approved our Open Day on 5 October to go ahead as part of the Auckland Heritage Festival, and I’ve finished the online cemetery so I can collate information for some king of a handout or brochure for visitors on the day. Alison Turner has arranged with Avondale’s local Florist, Amanda 4 Flowerz, for supply of small flower heads which visitor (and AWHS members) can leave on the graves as a mark of remembrance on the day. Dawn Moffatt has kindly offered to make a supply of sandwiches for light refreshments on the day — could someone else among our members, with a dab hand at the cooking arts, volunteer to make something like scones or pikelets? We could fundraise by selling these for a few dollars a plate on the day. I’ve had an offer of assistance from the Avondale Community Society to supply teas and coffees, which is very much appreciated.

5 October, 9 am to 4.30 pm
Open Day at St Ninians and our October meeting.

6 October, 7.30 pm
Another night at George Maxwell Memorial Cemetery, organised by St Judes Anglican Church.

9 October, 10.30 am
Talk on history of Lynfield, by L Truttman, Blockhouse Bay Library.

10 October, 10.30 am
Talk on Early Days at Auckland Zoo, by L Truttman, Pt Chevalier Library

12 October, 2 pm
Talk on the history of Three Kings, by L Truttman, Fickling Centre, Three Kings.

7 December—Thames bus trip
Garth Houltham of the Mt Roskill Historical Society is organising a bus trip to Thames Saturday 7 December, and has invited our Society’s members to come along. This will include visits to: The Treasury research rooms at the old Carnegie Library Building … Thames Museum … School of Mines Museum … Bella Street Pumphouse Museum/ Museum of Technology … Bring your own lunch, or partake at nearby cafes. Cost per head at this stage looks to be around $40. Let Garth know if you’re interested—phone 624-2331, or email

Upcoming Event dates
14 August, 12 midday Talk on Maternity Homes by L Truttman, Auckland Central Library, 2nd Floor 15 August, 10.30 am Pt Chevalier Historical Society meeting, Horticultural Centre, 990 Great North Road, Western Springs Sue Thompson, history of Carrington Hospital

24 August
Auckland Regional Gathering @ Birkenhead Zion Hill Church Hall opens at 9-30 for a 10am start enter car park from Onewa Road,. Coral Malcolm to talk about Zion Hill Church, and show half of the guests around the building. Brian Potter to give talk to the other half about