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What is JR-WEST FREE Wi-Fi service?
JR-WEST FREE Wi-Fi service is a free internet connection service available at ticket gates, waiting rooms, and waiting areas in major stations on the JR-West rail network. To use the service, you must obtain a guest code (ID) beforehand. ・Wi-Fi access is valid for 8 days once you have logged on using your guest code.

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Wi-Fi is available in the surrounding area wherever this mark is found.

See other side for more details.

How to use the free Wi-Fi service
Start here
Send a blank e-mail to the address below

Get your guest code via e-mail

Configure your Wi-Fi settings

Enter your guest code on the login screen
The login screen will appear automatically

You're ready to go!
Once you have logged in successfully, you will automatically be taken to the official JR-West site.

ID:○○ PA S S

○○○ :○○○ ○○

To:jrw@forguest. Sub: Cancel Send

Select the special SSID on the Wi-Fi settings screen of your wireless device.

Important Notes
- You must obtain your guest code by yourself via an internet-capable device before using the service. If you are unable to obtain a guest code beforehand, inquire at the North and South Information Counters on the 1st floor of the Terminal 1 Building at Kansai International Airport or at the General Service Counter on the 2nd floor of the JR Osaka Mitsukoshi Isetan. - For communications that require security, the use of a virtual private network (VPN) or a fee-based public wireless LAN service is recommended. * To use this service, you must configure your settings to automatically obtain an IP address/DNS server address. If an IP address/DNS server address is already set, it is recommended that you make a note of the settings. * For inquiries regarding other matters, visit

Stations with Free Wi-Fi Access

Hiroshima Kokura Hakata


ShinShin-Kobe Osaka Sannomiya Kansai-airport


Osaka Tennoji

Station Name Kyoto *1 Osaka Shin-Osaka *1 Tennoji Sannomiya Kansai-airport Shin-Kobe Okayama *2 Hiroshima *2 Kokura *2 Hakata *2

Wi-Fi Service Areas Ticket gates (Central, West, and Underground East gates) Ticket gates (Central, Midosuji, South, and Sakurabashi gates) and North information counter (North Gate building, 3F) Ticket gates (East Gate), waiting rooms, and JR West Travel Corner Ticket gates (Central and East gates) Ticket gates (Central Gate) Ticket gates (JR Gate) Ticket gates and waiting areas Ticket gates (Shinkansen Gate) and waiting rooms Ticket gates (Shinkansen Gate) and waiting areas Ticket gates (Shinkansen Gate) and waiting areas Ticket gates (Central Shinkansen Gate), waiting rooms, and Hikari Square

*1 Service is not available at ticket gates or waiting rooms for the Shinkansen. *2 Service is only available at ticket gates, waiting rooms, and waiting areas for the Shinkansen.

Visit the official JR-West website for special tickets, searchable timetables, maps, and lots of other useful information.