Subject: English language Class: 3 Awesome Date: 010/07/2013 Theme: World of Knowledge Topic: Focus : Writing Learning

standard:3.1.1 (a)(b) Lesson Objectives: By the end of the lesson ,pupils will be able to: (i) Write in neat legible print with correct spelling a. Phrases b. Simple sentences.

Time: 30/60 Teaching Aids: Cross Curriculum Element: Multiple intelligence-writing linguistic Introduction: (1) Teacher greeting (2) Students reply.

Step/Time Set Induction. 4. The pupils spell the words. Teacher show different mood on >Warming-Up his face. of mood he just show. 3. fire fighter and doctor.Teacher asks the pupils to spell the occupation Students’ Activities 1. The pupils guest the answer. Remarks -Mood . The pupils guest the mood. (5 M) Contents Teacher’s Activities 1. 4. 2. 5. Teacher asks the pupils what kind attention. 3. >Attract the students 2. 5. The pupils act as the teacher want. Teacher asks selected pupils to act as a police. The pupils look the teacher face. Teacher asks the pupils to guest the occupation that their friends show.

Teacher check the spelling. 1. Teaching 2. Picture . Pupils look at the picture and write the things name. 2. The pupils write on the >Text Book board. The pupils spell the words. Teacher asks the pupils to spell some of the words that they hear from the story. Teacher asks every group to recognize the things in the picture and write the things that show in the picture. Teacher give different picture to each group. Teacher check the spelling. 3. Teacher select 1 pupils in every group to present their work in front of the class) 4.Presentation: Step 1 (25 M) > Refer to the text book to continue the lesson. The pupils listen to the story. 3. 2. 2. 3. Pupils check their own spelling. 4.Pupils write the things that show in the picture on the board while showing the picture to their friends. 1. materials: 3. 1.Teacher reads a story. 4. Teacher asks the selected pupils to write it on the boar. Production: Step 2 (25 M) >Activities 1.Pupils get the picture.

Stre Lecturer’s comments: . 2.Pupils write a phrase and sentence.Consolidation > Activities 1. Picture. 1.Pupils look the picture. Teacher asks the pupils to write a phrase and a sentence based on the picture. 1. Pupils reflect their own and answer the teacher question.Teacher give the pupils a picture of “A Burning House and fire fighter”. Teacher asks students what they had learned today. 2. Teacher asks the pupils to increase their vocabulary and practice writing at home. 1. * Advance / Intermediate / Elementary / Good / Average / Weak / Mixed-ability Trainee’s post lesson reflection: 1. Closure (5 M) >Reflection. 2.

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