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- July 2013 IN THIS ISSUE…..     A New Season Begins – Internship at IHOP! Home At Last – in a log cabin??? Family News Impressions from the Lord

Hello Dear Friends & Loved Ones!
We’re excited to send you our July newsletter, and we pray that all of you had a great Fourth of July and are enjoying your summer. We have had many developments since our last newsletter! It’s quite an adventure the Lord has us on right now as a family, and we are growing more and more to trust Him and follow His leadership day by day. We want to begin with a report about the internship we (Jim & Melissa) have entered into here at the IHOPKC Missions Base. We truly feel like a new season in the Lord has begun for us, and we are so blessed! As a little background, when we left Joplin and came to Kansas City last November, we felt it was wisdom to take a 6-month sabbatical as a family. We got some counsel about this, and there was agreement that to begin an internship right away would put demands and stress upon our family that we were not ready for. So we entered a season of rest, and during that time we spent many, many hours a week just sitting before the Lord in the prayer room(s). We also just spent time together seeking the Lord as a family. It ended up being about 7 ½ months, and it was such a special time for all of us. As Spring approached, we began to feel stirrings from the Lord to become more engaged at the Missions Base, and to begin serving and ministering. We felt that our season of rest was coming to an end, and that the Lord wanted to activate us once again. We talked to some of the leaders about a fast-track that they do sometimes for those already seasoned in ministry who come to IHOPKC and who want to join staff. Those who become staff this way are not required to complete the normal internship tracks (they don’t do this very often – for good reasons!). But the more we prayed about it and talked to others, the more we understood that the Lord has a purpose in us joining an internship at the Missions Base. He wants to do a work of training and preparation in us so we can fully engage in what He is doing in the global prayer movement and find the place He has designed for us. So on July 5th, we began the “Simeon Company” internship with 12 weeks of intensive training on the Missions Base! The Simeon Company internship is specially targeted to those who are age 50 and older. The vision for this internship is printed on the IHOPKC website: “All over the earth, the Lord is stirring the hearts of those like Simeon in Luke 2:34, who are hearing what the Spirit is saying in this hour and are willing to answer the call to partner with Him in preparing this generation for the glory of God. The goal of this internship is to see each person filled with passion for Jesus, as well as turning toward the younger generation as a spiritual father or mother. We believe that unity between generations is an integral part of entering into the fullness of God’s glory and plan for the Church.” Would you all please pray for us (Jim & Melissa) as we are entering into this re-training and re-tooling time for God’s purposes in our lives? We are giving 50-60 hours a week to this, and we need strength from the Lord. Thanks everyone – we will keep you posted about what the Lord is teaching us!

Our New Home – A Log Cabin!
This is an amazing story! As you all know, our house in Joplin sold in May and we have been looking for a house to purchase here in Kansas City. It has seemed that every door we’ve knocked on has closed, and we have spent many hours in the process. Finally a few weeks ago, we had a special meeting and prayer time as a family. We were sitting together in the living room of the 4th house we’ve stayed at in 7 months. I had been reading the life story of Loren Cunningham (founder of YWAM) and in the book he gives several principles about how to receive direction from the Lord. I read these out loud to the family, and I said, “We’re going to do this tonight. We are going to be quiet before the Lord and listen for His voice, and then we’re going to share what each of us is hearing. ” After a time of worship, I led the family in a prayer, placing our trust fully in God, binding the enemy ’s thoughts and our own selfish desires, and then inviting the Lord to speak to each one of us. After awhile, we each began to share what we were hearing. We were all hearing similar things from the Lord. We felt the Lord leading us away from attempting to purchase a house right now, and to look for His answer in a longer term lease situation. Melissa saw the letter “S” and a picture of a basement. For some reason, this made Joy think of Shelley Scheiveler, and of Tisha Jenkins who lives in Shelley’s basement. Then she remembered that Tisha had moved out of Shelley’s house, and had been looking for someone to lease another house with her, but she didn’t really know any details. She texted Tisha and asked her to get with us about this. The next day we found out that Tisha had been taking walks in the rural neighborhood near Shelley’s house, and she had been asking the Lord concerning a log home that was just down the road. She felt the Lord leading her to ask Him if she could live there, almost like He was saying to her “Tisha, this is your house.” It is very picturesque and Tisha has sort of “dreamed” of living in a log home. Then all of a sudden, a “For Rent” sign appeared in the yard! She called the landlords, who are next-door neighbors, and they began to work out the possibility of leasing the home. There were a couple of Tisha ’s friends in the IHOP family who initially said they would move in with her and share the rent, but they had both had a change of plans. When Joy texted Tisha, it reminded her that at one time she had thought about asking “the Marcums” if they would be interested in leasing the log house with her, but she wasn’t sure it was big enough for all of us. Well, we all went over to see the house, and we began to pray and talk about it. It is 3 stories, with a main level, a loft, and a basement. We realized the most practical living situation would be for Tisha to have a bedroom on one side of the loft, and our two girls to share the other side of the loft as their bedroom. Jonathan would take one of the basement bedrooms, and Jim & Melissa would take the other one. The house is on “Scherer Road.” So Melissa’s picture seemed to be unfolding even more – a basement bedroom on Scherer Road (begins with an “S”). It really is a beautiful home, newly remodeled with new appliances, a large front porch, 2nd story deck on the back, nice patio, and ¾ acre of land with a pond and 3 outbuildings. The shared rent & utilities helps us financially, and Tisha is like we are – she loves hospitality and having people over for cookouts, home group meetings, worship times, etc. We already have had two big gatherings – a Fourth of July cookout, and a Saturday night drum circle/worship (wow it was awesome!). This house is such a blessing beyond what we were expecting! A number of people who prayed for us along the way would keep saying things like, “I just believe the Lord is planning to bless you with a house beyond your expectations. ” I (Jim) being the responsible husband/father was thinking financially about this – you know, the Lord is going to give us a “great deal” on a house. But I know now that He was thinking about the beauty of the home itself. Melissa has had a little secret dream of living in a log house someday, and God knew that! I believe He wanted to give her a kiss with this, and bless her in a special way. You know, God doesn’t forget our hopes and dreams, and He is able to fulfill them in His way at just the right time. Wow!

The Family. Joy and Jessianna just completed the 4th week of “Student Ministries Leadership Program.” They have been running hard this summer along with 14 students and 10 staff of the Student Ministries department. They’ve been having classes, doing worship sets, spending time in the prayer room, and being part of the ministry teams at the various children’s & youth camps taking place this summer at IHOPKC. They just returned late last night (1 a.m.) from a weekend ministry trip to Sioux Falls, SD. They spent the weekend ministering to a local church youth group at a weekend retreat, and then they led worship at their Sunday services. Jonathan just finished roofing his 4th house with the roofing crew he’s working for. He’s gotten so tanned! (Mom reminds him to wear sunscreen all the time). He’s going with the crew tomorrow for a fun-day at Worlds of Fun. They’re a bunch of good Christian guys, so it’s really great for him to be working with them. He’s also staying involved in the Sunday & Wednesday youth meetings, and building some good relationships. Standing for Life. Melissa and I have been getting more involved with Life Initiatives, and even led worship at the last “Townhall Rally.” We had a guest speaker who was actually an actor on the Mickey Mouse Club show (the newer one) as a girl, and who later was also a backup singer and toured with Brittany Spears. She has an awesome testimony of the Lord saving her, and then healing her from the effects of a former botched abortion. A short time after her abortion, she started having a lot of physical troubles and during an exploratory surgery, her doctor extracted parts of little hands & feet from her uterus. She now has a ministry where she speaks to groups about the effects of abortion, and she also counsels post-abortive women. There were lots of tears that night, and a time of prayer at the end for healing from post-abortion wounds. Car troubles! We started having car issues shortly after we moved, and we ’re now down to just the family van and the big 15-passenger van (which seems to be on loan most of the time!). We sold Joy’s Pontiac recently and used the funds to do repairs on the Taurus so it could be a second car shared between her and Jessianna. Then alas the Taurus overheated on the highway one day, and now needs a new head gasket! The mechanic says it isn’t worth the price of repairing, so he suggests replacing the car. Please pray with us about whether to repair or replace the engine in the Taurus ($1,200) or to replace the car. This is an unexpected expense, so please pray with us as well for the Lord’s provision. We really need a second car for all that Joy & Jessianna are involved in, especially once school starts up again in a few weeks. New Prayer Room opens. It’s been over a month ago now, but on June 10 th the new “All Nations Prayer Room” opened at IHOPU with an awesome dedication service that we attended. This new prayer room is open 72 hours a week, doing prayer and worship sets in 8 languages: Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Arabic, Farsi, Portuguese, Russian, and German. I (Jim) have attended a German and an Arabic set, and they were both very powerful. We won’t be able to attend quite as much during the internship, but looking forward to times we can be in there praying with and for the nations!

Dedication Service at the new All Nations Prayer Room.

Signage at ANPR – multiple languages!

Entrance to All Nations Prayer Room

(Sorry about the smaller font – running out of room!) Before I share a couple impressions I’ve had from the Lord recently, I want to share something personal. I think all of you know that I (Jim) write these newsletters, and so I just want to say that my family has blessed me SO much lately. They’ve always blessed me, but just recently the Lord has been deepening my love and thankfulness for each one in our family. You know, Sunday June 16 th was Fathers’ Day and I can honestly say it was one of the best days I ’ve ever had! I really missed not getting to go to Joplin to see my own father, and my children & grandchildren there. But each of them called me or texted me (well, I guess I called my dad) and they sent me their love. It really meant so much. James & Karen even sent me a special plaque they had made with all the children & grandchildren’s pictures on it and it says “Dad, We Love You.” And then my day was so special here in KC! Melissa took me out to a special coffee shop, The Roasterie, for morning coffee, which was great! Then for lunch we had a visit from Chris & Wendy Jones, so it was nice to spend time with them, they are such good friends. Then in the evening, Joy took me out for supper to a special Thai food place and we had such a nice “date” together. Well, to top everything off when I got home, Jonathan & Jessianna had bought me nice gifts & cards and – wow this was amazing! – Jessianna had actually written a song for me for Father ’s Day!! It ’s called “He Succeeded” and it really blesses and affirms me as a father (you can listen to it on my Facebook page). I think the older I get, the more I ’m choosing “words of affirmation” as my love language! Anyway, I just wanted to share this, and I pray that all you fathers and mothers will receive the kind of love & affirmation I did this past Father ’s Day. Why don’t you who are reading this and who have moms & dads still in your life – why don’t you just send them a special note or text, or call them and tell them what a blessing they are? Thanks, family, for blessing me so much!!! Two impressions from the Lord have come to me recently that I want to share. Corey Russell spoke at FCF on Sunday morning, June 23, about the power of SINGING. (Listen to the archive if you can). A lot of the message is from two chapters in Isaiah – chapters 54 and 42 (esp. 54:1 and 42:10). Corey is such an awesome preacher, but he said in this message, “The purpose of preaching is to get everybody singing.” Wow! He quoted St. Augustine who said, “Singing is praying twice.” He also quoted a famous statesman (don’t remember his name) who said, “Forget writing the laws of a generation, just let me write their songs!” Songs move the generations of men! He talked about singing during barren seasons, and he said, “Most people wait until their breakthrough comes to start singing. That’s a mistake! Sing in the midst of your pain… sing, and the breakthrough will come. ” As many of you know, Corey and his wife recently lost their little baby son to SIDS, so he was speaking from his personal journey. This message had so many applications to me and touched me in such a deep way – but something surprised me. Suddenly, while sitting there listening to Corey speak, the Lord reminded me that in the dream I had in 2011 about meeting President Obama – I SANG TO HIM. I sang the song “America, The Beautiful” to him just before I pleaded with him to end abortion in America. (In reality, the musician on stage ended up playing that song just before I spoke to the President!). The Lord impressed upon me that this was not an accident, but that He plans to raise up singers & song-writers who will move presidents and kings with their songs. I did not write the song I sang to the President in my dream, but there are going to be nation-shaking songs and nation-changing songs coming forth in this hour! These songs are going to move leaders ’ hearts, and they are going to move people “en masse” to worship the Lord. They are even going to release true destinies and tear down national idols and strongholds. I know this sounds dramatic, but this is what the Lord spoke to me. So you who SING, and you who WRITE SONGS – get ready! The Lord is about to break in and release new songs IN ABUNDANCE! The other impression the Lord gave me recently came while Corey Stark (another powerful Corey!) was teaching us in the internship. He quoted from Psalm 132:1-5. Read this: Psalms 132:1-5 1 Remember, O LORD, in David's favor, all the hardships he endured, 2 how he swore to the LORD and vowed to the Mighty One of Jacob, 3 "I will not enter my house or get into my bed, 4 I will not give sleep to my eyes or slumber to my eyelids, 5 until I find a place for the LORD, a dwelling place for the Mighty One of Jacob." Oh, gotta be brief – but, BE ENCOURAGED! If you are involved in the worship/prayer movement and in building a dwelling place for the Lord in your community (prayer room, prayer ministry, praying church, etc.), then realize that the HARDSHIPS YOU ARE ENDURING are normal! Establishing a dwelling place for the Lord will always meet resistance, and it will be costly. (David spent the equivalent of 25 million dollars a year to fund the Tabernacle ’s 24/7 worship). BUT IT’S GONNA BE WORTH IT ALL. Keep pressing in! Love you all – please keep in touch!

Because He is worthy of it all, Jim & Melissa Marcum & family

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