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Start your own business course (SYOB) 6 Saturdays, P9,000 Select & develop business opportunities & ideas. Plan, start, manage, & sustain the business with effectiveness. Identify sources of funds / assistance in starting the business. Target Participants: Private Employees, Government Employees, OFWs, Students and the Academe, (& those who want to start their own businesses)
Mar 23 May 4 Jul 13 Aug 17 Oct 12 Nov 23


Aug 3 24 supervisory control & data acquisition course * Nov 9 Dec 7 (SCADAC) 4 Saturdays, P12,000 Understand the function of industrial automation & instrumentation in general & control engineering. Apply PC-based SCADA/DCS on real-time basis using programmable logic & process controllers Design, execute, & run SCADA/DCS System. Identify & rectify common problems encountered in the control system of automated facilities. new Mar 19 APR 4 total preventive maintenance course * Nov 12 28 (TPMC) 6 Days, P9,000 (TUES - THURS) Design a cost-effective system to maintain peak operation of production machinery & equipment. Feb 16 Mar16 programmable logic controller course * Jun 29 Jul 27 (PLC) 5 Saturdays, P9,500 Sept 28 Oct 26 Understand the function of industrial automation & control engineering in particular. Identify & describe parts & functions of a PLC. Explain the operation of basic input/output elements, timers, counters, & logic elements used in PLC. Translate description of a control process into a ladder diagram, then ladder diagram converted into PLC instructions. Correctly enter & debug a program. apr 6 - may 11 advanced programmable logic controller course * (APLC) 6 Saturdays, P12,000 Understand & design advanced functions & operations of programmable controllers as used in the industry. Execute & run programmable controller programs with actual load. Identify & rectify common problems encountered in the control system of automated facilities. Jan 12 Feb 16 instrumentation & process control - comprehensive course * May 18 Jun 22 (INPRO-C) 5 Days, P10,000 Aug 17 Sept 21 Design & install practical instrumentation system to get accurate feedback from production processes. Calibrate & repair test instruments, gauges, transmitters, transducers, valve positioners, etc. Identify & rectify common quality process problems. mar 18 22 instrumentation & process control - advanced course (mon fri) (INpro-a) 6 Saturdays, P9,500 Sept 21 Oct 19 Select the type of level & flow measurements & the control valve applicable to a process situation. Perform calculations required in level measurements, orifice sizing, control valve sizing, & controller tuning. Understand the application, hardware & software requirements & basic configuration techniques in distirbuted control system (DCS). Target Participants: Engineers, Technicians, Instructors, Consultants in the following Industry: 1. Manufacturing of - Automotive Parts, Food, Chemical products, Medical Equipments & Products, Electronics, Semiconductors, Steel, Cement, 2. Mining, 3. Construction, 4. Oil & Gas, 5. Electrical Power Plants, 6. Water & Waste Water Services Provider


Apr 23 - apr 25 STRATEGIC HUMAN RESOURCE management Nov 19 21 (SHRM) 6 SATURDAYS, P9,000 Enhance capability in undertaking responsibilities in the area of Human Resource Management. Gain in-depth knowledge of both HR management & employment law. Identify trends and issues in human resource management. Target Participants: HR managers, personnel managers, trainors, extension officers and consultants.

GREENING AND LEANING THROUGH ENERGY & ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT (GLEEM) 3 Days, FREE!!! Conduct energy & assessment of energy intensive activities, processes & equipment in their respective firms. Identify energy savings opportunities. Prepare an energy & environmental program action plan. Target Participants: Industry Sectors: Hospitals, Food, Furniture, Metals, Schools, BPOs, General Public
Jan 9 11 Jan 16 18 Jan 23 25 (DAVAO) Feb 13 15 Feb 26 28


advanced managers course (AMC) 10 Saturdays, P18,000
May 18 Jul 20

Stimulate innovation, quality, productivity & effective decision making in the organization through acquired analytical & strategic skills. Design strategic plans through balanced innovation promoting quality, productivity & the best customer service. Target Participants: MC Graduates, (or those who have gone through similar programs as MC)
managers course (MC) 21 Saturdays, P27,000
Jan 26 Jun 22 Apr 6 Aug 24 Jul 6 Dec 7

total communication course (TCC) 6 Saturdays P9,000 Effective Communication through technical, business & proposal writing. Proficient Communication skills in public speaking & one-to-one business conversations. Target Participants: Private Employees, Government Employees, Entrepreneurs/Owners

FEB 9 -MAR 16 MAY 11 - JUN 15 SEPT 7 - OCT 12

(CLARK,PAMPANGA) PLANNING FOR EXPANDING BUSINESS TRAINING Feb 4 8 (PLANET) 5 Days, P800 (BOHOL) Understand the different components of a business plan. Apr 8 12 Prepare & present a business plan ready for credit application. (CAGAYANDE ORO) Jun 3 7 Target Participants: Owners of small, and medium-sized businesses who eye expanding their businesses, and members of the Board and members of cooperatives, coopreneurs.

Jan 26 Mar 2 accounting for non-accountants COURSE Jun 8 Jul 13 (AfNA) 6 Saturdays, P9,000 Sept 28 dec 2 Understand and learn basic accounting principles & processes. Read & prepare basic financial statements. Learn & analyse financial ratios. Target Participants: Private Employees, Government Employees, Entrepreneurs/Owners (& those without accounting background) Mar 5 7 spreadsheet accounting workshop May 7 9 (SAW) 3 Days, P4,500 July 9 11 Aug 20 22 Set-up accounting records, financial statements & financial ratios using the Nov 5 7 different commands & functions of a spreadsheet. Identify the various links of the accounting records to financial statements & to financial ratios using the spreadsheet. Target Participants: Private Employees, Government Employees, Entrepreneurs/Owners. Aug 27 29 Managing Your personal finance course Dec 10 12 (MyPF) 3 Days, P4,500 Understand the basic principles in financial planning & management. Identify critical areas & problems of financial functions. Use appropriate skill in financial management through exercises & written analysis of a financial case problem. Target Participants: Private Employees, Government Employees, Entrepreneurs/Owners. May 21 23 & 29 - 30 Credit Risk Management Course (mon fri) (CRMC) 5 DAYS, P10,000 To acquire knowledge, tools & techniques necessary in order to manage mitigate risk in banking & lending to SME`s. Target Participants: Bank Officers & Employees, Loan or Account Officers, Cooperatives, NGOs, LGUs & other Government interested individuals.

Productivity Through effective supervision (PES) 6 Saturdays P9,000

Feb 9 - Mar 16 May 4 - June 8 July 6 - Aug 10 Oct 19 - Dec 7

TARA NA, NEGOSYO NA 3 1 DAY, P600 Apply basic management tools & techniques in operating a small business enterprise Identify possible investment projects for entreprenuerial undertakings. Identify sources of income. Target Participants: Private Employees, Government Employees, Entrepreneurs/Owners, OFWs
IMPROVING MANAGERIAL ABILITIES THROUGH GOOD GOVERNANCE & ENTREPRENEURSHIP For Local Government Units (IMAGE - LGUs) 3 DAYS, P4,500 (PACKAGE PROGRAM) Understand the basic concepts of social entrepreneurship & identify community based enterprises to spur economic advacement. Identify & apply managerial tools & techniques in good governance & enterpreneurship. Target Participants: Local Government Officials, Development Catalyst, Executives, Administratives, Academe

Aug 2

Optimize Organizational Resources Nurture Customers and Winning Markets Innovate Value-Added Processes Foster Knowledge Management Exploit Information and Communications Techonology Think Strategically Anticipate and Effect Change Build a Culture of Excellence Plan and Execute Projects Budget and Profit Improvement Target Participants: Managers, Supervisors, Enterpreneurs/Owners, Specialists, (& those who want to become managers)

Demonstrate skills in communicating, motivating, & developing subordinates. Apply methods & procedures in planning & control, cost reduction, problem solving & decision making towards productivity. Target Participants: Supervisors, Team leaders, Fore persons, Specialists (& those who want to become supervisors)
Jun 25 27 knowledge management Nov 26 28 course (KMC) 3 Days, P4,500 Identify, analyse, manage & disseminate the available & required knowledge used by the organizations product/services, processes, technology used & markets to achieve added value & profitability. Target Participants : Managers, Supervisors, Specialists, Trainors

JUN 9 - 11 NOV 21 - 23


Jan Feb BASIC COURSE FOR SMEs* 2 days Gain in-depth knowledge on current Good Manufacturing Practices & its importance in safe food production. Conform to standards and requirements, & build upon existing good practices in line with the changes brought by related national & international legislation. Target Participants: SMEs, institutions, and organizations engaged in food safety and quality Mar 18 22 CERTIFIED QUALITY ASSOCIATE (mon-fri) (CQA) 5 Days P1,600 Apply the fundamental concepts of quality, including Basic 7 QC tools, TQM, product liability & customer relationship management in relation to the food industry. Target Participants: Quality practitioners, Food safety professionals, Owners & employees engaged in the Food Industry, General Public with interest in starting a food business. Apr 16 Jul 11 DIPLOMA IN FOOD SAFETY MANAGEMENT ** (TUES-THURS) 26 Days P8,320 Understand lean concepts adapted in the organization to demonstrate efficiency & effectiveness; food processing, critical food operations, & good manufacturing practices & concepts; food testing requirements and best pratices. Includes an internship programme for participants to have hands-on experience and learn the best food safety practices from the best F&B enterprises. Target Participants: Owners & employees engaged in the Food Industry, General Public with interest in starting a food business.


* in partnership with Mechatronics Technology Corporation (MTC) lean production course (LPC) 3 Days, P4,500 Put in place effective operational plans & processes aimed at minimizing cost, enhance quality, & shorten delivery time. Target Participants: Managers, Supervisors, Entrepreneurs/Owners
new new
Feb 26 28 Oct 22 24


May 11 Jun 15 Techniques in Effective Aug 10 Sept14 Selling (TES) 6 Saturdays, P9,000 Generate more sales through effective selling techniques & build good customer/client relationship. Target Participants: Managers, Supervisors, Entrepreneurs/Owners, Specialists, Sales person

strategic marketing course Jun 15 Jul 20 (SMC) 6 Saturdays, P9,000 Design effective marketing strategies to profitably create & sustain market competitiveness & significant customer value. Target Participants: Managers, Supervisors, Entrepreneurs/Owners, Specialists, Sales person

mar 4 - 8 VALUE CHAIN ANAYSIS Course SEPT 23 - 27 (V-CHAIN) 6 Days, P9,000 Understand the whole process of supply & demand chain from input to output to end users. Identify value measures in each chain to achieve cost advantage & value-adding activities. Establish mechanism & support system to enhance process towards the development of value added activities. Target Participants: Managers, Supervisors, Entrepreneurs/Owners, Development Catalyst, Local Government Officers May 18 Jun 22 total quality management Sept 14 Oct 19 (TQM) 6 Saturdays, P9,000 Improve the organization by gaining competitive advantage through effective planning & execution of TQM that will promote quality, productivity, & better customer service. Target Participants: Managers, Supervisors, Entrepreneurs/Owners, Specialists, Trainors, Quality practitioners.


Note : (1) All training programs start at 9am & end at 5pm. (2) We reserve the right to make changes in training fees, schedules and related matters covered by this publication as may be necessary.

* participation fee is to be provided upon request. **program fee excludes insurance fee.

Start your own business course (SYOB) Entrepreneurial Motivation Training Enterprise Planning and Management Overview of Enterprise Planning and Management Formulating Your Effective Marketing Plans/Strategies Formulating Your Effective Production/Operation Plans/Strategies

Formulating Your Effective Organizational Plans/Strategies Formulating Your Effective Financial Plans/Strategies Forms and Sources of Assistance You, Too Can Be an Entrepreneur Workshop on Business Plan Preparation


managers course (MC) Fundamentals of Management Marketing Management Production/Operations, Supply Chain & Quality Management Human Resource Management & Organizational Development Financial Management Management of Information & Communications Technology & Knowledge Management Strategic Planning Integrated Organizational Survey & Assessment Productivity Through effective supervision (PES) Productivity concepts Supervisors job in the organization Planning and control Introduction to back home action plan Quality and productivity 5S, Just-In-Time, KAIZEN

Techniques in Effective Selling (TES) Career in Selling Formulating a Sales Plan Formulating a Well-Balanced Game Plan Sales Plan Presentations Best Practices in Prospecting and Research Back Home Action Plan Best Practices in Approaching Prospects Best Practices in Sales Presentations & Handling of Objections Best Practices in Closing the Sale strategic marketing course (SMC) Marketing Mix Market Segmentation Industry and Competition Analysis Product Planning and Strategy Market Audit Developing the Strategic Marketing Plan


supervisory control & data acquisition course (SCADAC) Introduction to PC-based SCADA/DCS systems; demo on SCADA system : robotics, analog/digital, digital on/off configuration Laboratory I (SCADA/DCS System) Design / execute SCADA/DCS I (Display/Graphics Building) Laboratory II (Display Building) Display Activate TagPoints programmable logic controler course (PLC) Review of electrical control systems Electrical ladder design (the PLC programming statement) Introduction to PLCs I (OMRON) advanced programmable logic controler course * (APLC) Review on PLC Systems Set/Reset Principles, Subroutine Principles, Shift Register Principles, PLC Shift Register Function Number Systems PLC Memory Areas Data Manipulation: Movement, Comparison, Arithmetic, Conversion instrumentation & process control - comprehensive course (INPRO-C) Introduction to Instrumentation & Process Control Industrial Measurements Receiving Elements instrumentation & process control - advanced course (INPRO-A) Level Measurements & Calculations Flowmeter Selection & Orifice Sizing Control Valve Selection & Sizing


Laboratory III (Activate Tagpoints) Design / execute SCADA/DCS II (Display / graphics building II) Laboratory IV (Graphics Building II) SCADA / DCS advanced applications (Create / print-out report; multiple real-time windows; dynamic data exchange; open database connectivity; etc.) Laboratory V (Individual Practical Examination)

Programming and running PLCs II (ALLEN BRADLEY) Programming and running PLCs III (PANASONIC) Introduction to application software: offline / online programming

Introduction to Process Automation: Feedback Control Systems Analog/Digital Conversion Digital/Analog Conversion Motion Control: Variable AC Drives, Stepper Motors, Servo Motors, Rotary Encoders, Practical Applications of High-Speed Counters and Frequency Inverters The participants will make use of OMRON and SIEMENS PLCs and software.

Final Control Elements Calibration & Testing

Automatic Control & Tuning Techniques DCS Fundamentals & Configuration Engineering Documentation

total quality management (TQM) Total Quality Management (TQM) Core Concepts and Imperatives Comparative TQM Approaches (Deming, Juran, Crosby, Feisenbaum, Ishikawa) Quality Management System (QMS) Standards and Business Excellence Models Measuring Quality Planning and Design of Customer-driven Quality

Human Resources and Development for Quality Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Selected TQM/LSS Methods and Tools Implementing TQM TQM Cases and Back Home Action Plans


STRATEGIC HUMAN RESOURCE management (SHRM) Introductory Module The Strategic Role of HRM Obtaining Suitable Human Resources The Effective Employment and Development of the Human Resources Organization Development Labor Relations and Employee Security Current Issues in Human Resource Management Course Integration/Evaluation
total communication course (TCC) Everything You Need to Know About Communication Oral vs. Written Communication: Similarities & Differences Barriers to Effective Communication Levels of Communication Channels of Communication Grammar Review, with focus on errors frequently committed by Filipinos users of English Stylistics: Writing Letters, Memoranda, and Reports Communicating Orally Business The Body and Communication Building Confidence Building Rapport with Audience Preparing for an Oral Presentation


accounting for non-accountants COURSE (AfNA) Introduction to Accounting Accounting Records & Reports Bookkeeping Financial Statements

Principles of Financial Management Financial Planning Capital Budgeting, Cost Volume Profit Analysis, Working Capital Cases & Exercises

spreadsheet accounting workshop (SAW) Understanding Spreadsheet Commands : Programming Functions, Creating a Simple Program Accounting Records and Reports : Source Documents, Journals, Ledgers, Subsidiary Ledgers Computerizing Records and Reports : USING@SUMFUNCTION AND/OR USING@VLOOKPM FUNCTION Creating Journals, Creating Ledger Forms, Creating Financial Statement Form, Creating Financial Ratios, Linking Journals to Ledger, Linking Ledgers to Financial Statements to Bank Reconciliation Statement, Linking Ledgers to Financial Statements to Ratios Creating Graph Creating Pivot Table

PROMOTING FOOD INDUSTRY COMPETITIVENESS TRAINING PROGRAM (PRO-FIT) BASIC COURSE FOR SMEs This fourth PRO-FIT Certification Course targets food and beverages SMEs to be provided with interactive visual aids about food safety, hygiene, and food handling. Interested companies may have 20 of their staff participate in this specialized course and benefit from lessons on food safety hazards, current Good Manufacturing Practices, food borne illness & causative agents, and national and international legislations on food safety.

GREENING AND LEANING THROUGH ENERGY & ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT (GLEEM) Overview of the Philippine Energy Plan (PEP) Energy Sources and Uses in SMEs (Understanding Your Electric Bill) Overview of Energy and Environmental Management in SMEs Energy and Environmental Value System Mapping Environmental and Energy Management Systems Overview of the Energy Service Company (ESCO) Energy and Environmental Auditing Energy Cost Accounting Energy and Environmental Audit in Processes, Equipment, Lighting, Buildings and Logistics Financial and Economic Evaluation of Energy and Environmental Project Back Home Action Plan: Energy and Environmental Action Program

CERTIFIED QUALITY ASSOCIATE (CQA) The first PRO-FIT Certification will enable participants to achieve further competitive advantage in the food industry through the fundamental concepts of quality. Modules include the Basic 7 QC Tools, Total Quality Management, product liability, and customer relationship management. Acquire these key tools and knowledge to be a quality practitioner.

PLANNING FOR EXPANDING BUSINESS TRAINING (PLANET) Credit Loan Application Procedures & Financing Overview of Business Planning How to Prepare an Effective Marketing Plan How to Prepare an Effective Production Plan How to Prepare an Effective Organizational Plan Preparing an Effective Financial Plan Presentation and Evaluation of Business Plan

DIPLOMA IN FOOD SAFETY MANAGEMENT The fifth step in PRO-FITs ladderized Certification Courses is an incorporation of the previous four courses on GMP, Quality, and Food Safety, with the inclusion of an internship programme. Interested participants are ensured to have hands-on experience and learn the best food safety practices from the best F&B enterprises.