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Area of improvement Activity General Ledger 1 improved transaction Processing Methods for Accounting

2 Recurring Entries implementation

3 Monthly Closing Process to enable fast close ( through Schedule Manager)

4 Build check and balances Like , error for cash payment over Rs20,000 5 Audit Schedules of Statutory and tax audit Bank Accounting 1 Implementation of Electonic Bank Reconcilation system 2 Bank Communciation Management

3 Cheque Deposits 4 Daily collection report

5 Cash and Liquidity forecast 6 Bank Book / cash book in Printable format

Account Payable 1 Vendor Payments

2 Budget Checks on Capital Orders 3 Vendor aging analysis 4 Vendor Evaluation report 5 Vendor Balance Confirmation 5 Automatic adjustment of Down payment during invoice 6 Discount Accounting 7 Related Party Transactions 8 Accounting of Invoices (MIRO) 9 Accounting of subcontract Invoices 10 Accounting of Planned Delivery cost,when Vendor is different from invoicing party Accounts Receivable 1 Customer collection accounting 2 Customer Aging 3 Customer Evaluation 4 Interest collection over due date 5 Customer invoice clearing

6 Dunning of Customer 7 Export Collection accounting 9 Collection Reports

Asset Accounting 1 Accounting of asset with Budgetary control 2 Accouting of CWIP

3 Fixed Asset Register in Printable format

Integration Aspects 1 Gate Entry System

2 Pallet Tracking system

3 Purchase order through Email to vendor

4 Tracking of shipment cost for outward freight 5 Returnable and Non returnable gate passes 6 Sub contract tracking

Indirect Taxes 1 Ensure accurate accounting of Raw materials, consumables and Capital goods 2 Capturing excise Invoice

3 Pruning of Tax codes 4 Import Process payment of customs duty

5 Rejections and Returns accounting

6 Subcontracting without excise duty

7 Stock transfers

8 Excise Returns - ER1

9 Excise Annexures

10 Excise Daily Monitoring report

11 Excise Registers 12 Forms tracking ( C Form Tracking)

13 Excise Reconciliaton

14 RG 1 _ Register 15 Purchase Register 16 Service Tax 18 Validation of Service category 19 Service tax Returns

20 Cross Utilisation of cenvat with service tax

21 Reverse charge Mechanism

22 Composite Services ( VAT + Service tax)

23 Goods Transport Agency 24 VAT Register Direct Taxes 24 PAN Validation

25 TDS Quaterly and Annual returns

26 Tax Collection at Source

27 Depreciation as Per Income tax laws


SAP Benefits Derived by Implementing

Reduction in time for accounting Less Manual intervention

Less Manual intervention Automatic Processing of transation is SAP

Less Manual intervention Timely reporting of Financials Accuracy - of financial reporting Automatic Job scheduling Build effective internal control measures

Enhanced report development to provide accurate information for audit.

BRS without Manual intervention Timely reconcilation and reporting Direct Debit to Bank from SAP Authorisation and approval done in SAP without using Bank site. Secured Transactions either way Process to print cheque deposits in SAP Daily collection report on customers sent to concerned by email By implementation of Treasury Module Easy to access by Printing

Payment advice by email to vendor

Implementation of Budgetary control Accurate reporting of aging Accurate reporting of aging Easy process at year end for confirmation No Manual intervention Automated process No Manual process fully automatic Procedure to Report related party transactions automated process , No Manual intervention automated process , No Manual intervention automated process , No Manual intervention

Easy collection accounting and reporting accurate aging reports Accruacy of aging Accurate calculation and accounting without manual intervention Enhanced workaround to do clearing without much Manual intervention Issue of payment reminders with invoices due Enhanced Tool to account export collections Daily collection report by email

Budget check. Excess over budget will be prevented Process to enhance accounting of CWIP correctly As per Audit requirement

GR based on Gate Entry Internal control for Material receipt control over pallets sent and received Brings Accountabily and Control Less Paper Work Easy communication Accounting and recovery of shipment cost Accounting and reporting in SAP - SAP workaround Material movements at subcontract end tracking Provide accurate information at vendor end Web based tool which will work on SAP No SAP user ID needed.

Process of accounting adequate internal control

Removal of Manual process, automated process Reduction in Manual capturing time, Speed up of Credit availament Pruning tax codes that are redundant and align with current tax rates Automated process, No Manual entry required for customs vendor payment. Easy accounting when line items are more Accurate process to track and account rejection Raise invoice and send it to supplier Challan tracking sysem, and easy reconcilation of challans alinged with Subcontract tool mentioned above Process to address stock transfers and easy availmet and accounting of Excise credits on Stock transfers Easy upload of returns in the format provided by govt in their website. Less manual intervention

Timely filing and verification of details provided Report with details of credit availed chapter wise With relevant account movements and facilitate easy reconciliation with GL Balances Report to indentify and avail exicse credit by email. All Excise registers using Standard SAP Standard solution with modifcation to track C Forms Easy reconcilation for ED paid and ED recovered through improved solutioning approach As per Standard SAP As Per Standard SAP Process through Standard SAP As Per Standard SAP As per Standard SAP, Work around to enable easy filing in Govt site Improved Process to address cross utilistion

Reverse charge Service tax payments for certain service category. Easy accounting through standard SAP accounting with improved work arounds Improved solution approach to account these scenario's

Simplified process to account GTA improved solutioning for VAT register

Internal control to validatePAN Number during Vendor Creation Report to enable easy upload of data in required'

File format . improved solutioning approach to address TCS Modified Solution approach to accomdate Depreciation as per IT act