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Timeline of British history

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845 Kingdom of Brittany 43 AD 410 638 843 Brythons AngloSaxon England Kingdom of Danelaw Strathclyde Duchy of Normandy 1079 1098 1171 1204 Cymru 1266 1282 1333 1469 1541 1607 Kingdom of Scotland Kingdom of Norway Kingdom of England Kingdom of Mann and the Isles Lordship of Ireland Magna Carta Treaty of York Wars of Scottish Independence Poynings' Law Scottish Reformation Tudor conquest of Ireland Union of the Crowns Flight of the Earls Kingdom of Ireland Plantation of Ulster Wars of the Three Kingdoms 1641 1649 Commonwealth of England 1653 1660 Bailiwick Bailiwick of 1707 of Isle of Man Kingdom of Great Britain Commonwealth of England, Scotland and Ireland Kingdom of England Confederate Ireland Cromwellian conquest of Ireland Penal Laws Kingdom of Scotland Kingdom of Ireland Acts of Union 1707 Battle of Culloden Irish Rebellion of 1798 Revolution of 1688 Battle of the Boyne Norman invasion of Ireland Kingdom of Alba Battle of Tara Battle of Clontarf Norman conquest of England 878 911 927 51 BC

This is a graphical timeline of British history . See also the chronologies of the constituent nations of the United Kingdom: Timeline of English history Timeline of Scottish history
Date pre-6th c. BC 6th to 1st c. BC Gauls Gallia Lugdunensis (Roman province) States/Peoples Prehistoric Britain, Prehistoric Ireland British Iron Age, Iron Age tribes in Britain, Insular Celtic Brythons Britannia (Roman province) Hen Ogledd Viking raids Picts Gaels Roman conquest of Britain Events

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Timeline of British history - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

1801 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland 1919 Irish Republic 1921/2 Irish Free State 1937 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Northern Ireland Ireland Act of Union 1800 Catholic Emancipation Irish Potato Famine Irish War of Independence Partition of Ireland The Emergency Battle of Britain The Troubles Celtic Tiger 1999 Wales Scotland Good Friday Agreement

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