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PWE 07/12/2012


EN ISO 9001:2008 Certificate Reg. No 20 100 112006707 EN ISO 14001:2004 Certificate Reg. No 20 104 112006708 OHSAS 18001:2007 Certifícate Reg. No 20 116 112006709

Pureworld’s endeavor towards excellence in construction quality. based in Switzerland. The parent Company of Pureworld Engineering is JMG Investments. employee satisfaction and social responsibility has enabled it to be the a trusted company for Engineering and Procurement services. Pureworld has partnerships with a number of major international EPC firms. Pureworld focuses primarily on oil & gas and power related activities and is a leader in the provision of engineering and procurement services with distinctive capabilities in the design of projects with technological competencies. • • • PWE 07/12/2012 3 .About us • Pureworld Engineering . safety.industrial engineering company operating across Western and Eastern Europe and the Middle East. performance.

Engineering and project management for the oil and gas. Cooperating with other engineering companies worldwide as a sub-contractor. biofuels and renewable energy. Strong team for Plant 3D CAD Modeling. Company structure covers all disciplines involved in the development of industrial projects. minerals and process industries. • • • • PWE 07/12/2012 4 . detail engineering and procurement assistance.About us • • Core competencies are basic engineering. Working as a team for more than 20 years. power. with experience in multi-office jobs.

No 20 100 112006707 EN ISO 14001:2004 Certificate Reg. Our activity is in compliance with OHSAS 18001. Pureworld is committed to leading the industry in minimizing the impact of its activities on the environment. the safety of plants and the prevention of the environment. complying ISO 14001. HSE & Environment policy Quality Management System •Pureworld’s general management has set up a Quality Management System in compliance with ISO 9001 standard. and to ensure the involvement and professional development of personnel at all levels. We are committed to the health and welfare of persons. No 20 116 112006709 PWE 07/12/2012 5 .Quality policy. •This QMS system is configured to continually improve its effectiveness at each stage of the work cycle. •All Pureworld employees are responsible for developing and delivering a high quality products and services. HSE & Environment policy • Pureworld designates as essential corporate objectives a continuous improvement of the HSE policy in our a activities. No 20 104 112006708 OHSAS 18001:2007 Certificate Reg. • • • EN ISO 9001:2008 Certificate Reg.

Corporate structure PW Engineering DUBAI Legal structures PW Engineering EUROPE PW Engineering ROMANIA PW Engineering / Local Partner ABU DHABI PMC Project Based Structures Partnerships ICARE Procurement Services CH / DUBAI PWE 07/12/2012 International EPC Firm Partnerships 6 .

Operational structure PWE 07/12/2012 7 .

Modification and Retrofitting Plants Evaluation of Plant and Assets Project Management Field Supervision Project Controls (Cost Control. Planning and Scheduling) Assistance for Authorities Permits Assistance for Pre-commissioning.Profile. capabilities & services industries / services provided Upstream an downstream Petrochemical and Chemical Plants Industrial Processes Power Generation Environmental Feasibility & Concept Studies HAZOP Studies Basic Engineering Detail Design Environmental Studies and Projects Revamping. Commissioning and Start-up Activities PWE 07/12/2012 8 .

etc. Control and Technical Room. Analyzer House. capabilities & services expertise PROCESS Feasibility & Concept Studies HAZOP Studies Process and Environmental Studies Basic Engineering Process Simulation Process Flow Diagram PFD Piping and Instrument Diagram P&ID Hydraulic Studies Safety Analysis Thermal and Hydraulic Rating of Heat Exchangers Fired Heaters Surge and Pulsation Analysis Operating Manuals PWE 07/12/2012 INSTRUMENTATION AND CONTROL P&ID Control System Definition Instrument Data Base Management Field Instrument Data Sheet (Sizing)/Specification/Requisition DCS/ESD/F&G/Metering System Management/Supervision Package Specification and Vendor Document and Drawing Review Instrumentation Detail Design Document and Drawings. as follows Hook-up Drawings and Material Take-off Loop and Wiring Diagrams Layout Drawings for Field Instruments. Main and Secondary Cable Routing and Cable List FAT and SAT Activities Intrinsic Safety System Documentation 9 .Profile.

etc. Bid Analysis Sketches & Guide drawings for: Nozzles orientation. Datasheets. Inquire & Requisition. Spring support. capabilities & services expertise PIPING Equipment Layout Piping and Equipment Layout Studies Analysis of allowable forces & moments on equipment nozzles Pipe stress analysis (static. 90%) Clash check analysis PWE 07/12/2012 MECHANICAL Static Equipment calculation: Mechanical design. supports and platforms Detailed Drawings & Vendor document Review Remaining Lifetime Assessment Insulation & Painting take-off Shop/Site Technical Assistance 10 . dynamic & seismic above ground & underground) Standard & Special supports.) Piping Material Take Off Isometric & General Arrangements PDS & PDMS 3D Modeling Equipment. Drums. Tanks Rotating Machines: Process Pumps. Pipes. Special items (Expansion joints. Weights for columns.Profile. Compressors Specification. Fired Heaters. Clips for piping. Supports (over 30 years cumulated experience of the people as 3D software users) Model review (30%. anchor bolts. Heat Exchangers. 60%.

Profile. capabilities & services expertise CIVIL Layouts Static and dynamic analysis for wind & seismic loads Detail design for: Concrete structures Foundation and structure reinforcement and formwork Roads and pavement Sewerage and water drainage Plumbing and water supply Material take-off Field supervision Load capacity analysis and expertise for existing buildings and concrete structures PWE 07/12/2012 STEEL STRUCTURES Main steel Structure guide drawings Static and dynamic analysis for wind & seismic loads Platform & miscellaneous steel work drawings Steel structure shop drawings and follow-up Material take-off Load capacity analysis and expertise for steel structures 11 .

Inquires. cable sizing. details and material take-off 12 PWE 07/12/2012 .Profile. capabilities & services expertise ELECTRICAL Studies and calculations (short circuit level. Earthing. Lightning. Requisition. cable ampacity) Consumer list and load balance General one-line diagram Diagrams (switchboards & MCC single line. Bid Analysis Substation detailed layout Cable list Lighting. schematic diagrams) Hazardous area classification Specifications/Data sheets. Communication system Heat tracing system Installation drawings.

Project control Pureworld will provide experienced personnel to support Project Managers in the areas of network scheduling. The Project schedule is periodically updated with actual values and it is attachment to the Monthly Report.provide weekly/monthly reports. planned Progress “S” curve Description of the work performed during previous period / Description of the work to be done during next period Document control register Project Schedule Awaited information/hold points and Need List Change Order status Invoicing status 3. Initial . For this purpose we use PRIMAVERA/Microsoft Project. all key activities with corresponding start/completion dates and durations. with the following content: Progress status actual vs. 1. Milestones Schedule Time Schedule level I – Overall Project Schedule / Time Schedule level II – detailed by discipline Time Schedule level III – detailed at package level The Schedule is presenting the project milestones. change control. 2. PWE 07/12/2012 13 .the schedule will be based on milestone schedule and will be create for the support of execution phase. earned values. the critical path and float. The planning documents are prepared by the Project Controls/Planning Engineer. cost control. Progress Reporting . based on information provided by the Leads of the Engineering/Design Disciplines.

including: Implement Project Control and Project Management tools designed to ensure project outcome. Quality and Timely Delivery.PMC capabilities Our PMC capability ensures the achievement of high standards of Safety. timeframe and cost by all parties Deliver Construction Achieve high standards of Safety and Quality Finally. and compliance to standards. achieve Timely Delivery for the full scope of the EPC Contract PWE 07/12/2012 14 . delivery and enable open Reporting Achieve Clients expectations. maintaining costs within budget for complex projects In this role Pureworld supervises all aspects of the project and assumes Single Point Responsibility for timely delivery of Engineering. and manage client’s costs and downsides so as to deliver the expected Project Margin Undertake Procurement activities to ensure alignment of incentives. Procurement and Construction (EPC).

PMC capabilities Our project management helps overcome: Experience gaps Resource constraints Time pressure encountered with complex projects Customers benefit from: Access to third party master service agreements A comprehensive management system Our significant experience This is achieved through: Competent Project Director . Supported by highly skilled and experienced Project Managers Business KPI targets Independent team monitoring Project Outcome.for ‘real time’ analysis 15 Comprehensive Project Execution Plan covering all critical areas of the Project . reporting directly to CEO PWE 07/12/2012 Project based Report system that provides visibility and transparency .answerable for the entire PMC delivery process.

Basic Engineering & Detail Design Services Detail Design Services PWE 07/12/2012 16 .Lamprell ADCO Abu Dhabi Litwin PEL .REFERENCES LIST Experience Client Rompetrol Petromidia Refinery Litwin PEL .Lamprell GASCO Abu Dhabi Litwin PEL .Lamprell Enereco Italy Enereco Italy Enereco Italy OMV Petrom Enreco Italy OMV Petrom Enreco Italy ERAS France Project name Particulate emission reduction at FCC plant ROMPETROL RAFINARE New LNG plant Engineering Services for miscellaneous PMRFs BAB BATCH – 4 EPC of Habshan Oily Water Sump Stress vibration analysis & pipe supports adequacy study Various Upstream projects Process Specification Preparation Process Specification Preparation OMV Petrom Surface Facilities Development Program OMV Petrom Surface Facilities Development Program Various Oil & Gas projects Project location Romania Djibouti UAE UAE UAE Irak Turkmenistan Kazahstan Romania Romania France Scope Pre-feasibility Study 3D modelling Engineering & Design Engineering & Design Engineering & Design Engineering & Design Engineering Engineering Authority Engineering Feed.Lamprell GASCO Abu Dhabi Litwin PEL .

TULSA USA .New Gasoline Hydrotreater Unit Sinclair Refinery .REFERENCES LIST Experience Client Project name Coffeyville Refinery .BISHOP Ukraine Poland Canada Taiwan Canada Tatarstan South Africa Saudi Arabia Russia Korea Hungary Russia Russia Lithuania China China India India TEXAS Scope Engineering & Design Engineering & Design Engineering & Design Detail Design Detail Design Engineering & Design Detail Design Basic Engineering Services Basic Engineering Services Basic Engineering Services Basic Engineering Services Basic Engineering Services Basic Engineering Services Basic Engineering Services Basic Engineering Services Basic Engineering Services Basic Engineering Services Basic Engineering Services Basic Engineering Services Basic Engineering Services Basic Engineering Services Basic Engineering Services Basic Engineering Services Basic Engineering Services Basic Engineering Services 17 . Mazeikin Ethylene Plant. KANSAS USA . MOL Hydrocracker Unit and Hydrogen Plant. INDMAX PWE 07/12/2012 Project location USA . North West Hydrocracker Unit.TULSA USA . Nizhnekamsk CHEVRON LUMMUS GLOBAL Hydrocracker Unit.Gasoline Hydrotreater Unit MUSTANG ENGINEERING P&ID'S updating for Ethoxylation Unit Revamp Fortron Industries . Gdansk Hydrotreater Unit. Tianjin LUMMUS TECHONLOGY Ethylene Plant.Weak Formaldehyde Recovery Unit Hydrocracker Unit. Zhenhai FCC Unit. Rosneft LC Finner Unit.DB6 Expansion Tesoro Salt Lake City Benzene Reduction Celanese/Bishop Facility .COFFEYVILLE. Komsomolsk Isodewaxing Unit.CCR Platformer Unit Gasoline Hydrotreater Placid Refinery .CLARIANT CLEAR LAKE USA .SINCLAIR. INDMAX FCC Unit. Jubail Hydrocracker and Hydrotreater Unit. Kherson Hydrotreater Unit. Engen (CLG) DHC & MHC Hydrocracker Unit. CPC RDS LC Finner Unit. Paradip. Caltex Hydrocracker Unit. Tuape.WILMINGTON USA . Fort Hills Oil Sands Hydrotreater Unit. Taneko Hydrocracker Unit.SALT LAKE CITY USA . BRPL.

REFERENCES LIST Experience Client Project name Jet Fuel Htdrotreating (Petromidia refinery) Piping revamp in FCC unit (Petromidia refinery) ROMINSERV .MMA Project Lavan FEED Project PKKR -Kumkol South EOR Project .ISOVER PENSPEN INTERNATIONAL PETROSTAR KNORR .ROMPETROL GROUP FCC cooling towers revamp (Petromidia refinery) Hydrogen purification unit (Petromidia refinery) Upgrading Loading and Transfer Capacity of Petromidia 9 Berth (Petromidia refinery) Gasoline Specification Improvement Project GSIP Izmir refinery TUPRAS Oxygenate Tanks.Feasibility Study Romania Stress analysis .Italy SAINT GOBAIN .Arpechim refinery Romania Engineering & Design Engineering & Design Engineering & Design Engineering & Design Engineering JACOBS France OMV .PETROM 18 .UNILEVER ALCON Nigeria PWE 07/12/2012 Minearl Wool Unit Romania Vibration Study and Stress analysis for 14" Header to H2S Strippers UAE IDO Flowstation Electrical & Instrumentaion Building Nigeria Aeration Unit Romania Design of HP Flare KO Drum Vessels (Mechanical Calculation & Shop Drawings Nigeria Design of Atmospheric KO Drum Vessel (Mechanical Calculation & Shop Drawings Nigeria Pirelli Unit .Hydrocarbon Miscible Flood Pancevo Refinery Project location Romania Romania Romania Romania Romania Turkey Turkey Algeria Germany Iran Kazakhstan Serbia Scope Engineering & Design Engineering & Design Engineering & Design Engineering & Design Engineering & Design Engineering & Design Engineering & Design Engineering & Design Engineering & Design Engineering & Design Front End Engineering Design Basic Engineering Services Engineering & Design BATEMAN KAZAKSTAN ENERECO . Loading and Transfer System SP1BIS PROJECT LITWIN FRANCE Leuna .

Software capabilities GENERAL Microsoft Windows Microsoft Office Microsoft Outlook Microsoft Server PROCESS ELECTRICAL SKM PowerTools HYSIS Groundmat PROII HTRI ETAP AFT Impulse Visual Lighting ChemCAD AmpCalc SP P&ID LitePro Calculux Visual CEAG TraceCalc® Pro CalcWare CIVIL&STRUCTURAL INSTRUMENTATION SP Intrumentation (INTOOLS) Foundation 3D InstruCalc DSAnchor Combined 3D MAT 3D MathCAD Descon Brace DesconWin SAP2000 MECHANICAL PIPING/STRESS CAD PROJECT CONTROL DATABASE REMOTE PDS Microsoft Project Oracle CITRIX Caesar II PDMS Primavera SQL FEPipe PipePlus AutoCad PCC-Red Bag NozzlePro NavisWorks Isogen Microstation PWE 07/12/2012 19 .

No 20 104 112006708 OHSAS 18001:2007 Certificate Reg. No 20 116 112006709 PWE 07/12/2012 . 8B. Ploiesti.com Web: www. Ras Al Khaimah Phone: +97 150 225 53 08 E-mail: info@pureworld-engineering. Al Jazeera Al Hamra. No 20 100 112006707 EN ISO 14001:2004 Certificate Reg.pureworld-engineering. Romania Phone: +40 344 148 004 E-mail: office@pureworld.com PW Engineering ROMANIA Address: 1A Eroilor Square. 1297 Tannay. Prahova. Switzerland Phone: +41 22 960 7180 E-mail: info@pureworld-engineering.com 20 EN ISO 9001:2008 Certificate Reg.Office locations & contacts PW Engineering DUBAI Address: P. Box 31291.O.ro PW Engineering EUROPE Address: Chemin des Couleuvres.

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