No. 4010 Equal Volume Adhesive – Bonds to Oily Surfaces
EPON™ Resin 828/HELOXY™ Modifier 505/EPIKURE™ Curing Agents 3125 and 3271
Re-issued: August 2003

SC: 2041-03 Introduction

The equal volume combining ratio of this adhesive facilitates proportioning in the field and reduces the effect of small measuring errors on cured state properties. Good adhesion to metal surfaces which have not been specially prepared is the primary feature of this formulation. Maximum bonding strength is obtained on freshly cleaned substrates, usually within 24 hours at normal room temperature. Good adhesion to polystyrene foam, paper honeycomb and other low density insulating materials suggests use in sandwich panel construction. • • • • One-to-one mix ratio by volume Tolerance to trace amounts of residual oil on metal bond surfaces 40 minute room temperature gel time (180 grams) Bonding of metals at room temperature. Also bonds well to wood, concrete, ceramics and many rigid plastics.


Suggested Uses




0 EPIKOTE EPON EPIKURE EPI-REZ HELOXY CARDURA VEOVA . Part B Dissolve the dicyandiamide into the EPI-CURE 3271 Curing Agent with heat and agitation.0 40. Add EPI-CURE 3125 Curing Agent and blend until homogeneous.0 1. TOTAL Part A Degussa Corp. Add ASP-101 and titanium dioxide.0 6. Package the converter portion in sealed metal.16 6.0 Gallons 5.52 0. and disperse with a high shear or planetary mixer..5 1.5 16.0 54. Fine Chemicals ENGELHARD Corp. Mixing Instructions Part A Combine the ASP-101 clay filler with the EPON Resin 828 and HELOXY Modifier 505 and mix using a high shear or planetary mixer until the filler is thoroughly dispersed.0 100.60 0.0 79.SC: 2041-03 Starting Formulation No.0 4.75 0. DuPont CABOT Corp.05 8.05 0.13 0. 4010 Page 2 Formula Part A EPON™ Resin 828 HELOXY™ Modifier 505 ASP-101 (kaolin clay) Part B EPIKURE™ Curing Agent 3125 EPIKURE™ Curing Agent 3271 Dyhard 100SF (dicyandiamide micronized) ASP-101 (kaolin clay) Titanium Dioxide Cab-O-Sil M5 (fumed amorphous silica) Supplier Pounds 54.66 0.16 ENGELHARD Corp. or glass containers and store at normal room temperatures. polyolefin plastic. Typical Handling Properties Resin : Curing Agent mix ratio by weight by volume Gel Time @ 77°F (180 grams) Form Part A Part B Pounds per gallon 100:80 1:1 40 minutes Thixotropic paste Thixotropic paste 11.0 2. Add Cab-O-Sil and continue mixing until all fillers are thoroughly dispersed.86 8.70 1.

2. 4010 Page 3 Application Instructions All surfaces to be bonded should be free of dirt. grease. EPIKOTE EPON EPIKURE EPI-REZ HELOXY CARDURA VEOVA . or equipment identified herein (“Information”). oil or other contaminants to ensure maximum adhesion. prior to use of any Information. applications. Table 1 / Adhesive Properties Test Property Tensile Shear Strength Etched Aluminum Alloy Cured 3 days @ 77°F Cured 1 days @ 77°F Cured 3 days @ 77°F Cured 3 days @ 77°F 1 Oil Treated Specimens Cured 1 days @ 77°F ASTM D-1002 Tested at 67°F 77°F 125°F 150°F 77°F Units psi psi psi psi psi Value 2000 2900 1500 890 2500 Cure Schedule Typical Cured State Properties ¹ Etched aluminum tensile shear specimens wiped with a cloth saturated with RPM Aviation Oil No. methods. adhesive applied with spatula to both surfaces prior to joining and curing under contact pressure Disclaimer These are starting point formulations and are not proven for use in the user’s particular application but are simply meant to demonstrate the efficacy of the products and to assist in the development of the user’s own formulations. apply adhesive to both surfaces and continue the coating process until the adhesive wets the substrates as indicated by ‘‘grab. abraded or vapor degreased. Contact pressure is sufficient to achieve maximum bond strength. Room Temperature: 2-3 days @ 77°F. When bonding surfaces which have not been etched.SC: 2041-03 Starting Formulation No. by the user’s knowledgeable formulator or scientist. It is the user’s responsibility to fully test and qualify the formulation. Maximum cure temperature should not exceed 250ºF. and to determine the appropriate use conditions and legal restrictions.’’ This coating action helps to displace the surface film of contamination. along with the ingredients. or Elevated Temperature: Adhesive can be heat cured to shorten cure time. Coat both substrates and press together.

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