No. 1046 High Solids Red Iron Oxide Epoxy Primer
EPON™ Resin 874-CX-90/EPI-CURE™ Curing Agent 3175
Material Part A EPON™ Resin 874-CX-90 Beetle 216-81 Xylene2 MIBK2 PGME Acetate Zinc Phosphate J-08523 10 ES WOLLASTOKUP4 Sparmite5 MicroMica C-30006 Copperas R-50985
High Speed Disperse to a Texture of 5-6 N. S.




305 11.0 75.5 60.4 15.1 181.5 181.5 238.0 39.5 39.5 9.0 1156.0

33.41 1.30 10.49 9.10 1.86 6.93 7.50 6.48 1.39 0.91 0.63 80.00

Bentone SD-27 Total Part A Part B EPI-CURE™ Curing Agent 3175 Xylene2 n-Butanol2 Total Part B Composite Blend Part A Part B Parts A and B
Supplied by American Cyanamid Company. Supplied by Shell Chemical Company. Supplied by Davis Colors. 4 Supplied by NYCO Minerals, Inc. 5 Supplied by Harcros Pigments. I nc, 6 Supplied by KMG Minerals, I nc. 7 Supplied by Rheox.
1 2 3

110.0 31.5 13.5 155.0 Viscosity 1156.0 155.0 1311.0

13.61 4.38 2.01 20.00

85 K.U.

80.00 20.00 100.0






C A R D U R A™


H.0 H 54/4 Pass 1/4” 5A 6F-6M 6M Drawdown on CRS. by the user’s knowledgeable formulator or scientist. methods. 55% R. Pencil hardness Impact resistance. hrs. hrs. hrs./Rev. Cotton-free dry. from 85-130 KU) Pounds/gallon Dry film thickness Set-to-touch dry.39 67.70 40 8 13. Through-dry.11 35.SC:2028-01 / Starting Formulation No. (Dir.0 30 2. percent PVC. on solids Pot life (hrs. and to determine the appropriate use conditions and legal restrictions.5 mils 0. or equipment identified herein (“Information”). . 1046 Page 2 Table 1/ Typical Coating Properties Total weight solids.75 7.11 1. It is the user’s responsibility to fully test and qualify the formulation. Cured for 7 days at 77 °F. prior to use of any Information. applications. percent Total volume solids. These are starting point formulations and are not proven for use in the user’s particular application but are simply meant to demonstrate the efficacy of the products and to assist in the development of the user’s own formulations. minutes Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Pounds per gallon Grams per liter Table 2/ Film Properties1 Pigment:binder ratio Curing agent phr.) Flexibility Adhesion Salt spray testing (1000 hrs) Water resistance (1000 hrs at 160 °F) 1 82.5 13. percent Induction time.31 277 1. along with the ingredients.

and adherence to proper handling procedures. and to determine the appropriate use conditions and legal restrictions.832.2800 For sales in North and South America outside the United States. whether oral or written. by the user’s knowledgeable formulator or scientist. OR THE FITNESS OF THE INFORMATION PROVIDED FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. WITHOUT LIMITATION.877. obtained by you in any manner from us pertaining to the Information shall create any warranty of any kind. Questions and requests for information on Resolution Performance Products LLC (“RPPLLC”) products should be directed to your RPPLLC sales representative. if feasible. These are starting point formulations and are not proven for use in a user’s particular application.A. It is the user’s responsibility to fully test and qualify the formulation. No opinion. OR WITH RESPECT TO THE TITLE OR MERCHANTIBILITY OF THE INFORMATION PROVIDED. NO REPRESENTATION IS MADE AND NO WARRANTY. call: 1. advice or Information. Texas 77210-4500 For product prices. NOTICE Any of the formulations or the ingredients in the formulations may present an unknown health or safety hazard. Information and MSDSs or PSISs on non-RPPLLC products should be obtained from the respective manufacturer. EXPRESS OR IMPLIED. or manufacturer does not constitute or imply its endorsement.O. its ingredients.2365 For literature and technical assistance. ALL WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND ARE EXPRESSLY EXCLUDED AND DISCLAIMED.859. OR THAT THE USE OF THE INFORMATION IS FREE FROM INFRINGEMENT OF ANY PATENT OR ANY OTHER INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHT. call our toll-free customer service number at: 1. or transported until the handling precautions and recommendations as stated in the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) or Preliminary Safety Information Sheet (PSIS) for these and all other products being used are understood by all persons who will work with them. All rights reserved. Use of the Information is at your own risk. or service by trade name. availability. visit our website at: www. prior to use of any Information. Your reliance on the Information presented herein for use in a particular application shall indicate your consent that in no event will Resolution Performance Products LLC or any of its affiliates be responsible for any damages of any nature whatsoever resulting from the use of or reliance upon the Information. IS EXTENDED WITH RESPECT TO THE ACCURACY. use of appropriate engineering controls and proper personal protective clothing and equipment. Reference to any commercial ingredient.S. OR USEFULNESS OF THE INFORMATION TO MEET YOUR REQUIREMENTS. or order placement. stored. or equipment identified herein (“Information”).Resolution Performance Products P. trademark.resins. or the nearest RPPLLC sales SAFETY & HANDLING These products are capable of producing adverse health effects ranging from minor skin irritation to serious systemic effects. through the observance of proper precautions. Printed in the U. AND EACH OF THESE ARE THE SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE USER. REPRODUCIBILITY. process. None of these materials should be used. © 2001 Resolution Performance Products LLC. applications. methods. SC:2028-01 11/01 E P I KOT E ™ EPON™ EPI-CURE™ EPI-REZ™ H E LOX Y ™ C A R D U R A™ V E O VA™ . Box 4500 Houston. COMPLETENESS. recommendation or favor in the formulation or for use in the user’s application. Exposure to these materials should be minimized and avoided.

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