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Choose the correct response for each of the sentences:

1. You have to be more ________. a) careful b) carefully

2. We have to walk more ________. We're late! a) quick b) quickly

3. I did this ________. a) willing b) willingly

4. He was ________ to help me. a) willing b) willingly

5. They speak English very ________. a) well b) good

6. You did your homework very ________. a) good b) well

7. My grandfather is very ________. a) clever b) cleverly

8. He speaks very ________. a) quiet b) quietly

9. Our neighborhood is very ________. a) quietly b) quiet

10. What a ________ movie! a) great b) greatly

Circle the correct words in parenthesis below.

1. The fat duck ate a fish. The word fat describes ( the duck / the fish ). Duck is a ( noun / verb ). Fat is an ( adjective / adverb ).

2. The boy yells louder than anyone else. The word louder describes ( how the boy yells / the boy ). The word yells is a ( noun / verb ). Louder is an ( adjective / adverb ).

3. We ate the hot soup. The word hot describes (the soup / how we ate the soup ). The word soup is a ( noun / verb ). Hot is an ( adjective / adverb ).

4. Grandpa walked slowly to the garage. The word slowly describes (grandpa / how grandpa walked ). The word walked is a ( noun / verb ). Slowly is an ( adjective / adverb ).

5. Marla patiently waited her turn. The word patiently describes (how Marla waited / Marla ). The word waited is a ( noun / verb ). Patiently is an ( adjective / adverb ).

Circle the adjective in each sentence. Draw a line under the noun it describes. Example: Jason painted a beautiful picture.


Four turtles climbed on the log.


Mr. Henderson's oldest son goes to college.


There is a squirrel on our front porch.


We sat beneath a shady umbrella.


Sally picked up sixteen rocks when she walked by the creek.


Have you seen my checkered shirt?


A sidewalk leads to the back door.


The jacket I bought has deep pockets.


Polly fixed the broken car.

10. How do my new glasses look?


Jay and Kay live in the biggest house on the block.


Huge trees grow along the street.

Choose the correct adjective in parenthesis to complete each sentence. Write the adjective on the line.

1. Martin is ________________ than Marcia. (old, older, oldest) 2. That is a very ________________ car. (small, smaller, smallest) 3. Mount Everest is the ________________ mountain in the world. (high, higher, highest) 4. This is the ________________ blanket in the house. (warm, warmer, warmest) 5. Maria is ________________ than Jan right now. (happy, happier, happiest) 6. That was the ________________ hot fudge sundae I've ever eaten. (big, bigger, biggest) 7. Katrina ran even ________________ than I did. (fast, faster, fastest) 8. January is the ________________ month of the year. (cold, colder, coldest) 9. That is a very ________________ fishing pole. (long, longer, longest) 10. Mr. Jones is the ________________ teacher in the school. (nice, nicer, nicest)