whose aim is to understand nature. but you have scarcely in your thoughts advanced to the stage of science. you know something about but when you cannot measure when you cannot express it satisfactory kind. Die Enveilcruug uuscrcr Sinne. nor "Is there any phenomenon which works upon it still upon it their extensions." — (von Helmholtz. "I often say that express it. our present-day instruments and apparatus? Then. "Science. Thus it must sooner or become perceptible to us. Malhematik anzutreffen "Progress Ma. are speaking about.) in jeder — (Kelvin." (Wiener." "Ich behaupte aber dass (Kant. your knowledge is of meager and unbe the beginning of knowledge.) is symbolized in the clock." besonderen Xaturlehre nur so als darin Wissenschaft angetrofifen werden konne. if we can time. the balance and the foot-rule. and it in numbers. when you can measure what you it. must set out with the assurance that nature is understandable.) — ." — (Clcrk- Paraphrasis of the foregoing implies that facts in lieu of theories could be submitted. unless later be out of relation with things. weigh and measure.xwell.) viel eigentliche ist. must be bound up with other phenomena which do work upon our senses or our instruments.— ARCHETYPE OF PHYSICO-CLINICAL MEDICINE.) neither our natural senses. may it in numbers.


subject-matter are physiological constants Abrams. i or neutral electrons. biological and chemical methods. as expressed by the polarity of my reactions. ' < In investigating the physiological physics of the various forms of energy. the visceral reflexes of the author are employed. The Purport This iatro-physical conception demonstrates the trend of Practhe sciences and a clinical diagnosis unifying the various forms of force under one great principle. the rearrangement of endowed with Insomuch as electrons are in motion. author regrets the necessity of obtruding his personality at that place but feels that. shows the constant loss of positive or negative. there is a continual radiation of energy and the instability of the atom. which and to splanchno-diagnosis. which reveals irritabilite forms of energy.PREFACE new physico-diagnostic and therapeutic methods and therefore endow this book with decisive meaning. The author concordance with current scientific must be in logical conceptions and bears no relation to the intrinsic content of the discovery. confirms what Claude Bernard called —the power posThe sessed by in all matter of reacting to stimuli. . positive and negative the electrons associated with the evolution of energy a definite polarity. fully realizes that. Relative to the use of metal in reflexometry. wavemeter index and vibratory rate. Visceral The latter are Reflexes of -^°''^'"^- interpreted phonometrically and in a variety of other ways. is The electronic theory demonstrates the electrical nature of matter and radioactivity is In disease. a universal property of the latter. . reference is Special directed to the reflexophone substitute a visceral reflex. specific it and energeiaometer. may be obscured by the extraordinary data presented throughout the book. the acceptance of a discovery. tical medicine embodies all must | | invoke physical. and have been repeatedly corroborated as reflexes of The shown the succeeding the bibliography. The laws of physical science are universal and apply equally to living organisms and so-called inanimate author's are not theories but physico-clinical facts things. any merit attached to his reflexes.

The most mystifying phenomena is. ]Men looking upon a machine executing a task of marvelous complexity are habituated to observe." ^lan essentially a reflex animal. the most primitive and sensiti\e substance for exhibiting the physiologic tivity phenomena of energy-. as the discoverv of a link between the new and the old. there are a multitude of recondite reflexes which can be utilized with mathematical accuracy for interpreting cosmical energy. 'Tt is not so much evidence that conviewed vinces men of something entirely foreign to their habit of thought. just as the machinery of a clock might work without a dial. bioplasmic matter is employed. in the reflexes. The lungs. command In radioexciter. Aside from the overt phenomena as revealed by our senses. is The sensi- Human Machine the action of the reflexes. puissant physiological reactions are at our heretofore inexplicable phenomena. report only a comparatively small number of gross stimuli and are readily replaced by modern apparatus of greater sensitiveness. upon the it is least complex Knowledge causes. Consciousness depends upon Mental function as work might proceed without consciousness.VI 11 PREFACE In accepting the visceral reactions as the basis for our varied deductions. howe^•er. The reflexes in question are natural detectors." New knowledge is always critically by the formahst and traditionalist. "It is almost human. the harder to understand. precision and certainty. Laboring art is a crude imitator of nature. electro-magnetic waves are set in motion by an The New sensitivity of the reflexes makes the rest latter unnecessary. particularly when the innovationist creates discontinuity in the transition to new knowledge. the revolutions of the electrons alone substitute the exciter or oscillator. to inteq^ret many telegraphv. it is not chimerical to assume that. antedated the bellows. the heart. the lever. and the eye. the photographic camera. the pump. Our senses. cate mimetically Telephonic and telegraphic apparatus dupliwhat has always been done by the nervous system and always by aid of the same energy. and the simpler a thing fore. always attuned to definite rates of vibration and insomuch as every phenomenon in nature is dependent upon matter in motion or \-ibration. The animal machine is equipped by its sense-organs as receivers for practically all kinds of physical energy. there- 'Damnant quod non inteUignnt." . and so it should be. mechanism designated as a reflex surpasses in its any apparatus yet devised by human ingenuity. the hand.

scale. .PREFACE Scientific theories are constantly shattered IX and swept into the dis- Scientific card and the scientist presiding at the birth of his theory one officiate at its burial on the morrow. His results have been controlled by necropsy. that the ultimate atomic divisibility of matter the cell. a planetary system on an infinitesimal A study of the physics of the electron has dethroned it many cher- ished hypotheses and shows that plays an important part in deter- mining the physico-chemical properties of a substance. is dreadfully deficient. ing this is made of in pathology. the Zeitgeist demands an abrogation of this misalliance of medicine and cytology. in the interpretation of vital phe- nomena. In this sense." Successive innovations have completely altered the physiognomy of medical practice notably. he is making real the dream of ages. In discussing the progress affirmed that. gave a decided impetus to Cytolog^y it the formulation of modern biology and pathology. The cells constitute a superstructure guided in their activity by Vital phenomena are dynamic and the physico-chemical forces. when bacteriology invaded the classic domain of cellular pathology. The discerning reader will note that. skiagraphy." The aim is interesting fact in right now. Electron i^ory The cell is only the micro-morphologic unit of plant and animal organization. In his day may Anarchy iconoclasm. actions of organisms should be regarded not as structures but as processes. is that noth- medicine is scientific exactitude but Utopia far from realization. but has suffered many vicissitudes notably that. atomists The indivisibility of the atom as conceived by the now substituted by the conception that. a scientist recently it "The most happening. "One must be strongly convinced. due care has been taken to eliminate All the personal equation. the author's deductions are Objectivism essentially objective and that." suggested Charles Richet. The doctrine of cells and protoplasm.xaminations. one must look deeper than simple cell-structure as revealed by the microscope. "that science to-day though true. The universality of the laws of physical science are in viz. is represented by the electron and not The is cellular theory is destined to suffer the same it is fate as the molecular theory.. at operations and by histological e. accordance with the accepted electronic theory.

dices vanquished." to encounter obstacles These prejuand difliculties There are more tude is false facts than theories. Man is governed by mathematical law and anything concerning him incapable of numerical expression must be The apparently impossible limited to the realms of speculation. Pasteur at his Jubilee. The author's methods show how biotic energ}- may be measured as the electrometer measures electrical potential. is based on scientific objecti\'ity. ^^De mortuis nil nisi bonu?}i.. v-iz. Neither fear of difiiculty nor adverse criticism deters as an him from regarding scepticism his obser\'ations.X PREFACE knowledge unless capable of numerical expression can never advance to the stage of science and justifies the Kantian observation. condemnation. Contempt prior to examination has relegated to obhvion many important truths. Vaticination argument against the truth of ing on fhe author realizes that.is later accepted by those fettered by scholastic prepossessions. discussion and acceptance. he is treadunknown territory. -without hereditary prestige. — which the author has striven to achieve.. many men who have known nothing but had still In the past they had to contend against prejudices which stifled their ideas. They are unfamihar -u-ith the Pasteurian spirit I do not know . often the heritage of contem- the H\-ing.' persecution..and that many will sit in the scomer's seat and hurl the cynic's ban. Neither the iury of tongue nor the truculence of pen can discredit the author's observations which are capable of analyzation and demonstration.. scene carries of science time to align our general thinking into harmony "Messieurs" said the aged "my first thought in the midst of this brilUant me back with melancholy to the memory of trials. they of all kinds. It takes a long with the results of new knowledge.. I will investigate. where the credulous believe too much and the sceptics too A . that the development of a science may be gauged by the amount of mathematics it contains. viz. To launch new knowledge is fraught with much risk to the offender who must be prepared to await the fate accorded to practically all innovations. often the primar\" acclamation of a The genius of the multinew discover}' which ." but anathematize This specious philosophy often deters progress in a world Uttle. is Down the centuries posthumous apotheosis poran.

promotion of what we In this hegemony. "The authorities exact an oath from medical candidates never to alter the practice of physic. When thought is thus monopolized. is the arraignment of indi\ddual independence enjoyed by the pioneer investigator despite the main postulate of Herbert Spencer. he would have exclaimed. In the appendix. Those "in authority." The major portion of this book has been devoted to diagnosis Qui bene dignoscit. antagonism. is a problem of physical chemistry. in commenting on the conservatism of the latter said. if Talleyrand were present at the creation. possession will be regarded as greater than achievement and the fascinating triumph of creation will be suppressed." who regard innovation from the viewjjoint mot by a witty compatriot of Talleyrand. is individual initiative." that the greatest factor in the call progress. It is impossible to express adequate appreciation for the . the astrologer tells you what is not so beforehand and the psychologist does it The so-called cognoscenti. — Diagnosis Treatment is emphasized in investi. the plenipotentiary right is assumed of discrediting new knowledge without investigation for no other reason than that. in "First Principles. and his apparatus leaves nothing to the imagina- may approve of the present metnods do not and the latter observe that. the author advocates a rejuvenation of psycho.PKEFACE serious obstacle at the present time in the presentation of XI new knowlheretofore edge. who. "Good gracious! Chaos will be destroyed. of investigation but others afterwards. more competent than himself may prophesy its the author has shaped the noon. the only difference between psychology and astrology is that. polaritherapy If adequately expresses his therapeutic procedure. and the author's methods invoke the data of ionization in studying the therapeutic action of medicaments.and gating the action of drugs from what the author has neologized as an Treatment electrono therapeutic viewpoint. it is in discordance with preexisting knowledge and has therefore no official right of existence." This book will be of no value of heresy recalls the bon to those who subscribe to Moliere's satire. action of a drug ions is The protoplasmic The neologism the algebraic sum of the effects of the individual in and the anions and cations are . The cell. he hopes that others." "They who do not feel the darkness will never look for the light. dawn of a new epoch in science. bene curat.Appendix logical investigations tion.

SAN FRANCISCO. FAIRMONT HOTEL. . CAL. a practical mensual course is given by the author in San Francisco..Xll PREFACE generous support accorded to these me by my colleagues in corroborating and treatment. who cannot master some of the details of the new knowledge presented in this book. My most comprehensive obligation is acknowledged upon the dedicatory page. JANUARY. For the benefit of physicians. I916. new methods of diagnosis ALBERT ABRAMS.

atory and Circulatory System 151 CHAPTER XI Biodynamgnosis of Diseases of the Kidneys and Ductless Glands 156 CHAPTER CHAPTER New Concepts in XII . 54 CHAPTER V Auxiliary Methods for Demonstrating 75 CHAPTER Topographic Percussion VI loi CHAPTER Sexual Polarity VII no CHAPTER Diseases VIII 124 Byodynamgnosis of Specific Infections and Constitutional CHAPTER IX Biodynamgnosis of Diseases of the Digestive System and Anim.al Parasites 143 CHAPTER X Byodynamgnosis of Diseases of the Respir. 41 CHAPTER Human Energy Human Energy ..CONTENTS Subject CHAPTER I Page i Human Energy CHAPTER The Stomach Reflex II 21 CHAPTER Polarity and Measurement of Physics and Physiology of III Human Energy IV . Biodyn..\mgnosis of Nervous Disorders and Neoplasms 164 XIII 193 Treatment .

Brain and Spinal Centers —The III New IV Psychology . 289 The Cell Doctrine 290- XII Splanchno Diagnosis Biosphygmomanometry CardiokinESTHESiA Predetermination of the Sex of Eggs Alopecia Personal Equation Reflexophonometry Tele29r diagnosis Energeiaometry — — NOTE — — — — — — . 228 NOTE Gyrography Subliminal AIind 238. —Telepathy NOTE V 244 Personal Magnetism Original Capacity NALGiAS —Occult NOTE VI 254 Phenomena VII of — Conservation NOTE NOTE Energy —Electro265 272- VIII The Sphygmobiometer NOTE IX BiocLiNicAL Reactions in Toxicology 288. Tracheal Percussion — Crico —Thyroid NOTE XI NOTE X Reflex .XIV CONTENTS APPENDIX NOTE I Page Electronic Delimitation of the Lower Border of the Stomach 223 The Ether Theory—The Electro — Magnetic Theory Light NOTE II — Gravitation—Polarity NOTE of 223.

15.. 2... 18 19 21 22 24 24 29 . ... 22.. 11. Electropathologic Diagnosis of Cancer Apparatus for Recording Wireless Messages Anatomic Features of Stomach Nerves of the Stomach Musculature Position of Abdominal Viscera Position of Abdominal Viscera (Back View) Position of the Fingers in Percussion Elevation of Ungual Phalanx Illustrating Orthopercussion Plexor and Pleximeter (for Percussion) Illustrating Threshold Percussion . Clock Test Cancer 17 4. . 18. . 16... 14. 27. 21. . 8.. .. 13. 12.. 7. 24. 5.... ... 45 46 50 52 62 64 68 72 72 25. 28. Page 14 15 Scale in Electropathology 3. 6. 10. Decussation of Aural Energy Areas of Ventral Dulness ..ILLUSTRATIONS Figure 1. .. Method or Testing (Electropathology) in . 30 30 31 32 Method of Conveying Energy Correct Way of Holding the Magnet and Electrode Illustrating Stomach Retraction from Energy 36 37 39 BlODYNAMOMETER Distal and Proximal Electrodes Calibrated Tube for Measuring Energy Carcinomatous Electronic Reaction Localization of the Psychomotor Area Course of Oculopupillary Fibers Tambour for Sphygmomanograms Screen for Chromo-diagnosis Energeiagenic Centers (male) Energeiagenic Centers (female) Energeiagenic Centers (back) 44 19.. 23.. Aura 78 79 82 32.. 26. 29. 20. 73 76 30. Organotonometer and Tonometric Scale Visualized .... . . 31. 9. ..... 17...

160 169 1 73 175 214 214 227 230 241 243 245 Specificity of Thought (Figures) 248 251 66.XVI Figure 33. 67.a.. 48.A. Ventral Areas of Dulness (Words) Ventral Areas of Dlt-ness (Visualil. Apparatus for Short-circuiting io8 Illustil\ting Sexual Polarity (female) Illustrating Sexual Polarity (m..a. . 65. 43. 39.' Illustrating Topographic Percussion appar.A. ILLUSTRATIONS Page 83 37. 42.le) iii Illustrating Method OF Eliciting THE Stomach Reflex 112 Conduction of Energy Through Glass 127 Areas of Ventral Dulness in Sythilis and Tubercu.A..\PHY Patient of Dr. demagnetization i04 46. .r1ng) Method of Making Gyrograms Pathograms Electrode Connected With the Antennae . 58. 140 157 158 .TUS FOR RECORDING StOMACH CONTR. Taste ant) He. .. 36. 49. 50. 135 53.L SiNUSES AND PSYCHOMOTOR REGION Electronic CRAN^OGR. 56. 64. 38. 35. 61. 59. 63.A-ND AND Kidney Plexor and Pleximeter (for Reflexes) Dull Areas in SpLANCHN^c Congestion CEREBR.tion) Functional Brain Areas 251 253 .RENAL Gl.a. Evans Patient of Dr. 41. 60. 68.. 45.A. 62.CTIONS Tracings oe the Stomach Tracings of the Stomach (Emotions) Dots and Dashes (Stomach Record) Ophthalmo axonometer psychomanograph 84 87 89 91 92 93 — 94 95 loo 102 . 57. Evans Illustrating Theory of Gr^witation Location of Centers (Smell. m .S OF SUPR. 52. . 40. 55.. Anatomic Relations of the Bronchial Glands Course of the Ureter Energy ARE. 47.tus for 44. losis 51.a. 34. Phonograms Sphygmomanometer PSYCHOPHANOMETER (PlANCK) PSYCHOPHANOMETER (WhITE) APPAR. 54.A.

71. 72.aometer 272 273 276 . 70.. 76. . 78. 73. 279 284 292 . 75. . Sphygmobiometer Sphygmobiometer Sphygmophone Plethysmograph Sphygmograms (from Conveyed Energy) Areas of Dulness in Splanchno-Diagnosis Sphygmograms WITH Biometer Illustrating Theory of Magnetism Reflexophone Reflexophonograms Telediagnosis Energei. XVll P<^?.^ 74. 296 298 300 304 305 310 80. 77.. 79. .ILLUSTRATIONS Figure 69. ..




CHAPTER I. emphasize the importance of the laws of physical science in the investigation of disease is and the physician constrained to correlate his data with this new knowledge. Circulation of the blood a matter of hydrauHcs. These iatrophysical doctrines endowed with exclusivism failed to survive the lapse of time. The forces resident in the living organism correspond with those governing the inanimate world and the theory of vitalism has been abandoned. *Italicized words signify that detailed reference to the subject may be found in the author's book. gaseous changes in the lungs and tissues correspond to the physical theory of gases and heat regulation conforms to the physical theory of heat. Fifth Edition. Physical science by reason is of the universality of its laws dominates practically every phase of medical research.HUMAN ENERGY. 1914. san FRANCISCO. istry —At one time in liistorical medicine (period of medical mysticism). physics and chemreconcile were invoked to explain the bodily functions and to their dogmas with empirical methods in the treatment of disease. philopolis press. : .* The Modern Knowledge. .NEW CONCEPTS IN DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT. Spondylotherapy Methods based on a study of CLINICAL PHYSIOLOGY. Recent researches made by the writer bearing on human energy.

the study of proteins and protective mechanisms of defense and Abder- halden's diagnostic methods. and the studied disease only in relation to these conditions.2 All HUMAN ENERGY progress made in medicine is dependent on the cumulative evidence of science as a whole. Therapeutic nihilism owed pathologist definite its conception to the who sought to identifiy every disease with clinician anatomic changes. a tremendous impetus was given to therapeutics and pathology as evidenced in chemotherapy. Also known as biophysiology. I Disease is regarded as an entity only because it we do not or know enough about symptom. force). bios. ter of fact. In accordance with the electronic theory. * Cellular pathology which owed for its genesis to the tis- macro and microscopical investigation of morbid sues dominated medical progress many years. . life and dynamis. The CELL THEORY AND CELLULAR PATHOLOGY embodied the conception that the activities of an organism are the sum of the activities of its component reduction cells which were than regarded as the most elementary form of organized substances incapable of further other by mechanic or chemic means. to specify it as a reaction *BiODYNAMics (G. the science dealing with the energy of living matter. As a matsequential and not the disease its A perturbed physiology creates own pathological anatomy. the anatomical changes are itself. When modern chemistry invaded the field. cellular pathology does not emphasize the ultimate atomic divisibility of matter and this theory is exploited by the writer and pathology which are respectively neologized as electron DIAGNOSIS and PATHOLOGY OR BIODYNAMGNOSIS AND to suggest the inauguration of a new diagnosis BIODYNAMOPATHOLOGY.

is Our differentiation of Whether the object of our differentiation a human or a germ. is a swarm call of it atoms. we are only dealing with a congregation of vibrating atoms which in their varied combinations are the basic constituents of exists. The Sir Oliver to indicate the electrons constituting I it will be represented by about size of a printer's period GOG grains of sand. scintillating. is ^ The time living cells fast approaching when the activities of explanation on a physico-chemical biologist shall will find basis and when the It will know the laws that scientist govern cell-growth with the accuracy of the ing his laws. — they lead^. — they —and.ELECTRON THEORY 6 The cellular theory is now as remote from the interis pretation of ultimate structure as the atomistic electronic conception of matter. from the Lodge suggests the following comparison amount of space in an atom. Let an ordinary church represent an atom o f hydrogen." call it Electron theory. ENERGY and ETHER. — dissolves forsooth. vibrating. because of another swarm. The MATTER. some thousands of miles away upon the South African veldt. a soldier. anon. for example. not stand aloof segregate the entities As physicians we dare from the progress made in science and as something apart from the other human of the physical universe. each of the all dashing in velocity their directions or rotating with inconceivable and filling the whole interior of the church with tumultuous action. is matter largely morphologic. all that "Here. martial. that swarm little dissolves. knowwill be then that prevention and cure be questions of scientific accuracy. The electron or corpuscular theory has solved the ultimate structure of matter and . — three physical entities are.

diminished or changed in direction. electricity. \Mien the crowding of the electrons becomes excessive as in radium. some of which are constantly shot away. ' millionth Throughout the spherical mass are some eight hundred minute particles of negative electricity all alike flj'ing vigorously about. The following data may be summarized concerning electrons . electrons or corpuscles are charges of The at oms of matter are individualized masses of positive electricit}" diffused uniformly o\'er the area of an atom. Wlienever _the yejocity of an charge is increased. The all investigations of the writer of show that practically atoms matter are radioactive. Radiation refers to a change in the velocity of an electron which causes ripples in the surrounding electric ether. Roentgen rays. the atoms become radioactive owing to collisions between the electrons. The. This theory. assuming that the streams of radiations also consist of ethereal \'ibrations as weU as flying particles. of the atom's mass. each repelling ever\' other particle yet all contained within their orbits by the mass of positive electricity which constitutes only about one per of electrons in cent.4 reduces all HUMAISr ENERGY electric and magnetic phenomena to the disand motion of electrons. light and aU other radiations result. spherical in shape an d one_two-hundredth of^n^inch in diameter. molecules to be composed of atoms and atoms to consist of electrons. The number an atom are proportional to the atomic weight of the element. which most fully accords with modern tribution investigations concerning the physical basis of the material universe conceives matter to be made up of molecules. thorium or uranium.

yet the Matter is only an effect of the electrons. 3. kind of motion. These lines originate from the if vibrations of electrically charged systems and the vibrations of different atoms were not attuned to each other. latter is continually changing from one ^-elocity to change_the__st ate of motion of a body s energy contained in matter depends on the extent to which it can be changed. It is a sphere of positive electrification enclosing of a number negatively electrified corpuscles which counter-balance the positive electricity of the enclosing sphere. are The phenom ena radiation of moving electrons known as u-*'-*^^ f^aa^<a. During the revolutions of thousands field of billions of times per second. This is demonstrated the sharpness of the lines of light making up the si:)ec- trum of an element. All forms of energy whether deri\'ed from heat.ELECTRONS 1. We refer to perpetual is whole universe of a definite nought else. motion as impossible. 2. an electro-magnetic energy is created but the rhythmic changes in the field of energy thus transmitted by the ether have thus far eluded all instruments for their detection and study. the spectral lines 4. Energy is the universal commodity on which all life depends. Light and other radiations are dependent on disturbances in the surrounding ether caused in the by a change motion of the corpuscles. The and electron is is the smallest entity known to I ^C^^Cyty*^-''^'^^ science a thousand limes smaller in mass than! the smallest atom. oi-'^^-^Y^ y Everything in nature in a state of perpetual motion / and the another. clecto i The power S^^^^ / ^ /' EN ERGY. The electrons are characterized by the unil)y formity of their vibrations.i > • and the rhythmatic ethereal vibrations occuris ing within certain limits of frequency constitute light. The total . would be blurred and diffused.

is Electrons are only electricity and nought else in exist- jAiJia (^*-^'^H^'^ tence but electrons. whether possible to gain control of this tremendous store of subatomic energy. In metallic conduction. atom ***-^ positively electrified./^^^ t^^^^^ - ^^ these two t}^es of atoms are free to move and they unite and neutralize each electricallv. enormous and it has been hydrogen possesses siifhcient /(/^'^^^^'•^^\ / energy to raise one million tons through a height exceeding / A gram In melt of radium yields enough heat every hour its one and three-fifths times own weight of ice. the atoms are relatively fixed and their only Y^/ power is that of vibration. the conduction only about ' ^^^1) /^^ ' an inch an hour. Certain corpuscular aggregations will hold in an unstable condition a few more corpuscles than exactly suffices to balance the surrounding sphere of positive electricity. A it is vital question propounded by physicists is. •'^^^ realization. . represent practically different varieties of motion.000 is 'T >ivwi-^ /^ miles per second. like matter. we have chemical union. magnetism or gravitation are interconvertible and Energy. this anticipation is not beyond 2v>>'/^v/v^i. is The atom thus constituted negatively charged.jt^ [ bullet-like and with velocities often approximating 100. electricity is conducted by free corpuscles flying ^. Others hold a few less corpuscles than This leaves the suffices to I balance the positive electricity.HUMAN ENERGY tricity. > 'xA^J<^^*^^ In gases.^ Later in discussing treatment. . canjieither_bejcr^at^^ all /^yV'-MAfyv^ V ^ '^^^ energy in matter is K estimated that one gram of three hundred feet. In liquids.

this age of energ}^ can only be triumphant when trol the know and then and con- more important forces within The laws of physical science are himself. undergoes a similar transformation^". the spinthariscope / enabled one to watch the action of a single atom. Molecules and their constituents are never at rest and swift and orderly movements are constantly within them. Yet. neon. its flow a quiet. viewed through the molecular spectacles presents a picture frenzied struggles of a fighting stillness. argon from sulphur and hydrogen and krypton from selenium and hydrogen. is in progress among and There no such thing as immobility. Energy. —The present age man can marvels at man's conquests direct of the forces of nature. of the poet. continuous gliding movement. The supposition was entertained that natural objects which to our senses seemed at rest were absolutely devoid of any internal motion.ENERGY After the discovery of radium. Evi- dence is accumulating to show that possible to synthesize helium from hydrogen. the "Water. science. that. to the eye symbol of of peace and rest. then the alpha particle was photographed and still later it was demonstrated activity. universal and apply equally to living organisms and so called inanimate things. V Every phenomenon in nature is dependent upon matter motion or vibration and energy is employed to designate the modes of motion in the universe. from hydrogen and oxygen. in the phenomenon it is of radio- we are present at the birth of helium. in . compared with which the most mob is almost absolute forced into the So the of electric fluid when it is limelight searching inquiry.

\11 ena the (\'ital or chemical). Xo dehcate apparatus has been discovered by science to re\'eal the rhythmatic changes Some of the in the energ}. and transformations the quantity of of mechanical work law of represented b}' different modes motion remains invariable. the earth's surface. lowliest organisms however are endowed with this perceptive apparatus. energ}. are forms of motion. all physical phenom. "Energ}is like water-power —potential in the lake.like matter.animating . heat and nervous all energ}-. As long as energ}. these in all forms are susceptible of change into one another. Energ}' differentiated as potential The to total energy in it matter is and unand kinetic. Our present conception \dbrator}- of matter presumes a cyclic or motion of electrons and it continues as potential energ}. The sun is the direct source of the energ}. is actual in the waterfall or river'. creatable. 'Tt belongs to the unseen and eternals" The latter is no longer tenable. . in accordance vdih the of is Conser\*ation Energ}'.in repose a misstatement. The author's visceral reflexes show that the potential or is slumbering energ}the latter is detectable and. latter supposes a current of energ}.field by revol\-ing electrons.h\-ing being a transformer of energ}.•yH^-'Vv.8 HUMAN ENERGY The first principle of energetics is." Ever}.in space. dependent upon the extent indestructible which can be changed. if energ}- is work and is a function of motion.converting the en\ironmental energy into mechanical motion. is Atomic the energy.until transformed into actual energy by some exciting energ}- from without.or transference The of atomic energ}.changes neither in position nor in amount in space.

some. is Every ceived is maintained. partially by paralyzing rods and cones causes visibility of the aura in a darkened room. The phenomena of light in materialization have been witnessed and accepted by notable scientists as spiritistic phenomena. Perception of the aura the supposed prerogative of clairvoyance but Kilner^ has shown that any one can observe the "atmosphere" surrounding the human body by the retinal aid of chemical screens notably. one containing a solution of dicyanin which. it has been said. which emits something akin to The hagiologist conciliates the reality of radiations by around the heads and bodies of Christ and the saints. —Investigations human is ages have es- poused the theory of radiations. Of superstition. it is and astral body. of exteriorization is The theory tist in his supported by the occul- reference to the perispir it individual. enveloped in a ^ ^l***"*-^ radiance (Aura) invisible to the carnal eye and only per. The depths of the sea teem with luminous light). Disocculting the when one attains a better understand- ing of the activities of living cells and shall when the biologist know the laws that govern cell-growth with the accuracy of the scientist knowing his laws. crusta- ceans and zoophytes (animal Luminous phenomena (photisms) have been coincident with many conversions.Syy^^^^^'^f^n^ by the soul accustomed to it. . fish. the organism compared to a Voltaic battery electricity.RADIATIONS y of all Human To energy. The writer is convinced that the phenomena are realities independent of disembodied spirits and can be referred referring to the auras in ancient pictures to the manifestations of occult will be possible human energy. that it is true psychology with the wrong dress.

ing according to the d\Tiamic condition of such persons. Holmes. only I have exdo so. I have tried to see on the dead body but have always is failed to Confirmation of the aura stration of a established by the demon- neurodynamic is field (page 80). In hysteria.10 HUMAN ENERGY Kilner does not explain the auric force. extended some distance. They arouse impressions movements. the width of the aura increased on one side which inequality is In epi- is markedly more con- spicuous in women than in men (Kilner). the latter obser\'es: "Your opinion that the aura is only energy emanating from the The aura letter body corresponds pressed it it entirely with mine. is sponsor for the epigram that some is people believe that their personality limited by their it physical exterior but as far as he himself was concerned. at any time. The writers' investigations^ which preceded those of Blondlot were abandoned owing to the difficulty of eliminating the personal equation which permitted one to perceive what one expected to perceive (expectant attention). not confined within the limits of the exteriorized like the Hertzian in sensitive people vary- body but that radiations are waves. the psychical being is Leon Denis % contended that. of Blondlot. I assume. Kilner." in a different manner. lepsy. visions. is probably energy-discharge. voices or The latter conception corre- . aura instead of gradually diminishing and reaching thigh (as in health). In a from Dr. the its In heakh the aura symmetrical. supposed to emanate from the and detected by the fluorescence of a phosphorescent have been relegated to oblivion. suddenly contracts to narrowest limits not higher than the lower half of the its final breadth at a short distance from the pubes. The N-rays bod}^ screen.

they may exert force variously called odic. idea of "One may easily get a clear the impression made on plants by our radiant action. Hooker contends that the color of the radiations are utilizable in determining definite temperamental conditions. Magnetisme curatlf): by operating with hyacinth or tulip bulbs. Clerk-Maxwell. weigh and the foot-rule. that. observed that progress was symbolized in the clock. can never substitute objectivity in scientific research. Philosophism." In his spectroscopic studies of the human rays'. an area of vibrations varying in nature. owing to their power of emanation. if we could time. the balance by. all data concerning radiations must be limited to the realms of speculation. the refuge of the scientifically destitute. respecting a and magnetic which is exteriorized in an unlimited field and manifested by varied mediumistic or psychological phenomena. the magnetometer of Fortin and Baraduc. Implying thereand measure. vital. contends that each segment in our organism (cerebral. gastric and genital). has a radioactivity of its own. Baraduc^. a kind of wireless telegraphic action over the passive radioactivity of another person in a condition of vital hypotension.RADIATIONS 11 spends to that of Reichenbach and others. facts in heu of Until observations are ex- theories could be submitted. electric a telepathical influence. Energy liberated by the organism appears in mechanical. Apparatus devised for recognizing or measuring radiations embrace the biometer of Lucas. thermal and electrical form. pulmonary. Grasset cites the following from Bue {Le. pressed numerically. the Sthenometer of Joire and a variety . There are more scientist does false facts than theories and the true not hesitate to preside at the birth of a theory and officiate at its burial on the morrow.

September 30. the writer gave his ing and measuring —In Chicago. the result of thirty years research work.. Some of are practically sensitive Galvanois meters and the essential factor of other apparatus a light and unstead}' needle straw is (Sthenometer) or metal enclosed in a glass case. —Physiologists have established the follow-ing: Electrical currents appear in the is muscle or nerve tissue. e. 1913. i. of recogniz- first pubHc demonstrations In 1914.to discover a new form of energs' to make any apparatus of value insomuch as all forms of energy specified as kinetic. It is unnecessar}. which has an impor- tant bearing on their my previous observations. The action currents are sufficiently strong to The electric of their own. the active muscle and ners^e show a negative electrical reaction toward the resting structures. pubhshed' health and disease. radiant. These action currents correspond to the general law that ever}^ active portion of nerve or muscle maintains a negative relation toward the resting part. body (electrobiology) have recently been studied from a diagnostic \dewpoint by have a stimulating action phenomena in the li\'ing Baines and Bo\\Tnan.. etc. 3.12 of HUMAN ENERGY dynamoscopes. which the approach of the fingers. are merely protean manifestations of the same thing as their interconvertibility i is conceded. 1. gra\-itational. active body when a and such currents are intiof the mately associated with the functional condition 2. A s>'nopsis of work is as follows . Action currents. Electropathology. lack constancy of action attracted or repelled by The apparatus in question and are therefore impracticable. at least human energ}' in Baines and Bowman.

is not of uniform high resistance. formed only as a result of belongs to compound The chemical 4 reactions of the cell are dependent on protoplasm which the coHoids (non-jiQiiductors of electricity). the other cellular constituents. if the reaction it is is alkaline the charge is always negative. Chemical generation of nerve force in the body. or exciting influence.ELECTROPATHOLOGY "^ 13 The living cell constantly forms biogens (a vital action). and is positiveTlf acid. and 3. or to have their charge altered by any direct or passing current. history of Electrophysiology is phenomena The a record of contradictions due to a disregard of the following fundamental factors 1. its dissipation force. which are liable to become highly charged. C rystalloid s. are conductors In emulsion colloids. otherwise the electrical pressure would becom e unbearable. hence the theory of chemical generation of nerve must be constantly discharged. of every The human generates electricity statically by muscular movement but this charge can be dissipated almost instantly by placing the body in contact with an earth plate — of low resistance. Whereas the generation of electricity in the body may be constant. The skin. the body insulator. Physiologic action associated with electrical which are demonstrable by a sensitive Galvanometer. Its great conductive and electrostatic the insulated capacity is likewise known because be charged to a very high potential. electromotive force and current vary with the individual. Sign. 2. liquid The conductive and inductive capacity and every moist substance or object. Presence in the latter of great conductive and in- ductive capacity. of electricity. Electromotive force continues even when the body is absolutely motionless. Electricity in the b ody . body can The body may be likened to a collection of storage cells.

and .14 HUMAN EXERGY The cannot be so by reason of the varying conditions of external conductivity.7-0 Ga. 5. 4. sign of the current is not always the Taking the right hand (as a whole) as one terminal. and the left hand as another terminal of the body. electromotive force cell whose and internal resistance are unkno\\Ti until tested and ascertained. of liquids employed in of absorption of material moistening the electrodes. —Method of of testing (Baines and Bowman). In this respect the bod}' resembles a Galvanic The Electromotive forces are liable to \-ariation by the following heretofore ignored factors: . and Amount of moisture present in the subject examined. The apparatus used are a sensitive Astatic mirror Galflexible wire. which have always been unknown quantities. same. on electrodes. 1. electrodes vanometer. terminals. Investigators have ignored the tension and sign of the atmosphere in the testing room. Number Nature Degree persons present and their respective electrical signs 2. Area of electrodes. I.lu Fig. one person may be negative and the other positive. short-circuit key. 3. and electromotive forces.

which will yield only negative results. i. 15 is Unfortunately the apparatus not portable. /5C /OO JO '^"6" JO /CO /GO Fig. into 300 millimeters on each zero (Fig..ELECTROPATHOLOGY contacts. It must not be subjected to vibration. .. Intlamation. and the rapidity of deflection would be in proportion to the acuity of the inflammation. If the part a (Fig. to a the deflection of the needle from "A" would be higher -PcsUh^eSido 20O 250 ZC Jfe^aiwcSidc 00 2Sf) 200 . than from "A" to 6.'. the —The Galvanometer side of scale is divided 2). Cure of inflammation is based on restoring the insulation of the nerve sheath by dielectrical treatment. i) were an inflamed area. In hand to mm. temperature acting upon the nerve sheaths resistance causes a leakage the nerve current from the affected parts passes into wet tissue. —Scale upon which deflections are recorded in milUmeters (Baines and Bowman). —Augmented by decreasing e. it cannot be installed within a mile of an electric railway or mains carrying current of high potential by reason of induction.. 2. health. thus depriving the vessels of their supply. rising steadily hand deflection should be 250 to 300 and becoming constant at whatever . or short circuit. Neurasthenia.

1200 mm. 95. head deflections. moving slowly and backwards and forwards. or during and after an attack. hand to hand deflection. Irregularity. subnormal body and high head temperature and a point of least resistance at some cranial point from which during an aura. hand to hand de- 120 (positive or negative). one in contact ^\ith the spine and the other Anth the abdomen. low body and high head deflections. the Hght is never at rest and the \xi]l deflections may be anything from 5 to 90 mm.. In neurasthenia. 700 rmn. spinal eUcited. 240 to 200 mm. Epileptic.16 HUMAN ENERGY it point halted. — The essential neuro-electrical phenomena are ( plate). —Temperature. It be both positive erratically and negative. 200 mm. plates a dr\' cell (electromotive force of i To \^olt) was con- nected — terminal to back and + to abdominal Epilepsy. just above the navel. spinal cord. head deflections during an aura or after a parox}'sm.. positive.ng the patients constantly wear a belt carr}-ing circular silver plates. flections. above navel. above navel. fluctuaof tion and insufficiency nerve energ}' characterize this effected in disease. 270 mm. approximately... 10 mm. 10 mm. .. an abnormally high deflection can be The comparative data obtainable are as foUows: Healthy sltbject. — cord. mm. on skull. who made when from he referred to as an electric explosion (sex manifestation) resulting lack of ground-wire.6° F. it I believe.. Normal temperature.. (shunted do^^^l). 250 mm. Improvement was these cases and two the noted objectively (increased and steady needle deflections) by ha^^. (shunted down to is The direct cause of a parox\'sm a species of of neuro-electrical brain storm* least resistance to the passage of the current and nature creates a path somewhere a similar analogy to hysteria in *It was Charcot. point of least resistance scale limit).

with the skin just above the navel. of Bromides nerve force. 3.ELECTKOPATHOLOGY the skull {safety valve) which is 17 located by noting the area is from which the highest head deflection obtained. e. and a small silver plate is fastened upon it (by adhesive plaster) and a belt carrying a silver plate (with a terminal) is placed around the waist so as to make contact Fig. no fit During an ensue if the head is at once wetted with hot salt water which decreases skin resistance and provides an easy exit for the current. will Cancer. and both plates are connected by a wire of low resistance. tric —The essential diagnostic feature is the dielec- character of the growth which interposes a high resisit.. —Illustrating the "clock test" in canrer (Baines and Bowman). If the hair covering the safety valve is re- moved. Good results are achieved by shunting the nerve current from the head to the body. aura. in in this disease act by checking generation This is tantamount to the action of bromide photography by checking development. Fig. making one . tance to the passage of electricity through all or being in probabihty an absolute non-conductor. 3 represents the "clock test" i. the deflections and temperature will in a few days go to normal.

Fig.18 HUMAN ENERGY The contact in the center and the others in accordance with the hours upon the dial of a clock. by electro-diagnosis. cancer can be detected with exactitude (Fig. side corresponding to the D —An area on the unaffected side corresponding to the secondary deposits. millimeters of the scale. By aid of the electro-diagnostic method. Epoch-making discoveries usually date from the discovery of a sensitive mechanism. deflections were in A—Area of secondary deposits. —^The upper figure illustrates the area of cancer by ordinary diagnosis indicate the extension and the lower one. 4. c) of the carcinomatous infiltration beyond the area suggested by the conventional examination (Baines and Bowman). BlOMECHANIC DETECTION OF ENERGY. The physiologic mechanism which the writer chiefly employs for detecting energy in health and disease is the living human stomach (Gastrobiodynamometer). C —An area on unaffected cancerous growth. which — . B — Cancerous growth. b. the area of the 4). The threads (a.

V A frog's muscle is now used for recording wireless is messages. sensitive vitality. substance for exhibiting the to phenomenon is of The pupillary response light an energy reaction not unlike the stomach reflex. The attached tracing represents a record. 5). . The latter representing bioplasmic matter the most primiti\'e and Fig.ENERGY DETECTION ^J^/Xce/^i-'i'''^^ some phenomenon emanation is detectable by the electroscope which is a million times more sensitive than a spectroscope. the microphonic circuit of the receiver. 5. of In employing the stomach reflex Abrams as a delicate physiologic test is for energy. The radium /^^^-vw-'vyi-^ delicacy of principles the string-Galvanometer has established the of electrocardiography. nerve. stomach musculature is utilized. reveals of the atomic world. yet the latter The will detect the millionth of a miUigram of matter. —Apparatus for recording wireless messages with the leg of a frog. muscle. The sciatic nerve of the leg connected with One end of the and the other end connected with a pivoted lever which records on a drum the contraction of the muscles caused by the electrical impulses (Fig. leg is fixed to a base. B. A.

this distance coil and may be exceeded by the use of an induction (page 275). biodynamometer By means of the ated. identified by can be each odor it can be shown that science its specific rate of vibration. will yield a re- action from the stomach at a distance of thirty feet. . and other animals to scent out a man's hunter avoids the windward bag.20 HUMAN ENEKGY Reference has been made is to the sensitiveness of the far less electroscope. The latter sensitive than the stomach >». Olfactiflji surpasses in sensitiveness the most im- pressible scientific instruments. The spectroscope can detect a quantity of helium weighing no more than 3-100 millionths of a grain. An infinitesimal quantity of radium detectable by the electroscope at a distance of thirty inches. yet the nose can perceive an odor of a three hundred times smaller quantity of sulphureted hydrogen. Each individual emits an odor peculiar to himself as evidenced by the ability of bloodhounds trail. an would be creodor could be measured a new (page 238). side of the The if game he seeks to Alexander Graham Bell. recently affirmed. reflex.

Impulses to the nerve centers are contained in the vagus trunk. whereas impulses from the centers reach the stomach through the vagus and splan- chnic nerve. it was tightly embraced from time to time and drawTi toward the pyloric In the patient Martin. 6. The anatomic features are shown in fig. ful.THE STOMACH REFLEX 21 CHAPTER II.the cardia FUNDUS CIRCULAR FIBERS OF MUSCLE COAT PREANTRAL OR CARDIAC Fig. orifice (a distance of three or four inches). THE STOMACH REFLEX. The splanchnic fibers conare . tractions The vagal fibers are motor and induce when stimulated. Blakiston). 6. —The musculature St. OBLIQUE FIBERS OF MUSCLE COAT POSITION OF THE SPHINCTER CARDIAC DUODENUM PYLORUS ANTRUM SPHINCTER ANTRI PYLORICI POSITION or the incter PYLOR esophago-gastric orifice. REIGION —Anatomic features of the stomach (Brubaker. Stomach. of this it organ is very power- was found that when the bulb of a thermometer was placed about three inches from the pylorus through the gastric fistula. The NERVES are the vagi specially concerned in gastric contractions and splanchnics.

V. the cerebrum. Auerbach's i. from the 5th to the 8th stomach as an organ horizontal in position has been modified with the advent of the Roentgen rays yet. S. —Xen'es of the stomach musculature. VRS. A. centers in the spinal cord. constrictors of the cardia. sulcus cruriatus. S. 7. 3.22 THE STOMACH EEFLEX inhibitory and produce dilatation when stimulated. 2. Fig. fibers from the sjTnpathetic plexus. for the cardia inhibits the The dilator center movements fibers of the pylorus. VS. 7. plexus. Inner- vation of the stomach is sho^^Tl in fig. C. 4. right vagus. corpus quadrigemina. thoracic roots. MS. stomach MO. 5-10. dilators of the cardia. The sympathetic thoracic. emerge from the cord by the anterior roots of the spinal nerves. ND. by the author's vagotraditional conception of the The . left vagus. spinal cord. medulla. corpus striatum. XC.

yielding is tympany possible. is When the lower border of the stomach lies about two to three fingers' breadth (ij^ to 2}i inches) above the umbilicus and when empty. If the however. mechanism of the stomach as expressed by peristalsis. it may be shown that the examination yields fictitious results. it shown in figs. in Relaxation of the tonicity causes a dropping of the lower stomach border whereas an increase elevation of the organ. . the its stomach is a potential space which should contract upon contents in such a form is maintained until manner that the tubular the stomach is empty (Barclay). it retreats into the left cavity of the diaphragm and wall. nausea tonicity. be differentiated from the tonicity of the gastric muscles. must three to the minute. The topogdistended. the tympanitic resonance of the organ is supplanted by dulness and differ- entiation from the adjacent structures. in and anesthesia have diminished raphy of the organ is the latter. 8 and 9. the stomach musculature is reflexly stimu- lated so as to evoke the stomach reflex. the stomach by X-ray examination it has been found to be normal. the tone causes Prior to an operation. appears In the former instance. is As long as food waves are about present in the stomach. retching or vomiting has increased tonicity.PERCUSSION visceral 23 Roentgenographic method of percussion. falls away from in the abdom- inal Percussion. In the latter. the peristaltic Water runs out of The motor the organ almost as quickly as it enters it. yet at the operation as a flaccid sac or vice versa. entiate —The stomach it is is immersed an atmosto differof phere of tympany. and impossible in the norm by percussion the tympanitic resonance stomach from the adjacent coils of intestines.

Back view (Luschka) . somewhat too high in the figure (Luschka. —Position of the organs in the upper part The highest points of the Hver and fundus are of the abdomen.24 THE STOMACH EEFLEX Lung Liver Outline of Stomach Call Bladder Umbilicus Colon Fig. — Position of the organs in the upper part of the abdomen. 9. Lung Outline of. Front view. Stomach Spleen Liver —Duodenum Left Kidney Pancreas Ascending Descending Colon Colon Fig. 8. Reed).

1-60) of the latter drug. times as great as the energy of the stimulus employed. thus putting the air or gas within them under increased tension. within 30 minutes and disappears in from i During the full physiologic action of the drug. The latter can be evoked by chemical reagents. a salivary gland saliva. The stomach is reflex is mediated through the vagus which nerve innervating the viscera. and least active infancy. will mani- to 3 hours. one must have recourse to the Skodaic interpretation of the condition which exists when dulness supplants tympanicity. a reflex is more easily . is the mechanical work of the muscle called forth about 38 times the active force of the stimulus. hence the stomach shows a varying state of tonicity. light and electricity. etc. increased (hypertonic) diminished (hypotonic) or absent (atonic).ooi fest its action gm. heat. The production of energy is many Thus. The stomach reflex is elicited in response The fundamental property to which the total living substance can be traced to a stimulus. the chief autonomic A tropin paralyzes the motor endings of the vagus. activity of the is its irritability. mechanical agents. a muscle cell always responds with a contraction. and for this reason we have the physical elements necessary for the transition of a tympanitic to a dull sound. (gr. cell always secretes In the reflex responses to stimuli. active in middle life The vagus is more in than in old age. in the familiar experiment with a frog's gastrocnemius. the stomach reflex cannot be elicited.PERCUSSION 25 To explain the altered percussion sound when the stomach reflex is elicited. effective stimulus. it may be normal (ortho tonic) . An injection of o. a cell always reacts in a Toward every way which is characteristic for its kind. gastric walls to The reflex in question causes the become tense.

to demon- strated that. — If pricked with a pin. and finally the transmission of energy to the stimulated area. transmission of the latter to a center whereby another energy is discharged. and both are common qualities of all eyelid. Irritability and conductivity are the only qualities essential to reflexes. is the toe of an adult is pulled away in about one- I This is a reflex. The human automatism. found that. The electrical charge colloids in the body and are precipitated by negative bear a positive ions. it and if this viewmeans that we have no will own. substances into those solidify and those which or gluelike The latter were designated colloids d^c substances.26 THE STOMACH REFLEX discharged by stimulation of the peripheral end-organ than by^stimulation of the corresponding afferent trunk. the better will the nerve conduct. We are instinctively like ants and bees. point of our is carried further. unconsciousness ensues when the . * What happens when it is to a nerve when it is stimulated or struck by a series of blows? Loeb^". The latter would travel seven times the equator in a second. All reflexes are purposeful in character. and that our actions are simply the result of external circumstances. All actions are essentially reflexes. closing of the and contraction of the pupil protect the eye ftom and the retina from intense light. foreign bodies. the foot tenth of a second. Now the nerves consist of colloid particles in sus- pension and the thicker this jelly-like substance. a It like effect could be observed in nerves. and is very slow when compared with the speed of electricity or a light wave. Mathews. all was Graham. When chloroform or ether is inhaled. protoplasm^*^. muscles could be made contract or relax under the influence of certain ions. A reflex is made up of a stimulus causing a discharge of energy. and we are creatures of physical forces. who divided which crystallize when they do not. but the nerve wave travels at the rate of only loo feet a second.

VISCERAL. then the colloid coming together would have their surfaces reduced. e. skin (and elsewhere) conveyed by nerves and This latter impulses are carried to the muscles. TONICITY nerves no longer conduct sensation. and a nerve is stimulated by a current proceeding from the negative. otherwise percussion will yield untrustworthy results. tral struck. pole. is Now suppose stimulated by blows. latter. /. Visceral tonicity. must be put a condition of augmented tone. a nerve impulse would be started. is Muscle tonus from the by stimuli acting on the to the cord. most important a reflex caused in regulating the cavities and other organs. obtainable in a variety of ways among which is concussion which produces positive If the seventh cervical spine is and negative charges. — In health the viscera are is in a state of tonicity. that a relaxed organ is will yield a smaller area of dulness than state of tone. the energy evoking the stomach reflex is neufirst and it is is found to be negative when the lum- bar spine -^ concussed.. We shall note later (page io3). the action to dissolve the colloid substance. of the anesthetic is 27 Here. . an organ which in a To it accurately reproduce the area occupied in by an organ. i)ercussion of the stomach elicits dulness. the less easily will the and the thinner the conduct. The latter would reduce their electrical charge. and releasing a number Static Electricity is of negative charges. nerves The colloid particles as intimated are posi- tively charged. the nerve particles The positive and negative ions in a nerve are balanced. their musculature in a more or less permaThis nent although variable visceral tonicity of the heart is condition of contraction. When a stimulus is applied to the stomach region. if tonus disappears either the posterior roots of the spinal nerves or the afferent nerves from the muscles are cut.

3. A single. method of —The author's experience with hundreds of physicians to whom he has taught his dehmiting the stomach. The stu- dent to gain flexibihty of the wrist joint should practice movements of this.28 THE STOMACH EEFLEX Methods of percussion. although or second finger of the left The index hand applied closeh' and evenh' to the part and then tapped with the second finger of the right hand. direct and perpendicular. Press firmly as a rule 2. results are secured by one finger acting as a pleximeter After this manner one can and the other appreciate percussion). It is better to rely is upon the fingers in percussion. easier than finger percussion. joint with the arm adducted toward the thorax. Blow must be sharp and quick. we can appreciate resistance tissues percussed (plessesthesia) and adapt the finger to irregularities of the superficies. the In fingerof percussion. against part to be percussed. Inless is strumental rehable. percussion blow is always secondary to the knack of obtaining full \ibration in resonant tissues. The results obtained by percussion are as much due to the method of execution The force of the as to the condition of the tissues. or repeated percussion blows finger may then be made. and the forearm at right angles and motionless. constrains him to conrather clude that. Movement of per- hand must spring only from wrist. linger (usually employed) acting as a pleximeter must be . the best finger-finger percussion. double. than inability to ehcit them. the resistance of tissues percussed (palpable the second To localize the percussion-blow. finger as a plexor. errors are most frequent owing to the nonrecognition of differences in the percussion note. Observe the following: cussing i. As already observed. while forearm is motionless.

insomuch as a . and the tone elicited will obscure If the latter precaution the stomach dulness.io). thus attaining the correct position as shown in fig.PERCUSSION 29 held rigid with the ungual phalanx slightly raised (Fig. The middle this is figure illustrates the use of plaster for raising the ungual phalanx when impossible voluntarily. When the raising of the ungual phalanx a celluloid thimble may be affixed to the end of Fig. The lower figure indicates the incorrect position of the finger in eliciting dullness of the stomach. —The upper figure represents the correct position of the finger used as a pleximeter. To light percussion must be employed. is not taken. Another means of securing the same object is to the phalanx by aid of adhesive plaster as shown in thoroughly appreciate the changes in resonance. the finger. The cross indicates the part of the digit to be struck when by the other finger acting as a plexor. phalanx rests on the to the contiguous area. io. it is IO. and the terminal the blow will be transmitted abdomen. II. raise fig. is difficult.

The phalanx need not be methods percussion a stethoscope is raised if either of the following of Auscultatory Percussion is used. The percussion blow may also be localized by Gold- . i. 2. a characteristic differential sound audible. 12. This method accentuates the dulness. If during placed somewhere in the stomach Fig. When the lower border of the stomach is attained. Using the stethoscope in the briskly rub the skin. region. a heavy blow finger tips. the simpler it is to recognize its variations dulls the sensibility of the and furthermore. —Elevation of the ungual phalanx secured by aid of a celluloid thimble VERY LIGHTLY in contact with the stomach region.30 THE STOMACH REFLEX recognized law of sense-perception that the less loud the initial sound. is same way and in lieu of percussion. — Illustrating orthopercussion. 1 1 . If the finger used as a pleximeter is held stiffly and rests Fig. the terminal phalanx need not be raised.

It must be observed however. of the The latter eliminates all adventitious sounds likely to disturb the elicitation of stomach-dulness. an unmistakable woody sound is audible. area in the pleximeter represents a small quantit}. when the lower border stomach is . rounded extremity is provided with a soft rubber ring.of wax. Before attempting delimitation of the lower stomach border. those unskilled in For finger-finger in fig. 31 distal phalanx of the plessimeter percussion. The plexor Light blows with the plexor yield the best results — sound almost woody of the in character. the lower border of the liver is defined in the usual way. the liver border will be found lower (pages 81 and io3). 13. —Plexor and pleximeter The dark for the use of physicians unskilled in finger- finger percussion. Plexor-finger percussion may be used (Fig. 14) the tip of the finger firmly approximating the abdominal wall. W^ Fig. i3 the plexor and pleximeter shown have been devised by the author. held perpendicular to the superficies (Fig. A Ught blow yields the best results and when the lower border at its stomach is attained. . and marked by a dermograph. 12).PERCUSSION scheider's orthopercussion finger is . attained. that when energy is conveyed to the epigastric region.

. posture and position of the subject. When a better acquainfeces abdominal tympanicity. in his book "S planchnic Neurasthenia. the subject. on a healthy with moderately is thin abdominal walls." E. Fig. —The reflex is best elicited test subject with known stomach tonicity. The subject. 14. The tip of the index finger Spastically contracted intestines. —The author's method of threshold percussion for defining viscera is firmly fixed at an angle with the chest or abdominal wall and parallel with the boundary percussed. will modify the For esthetic reasons when the biodynamic reactions are executed (page 124). . *Described by the author Treat & Co. the presence of and intra-abdominal congestion*. it is necessary to take the following factors into consideration. and in whom a tympanitic sound demonstrable by percussion over the entire abdomen. E. obesity. New York.32 THE STOMACH KEFLEX To elicit the stomach reflex. grounding and energy. As the finger gradually approaches the boundary it is struck \vith the middle finger of the other hand at its base and side as indicated by the black spot. borders. the subject may be screened from the patient.

the demonstrating the legs. kinds (page 124) and emotional factors 34) in a may room with subdued light (page 36) and no colored shades must> be used to modify the light. the reactions may be obtained directly from the patient. It is absolutely necessary to determine is if the reflex present before making a biodynamic reaction. Not infrequently the liver border (page 77) or the heart is used when the stomach reflex is exhausted. is to permit the flux from a large horseshoe to act on the p. nor ingest prior to must wear no x the examination any Odors (page of various food possessing this color (page 114). animal held erect on his hind The uals. tonicity of the stomach varies in different individ- yet investigations convince is me that this variable factor practically negligible in gauging the intensity of the reflex with the biodjmamometer (page 44). The stomach like other visinfluence the visceral reflexes. for who is in attendance at their offices One physician employs a dog stomach reflex. but this drug accentuates the reflex so as to the results untrustworthy. that other afferent paths may be utilized in the excitation of . 7 th cervical spine for several Vide It is a curious physiologic phenomenon to which the author has directed attention elsewhere. I my disciples employ a male individual as a test subject. ceral reflexes is One must work easily exhausted. Some of employ a boy with very thin abdominal walls. As a rule two hours continuous use of my test subject unfits him for the execution of my physico-diagnostic methods. pilocarpine may be make used.THE STOMACH EEFLEX tance with the method is 33 attained. To revivify the exhausted reflex. A simple and often reliable method magnet minutes. for several hours daily. The subject in whom the reflex is elicited yellow material. 62.

or in the same direction. and if the subject faces South. corresponding to the region of the pylorus. on whom When the reflex is elicited must face toward the West. an e'evation followed by is slight retraction of the abdominal parietes noted. It is possible however with intense energy to evoke the reflex in the recumbent posture in a suitable subject. no energy is sufficient to elicit the reflex.34 centers THE STOMACH KEFLEX which cannot be reached by paths already enervated. The psycho-vagus tone and consequently the stomach reflex. retreats into the left cavity of the diaphragm. . may be compromised by emotional factors which by increasing in the blood. which is the best possible position to elicit the stomach reflex. The time most propitious for using the subject is about it one hour after a repast. — The foregoing is equally true if grounding is necessary with a plate of aluminum (page 35). at the end of expiration during suspended breathing. results To secure uniform is even the patient from whom the energy conveyed should face the West. the feet should be insomuch as the energy discharged varies with posture (page 35). The sub'ect must be in the ERECT posture. the subject faces North. space is — When the nth rib in Traube^s struck a series of blows with a plexor. The posture of the patient from whom the energy is conveyed is immaterial. negative energy is without any action. Pylorus reflex. The test subject or the patient. only a positive energy will evoke the reflex. Posture and position. the content of adrenalin secretion (hyperadrenalinemia) reduces vagal tonicity. This is a new phenomenon observed by the author in thin subjects. When the stomach is empty. and falls away from the abdominal wall. if recumbent.

Grounding. where most of the observations have been made. When the subject stands exactly in the is magnetic its MERIDIAN. The demonstrates that the earth of a is is the negative terminal of nature's energy. — and the surface of the floor. the stomach reflex evoked of own accord. subject subject must stand on a is flooring of unvarnished if Carpet not objectionable the flooring is the latter condition is fulfilled. even bar-magnet will elicit the though insulated. A relaxed organ will yield a smaller area of dulness than an is organ which The foregoing refers to all the viscera. With the subject facing West. —This to of the forming of an earth the stomach reflex solves The discovery many reflex heretofore inexplicable physical phenomena. the must stand on a sheet of aluminum. either pole stomach reflex. connection.: the Magnetic Meridian. unless the subject grounded. This line is the intertwo planes. whether the subject faces the North or South. The wood. the latter is grounded by a wire connected with a convenient faucet. but the latter not obtainable as a rule is with other forms of energy. line joining these mark the position of Remove it. When of insulated material. . Place a compass on the floor and the two ends of the needle.GROUNDING 35 The Earth is itself a magnet and the terrestrial magnetic the foregoing results. and draw a section of two points. viz. in a state of tone (page io3). The best stomach reflex is obtainable when all iron or steel articles are removed from the room and the pockets refers of the subject. Our methods the of Topographic Percussion have ignored magnetic elements and are consequently erroneous. which elements of a place may modify held good in San Francisco.

and is capable It is necessar}^ in itself of evoking the stomach reflex. . The shoes worn by the subject must be free from insulating material. — .36 THE STOMACH KEFLEX radiator or gas-pipe. 13). — Illustrating method of conveying energj^ from the heart to the stomach region. Proximity of the subject to intense light must be avoided light being a form of energy. percusses The subject holds both electrodes during the time the physician by aid of the plexor and pleximeter (Fig. a spontaneous stomach reflex (revealed Fig. Energy. by dulness) is evoked and disappears when the subject occupies another part of the room. 15. if In my office as well as the subject stands over water or gas-pipes under the flooring. elsewhere.

—^The lower The upper figure represents the correct figure is way of holding the magnet or electrode. light I. incorrect owing to modification of polarity from of the latter to the metal the finger tips circuiting and approximation interferes with which causes short- and conveyance of energy. elicit two simple maneuvers are available: Fig. 37 To increase dul- the tone of the gastric musculature sufficient to ness. i6.THE STOMACH REFLEX primarily to locate the lower stomach border. of a percussion is executed from below upward until dulness . While the patient or an assistant directs either pole bar-magnet at a distance of about 4 inches from the presumable location of the lower stomach border.

stimulation of the nipples. Dulness of the stomach (stomach in a variety of reflex) may be elicited ways by reflex stimulation of the vagus. hence the electrodes are of aluminum. of Los x^ngeles. is correctly elicited. George Starr WTiite. temporarily duU the stom- ach. execute per- cussion after the manner cited in the first To secure uniform results. pressure etc.. energy conveyed to the stomach region intense (page 184) the will only its maintain stomach dulness during the duration of is conveyance. 15. the grada- . Thus. but when the energ}' dulness may persist for several When the stomach dulness is minutes. the negative energy from the left ventricle would be neutralized if the finger tips of a male's right hand holding the electrode were directed toward the heart and consequently no dulness of the stomach would ensue. THE STOMACH REFLEX this is the lower border of the stomach and its position should be 2. As a rule. or at its point of discharge. below the loth 37) hence the latter trodes (Fig. 16). energ\^ is During the time conveyed from the heart region of the subject to stomach region insulated cord of copper as by means maneuver. The in act of deglutition. trodes which I and elecemploy have been devised by Dr. the electrode approximating is the stomach fixed in the left anterior axillany-line just rib. wfll an intercostal space. its The finger tips discharge energy (page must be directed away from the elecThe energy polarity may be modified at source. it was found that aluminum would insulated flexible copper conducting cord The reenforce human energy. the per- cussion sound either dull or tympanitically dull. In my experiments.38 is elicited. marked with a dermograph. of an shown in fig.

— elicited stomach dulness would have escaped observation. that it caused a retraction of the stomach border from C to B. . the energy potentiality was such. After demarcation of the lower stomach border with energy of moderate potentiality. and if percussion were not extended far enough up.THE STOMACH EEFLEX tion being 39 dependent on the intensity of the energy plus the response of the gastric musculature. Liver (A) and stomach (C) borders. The latter were primarily by a bar-magnet. and an energy is of greater potentiality is con- veyed. When energy was conveyed to the stomach region from a carcinoma. there not only accentuated dulness but likewise a 17. Fig.

AND AN ERROR MAY BE PERPETILA. shows the posterior view When directed anteriorly to the stomach region. CONSIDERED. the spontaneous alternate tonicity . The latter which dulness is essentially the dorsal gastric nucleus of resonance.40 THE STOMACH EEFLEX of the RETRACTION IS stomach border. when energy' of moderate degree is conveyed to the stomach region and percussion is executed? Even the stomach shows alternate tympanitic resonance (never pronounced) and dulness at intervals of from 3 to (page 27).TED BY FAILING TO RECOGNTZE THE RECEDED STOMACH REFLEX. 5 seconds In hypermotility of the organ which however frequent. . an area of dulness is evoked posteriorly. stomach. 9 energ\^ is conveyed. and amplitude its stomach or any other visceral in direct proportion to the intensity of the energy- and proximity to the region governing a given in the norm. 17. unless the latter IS NOT EXTENTDED FAR ENOUGH UP. PERCUSSION This contingency is shown in fig. surmounting the splenic corresponds to the gastric area. —the durareflex. The tion reflex is following constant of the may be formulated. is not and relaxation of the stomach will create dulness is and t}Tnpanitic resonance of the even though no energ}' Fig.

of energy —As an aid in differential diagnosis. tive). An which may be eliminated by using a small disk fixed to the electrode approximating the stomach. St.* *These disks are furnished by Philopolis Press. The polarity may be determined by a bar-magnet. Paul Building San Francisco. Neutral (Isoelectronic). 711. If dulness stomach is elicited by conveyed energy. Negative. holds good. POLARITY AND MEASUREMENT OF Until attained. HUMAN ENERGY.POLARITY 41 CHAPTER III. in the direction of the stomach during percussion. it persists despite the flux emanating from both positive and negative. is The disk covered on one side with a positive and on the other side with a negative discharging chemical. . it is is dissipated by both poles of it is neutral or isoelectronic. If the dulness persists with the N pole and is dissipated by the S The opposite also pole. the energy conveyed is positive. 3. human energy is a better acquaintance with we are constrained to consider biodynamic proces- ses in conventional technicalities. "When the stomach dulness a bar-magnet. 2. and when poles. 4. have an assistant or the patient hold first one end marked N (posiof the and then the other end marked S (negative pole). Positive assistant is and negative. Positive. The energy discharged in health and disease may be: 1. it is necessary to determine the polarity of energy. Polarity.

will The N seeking pole of a compass needle attracted be repelled by the N marked pole of an English or by the N German bar-magnet. just far enough (before making the biophysical examination) to produce stomach dulness. the south of a suspended French magnet. the pole of the magnet which turns North. Like care must be employed in holding the magnet as in holding the electrode (Fig. is the north seeking pole or positive pole in Germany. S will seek the North and N. the potentiality of of the human energy cannot flux. If a bar-magnet is suspended. the streamings being concentrated anteriorly on the stomach region. but shorter than the poles of which are negative at the North pole. the earth must be considered axis. George White. In accordance with this conception.42 POLAKITY AND MEASUREMENT OF HUMAN ENERGY Polarity can only be determined during the time the energy is conveyed to the stomach region. If dulness of the stomach is evoked by exposure to the flux of one pole of a bar-magnet. This pole is marked N. The bar-magnet should not exceed ^ inch in width and Yz inch in thickness. cope with the polarity magnetic For a like reason. and all English speaking countries. the opposite pole of another neutralize its effects. posure of magnet acting in the same direction will and the dulness is dissipated. Dr. and positive at the South pole of the earth. 6 inches in length. Exthe subject to two like poles of a magnet multiplies the intensity of the dulness. 1 6). the end of the magnet must not be held too close to the stomach region. Otherwise. standardizes his magnet by employing . as a ball with a bar-magnet in its its axis. Care must be exercised in interpreting the lettering on a magnet. and will be marked pole of a French magnet. According to the law of magnetic attraction and repulsion. the French magnets are marked N (being negative) and S (positive).

positive. 43 dis- Owing to my failure to correctly interpret the markings on my bar-magnet.NON-DULING ENERGY one which causes a deflection of a compass needle at a tance of 6 inches. If the electrode area. THE REACTIONS IN THIS BOOK ONLY HOLD GOOD WITH A MALE SUBJECT FACING THE WEST (page 34). Reference has heretofore been CITED IN — made to energy of sufficient polarity to elicit the stomach reflex as indicated by dulness on percussion of the lower stomach border. but is nevertheless capable of neutralizing either or both poles of a elicit is magnet so that the poles which in the norm the reflex. Non-duling energy discharged. it signifies that. Non-duling energy may be positive. The polarity of energy is determinable directly by the SPLANCHNIC VASOMOTOR REFLEXES (page 8l). In the norm a neutral duling energy emanates from the yth cervical spine (Fig. the energy from the 7th cervical spine with the electrode in contact with the skin will produce a neutral duling energy. while is held away about one inch from the latter no stomach dulness can be evoked. negative. THE POLARITY OF THE ENERGEIAGENIC CENTERS MUST LIKEWISE BE REVERSED. positive and negative or neutral. can no longer do so during the time energy conveyed to the stomach. although energy is is insufficient to evoke the stomach reflex. the electronic reactions THE FIFTH EDITION OF 'SPONDYLOTHERAPY" MUST BE reversed: positive. 28). of a bar- magnet from discharging a Therefore. NoN-DULiNG ENERGY. at a distance of one inch a non-duling neutral . POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE AND NEUTRAL REACTIONS ARE ALONE CORRECT. should read negative AND NEGATIVE. the energy conducted is sufficient to prevent either pole reflex.

the strength human biod}Tiamic force and inversely as the resistance. —Biodynamometer. By passing it through an induction coil (page 275). in two ways. 18. the Fig. The rheostat which is the wTiter employs for this purpose (Fig. By condensation (page 70) and 2. 18) It is neologized for the convenience of future reference as "biodynamometer. i. of OHM. Potentiality of human energy. ^We are constrained to employ electrical terms and electrical methods of menuration until our knowledge of this form of energy is better — understood. greater the resistance. the smaller is The latter the quantity of energy which a given biod^Tiamic force will produce. To paraphrase the law of energ\' varies directly as the latter subserve our purpose.44 POIiAKITY is AXD MEASUREMENT OF HUMAN ENERGY Non-duling energy manifested. may be converted into duling energy'. From the vie^^point of the utilitarian. The force is measured in Ohms or fractions of an Ohm." wound to carry 100 milliamperes with a voltage .

in length. — Distal and proximal electrodes. 19. 45 of The scale Ohm To to one Ohm is marked in one-twenty-fifths and then up to 1000 Ohms. Fig.BIODYNAMOMETER of 20. 125). The electrodes made is of aluminum. 125). are 80cm. the one affixed to the stomach 4I inches in circumference whereas the other for receiving energy is pointed to permit exact localregion ization (Fig. (p. the lesion may be localized by a smaller electrode. an secure uniform readings in my physicodiagnostic flexible methods. 19). The method as follows: — biodynamometer is essentially Let us assume that the biodynamic force of using the . Use the latter only as a distal elec- trode (p. are the conducting insulated cords (copper wire). large electrode is if The The for receiving energy latter must not be rod-shaped from extensive areas (supposi- titious tuberculous lung) and energy is conveyed.

of the percussion disappears. distal metallic tip tube is fixed to the energy source and the The open end of the (aluminum) is gradually is withdrawn during execution region. When the latter point is attained. over the site of from a carcinoma. — Calibrated glass tube for measuring energy. then gradually interpose more and more resistance until the stomach dulness on usual area near the stomach. of percussion. resis- the scale on the instrument will indicate the Ohmic tance of the growth. 20. Place the pointed electrode the neoplasm and the other electrode at the Note that at zero the dulness stomach is pronounced. The electrode fixed to the stomach . C^ Fig.46 POLARITY AND MEASUREMENT OF is HUMAN ENERGY sought.

A nerve impulse resulting from the action of a stimulus liberates energy stored within protoplasm. 20) The conducting cord passes through the latter and gradually withdrawn until the energy discharge is no longer able to evoke stomach dulness. is is the energy discharge.VIBRATION RATE After this manner one 47 may growth. of the —The as writer has specified the energy human organism anthropodynamic because it is a specific electronic energy. disproved by the measurement of its supposedly was tion of energy velocity. the are fixed and unable to follow the impulse of the field. the only evidence of the libera- was the electrical change. . -^^ is Velocity a question of the character of the con(page 6). For used. The current flow is from a place of high to a place of low series of electrons potential. ly^j-^/^. whereas in non-conductors. uring the intensity of that the further A is crude method for meas- based on the principle is away the end of the conducting cord eliciting from the source or energy the greater is stomach dulness. Heretofore. As a rule. Vibration rate. the Ohmic energy gauge the progress of the resistance diminishes with amelioration of the condition. Thus. dulness of the stomach produced by energy derived from the left psychomotor region is rarely elicited if the conducting cord is further distant than one-quarter inch from the region in question. in the average male. yP^\/ oA/^^'Y^ ducting medium A conductor electrons is a sub- stance containing electrons which are free to move. this purpose a calibrated glass tube (Fig. The new philosophy else regards an electric current as "handed along" nought but a from one atom to another through the conductor. the wave of negaThis energy was assumed to be electrical but this tivity.

and the delightful odor of the ' . The tion ner\^es of taste and smell must be endowed with to different vibra- specific electrons which are only attuned rates. of Each atom our organism is endowed ^^dth a definite . Colors are the effect of particular fre- quencies of \abration and polarities. tuning-fork duling the stomach can be sho^^Tl to be endowed with a definite polarity. and each atom is endowed with a specific rate of vibration. of The stomach does not respond (as revealed by dulness) The vibrations of a vibrating to all degrees of xdbration. are all practically identical in composition. strange.48 POLARITY AND MEASUREMEXT OF HUMAX EXERGY The writer conceives atomic differentiation as \dbration frequencies. This is e\ddent by the uniformity when one observes the sharpness of the lines of light making up the spectrum an element. hence the differentiation of taste and smell like the differentiation of color. the attunement organism shows no apparent physiologic rhythmicity. All electrons are characterized of vibrations. one distinctive for the lower animals. [Oil of roses and coal gas have the identical composition (4 atoms of hydrogen and 4 atoms of carbon) yet the mephitic odor of the one. lampblack and charcoal. and if the \dbrations of different atoms were not attuned to each other. These lines develop from the \dbrations of electrically charged systems. the spectral lines would be blurred and diffused. The of the is energ}' evolved from the human is as characteristic human as the energ\" evolved from the lower animals Furthermore. man differs from another man only in the sense that his electrons show var\'ing rates of vibration. It of the is is merely a question of rate-vibration. The diamond. but nevertheless true that. other.

Such pulses are given out when cathode rays strike the solid anticathode. and fall it vibrates if oscillations of this frequency upon it. a wave of IN VIBRATION. electromagnetic waves move out from the vibrating electrons. In executing our physico-clinical methods. By this. whereas light of frequency remote from passes on practically unaffected. it abstracts the energy of the radiation in tune with itself. we must not only determine the energy evolved in a quantitative direction but we must also determine its vibration rate. white light passed through sodium vapor. family relationships of atoms is as assured as are the organisms of the biologist. and are called X-rays. The — . and the author beHeves he can demonstrate what Baraduc anticipated (page Just as there is ii). em- phasizes the relationship of atoms and periodicity of properties. the spectroscope shows two dark lines across the ordinary colored spectrum.VIBRODYNAMOMETRY 49 vibration rate. a "periodic law" with The reference to the is periodicity of the atoms of the elements. ELECTROMAGNETIC DISTURBANCE radiates out through the surrounding space. The electrons of the sodium atom tuned to this when excited. a is series of electromagnetic waves move out from the vibrating If electron. The essential factor embraced in my investigations con- ATOM established by cerns the charge is The fact has been definitely physicists. so there a law with relation to morbid processes. This effect has been likened to a form of resonance. VIBRODYNAMOMETRY. If the charge is not suddenly arrested but is permitted to oscillate about a mean position. that when a moving electric accelerated or retarded in any way. and shows that. so doing. yield light of the frequency correspondit is ing to the two sodium lines because frequency. As already observed. when a moving electric charge is suddenly arrested. periodic law.

in determining the potentiality of human Fig. POLAEITY AXD MEASUBEMEXT OF is HUMAX EXERGY determined by aid of the biod}Tiamometer (page the scale of the instrument indicating The point on this electromagnetic disturbance I have specihed for con- venience VIBRATIOX R-\TE. The instrument is employed after the manner indicated energy (page 44). latter point indicates the \dbration rate. B to C. no stomach sudden reappearance of stomach reflex (vibration rate). stomach reflex. A to B. 21. (Fig. we note the following phases 2t): 1. C. important to remember . Non-duling energy from 12 to 50 Ohms. Dulness of the stomach from o to 12 Ohms on scale. Accepting the stomach reflex as an index and emplojdng a carcinoma as a test object. 3. 2. It is Beyond the dulness evanesces. The 50. Carcinomatous electronic reaction. Sudden reappearance of stomach dulness at 50 Ohms.50 latter 44J. reflex.

In addition to the foregoing. the rate was at 11 25 Ohms but when his condition was ameliorated it was reduced to 825 Ohms. so that after the lapse of months. Vibrating Rate at 400 525 Ohms 460 320 Female. but the case Therefore. an individual can be identified with almost the same accuracy as in the Bertillon system of anthropometry. fluctuated considerably insomuch as his condition varied from time to time. with the female. its specific vibratory . 7- 350 300 316 In a psychasthenic. The vibration rate in health practically constant and each individual has his own rate of vibration. the finger tips of the right hand were used: Male. scale for determining vibration rate when the stomach is dulness has attained its maximum is intensity and perma- nent during the energy flow. rate from the tips of from the male was taken with energy the fingers of the left hand approximating the electrode. each organ has rate of vibration which is its specific equally specific for the individual (page 53). The The following vibratory rates in normal indi- viduals were practically the same during a period of six months. the point selected on the is they are of short duration and not permanent as when 50 is attained. The rate however.VIBRODYNAMOMETRY that 51 when the index on the scale is gradually moved from is 12 to 50. there may be intermediate grades of dulness. As already observed each organ has rate.

reaction). may serve as a nucleus for future research work . relatively constant. Localization of the psychomotor area. it was found be ^25 oi an Decermined approximately from depression in front of external meatus and from the posterior border of the mastoid process at its root. (electronic parietal eminence. and the right psychomotor region in the female.from the left psychomotor region (Fig. the vibrating however being uninfluenced. 22. most prominent part of The area in question is approximately 4x6 cm. male when the to potentiality of energy.52 POLARITY AND MEASUEEMEXT OF HUMAN ENERGY may in a Whereas the potentiality the rate is of energ}' yary in health. but during rate the time he was engaged in solving a 2 problem. Thus. in the male. the potentiahty was raised to Ohms. by two perpendiciilar lines. Fig. Ohm. t. 22) was determined. The following measurements from the left.

reduction. " " " Low grade Intelligent of intelligence . . 53 4/25 of an 2/25 " Ohm " Male.-14/25 17/25 Female. brain rest show a . Intelligent 9 " " 16/25 Child Intelligent 3/25 11/25 lO Psychasthenics as a rule. . show high potentiality and when rested or bromidized. the potentiality Intellectuals after is very much like reduced.ENERGY POTENTIALITY Female. Pronounced Physician " intellectuality 4 Ohms 14/25 of an i Ohm Ohm . Average intellectuality.

In the latter instance contact with one terminal a metallic conducting circuit In consequence of the high \^oltage. be noted in our preceding investigations that. one wire of a secondary coil leading to the nerve is is sufficient to excite it when the primary circuit opened It will omng to the charge generated in the secondary coil.54 PHYSICS AND PHYSIOLOGY OF HUMAX ENERGY CHAPTER IX. to it is unnecessary make a closed circuit to obtain a flowing current. The atom is conby the latter. PHYSICS AND PHYSIOLOGY OF HUiLAX ENERGY. In the stimulation of a preparation. is not required. the emission of ionizing radiation is an reflex — inherent property of all things in nature. it This conclusion could not have been attained were of the not for the sensitivity stomach if reflex. not identified with radio- activity. The denser a Unipolar action current. the greater is is its stimulating effect. Voltage. Exceptionally. WTien Voltage and frequency are high. associated made to ray emission with atomic decomposition. reference is stantly in a state of dissolution into helium and supposedly hydrogen. recognized by the physiologist. The sense in which emission radiais tion is employed by the writer. the complete circuit of an electric current is necessary. unipolar conduction was employed in transmitting human . ]My results show that. In the subsequent observations the stomach was employed as an index of human energy. suffices. and great periodicity of oscillator}' currents.

not necessarily . This is supposed to be only the prerogative of high pressure electrostatic machines. condensers. evoke the reflex at a distance of 70 inches. and from the S Energy ouxpux. from the negative pole the stomach reflex used as an index. whereas a negative discharge from an average individual. a dry a reflex from the negai tive terminal at a distance not greater than inch. is but 64% of that of copper. either pole of a bar-magnet may be conducted through a wire as evidenced by the stomach will The energy from from the reflex. Human were not air. its action could not be exhibited through dry one of the best known insulators.is most pronounced with aluminum wire although the latter. the like all energy traversing space. The foregoing is incorrect. is transmitted.^The stomach with all reflex may be elicited the fingers extended (Fig. in the latter instance. and a negative charge. the discharge emanating from the finger tips. as a conductor for electricity. cell of i Thus. of a magnet. Emission radiations are streams of electrified particles or merely pulses or vibrations of the ether.ENERGY OUTPUT 55 energy and that. a negative energy. It is generally believed that the poles of cells of batteries (Galvanic or storage) do not emit waves expanding in ether. 48 and page 112). One may obtain a if posidisis tive discharge from the positive. energy is of high frequency and Voltage. If it so. passes out of body in straight lines and is not deflected by a magnet. The conductivity of this energy. the only other requisite was grounding (page 35). The Voltage compared with human Volt elicits energy is low. N pole a positive energy pole. In the former instance they must be deflected by the approach so. induction coils etc. Human.

but if to the ether or chloro- form. less energy air. A few inhalations of ether or chloroform inhibit the output of energy. humid or than in dry If an individual discharging no energy from the hands. is moist hands. no energy discharged in little discharged. flux relatively Magnetic more potent than radium. is intercepted by is an insulating substance. an individual modified may by many be accurately factors (page During cerebration (thinking). the energy output is by the extended fingers may be elicited at enormous distances. If the fingers discharging energy are wet. increased and stomach dulness The effects of anesthetics on energy may be easily will determined. there is little or no effect on the energy output. The energy output gauged (page 60) and 59). takes an electrode for several minutes feet in either hand from a moderately strong Galvanic current and then directs his fingers at a distance of many will from another subject. This cannot be attributed to potentiality.56 PHYSICS AND PHYSIOLOGY OF HUMAN" ENEEGY Differentation of electronic energy is now possible by aid of the stomach reflex. emission radiations will EVOKE THE REFLEX THROUGH AN INSULATOR BUT ETHERIC VIBRATIONS WILL NOT. and dry hands discharge more energy than Similarly. A like effect may be noted with the energy from a magnet or the energy from an electric lamp directed on any part of the body for several minutes. The same action may be noted by aid of a very sensitive of is Galvanometer. oil of orange is added. . he can reflex. elicit in the latter. the stomach This ability to discharge energy continue for several minutes.

"The proper study of mankind is man. Dr. "Clinical physiology" has been neologized by the prominent clinithe demonstration of the stomach —Several author to emphasize the fact that.the sick. but a summation of *Gwathmey. is necessary before the reflexes can be accepted as scientific facts. and Ealhology. and not the disease its Therapeutic nihilism owed ogist. oil of 57 orange* added to ether. utilizing the stomach reflex has rationalized the Gwathmey Method. it is in reality secondary to physiology in a state of disequilibration. has shown that results. the disease only in relation to these anatomic conditions. a disease. Animal experimentation. peutist The same egregious error is perpetrated by the therawho is responsible for the creation of a toxicotherapy. . The stomach reflex is dependent on visceral tone (page 27) which is the resultant of not one. The author was constrained to discontinue his experi- mentation on animals for various reasons. has informed me that he possible nauseating action from the sweet prefers the bitter. George Jarvis. Instead of regarding morbid tissue change as a primary requisite of disease. to combat any oil. i^nought else but thejphysiolo^ . conception to the pathol- who sought to identify every disease with definite clinician. and his coadjutor.oi." and to protest against the tendency to substitute the guinea-pig for a for the bedside. studied anatomic changes. and the laboratory founded on physiology. human. tial to Anatomic changes are sequenitself. produces anesthesia with less discomfort. and other reflexes by animal experimentation. rapid recovery from with neither nausea nor vomiting and with half effects the quantity of ether. quicker no preliminary excitement.EXPERIMENTATION Gwathmey. is pathology. cians have contended that.

These conclusions were largely based on histological studies of the brain. George C. whose accuracy as an observer. The cells are classified as hyperchromatic. contends that the physician gives a more correct verdict concerning physiologic processes than the physiologist. Jarvis. Physiologic abnormal ment of nature under laboratory experiments are conducted under like adverse conditions. My investigations with the exsected stomach were negative. Smooth muscle cut out of the body passes fatigued at once into a state of tonic contraction lasting for hours. and skill as a surgeon are conceded. hilates the which by depressing the vagus anni- stomach In his elaboration of the "kinetic theory. the production of fever hindered owing to the depressing influence on the brain cells. Vivisection under pain reflex. The characteristic condition was hyperchromatism which disappeared in a few hours." Crile. in his research work embracing a new departure in . traumatism etc. authorizes me to say that. Dr. thus causing diminished activity. In deep morphia narcosis is and anesthesia. disease is practically an expericonditions. hyperchromatism was succeeded by the fatigue and finally exhausted stage. active. creates the sympathicotropic action of adrenalin. but if the stimulus were extreme. found that tricity electric fish could not discharge their elec- when under anesthesia. The experimental animals were subjected to exertion. and that the continuity of tone may be blocked by annihilation of a single stimulus. and exhausted (stages only). fear.58 PHYSICS AND PHYSIOLOGY OF HUMAN ENERGY peripheral sensory stimuli. Thereuse of anesthetics (local or general) will inhibit fore. Pavloff. the the reflexes. Like negative results followed investigations with the musculature in warm oxygenized blood. Physiologists who discredit observations without the domain of the laboratory forget that.

is magnetic meridian (male or female) can dull the stomach of another subject by the energy. The gall-bladder reflex of The subjects were under in addition. . the visceral REFLEXES MAY BE ELICITED WITH A STRONG SINUSOLDAL CURRENT (ouc elcctrode at the sacrum. and some even scopolamin and morphin were used. likewise evocable. latter fact the is subject of great discharging in a neutral The importance determining sexual polarity (page no). although were not as accen- visceral reflexes could be elicited.POSITION AND POSTURE surgery. The stomach reflex is elicited (contraction of the organ) to approximately one-fourth of its original is volume.^ —Brief reference has already been made (page 27) to the varying tonicity of the viscera with and position. and the energy in the magnetic With the meridian subject in the magnetic meridian. nitrous-oxid and oxygen. over definite vertebral regions as described in ''Spon- dylotherapy") . Position and posture. Associated with the reflex a marked anemia contraction is of the stomach. there is a momentary inhibition of the pulse. When a subject without relation to posture physical effort places himself in the magnetic meridian. the publication of which is 59 anticipated. When spinal anesthesia was alone employed. There are also slight variations in blood-pressure depending on the position of the subject with relation to the points of the compass. the stomach dulls of its own (facing the North in the or South) is neutral. Thus no distinct type of polarity displayed. accord. Another subject standing extension of either hand. in narcosis with instances. and the anesthetized subjects at other. they tuated as under narcosis. Energy is appropriated from the physical forces which make up the environment of man. that in the operating table.

Light as an agent in . there is the greatest energy dis- charge. the energy output is at its minimum. 44) By aid of the biodynamometer and connect- ing one electrode with the finger tips of the right hand. All forms of mechanical of the heat of the sun.60 PHYSICS AND PHYSIOLOGY OF HUMAN ENERGY (Fig. the following output of energy was estimated: 1. When the lunar or solar rays on the subject irrespective of position. the stomach reflex is elicited at once and maintained during exposure. In the RECUMBENT POSTURE with the head to the north. as far as human knowledge activity of extends is an inex- haustible source of physical energy. and makes the hastening imagination more fertile. everything which movement are a transformation The work. the brain condition of the intellectual laborer to that occurring in fever. and the energy is of the neutral variety. north NORTH WEST 1/25 " " " " " 3/25 4/25 is " Standing and facing the North. —Many literary men develop its a sort of "work fever" before the brain can yield best Thus. 2. somewhat analogous A little fever increases the readiness of the tongue. which pours upon our and maintains the moves upon the globe. directly The sun earth. magnetic meridian 8/25 " " SUBJECT IN THE RECUMBENT POSTURE 1. 2. " EAST " WEST " 1/25 of an " 2/25 5/25 " Ohm " 4. is physics of thought. Head toward Feet " " " the " " 3. Standing toward the north " " " " " in 3. and Magnetic Meridian. there in the the least. The moon and sun augment fall visceral tonicity.

and no stomach reflex can be elicited (Fig. Thus. \nilcanite etc. 16). which do not permit electricity to escape as soon as it is developed are called non-conductors. wax. in the sun an Ohm. was gathering evidence which later startled the scientific world. Conduction of energy. he was also cognizant of the injurious effects. everywhere witnessed Some work better in proportion as the heat and hght are more intense. insulators or dielec*The author's contribution was published Finsen. oils.CONDUCTION chemical change writers is 61 in nature. in March. — for this reason aluminic electrodes are employed (Fig. Insulated aluminum wire is the most effective material for conducting human energ>% and 19). porcelain. The foregoing data suggest the pathogeny of Tropical Neurasthenia. energy from a subject (male) from the finger tips of the left hand shows an output in the dark of %5 of an Ohm. standing in the sxjn. The author believes he was one of the pioneers* in establishing the therapeutic value of the solar rays at a time when Finsen. the same subject discharges energy equal to %5 of an Ohm. dark is From ^/25 the right psychomotor region of a subject (female) %5 of an the energy output in the of Ohm . Bodies like glass. 1899. The energy output is diminished in the dark and augmented when the body is subjected to the influence of intense light or the solar rays.. September. The fingers must not be in contact with the non- insulated metal. 1899. otherwise a short circuit of the energy current will ensue. and many cannot think well in the dark. While the author at that time recognized the merits of the solar rays. and that of .

The pupil-dilating fibres arise medulla. 23. Non-striated of Muscle Upper Lid. but this statement does not apply human energy (page 55). The other half The stimulus of the diagram shows the origin and applied at the seventh cervical spine corresponds to the third dorsal segment of cord and approximately to the 2nd and 3rd dorsal nerves. course of the cardiac nerves. Energy from pathological sources passes through non-insulating material. . Fig. they ascend sym- pathetic to the Gasserian ganglion and pass to the orbit along the ophthalmic division of the trigeminus. Diagram of course of oculopupillary fibers of the cervical sym- pathetic.62 tries PHYSICS AND PHYSIOLOGY OF HUMAN ENERGY for (page 124). a fact of importance in differential diagnosis (page 124). Entering the inferior in the cervical by white rami communicantes. and descending in the lateral anterior roots of the cervical ganglion first from the pupil-dilating center column of the cord they emerge in the in the and second thoracic segments. These bodies are likewise non-conductors normal human energy. air Dry to at atmospheric pressure is almost a perfect insulator of electricity.

likewise show the effects of human energy. Sphygmography and tracings direct from a sph}'gmomanometer (Fig. and the stomach fingers. as is done by the laboratory of vivisectionist. the heart beat is This temporary inhibition of also determinable by auscultation. Temperamental individuals may achieve the same object (on a subject) by placing the finger tips at the 7th cervical Some individuals with a great output of energy may attain this phenomenon when the fingers are several feet distant from the spine in question (page 86). at the region of the will stomach dull. 24). going is best observed in a subject with a feeble pulse. 23). Thus. stimulation of the pro- spinal centers (which are related to definite spinous cesses). yet a large lens in front of the stomach exactly in focus will invoke the reflex in question. The forespine. When from the a subject's heart is viewed with a fluoroscope during the time the X-rays traverse the chest and energy fingers is permitted to act on the 7 th cervical . and demon- strated with the same certainty in the living human. evoke the stomach left fingers reflex. point his of the subject.ENERGY DISCHARGE Whereas the energy of light rays sufl&cient to elicit the stomach reflex do not traverse glass. elicits reflexes which may be executed. stimulation the seventh cervical spine will inhibit the pulse and diminish the area of heart. Let such a male. are —There many if individuals notably temperamental ones whose will mere presence a one. 63 Discharge of energy without conductors. immediately A temperamental female will achieve the same object with her extended right It has been shown elsewhere that. course of the energy conduction to the vagus tion of the 7th cervical spine The by stimula- is shown in (Fig.

The reflex tracing (read from right to left) demonstrates the augmented 277) causes amplitude of the pulse when energy conveyed to the epigastrium vagus stimulation. {Pyloric *These heart reflexes are discussed elsewhere . the borders of the heart recede during systole and diastole of the latter {heart reflex of Ahrams). Tambour connected directly with a sphygmomanometer (p. 24. If the fingers impinge on the area between the 3rd and 4th dorsal spines. for sphyg- momanograms.* Another clinico-physiologic phenomenon observable by of by skiascopy is the opening the pylorus in detail. spine. there ensues an immediate increase in the cardiac diameter.64 PHYSICS AND PHYSIOLOGY OF HUMAN ENERGY Fig.

by Energy from the finger tips directed the 3rd and 4th dorsal spines will between show on percussion a temporary ascent of the lung border. the stomach voids the bismuth in i}4 minutes. an expert Roentgenoscoptakes approximately one hour and its observes that after the ingestion of the conventional it bismuth meal. if the lungs dilate whereas a like energy brought to bear (excitation at a point between the 3rd and 4th dorsal spines is first of the depressor nerve). . Dr. light and electricity. like heat. recently presented before the Societe de Radiologie Medicale de Paris comparative radio- graphs showing modifications of the large intestine.ENERGY DISCHARGE reflex - 65 of dilatation) when the fingers are in apposition with the 5th dorsal spine. Energy discharged from the finger tips at the 7th cervical spine will show a descent of the lung border percussion. the lungs contract. Physiological physics of psychic energy. cult to conceive the it is — It is diffi- mind as a simple thinking organ. The author has shown any form of energy is in numerous publications that is applied at the 7th cervical spine. Patrick O'Donnell. This dynamogenic or energy producing power of mind is capable of contrary. demonstration. S. the appearance of the stomach can be likened to the flow of water from an inverted pitcher when the bismuth ist. Lebon and Aubourg. whereas after stimulation of the 5 th dorsal spine. on the psychodynamic and must be regarded as a form of energ}^. is pouring into the duodenum. Here. fifteen minutes for the stomach to void contents. of the lower lung border posteriorly The position determined by percussion. after stimulation of different vertebral spines by the author's if methods.

The potentiality of psychic energ}' ih determinable by the intensity and duration of the stomach dulness and the distance of the subject from the person engaged in thought.66 PHYSICS AXD PHYSIOLOGY OF HUMAN ENERGY Psychic is On page 12. Thought yields an energy. ]\ly in strength with the strength action of investigations concerning the of stimuli haA'e been discussed elsen'hcrc. If in my experiments I ha\'e utilized the stomach muscle . motor regions are covered with a piece Without this color. In my experiments. action currents were discussed. The position of the recipient is ^^•ith reference to the person no moment. was overthrown Xewton. The Cartesian conception where it that b}' matter cannot in his act is not. but the recipient must be standing to elicit the reaction of stomach dulness. red coloring is impossible With the first subject in one room with closed doors. to evoke the visceral reflexes. Anger and emotions }ield an energ}' which may be transmitted over a distance of eighty or more feet. The action current is associated with the process of excitation and all produced by kinds of stimuli but varies stimulation. law of universal gravitation. and the other subject in another room. Psychic energ}' passes through metal and all other media thus far tried. action currents conform to like laws. the presence of which can be exhibited by the stomach reflex. the energy provoked by thought may be transmitted from the latter to the former over a distance of forty or more feet as revealed by stomach dulness in the first subject. the person engaged in thought was occupied in thought of instructed to perform examples in mental arithmetic. This energ}' is not revealed if the brain functionates in its entirety unless both psychoof it material (page 69).

Color. To cure" relax the organs green. and thus secure a "visceral rest may be used. Green and violet. and better definition (page 103) than Yellow augments the tonicity of all the organs. of colors (chromotherapy) lines. .COLOR as an index in revealing energy 67 and its transmission. —The therapeutic value tonicity has been acknowledged on empirical Percussion demonstrates that in the light. violet or blue is a tonic effect desired. Frogs' legs are now employed for recording wireless the con- messages (page 19). Light acting on the head through a yellow medium minimizes psychic activity. Psychists have accepted first definite tracting muscles of the frog as the index of Our nerves and muscles are more complex and responsive than those of a frog. 25) which permits different colored sheets of gelatine to filter light on to the body of the subject. For diagnostic purposes. Color influences the transmission of psychic energy as can be noted when the person engaged in thought holds large colored sheets of gelatine in front of the head. obstruct the passage of the energ>% whereas blue and notably yellow intensify the action of the energy as revealed by the intensity and duration of the stomach dulness. of color on psychic energy is noted on this page. The influence thought transference. and yellow when whereas other colors diminish the tonicity of the organs. I employ a screen (Fig. con- ventionalism has not been disregarded. the organs show more in the dark. Yellow material oh the subject used for eliciting the stomach reflex must he avoided as the color itself will produce the reflex in question.

Some writers work better in proportion as the heat and light are more intense. Witness the Matador as he excites the infuriated bull to charge by manipulations There is reason for the foregoing. knob for shifting the colors at A. cloth. Electric light thrown on one side of the head stimulates like a blow and excites the stomach to contract. Some cannot think Red excites some indi\dduals and of his red most animals. . well in the dark. Directed on the center of the head. it is negative.68 PHYSICS AND PHYSIOLOGY OF HUMAN ENERGY Fig. Screen for chromo-diagnosis. B. 25. is Light passed through a negati\-e red medium covering the head of the when directed on one side head but produces a powerful contraction when directed on the center of the head.

Thus the polarity of the two hemispheres is neutralized.* Thought transference is a reality despite the fact that the most heretofore known about it was practically nothing. The it in thought prevents Elsewhere. Psychic energy may be transmitted to another (as revealed by stomach dulness). and the stomach reflex is e vocable.COLOR This exciting effect 69 is on protoplasm the same whether resident in muscle or brain. . the head is covered (covering other parts does not suffice) with some red material or. Red the subject on whom percussion is executed will likewise in evoke the reflex by another engaged same maneuver on the person engaged thought. the exit of psychical energy (page 109). of the patient Furthermore. *Appendix. Nullification of aural polarity by a strip of aluminum across the psychomotor regions (page io8) of yields a neutral duling energy. if during thought. Note V. and the latter disappears when the colored material is removed. the stomach any red material may be used provided thrown over the head or held near the stomach-region. the stomach of a subject in proximity to the animal shows dulness. and we were not sure of that. The foregoing experiments may explain some of the phenomena of telepathy. If red paper or any other red material is thrown over the head of an intelligent dog. has been shown that of vibration colors are capable of dijfferentation by rate and polarity. This experiment dispenses with the necessity of demagnetizing one side of the head. if the latter is held in front of the stomach of the second subject. engaged is in thought The energy thus transmitted psychic energy of the differs in no respect from the human as far as its physiologic effect (visceral reflexes) is concerned.

although other condensers are more or less efficient. it shows a potentiality of 11^ Ohms. This is equivalent to the energy discharge from the finger tips (page 112). the positive energy from one hemisphere neutralizes the negative energy from the other brain evoke the stomach half. I the consciousness of another have purposely italicized "at times" for the reason that. Leakage is insignificant from a paper condenser. ^ Condensation of human energy. 9 Ohms.70 PHYSICS AND PHYSIOLOGY OF HUMAX ENERGY Research" The proceedings reveal in of the "Society for Psychical many pertinent paradigms which demonstrate that. man there is a faculty which perm'ts him at times to directly with communicate individual. . in jars specially constructed to minimize leakage. Cerebration does not evoke visceral reflexes. with the conhistological The energy from constructed jar. tests and were densed energy demonstrated the electronic reactions of a cancer which later corroborated b}' examination. Not long ago this I saw a patient remote in a specially from my city with a supposititious carcinoma of the breast. For this puq^ose the best results are attained by using a Ley den Jar. 233. no dulness ensues. growth was condensed eight hours later. Charg5 ing the latter with carcinomatous energy for minutes. that my in\'estigations show the energy is is only propagated during the time one side of the brain porarily incapacitated unless further experiments it is tem- show that possible for an individual to inhibit voluntarily one side of the brain (pages 69. reflex but when the other One hand may hand is simul- taneously extended. and after 24 hours. 250). In any Ley den Jar one — may store normal or pathologic human energy for about one hour or longer.

it will be neutral. — . The opposite polarity is obtainable in a female excepting when the fingers of both hands are used after the manner indicated. Practically e\xTy area of the body discharges energy which can be determined by Energy discharge conveyed by conthe stomach reflex. from his left finger tips negative. not used. and when the finger tips of one hand are placed on the outer coating of tin foil. The centers shown in Figs. present the jar to the stomach region by grasping the glass only. reflex as Employing the stomach right an index. ducting cords only (Fig. and the fingers of the other hand on the knob.ENERGY CENTERS Leakage is 71 prevented by enveloping the condenser with insulating tape after charging. 28. or conduct the energ}' to the stomach from the of insulated wire. the condensed energy will be positive. and likewise the wire This wire is for receiving energy primarily covered with rubber dam to exclude the entrance of is normal energ3\ is The other wire of the condenser lating tape. but covered with insu- In taking the reaction use the rubber covered in discharging the jar. Care must be exercised charging it with a new source of energy. One may obtain either a positive or negative charge from a bar-magnet or a neutral charge from a hores-shoe magnet. 27. before wire after removal of the tape. the charge will be likewise neutral. knob by aid Energeiagenic centers. it will be observed that when a male permits the finger tips of his hand to remain for several minutes in contact with the metal knob. refer only to areas from which energy conducted to the stomach region will produce duling energy. 26. In testing the polarity of the condensed energy. 19) may be of the duling or nonDULiNG variety (pages 41 and 43).

The polarity discharge in the method sho\\Ti on page marked by + (positive). From the right p.) yet an energy. 27. m. r. 43). 27. centers in a female. regions (p. Xormal energeiagenic centers in a male. Whereas the energ}. in the female III). in the male and from the left p. 28.NEGATtve Fig. r. m.sufficient to dull the STOiiACH can only be drawn from the left p. m.polarity is the same in the sexes from both psychomotor m. in the male and from the right p. Xormal energeiagenic Fig. the sexes 41. was determined by 26. r. the energ}' polarity non-duling (p.72 PHYSICS AXD PHYSIOLOGY OF HUMAN ENERGY LtFTSlDE Right 5»de RIGHT SIDE ALLVElMS Positive ENEtA&Y OVAfOES NE&ATt»E TESTICLES NEGATIVE PO S T V E I I _ ne&ATiVE Positive + . r. m. 26. in the is female. r. off (p. are — Figures (negativej and O (neutral) .

indicating the polarity of the energ\^ 73 emanating from different body regions. spine.WER. " LOrjBAR SPINE NEGATIVE ENERoy Fig. A NEUTRAL (O) discharge from the 7 th cervical spine. NEUTRAL E. Common 1 to both sexes. 2.ENERGY CENTERS signs. the duling energy ( is as follows: Negative — ) discharge from the arteries. The discharge of duling energy relative to the extremities only occurs at the tips of the fingers and toes. 4.GY (ST. 28. 3. Normal energeiagenic centers in the back common to both sexes. . Positive (+) discharge from the veins. and negative (— ) discharge from the ist lumbar Negative discharge from the left ventricle.

The metal tips of the conducting wire in contact with the Placing one tip of the cord fingers must be insulated. \'ULCAXITE permits only the negative rays to pass. an immediate dulness of the stomach is elicited and by aid of the bar-magnet one may determine the polarity of the energ}' during the flow of the latter. 7. Refer to hypermotility of the stomach This 5th may often be ob\dated by concussion (Fig. An EPIGASTRIC AREA discharging neutra' energy- Hmited to the central line of the 5 up^vards to a distance of about abdomen. (which must not be insulated) to any center of energ}' and the other tip in contact with the stomach-region or several inches away (if the energy conveyed is of sufiicient potency). 65). or aluminum Insulated aluminum wire is the most effective material for conducting human energ}'. Polarity oe HrM.a possible. 54) of the dorsal spine (p. A POSiTR'E discharge from the regions occupied by the kidneys. Lead permits only the neutral rays to pass.74 5. 64) which discharges the storrach conThe latter maneuver will also empty the stomach tents. above the navel. one may conduct cord the energv by means of an ordinary in length) flexible insulated (approximately 80 cm. differentiation of polarity is Shellac permits only the positive rays to pass. From any of the foregoing centers. PosiTR'E discharge from the right ventricle. wire. (p. PHYSICS AXD PHYSIOLOGY OF HUMAX ENERGY 6. when necessary (p. and extending cm.\x il\dioactrity. of copper. Irrespective of — the source of the energ}. . 40). Other visceral reflexes are similarly elicited.

Visceral tonicity. with the specially prepared parchment so put on that it is air is tight and very tense. In the side of the cylinder soldered a nipple to which one end of a rubber tube is attached. The Organotonometer specially (Fig. 29) made of a metal cylinder tightly closed at one end with metal. is the Organotonometer The hammer made of piano is for felt glued to a wooden handle. and j)roximity the neighboring material.AUXILIARY METHODS DEMONSTRATING HUMAN ENERGY ^0 CHAPTER \ . In organotonometry. AUXILIARY METHODS FOR DEMONSTR. has perfected a device for translating the tonicity of the viscera into audible tones.\TING HU]VL^. which makes the parchment very tense.N ENERGY. 29) is a tambour made by itself covering the opening in a wooden hoop with a parchment and forcibly pressing over all another wooden hoop. Visceral tone may likewise be is modified (page 77). and at the other end. To vibrate the Organotonometer. The same observer has constructed a drum (Fig. it is with the felt hammer with The tone of varies with the tension. —Reference has been made to this subject (pages 27 and 75). Whereas the stomach reflex other visceral reflexes may be similarly employed. the handle held hit firmly in one hand. cited. Dr. George Starr White (Los Angeles). and the shock absorber on a staccato stroke. substance. the vibrations yielding these tones from the organotonometer change in wave length in proportion to the tension or tonicity of the viscera. These hoops are securely fastened to a wooden handle which has a cloth shock absorber prepared fastened to striking it close to the hoops. and a mouth piece is .

Jarvis. . put on the other end. drum. Figures above and to the right. the cyHnder all By varying the degree of inflation of nuances of sound is may be elicited during the time the organotonometer used. the left is The figure to a tonometric scale of one octave devised by Dr. inflation of latter regulated by a bulb. and misleading and militate A notable advance in Abrams. The writer has employed for a similar purpose* percus- sion of the cheek with the mouth closed. 29. By inflation and deflation of the cheek all shades of sound are evocable.76 AUXILIARY METHODS DEMONSTRATING HUMAN ENERGY Fig. to the right. *Clinical Diagnosis. organo tonometer and hammer. Below. Geo. The present standards of recognizing various grades of dulness are indefinite against progress in percussion. by the tonometric scale (struck by Employed for interpreting and confirming sounds elicited by ordinary percussion. is When a percussion sound felt elicited this is translated hammer) and a record made.

will Energy from whatever source the produce In the percussion of the viscera the subject must face toward WEST (page 77). but in exceptional instances is the loss of both reflexes synchronous. (Fig. As a rule. directly by stimulation of the vagus* Here the effect is secured inwhich furnishes innerenergy is vation to the viscera. It is not unlikely that the recently devised tonoscope may left solve this perplexing problem. Define the cardiac border by percussion and then note that. when the energy from either pole of a bar-magnet is directed toward the heart region. frequently utilized — The 73). accentuated. is right or left lower liver border by the author for determining the presence and polarity of energy when the stomach reflex is exhausted. The polarity of the left.LIVER REFLEX this direction 77 studies the has been made by Wood^^ who pitch of the various percussion notes from a musical standard. there is is an immediate descent of the lung border. the liver reflex can be elicited when the stomach reflex is exhausted. This biomechanic effect of not available for determining polarity of the energy insomuch as a neutral energy emanates from the 7th cervical spine. the The liver reflex is decidedly less sensitive than stomach reflex. This observation was later confirmed by the English physiologists. Define the lower border of the lung by percussion and note that. The polarity of the right *The writer demonstrated the presence in the vagus of broncho-constrictor and bronchodilator fibers. one or more centimeters further to the area of dulness is and the cardiac like results. . the left border extends left. Liver border. when energy from a magnet or the finger tips directed at the 7th cervical spine. lower liver border corresponds to that of the stomach in the male. Dixon and Brodie'^.

these polarities are reversed.78 AUXILIARY METHODS DEMOXSTRATIXG HUMAX EXERGY lower liver border has an opposite polarity to that of the stomach and left lower liver border in the male. An energy which is positive over the stomach in the male. Fig. would^be'negative over the right liver border." Rebman Co. — \'isualized aura (. "The Human Atmosphere. 30.Kilner.) consisting of an inner and outer aura. Neutral and positive and negative polarities however. would be the same either over the stomach or liver borders in males or females. In the normal female subject. .

115) are evidently a defensive mechanism to secure a sexu- ality in the mental (p. noted in the bullfinch unfit. Whereas polarity from both psychomotor regions like disparity is ing value is (p.AURAL ENERGY' 79 POSI T»VE NEUTRAL NONPULING ENtRGY-i NONDUL(NG ENERfrY Fig. 198). 31. 114) and physical . in the sexes — Decussation A of aural energy in a is male subject. Changes in sexual polarity (p. (p. 113) the energy producgreater (duling energy) in the left brain in the male and the right the same brain in the female.

neutral (non- Note that in the male. 31) which is reversed in the female. the positive energy over the left psychomotor region (non-duling in the female) is transferred to the right side of the body by means of the crossed fibers of the pyramidal tract. the induction coil only must be used. aura (pages 9 and The in the aural energ}' yields a positive non-duling energ}' left side on the right and a negative duling energ}' on the male (Fig. a non-duling cannot be transformed into a duling energy. the dulness. the extremities representing the poles. the very edge of the liver will . from the waist) corresponding to the visualized 78. . In the norm.pro- ducing machine. room furnishes the topographic anatomy of The liver border is ahvays lower than described.80 AUXILIARY METHODS DEMOXSTEATIXG HUMAX EXERGY polarity is Aural energy. one must proceed upward a distance of several centimeters before eliciting a dulness peculiar to the liver and this point is erroneously accepted as the If lower border. the energy . to Exactly in the median duling) line of the body from the vertex is the termination of the trunk. by energ}' \'ield liver is endowed with from any source. The liver border is immersed in an atmosphere of tympanitic sound and its edge does not exceed i cm. coil Here.Iny non-duling energ}' may be (page converted into a duling energ}' by an induction 275). Em- ployed in conjunction with a condenser. caused as follows: The foregoing reversed The human organism is an — energ}. The study of organolog}' in the dissecting of an inadequate conception the living viscera. Fig. Surrounding the body to a variable distance is an aural area of energy (extending in the average male a distance of about 7 cm. 30). tonicity however.

otherwise the neutral energy above the navel (page 74) of procedure corresponds to that may modify polarity of the extraneous source of energy.). may contract or dilate the vessels. 191 is 1. the splanchnic vessels dilate as re- vealed by areas of abdominal dulness which disappear after forced inspirations. B. The writer it is positive — iirst des- cribed a clinical entity now kno^vn "splanchnic neurasthenia*. and the essential physiologist is factor in this reflex area. conveyed energy will yield an area of dulness one or more centimeters lower. like the vasomotors of the abdominal vessels. Treat New York. The centripetal knows that stimulation of any nerve augments blood-pressure. place the electrode about cm. if it is dissipated by both poles it is neutral. Polar expression of energy. splanchnic nerves are Clinically. *Abrams. energy conveyed to the as Hver in the conventional way. to the the right of the median line of the abdomen. by the positive pole and mainby the negative pole. This subject also discussed in the 5th edition of Spondylothcrapy. The abdominal brain (pages 81 & Co. vasoconstriction in the splanchnic to the foregoing rule is The only exception stimula- tion of the depressor nerve which lowers pressure by dilating the splanchnic vessels. It may be shown clinically that. 4th Edition. in laboratory experiments. . E.. The method eliciting the {q. and if it persists with If the latter is dissipated tained both poles. polarity of energy by aid of employed in the stomach reflex When the liver border is defined in the usual way by percussion. v. the energy is negative. Insomuch the 5 right usually used. and negative." The one in the literature as. when a stimulus is applied between the third and fourth dorsal spines (stimulation of the depressor).ABDOMINAL BRAIN 81 is With the patient border is facing West.

inteUigence. the areas of abdominal dulness vary in position shown in fig. 32. 32. fails in its reflex functions. A. B. positive energy from a bar-magnet. neutral energy (horse- shoe magnet). The areas refer to the latter only. performs tasks that from a utihtarian viewpoint transcend According to the polarity to the area of the energy con- veyed by a magnet as between the 3rd and 4th dorsal spines. area of negative energy superimposed on B.82 AUXILIARY METHODS DEMOXSTRATIXG HUMAX ENERGY to portray the and 249) is not a misnomer. C. —Areas of ventral dulness superinduced by magnetic energy. it even autonomy of a nervous system which. . The splanchnic is expression of specific pathological energy (splanchno-diagnosis) discussed on page 291. Fig.

ascertains the level of the wine. — Phonograms: D. position of a stud in the plastered wall or the ganger striking his mallet who determines the by aid of his hammer. dulncss and T. 7. and the recognition of •clearness. —Percussion is an empirical procedure trained with limitations best realized by the expert with results (page 28). About thirty seconds elapse before the dull areas develop during the time energy is conveyed. To eliminate make tracings of the personal equation.^. Maladroit percussion yields untrustworthy Percussion depends on variations in vibrations elicited by blows on different structures. tympanitic sound. when energy is conveyed to the 7th The RETINAL vasomotor 97- reflexes are described on page Fig. in area of the the paravertebral triangles when cer- conveyed to the tenth dorsal spine and diminu- tion of the same. augmentation energy is — Analogous to is the foregoing without any evidence of polarity howe\er. The subject faces West. hands and ears. vical spine. upon the cask. Pulmonary vasomotor reflex. I have sought to the percussion sounds by fixing a cardio- . tympany and dulness. Phonograms..PHONOGRAMS These splanchnic vasomotor sexes reflexes are only e vocable (site of areas) with the subject standing. are alike in the and readily demonstrated by even the maladroit. is only a matter of experience not unlike that of the carpenter.

Department of Psxxhol- ogy. and during the time Fig.^ represents such a tracing energ)' ^vas conveyed to the stomach region (dulness)*. and the records are made on a revolving cyHnder. — Sphygmomanometer mm.. — It occurred to the author the heart could be utilized for the clinical recognition of energy by vagus stimulation. Coover. is indebted to Professor J. 34. The adjustable to any position. that SPHYGMOM-A. *The author tracings. Fig. The dial is read across a room. T. graphic attachment in proximity to the The cardiograph communicates with a sensitive tambour.84 AUXILIARY METHODS DEMOXSTRATING HUMAX EXERGY site of percussion. Leland Stanford Junior University.XOMETRY. E. range is 300 by percussion of the stomach before (tympanitic sound). for his valuable aid in making the . with a dial 8 inches in diameter and may be This large dial magnifies the oscillations of the needle.

The subjects eyes must be closed. The apparatus is applied in the conventional manner for taking blood-pressure. gradually deflate until the maximum if oscillations of the needle are is noted (or mercury. will be corre- After inflation of the arm-piece. If there is vagus response a momentary inhibition of the pulse will be noted. the beats although slower are stronger whereas when stimulation is greater. specially if a weak pulse is palpated.SPHYGMOMANOMETRY 00 Physiologists concede that when the ventricle is inhibited by MODERATE vagus stimulation. One must note the following: 1. One may employ any other sphygmomanometer with less convenience insomuch as the fluctuations in the column of mercury must he determined by aid of a lens. My primary efforts in this direction were made with the largest size Faught aneroid barometer. It must be noted however that when the pulse is weak. the contractions are diminished in strength and rate (page 277). Select an individual with a responsive vagus. The effects of energy may be noted by deflection of the needle toward a higher point on the scale tion of the vagus is when stimula- achieved by conveyance of energ}.to the 7th cervical spine or the epigastrium (page 277) is The latter more effective than the former site (page 277). This is easily determined by palpating the pulse during the time energy is conveyed by the finger tips to the 7 th cervical spine. 3. the energy response of the ventricle spondingly diminished. 2. another instrument used). and not even the slightest movement must be permitted and breathing must be regular during all observations. The needle will be deflected toward a lower point on the scale when the vagus is depressed by conveyance of .

If the pressure rises is when the positive pole of the magnet directed at the site corresponding to the electrode over is the growth. when These the energy from the fingers is directed at the opening in the screen fixed effects between the 3rd and 4th dorsal may abundance cated is of energy at a distance of several be achieved by persons discharging an feet. apposition of the finger tips to the necessary. The primary effect of such conveyance of energy is augmented blood-pressure. 35)- the opening in the screen covers the 7 th cervical spine or the area indicated in the epigastrium. whereas sites indi- with others. this requires The determination of polarity by aid of much patience. The nega- . 19) energy is conveyed to the epigastric area from a supposititious carcinoma. fall of Depression of vagus tone and a pressure is noted spines.86 AUXILIARY METHODS DEMONSTRATING site in HUMAN ENERGY energy to a the median line between the 3rd and 4th dorsal spines (page 81). Concentration of energy to the secured foil sites indicated is best by preparing a is screen of cardboard covered with tin or other non-conductor (impervious to human energy) in which an opening If cut about one inch in diameter (Fig. may be modified source or point of exit (from electrode in proximity to the stomach). Polarity as has been shown (page at its 41). Let one assume by apparatus aid of the con- ducting cord (Fig. cause a rise of blood-pressure as indicated by the movement of the needle. the conducted energy positive. a person dis- charging an abundance of energy may with extended fingers directed toward the opening. To avoid any move- ment on the part of the subject fix the electrode to the epigastric area with plaster or a band.

. F. by Dr.PSYCHOPHANOMETEH tive pole of the 87 inhibit magnet directed toward the same area would any rise. the neutral assuming of course that. This ingenious apparatus (Fig. The long arm of the latter is adjusted 35) devised to — an adjustable copper contact point which collar is in turn connects with a battery strong enough to light a small electric bulb. consists of a collar for the arm similar to the collars used in blood-pressure instruments. 35. PsYCHOPHANOMETER. Planck. Fig. —Psychophanomcter (Planck) and screen (p. M. This collar connects by a rubber tube with the short arm of a well of mercury. If both poles of the magnet inhibit a rise energy is of pressure. there has been a rise of pressure prior to the use of the magnet. The inflated to about the limits of blood-pressure. 25) Fenestra of the latter over the 7th cervical spine.

. i mm. and the light goes out. can be length- By making the contact of the copper point with an adjusting ratchet with a delicately graduated Vernier or with a gauge. vagus tone will be decreased so that the column cury no longer makes contact at systole. this By means which is is is the well known method subject. While the pressure is high (continued burning of the light) and energy is conveyed over the opening in of the screen placed between the 3rd and 4th dorsal spines. . The metallic contact with the fluctuating mercurial column may be adjusted to give systolic and diastolic readings by alternate lighting of two differently colored lamps. the current tion reinforced by the the and the demonstraresults made through By physical of energy stimulation. 36) surpasses the Planck apparatus in sensitiveness. of relaying. . the transmitted energy' can be measured. thus Kghting the electric bulb at every systole. (Fig. George Starr WTiite. Its appli- lamps of different colors approximate Between the first and second lamp there is a distance of 2 mm.88 AUXILIARY METHODS DEMONSTRATING is HUMAN ENERGY make and The copper point mercury adjusted so that the fluctuations of the in response to the impulse of the heart break the contact with the copper point and with the battery. Four electric the scale. between the third and fourth. the current will no longer make and break but will be a continuous contact. between the second and third i^ mm. similar to that of the latter. mer- electric The apparatus cation is of Dr. decreasing the caliber of the long limb of the well. and the light will burn steadily. The moment energy is conveyed to the epigastrium or the yth cervical spine. The conveyance lighting of one or of energy is demonstrated by the more superimposed lamps. the oscillations at systole mercury ened.

— Psychophanomcter (White). the red screen Fig. 36.SPHYGMOMANOMETER Not infrequently the primary effect of conveyed energy to the epigastrium or the 7th cervical spine is to diminish blood-pressure owing to the strength of the stimulus (page 85). fingers of the operator between the is red screen will interposed. 89 Again. a continuously lighted and the subject a lamp light intermittently. when the energy is con- veyed to the region between the 3rd and 4th dorsal spines. transmission of energy. excitation is succeeded by depression of By aid If of the foregoing apparatus. the effects of color (page 48) on human energy may be demonstrated. but this momentary the vagus. . the primary effect may be stimulation. If because red intercepts the however.

of color har- monies.a. and the other end may make a graphic record of the variable grades of pres- sure of the column of air superinduced of mercury. or to the area between the 3rd and 4th dorsal spines to diminish pressure. there (continuous lighting of the lamp). clothing. — If one end of a rubber to a tambour. discord and thousands of other questions which have hitherto been problematical in psychoneuroses and psychotherapy.phic registration. music. the third and even the second and first will go out in proportion to the amount of conveyed energy and the susceptibility of the subject. Extensi^•e investigations by the writer w th \'arious forms of sphygmographs and the electrocardiograph. be utilized for measuring They open the field of research concerning the effects of colors. and the pressure of the arm-piece is adjusted by inflation or deflation so as to secure the maximum oscillations of the is mercury. by the fluctuations The sphygmomanometer is attached in the usual way. one tube is hermetically attached to practically any mercurial sphygmomanometer. Diastolic Pressure Avith the eter of White. 24) when energy is conveyed to the epigastric area or the 7th cervical sp ne to increase blood-pressure. WTien vagus tone is depressed by conveying energy between the 3rd and 4th dorsal spines. lower the To show Sphygmogr. with the object of securing characteristic sphygmograms and electrocardiograms by the application of various forms of . Increase or decrease of pressure noted by the amplitude of the curves (Fig. psychophanomlamp carriage until all the lamps light. the top light.90 AUXTLIARY METHODS DEMOXSTRATIXG is HUMAX EXERGY is placed on the head of the operator. an in- creased output of energy and the column of mercury rises These instruments psychic energy (page may 65).

—Apparatus and for recording stomach-conlracLions incideiil to the action for in Hating the balloon in the of transmitted energy. The stomach faithfully records the dots and dashes from an ordinary transmitter operated at a distance of 40 feet from the subject (Fig 40).GASTROGRAPHV 91 energy (normal and pathological) to the 7th cervical spine and epigastrium. Gastrography is not destined to be of any practical . — Fig. It consists of a stomach-tube to one end of which a rubber- balloon is fixed to the other end a pump stomach. 38 and 39. With the apparatus shown in Fig. 37. Gastrography. were without definite results. The pump and stomach-tube record ofi are connected with a piece of V-glass tubing. 37. attempts were made to make records of the stomach contractions with the results shown in Figs. The stomach-contractions are transmitted to a tambour. the lever of which makes the a revolving cvlinder. I'iik p. 296.




stomach with the apparatus shown in Fig. 37. A, normal curves due to transmitted pulsations of the aorta; C, curves caused by concussion of the 7th cervical spine; D, curves caused by contraction of the stomach due to making and breaking of the current leading to an electromagnet in pro.ximity to the subject; E, curves caused by transmitted energy from one subject (by concussing the 7th cervical spine) to another subject; F, cur\-es due to transmitted psychic energy from one subject to another subject. During the making of records of C, D, E, and F, breathing of the subject from whom the records were taken was temporarily suspended. The records of transmitted energy were made during the time one subject was in proximity but not in contact with the other subject.
Fig. 38.
of the


normal curves dependent on

respirators- excursions; B,

value insomuch as


necessitates a subject accustomed to

the stomach tube and one must eliminate respiratory curves and transmitted pulsations (Fig. 38).







Fig. 39.

— Physiological

manifestalions of the emotions as exhibited by con-

tractions of the stomach; A, joy; B, fear; C, great agitation.

These tracings were

taken from different subjects in


these emotions were e.xpressed

by aid

of the

apparatus shown in Fig. 38. Practically identical records were made subjects under like emotional conditions.



aid of a

tion in the area of the

gastrodiaphane, one may note a diminustomach illumination by conveying

energy to the seventh cervical spine or the epigastrium.
Transillumination in this

way however


too gross for





difference in potential (that
tive or negative electricity)

difference in



amount of posiby the swing of

the needle of the Galvanometer.

Galvanometric measurements were made with a stomach tube converted into a non-polarisable electrode. The tube was introduced into the stomach, and the hand of the subject immersed in a salt solution. Tube and vessel were connected with a sensitive





energy was conveyed to either

the 7th cervical spine or epigastric area, the readings

were invariably





action of psychic energy, but

This method was of great value in determining the it is not destined to be of

practical value to the average physician.

Fig. 40.
of the

— Dots and

dashes from a transmitter recorded by the contractions

human stomach;

A, dashes and B, dots.

Ocular reflexes.


writer has


energ}^ to

that augmentation of vagus tone

by conveying

the 7th cervical spine or epigastrium, will increase visual

acuity and enlarge the field of vision and the

field for colors.


effects are

observed when \-agus tone


(stimulus between the 3rd and 4th dorsal spines).

Dr. George Starr


comments on



recognition of energy as follows:
"Dr. Albert Abrams,
in the fifth edition of his


on Spondylotherapy,

makes mention




reflex in cases of exophthalnic goitre.

In our work in

translating the visceral reflex

(Abrams) into audible

we were

able to demonstrate

de\dces that the ^dsceral reflex
in tension in the viscera.

by means of various was really an increase

This can be brought about
of the capsules

by the change
ing the viscera.

of tension in the blood vessels, in the

musculature of the viscera, or



energy which excites the vague tone will change

the tension in everv organ of the bodv, and

we could not





should not change the ocular accommodation.


enable us to prove this conclusion,

we purchased an


manufactured by the Standard Optical Co., of Waupaca, Wis. This instrument

illustrated herewith (Fig. 41).

Fig. 41.




upon which

apparatus works





of the distance

type and fan

chart to a range of a few feet and

preserve the re-

quirements of the standard

\'isual angle.


substitution of the focal length of the lens

for the actual lens itself.

In the neutralizing telescope there


placed a



The emmetropic eye

at the telescope will read

the "fogging" type at zero.


sliding the dial carriage

on the beam l)ackwafd and forward according to the gradations engraved on the beam, plus and minus
corrections of the dioptric lens indicated

the telescope


sliding the disc carriage

away from

several diopters


zero, the "fogging" lens

on the

such a position that the eye when looking

through the telescope,

"fogged" and can discern


sliding the disc carriage slowly



the telescope, while the observing eye

looking through



the proper location on the



the observing eye can readily read the letters on the

We make
the eye.

a note of the reading
slide the carriage



beam and


so as to again fog to


must not allow the eye


but use entirely the "fogging" or "subjective" method. We now place a bar-magnet in front of the epigastrium or point the "energetic finger" at this location, or concuss the 7 th cer\-ical vertebra or direct magnetic

immediately on the beam as to make the letters on the chart of the same clearness as they were at the former test. We make a note from the scale, and generally find that the carriage has been moved from >^ to 2 diopters nearer the telescope than


toward that point.


draw the

disc carriage to such a location

with the pre^•ious
telescope to


This means that a plus lens

would have to be put

in the cell

frame in front of the


the eye, after such a stimulation

read without accommodation at the same distance as In other words, the stimit did before the stimulation.
ulation which

would produce the

\isceral reflex has at

the same time changed the accommodation mechanism in the eye. The amount of change will depend upon the

age of the subject
be the change.

—the older the subject,
degree of change

the less will



dependent upon the consistency of the lens. This is one of the most remarkable and con\-incing
proofs of the \-isceral reflex.
All subjectiveness


erated as the subject has no
location of the carriage on the

way of telling what the beam is, while the eye is

looking through the telescope.



alert to find

new work means

the innovator

constantly on the

of pro\-ing to skeptical



n ds that

his discoveries are well founded.

All originators

know by

experience that some


would rather


test the


In justice to

Dr. Abrams, the discoverer of the "visceral reflex," as


we now understand
visceral reflex of



are very glad to have found

another fact to prove this remarkable discovery

— the


have discovered several other proofs that there reflex, but we know of none that is less subjective than the ocular demonstration above described. Our newest discovery for the demonstrating and proving the visceral reflex is by the interference of sound


such a phenomenon as the visceral

waves through our organ-tonicity translating device which we have neologized organotonometer (page 75); a measure for the tonicity of the organs. By means of the organotonometer we are able to translate organic tonicity (visceral reflex Abrams) into audible tones, which tones vary in pitch according to the tonicity of

the viscera."

With a simple optometer, purchasable

for fifty cents or

an increase or decrease of visual acuity








produce pressor or depressor


on the vagus.



pupillary responses to Hght are the

effects of energy.

The ciliospinal reflex is pupillary dilataby stimulation of the sensory cutaneous nerves. The dilator muscle of the iris is innervated by the sympathetic. The mydriatic pupillary tract (Fig. 23)

passes out of the cord through the

three dorsal nerves

(corresponding to the ist and 2nd dorsal spines).
lation of the latter causes pupillary dilatation.

StimuIf to


spines in question an electrode



and accommodative
in the

on the part

of the subject are

guarded against

usual way, the conveyance of energ}^

by an


reflex of dilatation.

Retinal vasomotor reflexes.


has been shown

elsewhere, that energy to the 7th cervical spine will contract




the retinal blood vessels whereas the counter reflex of dilatation ensues,




conveyed to the loth dorsal
of energ}-



be noted during the ophthalmos-

copic examination

by conveyance

from the finger

tips to the spinous processes in question.



with equal cogency to audition.

has been said of vision (page 170) It has been sho\\Ti

elsewhere that this sense

by the autonomic

nervous system.


following simple experiment shows




be improved or diminished; Determine with a normal subject the distance at which the tick of a watch is heard
in the ear

under examination.


convey energ}- with the

finger tips to the 7th cervical spine

and note that the sub-

ject perceives the tick at a greater distance.



ing vagus tone (finger tips between the 3rd and 4th dorsal
spines), the tick

heard with

less intensity

at a


inished distance.

Accurate quantitative tests
tick of a


be made with Politzer's

Let a subject with normal hearing listen to the watch at the threshold of perception. Observe that when the positive pole of a bar-magnet is held close to the external auditor}' meatus, audition is increased and decreased, when the negative end of the magnet is similarly




show a

like reaction.

This method







chic energ}-

Photography. In studying the photochemistry of psyit was found to vary in difi'erent individuals.

In those

who spontaneously

discharge large quantities of

by placing a very sensitive film (enclosed in a black envelope) and interposing a medium which resists the penetration of psychic energ}-, one


practically always obtain

Photography of human radiations has been largely exploited in the realms of spirit photography. 99 neologized as psychograms. The is results thus far have not been satisfactory. upon development. revealed the negative of the word spelled in Japanese. and strongly suggest to herself a She did and remained Sensitive hypnotized during one hour. to hypnotize herself who was requested word spelled in Japanese letters. that further experimentation will achieve better results. These impressions I have At the present time the im- pressions are so faint that they cannot be illustrated in this work. dry plates held near her head. The material The shellac for obstructing the rays may by and be a thin layer of shellac or the insulating tape used electricians. It is reasonable to hope however. but there reason to believe that further efforts with eventually be successful. de- mand an irregular interpretation. Time of exposure depends on the subject discharging psychic energy. It is also known that inordinate printed characters may impress a plate due to the heat . 30 seconds to 5 minutes. similar disposition may be made have endeav- ored to obtain similar pictures of the bones of the hand. may be painted on the forehead of the tape. new developers may My experiments do not refer to mentoids (thought forms or bodies.) Yamaguchi refers to a woman having the mental faculty of autohypnosis. The fogged plates (excluding chicanery) thus secured. I or envelope (prior to the introduction of the film). The most satisfactory time varies from The discharge may be augmented by placing a strip of red material across the action of the psychic rays on the plate may head and the be intensified by interposing between the forehead and the plate a strip of aluminum.PHOTOGRAPHY an impression on the film. amount of imagination for their The heat of the body will produce fogging on dry plates.

42. — Psychomanograph (Planck).) suggested the use of apparatus (Fig. from like stimulation at the Psychomanograph. Marthis is Planck (Kansas City. ^Lr\nJlJlrls^lS\s^. 42) which his employed 87. appendix. of the Sphygmophone and Biom- page 272.100 AUXILIARY METHODS DEMONSTRATING HUMAN ENERGY mentioned. Note IV and Note VIII. biometer and sphygmomanometer and metallic reflex. eter vide . A '^xinnnririru ' ""nrinririnnn^ Fig. and 2. F. Mo. Vide GYROGRAPHY. shall —The great ingenuity of Dr. after the manner of psychophanometer (page) For the employment The instrument records the action of the heart (Fig. plus the previous exposure of the printed sheet to any bright source of illumination. 42) systole (A) and diastole (B). i. . the systolic (A) and diastolic (B) phases: lation at the 7th cervical spine The tracings (exact size) represent Psychomanogram from energy stimu3rd dorsal spine.

The centers of the brain and spinal cord." on this planet is Every living being transforms energy from the universe Reference nto heat. maintaining the stimulation. . radioactivity wKich practically the main- embraces atomic transformations spring of the universe. If latter in a condition of tonic is a decapitated frog suspended vertically sciatic with the hind legs downward and the leg is nerve of one hang down more limply than the other leg. are in a state of tonic excitation and from these centers. which the biologists have recognized in their field as the struggle for existence. where (pages —This subject has been discussed else- 27).TOPOGRAPHIC PERCUSSION 101 CHAPTER VI TOPOGRAPHIC PERCUSSION Visceral tone. is "The natural rate of flow of energy from its primary atomic reservoirs to the sea of waste heat energy of uniform temperature. allows life to proceed at a certain pace. Repeated reference has been made to the influence of severed. Tone is an essential attribute of all living organisms. The term relaxation may be used as the antithesis of tone. life The main received as part that concerns radiant energy*. impulses are constantly passing through nerves to muscles and organs. Such an experiment shows that tonic impulses are no longer conveyed from the spinal cord to the muscles supplied by the severed nerve. sternly regulated by the inexorable laws of supply and demand. this leg will cosmical energy' on our organisms. mechanical motion and nervous energy.

(/. 35). in The If chief electrolyte is our blood is sodium chlorid. This linear distinction the aorta. a muscle put into a solution of the latter e. —Illustrating a difference in the topographic area of the viscera by percussion according to the position of the subject. Fig. 43. stomach faces and spleen) indicate the lower borders of the organs cited when the subject is the north and the continuous lines during the time the subject facing west. The output is of energy varies in relation to the posture of the individual (page 269) because the intake of energy similarlv influenced. is reversed in the illustration with reference to the heart and is When the 7th cer\-ical spine tone is practically equivalent to the effects obtained grounded (p. Broken Hnes (liver. isotonic with the muscle) . the removal of vagus when the subject faces north- Any variation in the proportion and character of is the electrolytes in a tissue capable of imparting to that tissue certain properties..102 TOPOGRAPHIC PERCUSSION has alread}' been made to the influence of the magnetic elements on visceral tonicity (page 103).

lOo twitches rhythmically. RELAXED ORGAN WILL YIELD A SMALLER DULKESS THAN AN ORGAN WHICH IS IN A STATE To accurately reproduce the area occupied by it must be put in a condition of augmented tone. of ness ture exhibits like show that the stomach musculaphenomena. while the addition of a soluble calcium salt prevents the twitching. gested. 44) and connection established with an alternating current. opposite . otherwise topographic percussion yields untrustworthy results. 43) or indirectly to the the increased visceral tonicity permits better the subject stands in the magnetic meridian (page delimitation of the viscera. conveying energy directly (Fig. For local demagnetization. When This 103) supreme tonicity is conferred on the viscera. Fig. it is When the latter is in- impossible to impart tone to the stomach of energy. increased The tone (di- may be normal (hypertonic). My Cc. minished (hypotonic) or absent (atonic). By viscera. an organ. the subject alternately facing North and West. Let a subject ingest 50 normal salt solution a persistent stomach dulinvestigations — (stomach reflex) ensues until inhibited by the of fluid containing 5 ingestion of the same quantity grains of chlorid of calcium. by the conveyance The organs are in a varying state of tonicity. represents topographic percussion of the heart and liver. (orthotonic). 43. a coil of wire wound around a piece of soft iron (Fig. maneuver is equivalent to organismal induction from cosmical energ>\ Visceral effected demagnetization. A AREA OF OF TONE. — Demagnetization is is when one subjects an object to a series of cycles of diminishing intensity. The viscera are dominated by two sets of fibers.DEMAGNETIZATION it .

44) to the 7th cervical spine and executes demagnetization for several . and spleen ^ Fig. Hver contract. tone to the vagus or sympathetic ^Magnetic flux appHed to the regions in question will achieve like results. may be designated as vagus and sympathetic fibers. aorta.. the heart. Stimulation of the sympathetic fibers at a point between the 3rd and 4th dorsal spines (page 81) results in dilation of the foregoing viscera. . stomach. one applies the extremity of the iron rod (Fig.104 in action. but in a condition of equi- one stimulates the vagus fibers at the 7th cer\'ical spine (Fig.szz> for —Apparatus demagnetization. \Mien both poise. 23).' the viscera are neither contracted nor dilated. TOPOGRAPHIC PERCUSSION and for convenience. removal of vagus tone (. 44. The foregoing maneuvers impart fibers. The vagus fibers maintain the organs in a state of contraction. If sets are in physiologic tone. Demagnetization corresponds to the removal If of tone. and the s\Tnpathetic fibers maintain a state of dilatation.vagus h>potonia).

percussion will show 1. liver and spleen. attained. Dilatation of the heart and aorta. The method is absolutely correct properly executed. and has been repeatedly corroborated by orthodiagraphy. Those inter- ested in the subject will find a summary of my observations in the fifth edition of Spondylotherapy. The . is The moment the border of the heart elicited.AUTOCHTHONOUS ENERGY minutes. Dilatation of the intra-abdominal veins. an assistant gradually approaches the heart border while percussion of the stomach border (previously ascertained must not slant. dubiess of the stomach Both borders of the heart may if thus be determined. The electrode for demarcating the viscera should be pointed at the tip like a sharpened pencil (Fig. the tone of the viscera suppHed partially annihilated. is The energy discharged in straight lines hence the pointed electrode electrode fixed by the patient. 105 by the vagus is and the action of the sympathetic fibers on the organs becomes dominant. but the scope this work will not permit of its discussion. —In health the heart and aid aorta yield an energy sufficiently potent when conducted to the stomach region to elicit the stomach reflex. 3. Enlargement of the stomach. Autochthonous energy. and the pro- bable cause of traumatic neuroses. or negative charges of Visceral attraction and repulsion by aid of positive is a fascinating subject. 2. In consequence of the foregoing. of the electrodes By and conducting cord. 19). Here it is position a new theory shown how the organs are maintained in for splanchnoptosis. With the stomach region by a bar-magnet) is is executed by the physician. the energy from the heart or aorta is transferred to the stomach region.

the positive energy from this ventricle neutralizes the negative energy of the magnet and no elicited. manner. Reference to (page heart 1 06). If the negative pole of a bar-magnet is held in front of the stomach during percussion. extraordinary physical or mental effort is When we necessary. (physical forces of nature) This energy is condensed in our organisms in excess of our momentary demands. — .106 TOPOGRAPHIC PERCUSSION is same true with reference to topographic percussion of the thoracic aorta. is possible by method to determine the ventricular line of demarcation after the following The left ventricle yields a negative energy. the transferred negative energy from the left ventricle will only fortify the energy from the magnet. can actually be demon- that the spleen and appendix act as energy condensers. —This is practically a storage organ in addition If the tips of the fingers to its other functions. it By strated aid of the stomach reflex. Condensed energy. discharging a positive energy or the positive pole of a bar-magnet be . stomach dulness can be In disease the syphilitic energy (page 133) from the liver will permit a definition of that organ. and the same may In the norm the kidneys yield a and for this reason their demarcation positive duling energy by the method in question is easy. insomuch as the former organ in health yields no duling energy. Spleen. but the moment any part of the right ventricle is attained. and the right ventricle a positive energy. It has already been shown (page 70) that energy is appropriated from our environment be said of the spleen. Thymus line of Percussion will be made liver later The also demarcation between the It and this may be defined. draw on this surplus energy.

one may for hours conduct energy from it sufficient is to dull the stomach. Immediately. charges its is an increase of vagus tone up to is If now the negative pole of a magnet dis- energy in the splenic region. and the energy thus discharged in- variably positive. locate the site of the appendix.APPENDIX 1 07 placed in apposition with the spleen for one or more minutes. there 4 Ohms. one By charging the spleen for about one minute. By this method one may as a rule. there the site of the appendix. The all spleen evidently supplies tone to the vagus this nerve. say with the finger tips of may delimit it in its entirety by the method and of defining the heart and aorta (page by 105). A giant magnet is permitted to discharge its positive energy in the splenic region for about one minute. We shall learn later that the colon bacillus may yield a duling energy and this may be a confusing factor in diagnosis. An individual has a vagus tone (page 154) of 13/25 of an Ohm. the energy is retained of ior several hours as evidenced by the conveyance energy to the stomach and eliciting the stomach reflex. vagus tone reduced to 13/25 of an Ohm (its original tone). —WTiat has been said of the spleen applies with equal cogency to this structure. Appendix. This discharge can at once be annihilated tips by an opposite charge to the spleen (using the finger of the other hand or the opposite pole of a bar-magnet) If the spleen is charged with a negative energy. either By charging the appendiceal region for one minute with the linger tips of hand or with a bar-magnet. With the pointed electrode gradually passed around the ileoceal region (the other electrode near the the moment energy is is conveyed to elicit stomach region) the stomach reflex. the energy duling the stomach will be negative. Error may be obviated . the viscera innervated Let us take a concrete paradigm. either hand.

appendix stores energy for maintaining the tone of the stomach. —The ing visceral percussion may also be noted with blood-pressure. — If the loth dorsal spine is concussed. 45. store energ}' In appendicitis one cannot by subjects the foregoing method cited. insomuch as the dyspeptic symptoms associated with appendicitis may the be caused b}* the appendix failing to act as a reservoir for energ}'.108 TOPOGRAPHIC PERCUSSION however by the fact that the duUng energ}' is either positive or negative depending on the pole of the magnet used or whether the finger tips of the right or left hand were employed. negative energy^ conveyed to the appendix for a few seconds will not permit the conveyance of energ}' (neutralization of positive charge) hence there will be no stomach reflex. . (provided there are no adhesions) and this downward It is luxation of the likely that the appendix will persist for 15 seconds. It contwo clamps (for attachment to the hair) united by insulated copper wire. sists of Apparatus for short-circuiting the psychomotor regions. In appendectomized phenomena are not obtainable. geophysiologic factor in modify- Geodynamics. If the duling energ}^ from the charged appendix were positive. Fig. the energ}' from a charged appendix wiW be shifted do\\'nward 3 cm.

. may J. be as high as 30 mm. to the . I cannot say. A sphygmogram is characteristic The pulse volume is at once restored when the metal is removed.HYPERPIESIS 109 The latter varies slightly in different positions with relation compass points. Respecting the duration of this reduction. In the norm. my Vide page 176. there is no energy discharge from the hands sufficient to evoke the stomach reflex. insomuch as observations in this respect have been too limited. If the psychomotor regions (page 52) are short circuited by a strip of metal across the head connecting the regions in question. often specified as hyperpiesis) the reduction in blood pressure short circuiting seen with Dr. The effect of this short circuiting on the pulse is immediate on palpation it becomes small or is inhibited for one or more seconds. by In hypertension (notably the psychogenic forms. In a patient T. within a minute the blood-pressure (as a result of short circuiting) is reduced from 8 to 20 mm. the pressure within 5 minutes from 220 to 180 mm. fell Fisher (Los Angeles).

" repulsion Sexual attraction and must obey Weininger^^. and there transitional forms of humans just as there are transitional forms of metals and non-metals. that sexual chardefinite sexual significance. poles repel and unlike attract. ceU in the body has its The so electrons characterizing masculinity and femininity are grouped that the female. referring to the fertihzation of some sea- weeds. whereas matter the forces are confined to the organisms. . "that every male t}pe has that. speaks of the lines of force between the opposite poles of magnets as no sistibly attracts more natural than that which the spermatozoon and the egg-cell.110 SEXUAL POLARITY CH. there can be Humans must be It are no absolute differentiation.' 'Like female counterpart with regard to sexual affiinity" appears to me to be based on the definite law this law. If I heretofore been invoked to differentiate the appeal to the electronic theorj'. Anatomy has sexes. definite areas in a woman provide a sexual stimulus for the male and definite areas of the latter for The law its of sexual attraction.\PTER VII SEXUAL POLARITY The the present tendency sexual basis and the is to refer all phenomena to a odd and even numbers are regarded as mathematical sexes. acters are present in every part of the body. mere aggregations of electrons. strains are set in the living up media between the poles. and that ever}' has been suggested by Steenstrup. in the irre- In the attraction between the inorganic substances.

— Illustrating the female and male type of polarity. First method. 46 and 47. in method any subject may be used. Sexual adjustment cannot abrogate universe. One first localizes the psychomotor area the second — . the laws of the The adjustment of differences in potential in the sexual sphere are as inviolable as when iron-sulphate and caustic potash are brought together. Only the finger tips must approximate the psychomotor area. Figs. Two methods In the first are available for determining the latter. Attention has already been directed to the differences of polarity in the sexes. hence the chemotactic is more potent than the phototactic force. method only the subject can be employed.POLARITY TYPES 111 When the spermatozoa approach the egg-cells they over- come the force exercised by hght. differentiated as the We must first make clear what I have male and female types of polarity. the SO4 ions leave the iron to combine with the potash. and for that reason it is the more practical of the two.

and one may demonstrate dulness of her stomach. 52). Fig. fingers of his —In the norm. the opposite of the female The male type of polarity type. male facing a patient (male or female) produces stomach dulness by touching the left psychomotor region with the fingers of his right hand. hand are placed on the left psy47).112 (Fig. —Illustrating the method of eliciting the stomach reflex by directing the extended fingers in the direction of the epigastrium. dulness of the stomach only ensues when the tips of the fingers of the right chomotor AREA is (Fig. 48. if a male extends the left hand directly on a line with the exposed . Second method. A A female similarly located with reference to the patient (male or female) can only produce like dulness by touching the right psychomotor region with the fingers of the right hand. 46 and 47) the stomach reflex ensues. This is is the female type of polarity. SEXUAL POLARITY If the subject (female) touches the left motor AREA with the tips of her fingers of her left hand (Figs. The energy evoking the dulness positive.

she dulls the stomach of the male owing to the of positive polarity. but are usually maintained in the ambidextrous. is The latter dulness only evocable by the female when are extended. whom is the stomach and the liver is reflexes are a female. is No polarity demonstrable in certain conditions fingers Energy discharge from the thinking profoundly. her positive energy is left hand discharging by the aural zone of negative energy and no stomach dulness ensues.. and are usually absent at the menopause and in elderly males. Her LEFT hand and not her right hand for a like reason would elicit the liver reflex (page 77). These t>pes are not de- monstrable in either sex before puberty. neutralized If the subject on elicited . . finger energy The may likewise be conveyed by a conducting cord. tive. • This aural polarity in the is reversed in the fe- male. In the former it is positive and in the latter. This dulness main- tained only during the time the fingers are extended. discharge of negative energy. The stomach male is in the zone of nega- and the right lower border of the liver in the zone When a female extends her right hand. the fingers of the right are reversed in hand left handed These types individuals. foregoing reversed. by dulness) is may be demonstrated 48).POLARITY TYPES 115 epigastrium of another individual (male) at a distance of one or more feet. the stomach reflex (as ehcited (Fig. (by these methods) (page 115). is augmented by avail himself The psychologist may of this fact in gauging cerebration. The male and female types as follows: of polarity are explained In the male the aural polarity (page 79) on the right side of the body is positive and on the left side negative. For a like reason the polarity of a cancer (page 187) is dependent on whether the stomach reflex is elicited in a male or female.

aural polarity may likewise be inhibited is and the polarity normal or pathological energy^ stomach. Red . dulls when either By of short circuiting the psychomotor regions (page 109). and the stomach hand is extended. Polarity anomalies thus far observed by the writer are as follows: . the ingestion of yellow fluids (tea).114 negative. Even etc. Sodium Thus. effect While the fecal coloring normal type of polarity for several matter has no apparent yet. If SEXUAL POLARITY one grounds the left side of a male by means of^a conducting cord. The (permanently) and the patient with auto(temporarily) intoxication show no polarity. A syphilitic or autotoxemic subject used for test pur- poses appears not to influence the polarity of the electronic tests in disease.. or yellow on any part of the body reverses polarity converting a male type into a female t^q^e of polarity and vice versa. bicarbonate which yields in the blood a temporary neutral energy (page 41) nullifies the polarity temporarily. the grounding of the negative aural energy no longer combats the energy discharge from the left hand of the female. alike over the lower liver bordier or Color has an important bearing in the diagnosis of sexual polarity. the is on polarity types luetic previous employment of a purgative indicated. in the prediction of sex. lemon drops will reverse the hours. a female with a normal polarity type taking one drachm of sodium bicarbonate cannot dull the stomach of a subject with either hand. and may therefore be employed. after five minutes she dulls the stomach with either hand {bisexual type of polarity) and after a further 5 minutes her normal type of polarity is restored.

woman whose ovaries were removed. the inducing pole or body on the side nearest the latter. Magnetic attraction or repulsion duction. typical There are typical and atypical men just as there are and atypical women. proIn two instances vided all sexual feeling has been lost. but the latter could be reversed to the female type when ovarian extract was administered. of male t>pe polarity could be changed to the female her In the case of a type by placing a strip of yellow material over her right psycho-motor area. Color as I conceive it represents different electrical charges. extending fin- gers while standinig in magnetic mer- Bisexuality (rare). and of the same kind on the . Carcinoma. (ist day). It would seem that the sexual apparatus is merely a vehicle for the elaboration of an internal secretion which its by action on the electrons of the body endows them with a distinctive polarity.POLARITY TYPES A polarity Syphilis 115 Reversed Polariy Bi polarity Tuberculosis (active). the male t\pe of polarity was present. of polarity characterizes the this normal At the menopause type disappears. The induced magnetization is or electrification always of opposite kind to that of farther side. Autointoxication. where the ovaries had been removed. fication is preceded by in- ized or The latter refers to magnetization or electriin a body by the mere pro. Color (page 114). and humans will eventually be subjected to a biologico-physiological differentiation of positive (+) negative ( — ) or neutral (O) polarities.ximity of magnetelectrified bodies. The female type sexual life. Menstruation Paranoia. Drugs (page Posture (Person the dian). 288). Neutral sexuality. Drugs (page 288).

stomach dulness in the male is only elicited when the right eye is thus employed.116 I SEXUAL POLARITY have on several occasions wife. when of the was greater than that latter. Together. the linea alba. —Draw an imaginary sides transverse line from the anterior superior spine of the ilium to Midway between 2 this hne on both is an area (approximately inches in circumference) found which discharges negative energy. elicited the same type of polarity in husband and sented the normal type the attraction of the wife When alone each pre- of polarity. Can the by the foregoing observations? by the type of polarity shown OcuLO-GASTRic REFLEX. Looking through a red medium. The total energy contained in it matter depends on the extent to which can be changed. Is affection only a question of polarity? sex problem be solved Can we predict sex by the pregnant woman? These are the problems which we must investigate. the mere propinquity of the the wife a reversal of polarity. (page 44). strual period. if functional capacity and its Here change predicates an ovary discharges no energy. Localization of the ovaries. Similar observations have been made on men who demonstrated a preponderance of affection for their wives. the of determining the sexual incapacity may our be functional or due to disease. They await demonstration by repeated observations. e. —This differs in the sexes.. husband. This area changes when the During menstruation the ovaries discharge a neutral duling energy and the same ovarian reaction is demonstrable in hysteria during the intermenovary is dislocated. ity caused in a male type of polar- by induction. whereas in the female gazing through the red. i. By means our method of measuring energy are at command . the left eye elicits dulness.

some instances stimulation cause an ovarian discharge present. there is or functional. lumbar spine absent. in so-called females. a like condition may be deterin- mined in women. The writer here refers to ovarian fertility which has heretofore been accepted in a vague way in explanation of inexphcable sterilities.HOMOSEXUALITY activity of the average female. If I suggest to an individual in an h>pnotic condition that he is a woman and endowed with some of her attributes. or will increase if Homosexuality. The ovarian anomaly may be structural In either event. however vestigial and rudimentary. to 2 or 3 cm. One may at once recognize homosexualists (due caution being exercised as cited on page 114) by demonstrating the female type of polarity in so-called males and the male t>pe of polarity. I Male sexual power. and the a retraction of the organ in other end in proximity to the stomach. Is this condition (sexual inclination toward members of the same sex) a mere question of polarity? — My observations suggest the latter viewpoint. Sexual differentiation is never absolute. female. is In cases of extreme impotency elicit the energ>^ discharged not sufhcient to the stomach The following observations with the biod\'namome- . There is a permanent bisexual condition. In individuals with strong sexual power this retraction may amount reflex. — If ducting cord is one end of an insulated con- placed at the meatus of the penis. I can reverse his polarity to that of the have frequently reversed this polarity by suggestion even in the non-hypnotic state. 117 Just as we can determine male sterility (page ii8). no ovarian energy discharge. of the 3rd if In will it. the latter becomes dull on percussion and there is proportion to the energy discharged from the penis.

Puissant Ohm " " " " reflex. that no previous disease of these structures A like condition was demonstrable in married syphihtics without progeny. insomuch as the psycho(no in genic nature of the affection can be demonstrated marked reduction Again. 2. the energ\\ there no discharge of In several syphilitics contemplating matrimony. Impotent Impotent is no stomach This method of measurement in so-called of extraordinary value psychical impotency. likewise was despite the fact existed. tcsticlcs yield In X-RAY STERILITY. The absence of any energy discharge would show the futility of an operation for azoospermia consecutive to an epididymitis. From both testicles. a very powerful positive duling energy may be obtained the uterine from the lower abdomen region. no energy discharge from the testes. Moderately vigorous 12/25 " 3.118 ter (page 44) in SEXUAL POLARITY show the energy discharge from the meatus 16/25 of an males 1. strictly confined to Menstrual energy does not traverse a non-constrictly limited only to the suffi- ductor (vide cancer). there If in the charge of negative energy. —During the entire menstrual period. one of the norm a distesticles is made it functionless in consequence of previous disease yields no energy. Menstruation. 5. one is energy discharge). Very moderate Slightly impotent 8/25 " " " 4. in a position to gauge the results of treatis ment. 4/25 1/25 6. Other interesting reactions cient to produce first day of menstruation are the following: energy stomach dulness is obtained from extended .

Two weeks atler my examinafrom uremic convulsions. Menstrual blood yields a positive duling energy. Female polarity was present and a girl was predicted. *This palient gave birlh lo only one child — tion she suffered . a negative duling energy. Pregnancy. observes that there are women who could be shut up every month in an insane asylum. Strictly limited to the gravid uterus. a neutral duling energy (positive duling energy in the intermenstrual period.). The normal woman is really a psychoneurotic during menstruation and menstrual psychoses are not uncommon. v. — was assumed that twins were present of opposite sex. This reaction on the first day of menstruation corresponds to that elicited in paranoia (q. whereas normal blood (male or female). and after the first day of menstruation) and from the left psychomotor region. the negative duling energy was elicited. I am awaiting the It In one case of pregnancy in which the was positive no reaction was obtainable.• PREGNANCY both hands (male and female 1 1 f> fingers of tynpes of polarity) from the right psychomotor region. HAIR yields a positive and a female hair. The latter fact emphasizes the important influence of menstruation on mentality. a negative duling energy is obtainable. duling energy elicits a neutral A MALE when removed from the body. The entire area of the enlarged uterus can be defined and its topography established thus excluding ectopic gestation. clinical diagnosis outcome of this case Moran of New examined at the York. a duling energy' which is both positive and negative (negative non-duling energ}' in the norm). and when a wire was attached to one side of the uterine region and grounded. Dubois i^.* office of Dr. I am unable to associate in theory any association between my reaction and the uremic convulsions. James a girl.

. My me investigations of this method are limited and permit conclusions 1.120 SEXUAL POLARITY D LA. a male issue may be predicted. one must remember that a male in immediate proximity to the female extending her hand alw reverse her pregnant polarity. If after of the left the same period only the extended fingers hand cause stomach-dulness. In the prediction fingers of first one of sex. e. no polarity 4. In addition to the precautions cited on page 114. —Reference has already been made to the methods is of determining sexual polarity (page iii). hand fails to 2. extension of either the right or the elicit dulness of the stomach. the woman extends the and then the other hand in the direction of the exposed epigastrium of another individual on whom percussion is executed. GNOSIS or THE SEX OF THE FETUS. the pregnant z. can be demonstrated by the foregoing method. woman shows left no polarity. The following incomplete record has been made by the author . the extended fingers of the polarity) right hand evoke stomach-dulness (normal a FEMLALE fetus 3. may be diagnosticated. The second the better of the two methods. if After the 4th month. to formulate only tentative Prior to the 4th month. For a variable period after confinement.


that the embr\-o is possessed of the elements of both sexes until either one acquires a dominant influence in consequence of factors present during early pregnancy. The male element removed with the polar globules leaving the mature egg of a female. yellow over the psychomotor region (which reverses polarity from the . citation of a few cases whereby a successful was thus attained. and vice versa. the left women who on the right dictated desired male oft'spring should during coitus side.- —The law governing the production In accordance with the foregoing. right prompts the suggestion that. have all confirmed your prognosis as to the sex of the and I have personally succeeded in three more cases. female to the male t}pe) soon after conception until the 4th month. and that. girls. at the commencement Minot's theory concerning the polar bodies supposes that. ." Several mistakes have been made by the writer in prognostication OTsang no doubt to failure in recognizing the liable sources of error (page 114). the elements of both sexes in the human embr>'o.122 office SEXUAL POLARITY child. the ordinary' cell is hermaphroditic. The latter theory has been evoh'ed from a study is of lower animals and plants. maturation produces a unisexual germ-cell by a division of the mother-cell into its sexual is constitutents (genoblasts). Productiox of of sex has crates. the one supposing that sex determined before impregnation. may eventuate The result in a male issue. are apparently present in equal force of embr}^onal life. jMere conjecture sustained b}" numerous investigations on plants. and supported by the fact that. The question of sex by two theories. lie is is been the subject of much speculation. means little. Hippobeheved that the right ovary produced boys and ovary. sex. the other.

24/25 of an Ohm. page i2i) Mrs. 12o M. She says she has one the polarity is of the finest girls in the country. Thus. F. V. when this color is placed on the head (psychomotor region) of a female. as follows: patient in my City {Vide. reports "When you examined the 9. the energy discharge from the right finger tips was 4/25 of an Ohm. Planck. from the left finger tips. . She expressed a desire for a girl and you advised her to wear yellow coloring material over the left psychomotor region.SEX PRODUCTION Dr. the polarity was neutral. there is also an increased energy discharge. 1913." When reversed by yellow. Oct.

insufficient in potential to evoke the stomach reflex whereas no to deprive amount of chloroform appears abnormal energ}* of eliciting the same reflex. these forms of energ}- may be differentiated as at A few whiffs /. 3.). Pathological energ}' traverses glass or other nonetc. —In electronic diagnosis.* XoRiLAL AND follows 1.discharged from neoplasms 2. To convey reflex. and the electrode or even the stomach electrode (pointed) passes through a cylinder of glass like the closed *\Mien (C) follows the caption of an infectious disease it signifies that. elicit the in stomach contact the tip of the cord or electrode the must be with part supplying ]\Iorbid energy however. PATHOLOGICAL ENERGY. the reaction was obtained from cultures of the pathogenic germs. .124 BIODYXAMGNOSIS OF SPECIFIC INFECTIONS CIL\PTER VIII BIODYXAMGNOSIS OF SPECIFIC INFECTIONS ANT) CONSTITUTIONAL DISEASES. persists. c. the object of investigation another subject should be selected for the elicitation of the stomach 4. of it is cJioIofarm will once dissipate normal energ}-. \Mien the stomach reflex. The non- conductor may be interposed between the source of energy' better. conductor (rubber normal energ\' does not. ma\electrode is still be conducted even though the of more than one inch distant from the source is energ>'-supply. sufficient normal energ>' to the energ}'. Even under complete anesthesia the energ\.

and to elicit the reaction in I have never failed an individual who has had the disease. PATHOLOGICAL ENERGY WILL NOT TRAVERSE A NON-CONDUCTOR. the energy in question will traverse a non- conductor. ileocecal region and blood vessels. 103). and blood vessels. All POLARITIES UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED REFER TO THE STOMACH REFLEX AS ELICITED IN A MALE SUBJECT FACING WEST (pages 59. When use is made of the biod^namometer (page 44). a neutral duling energy-. it When the spleen yields a reaction may be defined 105). believe in the duality of variola and cow pox. pathological energ>^ traverses a non-conductor to the point At the vibrodynaof its energy value but not beyond. from the spleen —Neutral duling energy evocable from The reaction the spleen. topographically by the electronic method (page Positive duling energ\' from spleen. Vaccine from animal lymph if contaminated. Typhoid fever. may be present for many years after recovery from the primary attack. MOMETRIC index. — — — The prevailing polemic on this subject could possibly be solved by noting whether the reaction in variola corresponds to the vaccine reaction. Vaccinia..INFECTIOUS DISEASES 125 end of a test tube or a rubber nipple (Vide further applica- method on pages 6i and 192). ileocecal region Paratyphoid. At itS WAVEMETRIC INDEX (page 281) however. The preponderance of evidence favors the opinion that cow pox is variola modified by transmission whereas the French. All rods irrespective of material ha\'E polarity (page 228) AND MODIFY POLARITY WHEN EMPLOYED AS PROXIMAL BUT NOT AS DISTAL ELECTRODES FOR RECEIVING tion of this ENERGY. fails to . z^is. (cow pox).

Ikflxjenza. Pneumonia Diphtheria. hold the electrode receiving the energ}^ a distance of one inch to avoid normal heart energy. stomach dulness which is dissipated by both poles of a bar-magnet. thymus enlargement (page 159) side of the may be determined by an area of dulness located at or on either manubrium of sterni. —A positive duling energy. exanthem. e. the same energy from The SPUTA in influenza will yield a like reaction. e. i. of The 7 th author's cervical treatment pertussis (concussion the spine) will also reduce an enlarged thymus. — reaction clinically is obtainable from the site of infection. —A positive duling energy obtainable from the site of the lesions. . —A duling energy which is positive and .. —A neutral duling energy from the and when the blood infection vessels. No stomach dulness persisting with the positive and dissipated by the negative pole of a bar-magnet. stomach dulness persists with The the positive and negative poles of a bar-magnet. nostrils.. i.126 BIODYXAMGXOSIS OF SPECIFIC INFECTIONS is yield the foregoing reaction (which obtainable through white but not through yellow glass). In this disease. Over the latter. This dull area was errone- ously interpreted clseu^licre as a dilated aorta. Pertussis. Obtainable from the skin over the larynx. By aid of this reaction it is important from an academic vie^\point to be able to localize the debatable site of infection in this disease. —A neutral duling energ}^ i. electrode is Obtainable when pointed reaction from the held within either naris. A duling energy which Meningococcic imfection (c) is positive and negative. (pneumococcal infection). trachea and bronchus. Scarlet fever. is generaHzed.. e.

PUS negative. test-tube). is if from the blood is conducted through glass (Fig. —Illustrating the conduction Owing of energy through glass (lower end of a to the influence of rods on polarity (p. i. Negative duling energy from the — site of the infection. Streptococcic ineection (pus). rubber or a glass slide is preferable. Reaction obtainable about one inch This precaution unnecessar)- away from the energy the angle of the jaw to exclude normal energy vessels. 127 is e. 49). . Fig.. stomach dulness not dissipated by either pole of a bar-magnet. —Negative duling energy from the suppuration focus. Erysipelas (c). 49. 228).

128 BIODYNAMGNOSIS OF SPECIFIC INFECTIONS Polyarthritis. a paroxysm as shown ^/^rW/ere may Anthrax 43). (c). i. this reaction was positive despite the fact that in many cases the Was- *Cultures and specimens were placed at my disposal in the laboratory of the Veterinary Department. —Negative lumbar in duling (In the norm. In hundreds of patients thus far examined. Gonococcic ineection. — — — Syphilis. . pole of a bar-magnet when is either the positive or negative held in proximity to the stomach. Positive duling energy. (c)* Neutral non-duling energy (page energy not sufhcient to dull stomach but of sufficient potency to annihilate the dulness which would otherwise be evoked. —The electronic reaction in this is disease is absolutely pathognomonic provided due care exercised. Smears may be taken from the infection nidus. University of Pennsylvania. In practically every subject who has once had the disease. yields a neutral duling energy. Malaria. energy from the spine..). a negative duling energ>0persists The reaction poliomyelitis even after recovery. Hydrophobia*. Tetanus (c)* Neutral duUng energy. the 7th cervical spine and the ist spine. In women. Negative duling energy. — Actinomycosis e. A duling energy which is positive and negative and is obtainable from site of infection (urethra. joints etc.- —A positive duling energ>^ from the spleen which persists for years after recovery. Poliomyelitis (acute and sporadic). Glanders (c)*. Duling negative energy. —Positive duling energy from implicated joints. the material may be obtained directly from the infection nidus placed on a cover glass and the electronic reaction made directly from the pus. urethra (most frequently) cervdx and vulvo-vaginal glands. be precipitated (page 132).

sepsis. the chief is in the treated and late cases. of Syphilographers concede that 50 are valueless.Wassermann days than at the present time" (Weisenburg). NO ELECTRONIC REACTION WAS PRESENT. "Errors in the diagnosis of specific diseases of the nervous system were no greater in the pre. the electronic test appears to have no limitations. The electronic reaction is obtainable in every case of syphilis notwithstanding the use of Salvarsan. phthisis. all serological tests "A negative Wassermann is not sufficient evidence and a positive Wassermann. FOR PERIODS VARYING FROM I TO 5 YEARS. Noguchi-luetin and other reactions were negative. IN THESE PATIENTS (aLL physicians) ANTISYPHILITIC MEDICATION WAS EXECUTED AT THE TIME OF THE PRIMARY LESION AND MAINTAINED. IT IS INTERESTING TO OBSERVE THAT. is not sufficient of the cure or absence of syphilis evidence of the presence of syphilis" (Keyes). The electronic reaction is obtainable at the time of the this PRIMARY INOCULATION which assures me that even at time the disease is no longer local but constitutional. but upon admission to the latter of abnormal products from morbid Again. aptyphoid. the test is not appKcable in the primary and secondary stage. has been found positive in scarlatina. pendicitis. diabetes cancer. .SYPHILIS 129 sermann. Neosalvarsan. Mercury. diseases. in Thus response the Noguchi-luetin reaction. The Wassermann lis is not absolutely specific for syphil- insomuch as it is not dependent on syphilitic anti- bodies in the blood. pounds. Potassium iodid and various organic arsenic comIn only 5 PATIENTS AMONG MANY HUNDREDS EXAMINED. it tissues. unsupported by cHnical evidence. Unlike conventional tests in this disease. and other per cent.

at a distance of about one-half inch. The specificity of the primary lesion is only determinable by demonstration of the treponema with the ultramicroscope. always .130 BIODYXAMGXOSIS OF SPECIFIC IXFECTIOXS The Wassermann is not in evidence until about the It is 2oth day after the appearance of the chancre. we can annitreated most by early treatment as sustained in the previous comment. excision of the chancre will arrest the disease. ance of an early diagnosis at hilate the disease With this positive assurour command. at the outset of the disease and Stokes). Wile that. Some assume before generahzation of the spirochetes. The some distance from the point reaction is often obtained of inoculation. This is a statement more radical than is usually ad- vanced. the large lymph spaces of the central nervous system are the site of specific in- fection in association with characteristic changes in the spinal fluid (Wechseknann) is Sjphilologists concede from the spinal findings that the ner\-ous system affected in secondary syphilis (63%. only in the secondary and latent period of the s}-philis that Wassermann yields the surest and constant results. there is The very an imme- stomach dulness. moment diate the site of the lesion is attained. Patients who have been assiduously for years atter appearance of the secondaries always give the electronic reaction and one (in is justified such instances of prorogated therapy) in agreeing with Ricord — "Once s}-philis always s}-phiHs. but the most of is intense reaction (determinable roughly by the distance the pointed electrode from the site of the lesion) at the point of inoculation. In the preroseolar period. With a pointed electrode the patient or an assistant passes slowly over the penis or other sus- pected area." The electronic reaction will also show the exact site of the primary lesion.

the electronic reaction less present.SYPHILIS 131 The T. supplemented by urethral The energy of the smegma bacillus does not traverse a non-conductor hence the use of the latter the site of primary infection. in conjunc- an examination made Frank Lydston. notwithstandis ing the use of mercury. it. neverthe- The exception to the foregoing is is the follow- ing: If the site of the primary inoculation submitted to several mercurial inunctions. The subject was a physician. even though absent from the sore The before Bacillus like syphilis hence. the electronic reaction cannot be obtained for several weeks. Ascertaining tion with Dr. direct contact with the tissues missible per- insomuch as normal energy from the etc. In my classes. in Chicago. The lesion was correctly located on one of the fingers. he assured me that a negative Wassermann was most raj)idly achieved by using a salve of neo- salvarsan at the point of primary inoculation. when seeking With a rubber nipple on the is pointed electrode. Reference has been made to the fact that. is of value as corroborative evi- dence. will I recall vessels. smegma not traverse a non-conductor. as is known. In submitting the foregoing fact to an eminent syphilologist. Pallidum. may be obtained from the healthy skin around the chancre or from the gland which drains scrapings. making the Cleansing of the genitalia must be irrigation. the eminent syphilologist. the site of the latter. the genitalia Smegmatis yields a duling neutral energy must be thoroughly cleansed test. G.. I do not recall having made a single mistake in thus locating the site of the primary lesion. and as a possible aid in the successful treatment of syphilis. Painting the area of local infection and the lymphatic glands (inguinal) draining the site with safranin .

invisible microbes or spores is Nor must we advocated. Numerous obser- vations notably those of LoefBer and Frosch. at the area of inoculation a most important factor in syphilotherapy. v. malariae. The discovery but not a final of the Spirocheta Pallida was an important event in luetic pathogeny. The disposed to believe from this his clinical results that the drug employed after manner Even when mercurial dementia has a curative action in syphilis. If the potentiality of the liver energy in syphilis is tion 23/25 of is pinched for about a minute. and the site of the primary inocula- again determined. the periodic exacerbations manifestations are due to the invasion of the organism from the primary is site of inoculation. avers that the plasmodium here finds protection from destruction in the circulation. sporulation as a factor in the pathogeny of syphilis. the latter will have risen to 7^ Ohms. Let us seek malaria as an analogy. The author has shown elsewhere that one can precipitate . Whether the hypothesis of toxins. it was effected by safranin. and that the use of mercurial inunctions or safranin. The sexual cycle of a spirochete as far as can be demonstrated begins as a sporozoite. show that invisible microbes by culture must exist which evade demonstration and are not demonstrable by staining even with forget the ultra-microscope.132 BIODYNAMGNOSIS OF SPECIFIC INFECTIONS (pages 2IO and 212) causes the general electronic reaction of syphilis to disappear but the reaction at the writer is site of infection persists.). inunctions at the site of in- fection failed to cause a disappearance of the reaction in paralytic (q. I of am firmly syphilitic convinced that. A spore is the most resisting object of the organic world to all chemical and physical agents. and the liver energy an Ohm. Here the spleen has long been recognized as the habitat of the Plasmodium Indeed Laveran.



a paroxysm of malaria (even in supposititious cases of cure)


exciting contraction of the spleen.

Italian observers,

claim that quininization


to free the

system com-

pletely of the malarial parasites,

and as long as the spleen

enlarged, the disease cannot be regarded as cured.








as follows:

Energy conducted from the liver, spleen and vertebral COLUMN (site selected, 7th dorsal spine), causes a stomach reflex (ascertained by dulness) and the dulness is poles of a bar-magnet; /. e., the dissipated by the + and



neutral or isoelectronic.
arteries, veins

Energy conveyed from the also neutral but insomuch as

and heart





other diseases, the reaction as







early experience with the syphilitic electronic



blunders were perpetrated.


and practically constant error was to differentiate AUTOINTOXICATION (page 143) from s>philis; both diseases yielding the same reaction from the sites mentioned.
girl a patient of Dr. Leo Newmark, the symptoms suggestive of a spinal cord neoplasm were present. The electronic reaction was positive and so was the Wassermann. An operation performed by Dr. Harry Sherman,

In a young


demonstrated a glioma.
In San Francisco, I saw a lady with arterial hypertension, the electronic reaction for syphilis



but after the use of a purgative and several enemas,
the reaction for lues disappeared.

This patient subsequently saw Dr.







H. Kellogg, of Sanatorium

a pronounced






experience that in autointoxication (page 143)



invariably present


the electronic

reaction could be elicited, but

purgatives and enemata

were used

doubtful cases a milk diet for a day) for
like the electronic

one or two days, the Wassermann
reaction could not be obtained.
It is


that autointoxication owing to the in-

crease of proteids in the blood



may give a Wassermann (+++) and this is also noted

after repasts.

Hence, the careful serologist always makes his Wassermann before breakfast. The patient in question was subsequently sent to Noguchi. Three reactions for syphilis were made and all were negative. These were succeeded by a provocative injection which was likewise negative.


in all cases of suspected syphilis



electronic reaction can be evoked, purgation,

very doubtful subjects a milk diet

enemata are employed
Despite the

before concluding that syphilis


use of the foregoing, the sj^hilitic electronic reaction

but disappears

in autointoxication.

by the

electronic test in s>philis

further corroborated


Location of the primar}^





evanescence of the electronic test by anointing for several

days the point of inoculation with mercurial ointment or
the use of safranin.


of the potentiahty of

the reaction after massage of the primar)^ site of infection




syphilitic has neither

(page 114) and no duling energy

male nor female polarity is obtainable from the

psychomotor region (page 52). Normal sexual polarity is temporarily restored and psychomotor energy is obtainable after mercurial inimctions or the use of safranin at

the site of inoculation (pages 210 and 212).

Sexual polarity


maintained in intestinal autointoxi.



The absence

of polarity in syphilitics



for sterile marriages, abortions, miscarriages




fact that polarity


be restored temporarily by

inunctions at the site of primary infection
in avoiding the foregoing.


be of service

In syphilis, no duling energy
epigastric area (Fig. 26)


evocable from the normal

in autointoxication, this reaction


In addition to the stomach dulness, there


of dulness in the region of the splenic flexure (Fig. 50)

an area which


Fig. 50.

—Additional areas

of ventral dulness

when energy



to the stomach-region; A, dull area in syphilis

is conveyed in the and B, dull area in




appears in from 15 to 45 seconds after the stomach dulness (which is immediate).

a recurrent stomach dulness at 20 Ohms.

In sj^hiHs, the vibrodynamometer (page 49) shows This rate is the
mild or severe cases whether determined from the



spleen or spine.

In autointoxication, the same apparatus demonstrates
a vibratory rate of 10 Ohms.
Vide also wave rate with the Sphgmobiometer (page


biodynamometer (page 44) permits us say whether we are dealing with a quiescent or active
of the

The use



the energy


obtainable from the spine or liver
the energ}^ varies

in quiescent syphilis, the potentiality of

from 2/25 to 10/25 of an Ohm. In active syphilis, it is from 1-3 Ohms. Roughly speaking in quiescent spyhilis, no
reaction (stomach dulness)



the point of

the electrode


in excess of one-half inch from the skin

covering the spine, liver or spleen.

Let one assume a luetic lesion of the spine or the


the potentiality of the energ}- at a given point (lesion)

would exceed that of the spine or liver in general. The biodynamometer will gauge the results of


Whsit proof has

the s}'philologist of his successful


and neuro-recidives

which are not Inherited syphilis responds to the electronic tests. Over half of the children born of syphilitic parents, who
infrequent are his only reliable guides.

survive infancy, give a positive luetin reaction






disappear in hereditary

syphihs after a thorough mercurial inunction treatment.
in contrast to the acquired

form (page


in early


familial forms of neurasthenia

and cardiac disease often respond at once
determined by the electronic

to specific treatis

ment, hence the importance of a diagnosis which



corroboration of the

electronic test in parasyphilis can only

be successfully

by the

intraspinal use of spiriUicides.

Serological tests


syphilitic diagnosis a labora-

tory question whereas the electronic tests


it clini-

Serological tests




less positive the

longer the time that has elapsed from the date of infection


and the more thorough the treatment. may be predicted the event the testes show luetic involvement by a
In syphilitics a sterile aiarriage

neutral discharge of duling energy (page ii8).

The citation The patient was

the following case





several prominent physi-

cians for neurasthenia.

Serological tests were negative.

Dyslalia and Romberg's sign were present.
tronic reaction




positive for syphilis as well as the

reaction for dementia paralytica (page 172). After a
single injection of salvarsanized

serum by Dr. V. Vecki,
were likewise ob-


symptoms evanesced.
in character

Other cases similar

served in consultation with this eminent authority.
Fluid from the spinal puncture yielded a positive

Wassermann (+ ++).

culin reaction

It is generally

conceded that the tuber-

a phenomenon of sensitization.

There are


limitations to the tuberculin test

which time




to review.


electronic reaction in tuberculosis yields a neutral

duling energy.

One may


with absolute certainty

the site of the lesion and ascertain
in the lung, larynx,

area whether located

lymphatic gland, bone, joint or other



Observe that the reaction

that of syphiUs but the

reaction cannot be obtained from the hver, spleen or spine

(provided these structures are not imphcated

by tuberculous




difficult to differentiate

between an active and a

healed tuberculous lesion.

In the

latter, the reaction is

only obtainable
site of





immediate contact with the

the lesion,

whereas in an active
the electrode

lesion, the reaction is obtainable


held several inches

away from

the site of the

The potentiality of the energy discharge is in direct ratio to the bacterial or toxin content of the

Healed lesions by the safranin method (page 210) to show the reaction in many instances.


generalized, the arteries

yield a neutral energy.

In a quiescent lesion,

and veins the biodynam-


register only 2/25 to 5/25 of
lesion, the

an Ohm. whereas

an active

energy potentiality


equal or

exceed 10 Ohms.

Varying grades of potentiality
of the lesion.


indicate the progress


the tuberculous reaction




exclude mixed infection.
coincident presence of pus annihilates the tubercu-


lous electronic reaction.



a source of error in the

diagnosis of tuberculosis

the coincident presence of other



this symbiosis occurs,

notably with pus,
rate of vibra-

the vibratory rate gives us no clue in differentiation, inso-


as pus

and tuberculosis have the same

tion, viz., at




Vide sphygmobi-

ometry (page 272)
in differentiation.

for differentiation.

Color however aids

a subject (other than the patient)



employed and the light is permitted to filter on any part of his body through blue coloring material (Pig. 68) one may obtain stomach dulness from tuberculosis but not from pus energy. Yellow on the subject inhibits dulness from tuberculous energy and elicits dulness emanating from the energy of pus. The electronic reaction from tuberculosis




than experimental inoculation in guinea-



Tuberculous sputum gives the same electronic reaction Tuberculin yields a non-duling neutral tuberculosis.
in syphilis


(page 135) an additional area of

dulness to the right of the umbilicus (Fig. 50) occurs in tuberculosis

and occupies an area approximately equivalent


inches square.


the tuberculous energy



the stomach dulness

apparent at once, but the umbilical

area of dulness does not appear until 30 seconds later.
latter like


stomach dulness disappears when yellow
of the subject. of

light is

thrown on any part



tuberculous lung lesions

electronic test

absolutely accurate and

by the available when

the X-rays and

sputum examination are negative.


arrival of the electrode at the lesion, duling of the


In the light of the pronunciamento by


in 1901, that

the bacillus of bovine tuberculosis did not cause tuberculosis in cattle, it is interesting to

observe that the electronic

reaction for bovine tuberculosis

identical with that of



Tuberculosis in childhood.




tuberculosis implicates the regionary glands, notably the




evolution of glandulo-pulmon-

ary tuberculosis
3 stages:


be determined radiographically into



unlilateral adenop-

WTien tion is with tuberculosis and the queslesion. latent). apex which is usually involved (Radiographic deductions. (more or less Reinfection of apex and evolution of chronic tuberculosis.lesion (page 131) causes the disappearance of the electronic reaction in s}'philis. it is but the that in subjects over 10 years of age as in adults.140 athy. blood vessels and thymus may be excluded. whereas the energ>" Vide sphyg- from the tuberculosis lesion is uninfluenced. The base or (page 124). Paris). mobiometr)' (page 286). Fig. . Tracheo-bronchial adenopathy 3. one of differentiation of a lung anointing the site of the primar}. the pri- mary seat of inoculation in infants and young children. —Diagrams showing the anatomical sj'philis coexists relations of the bronchial h-mph glands anteriorly and posteriorly (Lucas). pulmonary (Fig 51) Reactions are taken from regions occupied by the glands and by conducting the energy through rubber In this way the normal energ}^ from the heart. 51. Lerous. middle part of the lung is in the majority of cases. BIODYNAMGNOSIS OF SPECIFIC INFECTIONS 2.

bacillus Welchii in 9. no stomach dulness is obtainable in arthritis deformans whereas the opposite is true in tuberculosis. The reaction is obtainable even in the absence of any evidence of tuberculosis. Vide arthritis deformans. from all reaction of tuberculosis —All varieties affection show the same —a neutral duling energy obtainable I leprous lesions. This refers to tuberculous affecwhich the tubercle bacillus cannot be demonstrated. When yellow is thrown on the source of energy. In addition stomach there likewise a dulness corresponding to the splenic flexure (Fig 50). tions in Paratuberculosis. in a study of the lymph glands draining the implicated joints found in 35 out of 38 cases.PARATUBERCULOSIS In ACTIVE 141 bipolar sexuality TUBERCULOSIS there is (the tuberculous subject elicits the stomach reflex by ex- tension of the fingers of either hand). streptococci in 14. caused by the absorption of toxines. have not yet determined the like in vibratory rate in this disease. Hypertrophic pulmonary arthropathy. Arthritis deformans. it is a benign chronic tuberculosis affection it is or Marie's behef that. to the duling of the —A neutral duling energy is tuberculosis from the implicated articulations. conditions — Many with an at>pic symptomatology are . The foregoing neutral energy reaction may be modified owing to the infectious factor in the disease. Rosenow. —Enlarged terminal phalanges in this condition yield the electronic reaction of tuberculosis thus justifying either Thorburn's conception that. staphylococci in 3. is The latter more pronounced than the stomach dulness. and is observable in individ- uals with a tuberculous heredity only over enlarged phalanges or phalangeal articulations. bacillus mucosus in i and the gonococcus in i case. of this Leprosy.

sphygmobiometry and the successful em- ployment of the safranin treatment. . many forms The writer feels justified in this conclusion owing to the corrobative evidence of the electronic reaction. heart Diabetes mellitus. The sensitive foregoing assails neither the doctrine of bacillary nor histological specificity. but directs attention to a more and reliable method of recognition. Gout.142 BIODYNAMGNOSIS OF SPECIFIC INFECTIONS paratuberculous and this refers in particular to of arthritis deformans. and blood —A neutral duling energy from vessels. the liver. A neutral duling energy from — the affected joints.

the latter is the established rate for colisepsis. Another obstacle to presence of the colon bacillus. before abdomto cleanse the bowels inal reactions are made and institute a milk diet if only for a day. always advisable however. stomach or bladder contains fluids. combat is the There are more than 60 species of colonic microbes. is to recall the fact that. and that for syphilis.. 20 Ohms. each yielding its toxin. Autointoxication and colisepsis. in the — norm one obtains If the an epigastric area wise be elicited. yield is no reaction It is in the norm as far as duling energy concerned. in fact. own specific The micro-organisms of the gastro-intestinal tract estimated by Herter. BIODYNAMGNOSIS OF DISEASES OF THE DIGESTIVE SYSTEM AND ANIMAL PARASITES. is reaction of the colon bacillus identical with that of syphilis and tubercu- a neutral duling energy. yields a positive duling Intraabdominal congestion energy which is dissipated (temporarily) after a series of forced inspirations. The primary endeavor. viz. at 126 billions for the daily human excreta. The colon bacillus while . before making an electronic reaction in intrabdominal disease.BIODYNAMGNOSIS OF DISEASES OF DIGESTIVE SYSTEM 143 CHAPTER IX. of neutral duHng energy. The bacillus coll — The from cultures losis. a neutral duling energy can like- This energy does not traverse a non-con- ductor (page 6i). the rate for the colon bacillus rarely exceeds 10 Ohms. Whereas the vibratory rate for tuberculosis is 15 Ohms.

each 10 grains administered by the mouth every 3 hours. the disappearance of cation the general reaction in autointoxi- but the reaction persists If there is any doubt whether the intestinal tract has been efficiently drained. give the subject the following for about one week. and S}q3hilis. and a host is of other conditions have with reason been attributed to colisepsis. acute invasion of the is kidneys and biliary passages pelvic exudates not uncommon. biliary passages and the My observations intestinal is the reactions in autointoxication show the identity and colisepsis. colon bacilli. if the drugs are not tolerated by the stomach. Endogenous urinary tract. when busy in some other part of the anatomy. Choroiditis. elicit a neutral duling energ>\ In addition to the foregoing.144 BIODYNAMGNOSIS OF DISEASES OF DIGESTIVE SYSTEM identified with many t}^es of infection. The general reaction is may be minimized: common to colisepsis. auto- intoxication 2. of infection from the latter. one and the would GENERAL REACTIONS a ucutral duling energy from the hver. use by rectum. cathartics for one or two days cause in s}philis. ''a It has been said that colon bacillus not a colon bacillus. in Heu of the normal positive duling energy. Urotropin and sodium benzoate. It is in the differentiation of syphilis (page 144) from colisepsis that errors may accrue. the tion. . occurs usually through the intestinal wall. Enemata and and colisepsis." When we would colon bacilh are present in anomalous locations say the kidneys. only difference in the grade of infec- In both conditions one finds the general reaction previously cited. than the colon. spleen and spine like in syphilis due to blood invasion of the anticipate a colon bacilluria . yet if the following data are noted. the likelihood of error 1.

the parasites are found in the "dead corners" of the organism and resist the action of drugs. as a rule (p.COLISEPSIS 3. vibratory rate from the spleen and spine at 10 Ohms. hepatic and splenic flexures. fluid The cells secreting the cerebro-spinal permit only the passage of substances with small molecules. note that five-sixths of the stomach lies to the left of the median . noted elsewhere (page 181). 145 In colisepsis and autointoxication (not in s>philis is unless there intestinal stasis) a local is abdominal reaction of neutral duling energ}^ obtainable notably over the coli. Midway between the frontal eminences (metopion). colisepsis. more complex molecules are kept back. reaction however should evanesce after efficient cathar- Any 4. spine and spleen after catharsis. ingestion of sodium bicarbonate causes the dis- appearance of foregoing reaction at the metopion. An analogous condition is evidently present in colisepsis. (in The headache the metopion) from constipation and digestive dis- orders may be caused by the products of Enterotoxism in this region. Indicantjria is practically always associated with autointoxication but not necessarily so with syphilis. 5. 144). a negative duling energy may be elicited in colisepsis and autointoxication. the sigmoid and caput The sis. fecal matter remaining may be recognized and the localized by the electronic test. is —The electronic diagnosis of carcinoma In eliciting the reaction. lose of polarity (page 115) his is normal type and a duling energy is obtainable from the psychomotor region (Fig. is In autointoxication and liver. This reaction may survive the reaction from the liver. It also occurs in alcoholism (page 170). In parasyphilitic diseases. The 6. The Ohmic resistance in colisepsis low. 22). Gastric cancer. usually not in excess of 2/25 of an Ohm (Use of biodynamometer). The coliseptic subject does not.

The biodynamometer may be solicited for this purpose. 49 and pages 61 and 192). —Reference has already been made (page of locating the method it is normal appendix. BIODYNAMGNOSIS OF DISEASES OF DIGESTIVE SYSTEM The pylorus (50% of the neoplasms develop at or near Hes midway between the right sternal and parasternal lines and the cardiac orefice (9% of growths this orifice) occur at the cardia) lies behind and a little to the left of the 7th cartilage (7th rib). This enables us to locate the ulcer but offers no aid in differentiation. In the latter. the vibratory rate in is approxi(not mately 50 Ohms whereas is carcinomatous) the rate morbid cell about 28 Ohms. Appendicitis. and 4^ inches from the anterior abdominal surface. symptoms site of and the vibratory the presence of was 50. in question. For further 107) to the differentiation. A GASTRIC or DUODENAL ULCER wiU yield the electronic reaction of carcinoma (page 181). vide pages 186. One year rate later. In appendicitis impossible to locate the structure after the method which I.146 line. carcinoma. activity In a patient with gastric ulcer. A subject other than the patient must be employed for the test. Recall the duling energy obtainable in the norm from the epigastrium (page 74). progressively increases in discharge. With abatement of symptoms there will be a coincident diminution in energy Whereas the latter. In appendicitis the appendix yields autocthonous energy may be due to the following Presence of pus. . 1}^ inches from the sternal border on a level with the spinous process of the 9th dorsal vertebra. An operation demonstrated a carcinoma at the the healed ulcer. Exclude normal energy in executing the tests by conveying the energy through a non-conductor (Fig. recurred. the rate was 28.

Portland) and have confirmed the findings at the operation. Los Angeles and Dr. Ragland. of the gall bladder is in The tympanitically dull area marked contrast with the absoDuring percussion the themselves of lute dulness of the liver border. of fecal matter. Lawrence N. The opera- the electronic findings. D. Note the following concerning the of tympanitic dulness: I. Many author's surgeons have availed the method of locating the structure (notably. Dr. Inflammation. Dr. size. the gall bladder is located by very light percussion. the patient inclines the body backward as far as possible. location and the presence Gall bladder. I 47 Presence of fecal matter. Streptoccic intection gives a negative duling energy and fecal concretions in the appendix give the reaction of the colon bacilli (page 143). posture of the patient must be maintained. Philadelphia. and to relieve the tedium of the posture. A line drawn from the right acromion process to the umbilicus approximates the location of the gall bladder. Having located the lower liver border. During percussion. Hoffman (San Francisco). Lawrence Selling. diseased appendix The was located to the left of the navel and yielded the tion confirmed fecal concretion reaction. C. structure presume —The biodynamic reactions of this its correct localization which has been described elsewhere. the body is supported by means of the hands resting on the hips or by an assistant. 3.GALL BLADDER 2. of Inflammatory structures yield the reaction characteristic morbid cell activity (page )i49. gall bladder area It descends on inspiration. . George Jarvis. who was seen in consultation with Dr. A patient is recalled.

The area of dulness is increased after concussion of the 9th dorsal spine. As we move the index of our scale one finds first a infection. the insomuch as the reaction is made energy may be excluded. The liver is liver yields the same energy as the gall bladder. Gall stones. the electronic reaction with by symbiotic reactions (page 286). non-duling negative energy in the female (page 79). inflammation and 50 Ohms in carcinoma. e.. pneumococcus and streptococcus. the energy is sufficient to annihilate the action of both poles of a bar-magnet (which in the norm produce stomach dulness). The skin area in juxtaposition to the gall bladder is the reaction common to the skin. a non-duling neutral energy' is — obtainable. obtainable from the gall bladder When a duling energy area. — is interfered stones yield the following reaction a positive and negative duling energy (page 41). It diminishes or diasppears after concussion of the 4th. The vibrodynamometer may aid when a symbiotic reaction is present. Vide page 286. the polarity of the energy varies in cholecystitis depending on the character of the bacterial invasion. In the norm. Electronic location. 5th and 6th dorsal spines. i. A like reaction is obtainable from sodium glycocholate. stomach dulness at 15 Ohms in streptococcic then no recurrence of dulness occurs until 18 gall stones. but from below upward. The normal gall bladder area yields no duling energy. the indices would be: . Gall . Ohms in is attained in the presence of at 28. 3. Here.148 BIODYNAMGNOSIS OF DISEASES OF DIGESTIVE SYSTEM 2. Using the sphygmobiometer (page 272). typhoid and colon bacillus.

all the sources and he anticipates making many more diagnostic mistakes for some time to come with the electronic methods. executed observe the precautions ^J^yiAyl^Li^i^ The electronic reaction is very pronounced.TAPEWOEM Streptococci 7 149 Gall stones 15 Chronic inflammation 15 6 Carcinoma My work. —Before an diagnosis already cited (page 143). Abscess or the liver. a neutral duling energy the Uver. is obtainable from Disregarding the polarity of the energy ehcited it suffices from the Kver. energy from the colon bacillus. (San Francisco). e. Cross. . duling negative energy. Tapeworm electronic (solium is and mediocanellata) . also is produces a sigmoid flexure dulness 50) which dissipated by if the positive and mainUnlike the is tained by the negative pole of a bar-magnet.. failure to recognize the symbiotic reaction was fail- the cause of frequent errors in diagnosis. to know that when the symptoms suggest liver abscess. the energy' conveyed produces stomach dulness which is dissipated by the positive pole of a bar-magnet. Chas. A liver abcess was thus located in a patient seen in consultation with Dr. the energy in teniasis . and is obtainable even held some distance from the abdomen. The energy (Fig. a duling energy evocable from a definite liver area suggests the location of the focus of suppuration. —Here one must take into connumber of organisms sideration the reaction of a large and parasites etiologically concerned in abscess formation. when the electrode is The reaction is a i. and maintained by the negative pole. In AMEBIASIS. V. and these ures associated with success characterized my early The author has by no means eliminated of error.

United States. this affection is The symptomatology of usually concerned with the migration of the embryos to the muscles. rarely going beyond the ileocecal Trichiniasis. —Tissues containing the trichina spiralis yield a positive duling energy. Its habitat is the small At autopsies the head usually fastened below the pylorus. The mediocanellata. and the valve. and the electronic reaction over the latter in association v^ith other signs of the affection may establish the diagnosis. .150 BIODYNAMGNOSIS OF DISEASES OF DIGESTIVE SYSTEM passed through a non-conductor (page 124) no duling of the stomach nor sigmoid is obtained. Locahzation of the duling energy to a definite area may aid in diagnosis. rest of the worm inhabits the small intestine. is the more common is of the two varieties in the intestine.

one electrode placed over the lar3aix. A positive duling energy is always . Asthma is unquestionably — a vagus neurosis. A reliable preparation of pituitrin likewise yields the same reaction obtainable from the spine in bronchial asthma {vide ut supra). A positive duling energy is obany part of the spinal column. Some forms of laryngitis specified as chronic.BIODYNAMGNOSIS OF DISEASES OF RESPIRATORY SYSTEM 151 CHAPTER X. {q. is —In the diagnosis of syphilitic or tubercu- lous laryngeal affections. BIODYNAMGNOSIS OF DISEASES OF THE RESPIRATORY AND CIRCULATORY SYSTEM. This reaction probably caused by some disturbance in the function the pituitary gland (g. The reaction is practically always present even in the interparoxysmal period. and I believe that confirm the conclusion of Sajous'^ my investigations viz. vide the electronic reactions for In the application of the test. that the predis- posing cause of the disease is h\^ersensitiveness of the vagal center in the posterior pituitary body. v. and the intensity of the reaction is in proportion to the severity of the attack. yield the of electronic reaction tuberculosis.. and are amenable to the safranin treatment tainable from is of Bronchial asthma. and the other in the usual location approximating the stomach of the subject.). these diseases.). v. Laryngitis. The average energy from the spine in asthma is approximately 13/25 of an Ohm.

Cyon. or in other words. in an organ even before a pathologico-anatomic and detailed attempt to study believes that the first systematic visceral sutficiency was embraced in his work ^'Diagnostic Therapeutics. While the diagnostician strives to — is deter- scientific make the clinical correspond with the anatomic findings. If between one foot and the ground a board covered with shellac varnish subject or other non-conductor elicit is interposed. it is impossible to the stomach reflex from the energy derived from transudates. pictures to his mind the pathologic conditions less radical prevailing in disease. The relation of the nasal mucosa and asthma has been of the sensibility of established. The area occupied by the fluid can be accurately determined by the foregoing reaction. with a FUNCTIONAL DL\ GNOSIS. The employed for demonstrating the stomach reflex must be grounded with both feet. and not unHkely that is the beneficent action of the iodides in asthma due to the medicamentous rhinorrhea which hastens the output of the pituitary secretion. The latter takes cognizance of anomalies in the physiologic functions of the viscera. and reasonably so..152 BIODYXAMGXOSIS OF DISEASES OF EESPIRATOEY SYSTEM obtainable from the nasal secretion in asthma but not from the sputa.. Y. for the reason that physiologic fluctuations may be resident *The author Co. Heart. iQio. pages 748 to 1014.^ —The reaction for transudates is a neutral duling energ}'. Thus a functional takes precedence over a pathologic diagnosis. has shown that destruction pituitary body completely inhibited the the nasal mucosa. . Hydrothorax. The sufficiency* of this structure minable by the biod\Tiamometer. A spontaneous flow of cerebrospinal it is fluid through the nose has been observed. the physician is often content." Rebman N.

the energy output of the right ventricle is augmented to 3/25 of an Ohm. The patient suffers from periodic attacks of lung edema which are probably caused by the disproportion in the strength of the reflex of two ventricles. of action of the heart in the -muscle This is unquestionably a source of error which can . that. The present tendency is cardiac mechanism (in which to disregard the neurogenic the source of energy is in the higher centers mediated through the vagi and sympathetic nerves) and to substitute therefore. which places the source itself. 1/25 of 3/25 of an an Ohm. Cardiotonic medication would accentuate the dis- proportionate enfeeblement of the ventricles.HEART SUFFICIENCY 153 substratum is assumed to exist." Numerous tests have been advocated to determine heart sufficiency in the cardiopath. Gower's observed. In physics. myocardium is to be determined in a cardiopath. A. Energy output from the Energy output from the right ventricle. Foster (Kalamazoo) left ventricle. the myogenic theory. When the heart is the right ventricle (myopathic reflex) e\'oked after a seance of muscle percussion. the energy obtain- able from a normal heart varies from 5/25 to 7 '25 of an Ohm. insomuch as a the sufficiency of the When disproportion in the energy output is often present. With the biodynamometer (page 44). in a patient referred This to may be concretely illustrated me by Dr. work and energy are interchangeable terms. energ}^ measurement should be obtained from the right and left ventricles. Ohm. "The diseases of which we know the least pathology are the diseases which we treat successfully. The advances made in the pathology and therapeutics of the stomach have been mainly along the lines of functional diagnosis. E.

the energ}' is taken by the electrode from the 7th cervical spine. ANGINA pectoris whcn the coronary A neutral duling energ}- is obtained over a very limited area corresponding to the descending branch of the left coronary arter\' as it passes along the anterior interven- tricular groove to the apex of the heart. the normal polarity of the ventricles is modified is 73). This same condition prevails when the kidneys are enveloped in an excess of adipose positive duling energy tissue. In the cor adiposum dependent be as high as — on an excess eter of normal subpericardial fat. of neutral right border of the heart in the course of the right coronary .154 BIODYXAMGXOSIS OF DISEASES OF RESPIRATORY SYSTEM easily be disproved by the biod}TLamometer when energy measurements are made after an atropin injection (page 25). say in exophthalmic goitre it varies from 1/25 to 3/25 of In vagus M^ertonia. is The polarity of cardiac energ\' likewise modified in vessels are calcified. say in bronchial 5 asthma. and the reaction from both ventricles a neutral duling energy. the normal becoming a neutral duling energy. may to Ohms. and an equally duling energy. The measurement of vagtis tone also proves that the visceral sufficiency of the heart tion. (page In aU instances however. is a neuro-muscular ques- Aside from its value in determining the neurogenic is factor in cardiac disease. the from i to 3 ^ Ohms. is In the norm. Fatty overgrowth. it tone. the estimation of vagus tone of great importance in a variety of diseases dependent on hypertonia or hypotonia of this nerve. the biod\Tiamom- may or may not show insufficiency of the organ. In vagus h}potonia.along the extreme narrow area artery. but it decreases in proportion the abatement of the symptoms. To measure vagus vagus tone an Ohm.

The normal artery yields a negative duling energy. 191 1 and La Presse Medicale. This may be topographically defined (page 105). Aside from the latter all blood vessels in syphilis yield a neutral duling energy. the reaction is a neutral duling energy. 4. Auto-intoxication yielding a like reaction from the arteries If must likewise be excluded. When is calcareous plaques are present in the aortic wall in the aortitis of arteriosclerosis. . The absence of the syphilitic electronic reaction (page 133) however. would exclude syphilis as an etiologic factor. In the employment of Abrams' treatment for aneurysms. in the an extremity norm is exsanguinated by an Es- march bandage there is no duling energy from the blood vessels and any energy elicited is caused by calcareous plaques or syphilis (if the vessel is invaded by spirochetes). spirochetes are — demonstrable in the lesions.* antisyphilitic medication has apparently little action on the mesaortitis until the volume of the aneurysm is slightly reduced. July 8. 191 1.ANEURYSM 155 Aneurysm. Oct. This is in harmony with the observation that in syphilitic mesaortitis. *Vide author's contributions on this subject:] British Medical Journal. but when the arterial lesion is s>^hilitic. a neutral duHng energy also elicited.

the neutral duling energy would be limited. It must be recalled (page 154) that an excessive deposit of fat All may yield a like would be elicited from both kidneys. BIODYNAMGNOSIS OF DISEASES OF THE KIDNEYS AND DUCTLESS GLANDS.156 BIODYXAMGNOSIS OF DISEASES OF KIDNEYS CHAPTER XI. by the elec- In HYDRONEPHROSIS and nephrolithiasis. In disease implicating the heart (page 153). would yield energ>^ its normal positive if The energy the latter is of calculi traverses a in exploring the non-conductor and lesion. the energy output at zero of the biodynamometer. is In the norm. yield used kidneys and a reflex is elicited. The functional test of the kidneys is similar to that of The normal kidney yields an energy equal to from 3/2 5 to 4/2 5 of an Ohm. this organ must first have contents voided. reaction a neutral duling energ}^ If the reaction for a stone in the its bladder is executed.. the balance of the kidney region however. but the latter elicited. the functional integrity of the organ. by a line drawn vertically upwards from the . which tronic fact permits of their accurate location test. CALCULI wherever located give the isoelectronic viz. the kidneys yield a positive duling energy. is a neutral duling energy reaction. If a renal calculus were present. it suggests a pathological The presence ureter which is of a ureteral calculus would a neutral duling energy somewhere in the course of the indicated on the posterior aspect of the trunk.

5. —Surmounting the kidneys is a small area (Fig. stimulates the su- . is 3. Directly below is the positive duling kidney energy. Adrenal energy 2/25th of an Ohm. 52). of the gland very low in the norm. corresponds to the exit of assumed. —Illustrating the course of the ureter. Fig. 52. spleen. left kidney. 4.SUPRARENAL BODIES posterior superior iliac spine to the level of the process of the 157 2nd lumbar spine (Fig. not exceeding artificially increase the acti\it}- One may up to io/25th of an Ohm by brief concussion of the 2nd and 3rd cervical spines as described The the phrenic nerve which it is elsewhere. used for conducting energy from the adrenal gland. i. descending colon. latter vertebral point. Suprarenal bodies. 53) approximately the size of a dime from which a neutral duling energy is obtainable. posterior superior iliac spine. 12th rib. 2. 19) is The pointed electrode (Fig. 6.








branches wliich innervate the gland.
All pharmaceutical preparations from the suprarenal

gland give a neutral duling energy.

Hypertension is often

associated with h}per-adrenalism.

associated with asthenia, low blood-

pressure, profound mental depression



and occasionally by We have already noted how one may augment

the suprarenal

Cases specified as psychasthenia,

hysteria, neurasthenia, etc., are often dependent on adrenal


latter condition


by adrenal


rig- 53'


areas of duling energy; A, suprarenal gland

and B,





simple test for

adrenal insufficiency

as fol-


oral administration of suprarenal extract

normal individuals does not cause a rise of bloodpressure, and when a rise follows exhibition of the drug by the mouth, it indicates suprarenal inadequacy. Blood-pressure is first determined and then 3 grain doses
of the extract are administered thrice daily for 3 days.


increase of

pressure suggests




no valvular cardiac lesion.
cent, is


pressure rise


more than 10 per

absolutely diagnostic of adrefor 3

nal insufiiciency.


drug should be taken


preceding the


Thymus gland.


gland yields a neutral duling
is dissi-


the energy producing stomach dulness

pated by both poles of a bar-magnet.


like reaction is

obtainable from pharmaceutical thymus preparations.

The thymus

attains its


size at the

end of the

second year, then

atrophies and disappears at puberty.
localized dulness along the



thymus causes

left sternal

border from the 2nd to the 4th

The normal



in the

shape of a truncated cone with base at the
the gland does not extend

sternoclavicular junction

In the


and the apex at the level of the 2nd more than 6 cm.

beyond the

sternal margins.

the electronic

as untrustworthy in defining this gland as



In the infant of 8 months,

the distance between the

it is

and the vertebral



only 2.2 cm,, and

quite evident that the slight-

est increase in the size of the

gland will produce pressure

symptoms on important structures. An enlarged thymus is associated with

pertussis (page 160)

laryngismus stridulus, exophthalmic goitre (page 161), etc. In children, an enlarged thymus may produce aU types

embarrassed respiration, notably an asthmatic



fortify the electronic diagnosis of


an enlarged th>Tnus
concussed for one(Fig. 54)

note that

when minute, by

the 7th cervical spine
aid of a plexor


and pleximeter


electronic area of th}Tnic dulness
fact in




probably explains the specificity of the author's treatment

exophthalmic goitre, and the


failures of operative

treatment owing to the inability of influencing the thymus



specially concerned in the s}'ndrome of this affection.

Fig. 54.


and pleximeter employed



mechanically the

visceral reflexes of

Abrams {Vide Spondylotherapy, 5th

edition, p. 9).

In pertussis, the substernal dulness noted elsewhere


probably caused by an enlarged thymus and not an aortectasis.

This modified


was suggested by the

electronic reaction.

Thyroid gland.





from other structures. In the norm the energ\' discharge ranges from 1/25 to 5/25 of an Ohm; in hyperthyroidism, it ranges from i to 10 Ohms
This reaction identifies

with corresponding reduction

vagus tone (page 154).



With abatement of the symptoms of h>perthyroidism, vagus tone is augmented and thyroid tnergy discharge is decreased. To measure the non-duUng energ\' from the thyroid with
the biodynamometer, one recalls that either pole of a bar-

Connection by aid and cord is made in the usual way (page 36). Hold either pole of a bar-magnet in front of the stomach. Note that no dulness of the latter is produced during the time energy is conducted with the index of the biodynamom-



produce stomach dulness.

of the electrodes

eter at zero of the scale.

Slide index along until dulness of the





latter point indicates the potentiality of the thyroid

energy discharge.

When a duling energy from
one must suspect malignancy.

the thyroid gland






energy discharge from the thyroid

myxedema), the usually nil. Th}Toid

feeding will increase the energy output.


electronic test

shows that the thymus
goitre, a condition


invariably enlarged in exophthalmic

which cannot always be attributed to a There is a thymogenous type and the thymus is the chief structure

process of compensation.
of exophthalmic goitre


Par.\thyroid glands.

—The parathyroid bodies


two pairs on either

side of the lateral lobes of the thyroid

gland, yield a positive non-duling energy.
in juxtaposition to

Hold electrode the parathyroid bodies ^4 inch away so as
in the

to avoid energy

from the adjacent vein.
norm, a non-duling neutral


—This yields

energy with a potentiality of 4/25 of an Ohm. The latter is determined like all non-duling energies (page 43). Pituitary body.— In the norm (excepting the 7th cervical



lumbar), there


no duling energ\- from the




For convenience, the 7th dorsal spine


for deter-

mining the pituitary



electronic reaction of

pituitar}' preparations is a duling positive energ}- (page 41).

for a


activity of the pituitar\'

body may be

determined by concussing the 7th cervical spine


few seconds and then determining by aid
In the norm,

of the bio-

dynamometer the
8 25 of an

potentiality of the energ}- discharge from

the 7th dorsal spine.

varies from


25 to

as high as


Ohm. In h}-perpituitarism (asthma) it may be Ohm. The pituitary spinal reaction lasts several

minutes after concussion


In two cases of the Frolich t^-pe of h\-popituitarism with adiposity and sexual infantilism, no reaction at

was obtainable from the 7th dorsal spine
cussion of the 7th cervical spine.

after con-

In the norm, after

concussing the 7th cervical spine, the electronic reaction

from the 7th dorsal spine


a duling positive energy.

The wavemetric index
of h}'pophysial

of the pituitary secretion

with the

variable condenser (page 272)

at 15.


in the

symptoms, increased function

of the pituitary

gland (hyperpituitarism), conduces to remarkable changes








adiposity with skeletal and

sexual infantilism.



types of infantilism are

with difficulty differentiated, but


observations indicate

that the majority of cases are identified with functional
insufficiency of the pituitary gland.


intensity of the pituitary spinal reaction bears an
size of the individual,

important relation to the

impossible to anticipate that,



an individual


be predicted.

and it is not means the stature of The following estimates


in adults indicate the

trend of












recognition and absolute location of

Paix objectively may be attained by the electronic test. The value of the latter in forensic medicine can be appreciated.

To economize

time, the patient


only requested to

specify the region of the

body where the pain



discharge in pain


a neutral duling energ}'.



practical purposes
definite region

sufl&ces to

from a

no duling energv' is produced in the norm, any duling of the stomach is caused by pain (excluding of course any energ}' from pathological sources). With a pointed electrode (page 45), the area of pain can be accurately defined and marked with a dermograph. The
intensity of pain


be estimated by the biod\Tiamometer,

thus excluding the personal equation of the patient respecting the progression or retrogression of his pains.

Reflex paixs yield no reaction, a matter when pains are to be traced to their source.



Roughly, and without the aid of the biod^Tiamometer,


locate the site of the greatest pain intensity


noting at what

distance the electrode from the painful area

can produce stomach dulness.
the electrode, the greater


greater the distance of

the intensity of the pain.

Administer an analgesic or inhale
to subdue the pain



the electronic reaction of pain evanthe pain recurs.

esces; only to return


Pain energy tra\'ersing a non-conductor

not produce

a positive nonis made between the and the stomach. if 165 there is pain over a neoplasm energ}' through a is or a tuberculous area. skin reaction —When connection skin over a normal muscle is is obtainable. any stomach dulness ensuing. from the objective morbid tissue and not from the pain. energy All epileptics discharge a neutral duling energy from . foregoing reaction In functional paralysis however. Thus. only the normal duling energy. when the end of the connecting wire area. certain fundamental We know that from in the left psychomotor area (page 72) in male and from the right psychomotor area the female. v. If this same test is is executed over a paralyzed muscle. by conducting the non-conductor. If the muscle in proximity to the electrode is struck. a neutral duling energy of the is stomach elicited. aire —All theories concerning epilepsy The majority of unproved writers concede that the paroxysms are discharged from the cerebral cortex. the normal electronic muscle reaction Epilepsy. We is also know that. —This is likewise capable of The normal (g. h3^potheses. suflficient energy can be conveyed to the stomach to evoke dulness of the latter. Anesthesia. the negative. the distant is beyond J4 inch from the psychomotor insufhcient to elicit stomach-dulness. skin yields a negati\'e non- duling energ>^ on the aural polarity left side in a male in accordance with the anesthetic skin. demonstration. my whom the conclusions concerning a large I examined.). is present. Paralysis.NERVOUS DISORDERS Stomach dulness. notably the cortical motor regions. This the normal electronic muscle reaction. Before presenting number of epileptics facts must be reviewed.

8/25 of an (3hm. intellectually active Physician. average intellection Physician. C. Ohm. intellectually active. Ohm. Ohm. is In JACKS0NL4N EPILEPSY. in the female. . the Same reaction obtainable. . . a ready means of diagnosis with the electronic agree If we with Fournier. My ? Before puberty where polarity is is not yet expressed. epilepsy ma}' be a paras^philitic affection. The following are a few selecting the in the female: 4/25 of an 2/25 of an 4 2 made with in psychomotor area biodynamometer the male and the right the Female Male Male Average intellection but placid Diminished intellection and very placid Highest grade of intellection and intellectually active subject. discharge varies in the The psychomotor estimations left norm with the intellectual activity of the subject. Dr. in a case seen with the neurologist. . and in the epileptoid attacks of mat type in atypidementia precox. Ohm. Male Male Male Male Male Female Female Female Female Same Ohms. 14/25 of an I Ohm. Intellectual and mentally active Ohm.166 BIODYNAMGXOSIS OF NERVOUS DISORDERS this electronic reaction is char- both psychomotor areas and acteristic measurements show no increase in the energy discharge either from the psychomotor area normally discharging energy nor from the area which in the norm discharges no energy. age 72 years. Ohms. Ohm. Ohm. page 12). but the energy discharge is augmented. New Jersey) was the energy discharge from the right psychomotor region 18/25 of an Ohm and from the left psychomotor region. there nevertheless a discharge from the right psychomotor area in the male and from the left psychomotor area Thus. C. test. Ohm. The cal epilepsy. but after 2 hours of intellectual rest Intellectual but placid Physician. In this patient the localized convulsions were on the left side {Vide electro-pathology. of this affection. \'er)' restless Same subject after several days use of bromides Psychasthenic with brain constantly active epileptologist will find in the petit 14/25 of an 17/25 of an 16/25 of ^r> 20/25 of an 1/25 of an ^}4 Ohms. Beling (Newark.

at the external occipital is protuberance This reaction to evocable articerebral by subjecting an individual intense activity but soon disappears with brain rest. *Abrams. B. Paralysis agitans. Neurasthenia. spine. Fatigued muscles yield a like reaction. psychasthenic reaction (page 174). Therefore he is inclined to the belief that enterosepsis plays an important part in this disease.NERVOUS DISORDERS 107 (page 143) is The intestinal autointoxication reaction frequent in epilepsy. —Neutral duKng energy from the no duling but unlike the reaction liver. . is neurasthenia.. the main symptom in this disease and must be referred to the brain centers. eventuated in cure. Vide. 57). Treat & New York. an energy which positive and negati\'e obtainable over the entire occipital region with the maxi- mum ficially intensity of the reaction (Fig. tunity of examining a —The writer has of number had an opporthese individuals. any duling energy in advanced The Co. . The intensit}' of the head sensation (casque nenrastheniqiie) in neurasthenia corresponds with the intensity of the electronic reaction. and has noted the reaction of autointoxication (page 143). in s>philis. In several patients. Fatigability is —This is is essentially a cerebrasthenia. K.* In is Fatigue* ucts and all is caused by the accumulation of fatigue prodis work the translation of chemical energy.VuloiiiloxiciUion. the The moment exhaustion muscle contraction ceases. RAYXAirD's DISEASE. Sustaining a voluntary muscle contraction determined by the endurance of the brain centers and not the muscles. latter suggests senility of the cerebral cortex. of the centers occurs. there is energy from the Neither psychomotor region yields cases. intensive treatment with the object of ridding the alimentary canal of -enterotoxins.

\\Tien the orifices are dilated to exhaustion. The patholog}' of the sympathetic is thoracic expressed in functional anomalies. sympathetic are readily recognized but implication of the and abdominal portions.. the pain of lead hj-pertension and constipation. is a discharge of energy from the 7th cervical and ist lumbar spines. the former subconscious and the latter conscious patholog}'. etc. as in the norm from the 7th cervical . have likewise been attributed to disease of the abdominal sympathetic. orthostatic albuminuria. Mucomembranous the visceral crises some forms of glycosuria. The colitis. by the introspectionist. of tabes. Clinically. there tions. that of the cerebrospinal nerves. in irritation only. a is neutral discharge energy obtainable in the entire region of the dorsal vertebrae at a distance of 5. pigmentary cutaneous changes.6 cm. reverse condition (paralysis) results in acute gastrectasis. on both sides from the spinous processes. constantly report extraordinary' cures methods but the conception of the latter. writer has approached this subject in another direc- When the sphincter ani or urethra is dilated so as to produce irritation. one of linds that. intestinal paralysis and collapse. The by their oriiicialists. is by pain. cannot merit the imprimatur of the scientist. are beyond the ken of our diagnostic acumen. no energy discharge can be elicited. irritation of the cardiac plexus produces colic. from the spinous process. disease —This to the writer in response to the neonym suggested itself new methods of recognizing Affections of the cervical by the electronic methods.168 BIODYXAMGXOSIS OF XERVOUS DISORDERS Atoxia sympathetica. The tion. From these situa- the area discharging energy extends on either side to a distance not exceeding 3 cm. In the norm. or dilated to the point of exhaustion. anginal symptoms. of the solar plexus. From the subjective viewpoint.

55. is The symptomatology elsewhere. When the sympathetic enervated from overstimulation. Irritation of the latter conduces to dilatation of the vessels and abdominal areas of dulness (Fig. Fig. ganglion corresponds approxi- mately to the 7th cervical spine and the solar plexus. 55) are is demonstrable.SPLAXCHXIC COXGESTIOX 1(39 and 26). of splanchnic angioneuroses discussed . I St lumbar spines and from the The middle cer\-ical epigastric area. In addition to the foregoing. to the ist lumbar spine and epigastric area. From is a clinical viewpoint the contraction of the vessels maintained by the autonomic system {vagtis) and the dilatation by the sympathetic system. is the converse condition (Splanchnic Anemia) present. —Area of abdominal dulness in Splanchnic Congestion. (Fig. the splanchnic mechanism (page 81) is implicated.

This polarity reversed in the female (page 72). The reaction is permanent in chronic alcoholism. the energ}' discharge tion to \'isual acuity. —Reference is has already been In the norm. an epigastric area of ten- derness is demonstrable directly over the celiac axis dy^ is linger breadths to the right of the median line). is a negative duling energ}' (page 145). Alcoholism. left eye in the male yields a positive. and only measuring the energ}^ discharge from the eye with the biod}'namometer. is in direct propor- The Subject I following citations establish my viewpoint: . a a small ciuantity of alcohol minute) from the positre duling energ}. From the metopion. and the right e}"e a negative duling energ}'. Disregarding polarity. —When taken.may be elicited (within a liver and spleen but it soon disappears. the made to visceral sufficiency (page 152).]70 BIODYXAMGXOSIS OF XERVOUS DISORDERS In irritation of the solar plexus. one is enabled to say that. there \'isiox.

it may be reduced to 1/25 of an Ohm or to zero in absolute deafness. the subject of mental disease is at least a century behind that of other branches of physiology and medicine. In the very few electronic studies made by the writer. in just issued. is may One be determined objecelectrode No duling energy obtainable from the ears. establishes a reason why my are demonstrable over definite cerebral regions. magnesium and silicates (present in senile cataractous human lenses). placed at the meatus of the ear to be examined.PSYCHOSES 171 is Cataracts. PSYCHOSES "The Brain in Health and Disease. is It is not unlikely that a paratuberculosis (page Hearing. like vision. —This. so the short waves of modify the lens protein that the spectrum precipitate the protein resulting in the opacity of cataract. dulness after the method described on page is 45. the positive pole of a bar-magnet produces stomach situation." a book makes the following significant statement: "Our present-day knowledge of the functions of the brain. psychotic reactions based on clinico-histo-pathological proof of cerebral function. the registration in 20/25 of ^^ Ohm whereas diminished audition. The usual hypothesis assumes changes of the lens protein by nutritional disorders but a more recent theory suggests that. the cataract in some instances 141). salts of calcium. and the vibratory energy rate suggested tuberculosis. the other in the usual Note at what point on the scale of the biod}-namometer. — The pathology of this condition obscure. In the norm. only is a non-duling negative energy. tively. and of Bolton. a NEUTRAL duling energy was obtained. ." of this A which careful study of the is work eminent authority.

examined by aspiration The author has examined a large number electronic reaction.. reaction. neutral energy. and It not neutral as in is syphilis (excepting psychasthenia) the tip of the electrode is true however. the energy discharge of other areas is may positive or negative . that if directly over an artery or vein. and this was notably the case in patients diagnosticated as dementia precox. Error be eliminated by consulting page 144. BIODYXAMGXOSIS OF NERVOUS DISORDERS Dementia par. demonstrated living spirochetes in 8 out of 20 cases of the cortical substance. normally discharged (Fig. no energy sufficient to dull the stomach obtainable from the frontal eminences. spleen and spine (page 133) i. one syphilis) may if elicit the reaction of a neutral energy (in is but the frontal eminence alone selected.\lytica. demonstrated the spirocheta pallida in the stained specimens of the brain in general paralysis.il'J. dulness of the stomach immediately ensues and the dulness Aside from this is dissipated by both poles of a bar-magnet. —Noguchi. it is The syphilitic shows no polarity and in the impossible to obtain sufficient energy to dull the stomach (as in the norm) from the right left psychomotor area male and from the psychomotor area in the female (page 72). e. and furthermore. the general s>TDhilitic of paretics. and ascertained the following invariable when a connection is made between either frontal eminence of the subject and the gastric area. errors of interpretation may be avoided. one may obtain the same reaction from the liver. In the norm and in syphilis (without cerebral involvis ment). cases of insanity Many . Forster and Tomasczewski. by recalling the fact that. examined by me at the asylums were found to be cases of brain-sjphilis. recognizing the is Great care must be exercised in many areas on the head from which energ}^ 56).

Already the differentiation of a host of mental maladies. the serological diagnosis of s}^hilis bears results in the passing of paresis. The close relationship between s\philis and the latter has always been recognized. but with the distinc- v^^^^^^Z2^^^>\ .PABASYPHILIS 1 / O The electronic test is destined to serve of great value in .

Dementla. energetic treatment must be commenced at the time of the primar\' inoculation. energ}' dulls the stomach. on either side of the external occipital protuberance. Par.is obtainable from the frontal eminences. t}'pes of polarity coexist (epicene page 115).STHENLA. —At a distance of 5. by Haskell. — Duling energy which it is is and negative. FamiHal 38. who mates of tinds that in of conjugal paretic patients. and that dissipated by neither pole of the bar-magnet (page 41). he inclined to the belief that. The observations PREFRONTAL REGION. writer has examined a large number of these patients life at various periods of and has found the same reaction. paresis from this more frequent than when the infection is from non-metas}'philitic sources. precox.6 cm.18 per SA. . the The reaction from the latter area signifies that.\noia. cause is was demonstrable and that. show that. A negatr'e duling energy.'philis of Bolton. is in paralytic dementia.174 BIODYXAMGXOSIS OF XERTOUS DISORDERS parasyphilitic. the brunt of the cortical lesion borne by the s}'philitic infection in general paresis has recently been emphasized cent. The foregoing suggest the value of the electronic reaction in the early diagnosis of s\'philis (page 133). is In consequence of which. No reaction is obtainable from the frontal eminences. a neutral duling energ}' is The obtainable in this affection (Fig. 57 j. PSYCILA. follows Right psychomotor region Left psychomotor region positive — —In either sex the electronic reaction is as —Neutral duling energy. The main area of wasting in dementia lies in the prefrontal region (Bolton). The male and female reaction..

He was requested to place his patients behind a screen. 2 (A). 3 (XX). Beling (Newark. New Jersey). One of the physicians in attendance selected (as the subject) owing to his efficient refle. C. i (A. etc. Fig.x. the following incident may be cited: At the suggestion of Dr. Energy discharge psychasthenia. at Essex ent. To by the illustrate the accuracy of diagnosis in psychoses electronic reactions. but the electronic reaction is invariably present.) The intensity of the psychasthenic reaction varies with the condition of the subject. Energy discharge in dementia precox and dementia paralytica and B. was stomach . epileptics. courteously placed his patients at our disposal. Guy Payne. energy discharge in some cases of hysteria. energy discharge in neuin rasthenia. A.PSVCHASTHEXIA psychasthenia is 175 congenital in weakness or stigma No call definite line of and due to some inherent the geography of the cerebral cortex. C. 57. B. the writer visited the asylum for the insane in the County same State. morbid entities" (Dubois. which yields an energy discharge in colisepsis and alcoholism. so the the writer could be given no clue concerning the patients from actions were obtained. whom the electronic re- The group dements. of patients included paranoiacs.). The superintend- Dr. demarcation exists between what we "It is normal and that of confirmed insanity. C. Metopion. — Electronic craniogniphy. Modified electronic energy in jjaranoia and epi- lepsy. impossible to make of pathological states of the mind.

297). the claims this disease. A refractory period of diminished reflexes lasting one minute A 3. the coexis- tence of epilepsy and mental disease. a chronic epileptic. symptoms. In one patient. Fig. i. a reaction (negative duling energy from 57). In addition. Hysteria. When short circuiting is effected after the manner cited.of patients with hyperthyroidism suffer in some degree from mental The latter may prove to be the frontier signs of a psychosis (intense and indefinite agitation and mental and motor restlessness). Recurrent insanity associated with an enlarged thyroid is not infrequent. No error in diag- was made. The superintendant admitted however. —The majorit}. In this affection. circuiting. one may lead energ}^ (sufficient to evoke the stomach reflex) from a definite brain area (Fig. or less. the s}Tnptoms sub- . the reaction for dementia in lieu of epilepsy was elicited. 2. ficially which may be reproduced by short circuiting the brain (page 109). the center of the arti- sagittal suture. corresponds to supposititious safet}' hystericus.176 BIODYXAMGXOSIS OF NERVOUS DISORDERS The energy from nosis the patients behind the screen was conducted by a long insulated cord. and that the occuris not infre- Alopecia may modify head author's reactions (p. When the latter is effected. eHcited —The conception of hysteria has is been discussed elsewhere. changes in the pulse are noted (page 109). the \'ah'e in Thyroigenous psychoses. sumed that the cortical centers which act inhibitorily in restraining undue reflexes are temporarily deprived of their function by short circuiting. strange to say. 57). rence of epilepsy in the subjects of dementia quent. three stages may be noted. the texdox reflexes are ACCENTUATED. refiexophilic period during the time of short A variable period of exaggerated reflexes It is as- surviving the discontinuance of short circuiting. Here. This area.

hypochondriasis and dearterial degeneration. vibration rate and wavemetric index. pathology based on nition of energy —The creation of a modern my investigations respecting the recog- seems apposite. Now that the functional activity of the thyroid can be this structure in determined (page i6i). 165) which disappears temporarily when the normal type of respiration resumed. 177 ^lental in symptoms. Just as there and its polarity evolved in different diseases Each atom of our organism is endowed is with a definite vibration-rate. the implication of psychoneuroses is a matter capable of solution. syphilis —The mere electronic diagnosis of Syphilis may may establish the etiology of a psychic anomaly. We must not only content ourselves in determining the energy evolved in a quantitative and qualitative direction." (page 49) with refer- ence to the periodicity of the atoms of the elements. and excellent results were attained by thyroid treatment. can be produced susceptible subjects by the use of thyroid extract.NEOPLASMS siding with diminution in the size of the goitre. . retarded cerebral mentia due to Pseudo-epilepsy. —Persons is addicted to reversed t>pes of breathing {respiratory ataxia) may show the epileptic reaction (p. Luetic psychoses. development. but also determine its polarity. so may we anticipate a law with relation to morbid processes. be the cause of a congenital mental defect. notably hallucinations. a "Periodic Law. Lemel. attributes dementia precox developing during puberty to an anomaly of the thyroid gland. neoplasms Electronic pathology.

A unit of negative electricity in motion carries with it some of the surrounding ether. one or more coris puscles within the sphere detached. and it can be sho^^n that All the forces in nature are positive the conveyed energ}' is actually positive in character. It is this bound ether plus As before the moving negative unit which we call mass.evolved from the positive pole of a Galvanic current by means of a single cord to the stomachregion.178 BIODYXAMGXOSIS OF XERVOUS DISORDERS Roughly.. the cor- puscles of the outer ring may lie on the surface of the atom which case. . The stability of it an atom is dependent on the number of corpuscles contains. a stomach reflex is evoked. the arrangement of the corpuscles in the sphere. We do not know what positive electricity really is. The quaUtatiye factor refers to the polarity of the energ}-. it assumes a negative charge. stability of WTien the in an atom becomes extreme. are confronted with another problem. However. owing to some external disturbance. confers on the latter their specific attributes. the atom is a sphere of positive electrification enclosing negatively electrified corpuscles. We ment If. and the negative electricity of the corpuscles exactly balances the positive electricity of the enclosing sphere. if one conducts the energ}. viz. then the atom will loss of a negative assume a positive charge owing to the corpuscle. The arrange- of the corpuscles in groups to form atoms. and negative. By aid of the commutator one can produce a negative form of energ}'. the quantitative factor is determined by the intensity of the stomach reflex (retraction of the organ) plus the distance the discharge of the reflex from the source of energy. remarked.

but that Sgier'". is the result of tissue currents clue to the chemical dissociation of mole- . The His writer fully realizes that he has given energ}'^ an incomplete picture of intra-atomic disintegration. and atomic real object in exploiting the electronic theory is to account for the augmented energy and changes S^*"^^ in the polarity of the latter occurring in certain diseases. in general atom depend on the energy they contain.XEOPLASMS In other instances the 179 electro- atom becomes neither positive nor electro-negative. neutral or negative discharge of energy. shows that radioactivity it is not limited to radio- active elements. If the corpuscles rotate with a velocity beyond a critical period. and then there occurs a sudden convulsion or explosion with the evolution of a large quantity of kinetic energ}'. he argues. body consist of more than a thousand atoms.Zyi/iy<L The slightest external disturbance will change the stability of the atom. It meant that matter possessed the property of emitting rays. and it will assume a positive. they slowly The configurations of the corpuscles in an but surely lose their energy. presents an electric conception in the growth of neoplasms. this atomic cataclysm results in disintegration. beta (negatively charged) and gamma My physiologic reaction (stomach and is other visceral reflexes). in such a way as to make the molecules of the body highly mobile and finite unstable. a new })roperty of matter known as radioactivity was discovered. Then followed a (neutral) rays. When the crash comes. differentiation of the rays into alpha (positively charged). Metabolism. a universal property of matter. and the atoms themselves are grouped and regrouped and then grouped again. With the discovery of radium. of our The molecules fyi^iT'Co f/2/.

(ions metabolic equilibrium which and electrons) are formed.180 cules BIODYXAMGXOSIS OF XERVOVS DISOEDERS and atoms into negative and positive ions and When the equiHbrium (isoelectric) is disturbed. a electrons. when the vitality is beginning to wane. and when the recuperative powers are no longer start far in excess of the injury. which by very presence further lower the \dtality (by the added pressure which they exert on the blood supply.) and thereby increase the electrical discrepancy (and consequently the strength of the current) and augment or hasten the metabolism of the growth. negative electric condition of the parts. A traumatism (mechanical. producing a state of is more readily altered or . devitalizes the tissue affected. or thermal) exerted on a part of an organ or a tissue. the vis con- This electrical stimulation their causes an increased growth of cells. not possible that these senile changes may be reduced to a chemical basis.. whereby new chemical combinations. is sim[)ly the electric current generated by the difference in poten- between the injured and healthy "Applying the foregoing to cancer or other tumors. lowering its vitality (altering its metabof olism) and consequently generating because difference in potential. because of the Is it general senile changes in blood vessels and tissues. anaboHsm causes a positive and catabolism. the deduction leads to the following conclusion or theory. etc. The tial vis medicatrix of a granulating wound tissues. It is a well known fact that cancer flourishes only after forty years of age. so that the part of the lowered metabolism has a chance to (and thus add its weight to the metabolic discrepancy) at a time when any organ or tissue that has recently or even remotely been injured or devitalized in any way (whether directly by traumatism with its or irritation or indirectly. by interference nutrition or blood supply) has a poorer chance of a restitutio ad integrum than in early life. an electric current or servatrix. chemical.

or which may stimulate others to profit- able research along similar lines. with the production of lowered vitality. Sgier regards metastasis merely as a process of autoinoc- ulation with the products of metabolism from the pri- mary growth. At tissues are taken up and transported by the point where they lodge. the undergo chemical alteration.NEOPLASMS destroyed. The latter was demonstrated just above the sympliysis pubis occupying an area about the size of a dime. and hence creating a condition in which these electric currents are 181 more easily generated. which the lymphatics. The method by the of procedure in diagnosis may be illustrated citation of three cases: A patient has One end only recently observed a \aginal discharge. sis cell proliferation as Sgier offers the foregoing hypothe- purely as an hypothesis which may possibly offer a clue to others. in turn becoming negative to their surrounding tissues and stimulating at the original focus." Carcinoma. Pursuing the same course of explanation further. *This metallic tip patient face West. of a conducting cord was fixed region of the lower border of the stomach* which viously defined by percussion and metallic end is its by the patient in the was preborder marked })y a insulated except at dermograph. may be fixed to the skin by means ot adhesive plaster. if and counterat all? acted or destroyed with great difficulty. The other its (which is extremity which brought into apposition with the skin) was gradually passed over the abdomen until a site was attained which yielded stomach dulness. energ}' —A carcinoma is }'ields a positive duling when a male stomach employed for the reaction (page 43). Tlie must stand on a flooring of wood or other non-insulated substance and .

A woman symptoms occasionally passes blood in the urine with suggestive of vesical hematuria. presence beyond the electronic reaction. O. At the operation (performed by Dr. the cervix was densely infiltrated and indurated throughout its entirety. was found to be a perithelioma. which on examination by the pathologist. . operations and histologic examinations. jSLx weeks after transference of autogenous energy (neutral energy from the epigastrium) to the site of the lesion. G.'' In the diagnosis of least eleven diagnostic tr}. revealed the disappearance of the bladder tumor. Jarvis. G.of is the stomach or the patient may be determined by a bar-magnet. Geo. A'ecki).* Dr. The body of the uterus was not implicated. "Diagnosticated cancer of the uterus which was confirmed at the operation. The opposite also holds good. a cj'stoscopic examination by Dr. Dannenbaum. C. Levison. left revealed ureteral a supposititious malignant growth at the opening. \'ecki. A cystoscopic examination by Dr. \\ G. If dulness of by conveyed energ}" from the morbid site. have an assistant hold first one end marked X (positive) and then the other end marked eUcited If S (negative pole) in the direction of the stomach during percussion. It ga\-e little evidence of its writes.182 BIODrXAMGXOSIS OF NERVOUS DISORDERS The polarity of the energ}' discharge was found to be positive. V. persists with the the dulness X pole and is dissipated by the S pole. skiagrams. Dr.! One could multiply such records in carcinoma and other affections corroborated by necropsy. Dr. Thus. made the gynecologic examination and found a pohpoid mass protruding from the ccnix uteri.-psinic \-isceral malignancy. \'ecki. there are at properties of energy methods ranging from the antithe blood to the meiostagmin *The polarit\. A positive discharge of energ\- may be led off at a point to the left side one inch above the symphysis pubis as revealed retraction of the lower border of by stomach dulness plus the organ. the energy conveyed is positive.

physicist. one energy. one A tissue at rest is in a condition of electric ecjuilibrium (isoelectric). electronically positive (stomach of their in The sensitive living cells are at the all mercy environment. In other words. If finds a decrease in the discharge of we apprehend malignancy from the view point of the must assume that the discharged energy. The gamma or neutral rays are the efficient in re- estabhshing a normal cell-balance in carcinomata. 183 It is not my purpose to deprecate these methods at generalized in lieu of as impracticable or unreliable. If this equilibrium is disturbed is a difference of potential established to by some traumatic factor.NEOPLASMS test. My observations on polarity seem to clarify se\'eral problematic questions concerning neoplasms.is due to chemical dissociation of atoms into negative and positive ions and electrons. . "The vast assemblages of atoms comprising the heaviest atoms are As their kinetic energ}. and this refers in bathed. bance in will alter the stability of the is atom. cogency to changes the constituent elements of the fluids in which the)' are The beneficent action of radium on new growths most is not explained. the methods aim localized diagnoses. and the altered tissue the normal becomes reflex). the most frequent etiologic factor of life At the period when neoplasms develop most frequently. but to emphasize the fact that. IRRITATION (page 185) carcinoma.decreases the aggregation explodes and the corpuscles rearrange themselves with the evolution of energ\' and the projection of some of the products of the rearrangement." The slightest external disturunstable.

the arteries which in the norm yield a negati\'e energ}'. so may a cancerous person by induction is alter the polarity of another individual. The condition in question corresponds to what was once called the pre-cancerous stage which is in reality cancer without positive signs. the stomach-dulness of the latter may persist for it some time will after the source of energy is removed. . hence the importance of an early diagnosis. The electronic diagnosis of cancer is an Cancer in its early stage irrespective of its locali- zation is apparently an insignificant lesion (Bloodgood). Thus.184 BIODYXAMGXaSIS OF XERVOUS DISORDEES Cancer developing in people who li\-e together {cancer a deux) suggests contagion. if the energy from a cancer conveyed to the stom- ach of a normal individual. persists for a variable period in cancer until the negative energ}^ if from a bar-magnet is conveyed to the stomach it or. demonstrate a positive energ}\ Suggestive of a carcinoma somewhere in the organism is apolarity (page 115). In CARCINOMATOSIS (generalization of cancerous growths). — i. is This RETENTiviTY OF DULNESS energy^ of high voltage is characteristic when any It carried to the stomach region. Just as radium confers radioactivity on other substances. may be dissipated with either pole. the energy was primarily neutral. Polarity is maintained in chronic inflammations and sarcoma. and be found to possess a positive polarity. Morbid cell-activity may temporarily discharge a posiin gastric tive energ}^ as I have occasionally observed and this duodenal ulcer and in chronic inflammations. but variety of energy ceases when the condition is improved. Summary.early sign.

present. destined to be supplanted by an electronic conception when a energy discharge. and is With 6. is The present morphologic conception of a neoplasm. will signalize tendency toward the positive development 2. (index) in chronic inflammations in and at carcinoma. may be demonstrated. irritated area will yield the the liability of error in the differentiation of the carcinomatous reaction. a positive discharge of energy may be obtained from the exposed area for a varIn this iable period of time. a positive 1S5 energy this may Any be withdrawn from the irritated area. or the latter is subjected to the energy discharge of EOSIN (page 207). way the storage capacity of the skin may account for the etiology of the rays in cancer. If the skin exposed for a a few seconds to the A' -rays. in the Like indices two conditions will likewise pro- duce the stomach reflex. The foregoing suggests an electronic explanation for at)'j:)ic the creation of epithelial all proliferation of and a the prophylactic procedure in local foci irritation. At the time of the operation. same reaction hence.NEOPLASMS If the skin is artificially irritated. b>- The degree malignancy may be roughly gauged the amplitude of retraction of the lower border of the stomach. . The electronic test localizes with exactitude the area if involved and metastases 4. the electronic test may be employed to indicate the extent of invasion and to show that the involved tissues have been extirj^ated. is employment of eosin. this. and energy discharge may last for hours in elderly persons. 3. the pulse arrested at 15. the sphygmobiometer however. of a neoplasm. is The energ}^ discharge in cancer and proof vokes the stomach reflex of contraction. The energy if irritated skin area will no longer discharge is the negative pole of a bar-magnet directed for several seconds to the area in question.

When pain is present. hence these organs must be empty before conclusions are formulated. easily exhausted. may simulate a neoplasm if luxated. is occur during the time the index of the scale the dulness is shifted but only persistent at 50. the subject (either patient or subject must be grounded test is on whom the made). 12. glass. In testing for normal or abnormal energ}'. a positive energ}'. no is important when room with a floor of porcelain tiling. varnished floor. The latter the tests are executed in an operating venient faucet or radiator (page 35). . In eliciting the electronic reaction proximit}' of the subject to intense light of energ}' 7. 8. Thus. a neutral energ}' may elicited (page 164). a kidney which yields in the norm 11.).186 5. The presence of fluid in the stomach or bladder yields a neutral discharge of energ}'. The energ}' it from cancer can produce traverses glass or other stomach dulness even though insulator (page 124). The process of elimination must be exercised in ever>^ possible direction. 9. The carcinomatous way to the energ}' conducted in the usual stomach region not only produces stomach dul- ness but also sigmoid dulness (page 135). tor}^ The vibrod}'namometer shows the constant vibraTransitorv' dulness may rate in cancer at 50 Ohms. In such instances the subject and patient must be grounded by a single wire from the foot to a con- stomach reflex is obtainable. 10. BIODYXAMGXOSIS OF XERVOUS DISORDERS It is best to test and to select one in employ another subject in executing the whom the stomach reflex is normal and not 6. must be avoided. itself of light being a form be is capable in e\'oking the stomach reflex. If the patient or the subject stands on insu- lated material (porcelain. etc.

The energy from the left negative and may neutralize the positive carIf the energv' in cinomatous energy. the electrode must be held primarily several inches from the energy source and if no stomach dulness is in evidence. a condition like this is conve}ed through a non-conductor. \Vlien there is be brought into apposition with the source of energy. The carcinomatous energ}^ may be so intense as to cause stomach retraction approximating the liver (page 39) and unless this fact is recalled. activity of Augmented mammae ' (lactation) yields no duling energ}% hence this physiologic phase is negligible in electronic diagnosis. Diminution in the voltage demonstrates amelioration. an may ensue. no stomach dulness is demon- any doubt. This yields a duling energy which — is positive . Sarcoma. In error in diagnosis ventricle is mammary carcinomata overlying the heart. the electrode may finally strable. then any dulness elicited from the stomach is caused by carcinomatous energy. The voltage bears a definite 50 relation to the grade of malignancy. varies from 2 to 17 Ohms. cancer. cancer energy is nega- tive (stomach reflex) or positive (liver reflex). the polarity say of employed polarity). is — of energy is modi- If the psychomotor regions are short circuited (page 109). 14. The voltage of the latter is usually very high and 13. the non-conveyance of normal energy will not interfere with the elicitation of the the stomach 15.NEOPLASMS 187 In differential diagnosis place the index of the scale at Ohms. —A same whether the stomach or liver reflex is negative duling energy. The polarity fied by the aural polarity (page 79). Polarity reaction. In children (no cancer energ}^ is negative (stomach or liver) and the in females (reverse polarity of male). 16. reflex provoked by the carcinomatous energy.

can ployed empirically. The fact that the polarity of radioactive energ}' is changed. reaction establishes electronically. 1 The area. The is energ\. had obscure hepatic symptoms.Angeles). A'. comments as follows: "With your electronic test you defined two areas of pus near the sigmoid and anterior to the left The electronic tried by some of kidney. James Ward. and with a definite object in mind.traverses a non-conductor. your clinical findings. methods of diagnosis have been extensively the most trustworthy medical observers. The method has opened up a new field for research in diagnosis and in treatment. Comments — and for many remedial measures. ]M. Perdue. Cross. ox electronic dl\gnosis. /. neither pole of the bar-magnet dissipates the stomach dubiess during the time the Sarcomatous Energy is conveyed. Now. (San Francisco). Chas. in charge of the largest laboratory for . that have been emThe}. proves that we must bring about normal polarity before the disease can be eradicated. A GLIOMA yields the same reaction the as sarcoma. electronic test gave a reaction for pus at a definite Pus was aspirated in the latter situation." Dr. The autopsy demonstrated as correct. of this City.188 BIODYXAMGXOSIS OF XERVOUS DISORDERS and negative. identity of the growths." A patient seen in consultation with Dr. No This sigmoid duhiess produced (page 135). Dr. now be applied in a scientific way. Dr. E. '^ comments as follows: method of diagnosis and treatment may mean that we have found a method of curing many diseases that have been considered incurable. George "The electronic Starr White. the etiolog}' of many obscure complaints can be determined. R. Clapp (Los . and we can see reasons for many cures. referring to his son whom I saw in consultation with Dr. Chas. c.

Jarvis. reports a large number of cases in test. These methods have been conI fail firmed by microscopical examinations of the tumors. fact that. At the clinic of Dr. refers to the subject as follows: *'The work of true that it is Abrams. Abrams in 191 3. on human energ}' is so exact." 7. and in whom the general s}philitic electronic reaction was obtained at the time of the primary sore. have never seen the Abrams reaction I for the predetermination of sex. presents the following: "Farmer had a history of lumbago over a period of one year. A. George O. cision have been constructed by which we demonstrate. Dr. control and test the intensity and polarity of the emanation of human energy. A subsequent radiograph verified the exact location of the growth. absolute reliance on the electronic reactions losis He in places tubercu- AND SYPHILIS.NEOPLASMS 189 cancer research in America. from a sarcomatous metastasis Dr. or be misleading. Prouty." In a personal communication. You will recall this patient you . measure. obsolete and historic in medicine. permit me no doubt by the to say that the patient is now manifesting the t>pical secondary symptoms. instruments of pre- of the healing art. The patient in the 1914. nosed by the electronic which cancer was diagand confirmed at the operation and subsequent microscopical examinations. presents the following: "Respecting the patient whom you examined. brain. Dr. and so aheady working a revolution in the practice In our University. the latter by aid of his electronic test elicited the reaction of sarcoma which was localized by the test in question. exact and practi- make the methods of the laboratory. died Feb. Elliot (Chicago). cal as to scientific. J. can say the same for the syphilitic reaction and reaction These methods are so simple.

Ward. whose international reputation is as a conceded." In the latest edition (1915) of his classic monograph (Sexual Impotence. uterine aft'ections. Dr. The laparotomy in question a stric- purpose revealed at the area ture of the descending colon fiUed with fecal matter. with a for another low voltage (2 25 Ohm). B.rate (increase of) etc. WTien a carcinomatous reaction is obtained. \V. the writer has obtained reactions when the electrode was at a distance of 12 inches from the site of malignancy. and had no previous knowledge of the site of the lesion. sx-philologist Vecki. etc. several In the early application of the electronic errors were perpetrated notably in the differentiation of chronic inflammations. Saunders & Co. In neoplasms with high voltages. there was an electronic reaction for carcinoma just below the splenic flexure of the colon. Acute inflammatory conditions clinically suggestive have been referred to by Moynihan as. \\ G." . is WTien a reaction suggesting a neoplasm tact of the electrode with the part obtained from chronic inflammations and ulcers (page 184). tests. cholecystitis. The locus of a neoplasm is determined by irritation which conciliates at\-pic growth.). These errors can now be eliminated by establishing the vibrator}. In a patient seen with Dr. refers to the marvelous results which he has •^^tnessed (and controlled by serological tests) in the diag- nosis of syphilis by the "Electronic Tests of Abrams". immediate con- must be established. "Mimi- of cancer crv of malignant disease.190 BIODYXAMGXOSIS OF NERVOUS DISORDERS located the site of the priman' sore during the time the patient was behind a screen. we cannot deny a condition preceding the neoplasm and favoring its development.

g r?Td .ELECTRONIC REACTIONS 191 tfi _ y 5 o b t« V go ^ rt <:/2 aJ > i.

These energy reactions are obtainable through a nonconductor (page 125). excepting the reactions in splanchnodiagnosis (page 292) and chronic inflammation. .192 J'^ide BIODYXAMGXOSIS OF XERVOUS DISORDERS SPLANCHXo-DiAGXosis (page 291).

NEW CONCEPTS IN TREATMENT 193 CHAPTER NEW CONCEPTS XIII. Drugs have been invented for the patient and the physician to relieve the former of obeying the laws of hygiene. for "Diseased nature oftentimes breaks forth in strange eruptions. a feat often more difficult than doing. Bactericides may not at the bedside. 1904. Bactericidal therapy. the more certain he is to attain health. is tubercuSpecific medication in phthisis realized. and the closer his intercourse with nature. but There is a vast difference between a . In a paper presented to the ^^San Francisco County Medical Society. Germs are the specific constituents of dirt. "The physician who the discerning physician rehes on the healing power of nature in phthisis displays his erudition. the complete annihilation of which can only be attained by cleanliness. therapeutic optimism not yet • and the so-called specifics are substances which number with the advancement of medicine. the author referring to phthisiotherapy. made the following — comments which have in no wise been modified by time. be effectual in the laboratory. To select judiciously among the old drugs is equal to inventing new ones. The patient must be put ill nature's place and work as nature works." losis is a The medical treatment of monument to sepulchred theories. The tale of a consumptive does not begin and end with the tubercle bacilli. The nearer and truer he is placed to Mother Earth. although a modified though incomplete procedure is known as antisepsis. is By so doing afforded an opportunity of knowing what not to do. and enables him to apply the highest principles of the therapeutic art. IN TREATMENT. and decrease in the latter of inculcating them.^'' August 9.

" of but we dare not by any means expect to cure school of therapeutic nihilism. as does Lindsay." Let us retreat from the delirium of new drugs which \\-isely threaten to annihilate rational therapeutics. but in fortifying the organism against the bacillar}is invasion. to cure an accessible tuberculous is it "vstH lesion. From the same we recall Hebra. be written "With a pen of iron and with the point of a diamond. we are back to the Skodaic pessimism when Skoda. an easily accessible region (larjmx) for local medication. that and intravenous "They have least the merit of courage. If created a foe incapable of subjection. who said . lar^Tigeal tuberculosis. can and get a grasp it. one tracheal may say of them. by means of bactericides. in the treatment of his disease in dietetics we are inconsistent and injudicious in medication. the hygienic- Of many of the recent remedies emat ployed." With our drifting scientific proclivities and a test tube. solar rays. that such agents pulmonar}' tuberculosis? refer to the The latter statement does not marvelous bactericidal properites of the Accept as a paradigm. phthisis is not based on the destruction of the bacilli.194 XEW COXCEPTS culture tube of bacilli IX TREATMEXT The treatment of and a patient. of intrainjections. Lar}Tigologists are constrained to conclude that laryn- geal tuberculosis can be healed without any is local treat- ment. yet not insensible to but in the emplojTnent of Let us prove loyal discriminate Prescriptions should new drugs. not chimerical to assume. to the old. or ever be effectual in even hope. and that the chief method of cure dietetic treatment. of the to pro\-ide defensive works against We for if must cherish the stomach consumptive as our most powerful ally . In other words. "We it. describe it. we will have we are unable like lupus. pro- claimed his contempt for treatment as follows: diagnose disease. our aim hostile attacks. not to say audacity. and we obser^-e that the great variety of treatment sug- gested eloquently proclaims the futihty of drug delirium.

" Germs thriving on certain media perish or cease to grow on other media. "Good gracious! chaos will be destroyed. in a position to (Abder- employ more objective therapeutic methods. Without a propitious substratum. he would have ex- claimed. puberty owing to some modification After this fashion. cure in the is cutaneous often achieved. recalls the bon mot by a witty compatriot of Talleyrand." "He who dreads new remedies must abide old evils. the authorities of his time exacted an oath from medical candidates that they would never alter the practice of physic. asserted that. com- menting on the conservatism rand." as Asclepiades. — "The seed falls by the w^ayside." The vital soil. said of the Hippocratic treatise on therapeutics. Moliere. not bv the . the most trenchant of satirists in customs medical. "If we could succeed in limiting more precisely the conditions under which certain bacteria can exist. Those "in authority?" who regard in if innovation from the viewpoint of heresy. mainly on the basis of more exact studies on the composition of the medium then we should undoubtedly be halden^^). Talley- had been present at the creation." as the old therapeutists put can only be made the object of intelli- gent effort with a just regard for progress and the elimination of traditional lore. who.VITAL SOIL 195 that ten thousand cases were required before a therapeutic opinion could be justly formed. spontaneous cure In infection with the effected at soil. of the latter said. this tendency to death. "To obviate it." Any change of a nutritive medium is deprives certain organisms of their means of existence. Toxicotherapy for is substituted pharmacotherapy by our deriders and our therapeutic methods have been referred to as a ''Meditation on death. trichophyton fungi.

destruction being accomplished by rendering the tissues unsuitable for its multiplication and by modifying individual receptivity. habits and a multitude of other factors and cure is only achieved by modifying the ditions soil In treatment. the soil" (Brocqj. the United States in the soil (diseases) found that changes . Microbial dermatoses. idiosyncratic reaction to certain drugs or foods is allergic condition precipitated by the character is of the soil. but merely by modifjdng the \dtal Humoral be revived. who contravenes the prevailing conception that an infectious disease is due to the poison of of a parasitic microorganism. The foregoing supersensibility likewise observed in Addison's disease which brings about a supersentiveness to arsenical compounds. in general health improves recover}^ from in the living tissues "The attempt indirectly to reach the its microbe has been abandoned. In the study of plant and growth. effort is to modify the condisease. are influenced by age. Supersensibility is also noted as a local reaction in the focal tuberculin reaction and in sAphilis (Herxheimer reaction). the primary and improving the general health. the diatheses and the habitus must An attempt The in this direction has been made elsewhere by an the author in his reference to phylogenetic diseases. that is to The "cellular factor" in infectious say. is He contends that the toxemia caused by the prohferation and disintegration Bureau of Soils myriads life of new cells. diseases has been recently emphasized by Riesman"*. patholog}'. which caused the Improvement a definite disease. nor by soil.196 NEW COXCEPTS IX TREATMEXT which subsist on the organ- anniliilation of adventitious cells ism. bactericidal action.

It is analogous to those of processes of solution and previous endowed with functions In it go on the same life itself.CYTOLOGY accounted for diminished crops in this 197 —agricultural chemists find (carboxylic acid. the living and active basis of animal and plant organization. .) which interfered with plant metabolism. bacteria. soil "The has vital functions. etc. Pathologically. to penetrate further into the cell to justify ultimate structure of the the creation of a "new therapy" which therapy. and deposition that have taken is place in past ages in connection with the geologic action upon the rocks and minerals in the earth's crust. and molds -\" The cell. the same chemical and physical interactions as those through which the movement of subsurface waters generally have formed ore deposits. —The study of 2). energic metabolism which regulates auto- The tively survival of the cell predicates a substratum qualita- Each cells and quantitatively fit for nutritional purposes. inert remains of rocks vegetation. created our modern pathology (page It is necessary. digestion and decay of organic materials as those that take place in animals and plants through the agency of enzymes. the author has neologized. however. cell is endowed with a specific attribute. The cell function it is repre- sented by matically. this structure. this attribute noted in the hepatic which only secrete it is bile. noted in parasyphilis which evokes system diseases by implicating definite spinal and cerebral regions. It "sick soil" 'certain substances picolin. fungi. is Physiologically. the same processes of fermentation. not dead. Electronoits The its latter has for object the modification of the physical conditions of cell life. but cannot be con- sidered as the dead.

Changes as geotactic." The ical cell function has been chiefly studied from the chem- viewpoint and only meagre attention has been accorded cell. not the most fundamental knowable science of matter. it Since the discovery of is has been demonstrated that chemistry shown by etc. are carried in the Despite the fact that the sexual glandular secretions by the blood to all the body cells. the salivary cell only secretes saliva. of In phototaxis. In CHEMICAL STIMULATION. stances attract or repel free living In rheotaxis. In this animal. ''Each cell has a specific fabric of its its own. in locomotion due to gravitation are known with solid bodies The tendency is known of cells to establish contact as thigmotaxis. the muscle cell responds by contracting. The specific property of a cell is its definite reaction to stimuli. whereas another . to the physical attributes of the radioactivity. the Stimuli have a higher osmotic tension than that of the stimulated structure and equimolecular solutions stimulate more pronouncedly the higher the molecular weight. the is effects light. certain subcells." wanders into the ultra-red. which is dependent on the nature of separate units and on the manner in which they combine together.198 NEW CONCEPTS The in the bullfinch '^ IN TREATMENT observed specific selective attributes of cells are with a testicle on one side and an ovary on the other side {Hermaphroditismus Verus). on the direction movements instigated by In the microspectrum. male plumage exists on one side and female plumage on the other side (accurately delimited median line of the body). the ''''bacterium photonietricum. IncHEMOTAXis (positivc and negative). the cells only endowed with male and those with female properties alone appropriate the secretions destined for their growth. changes in position are due to flowing water or air currents.

on the author's method of electronic diagnosis refers in electrical terms to a discussion of the cell "Cell division filings in by mitosis suggests the appearance of iron field. The lines depend on their specific arrangement. heat. Electrons can be conceived as bombarding space in with terrific speed thus creating all kinds of etheric . This proccdure finds its exof force of electrons — pression in a modification of the soil rate or polarity. All problems in biolog}' not in accord with the progress with atmospheric electrical made in physical science are doomed to perish. a magnetic Each cell is an electrical entity (electron) with positive and negative properties. variations. electric stimulation exert a puissant influence for either weal or woe owing to their indiscriminate endeavored to regularize. The X etc. George Starr White. The laws of the latter are obeyed universally by organisms and inanimate things. influences employment which the author has One knows the effects of cosmic on gouty and rheumatic pains and Arrhenius. molecules The represent an aggregation of electric batteries.ELECTRONOTHERAPY collection is 199 In the formed in the orange and yellow. has into relation sought to bring various physiological processes. It is impossible at this time to review how different stimuli effect destruction of living things. the former is the least and the latter most attractive to the mosquito." ELECTRONOTHERAPY. notably menstruation. — and Becquerel rays.. been discussed on page Therapeutic action must be measured and computed chemico-physical terms. various colors ranging from white to black. by change in vibratory Data concerning atoms in vibration have 5. in a contribution 1^ living Dr.

other radioactive substances produce etheric the vibratory rate and polarity differing in the alpha beta or gamma rays. The toxicity of an electrolyte (acids). electrons If a current passes through the solution. the positive electron representing an unsaturated affinity for a charge. We are cognizant of the profound physiologic action of the foregoing and our faihires in radiotherapy are due to the indiscriminate employment with rays is of kno\\Ti polarity in diseases in which the polarity unrecognized. Radium and vibrations-. sum of the action of Toxicity generally increases with the atomic weight and valency of the ion. electric charges leaving the ions combine with the tissue elements and cause electric stimulation of the proto- Specificity in therapeutics is Electronotherapy. Some assume the existence of a negative electron only.200 XEW COXCEPTS perturbations. IX TREATMEXT The latter are practically infinitesimal blows. The action of an electrolyte equals the algebraic its ions. Anions (alkalies) stimulate and cathions lower the irritabilitv of the sciatic nerve of the frog. . The plasm. The negative electrons combine with the acid radicles of a salt carrying a negative charge to the anode and are specified as anions. Xo cell can remain active unless it contains some elec- trolytes (iMacallum). This conception of energ}. the positive to the negative pole or cathode wander and are called cathions. electronotherapy.action has suggested the neologism. —Electrons are united with is molecule constituents. metal or basic constituents and carries a positive charge. the positive electron combined with the H. salt Theory of ionization. is lessened by the addition of another electrolyte (Loeb).

Page 31 d . —The following excerpts are from the author's The science which spans the is book on Matter ''Autointoxication.. is In this way. *E. iqo6. atomic vibration is so influenced that sen- either dulled or unperceived. Just as we can modify the vibrations of stringed instru- ments.''* gap between chemistry and physics is physical chemistry. Every phenomenon in nature is dependent upon matter in motion or vibration. The ultimate particles of matter and energy are identical and mind and matter are but two aspects of the same thing. what we call inhibition is nought else but the inhibi- tory influence of the nervous system on the vibrations of atoms sation in the nerve molecules. without the least outward evidence of pain.VIBRATION 201 Vibration. Treat and Co. electric an accumulation of positive the and negative charges and chemical elements are merely varying of these charges. is Narcotic action probably of I this character. Through the head. taste percepspecific produced and the percipient can recognize the quality of each pole. the same current provokes a sensation of light with color perception and stimulation of the auditory nerve with the same current induces sound effects. B. Martyr- dom connotes inhibition. A tion familiar example of specific response is is noted when a Galvanic current is passed through the cheek. have seen all fakirs in India and Africa submit themselves to kinds of physical torture Insensibility seq. New York. numbers and arrangements Atoms orbits are oppositely charged electrons which off move in and are thrown from all highly heated or electrified bodies. Color is determined by the number of in a waves emitted by a luminous body the corresponding second of time or by wave length.

the A it. may nought else than acquired master^" of atomic vibra- The ultra-violet. One form hemihedral partar- trate crystal diverts a reflected ray to the left to the right. it only lacks precision in present stage of imperfect devel- The property form of assuming more than one elementary in chemistry is known as allotropism. is and another dependent on a the entire molecular arrangement pervading a molecular differentiation which causes ferin mentation and growth so in another. is If the A string of a violin struck. as Pasteur.202 NEW CONCEPTS IX TREATMENT to the latter. This. has shown. possess an analgesic of action. special crystal. string of a piano standing near sounds in harmony with The or therapeutic application of vibration aims to restore the equipoise of disease by a rearrangement is of the molecules of fre- by raising their vibration to a normal standard of quency. signify tion. Is the latter effect an induced vibratory rate of nerve electrons? Does spectroscopy sodium vapor (page 49) aid us its analogically in appreciating the foregoing? The tions action cited has likewise set other bodies in analogy to tone vibra- which motion. attributable to self -induced hypnotism. Harmony in nature achieved by the neutraliza- tion of opposing elements. amorphous carbon and graphite are identical in composition although showing different properties. is The opment. The diamond. . therapeutic theor}^ of vibration its not chimerical. like the X-rays. one instance and failure to do The solution of an equal number of the two forms of crystal has no effect on the polarized ray.

The diamond has a vibratory rate at 150 Ohms. may be said to be allotropic modifications of each the physiology of the sick. is . number of or is supposedly due to a difference in the arrangement (Stereo-Chemistry) of atoms in a molecule of the element. heat and light are directly interchangeable in rapidity and direction of the molecular vibrations.CHROMOTHERAPY 203 is Red and white phosphorus Allotropism are like elements yet one a poison and the other innocuous. In lieu of the application of the electrode to the source of energy in disease. in The latter must be used Allotropism is bulk and placed on a porcelain dish (which has a vibratory rate at about 250 Ohms). Lampblack has a vibratory rate at 125 Ohms. Just as vibratory rate can be demonstrated in disease depends simply (page 51). Charcoal has a vibratory rate at 112^ Ohms. Berthelot. the identification of objects practically absolute. Allotropism doubtless exists in the living tissues and some diseases other. it in apposition with the object and approximates the other electrode This tiality is to the stomach in the the method likewise pursued in gauging the poten- and polarity of drugs (page 207). chiefly a question of vibratory rate is and by the latter. so can one proceed with material objects. Chemism. supposes that the difference in the allotropes in the amount of bound up energy. like chromodiagnosis (page 67). one brings usual way. it is From our view- could be called the physics of disharmonious vibra- Chromo therapy. Pathology point tions.

and hemoglobin in animal life. diminishes the blood-pressure of carbonic acid and the rate of the pulse.acteristic sensitizers. music augments elimination and increases the consumption of oxygen." a quiet. Bodies out of harmony with the tissues are either not absorbed or changed before absorption (Abderhalden). .204 NEW CONCEPTS IN TREATMENT based on an unrecognized foundation of polarity and vibration rate. "The abiotic action of ultra-violet light increases as the vibration frequency increases -^" The photodynamic was effect of fluorescent substances illustrated primarily by the addition of fluorescent stains to photographic plates. wave length Thus rock salt is transparent to heat and ultraviolet The substances waves and ruby glass to red light waves. thus rendering the latter more sensitive to those colors which these stains absorb." will increase the pulse rate from lo to 25 beats whereas "Meditation. of which living organisms are composed are capable of resonant vibrations over a consideraale range of vibration frequency and in this sense. The rendition of the overture of "Tannhauser. Eosin and pheno-safranin have a photodynamic action on the light hemolysis of red puissant influence sensitiveness). Such objects are transparent to the particular in question. tions we are dealing with a series of vibra- which create pleasant images and emotions. Living protoplasm contains sensitizers which have a on physiologic reactions (PhotoNerve tissue does not react to light influences unless pigment is present (Hertel). In dogs. Bovie contends that electromagnetic waves have no effect on objects which are incapable of vibrating in resonance with them. are char. the protoplasmic component of the tissues acts as a natural detector of energy as evident in the \'isceral reflexes. blood corpuscles (Harzbecker). Chlorophyll in plant. In Musicotherapy. restful number.

we recall that the singing of birds cured the insomnia of Maecenas. Negative ions incite muscular contractions and positive ions inhibit them (page 26). the healing sedative). Chemotherapy. compared with enormous electrical energ>^ of molecules. is exceedingly feeble. In the classics. in his 32nd Ode. Sodium takes a positive and the chlorin. in contradistinction to organo- Electronic pharivl-vcology. ^^ Parasititotropic chemicals. Gravitational energy. — Physio -and pharmaco- therapy founded on physiologic investigations have ignored the electronic factor (vibratory rate and polarity). Rite (O. 205 concludes his address "0 laborum. This departure spans the gap between the new and old pharmacology and represents the "Therapia sterilisans — magna.. tissues. the fun- damental principle in physical science. of our troubles the sweet.MUSICOTHERAPY Horace. have apowerfu' avidity for the parasites. Book to the lyre I. A simple conception of Arrhenius. When salt is dissolved in water an enormous electrical charge ensues on the atoms. These charged atoms are called ions. and are destructive to them in the living subject without injury to the tropic substances. has revolutionized modern chemistry. vocanti. The "Royal Touch" and the laying on of hands for the cure of disease may be regarded as mythical b>' those who . mihicumque salve. same attractive is and the invariathe electricity. a negative charge. is "Chemical afhnity" magnetic property of All matter has the ble property of matter probably nought force else but the electrified molecules {vide magnetons).^' dulce lenimen.

206 NEW CONCEPTS IN TREATMENT are ignorant of the visceral reflexes and the potency of human energy (page i). It is asserted that external applications do no good for the reason that there is no cutaneous absorption. The in latter yield a neutral duling energy. The The energ}' thus ver>^ conveyed is a negatwe energy duling energy. is moment this stored skin neutralized with the POSITIVE pole of a bar-magnet. of the When the skin any part body is exposed to the rays for say about thirty seconds. the energy of the rays is stored by the skin and from the skin thus exposed. anointed with an indifferent ehcited at once owing to the liniment. possible to elicit the area. little The skin energy thus stored has or no penetrating . the foregoing method. is an important fact utilizable in prophylaxis. If. stomach reflex no longer from the same skin it is Here. the stomach reflex is generation of frictional energy. With the aid of the reflex many interesting data can be gleaned concern- ing A"-rays. The process is not restricted to during the time any part of the hand or arm placed is in proximity to the stomach. the skin condenses the X-rays as negative energy and the skin condenser may be neutrahzed by positive energy. Electrification is two different substances. soHds. in question. The latter plays only a minor ro/e in it is chiefly a matter of ehciting energy and discharging the invariable result of friction between reflexes. one may convey this induced radio-activity (for several hours depending on the charge) in sufficient quantity to elicit the stomach or other visceral reflex. one becoming positively and the other negatively charged.

That the rate for pain is at 20 Ohms and that morphin and COCAIN have a like rate at 35 Ohms. a neutral duling energy with a potentiality of 11/25 of 3. CocAiN. morphin and opium yield a non-duling positive energy whereas pain (page 164) yields a neutral duling energy. Now.) Either this theory must be dismissed as untenable. as the curative factor. a fact tending to explain the inefficiency of the rays in the treatment of neoplasms. If a like procedure is attempted with a saturated aqueous off solution of Eosin. The efficacy of our Electronotherapeutic methods is determined by the following law: An energy effect is directly proportional to the intensity of the energy multiplied by the time during which it acts and varies as the squares of distances from the energy source. polarity of the medicament demands at 50 consideration.n Ohm can be led from the anterior chest surface. the solar . Again. It cannot be regarded as a coincidence that the vibrais tory rate of syphilis at 20 Ohms and is that the rate for MERCURY and POTASSIUM lODiD Ohms. an apparent discrepancy for this disease is attained in our theory. Exposing a definite skin area on the back of the chest to the rays in question and then attempting to conduct energy from an area on the anterior chest surface corresponding to the area exposed on the posterior surface. In addition to rate. or we must invoke the vibratory rate (and not polarity). no energ>^ can be conducted. SYPHILIS yields a duling neutral energy and the two specifics (mercury and potassiuivi iodid) yield the same energy (non-duling.ELECTRONIC PHARMACOLOGY 207 action.

Is it merely a coincidence that the normal joint yields a oil of non-duling neutral energy and that gaultherla (duling }'ield neutral energ}-) and salicylates (non-duling neutral energ}') vaunted specifics in polyarthritis rhelt^atica the same energ}-? Here. the action of the drugs in question would be to restore the joints to their Is it normal is polarity. change into free iodin hydriodic acid and which entering directly into the protein molecules form compounds with new properties.does not appear as hght and heat until hits matter. yielding a positi\-e dul- ing energ}' from the spleen combated by quixix which polar action in the treat- discharges a negati\-e non-duling energ}'? In employing enei.) The method was abandoned use of drugs.208 NEW CONCEPTS IX TREATMENT rays are effective in tl'berculosis despite the fact that a duHng neutral energ}* is common to both. one may reconcile the action of the drugs in question in s\philis. After this manner. The LUNAR rays yield a duling neutral energy. a coincidence that :nla.larla. \yhen ingested. so it is with polar changes in energy. more effective procedure — the . Hydriodic acid yields a negative duling energy. The solar rays yield a neutral duling energ\. it Just as energ}. ]\Iercur\- and iodin. like syphilis yield a neutral duling energy.but they are stored in the skin as negative duling energx'. a biochemic change ensues and the skin yields a positive lodids. the author primarily employed the patients' as cited energ}' (auto-conduction) latter elsewhere for a (page 182.g}' for its ment of disease. \Mien the skin duling energy- is anointed mth mercurial ointment.

Ve< ki (San Francisco). Perhaps the most effective source of energy for practical purposes in treatment would be the GALVANIC current. (June. v. Aside from the potentiality. fDr.t importance. the many antiseptics which polar energy of fuchsin cannot are even more deistructive to bacteria are relatively inert. the degree of energ}. M. whereas eosin which an energy value of 2J/2 discharges a like energy has Ohms. One may test the energ\^ value of different drugs by noting the amplitude of the heart reflex when a drug is brought into apposition with the cardiac region. A small and effective dry of the patient cell could easily be carried and concealed. POTF. Though the energy discharge may be more effective. AGENTS YIELDING A POSITIVE DULING ENERGY* AGENT. G.ELECTRONIC PHARMACOLOGY The neutral energy from the epigastrium has a po- 209 tentiality (with the biodynamometer) of 24/25 of an Ohm. the vibratory rate on the body may militate against results.NTIALITY OF ENERGY.) into the urethra and bladder for inhibiting bacterial invasion of the genito-urinary tract. 1915). The author has never given this method a trial. Selenium (only effective FuCHSINf Potassium chlorate only partial. in . in a communication just read before the A. Different drugs yield visceral reflexes of varying amplitude when directed toward different spinal regions (page )65.penetration is of grea. Polentialit^' to fuchsinophilic action. " " Polarity was determinctl by the stomach retlex with was determined by the biodynamometer. This energy discharge occurs during the flow of the current irrespective of the distance of the poles on the body of the subject. referred to the injection of a Solution of Fuchsin (J3 to i per cent. an energy value of 70 Ohms (with biodynamometer). . The results were uniformly remarkable and were attributed list is *The a male subject. the light) 8 16 17 Ohms. An ordinary dry cell of i^ volts and 12 amperes discharges from the negative pole. be ignored insomuch as As a matrer of fact. A.

of the foregoing agents is accentuated by permitting the energ}' to pass through aluminum (page To further facihtate the energy" value of a drug (used test subject (page 223). 1 1 Ohms. " Potassium Permanganate Paraform 17 16 " Dimethyl Oil of Sassafras !Methyl Blue (medicinal) 58 AGENTS \TELDING A NEUTRAL DULING ENERGY AGEXT Eosin POTEXTIALITY OF ENERGY 2^ 16 Ohms. " Turpentine (Venice) Condurango Bismuth Subnitrate* ]SIetalUc Cobalt ]Metalhc Nickel Methyl Violet Picric (not durable) solution) 45 Acid (saturated 50 AGENTS ITELDING A POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE DULING ENERGY AGENT Fluorescein POTENTIALITY OF ENERGY 11 Ohms. Either pole a slow or rapid sinusoidal current yields a neutral energ}' discharge. '' *' YeUow Blue Violet negative neutral positive " " " " " Green neutral positive Red and negative PENETRATION OF COLORS WITH ELECTRIC LIGHT. '" Iodoform 17 POLARITY OF COLORS \MTH ELECTRIC LIGHT \Miite electric hght neutral duhng "' energj'. All colors of fail —^DEPTH to penetrate excepting green. *By . Safranin IN TREATMENT AGENTS YIELDING A NEGATIVE DULING ENERGY POTEXTI.AXITY OF EKEEGY. aid of ingested bismuth one may outline the stomach using another as a The course of listulae after injection with bismuth may be similarly traced.210 NEW CONCEPTS AGENT. OF AN AVEILAGE CHEST SELECTED. The efhciency 55).

. it 211 should be covered (when dried after application) with rubber cement. This insulation of energy' prevents its external dissipation.MAGNETONS for its polar action). one attempts to secure a return of the normal tissue polarity. Magnetons. Thus. the general method employed when polarity action is to be achieved is to determine the polarity of the particular disease and then employ an opposite or neutral polarity or. in acute polyarthritis.) of 11/25 of an Ohm. In Electronotherapy. viz. that the energy dis- charge of different chemicals (efficacious clinically) had visible influence on the cultures. its —Vigneron-'. the energy yield from the anterior surface increased to 22/25 of an Ohm. one would paint the implijoint has a neutral cated joints with Eosin. a distance of 12 cm. in our conception of the writer Cultural investigations by various microorganisms with demonstrated in brief what was anticipated no theoretically. An aqueous solution of eosin painted on the back of the chest yields a potentiality (when measured from an opposite area on the anterior chest surface. It would be folly to correlate the energic metabolism of cells with a cul- ture medium. The normal non-duling energy and so have the salicylates (page 208). Eosin yields a neutral duling energy. . is When the eosin on the back is insulated with rubber cement. After the electron symbolizing the new ideas of the discontinuous structure of electricity. — the magneton refers to a new constit- or magnetic atomic This discovery interests us to the extent that conception suggests that magnetic phenomena are concerned in chemical combinations and that chemical forces are supposedly the attractions of elementary magnets. uent of matter element. the magneton embraces an analogous evolution magnetic phenomena.

modified by a negative energ\^ (page To augment the negative energy value of the safranin it is (after dr\-ing of the latter). the patient must pursue most rigorously. The benzine. covered with an insulating other day but before material like rubber cement (page 61). the skin over both lungs painted with safranin and the patient is instructed to wear an undergarment of silk. The author has abandoned duction (page 182). If the skin over the site painted with an alcoholic solution of safranin. Similarly. method this of auto-con- Tuberculosis.(page 137). application is made ever>' reapplication. Test tube demonstrations of drugs yield no index of therapeutic value. \Vhen there was no mixed infection. a syinptomatic cure was . My results with this electronotherapeutic method have been phenomenal in incipient puhnonar}^ tuberculosis. the fresh-air hygienic dietetic treatment. rubber cement is" unnecessary. soil is the tuberculous 210). it has been shown that numerous halogen combinations with benzene derivatives are exceedingly active against certain organisms in a test tube but prove innocuous even in greater concentration when employed in the body. of the lesion is —The lesions in disease yield a neutral duling energ}.212 The XEW COXCEPTS IX TREATMEXT study of the reflex factors so essential in the protoplasmic reaction to energy cannot be solved by investigations on isolated protoplasm. The author's tuberculosis method of treatment will be illustrated in and carcinoma. In addition to this treatment. in which diseases he has had his the most experience. the skin must be thoroughly cleansed with is In pulmonary tuberculosis. The latter is a non-conductor and when worn.

He early believes that his results were also dependent on an diagnosis (electronic test) based on the principle. the safranin painted on the skin over the involved joints. When the lesions are multiple. menthol a like polar energ>^ after ingestion) may be administered. semper curabilis'^ ^^Tuberculosis primis in stadiis ^^ and. In laryngeal the infiltration evanesced in the majority of patients within three months by the use is of safranin painted If on the skin (yielding (daily) over the larynx. For a duration of time exceeding twenty-five years. in excellent results advanced cases of pulmonary tuberculosis. 213 believes The author in his competency to formulate the preceding conclusion. "Qui bene dignoscit bene cur at. Dr. Over the lesions a neutral duling energy of safranin give is obtainable. Applications immediate relief. page 141). Even cited.TUBERCULOTHERAPY usually achieved within six weeks. gloves and the later may be painted on if silk may be worn at night the articulations of the hand is are implicated. For many years a patient has consulted dermatologists without relief for an erythema multiforme. Menthol may be employed as a synergist. (if In arthritis deformans safranin paratuberculous. in sputum at the commencement) by aid of the safranin treatment. Jarvis reports as symptomatically cured within two months two patients with pulmonary tuberculosis (t. his clientele consisted largely of tuberculous patients. . re-enforcement of the negative energy of safranin desirable. b. were attained by the method of treatment tuberculosis. Even when the pathology polarity reaction of a disease is obscure the may serve as a guide to treatment. Geo.

58 and 59. —Patient of Dr. Evans (San Francisco). M. is still suppuration when my This gland (as In a sho^^^l in the picture) enlarged (shghtly) owing to the presence of cicatricial tissue. there was an equally rapid evanescence of the glands. One gland in the upper cervical region had passed on to treatment was begun. Thus. The duration of the affection was two years and failed to yield to medical and surgical treatment. Figs. in appendicitis (acute and chronic). like case referred to me by Dr. East (Denver). J. Evans. illustrate the effects of safranin treatment in a young lady with tuberculous adenitis (cervical) referred to me by Dr. one must be assured concerning the predominent polar reaction. the implicated glands in the lower cervical region evanesced. Showing the effects of safranin treatment.214 NEW CONCEPTS IN TREATMENT In Electronotherapy. . Figs 58 and 59. the electronic reaction demonstrates the predominance of the Streptococcic reaction. H. Within one week after the daily application.

of London. manner indicated The body in the use of safranin is polarity of eosin energy of the subject. single dose Within a few minutes after the ingestion of a cardiac ventricles becomes neutral. the veins.CARCINOMA 215 The only untoward effect noted from safranin was slight itching of the skin confined to the painted area and the same is may be said of eosin (to be described presently). (aqueous solution) or Venice turpentine. an investigator of great acumen ascribes hyperalkalinity as a condition precedent to the development of cancer. 2 of potassium iodid in internal cancer. three or four times a day). the best results were achieved treatment by the use eosin energy producing agents. Carcinoma. uninfluenced by any color on the Eosin is more penetrating than the x-rays. Although comparatively good results were attained with either of the had recourse to the employment of potassium acetate and sodium BICARBONATE (one drachm of each. I have synergistic The latter impart to the blood a neutral duling energy. of the agents in question. urges the employment iodid. preferably in the form of rectal injections (4 gm.). sodium carbon- . potassium gm. and Packard of Boston. My investigations show however. foregoing alone. yet of late. Reference has already been made first to the problematic action of potassium iodid (page 207).. that when arteries and both ventricles it is absorbed. v. attribute cancer to a lack of balance of the potassium and other body salts and that this disturbance cells conduces to the (epiblastic malignant growth of epithelial hypoblastic) . positive yet. Either agent after the is employed over the site of the neoplasm {q. yield a neutral energ}\ "Mikhailoff'^. of neutral —^The polarity of this in neoplasm viz. and Perdue. the polarity of the blood and both Ross.

25 per cent. clinical experience and is his apparently indicates that this the case also in the nosis. and a systematic course of treatment with that of tuberculin.216 ate NEW CONCEPTS IN TREATMENT and 80 or 100 c. All his patients thus treated were in this inoperable class. solution of sodium arsenate. as he always operates for accessi- ble cancer. some of the still patients are living who had been told years before by leading clinicians that they had internal and hence inaccessible cancer. solution of sodium arsenate (sodium arsenici) hypodermically. human body. reaction becomes manifest in one or He does not give specific instances or figures. distilled water). The temperature two hours. He an potassium iodid in this respect analogy to the action of tuberculin in tuberculosis. . then to If we positively have do with a malignant growth (carcinoma or sarcoma).c. which solution must be made with 0. with a neutral energy from the ventricles and blood vessels. For the differential diag- he gives the rectal injection as above described. This he supplements with I per cent. It reveals the presence of cancer like the positive response to the tuberculin test in tuberculosis. and claims that carcinoma can be cured in certain stages of malignant disease with this method of treatment. He found that if the temperature rises one or two hours after the rectal injection of the potassium iodid. it has a curative influence like He states that potassium iodid seems to display a special affinity for cancer cells in the test-tube." An hypodermatic injection of sodium cacodylate (3 grains) will be followed like potassium iodid. phenol. generally sufficient. it and repeats after an hour or hour and a half to a maxibut one is mum of three injections. but relates that after his course of treatment with potas- sium iodid supplemented by subcutaneous injection of a I per cent. is then cancer can be excluded and syphilis sees in the action of probable. the temperature remains stationary or even declines.

mometer and estimation Ohm. 5/25 of an Just as the ther- waste output may be accepted as absolute indices of metabolism. solar 11/25 of an Ohm. In testing for the carcinomatous reaction (electronic) or determining the progress of the neoplasm by the biodyn- amometer.CARCINOMA It is interesting to observe that 217 when a neutral energy polarity is from the blood energy is is evoked by drugs. netic irritation is This electro-mag- provoked by the vibration which cancer fortifies the action of arsenic- — destruction of cells by evoking a pronounced grade h^qaer- emia plus fibrinous transudation. The latter are then subjected to the action of a magnet conof the filings of the nected with an alternating current. From what has the evolved energy. of rays. energy^ of nor safranin will traverse an insulating material. the energy coefficiency of radium tively is rela- small 209). Injection is first made into the growth of atoxyl after which. the energy tuberculosis) of the eosin on the skin it (or safranin in may be excluded by passing Neither the through a noneosin conductor (page 6i). (page when compared to some Radium (10 milligrams) inexpensi\'e yields drugs an energy potentiality of 22/25 of an Ohm and the X-rays. we are in a position to eliminate equivocation respecting the potency energy whether expressed by an electric current. some of the efficacy of our therapeutic methods has been referred to the potentiality of In this respect. so by the aid of the bio- dynamometer coupled with the of visceral reflexes. heat or the . iron filings are spread. over the growth and its environment. preceded. The physico-pharmacologic trend of therapeutics is by the method of Sprude-".Y-rays. light. . the positive cancer reversed (negative) when determined by the stomach illustrated reflex (in a male).

The results in the latter affection must be referred the soil of to an electronic polar modification of the joints.) \Mien 4 oz. MATon) ARTHRITIS. ing. of Mache units* are the norm yield a positive ingested. us say in the treatment of rheuare contented with the belief that. 43). The foregoing is readily illustrated by percussion of the viscera (Fig. dorsal One end of the insulated conducting cord from either region in question may be fixed below by plaster to any part of the trunk. Human and it is a high potential unidirectional current demonstrated that the average person discharges an potency than that evolved from a bar(of energ}' of greater magnet average length). we we are dealing with an ionization of atoms. the water containing approximately 400 normal joints (which in neutral non-duLing energj^) evolve a energ}'. in momentar}' inhibition (Schieffelin *Radio-Rem & Co.) was employed my investigations. .dcal spine and increased. whereby (internal electrical energy is conve3'ed into the body electrotherapy. and negative duling The same is true of the implicated joints in arthritis deformans. These reactions are obtainable for at least one hour with this quantity of water. By grounding the region between the 3rd and 4th dorsal spines.218 XEW CONCEPTS The IX TREATMENT modalities (different forms of energ}-) in physio- therapy energ}' easily may is thus be placed on a rational basis. Groxixdixg exerglAlGexic cexters. there is a Coincident with this groundof the pulse. by grounding the region between the 3rd and 4th spines. — Vagus tone is diminished by grounding the 7th cen. refer to the remedial value of radio-active let WTien we mineral springs. dulness of the stomach is at once evoked without the aid of extraneous energ}'.

One may assume the banking In the norm. the writer has thwarted the crises by grounding the area of augmented energy discharge. sum its of the negative charges of the elec- trons of the cell equals it is positive charge and in consequence. These clinical phenomena (important in treatment) are Paroxysmal symptoms explained elsewhere. the neurons When create fatigue become surcharged. one may predict a crisis by determining the augmented (g. the receptors of afferent stimuli. may often be interpreted in the terms of the physicist. In several instances. a neuro-electrical discharge occurs and the impulses attaining the brain. symptoms. 2. neutral or uncharged. .GROUNDING 219 of the Grounding the 7th cervical spine prevents the eHcitation stomach reflex by all kinds of energy. The neuronic discharge is succeeded by which is practically a fall of potential. In tabes. Such neuro-electrical storms are usually aborted by analgesics (page 17).. the of potential in the gang- lionic cells.) energ}^ discharge by aid of the biod>'namometer at a site distal to the lesion.




seriously questioned in the light of the author's is for the detection of energy. there wiU be augmented dulness to the line established by the conveyed energy of the magnet {vide bismuth. is If increased energy from the urotropin conveyed by the receiving or distal electrode to the proximal electrode in juxtaposition to either the heart or liver border. yields a powerful negative duling energy. page 210). for better localization. If the latter reflexes are sought. or the liver below. and note (by percussion) the increased area of the heart to the left. The Ether Theory The Electro-magnetic Theory of Light — Gravitation—Polarity. the lower stomach border may be determined. a pointed electrode. Use primarily a large receiving electrode and later. ELECTRONIC DELIMITATION OF THE LOWER BORDER OF THE STOMACH. NOTE II. percuss in the conven- tional way the lower border of the right lobe of the liver or the left heart border and mark with a dermograph.APPENDIX NOTE I. and likewise mark. The same subject may be employed and the heart or liver reflex utilized. If a tablet of urotropin (7^ grains) is coated with keratin and swallowed. may be methods — The Ether The Ether theory. Urotropin. "the supreme paradox of modern physics" . Direct a bar-magnet to the heart or liver border.

modern ph^^sicist regards electro-magnetic phenomenon. the flow of electrical currents and the forces of gravity. the only apparent difference being in their greater wave length.224 APPENDIX is and suggested as a vehicle for the transmission of various force. vacuum The Ether theory not necessary in explanation of magnetic lines of force. The space surrounding an electron is an intense electric field. The sun. that there of electrons a constant circulation throughout nature. the energy discharge of the magnet is greater in the light than in the dark hence. is an inexhaustible source of physical energ}^ which pours upon our earth and the latter is only a huge armature rotating at high speed in the sun's magnetic field. It can be shown by aid of the reflexes that the substance of a magnet passes out antd through space. The latter is discharged b}' the escape of electrons from the magnet. The study of electro-magnetic radiations. liver or heart evoke a reflex. the author would not dare to substitute a fact for a theory. show that they possess all the properties of light waves. Therefore. it this electronic escape with the biodynamolike the can be easily demonstrated that body (page 51) or radium (page 269). forms of The is idea of energ}. the light as an . Electrons scattered in space substitute the imaginary ether. Measuring meter. the is warranted conclusion. A will magnet in proximity to the stomach.passing through an absolute has always been repugnant to science. There is no instrument kno^\^l to science that can detect this infinitesimal electronic escape and were it not for the visceral reflexes.

proposition.) By energy aid of the Sphygmobiometer and a visceral reflex. human energy probably electro-magnetic. Human energy conforms Therefore. in In venturing an hypothesis. the author does so with the firm conviction the visceral reflexes objective EVIDENCE is at our command which appears absolute and undeniable. v. and The second charge. All theories ranging from the dynamical hypothesis of Kelvin. and the ultramundane theory of Le Sage. If light. The premises upon which formulated are as follows: the author's hypothesis are The first proposition. The discharged at 3 latter fact confirms the elec- tromagnetic theory of light. is concentrated on the receiving and an attempt is is electrode for several minutes (to allow of a concentration of energy in the variable condenser). and that of a current of electricity is 3. that. —This is one of the greatest sources of the various forms of energy whose continual transformations make up the activity of the universe. to the theories of Maxwell and Reynolds have proved pregnable. then made and to elicit a visceral reflex.GRAVITATION 225 (g. magnetic cal attraction. by aid of a lens. Gravitation. it can be shown that the wavemetric index of magnetic is 8. is probably same character as the gravitational secret of gravitation is The lem still probably the greatest prob- unsolved. the latter 8 of the condenser. to THE SAME WAVEMETRIC is INDICES. is that gravitation is an electrical electri- attraction corresponding to chemical. is that the supposititious ether is through which these attractions act in itself an electric . The intermolecular forms of chemical of the affinity forces.

When manner cited body is raised (employing the and using only the stomach is a negative energy discharge it) demonstrated at the center of gravity (and adjacent to in the and a positive discharge immediate environment (Fig. If the positive pole of a bar-magnet is directed upward and accompanies the movements of the receiving electrode.226 APPEXDIX Kinetic energ}' invariably appears as a result of a change of position. WTien an object is suspended and given a penelectrode is dulum motion and the receiving gradually passed below the area described by the moving body. Employing the heart as a detector and the sphygmobiometer iq.has action currents (page 12). Thus the energ}. the following may be observed. analogue in The stomach biometer is reflex used independently of the sphygmoa more sensitive than the heart as a detector of energy reactions.) as the receiving apparatus. the moment the center of gravity is attained. the buzzing of the instrument of gravity (or adjacent to is not arrested until the center it) is reached owing to the neutral- ization of negative energy. In this respect gravitational energ}. Bodies in their original position possess potential energ}^ (page 8). Center of gravity. . The negative ployed inhibits is attained (Fig. electrode after the reflex).acting at the center pole of the its of gravity negative energ}'. ant of all —This is force counteracts entirely the weight of the body and equal and opposite to the resultis the small forces which gravity exerting upon the different parts of the body. the buzzing of the instrument ceases. v. is magnet when similarly emthe buzzing when the center of gravity 60).at the gra\'ity center. 60).

netic Hence. system.GRAVITATION 227 is When the negative energy discharge quantitatively determined by the biodynamometer (Fig. of gravitation when a mass is raised is or is given a pendulum motion. gravitational energy electro-mag- and cannot be insulated. Our microcosm differs in no respect from the solar The relation of our organs as the author has shown . potentiaHty is i8). its maximum at the center of gravity. 298). all Gravitational energy traverses non-conductors and radiations responds to the reaction of electro-magnetic is (page 224). it reflex is may of be demonstrated that gravitational energy the is in direct proportion to the product of the mass and the velocity body and inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the body to the ground. This disequilibrated electronic energy also demonstrable with the rellcxophone Whether the sphygmobiometer or stomach used. 60. —Illustrating the author's theory (p. Fig.

at end and neutral. when springs back again. Later. the writer has shown ." Polarity is not the exclusive prerogative of magnetic materials. numerous investigations confirmed b}' this pronunhisto- ciamento of cortical localization logical physiological. This may be readily sho^^^l by taking a rod of wood. In a conductor the it is The ether cannot be directly affected. The Sir foregoing proof appears to have been anticipated by be Oliver Lodge. A continuous shearing force applied to the ether in metals produces a conduction current. conforms to the Xewtonian law that. bound ether is not rigid. Elsewhere. My hypothesis of gravitation supports the electron theory with its logical corrollar^' the recognition of electricity as a fundamental quantity. NOTE Brain and Spinal III. is universe a unit. declared that different parts of the cerebrum must subserve different kinds of mental action. The ether may sheared by electricity electro-moti\'e forces into positive if and negative they were really separated. at the other one end and (page 43) positive. acts like The earth a great magnet and by its inductive action confers polarity on all things in nature. bodies attract each other with a force proportional to the product of their masses. and clinical methods.228 APPENDIX elsewhere (page 105). who believed that positive and negative electricity together made up the ether. and inversely proportional to the square of their distance apart. In an insulator displaced it Polarity. or non-magnetic metal and holding A non-duling energ}' either end in front of the stomach. in the center ma}' be easily demonstrated. negative. — ''The resihent. Centers —The new Psychology. In 1870. Herbert Spencer.

the protruded tongue of the subject touched with a drop of some essential for or the subject smells the latter. The SPINAL CENTERS may be irritated yield a localization). The trist in foregoing method may be employed by the psychia- determining objectively the subjective perceptions similarly localized. 6i. restricted in its Another theory abandons the concept center unless meaning to a group of cells from which imauthor's pulses are sent (sensory) or collected (motor). the skin of the explored and the is moment The the center (engaged in sense function) is attained. contraction yields an energy emanating from the loth If the dorsal spine (motor localization). the stomach or other visceral reflex elicited.THE NEW PSYCHOLOGY 229 that direct electrical stimulation of the cerebral cortex and spinal cord for locating centers may be substituted by sinu- soidalization of the skin over the brain and cord without vivisectional aid. In the utilization of a visceral reflex for determining ner- vous energy. its Thus. The method is of locating centers is as follows: To oil locate the center of taste or smell. of the insane. one is in a position to say what could not have . With a pointed cranium specific is electrode receiving energy (the proximal electrode at the stomach region). centers of smell and taste thus determined are shown in Fig. The phrenologi- cal theory of centers supposes that certain functions of con- sciousness and motor control are located in particular cell groups. the spinal segment related to a peripheral skin area will when stomach or other visceral reflex (sensory musculus quadriceps femoris is struck. The concept ologists of centers is variously interpreted by physi- and physiologizing psychologists.

the neurologist. simply a bit of definite kinds of HEARIN(iV-- Fig. If the psycho-analysis.xual center located is on both sides in the sexes at the external angular process. dominant idea is revealed by the discharge of energ}' from specific centers. —Illustrating the location of the centers of smell. there a correlation between nervous is and physical energ}' and that.230 APPENDIX is been said before that. To value. This energy discharge will evoke the stomach reflex. The center of hearing is located by dramng a straight line 5. from the tragus and the taste center. nerve tissue machinery adapted to the conversion of physical into nervous energ}'.2 cm. distant 4 cm. have To conduct.6 cm. taste and hearing is according to the electronophysiologic method. from the latter point. The new —A . protoplasm in the physiologic conti- must be continuous. The psychose. The smell center located at a point on a straight line drawn upward 4. posteriorly from the tip of the mastoid process and an equidistance from the latter point. the is method cited for cerebral and spinal localization destined to be of the greatest practical It will enable him to study reflexes as they never before been investigated. 6r. Any break nuity of protoplasm bars the conduction process.

murder is revealed question are bilateral. The value of the latter fact awaits confirmation by criminological investigations. 6i). Vide Baraduc's hypothesis (page 11). What was formerly regarded as the love and hates of the chemical " affinities " was but a — name for the action of electrically charged atoms. The centers in external angular process of the frontal bone (Fig. is between the loth and 12th dorsal spines. like every other phenomenon in nature. it will not be long before we will begin not to be ashamed of the things we should be ashamed of". method is of cerebral localization (page mind searching an objective procedure and excludes the personal equation. Love. ter has the same attractive force All matand the invariable property . is de- pendent upon matter in vibration and the passional component has a wave-metric index (page 286) of 14 in both sexes.PHYSICS OF LOVE 231 led off dominant idea is sexual. subsidiary sexual center in the spinal cord in the The male determinable after the manner cited on page 229. a discharge may be from the The energy disan by thought concept of charge at a point on a line drawn upward 2. a fact of importance in all scientific investigations. from the tragus. "Whenever we become we should not be ashamed of. Pathology of love.6 cm. The or physics of love. By 229). The Freudian methods of psychoanalysis by translating instinct. To paraphrase ashamed of the things a dominant sexual idea from the subconscious to the conscious mind has been the author's of value in some cases. to the —Sexual feelings contribute and the inculcations weal woe human race of ethical principles are not alone sufficient to abrogate an animal Livy. The line must just avoid the helix.

The love has physical reaction of the organism in subconscious its periods of incubation (" out of sorts ") and (irrationality). movements.232 of APPENDIX matter is electricity. can only be understood quantitatively as a system of matter and energy. a physicist (Fechner). To the phonologist. the possible communion without language between every sentient creature relegates speech to a maladroit mechanism. The disparity of man's brain and that of an anthropoid ape is relatively insignificant and the only physiological standard between man and every other animal is the faculty of speech. and a physiologist (Wundt) cooperated in its development. its be factitious — charging he organism with electrons affinity. v. gestures). we are in a . Having thus evolved our contention. "Our reverence for the nobility of manhood will not be lessened by the knowledge that Man is in substance and in structure one with the brutes. the phonetics of animals represent gate- ways to the mind. method of analysis must debar the mental state of creatures whose methods of expression do not resemble our own. symptomatology Its cure may eventually of like The new psychology. The constitution of mind is identified with the history and destiny of matter and like the material world. Personal likes and dislikes are only questions of individuals in or out of tune. The psychologist acquires his knowledge of mental states and the experience of others by means of physical Thus it is that." In our investigations of the subliminal mind iq. —The progress of psychology must be dependent on science as a whole and its real advent began when an anatomist (Weber). As Huxley puts it. this effects (words.). for he alone possesses the marvelous endowment of intelligible and rational speech.

commentator may be proved to be true not only in discharged (to evoke a in the regard to thinking but in understanding. effects and revealed the specificity of What lar is regarded as matter. nothing of the world and the universe about know The move- ments of the universe are the manifestations of a single is agent which called energy. gave positive demonstration of the fact of psychodynamic thought. BiCEREBRATiON. Every living being is a trans- former of energy and speaking specifically when a sun) into nervous energy. a method in accordance with the electron theory for the investigation of cerebration. man thinks. we would us. he changes the energy of his environment (earth. is only an effect of a particu- kind of motion and without vibrations. is well in the dark capable of understanding. is The foregoing contention easily disproved reflex. air. —The scientific world neither recognizes the existence of brain waves nor the presence in the brain of a "detector" capable of converting the waves into a sensible form as is necessary in the operation of wireless telegraphy. by any one capable of recognizing a visceral In our experiments (page 247) the heart.BICEREBRATION position to suggest in the '2'S'S new psychology. With the brain at rest. energy is visceral reflex) from the left psychomotor area male . as his together much more than in ordinary people. a crude substitute for the brain. Brain waves. good thinkers the two affirms were probably used This. That some individuals cannot think (page 60). Man is made up of vibrations and personality is identified with atomic combinations. in —This neologism was suggested to conwho contended that sides of the brain firm the hypothesis of Herbert Spencer.

BRAIN IN ACTIVITY ENERGY DISCHARGE FROM THE FINGER TIPS 3/25 of an Ohm. The potentiality of this energy discharge can only be fully appreciated by comparison. most recent investigations by Tashiro and Adams. the energy left dis- charge from the psychomotor region was equivalent to 60 Ohms. is 2^ Ohms. there potentiality an energy discharge of great from both psychomotor regions. "The Man with the Hoe. In the great thinker. The nature of the conduction processes The in nerves has been the subject of numerous theories. the poet*.0000001 gram. ENERGY DISCHARGE FROM THE FINGER TIPS 12/25 of an Ohm.234 APPENDIX right and from the psychomotor area in the female (page 72) In the average thinker while engaged in increased mental activity. The energy discharge from a giant magnet with a lifting power of approximately 400 pounds to the square inch has an energy discharge of only 32 Ohms. in Edwin Markham. Thus. Nerve-force. THE BRAIN AT REST 7/25 of an Ohm. f suggest — Author of. there is only an increased potentiality of energy discharged from one psychomotor area with a corresponding increase of energy from the finger tips as the following figures illustrate MEASUREMENTS MADE WITH THE BIODYNAMOMETER TIPS OF (page 44) IN A MALE SUBJECT FROM THE LEFT PSYCHO- MOTOR AREA AND FROM THE FINGER RIGHT HAND. The energy discharge from the finger tips of an ordinary individual exceeds that from a bar-magnet." iThe biometer employed measures carbon dioxid in amounts 0. as small as .

it is method employed in inducing the always characterized by some repetitious monotolike the nous performance conducive to sleep of the cradle. netic If Human 225). . If a visceral reflex this obtainis now. no energy sufficient to able. it superimposed by the is a concept of convenience and does not is absolve us from believing that. the functional unit of the reflex arc physiologist. rhythmic swing hammock or rocking chair. Energy it is work and as the latter is a function of motion. If. — By the aid of the visceral reflexes the true pscho-physiologic status of hypnotism may be determined. impossible to conceive of energy production without an increase of metabolism. investigations theory. is To refer phenomenon to "suggestion" a mere matter of logomachy and conceals our ignorance of the process involved. transformed into actual energy (page is a stimulating energy from without required and the 25) to the latter bears no quantitative relation (page is amount of transformed energy.HYPNOSIS the correctness of a metabolic or chemical theory. is a normal discharge of energy emanating from psychomotor region (page 72). Hypnosis. There the Irrespective of the latter. is 235 My show that the is latter. as well as the physical correct. the effect of a stimulus attained by physico-chemical means. Suggestion plays a dominant part in the development of h\'pnotic sleep. potential. energy is an electro-mag- phenomenon (page the tip of a receiving electrode elicit is placed o\'er the ulnar is nerve. any skin area innervated by is nerve irritated there an immediate discharge of positive duling energy and stomach dulness ensues. When 8). to the mechanistic conception of vital is phenomena.

writer has found Contrary to the current the belief. etc. in h}^nosis there is a temporary paralysis of psychical activity. that is necessary is to use electrodes and cord different (page 45).236 appendix In the hypnotic state. responses. directions and a visceral is This is not the case when thought di- rected to a specific object. The electronic reactions elicited serve to some of the phenomena of hypnosis in some individuals and eliminate what was regarded as apocryphal in explain connection therewith. it it is avowed purpose to of endowing matter. —This phrase can be When all a subject engages in thought with red material across the head (page 69). consciousness in some with form the is necessary for developing sense impressions. all To prove the this brain focusing. Similarly. When reference is made to consciousness. with electronic attributes that of knowing (in respect to the electrons) how to arrange reflex themselves form directivity. The latter requires a developer to e\^olve the impressions. the 229) by method already described (page absolutely no reflex reaction of subconsciousness to stimuli acting on the senses during h>^nosis.\l sleep. it is impossible to conduct any energy from the psychomotor region to evoke a visceral reflex. the brain waves are scattered in reflex is evoked. is The hypnotized brain a receptive and not a productive organ. like in natur. demonstrated as literally true. inate Let several wooden energy) objects (used to elimin is autochthonous of be placed parts a room and while the subject object let an distal concentratobject in electrode ing on an assistant touch each succession with the electrode (proximal . Psychic impressions are tantamount to an undeveloped photographic plate. speed. Concentration of the mind. Thus.

Dextral or SINISTR. The later contention may be disproved by the use of the sphygmobiometcr (q. identified with electrical disturbances and while the polarity in the and potentiality of energy produced may cope with such anomalies on one side of the body.4L SYMPTOMS. character" (Ruskin).v. is a differently because they differ chemically. is regarded as a contact sense and is not due to etheric waves. weather changes are organism We shall learn later (page 270) that. they cannot do so on the other of the senses is the foundation on which are built the highest and best developments of human Senses. Let us select as a paradigm the barometric neuroses.). — Reference to this subject has been discussed elsewhere. can easily be demonstrated that the question of odor matter of rate vibration and differentiation is by vibrodynamometry (page 49) and the use of the variable condenser of the sphygmobiometcr (page 272). on the right or the I left side of Such complaints have heretofore regarded as The distribution of energy to both sides of the body is neither of the same potentiality nor of the same polarity (page 80). either symptoms predominating the body.SENSES to the 237 stomach regson of the person on whom the reflex is elicited. — "Delicacy side. The moment the object thought of is touched an im- mediate stomach dulness ensues. Smell. Place at some distance from the subject an hermetically possible .). v. All the phenomena noted with the stomach are demonstrable with the reflexophone (q. a difference in smell is Science contents itself in saying that dependent on a kind of chemical sense and things smell It like color. ridiculous. like taste. patients will complain of For some reason.

GYROGRAPHY. If the energy from the oil orange is permitted to con- dense for several hours. In conducting a number of experiments the nasal sensation cited may vary between 17 and 22 of the scale for reasons oil of on page 286. carbon disulphide of the scale. 72 and 77 other odors are employed for experimental pur- poses. The subject places the other electrode within several inches from the nose. discussion of this neologism is approached with capable of diffidence. Any theory however erroneous. at 90 on the scale. keen sense of smell is necessary in conducting this experiment. When the scale. the very gradually and almost invariably at 17 of the subject perceives not an odor but a sense of breeze.238 APPENDIX oil closed bottle (corked) containing of orange. warmth or a This is not a matter of suggestion for the subject with closed eyes does not know the position of the index. A A repetition of the experiment with the same subject nearly always leads to uniform results. Permit the energy from the corked bottle to accumulate for several minutes with the index of the variable condenser Next. is perceived between NOTE The IV. move the index along the scale scale. some subjects will at once detect the real odor of the when the index attains a definite point on the scale. nasal sensations will be perceived at other points on Thus. In contact with the cork place the receiving electrode. though .

by alternat- ing emotional states which have an important bearing on the psychology of disease. The gyrations of the ball were invoked to explain the planetary motions. movements What we All call rest is unperceived activity (Huxley). Unconscious muscular action or motor automatism is supposed to explain the movements of the "magic pendususpended from a thread which held between the fingers by a sensitive known as "automatist" were variously interpreted in all ages. to locate underground ores or springs and were also recognized as a new force (odyle). The first forces of nature always move by alternate deviations to one and then the other results side of a common mean. 239 eventually contributes something to experimental knowledge. .GYROGRAPHY experimental test. menstruation sexual rhythms in pathology. is muscular tissue (Havelock Rhythmicity in nature illustrated physiologically in etc. to predetermine the sex of eggs. shows that in certain instances exhibited in these gyrations than scious personality is movements by more knowledge is possessed by our conof the source of this and the investigation knowledge constitutes an important phase of psychical research. A more recent study of these unconscious Janet. . The ball lum" or pendule exploratcur The oscillations of a little augurs in ancient Rome employed is this method in divination. Interest in the supposed occult force directing the move- ments of the pendulum periodically revived even by men of erudition. The sense of rhythm is a fundamental quality of neuroEllis). locomotion from oscillating (Herbert Spencer).

in articulate and unconsciously. of ideas and of speech. The The physics. "greater susceptibility to impres- sions. earth is a gyroscope of larger magnitude and is its rotation on its axis geotactic due to electrical induction. In conducting the experiments. pathograms when the oscillations are influenced by pathological energy. The gyroscope. of his is an ideo-motor being whose idea of external motion. is expressed in some kind consciously.240 It is still difficult APPENDIX to say whether the intelligent automatic movements exceed the knowledge derived from a known environment. The character of the energ>' discharge must not be known to the subject so that expectant attention which has a de- cided influence on involuntary muscular movements may be excluded. and rheotactic movements of organisms in their orientation prove the supremacy of the laws of cosmical The called writer has attempted a rehabilitation of this subject. Individuals vary in their susceptibility to the energy discharge and temperamental subjects are necessary. in unrecognized muscular The activities of man are the sum of the activities component electrons." . notably in the direction of making records which he has GYROGRAMS or specifically. the eyes of the subject are closed so that the direction of the oscillations are uninfluenced. latter is The practically a reflexophile (one with exaggerated all reflexes) who shows. fully illustrates rotation and the composition of forces and establishes the fundamental Newtonian laws. greater rapidity of action. Man language actions. Electrons have a fixed standard of directivity and are governed by mathematical equations.

Below the edge a microscope (with ocular removed) into the aperture of is. B. (35 grams). recording plate. weight with attached shaving of cork.GYROGRAPHY Comfortably seated. latter (thin shaving of cork) fixed to the weight by is The proximal electrode of the sphygmobiometer . 241 suspends from is the subject the fingers a cord (15 cm. With the tip. an assis- tant raises or lowers the plate to accommodate the recording is The plaster. —Method is of making gyrograms. Fig. 62. which the recording plate covered with blackened paper fixed (Fig. microscope into the ocular aperture of which the recording plate placed. coarse adjustment of the microscope. C. 62). in length) to which attached a weight of the table The arm is rests on a cushion. A.

In using the sphygmobiomoter the index of the variable condenser should be at zero. The illustrated pathograms were made under the conditions specified. it is only according a tribute to the prodigious memory of the subconscious mind to enlist it for service in research work. first communicates with lateral motion to the weight. . Although the subjects were not cognizant of the character of the conveyed energy. Energy may be conveyed by a conducting cord the usual way without the aid of a sphygmobiometer.242 APPEXDIX is attached to the abdomen whereas the receiving electrode placed in juxtaposition with the energy source. The writer suggests that physicians should select persons with for gyrographic experimentation. the microscope is raised and the record is The subject with closed eyes his fingers a shght made. known diseases In this way. the subcondirectivity of energy like diseases consious mind may memorize the it and may reproduce in individuals with although (to the the latter are epigastrium) unknown in to the physician. the circuit is closed and when any change in the direction of the movement of the weight occurs. subliminal and executed with an expectant idea. }'et the pathograms show a remarkable uniformity. Assuming that the gyrograms are automatic. When the latter motion is regular. Several minutes may elapse before the direction of the weight is altered.


The lungs antedated the bellows. Laboring art at its best is only a crude imitator of nature. variometer and the other apparatus for receiving. the hand. that the proof of a single is worth tons of theories. one would have to assume that the percipient was in possession of a natural detector." The fourth dimension idea. ''We map * out our ignorance in long Greek names. the analogy and telepathy was supposed to be theoretically demonstrated. the pump. ammeter. condenser. all tuning device. Here- tofore. the heart. which refers to the direct action of mind on mind without the intervention of any sense impressions is likewise capable of analogical demonstration.244 APPENDIX NOTE SUBLIMINAL MIXD V. (latent It records past impressions and possesses functions transcending our conscious cerebration. The subliminal mind suggested as a working hypothesis is now demonstrable. the photographic camera with . With the introduction between it of wireless telegraphy. This h}pothesis was subjected to ridicule for the reason that the existence of brain waves was denied and furthermore. embraces psychical memor\') activi- The ties so-called subliminal self. the sixth sense and telepathy of have been the subject enormous speculation and when side. the lever and the eye. —TELEPATHY. which He beneath the threshold of consciousness. our knowledge of telepathy could be embraced by an aphoristic statement of George Eliot. the viewed from the evidential objective fact formulated conclusions are untrustworthy for the reason. Thought transference. potentiometer.

lens and retina plate) Telephonic and telegraphic apparatus with switches. iris (shutter). The indicator of the placed at zero on the scale. Connect the receiving electrode of the latter apparatus with the antennae (Fig. B. antennae. . ^^N B -Vvv*. Psychic energy is demonstrable by the stomach reflex (page 66) or the sphygmobiometer (page 272). 64. — Showing ihe method c5 of connecting the receiving electrode with the antennae when using the sphygmobiomcter or reflexophone. A. batteries.^" Fig.SUBLIMINAL MIND its 245 (sensitive eyelid (cap). abdominal electrode for use with the sphygmobiometer. relays. receiving electrode. 64) and the other electrode to the subject in the usual variable condenser is way (page 36). transformers. shunts and automatic circuit are mere mimicry of what is done in the nervous system and always by aid of the same energy. C.

the buzzing of the sphygmophone of the apparatus ceases. the when electro-magnetic waves are motion by electrical energy. the microscope. In wireless telegraphy set in of red. In some individuals this effect may be secured at a distance of 100 or it is more feet. also possible to demonstrate the specificity of brain waves fpsychovibratory effects). and spectroscope have been devised to microcosm and the substitute the e}'e in analyzing the firmament. page 69). The great riddle of the universe can never be solved by our natural senses which are too crude and inaccurate to reveal the world The telescope beyond them. With the sphygmobiometer. . to reveal the infinitesimal of the . wave vibrations may be adjusted to affect the For the latter purpose. Thought. Mbration is a species of stimulation.246 APPENDIX The moment an distance from the individual in an adjacent room some subject engages in profound thought (with red material across his head. a tuning coil or a variable conis denser (more delicate in adjustment) used to increase or decrease the electrical waves to the proper lengths. tuxixg is necessary so that the receiver. of a piano dift'erent vibratory rates. a like varied physiologic response is elicited from the keyboard which are like the and respond like bodies set in motion by tone vibrations. violet. an like ever\' other natural phenomenon is dependis ent upon matter in motion or vibration and matter. Just as color is determined by retinal stimulation by different structures of the body. eft'ect only of a definite kind of motion. Colors are mereh' dift'erences in wa\'e lengths the longest and slowest of the waves produce the sensation shortest and most rapid.

of a definite —A specific thought is energy after the wave length. the instrument to vibrations beneath SPECIFICITY -47 of the subliminal mind. Thus. // the word selected were: Buzzing attains: the index ceases when on the scale Saved Well Arrived 5 2 Operated Girl 4 6 7 1. is selected. the sphygmophone will only cease to sound when the index attains 10 of the 2 to 10.THOUGHT REFLEX. The following indices have been empirically established for different numbers. manner cited (page i Employing the sphygmobiometer 278) but placing the index of scale. if the number 9. Specificity of thought. to respond the threshold of consciousness. the variable condenser at on the an individual in an adjacent room is directed to look intently on some figure from The number thought of by the other person. Buzzing ceases when the index on the scale attains: // the number selected were: 1 2 2 3 3 4 5 4 5 6 7 6 7 8 9 10 8 9 10 10 A code of words was similarly established. Boy Buy Sell 8 II Better Found 14 25 . position of the index on the scale will indicate the scale.

This psychological investigation may likewise be executed with the reflexophone in connection with a variable condenser. — Illustrating the specificity of thought in relation to figures. In general. the latter is when the index attains a definite position on the scale (Fig. In the foregoing experiments. The distance of conveying telepathic . one reflex (preferably the may employ a visceral stomach) or the heart with the sphyg- mobiometer. When revealed thought is concentrated on a figure. 65.248 APPENDIX or Two more numbers or words may be selected after the following manner. formly Results in my investigations were not uni- successful. e Fig. the results were positive about 75 per cent. the index of the variable condenser to secure condensation of the greatest is placed at 90 amount of psychic energy. the words selected were saved and arrived. 65). Thus. The numbers refer to the wavemeter indices. of the experimental efforts. Mistakes also arise owing to the encroachment of one wave length on the other (page 286). With some individuals engaged in thought (good mental imagery) positive results were practically in always secured. Another person thinks of one word for one-half minute and of another word for the same period of time. If the buzzing of the instrument ceases at 5 and 4 of the scale.

In the latter sense. can be discharged by the vessels . The Bible does not refer to the word brain. owing to of relationship with existing knowledge. He has availed himself of reflexes which are more accurate as detectors of energ}. apparent lack in the The writer has however created no discontinuity transition to this new knowledge. in the bowels.than any apparatus that can be devised by man. The trolled regulatory mechanism of the splanchnic area is con- by the sympathetic system. autonomic nervous system. fully realizes the hostihty that will be engenits dered in relation to the foregoing. The splanchnic area Vasomotor reflexes includes the vessels supplied to the intestinal tract.ABDOMINAL BRAIN impressions after the 249 to the manner indicated was subject ''law of inverse squares. of own is The living functions conform to the uniformity Electricity law accepted in the inorganic world. is it at least three billions of cells specially attuned to this specific function is more capable The author. He has not con- fused proof of an objective fact with evidence for his convictions. intimately associated that an the invariable property of matter but matter so and electricity are they are practically same. kidneys and spleen. mind must consort with matter and and not metaphysics. abdominal brain This system being independent. The Hebrews located mind. self-regulative or autono- mous in its activity has been correctly called. liver. appropriately (solar plexus). in the kidneys and tenis essentially a question of physics — der emotions. Abdominal brain." If the foregoing results can be attained by means of a not evident that the brain with of psychesthetic action? heart or stomach reflex. called.

Despite repetition. *Read Polar Expression of who directed Energy on page 8i. functions.\'olitional act. If heterodoxy has not characterized the writer's previous asseverations. of stimulation cific let us recall that vibration is mode and that the response of our tissues to a spe- rate of vibration differs in (in no wise from the in piano s}Titon}') is which sounds struck. Everj. of intelli- an adaptive impulse in the absence of reflex gence and made up acts purely automatic and with- out the domain of the mind. and ever\' physical reaction to an emotion. Huxley. clock might Conand it is ^Mental function as work might animal (page 26). A string of a harmony when the A string of a violin Now. just as the machinen.* Thought directed to a part \\'ill increase its vascularity. is simul- taneously an instinct. essentially a reflex sciousness depends upon the action not coextensive with mind. of the reflexes proceed without consciousness.250 APPENDIX themselves and they participate in the reflex regulation of their ovm. is the natural expression of protection. the splanchnic vasomotor nerves will respond to the psychovibratorx' component of cerebration. is A reflex movement in neurons a the basic condition in ever\.emotion.' of a work without a dial. . As a rule the localized reflex is a Vasodilation. referred to science as organized common sense which paraphrased as a myster}' what Instinct is signifies that science is does not interpret in realit}' a \'ery simple thing. he surely stands convicted as a heterocHte by attempting to demonstrate one of the subsidiary' residences of mind in the abdominal region. This observation conforms to that of Haab. The abdominal brain aids specificalh' ]\Ian is in the demonstra- tion of telepathy.

In executing the following experiments. the areas of abdominal dulness are to be whom facing the west (page 59). — At some distance from the percipient the person (transmitter) who is able to concentrate his mind connects his psychomotor region with red material (page 69). the subject on strated demonmust have an abdomen which yields a t>'pical The subject must stand tympanitic sound on percussion. smell). Figs. When the transmitter visualizes any of his special senses (sound.TELEPATHY attention to a psychical reaction 251 (pupilary reflex) due to a suggestion of light. taste. Illuslrating ventral areas of dulness on percussion when words or the senses are visualized by another (transmitter). 66 and 67. areas of dulness on percussion (caused .

if telesthetic results (or specifically sympathetico- neologization is permitted) have been success- fully achieved by the writer in most instances. Fig.252 APPENDIX by the splanchnic vasomotor reflexes) appear in specific locations of the abdomen (Figs. prodigies). 66 and 67). These areas may be reproduced by an individual on his own abdomen provided red material isused after the manner cited (autotelepathy) latter are endogenetic The reflexes. make a record of the same (areas of dulness) on specific abdominal areas of the percipient (Figs. dual consciousness. By this means. another person can by thinking of definite words. To the subliminal self is conceded — sense impressions too feeble to arouse conscious perception. (2 or 3 feet) from the percipient latter and separated from the by a closed door places a ticking watch or compresses with the ear of the percipient. 64). but the action of the latter. brought on a result line with the ear of the The same may be achieved with the sphygmobiometer. the observer is eliciting the reflex can tell each time the watch percipient. Subliminal consciousness tion has already may If be demonstrated. the unconscious power dominating physiological processes. dependent . an immediate dul- a Galton whistle (consciously inaudible to the percipient) on a line ness of the stomach ensues (energy conducted from the auditory area. By These esthesia. Subliminal Mind. exogenetic connecting the percipient with an aerial (Fig. higher mental faculties (genius. 61 to the stomach region). and the former. Atten- been directed to the writer's method of a person slightly distant locating centers (page 229). 66 and 67). higher faculties of percipience (exaltation of the senses) etc.

68. that a reflex is only when the bottle reaches the latter discharged. —Illustrating functional areas on the surface of the left hemisphere in a right-handed person. WTien a corked bottle containing some odoriferous substance (consciously imperceptible it is to the percipient) is moved toward the nose. The cross indicates the area of cutaneous sensibility. This objective demonstration of an odor below the number of phenomena. The sense of smell may be similarly demonstrated.. . Subconscious vision can likewise be determined b}' the method described but the source handed person fact established (Fig. the to be conscious of a cat as near while unseen and unheard (known as ailurophobia) is a subconscious recognition of olfactory emanations known only by the threshold of consciousness explains a results in susceptible persons. is not as sensitive as the stomach reflex. 68). of energy can only be con- ducted from the left hemisphere (visual area) This is in a right- in accordance with the that the visual area by physiologists. viz.SUBLIMINAL MIND 253 on the vagal reflex (page 85). power Thus. Fig.

. In the average person.discharge noted at a distance of several feet. the energ}." fully a generation back since Huxley.GNETiSM. at the stomach region. asserted that. has a literal significance. The conception science It is of personality was abandoned when was unable to demonstrate a so-called '"vital force. essed —This by the blind of recognizing the existence of objects It is several yards awa}". If one electrode on a conducting cord is fixed at the area of cutaneous sensibility (Fig. \Mien the tactile sense is is exalted (in the blind). NOTE PERSONAL MAGNETISM VI. the energ\' discharge from the area of cutaneous sensibility. It iLA. does not occur until the finger is within 4 inches from the skin. — OCCULT of PHENOMENA. sixth or even a tenth sense to explain the is no longer necessarv^ to invoke a phenomenon. It merely an exaltation of an existing sense which translates imperceptible vibrations into sensations. was regarded as a force equivalent to that exhibited by a magnet which passed from one person to another.254 like the APPEXDIX speech centers are located in the left hemisphere only. This subject will receive further consideration in the discussion of mediums (page 257). 7) on the left brain hemisphere and the other. the experimenter (eliciting the stomach reflex) can absolutely say It tions each time another person (with the finger) approaches the skin on the right side of the subject. is a fa cult}' common to animals which perceive vibrabeyond our range of audition. personal The figurative employment the phrase. refers to the faculty pos- Touch at a DISTA^XE.

With the ophthalmoscope. electro-magnetic (page 225). to commence our prescriptions with an inv^ocation Jupiter." To deprecate "personal magnetism.from the average individual is The elicited relatively potent (page 234) and visceral reflexes may be spines. Before the Roentgen rays. its contents into the duodenum (page With the finger tips at the 7th cervical spine. the lung border descends and the heart diminishes in diameter. yet astrological terms are employed by the lexicographer. discharge of energ}. Astrology has no ofhcial recognition. Reference has already been soil in treatment (page 195). made to the influence of The "laying on of hands"" . the retinal vessels contract when the finger tips are applied at the 7 th cervical spine and dilate.PERSONAL MAGNETISM liOi) "the forces exerted by living matter are identical with those existing in the organic world or are convertible into them. is The energy emanating from the human organism is The whole domain of physics tending toward a unification of various forms of force under one great principle. when they approach the loth dorsal spine etc. Temperamental individuals (the writer designates them as ergohypertonics) may discharge the foregoing reflexes at a distance of several inches. we prescribe mercury and speak of venereal and We lunatic affections. the pylorous opens and the stomach discharges 65). by application of the finger tips to different vertebral Nothing is left to the imagination in such demonstrations." because is it is a misnomer only a matter of logomachy. All the cosmic forces are now comprehended in a single word —ENERGY.

dessicates bodies of animals pieces of meat by subjecting them field. — The writer has repeatedly demonstrated that. The from energ>' discharge from the finger tips of one hand is positive and from the other. if several individuals make contact with the finger tips of one hand . They cannot explain the phenome- non and only know that results are attained. W. number. Dr. B. Ind. Gaston Durville (France). and Allen (Cleveland). reports to me as follows: "I have repeatedly observed old farmers in our vicinity several who cure facial erysipelas in a very short time by holding their finger tips at a distance of about one inch from the erysipelatous areas and making downward passes." is The energy from erysipelas negative (page 127). With hands by others. This phenomenon is not a m}'th. the discharge must be neutral.256 APPENDIX energy discharge for the cure of disease predicates not only but energy polarity.). Dr. WTien the finger tips both hands are used. W. for several days to the action of a magnetic PsYCHOMETRY. This is a supposed occult power of recognizing by physical contact the character of an object and to diagnose disease by touch. he has succeeded in mummifying dead passes with living hands at a distance of six inches for three-quarters of an hour daily. arrangement and vibratory rate of electrons (page 47). Page (Goshen. has shown that human hands have pronounced bactericidal power in certain cases and that remarkable cures have been achieved by the imposition of hands. H. Identity is no less an attribute of the inorganic than it is Here identity is associated with the of organic matter. negative.

The vibratory mined (page 51). that scious apprehension may be so exalted as expressed phenomena transcending our conbecome perceptible. the latter may be identified with respect to the individual rate of the finger tips touching the paper.OCCULT PHENOMENA for 257 about one minute with different sheets of paper. sense impressions. is Every phenomenon reproducible by the unneces- kinetic energy inherent in the individual and it is sary to invoke a supernal reason for its origin. Occult phenomena would have long since been relegated to the scientific knowable had it not been for the antipathy . The new psycholog}' of spiritualism will eliminate the self deception by a correct interpretation of supposed super- normal phenomena self in as extraordinary manifestations of human energy and the subliminal the recognition of the possibility that. certain individuals (called mediums. in psychics or automatists). the vibratory rate is rate as the individual who touched it. Occult phenomena. indices for demonstrating — visceral reflexes and aux- are absolute and constant human energ}\ The potentiality of the latter varies in different indi- viduals (page 55). is primarily deter- WTien the paper municated to comthe paper by induction. Such individuals may be compared to the instruments which translate the spiritistic of science invisible into the visible. The new knowledge theor}' of of human energy corroborates human radiations (page 9). The \ibratory finger tips) is rate from the paper (after contact with the determined after the same manner and may persist for several hours. The iliary methods (Chapter V). and assumes the same is touched.

(page 80) that ever>' individual has already been sho\\Ti encompassed by a neuro- dynamic field. Another biomechanic phenomenon which the writer has of the witnessed was an arrest of the pulse at a distance of 20 feet when the fingers were directed at the 7th cervical spine (page 63). who observed seems to have packed the eye with mistakes as with the avowed reason their purpose of destroying any possible foundation for the theory that organs are adapted to their environment. fool of Let us succinctly Telekinesis. In the biomechanic detection of energ\^ indi\'iduals (page 18)." was the predominant primate but sense of the Ptilocercus — like ancestor of the SIGHT had become the predominant sense in man. "Superstition true psychology in the Elliot Smith. of objects —This refers to the It is movements without contact with the mover. Our apprehension tion: of the world is one prolonged decepthat. is necessarih. the scientific too is little. This extraordinary energy discharge logical. nature if the senses perceive and the mind It was Helmholtz. It is which restrains the senses from making a possessor. by extending their fingers in the direction stomach may raise the latter a distance of one inch. leaves the latter after the performance an enervated . The credulous believe too much.258 APPENDIX scientist to the unclassified residua of the facts shown by the of experience. observed that smell wrong dress. recall some spiritistic data. The some potentiality of the latter varies with the individual.patho- and engendered by emotional states in in mediums. apperceives. The psychology of deception has senses are invoked in the interpretation of no limitation if the phenomena.

a This is also true of the waves in wireless transmission. in can evoke a visceral reflex at a greater distance dark. than in a light room. was overthrown by Newton. In the actio in distans observed at seances. Hereward Carrington. that while the potentiality of human it in the dark than in the light (page 269)." In the latter sense.OCCULT PHENOMENA condition. Telekinetic and kindred phenomena are dependent on a of the "compound elementary consciousness of the sitter enters as sitters. more power is necessary in the day than in the night to cover the same distance owing to the light (reducing conductivity and partial absorption of weaker waves) which is an electro-magnetic disturbance of the ether (page 224). in much in the execution of phenomena. 259 The extraordinary energ}^ producing and trans- forming brain of a genius is equally pathological and if the mental anomaly were physical. the discharge is increased to i Ohm is when another person grasps the other hand of this and to II Ohms. certain individuals are regarded as detri- mental factors My so friend. individual the circle. who has accomplished the differentiation of what is fraudulent and . the genius would serve as an exhibit it in a museum. when a third person enters into At seances. discharge from the finger tips of an indi- vidual determined biodynamometrically (page 44) and found to be -h of an Ohm. In materialization. matter cannot act where is not. in his law of universal gravitation. The Cartesian conception that. a dark seance room better propitation of the spirits? is demanded for As a matter energy is less of fact. each If the energ}'^ a dynamogenic element in the production of energy. certain conditions are exacted.

x by of his fingers an extension toward an organ. are evidently sub- conscious states of adverse willing yield a neutral duling There can be no question that experiments conducted before critical audiences often owe their failure to unfavor- able attitudes of mind. expressed positively. Will. expressed negatively. red is UNNECESSARY. yields is an energy with a polarity which both positive and negative. another person not necessary for the person by willing that the reflex should not be discharged prevents It is elicitation of the reflex. refers to an internal repulsive force which may combat phenomena. Will. red the psychomotor regions (page 67) is necessary to a visceral reflex but when will is concerned. The latter contention may now be demonstrated as true. Even antagonism and contempt which energy^. understandable how an individual with an opposing will could frustrate a physical phenomenon. yields a neutral energy. Their thoughts are expressions of energy difterentiated by rate vibration and polarity (page is Adverse willing willing wears absolutely ineft'ective if the person thus anv vellow material on the head. When one person attempts to evoke a visceral refle. similarly influenced. . In mentalization with the content of thought only. one can positively affirm is whether the than that of second person a propitious or opposing element. is loftier The physiologic rank of the will the mind by directing and governing across elicit the latter. Insomuch as telekinetic is phenomena are achieved by it human is energ}^ which positive or negative (page 41).260 APPENDIX genuine in spiritualism. thus willing to use red material on the head (page 69). actors and musicians are 247). Thus it is that. Lecturers.

component of mind is relatively of great pothe sphygmobiometer is employed. Thus. The will tentiality. Using the stomach like investigation reflex. —The mind cooperates is in seeing. but only Vision The is mind's eye. whereas red yields a negative energy. 67)." is a mere term sanctioned by usage to designate an individual with who can perceive with the senses. Thus will has an energy value nearly 27 times greater than thought. toward the attainment of the retards its elicitation for Diffuse yellow (p. an unfavorable attitude of mind physically prevents correct apperception. is **None so blind as those that will not see" When stomach the visual center (p. Supernor]vl\l perception.mind's eye 261 The author light does suggests the use of yellow light in a place latter object. h^-peresthetic perception. Executing a strongly wills with the same person who the energy discharge is s)4 Ohms. If engages in thought for 30 seconds to denser (index of which is charge the conis at 90). not produce the stomach reflex several seconds. . the energy discharge of an average is 2^^ person occupied in thought of an Ohm. a subjective as well as an objective process. which the average person cannot. the energy' yield from the visual center of yellow that — a negative duling energy. If the subject mentally afhrms that he sees yellow when is looking at red. ]ldc cardiokinesthesia. looking at yellow yields a positive duling energy. 253) connected with the region. The energy is current then closed and the index of the condenser placed at o. —The "medium. the receiving electrode is connected to the aerial (page 64) and Another person the proximal electrode to the abdomen. literally true.

deprecation of the latter is Any engendered by ignorance is and ignores the law of reserve energy which expressed by Prof. deeper and deeper strata of com- bustion or explosible material. discontinuously arranged. the in. —Tradition its not explained has no It is easier to condemn than expression Pasteur.262 APPENDIX The former is one "who sees without eyes'' and employs the other senses in apparently impossible ways. latter not only possess exalted receptiWty of the self The subliminal but bicerebration (page 233). charms. Legendary lore. our knowledge was incapable mind on the body. The tissues of the bed}' are condensers (page ic6) and is are practically reservoirs of surplus energ\-. I will investigate. William James as follows: It is succincth- evident that our organism has stored up reserves of energy that are ordinarily not called upon. and repairing themselves b\'-rest as well as do the superficial strata. . In two individuals with "second sight" center (telegnosis). of explaining the influence of the which Heretofore. humility of genius would find 'T do not know ." Amulets. investigate. They can be of tapped by suggestion an essential component encouragement. but ready for use for any one who probes so deep. such exalted sense reactions (page 254) are believeable an examination of a number of subjects thus endowed. If the Pasteurian spirit of catholicity were rampant. talismans and the abracadabra have subserA-ed their purpose in the cure of disease of the by the influence mind on the body.. a \'isual was demonstrable in both hemispheres of the brain (page 264). By after the author's method of brain localization (page 229). official recognition.. but that may be called upon.

Various electrical appll\nces (belts. ionization. yield a neutral energy which prevents the elicitation of the stomach reflex by either pole of a bar-magnet (page Any supposed efiicacy of the "rings" must be due pendants. Thus. He assured of complete recovery and when was accepted the energy output from his finger tips was i Ohm (increased 25 times) and from the left psychomotor region. The tradition associated with a potato for the cure of its rheumatism has the afflicted. If the cut surface of a potato is charged it with the streamings from the negative pole of a magnet will not evoke the stomach reflex but wdll do so when charged with the positive pole.LEGENDARY LORE 263 Let US express numerically and therefore without equivocation how much energ\- may be supplied by hope. detractors among the erudite but not Reference has been made to the causation of pains in rheumatics (page 270). this suggestion 15-25 of an Ohm. the potato in lieu of the rheumatic joints takes up the positive charges during To be is effective in attaining the latter object it is sugit gested theoretically. A of the is cut potato (carried on the person) prevents elicitation stomach reflex when the negative pole of a bar-magnet presented to the stomach region w^hereas the positive pole will evoke dulness. in- . A depressed patient comes to my office and I find that the energy output from his left finger tips and psychois motor region is only 1-25 of an Ohm. "Rheumatic Rings" (of iron) when worn 35). that the potato must be renewed for only capable of taking up a definite number of positi\e electrons. to neutralization of the positive ions.

relic of is The divixixg superstition rod. each chemical element when heated vields its own characteristic set of waves.264 soles. Ohms. The rod is merely a vehicle of expression of subconscious perception. perception at a distance (page Every man is an ideo-motor being and expressed in some kind of external motion. tion of the whole bod}' in harmony with Everything in nature is in a state of perpetual motion. the following BEFORE APPLICATIOX Energy discharge from the tips (male) left finger may be noted: 2-25 of an left Ohm. etc. Ohm. . oil and The distinctive rates and lengths of waves is the basis of spectrum analysis. wavemetric index (page 286) of water. These rhythmatic changes in the energ}' held by elec- trons are no longer a matter of speculation (page 8). If the current from a dry cell is applied to the epi- gastrium for lo minutes. 254). It is impossible to entertain his idea is an idea without participait. it not because he possesses a transcendental (page 264) he is but because like the clairvoyant in possession of super- senuous perceptive power. Discharge from gion psj'chomotor re1-25 of an .\FTER APPLICATIOX. Energy from fingers Energy from left psychomotor gion 3 re2 Ohms. —This supposititious to occultism ancient no longer belongs but entitled to consideration as a scientific fact. If is the dowser is born and not made inascitur non gift til).) APPENDIX have been similarly discredited without adequate little reason. With the sphygmobiometer strate the it is now possible to demon- minerals.

and ascertain quantity and depth* 256) and human radiations (page NOTE ORIGINAL CAPACITY VII. otherwise nature must be arraigned as unjust and even cruel. OF ENERGY ELECTRONALGIAS. . — CONSER\ ATION children.ORIGTXAL CAPACITY 2()5 Thus subterranean determination prerogati\'e of the specially gifted scientitic reality. other- we would will what we are not. the QUALITATIVE determination of all things in nature. will the reader. in a mechanistic conception of In accordance with the electronic theory (page 3). is likewise an accidental attribute of mind. ride." Despite this pessimistic fatalism. in their the individual plays an unimportant part in his life Design in the creation of electrons in nature. one may even ven- ture further PsYCHOMETRY (page 9). constrained to believe. of this They demand personal demreveal to onstration but a careful study book. The in hereditarian contends that. a continuation of the lives of his ancestors. sins of the fathers upon the "The Gods x'isit the That we are omnibuses life which all is. The Binet-Simon and other measuring is scales of intelli- *It impossible to describe the author's methods. and accident combinations are rampant The Will wise inequalities with reference to humans are accidental. our ancestors in and that the of each individual some real sense. I am life. of the foregoing as a must be relegated to By aid of the apparatus in question. not permit my investigations will me to eliminate heredity as a factor in our so- called personality for. history.

is a myth insomuch as man a creature of his environment. one may measure the polarity and poten- tiality of plant energy. continue and pass like living creatures." dure. and by aid of his crescograph and oscillating recorder." is true as long as belief in it is useful for our "Nothing endures eternally in order that all may en- . come. The and latter is also demonstrable b}' the visceral reflexes in addition. may be demonstrated that all That irritability is may be demonstrated in metals. Man is essentially a reflex animal (page 26). lives. "Science is organized the animal common sense" and phenomena of body must be interpreted from the viewpoint is that. What the pragmatist calls truths. Bose.266 gence must include APPENDIX among mental defectives the psychas- thenic types which after the slightest mental effort yield the reaction of psychasthenia (page 174). The atom a living thing "writ small" and we no longer believe that the atom it is fixed and unchangeable. Tropism. Con- sciousness predicates reflex action and is not coextensive with mind (page 236). they are vital demonstrations of chemistry and mechanics. that the latter sent assuaged by narcotics and the energy pre- may be subdued for many minutes by subjecting them to the action of an anesthetic. "An idea own life. Applying matter the author's methods for detecting energy in so-called in- animate things. has shown the amount of growth in plants and automatic movements. has demonstrated the foregoing Galvanometrically. demonstrates environmental influences inde- pendent of will and is so-called "freedom of will".

"In the midst of



are in death."

It is impossible to conceive physiologic activity


The super-activity of radium is due to the entanglement radium bromid with the decomposition products of radium each of which is itself disintegrating.

a radium salt
rise, it loses


separated from the products to which


(temporarily) some of


in the

emanation given




regained just

in proportion as the other decays.

In the original activity of the electrons,


the origin

mental characteristics and reaction,



accordance with

the electronic characteristics.

With the means now

at our

command of analyzing human

individuals will be properly

and then

assigned to the life-work for which they are fitted.


determining the reaction of the sense centers (page

230), the child


be properly guided in


mental educa-


child's senses are the

avenues of knowledge and

original capacity

concerned not only with seeing but in


Ribot, divides


into three classes:

The highly

who never

to a




Those with moderate activity with limited


who represent the majority of mankind; The asthenics who dislike work and are ''born lazy."
things, their friends say,

Grasset, has sententiously portrayed certain individuals

who say they cannot do



not" and the physician says, "they cannot will."
indi\'iduals ha\'e a deficiency of vital


energy and their



recognizable (page 268).

Conservation of energy.




has been

a perfect transformer.

acts like


after ha\'ing acted


an ordinary battery


discharge, he

regenerated by a nerve current which con-

stitutes the recharging.



a continuous adjustment to the environment
deca}- at the renaissance but its re-


Astrology began


vival can be forecast in the terms of physical science.


attraction of

man by

the sun, the mechanical energy

imparted to him by the sun and rotation of the earth,
atmospheric pressure, variations in temperature, rain and

winds tremors of the earth and the
billions of volts all influence the

electric potential at

microcosm by the macro-


—the world machine.
be computed (page

Brain and physical exhaustion
63) and

an intoxication of the

(page 167).

Original mental capacity

essentially the capacity for

charging and limiting the discharge of the









it is

and when

so-called latent energy


referred to will (page 261) an original organization

for will energ}'




teleology of the organism

a question of

inherent properties.

Repair succeeding waste


effort of least resistance

thus avoiding the reaccommodation of the organism to

changed conditions.


force has been


to electricity



comparison aids us in framing a


knowledge con-

cerning the action and laws that govern

human energy

and extensive. Nerve health is the resultant of the income and expenditure of energy and the ner\-ous system must be made equal to
in relation to electricity are precise
its task.


has been shown that energy


constantly passing

from the body.
(page 109);


To minimize

this expenpiture, the followi.

ing procedures are apposite:

Short-circuiting the brain

Posture (page 102).


least expenditure of

energy occurs

in the


posture with the head to the north.

The maximum

energy occurs when the bed or couch

placed in the magis

netic meridian (page 103) but in this position, there


corresponding output of energy.


short-circuiting the brain or

The latter may be minimby the use of color.

"God has employed

color in His creation as the unvary-

accompaniment of all that is purest, most innocent and most precious" (Ruskin). Purple on any part of the body inhibits the discharge of energy from the brain and body. Dickens, it is said would invariably place his bed in a
definite position

with relation to the points of the compass.

Dr. George White, informs


as follows:


stock breeder observed that the breeding of cattle

was more

the mangers were placed in the magnetic


In the dark, the energy output
(page 61).

is less


in the



observations show that this


also true of


In the dark a given quantity of the latter yields an energy
equal to

H of an


in the sun,

1 5


an Ohm.
popular conception

Red on

the head increases the output of psychical energy.

latter fact gives credence to the

that an individual with red hair

usually very alert.

Yellow on any
of physical energy.

part of the body augments the output

Elsewhere, the writer has discussed the deleterious influence of NOISES on the organism.


structures of the


are infinitesimal magnets



(page 298), the polarity of which


be modihed by


cordant sounds.

Reference has already been
of the tissues (page 106).
If a


to the storage capacity

horseshoe magnet


placed in apposition with the

7th cervical spine for 15 seconds, the energy output (from the fingers)


be raised from ih of an
it is






after one minute,

again reduced to the




voluntary attention

conduces to nerve
ternal work.

tension and mental relief


by projecting impulses to the periphery to accomplish ex-

in a

The former condition may be likened to a short-circuit dynamo which discharges the current within the maits

chine thus causing
energ}' output.


and minimizing


The employment of this neologism Electroxalgl\. by the writer, was suggested by his investigations which prove the character of the pains experienced by so-called

human barometers


has always been suggested that electricity was the
significant meteorological factor in explanation of the


peculiar behavior of


animals prior to a storm or other

atmospheric disturbance.
Reference has already been
theory (page 223).


to the author's ether

Coincident with the disrupti\'e discharge from a large

draughts or saturation of the atmosphere

with moisture, ionization (page 200) ensues and a structure
previously implicated
tricial tissues etc.,)



(rheumatic joints, cica-

becomes charged with positive electricity

(stomach reflex employed in polarity determination).



The normal

structures do not take

up the charge


The charge

of positive electricity ma}' be


from the diseased structure
(minutes to hours) until

for a variable period of time


by a negative

charge (from a bar-magnet).

Investigations with colors

demonstrated that violet (negative non-duling energy)

would not only dissipate the positive charge (like the negative pole of a magnet) but would prevent the charge when
next to the pathological structure.

In accordance with the foregoing, a violet material


be employed as a prophylactic

in electronalgias.

In investi-

gating the polarity reaction of different violet materials,

was found that cotton material frequently yielded a positive
non-duling energy owing to the presence of some special

Thus, the use of the latter would do no good.
Violet silk or wool however can be emploxed as a prophylactic.









nervous system of altered function against


polarity of pain has heretofore never been

solicited in behalf of its beneficient action in altering the

character of the vital


(page 195).


affections as noted throughout this



either a positive or negative energy.

Pain, which yields a neutral energy (page 164),



regarded as a protective mechanism by
{vis conservatrix)




in this sense, its

subjugation would

prove inimical to the natural curative power








Variable condenser.





The Variable Condenser (Wavemeter)
22 are stationary.

made up


semicircular metal vanes (43), of which 21 are movable and


the condenser


attached a circular

black top with a 180 degree scale, knob handle, arrow indicator and binding posts (Fig. 69).

•* »*V»i'


Fig. 69.
of the

— Sphygmobiometer.

Showing the components and the direction

energy current.

Fig. 70.

— Sphygmobiomclcr.

A, receiving electrode; B, pusii bulton;

C, abdominal electrode; D, ground wire; E, potentiometer; F, variable con-

denser; G, rheostat; H, induction coil which


be put in or out of the



aid of a lever.


to increase the voltage of energy. This 69 e) is practically the biody- may . 18). — conducted to one binding post of the INDUCTION COIL (C). the is Energy a GROUND WIRE (D). The end of the latter by making and breaking contact rhythmically on a platinum plate (C) evokes a sound from a buzzer by aid of an "E\'erready battery (No. The energy is conducted (Fig. more resistance The foregoing apparatus is designated. The Resistance Coil namometer (Fig. From one binding post of the latter. 69) from the RECEIVING electrode (A). (Fig.be used for vibrodynamometry condenser is (p. From another binding post of the induction coil a connection is made with one binding post of the resistance COIL (E). is is usually left at zero (of the scale) but when is too strong so as to diminish the force of the contractions (page 85). 69 b) is constructed on the conIts essential ventional principle with vibrator eliminated. 70) is an arrangement it for so regulating the voltage of energy that will render the detector (heart) as sensitive as possible. 750). conduction (page 54) is employed with the Ensemble." The latter is operative for three hours intermittent service. The Sphygmophone (Fig. The index the energy ventricular interposed. 71) is made up of a tambour (A) to which a lever (B) is attached. and from the other binding ])ost of the latter.SPHYGMOBIOMETER 2/ The Induction object is Coil (Fig. and from the other binding post of the latter a . The POTENTIOMETER (Fig. Unipolar apparatus. biometer. to One binding post of the CONDENSER (B). 49) pro- \'ided the index of the at zero. is connected preferably to a radiator or a gas or electric fixture or water pipe may be used.

Thus. the revolutions of the electrons alone substitute the apparatus (oscillator or exciter) for the production of waves in "wireless. field of During the revolutions of the latter. an electro-magnetic energy is produced which has thus far eluded all its instruments for detection. Theory of action. ^•-C Fig. which may for convenience be designated as proximal or de- tecting ELECTRODE." . From the latter.^Sphygmophone. 7i. The electro-magnetic waves set in motion b\' the wireless spark differ only in amplitude and magnitude from the ethereal vibrations set in motion by the revolution of the electrons (page 4). a conducting cord is attached to the abdominal electrode (G). — If radio (wireless) telegraphy is employed as a paradigm. for making or breaking the current circuit.276 connection is APPENDIX made with a push button (F). it is because it is better understood and serves our purpose by analogy. The latter may be executed with the hand or the foot.

Matter is only an effect of a definite kind of motion and the variable "condenser like the tuning coil in "wireless. energy is conveyed to the it condenser (Fig. 69B)." increases or decreases the wa\'es of energy to the proper lengths. Tuning separating is of great importance in recei\'ing a message and it from other ''wireless" oscillations. the contractions are conveyed to the diminished in strength and rate. it with the heart as a detector. is arbitrarily and the wave length of thumb knob attached determined by a scale. .PPHYGMOBIOMETER Electronic energy as has already been _' / t shown (page the of 8) may be demonstrated physiologically. With abdomen \\^hen the sphygmobiometer. the detector is THE HEART. whereas when stimulation is greater. Irritability is the fundamental property to which is referred the total activity of living substance. No instrument of science can substitute organs for detecting the electro-magnetic (page 8). is The sphygmobiometer analogous to a receiving station In justice to nature. When the heart ventricle is inhibited by moderate vagus stimulation. the total energy (irrespective of wave lengths) employed. human energy field In the use of the sphygmobiometer. the latter (at 90) stores the energy released (by turning the to the mo\'able plates). tion the would be more apposite to reverse the comparison and make inven- mimicry of nature in accordance with the data cited on page 244. energy of the subject to secure reflex is vagus stimulation \'ariable like in the Goltz tapping experiment upon the abdomen. is When the physiologist stimulates a nerve or muscle. the beats although slower are stronger.

Readjustment of the straps may be necessarv secure maximum lexer oscillations. By or throwing in Ohmic resistance with the resistance the receiving electrode further coil by holding away from (rise of the the energy source. instead of the lever rising ensues. the usual effect would be noted lever). the point in question rises. When the is attained. liver. by to buckles. Technique. when this released at a given point on the scale of the con- denser (established empirically) and at this point only. heart) are similarly synchronized. —Finger pulsations (notably. the lever (B). inclosing a (B). the spectral lines My may energy would be blurred and diffused. \Vlien the entire finger (dorsal surface in apposition is with the bulb) are fixed introduced into the casing the straps (C). Vide potentiometer. of sphygmophone thus breaking the circuit and the ceases. investigations show that. The Hnes and if of Hght making up the spectrum of an element originate from the vibrations of electrically charged systems the vibrations of atoms were not attuned to each other. 72) consists of a casing (A). The . middle finger) readily respond to vagus stimulation. Other visceral reflexes (stomach. rhythmic buzzing corresponding to the finger pulse Vagus stimulation feeble is an individual question and even a stimulus (in Vagus hypertonia) it may diminish the strength of the contractions (page 85) in which instance. The pleth}'smograph rubber bulb (Fig. the energy released stimulates the heart and raises blood pressure. a specific form of energy in various diseases be condensed is and that. The latter and increased buzzing could be accepted as an evidence of conwould fall veyed energy.278 APPENDIX Electrons are characterized by the uniformit}' of their vibrations.

the more vigorous the lever oscillations the less the sensitivity of cardiac response. Other exactions are noted on page 85. When it is impossible to obtain lever oscillations from the is finger pulse. — Plethysmograph. Fig. hx rest To maintain raising or lowering the screw (D. is not as sensi- tive as from the Fig. and the end of the tubing oscillations by the stop cock (D). Fig. In the latter instance. 71). secure maximum oscillations of the lever (B). Next. 71 ). of the lc\er must passivity of the finger.SPHYGMOBIOMETER amplitude of the latter varies and subject in it is 279 better to whom the heart response to employ a stimulation is known. the response finger. special contrivance for fixing the bulb (B) to the radial artery. E. the latter and arm on an unyielding leather cushion (placed on another table). is Usually. commence. 72). 72. Then lower or . release stop cock (D) to avoid rupture of the rubber of the When closed the straps are adjusted tambour (A. the bulb (B) removed from its casing and may be fixed over the radial artery by a special contrivance (Fig. Before tightening the straps (C).

the former to receive energy from a more extensive surface and the latter. is Let us suppose the object of our diagnosis a tubercu- Rhythmic buzzing of the instrument is heard. The index lous lung. The contact points (point of lever and platinum plate) must be cleaned occasionally for which purpose use the finest sand paper with oil and then wipe with a cloth. 71) so that the lever approximates the platinum plate (C). just enough contact must be secured If the is to elicit a faint buzzing. the sensitivity of the apparatus correspondingly diminished insomuch as the is conveyed energ}' insufficient to raise the lever. The latter is applied before the disk approximates the rubber and after the disk is allowed to fall into position. By adjusting the screw (D) of the tambour or the other screw attached to the small post bearing the platinum plate (C^). contact is too close. The disk is fixed to the rubber by sealing wax. wax and thus fix The receiving electrode (A). consists of a broad : and a pointed attachment (Fig. Some slight movement of the subject may disturb the contact so . release the screw holding the tambour and use a new piece of thin rubber dam which is made hermetically tight by waxed floss silk. heated metal is placed in the disk contact with the disk to melt the to the rubber. Fig. 69) the source of energy. of the condenser is placed at o of the scale. —The is electrode (G) is fixed to the abdomen of the subject employed so that its center cor- responds to the umbilicus. If the tambour rubber is torn.280 raise the APPENDIX tambour on the standard (C . The epigastrium the best area for indirect vagus stimulation (page 85). for localizing Radio-dl\gxosis.

: SPHYGMOBIOMETER that readjustment is 281 necessary from time to time. It may be necessary for a in such an e\cnt to allow the energy in the to accumulate minute condenser (indicator at . EstabIf is lish the circuit and gradually move the indicator to 15. the buzzing ceases. is With the button (F). is At zero (of the scale). Place indicator at 15. Each time the current of energ}' is on. will release energy sufficient to evoke vagus stimulation at given numbers only (wAVEMETER iNDEx). determine the specificity of energ}' two methods are Place indicator on scale of the condenser at available 1. The height to which the lever rises is (as a rule) in pro- portion to the potentiality of the energy discharge. the energy discharge tuberculous. the buzzing may continue for 10 or more beats before the lever rises and the buzzing ceases. If the potentiality of the energy is low. 69) over the lung and when it reaches a tuberculous focus. With the index at o (of the scale of the variable condenser) is only an energy discharge of the energy discharged length. the circuit estabHshed. The vagus reflexes may become exhausted (page 170). buzzing ceases at the latter number. To 1. energ}^ of all descriptions discharged from the condenser to achieve vagus stimulation. It demonstrated but the specificity its must be established by wave has been demonstrated empirically that the position of the indicator on the scale of the condenser. 2. and then make and break the energy flow. An ment assistant or the physician now passes the large attach- of the electrode (Fig. the lever rises and the buzzing ceases (vide the anomalous reaction on page 286).

buzzing ceases at and tuberand 15. tuber- culosis). the indicator of the resistance coil which is placed say at 5 Ohms of the scale is gradually pushed toward zero. In this event the is current is not allowed to flow until the investigation made (the indicator then being placed at 15). the potentiality of the energy may be estimated (page 275) thus gauging the severity of infection and controlling therapeutic is results. The condenser tuberculous energy. the energ}' discharge represents an energ\' resistance in the first instance of 5 Ohms and in the latter instance of 5/25 of an Ohm. One minute should With the discharge elapse before is making the tuberculous executed. v. this does not In all the biophysical reactions with pathological energy. no vagus stimulation occurs at zero of the scale (page 286).282 APPENDIX is 90) before vagus stimulation attempted. the data accumulated relative to the visceral reflex are e(. must be Ohm. occur with pathological energ}\ is electro-magnetic (page of the scale. Whereas normal energy which 225) will evoke a reflex at 3. The energy discharge is of greater potentiality at the wavemeter index than at zero. reaction after the reaction for pus resistance coil. When of the potentiality of energy measured. healed tuberculosis yields an energy discharge and is if a mixed infection present. and 8. If buzzing ceases at i Ohm on the scale or at 5/25 of an the condenser at zero. . We A are now confronted with other problems {q. hence. stores pus (streptococcic infection) and is Pus energy released at 7 culous energy at 15. the index During the flow of energy. 7.ually applicable with the use of the sphygmobiometer and reflexophone.

. an absolute inhibition crude method is of the pulse or an augmentation is ensues (page 284) when the energy flow available in diagnosis established. a small electrode employed in the VisCEiL4L SUFFICIENCY may be determined with the sphygmobiometer after the manner indicated on page 153. The dulness of the stomach reflex will he more intense with the sphygmobiometer (increased voltage energy) than when discharged in the usual way (page 275). SPHYGMOBIOMETEK 283 is The use (page 125). ( WTien employing the stomach usual way. 73) in may be annihilated or accordance with the data already cited. This when the physician possesses the tactus cruditus.) . Mere palpation of the radial pulse (eliminating the sphygmophone and utilizing the remainder of the apparatus) shows changes when the energy flow on the scale If is established either at the general (zero) or the specific point (wavemeter index) of the condenser. the biometer is alone employed for the latter object reflexobiometer. of non-conductors in differentiation important The wavemeter indices with the sphygmobiometer are equally available when the stomach or other reflexes are utilised for demonstrating energy. Tracings with the sphygmophone (utilizing a straw increased in le\'er) show a varying result. Indi\-idual vagal reaction may be tested after the manner indicated on page 85. before vagus excitation is attempted. secure The writer hopes by further investigations sphygmograms which will indicate the specific nature of the energy discharge in disease (page 296). amphtude to Pulse waves (Fig. reflex in association is with the sphygmobiometer. is the pulse feeble.

2. and a female with normal polarity (page iio) touches the right psychomotor region (page 72) of the subject with the finger tips of her right hand (to energize the discharge from . \Mien the male is connected with the sphygmobiometer. from the source is and not the negative surface of the disk causes buzzing to cease. If the pulse effect is noted with both disk surfaces. i. of energy. the apparatus sphygmophone) is is (exclusive of the reflexes. during the energy flow. used with the visceral The disk (polar) used after the manner already indi- cated (page 302) or a bar-magnet be used (page 41). method may be used I for deterleft finger mining SEXUAL POLARITY (page lo). B. the positive surface may either surface of the disk presented to the frontal eminence will If. before and A. the energ\' positive. Illustrating sphygmographically the effects on the pulse amplitude in different individuals. showing the action of the same energy in dimin- — ishing the pulse amplitude. Using the former.284 APPEXDIX after the The SPECIFIC RECOGXiTiox OF EXERGY may be achieved manner indicated on page 291. Fig. 73. B. after (during) action of energy. before and A. say in paralytic dementia (page 172) not cause the buzzing of the sphygmobiometer to cease. the positi\-e polarity of the energy- is The of a following tentative and negati\e. carcinomatous energy.

rise of blood pressure (page 85). The sph}'gmobiometer (exclusive of the sphygmophone).. SPHYGMOBTOlVrETER the finger tips. is from 3 to 8 is mm. The opposite effect is noted with the poles in question when the right heart border is subjected to polar action. The sphygmophone demnew reaction assuming that vagal — stimulation increases the force of the heart (page 85). 105). the negative pole of a bar-magnet applied to the extreme left of the apex beat causes the buzzing to stop. During the rhythmic buzzing of the instrument. buzzing ceases. let 285 the discharge pass through aluminum. localized With the sphygmobiometer. conveyed. The heart and aorta may be delimited (page When the pointed electrode approaches the heart border. A like effect is noted in a male with normal polarit}' with the finger tips of the left hand. 1 By By noting the action on the mercurial column or the palpation of the pulse: the systolic pressure needle of an aneroid gauge (page 84). neoplasms may be and pain determined objectively (page receiving electrode attains the site of WTien the 164). the auscultatory By method with thejsphygmomet- . the lever rises and buzzing stops. Careful palpation of the pulse shows like effects. onstrates the following Polar cardiac reactions. may be used for determining the effects of energy with the sphygmomanometer (page 84) after the following methods. buzzing ceases. a depressor effect. 2. whereas the other pole intensifies the buzzing. pain. (page 55). One is to presuppose the usual vagal response. The negative pole has a pressor and the positive pole. higher (during energy flow) than before the energy 3.

the thyroid tissue yields a non-duling energy but at 7 of the condenser. Disease Vagal Response (cessation of buzzing) Carcinoma Chronic Inflammation Sarcoma Syphilis (from liver. 43) has wave-meter index and at the latter point only. at and 15. the index of the gall-bladder 6. 7 Similarly. spleen 6 15 17 and spine) 6 or 7 Autointoxication (intestinal) 10 15 7 Tuberculosis Pus Arthritis Deformans J ] (streptococcic infection) 7 (paratuberculosis) 15 Pain (does not pass through a non-conductor (page 186) 32 to 35* 1 A SYMBIOTIC REACTION (page 38) presuming the co-exfollows: istence of syphilis and tuberculosis would be as and 15 respectively.our condensers measuring wave lengths of due to defects in the dielectric capacity. higher during the time energy is conveyed than before. its definite it will Non-duling energy reflex (p. In the presence pus and tuberculosis. evoke a visceral by Thus its yield of duling energy. in *Absolute accurac}' cannot be attained as yet electronic energy b}. appendix and stomach 10.286 APPENDIX is roscope over the brachial artery: systoHc pressure to 8 from 3 mm. specificity of energy after the manscale of the noted by the vagal response when the indicator is at different numbers on the condenser. . is Indices. 7 After condensing the source of energy a reflex would be discharged at 6 or of 7. Wavemeter Determination of the ner indicated on page 280. dulness of the stomach is is elicited.

. SPHYGMOBIOMETRIC ADDENDA. 6. charging it again by touching its both binding posts with for conve)'ing two fingers. Always discharge the energ>' in the condenser before 4. tions are plethysmographic. freely. In estimating the wavemeter index of energy. 1. In other words. the polarity The sphygmobiometer does not change energy polaris the same as when con- ducted without the apparatus (page 303). latter is of great importance in locating bullets. place one end bar-magnet to the receiving electrode of the sphygmo- biometer. 5. of a To test the vagal reaction (page 85). suggests fatty degeneration or infiltration.SPHYGMOBIOMETEK 287 stomach Fat has a wavemeter index of 5. liver. the lever of the sphygmophone does not work with a regular pulse. and it may be defi- nitely located even through the chest. adjust the screws at its pivotal point. and will restore them when ity. The sphygmobiometer ma}' be used If energy in gyrography (page 238). make 3. Elicitation of the reflex at this point when energy is conveyed from the heart. Lead has The The a wavemeter index of 8. several readings and take the average one. The lever oscillaSuch volume pulses are affected by respiratory undulations and several other factors. Short-circuiting the brain (page 109) v^^ill increase the sensitivity of the visceral reflexes lost. 7. or kidney. Always select a subject 8. 2. foregoing is also demonstrable by biosphygmo- manometry.

—Neutral duling energy. The stomach reflex in a male subject was employed (page 43) and the reactions of the few drugs cited were demonstrable after average medicinal doses of the medicaments. —Negative duling energ\\ Lead. Atropin. spinal reactions The in the seem to demonstrate that at is least norm. Potassium iodld. the foregoing drugs were demonstrable in the spinal fluid (electronic reactions) within five minutes after their administration. —Negative duling energy. The conventional methods of toxicological analysis may now be supplemented by the electronic tests of the author thus suggesting an aid of clinical importance. s\-philis). In medicinal doses. whose suggestion of "dead corners" makes difficult. BIO-CLINICAL REACTIONS IN TOXICOLOGY. . —Positive and negative duling energy. CocAiN. — Neutral duling energy. If the areas in questions already show a reaction (autointoxication and 145).288 APPENDIX NOTE IX. Alcohol (page Arsenic. the cells secreting the cerebro-spinal fluid are sup- not as impervious to drugs with complex molecules as the treatment of paras^philitic diseases so posed by Ehrlich. the toxico-clinical reactions are not dependable. MoRPHiN. The reactions were obtainable from the liv^er and the VERTEBRAL COLUMN (7 th dorsal spine). —Transitory negative duling energy {vide page 207).

The energy may be conducted with a conducting cord reflex {q. closure of mainis tained for a number of seconds even after the energy no longer conveyed. the crico-thyroid space closes. Coincident with the contrac- — is tion of the bronchial muscle. crico-thyroid muscle is The supplied by the superior 30 seconds after in laryngeal (branch of the vagus).) directly to the trachea like in the elicitation of the stomach and polarity may be similarly determined. TRACHEAL PERCUSSION —CRICO-THYROID test REFLEX. The energy reflex in question ensues in is from 3 to conveyed and In the is brisk in the young and tardy the space is elderly subjects. Percussion executed over the cricoid cartilage with the head of the subject bent slightly forward. Reference to the tracheal traction elsewhere. has been made By conveying energy to the abdominal electrode with the sphygmobiometer. v. latter. thus converting the normal tracheal resonance into is a dull or flat sound. The tip is latter phenomenon best elicited when the finger placed at the side of the crico-thyroid membrane. a reflex stimulation of the bronchoconstrictor fibers in the vagus ensues and the contraction of the bronchial muscle. puts the air in the trachea under tension. . Crico-thyroh) REFLEX.TRACHEAL PERCUSSIOX 289 Note X.

that the organism cannot be regarded as the sum of the activities of the individual cells.290 APPENDIX NOTE XI. this its wall was considered the essential part but was supplanted by the protoplasmic theory and later. the life. Reference has already been made has to the cellular THEORY (page 2). the result of the . THE CELL DOCTRINE. of the cell sustained many Primarily. by the nuclear conception. Organiza- tion surpasses cell structure tion of infinitesimal units. The conception vicissitudes. connected by protoplasmic fibers and are not independent units and furthermore. The is latter are only a part of a machine the activity of which action of physical forces. and the cell must be an organizaof the life processes Biologists no longer seek explanation in the microscopic cellular constituents. The study of the centrostome yielded the undoubted that. fact none of the cellular constituents can be regarded as the the cell cells are cell or as constituting doctrine all was further The reaction against fortified by the fact that.

irri- tabihty. New York. The splanchnic and splanchnic vessels. 83. 74) may be demonof the strated. The regulatory mechanism of the splanchnic vasomotor system is attained by vasomotor reflexes which supply autonomically the quantity of blood necessary for visceral activity. functions. B. —Reference has been made to the splanchnic nerves (pages 8i. circulation is identified with the emotions in shock. CARDIO- EGGS — PREDETERMINATION OF THE SEX OF — ALOPECIA — PERSONAL EQUATION — REFLEXOPHONOMETRY — TELEDIAGNOSIS — VAGAL POLARITY — SPLANCHNO-DIAGNOSIS.. This action a is dependent on stimulation depressor nerve. in the author's . conductivity.• SPLANCHNO-DIAGNOSIS 291 NOTE SPLANCHNO-DIAGNOSIS KINESTHESIA XII. contracility and tonicity of the heart. physical phenomena are forms of motion and accord- ing to the energy conveyed.* — BIOSPHYGMOMANOMETRY ENERGEIAOMETRY. specific fibers of the depressor *The pathology of the S[)lanchnic Circulation was first exhaustively discussed work "Splanchnic Neurasthenia. as revealed by definite areas of ventral dulness (Fig. If and pain are attenuated may be by splanchnic vaso- PATHOLOGICAL ENERGY is conducted to the area beits specificity tween the 3rd and 4th dorsal spines. nerve is endowed with different The vagus has All fibers which control the rhythmicity. 249). the vessels are paralyzed resulting in dilated Worry. fear shocks and abdominal sensations in such conditions referred to the vicious circle created dilation. Treat and Co." E. Physiologically.

the A like phenomenon iq. If a biod}'namometer (p. p. 19) is used. to the area between the 3rd and 4th dorsal spines or to the .29"^ APPEXDIX of nerve are stimulated resulting in vasodilatation splanchnic vessels in different abdominal areas. (p.) is noted with the reflexophone.A. VERSES A NON-CONDUCTOR either with or with- Unlike the stomach reflex out a variable condenser (wavemeter indices. 74. the splanchnic REFLEXES CANNOT BE EVOKED IF PATHOLOGICAL VASOMOTOR ent:rgy TR. i. 50) is used in connection with a variable condenser for conducting energ}' to the stomach. —Areas of ventral dulness in splanchno-diagnosis. 124). A simple conducting cord (Fig. one electrode of which is approximated to the source of pathological energ>' spines. 286). and the other. between the 3rd and 4th dorsal Fig.

32 must be rigorously Thirty seconds may elapse before the areas of \'entral dul- ness are elicited and the latter are always in proportion to the potentiality of the conveyed energy and the duration of its action. cm cm cm cm cm cm cm cm Carcinoma Chronic Inflammation Sarcoma Tuberculosis 4 cm. Autointoxication (intestinal) 4 9 . 4 cm. . reactions are alike in both sexes. 5 The posture. Pus Gall-stones 4 cm. the 293 phenomena peculiar to each will ensue through a non-conductor (thin rubber) at the vibratory INDEX (p.) The splanchnic mately as follows: ENERGY Syphilis areas of ventral dulness measure approxi- TRANSVERSE DIAMETER 5 VERTICAL DIAMETER invades liver dulness 6 cm. 11 5 5 2 cm.SPLANCH NO-DIAGNOSIS reflexophone. 191) provided the index of the condenser is at zero. The subject on whom percussion observed. cm. 12 7. 4 cm. The vibratory are as follows: indices (with a tested biodynamometer) Carcinoma Syphilis 50 20 10 15 15 Autointoxication (intestinal) Tuberculosis Streptococcic infection (pus) r Gall-stones ' 20 Chronic Inflammation (^ 40 (Energy does not traverse a non-conductor. is executed must face the west in the erect The precautions noted on p.

to the left of the navel) If the biometer is employed (p. 272) only substituting for the latter the fact that any blood-pressure rise substitutes All the data concerning the cessation of buzzing.). Symbiotic reactions (p. 275). BiosPHYGMOiLA. Before an observation is attempted. in mixed infection in two areas of dulness corresponding (2 to tuberculosis (Fig. 84). the dull areas appear either at zero on the scale of the condenser or at the wave- meter indices biometer (p. the subject. —This is signifies the use of the 275) with a sphygmomanometer sho\^Ti in Fig. (p. The pressure rise varies from V4 to i^ mm. The best t^-pe of the latter rise in constructed that any pressure may 34 and it is so be read directly or ma}' be indicated by the sound of a buzzer or the lighting of a lamp. The degree of rise indicates the energ}' potentiality provided the same subject is employed. tuberculosis. 74) and pus cm. 275). permit the oscillating needle to attain a constant position (leakage. In some instances. movement of Tentative obser\'ations appear to show that sexual .xoMETRY. 286). biosphygmomanometer correspond to the sphygmobiometer (p. may be obviated by the potentiometer Vagal exhaustion easily ensues after several observations on the same subject and rest is imperative. (direct reading) when the energ\' is allowed to flow. etc. the primary action of conveyed energ}' is to decrease pressure but this contingency (p. 286) ensue when two forms of energy are s^mchronously conveyed.. (p. there will be Thus. 294 APPEXDIX dull areas disappear during a forced inspiration The and are twice as sensitive as the reactions of the stomach reflex.

one skilled in palpation of the pulse the instant the person executes the power of willing. Cardiokinesthesia. "In many ways doth the full heart reveal the presence of love it would conceal. so is he. and felt along the heart" are responses equally as acute as revealed to the mind by the Thought motion senses. The (P-85). Any ployed is person with a responsive vagus (p. functions of sentiency. 260) by another will nullify the pulse phenomena." felt in he thinketh "Sensations sweet. 69). in his heart. The moment of intense thought can be similarly demonstrated if the person thus engaged in thought covers the head with red material (p. A frequent experiment which is the author believes will is original to request any one in an assembly to forcibly can say and invariably. no) may be determined as follows. The latter is . only noted with the finger tips of the right hand. 233).CAKDIOKINESTHESIA 295 POLARITY a pressure a (p. the blood. 85) may be em- for this purpose. In a male. —This neologism is worthy of ac- ceptance insomuch as the mind can no longer usurp the The heart has always been apostrophized by the poet as the abode of the emotions and." The *'As biblicist pays a more extended tribute to the organ. action of energy on the vagus has been explained Adverse willing (p. The nature of the vagal response irregularity. is energy and consequently only a mode of (p. rise ensues when the finger tips of the left hand distal electrode approximate the like effect is whereas in a normal female. either an infinitesimal inhibition or Some in sensitives experience a peculiar sensation {heart reflex) the epigastrium at the moment another person wills.

75. 2. one must remember that it is difficult to exclude the thoughts of others when there are several persons present but if the latter short-circuit the brain (vide personal equa- tion) this possibility may be obviated. by the is This graphic demonstration of energ}^ with the heart as the detector fig. The latter is best conducted to the epigastrium (p. viz. 15.. If the energy is primarily allowed to pass through the biometer. The changes in the radial pulse as described may BE utilized for DEMONSTRATING THE CONVEYANCE OF NORMAL OR PATHOLOGIC ENERGY. . i/:. in 2. the pulse change may (p. However. . 75). although mention impossibility was noted on page 90.V/vJW. Sphygmogram illustrating the effects on the line of descent when conveyed to the epigastrium through the biometer at zero on the scale — of the condenser. energy is I. 15.. of the greatest scientific value. 85). Illustrating the similarly conveyed at the same wavemeter index of effects when tuberculous energy is this energy.\. 2> Fig.296 APPENDIX UNNECESSARY IN THIS AND SIMILAR EXPERIMENTS IN TELEPATHY PROVIDED THERE IS A RED LIGHT IN THE ROOM. Thus. be noted either at zero on the scale of the condenser (showing only energy in general) or at its wavemeter index 286) which demonstrates the specificity of the energ>'. The of this pulse changes noted onstrated by palpation may now be demsphygmograph (Fig. 75. one observes that tuberculosis only shows a charac- teristic sphygmogram at its wavemeter index.

Cal. incubation was four pullets (hens). 120). made and the results were reported Sept. Douglas. Three eggs yielded a neutral polarity and as predicted. of it — Having estab- lished a basic principle in the matter of polarity in relation was only natural to extend the scope my observations. The employment *l — am very such indcbled to I. On July 29. Alopecia. correct — Reference to this subject at this time to any possible errors that may of ensue when electronic reactions are executed with energy derived from the head in yield a symptomatic alopeciae wavemeter index of 6) strictly limited to the bald areas. Note here an error in observation. equally available.. premature and senile). In one of the eggs yielding a negative polarity an attempt was made result to reverse the sex (p. Four eggs yielded a negative polarity.ALOPECIA 297 eggs/'" Predetermination of the sex of to sexuality (p. the eggs were sterile. one hen and one rooster. predetermination of sex was 7. hatched. Eggs of the domestic fowl yielded an electronic reaction in the center but not from the ends. 191 5. The following data are presented. The psychoneurotic reactions are in no wise modified by the conven- PsYCHONEUROSES. the is stomach reflex was employed although the reflexophone '15. What we perceive frequently depends on what we expect to perceive. The is was a rooster. by painting one end of the egg with a yellow 122) coloring material (gamboge). of Cloverdale. Some forms neutral duling energy (usually with a tional forms of baldness (congenital. . For the reaction. The result after Five eggs yielded a positive polarity but only two The result was. whose careful observations and keen interest enabled me to report these results. Personal equation.

Like in the living. Reflexophonometry. viz. the molecules are ar- ranged in a haphazard manner but when acted upon by energy. 76. its The changes ance of the reflexophone has (p. Elsewhere. the electrons which make up the structure of metals may be regarded as a number of infinitesimal magThe theory of magnetism may be applied to the nets. The may be demonstrated in certain metals. but when the molecules are arranged end to end.298 of APPENDIX of the operator (p.. These metal used in the reflexophone. the mechanic effects of magnetism have been described. metallic REFLEXES. 266). the tension of walls is augmented in reson- and its vibration is changed (p. 76). Similarly. the mole- Fig. 261) WILL on the part working with the reflexes or the reflexophone may dull either the latter or the stomach. To eliminate a possibility of this kind. so that their N-seeking poles all point in one direction and the S-seeking poles in the other as in the lower figure. — cules cules are magnetized. have suggested the neologism. In the upper figure the moleowing to their disorderly arrangement have lost their magnetism. All matter lives (p. when the metal of the reflexophone its is subjected to energ\'. 49)- analogue in spectroscopy . 266) and polarity is not an exclusive property of magnetic materials (p. they become so arranged that their poles point in the same direction (Fig. the living world reflexes —There is a unity of the living and reflexes exhibited in non-living world of materiality. 25). Illustrating the theory of magnetism. 109). the physic- ian should temporarily short-circuit his brain (p.

F. K. the physician must acquaint himself with nuances of sound ^ — following the conveyance of energy from with the obtain a felt F to C. energy to the reflexophone. the mechanical device first that was used for impressing the dots and dashes on a ribbon was discarded by the operators who found that they could read the dots and dashes from the click of the instru- ment. urged the necessity for —^Many reasons replacing the stomach reflex with a viscus factitia notably. electrode for conveying (C. E) and refer respectively to the area for receiving energy from the electrode (REC). Stomach reflex and reflexofhone. the vagaries of the stomach reflex. It is necessary E. -Its — essential floss silk (waxed). standard with a revolving disk marked POSITIVE and negative for determining energy polarity. recognition of a reflex a matter of experi- In telegraphic transmission. cord for conducting energ\' to REC. to to . J. 77) covered at one end with thin rubber dam (B) with a minimum amount of tension and secured by Construction.REFLEXOPHONE 299 is The phonetic ence. a scale. its enervation and the elimination of the personal equation in percussion. Fig. is fixed three buttons D. for determining energy polarity and for percussion. the difficulty of obtaining a proper subject. I. H. muffler. Employment. Strike hammer (Fig. To the cylinder A. With experience in the recognition of sound nuances. component is a metal cylinder (A. The shaft of this electrode has G. denser connected with energy. the reflexophone will be found to be as sensitive as the stomach reflex. 29) a series of uniform blows maximum degree of resonance. con- REC for intensifying the conveyed switch for making or breaking the energ>^ cur- rent. Before diagnosis is attempted. It responds like the stomach reflex to all the reactions (including polarity) in this book.

The latter places I. 77) under the rim of the cyHnder and possibly to shift the position of the cyUnder to obtain good resonance. must be executed of the acts e. say with . The muffler (J) must as a rule be clear from the rubber (B). With experience. The crescendo effect is gradual and the full effect is not noted for several seconds. During the time energy is conveyed. i. after the switch closes the current. —Reflexophone. 77.300 APPENDIX insert the rubber tubing (not shown in fig. Fig. one end of a bar-magnet to F. the physician must be ignorant of his assistant. One then notes the transition of sound from resonance to dulness.. the transition in sound is noted immediately even at a distance of 20 or 30 feet. All the following phonetic exercises objectively.

sound transitions are best noted by opening and closing the switch. established. in this city at a distance of 2 miles and with H. a resident of Cupertino which from San Francisco. The tips of all must touch the electrode. no and etc. attempt to determine the (p. 296). The electrode F was is distant 41 miles attached to the antennae as shown in . The sound of the reflexophone only dulls when the finger tips of the left hand of a male approximates F. of the method specified. Next. Aylsworth. Next attempt to recognize whether the positive or negamagnet is touching F. (p. A code can be thus A person willing consecutively three times would convey the message yes and twice.. 260). moment is a person wills During the time the physician series strikes the reflexo- phone a change of uniform blows. the magnetic pole employed by the assistant was positive. G. Rogers. there This is an immediate in the percussion note. tive pole of the If the dulness continues with the positive disk surface and the sound becomes resonant with the negative surface. Levi. 64. the author was able to receive correct L E.REFLEXOPHONE 301 a magnet. To attempt the latter. 112). Esq. a "wireless" expert of this city Next attempt the fingers to determine male and female polarity with the fingers approximating F (p. manufacturing chemist at a like distance.* Investigations after this manner were successful with R. an excellent objective light in the demonstration of telepathy. R. whereas a like effect in a *By means messages from Fig. first note the dulness and then turn the disk marked positive to D and then the one marked negative. With a red room concentrated thought on the part of another will immediately change the resonance. An interval of several seconds must elapse between willing and thinking for reasons to be mentioned.

is Diagnostic technique. the best results are achieved. attained. dulness supplants resonance The moment a tuberculous area is and the polarity of the transferred energy is determined by the disks (K) restoration of resonance with the positive and negative disks the energy is neutral. The object of the latter expedient is to restore the resonance of the instrument. only observed with the finger tips of the Note also that the metallic reflex of the reflexophone elicited cannot be conductor. *The reflexophone Fig. (p. is provided with a non-conductor of rubber (not shown in which can be interposed between C and REC when it is necessary to differentiate normal from pathological energy. The object a supposititous pulmonary tuberculosis. in "wireless" This action is not unlike that when the automatic tapper strikes the coherer to readjust the filings. the energy current is on. 77) . gradually re- passed over the lung during the time percussion of the flexophone executed.— 302 APPENDIX is normal female RIGHT hand. All the reactions pertaining to the stomach hold with the reflexophone. the latter is placed on a thick layer of on a hard- wood table (latter on carpet).* when normal energy traverses a non- Prove the gravitational theory (p. 34). is — of investigation is F. for receiving energy should face the west Before attempting any new experiment strike the reflexophone a series of blows with the felt hammer. C. The amateur If in phonology soon determines the best felt object on which to place the reflexophone. The moment the energ}^ is cut off at the switch (I) the dulness disappears and reappears when . . 226).

A. is the non- duling energy neutral^ neither disk will dull the reflexo- phone DURING the flow of energy. S — Gall-stones. These areas not shown P. — Carcinoma. Sa. I. — note that either disk (K) will dull the apparatus. — Sarcoma. *The biometer must be grounded at the connection wise the POLARITY of the energy passing through it specified on the coil. in —Pus. It has been found empirically that the lower end of the cylin- — der (A) will only dull in specific areas when certain kind of energy follows are conveyed to it like in fig. is —The made reflcxophone previously de- available for ordinary use but when the vibratory of wavemeter index and measurement desired it is energy poten- tiality* is so that it can be used in con- nection with the biometer (p. T. G. splanchno-diagnosis 77. —Chronic Inflammation. S. are specified as (p. 291).: REFLEXOPHONE 303 approximately meas- The scale on REC (in millimeters) ures the intensity of the conveyed energ}-. BiOREFLEXOMETRY. dulness w^ill persist with the posiIf and clears with the negative disk. duling energy tive disk is If the non- positive. the transition of resonance to dulness. NoN-DULiNG ENERGY (p. other- will be reversed. C. C. 275). scribed index. If one substitutes for with the the action of the heart. —Autointoxication. —Tuberculosis. all the reactions mentioned in connection sphygmobiometer phone. (p. . With the rcflexophone. 280) are available with the reflexo- This apparatus is provided with an AUTOiL\Tic TAPPER which excludes the personal equation in percussion. —Syphilis. I. . 43). Reflexophonic recognition of specific energy.

78. 2. Tracings Fig. These tracings show that a Diagnostic Record may be made with the reflexophone in association with a variable condenser (biometer employable) at specific points on the scale of the latter. The duHng of these specific areas has its analogue in spectroscopy (p. only specific areas WTien the specific areas rubber tubing under remove the dulness are sought.-e amptitude). 49).A ^ li vr>^'''''t^H'^^^^>.is conve3-ed through the variable condenser at 6 (wavemeter index). It is Use is the felt hammer (Fig. is percussed when energ}' is conveyed at vibrator}^ or by wavemeter by indices*. As a rule. 247) *Definite words thought of specific areas of dulness may likewise be revealed structed for this purpose for on the cylinder. energy is conveyed to the reflexophone. Tracings of tuberculosis before (B) and (A). but when a dull of conveyed. understood that the cylinder in specific energ\' its totality dulls at E. Tracings before (B) and during the time (A) carcinomatous energy.trti Ktmliin. the latter are percussed.»i1l. that during the energy. ^-M^+ ^MH-^'^'HH«KM/^/-'^H*/•*^' ^ — B '>^viii|i'il'i!>i|^hMiiili Reflexophonograms (to be read from right to left).304 APPENDIX In chronic inflammation the energy does not pass a non- conductor hke in carcinoma (pages 184 and 191). adjust mufHer (J) so that the maximum resonance is obtainable at the lower end of the cylinder (A). the felt of the muffler must just approximate the rubber (B). the reflexophone partially recovers to again relapse into its former state (diminished cun.conveyance. and during the time (A). i. shows only energy. Tracing i. 3. . — In seeking these areas. Specific recognition of energyis when cylinder (A). before (B). 29). A<r. Note in B.)yj^. during the time tuberculous energ\' is conveyed with the variable condenser at 15 (wavemeter indexj. also possible definite when E. Interchangeable cylinders are conpsychologic study and also for the mineralogist.transmission in general and was obtained without the condenser. a transmitter (p.

receiving the energy at the receiving station. the hook of is the telephone used at the transmitting or receiving station (physician's office). . My anticipation in this regard was more than realized with the stomach reflex or the reflexophone. may be used for eliciting the stomach reflex or it may be connected with the biosphygmomanometer\ reflexophone or energeiaometer. 79. 78. Telediagnosis. the latter may approxi- mate the telephone hook. Better is still. A. A B To execute this method of pathotelophony. a conducting cord (with aluminum electrodes) allowed to hang from the hook (Fig.* To attain the maximum resiliency of is the cylinder. logical — It occurred to the writer that patho- energy could be conveyed over long distances and that reactions could be made at the office of the physician. —Telediagnosis (Pathotelephony). the rubber tubing placed beneath the latter. showing the method of conveying energy from the subject to the telephone hook at the transmitting station. The distal electrode in B. 79) of the telephone *The automatic tapper is employed to attain uniformity in the force . is — If the button of a cardiograph so adjusted to the rubber (B) of the CyHnder so as to tambour. a elicit maximum is oscillations of the lever of a graphic record when E may be made on a registering apparatus tapped.TELEDIAGNOSIS 305 Reflexophonograms. The telephone may be grasped it in the hand of (insulating material on prevents the transmission normal energy) and the hook applied directly to the energy source or in the case of pus. is The effects of energy conveyance noted in fig.\nd rhyth- micity of the blows. Fig. B.

* were obtained from Berkeley. whose eminence as an andrologist is conceded. . He requested me to diagnose a specimen of urethral pus which he had placed on a glass. splanchno-diagnosis. V. To assure myself that the energy conveyed was from his ofhce. this contention may be eliminated. Vecki. Vecki. G. who was not aware of the nature of the specimens. His office is approximately two blocks from mine. *It has been suggested my results. and the other electrode is used at the receiving station for receiving the pathological energy' and at the receiving station for conveying it to the stomach region (for the stomach reflex) or to the refiexophone. him over the was ready to make my The reaction demonstrated the absence of gono- cocci which later he confirmed to his surprise by microhe requested scopical examination. This specimen gave the gonococcal reaction. He demurred of urethral secretion to this reaction claiming that the individual from whom the specimen was obtained had married only three weeks before and that his previous physician could find no gonococci in his urethra. by the captious critic that telepathy is responsible for In the experiments with Dr. me to make a reaction from from another patient. All kinds of reactions (polarity. reactions scopical examination of the secretion. despite distance.) may thus be made ofhce. Vecki. I telephone every time he did reaction. My reaction was confirmed by Dr. After having announced to so. and all the reactions thus far executed were as distinct as though made in my own efforts were made with Dr. of San Francisco. a distance of ii miles. I requested him to approach the hook of his telephone with the specimen at intervals of My primary his own choosing. vibratory rate and wavemeter index. by microLater.306 APPENDIX both at the receiving and transmitting stations. etc. One week a specimen later.

reactions with the ground as Radiogeodiagnosis. to specimens for the object of tele- Each time Dr. the author requested Prof. Fisher and unknown to me) which was. The which is subject used for the test stands on an aluminum If plate connected to the ground wire of a telephone (a part of free from insulation) or directly to the earth. Vagal polarity. a diagnosis of streptococcus was made (among several specimens selected by Dr. The telephone wire (non-insulated. 12. Los Angeles. In a male. it is similarly connected at the similarly connected. necessary to carry this method of telediagnosis to a successful issue. used. Fisher. T. vagus. extends 475 miles from Los Angeles to San Francisco. correct. J. is the refiexophone receiving station. 1915. At the transmitting end the electrode is It is best to employ a rubber covered all electrode at the receiving station to eliminate but the noted conveyance of pathological energy. 30 to 50 feet above the ground and not reenforced by telephone repeaters) diagnosis.causes the stomach whereas negative energy is without any effect in the elicitation of the reflex in question. Finally. Negative energ>^ to the right vagus will only produce the stomach reflex. The These reactions show the opposite poforegoing may be utilized in diag- .TELEDIAGNOSIS 307 On have of the University of Southern Cahfornia in in readiness several Oct. Fisher approached the specimen with his electrode. the when energy is directed toward the vagi Positive energy to the reflex left — following is in the neck. larity in a female. This was done a number of times with two errors. — My for the conducting medium conveying pathological energy Further experiments will be were uniformly successful in San Francisco but only partially so at long distances. my assistant so announced.

. that b\. Magnetism despite its is the oldest of the physical sciences its and it antiquity. The greatest discovery ever made the production of in magnetism was that of Oersted. and of the latter.this essentially shall We believe method we better acquaint ourselves with the supra-sensual world. magnetism from electricity and the greatest discover}' ever — — made of in electricity was that of Faraday: — the production of electricity is from magnetism.\11 motion or chemical energ}-. furthermore.OMETRY. the forces are under the influence of one or two mechanic conceptions: that of ether and that of ultimate particles which embody matter and ^Matter electric electricity. and is remains for us to prove the correctness of this contention by a method new. was inspired to sing the magnet's power in his ''De Reriim Xatura.''^ he could have apostrophized no greater marvel. APPENDIX Thus. The law of magnets: Like poles repel each other and It is not strange that Thales. The whole domain This tendency is physics of force tending toward a unification of the various forms sug- under one great principle. numbers and arrangements have endowed the magnet with a soul and when Lucretius. exact nature is still The law of attraction and repulsion of is universal unknown. should — unlike poles attract is practically limited to magnetic materials. neck in a male and the right vagus ENERGELA. we believe. gested by the transmutation of various forms of force such as the conversion of sound into electricity into heat. is an accumulation of positive and negative charges and the chemic elements are merely varying of these charges. light.— 308 nosis. carcinomatous energ\' reflex (positive) will only evoke the stomach in the when directed to the left vagus in a female. procedure which. .

The other end of the needle (positive pole) has a contrary (Fig. for measuring human Energeiaometer. Several observations should be made to exclude movements from causes other than conveyed energy. 228) not the exclusive prerogative of magnetic materials. atom in \'ibration (p. 80) devised — action|. Its principle embraces the polarity of a suspended non-magOne end of the latter (negative pole) is renetic needle. reference was made "Ayas- to attractive force. When if the energy conveyed to the needle is is positive and negative. regular and. . What holds for health and disease all is equally applicable with reference to as mythical as things in nature. fFor convenience. In the Sanscrit language the magnet is called kanta" (loving towards iron. and attracted by a positive energy. longer be regarded 231).) Apparatus heretofore suggested radiations are impracticable. 254) can no we shall presently show.ENERGEIAOMETRY Polarity as has been 309 is shown (p. This term refers to an apparatus by the author for measuring energy. the motion same but jerky in syphiUs and relatively rapid in tuberculosis. it was shown that a definite vibratory rate could be established in different diseases (p. The 275) energy must be conveyed through the biometer *Energy conveyed through the I)iometer will also attract or repel (dependent on energy polarity) the needle of an ordinary compass. 49). the negative pole is employed by the author in his biotic estimations. As ob- before remarked.* pelled by a negative. The best results are attained when the needle is is placed directly north and south and the apparatus level. 49). 191). the results attained are based on servations concerning the my (p. When studying the Atom in Vibration (p. In the discussion of love (p. there a to and fro motion which is is is slow and the the energy neutral. Personal Magnetism (p.

|To compute the intensity of pain (p. 310 at the APPENDIX wavemeter index and vibrator}^ rate (p. Pain+ (pages 164! [To and 20 motion at- and 286) J 32 <! (notably Itracted). \ J [To and 10 <i fro motion (regular but very [slow). Energeiaometry IX Disease*. in dementia paralytica (p. 191) but all energeiaometers are correctly gauged by the manufacturers before delivery. reflex. when deflected by conveyed energy. A. thus causing the needle of the Galvanometer (c) to deflect to the right or the left side of a scale. Attracted. fro motion Tuberculosis To and I fro regtilar motion but not [slow. f). 20 and fro [lar). Fig. Rate 50 Index of Needle Attracted. b.. 164) the author prefers the stomach. \Mien the energ}' flow the special is estabhshed by B. \ (To and (jerky). *The reaction indices may var>' (foot note p. tParas\-philis yields a like reaction at these indices. d.investigated. Thus. . I To and (slow fro motion regu- Gail-Stones. S}'philist \ . needle (e) in case which. Autointoxication (Bacillus coli) . Pinching the skin in an average person yields an energy equal to 6-25 of an. regular). Severe pain may overcome a resistence of 200 ohms. movements of the needle ensue. ohm.. Fig. Vibratory Wavemeter Negative Pole 70^ Disease Carcinoma Chronic Inflammation. 191) of the particular energ}. the reaction from either frontal eminence is at 20 and 6.. biometer (p.. 40 20 is . . 172). 80. Sarcoma 17 [To and fro motion (slow but regu. suspended magnetic Energeiaometer. Pus (Streptococcic! infection) f Repelled. establishes an electrical connection (positive or negative at f. circuit between — B and c. 275).

(p. 80. 209) The potentiality and polarity of Drugs may be determined by the energeiaometer. the movements servations.ENERGEIAOMETRY 311 The needle movements telescope. 44). polarity of the energy In Fig. the apparatus is so constructed that the is determined by the movements of a potentiality of the energy conveyed of the needle Galvanometric needle. 275). are small directly (accurate vision necessary). The latter is of the greatest importance (p. from the point of the needle. The is determined by the swing with the reading telescope or with the potentiometer (p. Another method of measuring energy potentiality is after the manner suggested on page 47. The best movements are attained when the latter is 1. accurate and uniform readings can only be secured fixed distance is established between the tip of the needle and the electrode (within the box). of the latter are accentuated by reflection on a many persons may make synchronous obThe movements of the beam of light may be photographed on a moving surface thus furnishing a graphic method when the jerky movements of the needle in a neuscreen so that rasthenic are contrasted with the steady flow of normal energy.5 cm. or and may be observed by aid of a reading By aid of a mirror attached to the needle. is When when a the amplitude of the swing of the needle deter- mined. needle movements are noted at variable distances is when the elec- trode of theenergeiaometer on a line with the energy source. Drug Safranin Vibratory Rate 4 5 Wavemeter Index 4 13 3 Gamboge Picric acid 3 .

225). and the energ}^ of a bar-magnet approximates the recei\Tng electrode of the apparatus. the needle is either repelled or attracted (when the is magnetic energ}' flows) according to whether the negative or positive end of the magnet is in apposition with the electrode. 211. thus emphasizing the importance of duahty in The energy discharge relatively great. The foregoing experiment not only demonstrates human it also shows the magnetic character of the insomuch as at the \dbrator\' rate and wavemeter index cited. human WTien the vibraton. in a temperamental individual is A magnet capable of lifting nearly a pound has less in- fluence on the needle than the energ}' discharge from the finger tips of a temperamental person. 211). The in a finger tips of the hand in a and the finger Male (negative energ}') will repel the needle tips of the right hand male (Figs. 26 and 27) approximating the receiving electrode \vi\\ attract the needle.rate of the biometer (p. After a shock or concussion of the spine. 9) are electro- can be shown that at 14. Traumatic neuroses energ}. not only a question of vibration but of polarization. 224). only energ}' of a magnetic character will influence the needle fp. the potentiality of the is diminished oxs-ing to the disarrangement for recog- magnetons fp.discharge of the may now be explained. is This observation sustains the mag- neton theory Other experiments demonstrate that every phenomenon Nature. and the wavemeter index at 8. this polarity from the finger tips radiations but latter is reversed.x ExERGY. Fig. 76). the The left latter fact definitely establishes escape of electrons from a magnet (p. In a Female. At the indices .312 APPENDIX XoRiLA. it —Bv aid of the energeiaometer. radiations (p.L HuiLA.

varies as determined by the energeiaometer. The influence of Colors on the individual may be termined. ^^ Personal magnetism 254) not a myth and actio in distans repugnaf' cited by the medieval is scholastic philoso- phers is easily disproved. latter The in will. the positive tem- perament tive" (firm will power) negative (negative pole of is needle repelled) and the negative temperament posi- Argument by and analog}^ is deceptive but positive and negative temperaments. Such opposition of enhanced by a violet purple color on the head. and mediumistic polar attraction repulsion. are conditions capable of demonstration. the needle may be may expressed be willed one person willing that the needle should go will) willing out is opposed by another person (with a stronger a deflection of the needle in the opposite direction. If polarity positively or negatively so that. only confirms the numerous —The new data is cited in this work. and in or out. the latter will will is prove the victor in the will contest. The nature of gravitation (p. . psychodynamic phenomena its find expression The potentiality of the latter. Red (bright) on the head.ENERGEIAOMETRY nizing 313 human energ>' (normal) with the energeiaometer. Psychological Investigations. Heliotropism energeiaometer may thus receive explanation. 225) (p. may be demonstrated. The energy discharged from Plants and it is likewise magnetic can be shown that some colors thrown on the plant will so modify the polarity that the plant energy previously it attracting the needle will repel or vice versa. increases the rapidity and amplitude of the needle deflections whereas yellow on the head. topographical percussion cited may be executed after the manner de- on page loi et seq. reverses the polarity of the male and female. Technically.

64). The energeiaometer may be connected with a buzzer and the instant of profound and concentrated thought (p. —Reference has already been made to telediagnosis on page 305. The potentiality of will and thought may be computed.314 APPENDIX The specificity of thought may be determined after the manner indicated on page 247. it is destined to dignify diagnosis as an exact science and to aid the physicist and physiologist in the interpretation of phenomena heretofore regarded as inexplicable. Telaerodiagnosis. The following usual code words may be selected with their vibratory rate and wavemeter index: Vibratory Rate 30 40 12 Wavemeter Index Saved Well Arrived 5 2 4 6 7 Operated 16 13 12 Gid Buy Sell 8 II 13 is If the reaction for lead or iron desired (287). It is impossible to cite all the experiments made by the author with this new instrument. place the index at 8 (wavemeter) and at 40 (vibra- tory rate) and for the tory rate). is In this experiment the receiving electrode connected with the antennae (Fig. at 6 (wavemeter) and 20 (vibra- With the energeiaometer. latter. for the former. one may demonstrate the rhythmic undulations in the flow of human energy. The author has recently sue- . Its use explains many supposed contradictions of physical law as exhibited by the "psychic medium" and others. 236) may thus be recognized at enormous distances.

.ENERGEIAOMETRY 315 ceeded in recognizing energy by aerial transmission over a distance of one mile and hopes that further experiments will enable him to exceed this distance.

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1913. who has given this department of scientific study. May. J. Journal of Advanced Therapeutics (Editorial. and March. 58. T014. Wochenschrift. The work of Dr. University Southern CaliVide surgical corroboration of the reflexes on 1915. Kreider. address Medical Society of Ohio. Journal de Medicine.— — — — — — — 320 Ireland. Physiological Therapeutics. 1914. 1913. Monthly March. 191 4. EEFEREXCES Reflex Chart.. (Tokio. Japan). 1903. "WTien medical men everywhere learn that the real object of Spondylotherapy work is in the interest of medical men. 'T/ze Cardiac Reflex of Abratns. Tokyoer Medizin. 10. —Editorial. L. in making for him some of the greatest advances in clinical methods of exact diagnosis and cure. — Demonstrations of Abram's visceral reflexes. Journal of Advanced Therapeutics. "Spondylotherapy has become a term with the medical profession which signifies a scientific advance along lines of treatment through the reflexes. Cyclopedia and Medical Bulletin. Martin. — Communications Dec to 1911. May 11. Oct. June. 1912. 191 5. March. Therapeutics. 1914). Societe de Radiologic Medicale de Paris. Albert Abrams. Nov. France). therapy a large measure of tially scientific basis. Lectures. Pacific Dental New York. Physiological 1913. Journal Physiological Therapeutics. Feb.^' Aug. ifornia. Archives de Neurologic. Ireland. Kodama 1914. he will then cease to wonder at the profound interest displayed in . V. 1914. The Archives oj Diagnosis. and Dec. 1912. fact is of the highest scientific importance. 1914. Medical Summary (Editorial.. 29. Lancet (London). the Medical Congress. 1914. page Jaworski. 12. Jarvis. Academy of Medicine (Paris. Oct. —Address International Electrical Congress. Jan. Dec. Chas. Aug. Oct. 191 1. Gazette. Louis. St. July 2. Lyon. 1914). D. Lebon and Aubourg." has placed the therapeutics of the spinal reflexes upon a substan- Kellogg. H.

The Medical Council. 1914. Bulletin ii. 191 Minerbi." Merklen and Heitz. Encyclopedia of Practical Medicine.. so exact. Jan." Prof. In the midst of came the diagnostic methods Abrams. I can say the same for the syphilitic reaction for the predetermination of sex. Musser. Rivista Critica Rivista Critica di Clinica 1. so practical. Nos. For many years the profession has looked to the laboratory for exactness in diagnosis and our literature has full of been the Wassermann all this reaction and the Abderof halden tests for pregnancy and cancer. Methods so simple.T. System of Instruction in X-ray Methods (Textbook). (Esplorazione del riflesso pulmonare di Abrams). 1903. —Physical Diagnosis (Blakiston's Son & Co. O'Reily. Medica (Florence. Nothnagel. 1911. Medical Diagnosis (Textbook). Monell. Italy). Robt." and the reaction . Cesare. Giacomo. La Presse Medicate. University. 1913. O'Donnel. in Perdue is Director of the largest laboratory for cancer research America and observes as follows: "I have never seen the Abrams reaction fail or be misleading. Minerbi. exhaustive monograph on Lung Reflex of Abrams an the 1909. Morris. at once made the processes of the laboratory obsolete and historic in medicine. Examen et Semeiotique du Coeur.— —— — —— — EEFERENCES class 321 come and convention and see why our eminent men often to scoff and return enthusiastic followers of reflex possibilities. Extracts from contriin recent butions by Prof. —This eminent radiologist like many others has con- firmed by Roentgenism the author's pyloric (page 65) and other reflexes. Firenzi. Aug. Paris (Texti. Eclectic Medical Vide page 188. di Clinica Medica. Perdue: "Nothing medicine has been so revolution- ary in diagnosis as the reactions founded upon the emanations of human energy as promulgated by Abrams. Rivista Critica di Clinica Medica. 50 and 51. The Archives of Diagnosis. so scientific. July. 1914. book).) Perdue.

IV.. Eclectic Medical Unvvcrsity. Journal oj Gazetta degli Ospedali e delle Cliniche. "The work of Abrams. 25. July. Kendrick. Sawyer. Satterthwaite. England). Oct. 1913. This distinguished physician referring to the of the author reflexes comments as follows: of "These important discoveries most part readily confirmed. From the latter fpage 148). vol. "His new work subject. 2. is that of an accomplished clinician and of a clear and forceful writer and is one of the most stimulating in the whole literature of nerve-cure. 191 The Medical World. C. March. Pope. Savill (London. Pratt. 23d Series. 1912.. International Clinics. Are the medical — are they preparing to add these ideas to those they are teaching?" "Abrams is probably better known in Paris. Advanced Therapeutics. but the time swiftly approaching when he will be considered at the all very head of his profession over the world. Jan. Lancet (London). Abrams are for the Journal of Physiological Therapeutics. Nov. The Matter with Nervousness. "The reflexes of Abrams .— — — — —— — — SSI Planck. Edward." Rosewater. EEFEREXCES Bulletin I. Curran." Smith. Referring to the author's work on reflexes. Mechanical Vibra- tion. Aug. Plessi. 1913. page 32. Confirma- tion of the Splanchnic reactions of Abrams. 1915). 1915 and Nov. The Medical Fortnightly.. is \'ienna and Berlin than in this country. 1913. 6. March 22. Abrams. 1915. Diagnostic Methods (Textbook). page 311. pathy." is the most scientific and at the same time the most practical which has yet appeared on the Riches (Editorials. 1915. 1914. The Post-Graduate. 190S.. 1914. Boardman. H. March. The Journal of the American Institute of Homeo- Nov. Reed. Smith." Riviere. 19 14. 21. Diseases of the Stomach and Intestines. Dec. "Right in front of us is the wonderful discovery schools alert of Dr. Medical Press. Snow. 1909. Clive. London. Oct. Sahli. Xew York Medical Journal.

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Lippincott Co. any new discovery as they have in first discovered by Dr. is almost beyond com- prehension or belief. Wochenschrijt. Zulawski. Physical Diagnosis (Textbook). but the great field opened to him. March 31. Albert It is Abrams method of San Francisco. Deidsch. not the novelty of the that interests the progressive physician." Wilson.—— 324 shown such electronic REFEREXCES interest in diagnosis. Med. and not have to rely upon doubtful laboratory methods. tuberculosis. s>'philis. pus formation. . 1910.. 1909. carcinoma. To be able to diagnose at the very beginning. and so on.



303. 12. 48. 204. 252. 12S. dis- Auto-intoxication. Attunement. Anions. 151. 303. 2. 146. reflexes of. Biogens. Bell. 115. 10. 309. 297. 141. 157. 49. 208. 144. 234. 155. Anthropodynamic. 316. 109. human. Aluminum. 163. 25. Anemia. 11. 115. 100. Bicerebration. 98. Angina pectoris. 154. 44. Asexuality. connection with. Abdcrhiildcn. Splanchnic. Allen. 157. 24Q. Bipolarity. 55. Appendix. laboring. Adrenal gland. 155. 210. pulmonary. 244. 143. 2SS. 256. 159. Allotropism. 131. 10. Belts. Binet-Simon. it. 202. Aj'lsworth. 303. Actinomj'cosis. 1Q5. Auto-telepath}'. 1 15. 149. Alopecia. 257. 13. 2. 35. 137. 171. 107. Atonia sympathetica. 26. 224. Actio in dislans. 245. Adeposity and infantilism. 182. 11. Autogenous energy. Abdominal brain. Appendicitis. 182. 266. Barclay. 218. 128. 205. 13. 214. Arthropathy. 275. 51. 213. Atoms and Electrons. 133. 81. Atropin. Atmosphere. Abrams. 301. Biosphygmomanomctry. 167. and syphilis. reaction of. 57. 288. Baines and Bowman. Anesthesia of skin. Bacillus coli. 108. 165. 170. Blood-pressure. 12. 7^ Blondlot. 145. 168. 200. Auto-intoxication. / 294. Biodynamics. 265. 162. Alcoholism. 259. Automatic tapper. B'odynaniopathology. energy of. 317. Audition. 20. human. reaction of. Biodynamometer. 187. 155. 149. in vibration. Adrenalin. 266. Aural polarity. Bacillus smegmatis. 159. energy on. . Anesthetics. Bolton. 268. 263. 154. Arsenic. 78. 80. 270. Art. Bactericidal therapy. Bibliography. 143. 262. 141. 166. 58. Baraduc. 208. 288. 60. 221. Bose. Apolarity. Bertillon. Atoms. 288. 162. 193. Aura. 66. Animal Experimentation.^. human. Amebiasis. Abscess. Bismuth. Antennae. Anthrax. 105. Automatism. and Raynaud's ease. Bioclinical reactions. Arthritis deformans. excitation of. Adrenal gland. 56. 79. 210. cl scq. Ailurophobia. of liver. Autoconduction. Auto-intoxication. Arrhenius. 309. 169. Astrology. Action currents. Beling. 124 2. Barometer. Automatisms. 9. Arteriosclerosis. 9. Aneurysm. Aerial. Bioreflexometry. 47. electric. Adrenal gland. Autochthonous energy. 313. connection with. 255. human. 23. 175. 245. Biometer.INDEX. insufficiency of. 171. Biodynamgnosis. Asthma.

174. 55. Divining rod. 196. • electropathology of. 259. precaution in diagnosis of. 209. heart as. Crile. Circulation. 176. 86. 184. 184. Dannenbaum. of. on sexual polarity. Chemotaxis. 272. testing of. 48. Dynamoscope. Cocain. 207. 237. 291. 236. Chronic inflammation. 264. 67. 217. on thought. Cell. 104. 192. 109. 69. Dermatoses and 196. Charcot. Disease. Congestion. Cartesian conception. 265. 56. 215. 187. 172. Depressor ners'e. 149. 181. 262. Consciousness. 291. 68. Detector. Colon bacillus. localization. subliminal. retentivity splanchnic. 178. Cerebration. INDEX Color. Cell-doctrine. 260. Chemotherapy. 171.' Dulness. in diagnosis. 7. 210. 13. 236. 71. Dubois. 210. 143. energy reaction of. 229. 145. 290. Drugs. 13. 286. penetration of. 250. splanchnic. 122. abdominal. 311. 295. splanchno. stomach. Diabetes mellitus. 210. reactions of. reaction of. Currents. Dementia precox. Condensed energy.328 Brain. 67. action. 201. Doctrine. 228. on polarity. 262. 143. Colisepsis. 172. leakage of. 265. Carcinomatosis. energeiagenic. 261. Brocq. 17. Dowser. 284. 203. 275. Clinical physiology. Circuiting. grounding of. Dementia paralytica. 145. 114. 126. 115. 113. Diagnosis. 6. 33. 26. human. Denis. waves. 113. Carrington. 209. 280. 269. 139. 106. 252. induction. 182. Centers. 289. 47. brain and spinal. Brain. 188. 8i. Condenser. 207. soil. 68. 216. 156. radio. Concussion. 185. 176. irritation in pathology. 313. Chromotherapy. . Dextral and sinistral symptoms. 197. a magnet. 264. Dog. 117. summary of. 104. 143. Cell theory. 228. Cricothyroid reflex. original. intra-abdominal. 137. 259. 17. Capacity. Bromids. 203. 246. 184. 285. Colloids. use of. 114. Cardiokinesthesia. Charms. 185. 149. 114. on reflexes. 160. Clairv-oyant. 256. 290. 11. Calculi. 103. morbid. and non-conductors. variable. short. Clock-test. Clerk-Maxwell. Cataracts. 293. 203. Colors. 149. on will. Cross. Clavus hystericus. 198. pulse as. 81. 69. 271. 197. Brain and spinal centers. 143. 252. Carcinoma. polarity of. Earth. Durville. 142. 291. reaction of. 233. 66. 267. 16. 215. Chloroform. Demagnetizing. Diphtheria. 177. 124. 26. 71. 113. Conduction. 12. 288. 283. 35. 10. 188. 203. Concentration of mind. Coil. 218. 260. 244. 58. Clapp. 277. 253. 228. 217. Chromodiagnosis. 57. cell. 187. 70. Crj'stalloids. 205. electronic. 270. 2. 175. 264. Conser\'ation of energy. 37. potentiality of. 12. on energy. re on pain. 17. Brain. Cardiopath.

205. Fuchsin. epigastric. diagnosis. diagnosis of sex. 25. 179. Galvanometric measurements. 5. of. Electrodes. photography physics plant. 81. 270. Electromagnetic phenomena. 147. conservation of. 154. 3. Energy. 309. 291. as work. Gastrography. 9. 244. 255. Erythema. 255. 108. 208. electromagnetic. Galton whistle. 79. Electrobiology. 263. 266. and thought. of. 166. 8. 213. autogenous. 308. 329 output. 276. 303. 307. light and darkness. 16. 209. Electronic. Fisher. of. Finsen. 55. 255. 159. 207. polarity of. 303. 252. 13. 210. defined. 145. Electrocardiography. flow of. pharmaceology. kinetic. 211. 18. 297. proximal. Eggs. 65. 41. Fluorescein. 265. specific. biomechanic detection of. 259. 284. 207. . Gastric nucleus. Energeiaometry. 206. 167. / 2L posture on. Fetus. Ljil^ duling. 268. 197. 276. 70. 61. 259. 215. 120.INDEX East. 40. jTu^^ . Electrification. 214. 263. Gall-stones. 63. 105. 165. 255. Electricity. 287. and hope. sphygmograms subatomic. 224. 265. 199. distal. 80. Emotions. 74. Epilepsy. 102. sex of. indices of. 2. Gastric cancer. Energeiaometer. Fatty heart. diagnosis. 286. Gastro-biodynamometer. Evans. personal. 200. 149. 7'.6 aural. 61. 8. 147. 258. 127. 41. 223. Electric belts. therapeutic.~ demonstration discharge of. 69. 303. Electrode. normal & pathological. . 188. autochthonous. conception of growths. 59. Eliot. Elliot. 44. Ellis. Galvanism. human. 44. 18. 93. ] polar expression of. of. 244. 10. Eosin. 311. dynamogenic. 45. potentiality of. summary of. Electrolytes. 308. 59. 235. 297. 3. measurement of. 71. centers. 276. 256. 47. '> v. Galvanometer string. 6. 174. 5. potential. non-duling. i. Electronotherapy. Electron. I Gall-bladder. condensation of. Gastrodiaphane. 93. 226. 67. 182. psychic. 43. 124. reactions of. index of. 260. 157. pathology. 77. 161. 91. 98. 5. electronic location of. 54. Fatigue. 36. as a detector. 239. 19. 218. 262. conductivity of. 191. 147. reaction of. Equation. 12. Ergohypertonics. 291. in the body. Electronalgias. pathology. 278. 291. 75. 214. pointed. 45. 10. 287. 177. 2. 209.aaestlieti^s on. Fat. 19. 189. 8. 250. 19. goitre. specific recognition of. . reserve. . Ether. 269. Erysipelas. adrenal. 267. 210. Frog. 250. 148. Epicene reaction. 214. 177 ei seq. 106. ^ production of. 211. location of. 225. Exophthalmic Faraday. Gcodynamics. 55. 255. 61.

i6i. 240. 287. Irritability. 152. 117. Human. Knowledge. 287. Lactation. Jarvis. 275. 210. 286. 211. HiLxley. 301. Kelvin. Isoelectric. Infantilism and adiposity. 105. 304Influenza. 159. Levi. 267. 56. 9. reaction of. i5g. 192. 225. 244. 162. Gyrography. index of. 313. 166. 128. 119. Insanity. Heredity. Hypnosis. filings. 65. 144. 55. parathyroid. 158. 1S9. Kidney. 204. Legendary lore. 156. 41. Kellogg. 266. functional test of. Hands. 61. 142. reaction of. automatism. 117. wavemeter. Index. 156. 183. 128. reactions of. 133. 242. 198. 200. 124. lodids. Hypopituitarism. Indicanuria. Intelligence. 25. latrophysics. Grasset. 154. 58. Law of reserve energ}-. 151. 116.330 Gland. 282. INDEX H\-pothyroidism. 54. 204. Harzbecker. 10. 26. i6o. delimitation fatty. reaction of. Idoform. Impotency. Hyperpiesis. reflex. 161. 185. 270. 175. 35. radiations. 162. Glanders. Lead. 109. laying on of. Irritation and malignancy. reaction of. 225. 236. 74. Hertel. i. 281. Gwathmey. 255. 186. 213. 147. 240. 2S3. i. 176. . Insulators. 182. 262. Goldscheider. Gyrograms. 152. 288. Hooker. 208. 145. 158. 152. 268. 177 et seq. 15. 225. 275. 314. tuberculous. Joire. in. center of. 218. Kinetic theory. 262. Hebra. Hoffman. Hypoadrenalism. of. 156. 226. 26. 137. 190. 143 Hertzian waves. energy. 126. Life. 58. 9. 250. Kilner. Gyroscope. 238. Hydronephrosis. 223. test. Heart. 302. Hj-pertension. Gout. 208. Growths. Intellectuality. Induction coil. 217. Ions. Inflammation. 100. 235. Hermaphroditismus. James. Janet. Hyperpituitarism. 239. 158. 191. in nature. Goitre. 210. 250. Haab. 183. 263. 128. 270. 232. Hysteria. Investigations. 214. Herter. 226. 64. Harmony. 265. 262. 57. Hydrothorax. 161. of. Laryngitis. modern. cultural. II. endogenous. 16. 153. Hydrophobia. Laboring art. insufficiency. 182. Iron. Hope. 99. 314. Gravitation. barometer. 162. 30. test for. thyroid. 239. 239. 147. measuring. 147. 194. 267. Grounding. classification of. Hearing. Homosexuality. 272. 258. Gonococcus reaction. thymus. Helmholtz. 57. fatty. Individuals. 254. 10. 149. Graham. Hair. 171. Gravity. 26. 202. Lebon and Aubourg. Gyrations. Ionization. 187. Infection. i. 266. Hydroiodic acid. Levison. 191.

reflex. 268. Moran. . 115. 81. 65. 80. stimulation of. 231. 168. 2o. Magnetometer. Ner\-e. Mercur\-.~l Menstruation. 164. Mediums. 113. 298. Magnetons. Pain. Liver. fatigued. ^Muscles. 117. Odyle. 133. Neurasthenia. eye of. Neoplasms. 42. 119. 81. 187. 269. 116. measuring. 164. Newmark. Menthol. 303. Nerve. 9. 132. 44. 36. 149. II. 11. 5. Localization. Lodge. reaction Motion. 309. Oculo-pupillary tract. Moynihan. physiology of. Noises. 228. 204. Meningococcic infection. 308. Marriage. 252. sterile. 249. 27. Loeb. index of. Musicotherapy. 266. 312. 28S. localization of. Markham. 207. energy. typical. 86. 213. 122. 80. Organotonomctry. 208. theory of. Man. Magnetism. as a transformer. 131. 128. spinal and cerebral. 268. 8. Menopause. 204. 26. Oersted. 308. field. 81. 239. 261. abscess. paralyzed. 26. animal. 170. 210. 167. Magnet. Odor. 77. action on stomach. Methyl blue. 215. 183. Metopion. Metallic reflexes. 161. 238. 264. 137. 164. depressor. Love. Ovarian infertility. 298.INDEX Light. 167. 186. 103. on body. 118. 185. of. 215. Occult phenomena. Ocular-gastric reflex. Menstrual blood. 102. 35. reflex. Minot. 145. 115. 69. Materialization. attraction by. 126. Noguchi-luetin reaction. 80. reaction of. 239. 224 meridian. 158. 256. 191. Packard. 254. 62. traumatic. subliminal. 309. splanchnic. law of. O'Donnell. Ovaries. 234. 219. 7. 156. unconscious. visceral action of. splanchnic. red. 296. 15. 234. Movements. 244. 271. Metals. Mentoids. irritation. Opthalmo-axonometer. pathology of. 269. Magnetic. 257. 83. 177 d scf. Men. Malignancy and 191. Organ. force. 60. 75. 298. 26. Nephrolithiasis. 129. 229. 94. 43. detection of. 11. 99. Morphin. disorders. concentration of. . relaxed in tone. 2S0. Mental / f^^ short-circuiting. irritabilitj' of. 165. 97. Page. location of. Ohms. 262. on. Non-conductor. 308. 211. Mathews. 261. 269. 264. 253. 77. 249. 291. Non-duling energy. 286. g. Malaria. action on viscera. Matter. 310. Mikhailoft". Neuroses. 104. 257. Ocular reflexes. 268. 67. 65. 223. electromagnetic. DO I ^Minerals. Myocardium test for. 255. 103. Original capacity. 125. dilation of. lettering of. 232. 153. 121. 231. Odic. Mind. 95. 236. 262. 8. 270. theory of. 270. Lydston. 116. 3. reflex. personal. -^ '^'' "-y^ if ^ t <^V»-^ Olfaction. Ophthalmoatonia. Neuroelectrical storms. Neurod\'namic 258. border. 207. Orifices. Malignancy. 116.

286. 160. 207. Pilocarpin. ct seq. 125. 257. 141. 45. 307. Parasjphilis. 307. 137. Picric. 9. supernormal. 52. 127. 35. gland. occult. Radiodiagnosis. Pointed electrode. 208. Photography. 20. 123. 103. 285. 147. 165. Polarity or rods. Pneumonia. 234. 98. 57. 202. 297. S3. 224. drugs in. 126. 28. Potassium. clinical. 269. Pertussis. 189. 215. 87. Pulmonan. and th}Tnus. electronic. 99. 49. 151. 305. Pathograms. 187. 284. Pathotelephony. 296. se. Planck. 19. 167. types of. Rays-X. 254. 162. Polar bodies. Psychasthenia. 4. 128. 266. 230. 283. 162. 161. 284. methods 30. Physicodiagnostic methods. 197. 119. electromagnetic. I'j'i el scq. 87. 179. Potentiometer. 158. electronic. 141. 122. 172. color action. Quinin. Poliomyelitis. 165. inhibition of. Protoplasm. 263.332 Paralysis. Phonograms. th\TOgenous. 172. no. Pharmacology". 206. 125. 228. magnetism. 6. humoral. 63.-. reaction of. Psychomotor area. 200. III. 126. Psychology-. 100. 275. Percussion. Radiation. 51. 228. 288. Ragland. 187. symbiotic. equation. polarity. 114. Psychoses. 128. polarity of. Potato. human. in. drugs on. 261. 163. 64. Red. P\-lorus. 69. 279. reaction. 262. reaction. . Polarity reaction. energy detector. 23. Pulse. reversed. Psychophanometer. ^^. Radioactivitv. acid. loi. Pathology-. 230. reflex. 78. vago. Pregnancy. 100. 243. 72. Pendule explorateur. 177. Perception. 166. Perdue. 215. 179. 184. Psychometn. Red. 174. 210. of. Prouty. 255. 4. 69. 74. 123. Pus. 117. 217. Plants. Paretic dementia. 307. loi. 215. Radio-Rem. 309. 23. Plethysmograph. Psychomanograph. 57. 9. 83. anomalies of. Polarity of colors. 187. 2>2topographic. 41. 25. 210. Pituitar}-. 34.xual. 45. 114. Paratyphoid reaction. 174 Psychics. Phenomena.visceral. reaction of. Psychic energ}-. 205. 138. tracheal. 7. 310. reaction in. Radiogeodiagnosis. 109. 125. varieties of. Polarity. 69. and thought.arthropathy. 176. Pasteur. INDEX Polar cardiac reactions. 56. 257. rods on. Physiology. opening of. 188. 198. 267. 223. 159. Parath}Toid gland. 183. body. Personal. 34. Posture and position. 34. 66. 297. aural. 175. 114. 161. 79. Periodic law. Psychoneuroses and alopecia. Psychoses. 209. 173. 289. color on. 211. iodid. Radium. vagal. Radiations. 4. 256. Paratuberculosis. 197. 67. new.. Pa\"ne. 301. Polyarthritis. 295. 28. 10. color on. chlorate. 239. agitans. 59. Phot isms. Reaction. Psychoanalysis. 208. Psycho-vagus tone. Paranoia. energy of.

195. 64. Sprude. 249. technique of. and short-circuiting. 187. 90. 297. divining. Salicylates. 302. Short. neurasthenia. 215. 103. 49. 253. Ross. Sigmoid dulness. 212. ocular. Sex. 84 cl seq. and stomach reflex. 121. 43. 37. reaction ef. . heart with.circuiting. 131. Reflexometry. 184. 299. Jarvis on. Sillo. 249. stomach. Specific energy. 276. 43. 173. 135. Rhythm. 187. 83. 283. 40. 228. pulmonary vasomotor. Sphygmobiomcter. 299. 239. 177. 1 10. sphygmographic. addenda. 59. Rods. 34. 132. Smell. Senses. 252. Spirochcta pallida. 291. Sajous. no. splanchnic. polarity Rogers. 90. detection of. 100. 231. Solar rays. Skin. 301. 295. 63. retinal. bicarbonate. 298. Registration. cacodylate. Sodium. Spinal centers. Steenstrup. Sphygmographic registration. 153. Rings. 83. 147. 26. 269. polarity. 282. 124. 81. area. 209. 155. 126. Splanchno-diagnosis. vasomotor. stimulation of. 278. Reichcnbach. 285. 263. 97. pulse and. components. discharge. 19. Spencer. 80. 164. 202. 161. of. i^. crico-thyroid. 275. pain. Sporulation. 303. 301. 187. 237. 83. 272. oculo-gastric. theory of. 114. 258. Selenium. storage action of. experiments with. Resistance coil. metallic. 117. 216. 206. nerves. 8.. . liver. 301. 81. 78. 40. differentiation of. 228. reflexes. Second sight. sense of. 83. 81. 298. Reflexophone. 83. 275. 242. 303. 212. 210. 117. 109. 257. 252. 249. 291. 94. Reflexes. circulation. 81. 275.:. 275. 179. 225. power. 208. 208. vagal. diagnosis with. Sphygmomanometry. nature of. 133. Spinthariscope. 94. 252. 106. 77. Rctentivity of dulness. storage action of. 21. hyperesthesia of. Sinusoidal current. production of. Splanchnoptosis. of eggs. 269. Sgier. 264. 333 and chloroform. 297 prediction of. attraction. Scarlet fever. 217. 284. 192. Selling. 292. Skoda. 289. 114. 270. Spectroscope. 272. 239. 132. 305. 298. Reflexophonograms. 72. Rubber-cement. 10. 287. 255. 176. Sexual. 26. ensemble. 291. Eliot. Safranin. heart. 105. 253. 169. 172. factor. 145. 261. 122. use of. 124. 114. Spiritualism. Ribot. Rheumatic rings. Sherman. 116. 19. 304. 44. 268. 38. Rod. Sarcoma. 134. 39.INDEX Reflex.. pylorus. Sound. as detectors. Sphygmophone. 125. 237. Reflexophonometry. Soil. no. Spleen. 264. Retraction of stomach. Resonance of gastric nucleus. Smith. 1 20. 299. Rheostat. 212. 246. 7. 210. 249. _ Splanchnic anemia. 263. 151. 226. 282.

303. 176. Sterility. 40. Typhoid fever. reactions in. 69. 258. 253. 305. 286. . S^-mptoms. and psychoses. 294. Tracheal percussion. inherited. 40. reaction of. Tissues. Touch. 301. 157. active. bactericidal. 193. tonicity of. 21. 288. 177. 155. Temperament. Tactile sense. Urotropin. 244. Unipolar conduction. physics of. and insanity. diagnosis by. Topographic percussion. Testicles. Telediagnosis. Telaerodiagnosis. 156. Stimuli. automatic. course of. Topognosis. Therapeutic nihilism. 262. familial. 159. new concepts Trichiniasis. delimitation of. gastric. 85. Traumatic neuroses. at a distance. in diagnosis. 252. 254. 128 ct scq. Ulcer. 23. 164. Th\Togenous psychoses. 136. 252. 247. 139. Treatment. as a detector. 161. 96. dextral and sinistral. 25. 154. Telegnosis. 174. 39. 246. Ureter. 314. Tapper. nerve. Tonoscope. 245. 314. 295. sputum reaction in. 309. hj-permotility of. X-ray. 138. 54. hypotonia 170. reflex of. 106. 265. 234. retraction of. Streptococci. 258. 134 seq. 313. Telekinesis. 160. consciousness. Taste. ner\es of. relation. 251. 150 Tropism. 137 el seq. 146. 25. colors in diagnosis. 19. 77. 138. 161. energy potentiality in. Subterranean diagnosis. 219. 149. 252. stimulation of. reaction in. 146. 159. gland. Subliminal. Teniasis. Thymus. 278. Therapy. Tetanus. Sterile marriage. duodenal. 288. and mixed infection. mind. 312. 234. 118. 62. extract. glands mesaortitis in. 19. 137. Tabes. Telepathy. 238. energ}. in. S\Tnbiotic reaction. Tapeworm.IXDEX Stereo-chemistn-. 289.of. reaction of. reaction of. specificity of. )^ Thyroid. 156. 172. 212. 21. Stimulation of vagus. 139. 85. reflex. polarity. polarity in. loi. 147. detection of. calculi of. Thought. 57. 207. 278. 144. 159. 277. 38. 286. Suprarenal. 21. \accine. measuring tone . quiescent and active. 128. 287. on pulse. . index of. 291. 163. Supernormal perception. 307. 203. in childhood. 193. \-isceral. 176. el differential diagnosis of. 18. 244. 237. potentiality of reaction. 85. gland. 187. 250. in. 248. 261. clinical. Superstition. 85. 149. Tonicity. \'agus. 305. 27. drugs in. 66 Potentiality of. Stomach. 118. 198. exhaustion. Vago. bodies. Telephone. Toxicology. feeding. 149. auto. 131. 314. of.visceral percussion. S\phiUs. 133. treatment Tuning. reaction of. Tashiro and Adams. 352. 223. 136. 266 Tuberculosis. 141. 132. reaction of. reaction of 127. Vaccinia. anatomy of. 139. testing. corroborating diagnosis. 125. of. 60. 254. percussion. 125. safraninin. 118. 10 •. 223. 118. 125.

of atoms. 266. Vital soil. 249. 201. tonicity. loi. 247. action on pulse. 261. 21] . 269. 250. 306. 246. 102. 25. Water. 237. 225. Visual area. tape. color on. sufficiency. \'asomotor reflexes. 209.INDEX Variable condenser. 115. 260. 149. an accident. \\'illing. atj-pic. potentiality of. Viscus factitia. A'italism. favorable. rest cure. 122. 299. 170. Wavemeter. demagnetization. 283. 188. index of fat. 199. Vibration. test for. 7. 286. 67. 54. 215. rate of. Vibrodynamometry. 283. 99. 47. 94. 261. Worm. 129. 293 335 Ward. 188. Vecki. 105. 233. indices. 137. 152. 295. 199. 282. 206. 295. adverse. Yamaguchi. 287. 233. 125. Wassermann test. X-rays. 154. 281. 276. 272. 190. Will. 260. 264. 103. 269. A'ital force. Women. Yellow. 253. 182. polarity of. \'oltage of human energy. 257. 254. 264 Waves. 260. \'isccral. 287. 49. Vision. indices of. 261. 182. Vivisection. brain. index of lead. i. 186. and repulsion. attraction 49. 260. 309. Wireless. 67. 272. 195. 88. 75. 58. 75. 50. malignancy. 281. 265. 190. 204. White.




. IRVINE IRVINE. . . CALIFORNIA 92664 » iiiT i » iM ». MEDICAL SCIENCES LIBRARY UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA.08 \TBk60 Al6ln 1916 Abrams Albert New concepts in diagnosis and treatment.:».. . 3 1970 00630 7471 °°° '65 . physico-clinical medicine.