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A Google Generation Guy In Gods Book?!

Duke Jeyaraj presents the life of Google Genner Absalom put in the acronym a-b-s-a-l-o-m.
Google Generation youth often imagine that the Bible is full of characters oozing with holiness characters they might admire from a distance but never rub shoulders with, striking the same chord and frequency. They would like to think that the young men of the Bible, would be a far cry away from the freaky, fast and fantabulous twenty-first century young person. Ill introduce Absalom to such thinkers. He was almost an exact replica of todays young people, wrote Billy Graham. One of the most refreshing things about the Bible is that you meet real people there. You bump into fellows with real flesh there. People about whom you can go, That is the kind of person, I could have well met right inside my corporate office! People about whom you would have said, This kind of chap, I would have easily bumped into, even in my college! Absalom was one such real person. A Google Generation youth you run into, in the Bible, he certainly was. I want to use the acronym, a-b-s-a-l-o-m, to outline his life and character for us in a memorable way. After you have read this piece by yours truly, you would say, Truly, Absalom was like youth of the Google Generation! The very first letter in the name Absalom, which is A,

Post the December 2012 Delhi Rape, several youth protested in anger. They have a kindred spirit in Prince Absalom of the Bible.
propels me to think that he was the They had a kindred spirit in Absalom. Absalom was also like them. Absalom was a kings kid. His father was the legendary King David. Absaloms full-sister, Tamar, was raped by Amnon, her half-brother (2 Sam. 13). Amnon, the son of Ahinoam of Jezreel, was Davids firstborn (I Chro. 3:1). Absalom deeply loved his sister. He gave the name of his sister Tamar to his own daughter (see 2 Sam. 14:27). Perhaps, this gesture was indicative of the deep affection he had for his sister. After being brutally raped by Amnon, Tamar lived with Absalom as a desolate woman (2 Sam. 13:20). Absalom hated Amnon for disgracing his sister (2 Sam. 13:22).Two full years later,

Google Generation youth get angry when they see atrocities which happen around them. When a 23-year old woman was roughed up and repeatedly raped in a moving bus by 6 men in South Delhi on 16 December 2012, youth across India felt intense anger and outrage. She along with her male companion, was stripped and slung off from the moving bus after an hour-long ordeal, the climax of which was the brutal act of penetration of the girl with an iron rod. Youth who heard about this, cringed in horror and clenched their fists in ire.

Absaloms anger towards his brother Amnon hadnt subsided or lessened (2 Sam. 13:23). In Absaloms mind, the rape video of Tamar, played again and again, to stroke his rage. But the fact of the matter is this: only God has the ultimate right to be truly angry with us. This is what the Bible teaches. The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all godlessness and wickedness of men who suppress the truth, Paul writes (Rom.1:18). Kiss the Son, lest he be angry and you be destroyed in your way, writes the Psalmist (Psa. 2:12).We have all been godless. We have all sinned. That is the teaching of the Bible (Rom. 3:23). Michael Jackson sang, Im bad! We too should admit that we are indeed badbad by nature (Jer.13:23) and by choice (Jer. 6:16). From the Bible we understand that this bad behavior of ours, makes God go mad at us! When we reject Jesus and what He has done for us on the Cross, God gets really mad at us. Hear John in this regard: Whoever puts his faith in the Son has eternal life, but whoever rejects the Son will not see that life, for Gods wrath remains on him (John 3:36). If the letter A in the name Absalom reminded me that he was the Angry Absalom, then the letter b there reminds me that he was the.

As part of my Doctor of Ministry course project, I talked with over hundred Modern Young Working Professionals Google Genners. These people of the

age-group, 21-40, work in the IT/ ITES/BPO companies across different cities in India (Pune, Mumbai, Cochin, Trivandrum, Chennai, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Lying to the customer has become uncommon in New Delhi the Call Centre industry. Absalom bluffed Amnon, and Kolkata) only to have him murdered. and some brother butchered and other countries (Nepal, consequently got banished Bangladesh, USA, China, from his fathers kingdom! Australia, United Kingdom and Czech Republic). I Absalom, we read in the specifically asked them about Bible, invited all the Kings temptations they faced while sons to come for a sheepat work. One temptation, shearing festival (2Sam. which virtually all of them 13:23). The celebration of the spoke about, was the removal of wool from Sheeps temptation to be untruthful. skin was not his intention, in The lure to lie.The bait to organizing this festival. bluff. They are tempted to Instead, it was the removal of give false information to the head of Amnon, from his pacify an irate customer. This body. This was Absaloms sole customer wouldnt be able to goal in planning for this party. verify what was told to him, Come and watch some of the because he was on the other finest wool being made! side of the globe. This was this is what bluff-master quite a common practice, in Absalom perhaps told kings the call centre industry, I sons, in an effort to fool found out during the course them! of those startling-truthrevealing interviews. I Absalom made the kings discovered that in order to sons who came for his party, get a leave sanctioned, it was drunk (2 Sam. 13:28). When common for employees to call Amnon was high, he was in sick, even when they were hacked to death by Absaloms absolutely fine. For the men. With this deceptive Google Generation of our deed, he was clearing the line time, telling lies is no big for him to be the next king deal, I learnt, during those of Israel for Amnon was research chat sessions. This the eldest son of David observation leads me to the (2 Sam. 3:2). In other words, next letter in Absaloms name Absalom was slowly but is b. This letter reminds me surely turning into Chairthat he was the bluffing Snatcher the title, The Week Absalom, who also got his magazine gave Indian

political leader, Narender Modi (in one of its issue of June 2013). Absaloms bluffed and arranged for the butchering of brother Amnon,to position himself as the new crown-prince of Israel. But the fact was this: Absalom was prince of pretenders, the badshah of bluffmasters! He killed Amnon, not to primarily avenge his sisters rape, but to oust him from the ratrace for the throne. We must not lie. That challenge comes to us The story of Bollywood actress Jiah Khan who apparently committed suicide from the CHARACTER is sadly re-lived in the lives of many Google Genners. of God. The Bible teaches that we serve that tragic night. Her adoring banishment. This banishment a God who does not lie fans, her arm-candy man, her lasted for three years, the (Num. 23:19). We must not attractive tan (she was Bible reveals (2 Sam. 13:38). bluff. That challenge for us dusky-complexioned) all During this period of comes from the COMMANDS these and more could not banishment, his dad David of God. You shall not bear lift her from that lonely longed to see him again, we false witness against your feeling that night. The story read (2 Sam. 13:38). neighbor so says the of Jiah Khan is re-lived in the Our sins separate us from our Scripture (Ex. 20:16). We lives of many Google Heavenly Father, the must not be pretenders and Genners. May be, one of you liars. That challenge comes to Scripture teaches (Isa. 59:2). is even reading this article. This separation is what us from CONSEQUENCES for King David was clearly causes loneliness in our those who lie. The Scripture missing his banished son, souls. Story time. A real one. reveals that if we refuse to Absalom. Joab, the Its late night at about 11:45 turn from the sin of lies, hell commander of his army could pm on 3rd June, 2013. A will be the ultimate see that very clearly. He pretty young actress in consequence (Rev. 21:8). secretly arranged that a Mumbai is feeling lonely and We may never arrange for the woman from Tekoa, armed lost in Mumbai. Her boymurder of our own brothers, with an imaginative story was friend with whom she was the way Absalom did. But do sent to King David. She was a apparently sexually intimate we murder others with our widow, this woman claimed. had dumped her by sending mouths that speak caustic She had two sons. One struck her a break-up bouquet. The words? Angry words are as the other and killed him. The man with whom she went for destructive as swords in people of her town wanted to a rendezvous with to Goa, Jesus Kingdom, the Bible kill the living son. David is had now told her, See you! teaches (Math. 5:21,22). furious upon hearing this. As We are talking about Jiah surely as the LORD lives, not Khan here. This 25-year old Absalom ran to his maternal one of your sons head will Bollywood Actress,Jiah Khan, grandfathers home, following committed suicide by hanging fall to the ground (2 Sam. the murder of his brother 14:11). Thats when the herself to death from the Amnon, the Bible records smart woman chips in to say, ceiling fan of the bedroom of (2 Sam. 13:37; 3:3). In a When the king says this, her house in Juhu, Mumbai, way, it was a self-

Whats wrong with surveillance/spying? American Government. Whats wrong with heavy petting between a boy and girl not married? Google Gen.
does he not convict himself.? (2 Sam 14:13). Just as the king wanted the murderous son in the story he just heard to be spared, he should also spare his rebellious son Absalom that was that womans point! Not only that, Absalom should be now welcomed back to the kingdom that was her request. Absalom did come back to Jerusalem where David lived. But he was asked to stay without seeing the kings face for a good two years (2 Sam. 14:28). May be, David felt that prince Absalom was still unrepentant for all what he did. Thats why, he wasnt ready to embrace him, even though he loved him and longed for him. And as a result, Absalom was still out in the cold. Jesus has many names in the Bible. One name is that He is the Son of David (Two blind men by the roadside call him by that name Math. 9:27). The son of David, Jesus, longs to have you, this generations Absalom, back in His kingdom the Kingdom of Heaven. To join that Kingdom of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit, the Scripture teaches, you must repent and come to him in faith (Luke 13:1-5; John 1:12). And when you take a U-turn, repent, (come to your senses Luke 15:17) and come back to Him with faith, He will run towards you and embrace you! And you will no longer be lonely as God Almighty Himself would become your friend, the Bible says (See Prov. 18:24). If the letter A in the name Absalom reminded me that he was he was the Angry Absalom, if the next letter b informs me that he was the Bluffing/Butchering/Banished Absalom, the third letter in his name, s, moves me to think that he was the. Mr. N. Srinivasan, was asked to quit on moral grounds. It was then, he said, I have nothing wrong. I will not be bulldozed into resigning! He also felt that there was nothing wrong in him being both the BCCI President and also the CSK owner, while others were certain that there would be a definite conflict of interest when he dons both the hats. Lets move over to another news item where whats wrong with that? was uttered. A contract employee of the National Security Agency (NSA) of the United States, a Google Genner, by the name of Edward Snowden, 29, accused the US Government and President Obama of serious wrongdoing. Users of popular American global Internet giants like Yahoo, Facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Skype, AOL and PalTalk, were spied upon, were put under surveillance, their activities snooped upon, spied upon, without adequate legal cover and fake justifications, he reportedly alleged. Their search history, the content of their emails,

During IPL6 which was played during April-May 2013, Indian cricket was plunged into great turmoil. Three Rajasthan Royals cricketers were arrested for spot-fixing. The Team Principal of Chennai Super Kings (CSK), Gurunath Meiyappan was also arrested on charges of betting. His father-in-law, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) President,

with that? is a phrase that guilty of anything, let him put the file transfers they made me to death (2 Sam. 14:32). and the live video/voice chats is often in the mouth of the Google Genners, young and Note the phrase, If I am they engaged in, the photos old. Sin, guilt, judgment, etc., guilty of anything He had, they shared, the data they are all unpopular words with in fact, deceptively arranged stored, the video the murder of Amnon, his conferencing calls they made, them. Generally speaking, they get defensive when they half-brother. But that doesnt etc all these were spied are accused of wrong-doing. seem like a sin to him. upon, Snowden reportedly The same was true about Absalom showed no sign of revealed toThe Guardian real repentance. He remained Absalom. newspaper of Britain. It was stubborn, despite having revealed that NSA was Here is a bit from the arranged a murder. Anyone building a new $2 billion Absalom story that you may who robs father and mother facility in Utah, which, when not be familiar about: and says, So, whats wrong ready, will have the capacity Absalom requests with that? is worse than a to store and process data Commander Joab to have him pirate those are the words equivalent to one million of the Proverbs DVDs for each penman (Prov.28:24, man, woman, The Message). child on earth! Absalom, according (Frontline, 12 to this Proverbs July 2013). verse, was worse However than a pirate, as he, according to a in-effect, robbed from his father article, U.S. David, his eldest son intelligence (Amnon) and wasnt officials feeling bad about have argued in the whole thing. the past that the Heres how a (this) president had prostitute operates: the she has sex with her constitutional client, takes a bath, authority, no Heavy Petting is a TV program run by one of the then asks, Whos matter what the NDTV Group channels. Can heavy petting be justified next? those are law says, to among dating couples? No, teaches the Bible. lines written by the authorize author of the Bible domestic spying without arrange for a meeting of book of Proverbs (Prov. warrants in some cases. This himself with King David. 30:20,The Message). was only part of a Having re-entered Judah after Absalom, in a way, was like Government effort to use being banished, he was in a that prostitute talked about in every means available to tearing hurry to meet the this Proverbs verse. He felt ramp up surveillance against King, so that his ambitions to no remorse after he suspected terrorists. unseat him, can take murdered his brother and (Frontline, July 12, 2013). concrete shape. Joab doesnt perhaps asked, Whos the Obama who became U.S. respond. So, Absalom sent next person, I need to President riding on the his servants to Joabs barley murder to become king? I caption, Yes, we can, was fields, which were next to his, wont hold back, even if that now saying openly, Yes, we and they set it on fire person is my own father! scan! this is how some (2 Sam. 14:29,30). A baffled news reports brilliantly put it. Google Genners of our day, Joab asks Absalom as to why In other words, President copy this Absalomic, Ion earth he would resort to Obamas response to havent-done-anythingdoing such a thing. In Snowdens spyingwrong behavior. Let me give response, Absalom said, It surveillance accusation was a you a case point: there are would be better for me to point-blank, Whats wrong believer folks who indulge in stay in Geshur! I want to see with that? Whats wrong heavy petting acts like the Kings face. And if I am

Absalom, if third letter in his name, s, moves me to think that he was the Sin-blind Absalom, the fourth letter in his name, a, inspires me to think that he was the

Looking good is a top priority of the Google Generation. Popular magazines like People Being good-looking is not an understand that achievement Dravid. Beyond the and therefore good looks of Absalom, there was publish regular reports on who hardly anything good about Absalom. were the 50 fondling of private parts with hottest bachelors!, the 50 the opposite sex, outside the most beautiful people, etc. boundaries of marriage, Closer home, The Times of without going all the way and India, also runs surveys along ask, Whats wrong with that? the same lines. How is it much different from Absalom was one such stroking each others hair? There are believer boys, who person, going by what the Bible reports about him, who get alone with god-fearing would have made such lists girls, in the guise of doing fasting prayer, but end up as with regularity. He had looks that swept women off their feasting players they feast feet (II Sam 14:25). He had on each others bodies. But such a winning personality the Bible, through passages that the Scripture has this to such as Ezekiel 23 (the story say about him: he stole the of two sisters who allowed hearts of all the people of men who werent their Israel (II Sam 15:6). Prince husbands to fondle their Charming he certainly was. breasts to have that act was Adorable he actually was. labeled as fornication by But only on the outside. Let God in verse 18) and Genesis me explain. 26 (where even a pagan king understands only a husband There was a time when can fondle his wife not any Absalom, as King Davids son, Tom, Dick or Harry!) teaches sat along with a man called us that such a behavior is Mephibosheth. He was the certainly wrong. crippled son of Davids dead If the letter A in the name Absalom reminded me that he was the Angry Absalom, if the next letter b informs me that he was the B-luffing/ Butchering/Banished buddy, Jonathan and the grandson of Davids enemy, Saul (2 Sam. 9:3). As a five year old, a freak accident made him lame. His nurse dropped him while she fled

with him for her dear life. He crossed the river Jordan with scooting servants and stayed in a small village called Lo Debar (which means desert place). The properties of his forefathers were returned back to him by King David. Faster than one could pronounce his name twice, he was shifted from the desertplace to the dining palace, the dining place of the king (as Max Lucado put it). Shuffling and stammering, unable to look King David in the eye, Mephibosheth said, Who am I that you pay attention to a stray dog like me? (2 Sam. 9:8,The Message). His humility did not rub onto many of the other sons of David who sat in the same dining space, it seems. They gobbled up the food served there, sure enough. But they did not take time to eat, imbibe, the humble spirit that was evident in the cripple Mephibosheth, it looks like. And this was certainly true of the Kings son, Absalom, a Mr. Israel if you can call him that way, a young man so much unlike Mephibosheth, the cynosure of all eyes, adorable, with his red-hot James Anderson looks (Read 2 Sam. 14:25 in The Message version This Absalom! There wasnt a man in all Israel who was talked about so much for his handsome good looksand not a blemish on him from, head to toe!).When one looked beyond the good looks of Absalom, there was hardly anything worth imitating. Handsome Rahul Dravid, Indian Cricket legend, once said, Being good looking is not an achievement. I want my cricketing achievements to count more! Absalom

should have been around to listen to such solid advice! Adorable Absalom did not imbibe the quality of humility from Mephibosheth, it was clear. And he paid the price for his arrogance and pride later on. We will come back to Mephibosheth at the end of this essay. Sadly, Absalom was only beautiful on the outside. Inside, like the religious leaders of Jesus day, he was like a white-washed tomb polished on the outside, proud on the inside (Math. 23:27). We too can turn out to be like Absalom. We can look awesome on the outside, but be awful on the inside, at the same time. Arrogance can be lurking inside our hearts. One of the surefire signs of arrogance in a believers life is prayerlessness. Prayer is nothing but depending on God. A lack of prayer reveals a lack of dependence on God. By not spending sufficient time in prayer, we are telling God, I can manage things on my own! But the call for us today is to humble ourselves and say, Without You Lord, I can do nothing! (John 15:5). If the letter A in the name Absalom reminded me that he was the Angry Absalom, if the next letter b informs me that he was the B-luffing/ Butchering/Banished Absalom, if third letter in his name, s, moves me to think that he was the Sin-blind Absalom, the fourth letter in his name, a, inspires me to think that he was the adorableoutside-yet-awfulinside Absalom, the fifth letter in his name, l, tells me that he was the

After Ahitophels evil counsel, Have sex with your fathers concubines, Absalom more or less imitated Amnon, the man whose sexual sin he earlier had condemned. L-LUSTFUL ABSALOM
Another thing that the Google Generation goes gaga over is power. Knowing this very well, magazines like India Today, publishes an annual list of the most powerful Indians. In 2013, this magazine published its eleventh Power List. Absalom, despite his young age, wanted to get named in a list like that for the nation of Israel during his days on earth. Not only that. He lusted to get to the top of such a list! If you looked beyond the looks of Absalom you would find an impatient young man a young man thirsting for power. Shall we say lusting for power? Absalom promised justice to the common man of Israel, not because he was concerned about him, but because he was conspiring and setting the platform to be king instead of the Godcrowned David. He went to Hebron, not to fulfill a vow he made to the Lord, as he claimed to do, but to crown himself king there (2 Sam. 15:7-10).He wasnt going to Hebron to sacrifice but scheme. Scheming to unseat his father (II Sam 15: 7-10). He was third in the queue of potential candidates to be the next king of Israel. He was behind two brothers: Amnon, Davids oldest son (he had him killed, as we already saw) and Kileab (a guy who is perhaps called Daniel in I Chron. 3:1, he was not probably a strong personality like him the Scripture just names him just once and he is forgotten, II Sam 3:2,3). The throne would naturally come to him if the other two passed away. Why did Absalom choose Hebron as the usurp venue? Bible Scholars give us a few reasons: David was made king in Hebron (2 Sam. 2:1,4; 5:3,5). Absalom was born in the same town (2 Sam. 3:2-3). And there was a local resentment against David in Hebron, because David made Jerusalem capital instead of Hebron. In many ways, Hebron looked like a perfect place for Absalom to start the process of usurping his dad, King David. Bluffing had now become a way of life for Absalom. Remember how he bluffed his brother Amnon

to come for a sheep-shearing festival only to arrange for his murder, previously? He could not shake off his ties with Madame Lies!

Absaloms lust was two-fold for power, for pleasure; for the wreath, for the whore.He may have not been like his half-brother Amnon who went after sinful sex like possessed Dying to get ahead? Hungry man who stopped-at-nothing for power? Gunning for the till he de-flowered, till he prime-spot? In the rat-race to raped the girl he lusted for. reach the top by hook or But Absalom was ready to crook? That is folly. Ask At this point, Ahitophel, have sinful sex, when it came Absalom he would tell you Bathshebas grandfather (see knocking at his door, through that it is. Hear Absaloms 2 Sam. 11:3; 23:34), may be the sinful suggestion of brother Solomons Spiritspurred by a grudge that he Ahitophel! Chances are that given words (the more Absaloms guy who are reading this eventually sat on article, than the throne Amnons! Some Absalom was of us havent dying to sit in!): yet had sex In his time He outside of (God) will make marriage and all things committed beautiful (Eccl other despicable 3:11). Peter, an sins, simply important pillar because we of the Church havent had after its Founder the clear (Christ) earthly opportunity to ministry ended, do so, perhaps. writes to young We may have people (perhaps never visited a the aspiring Corporate Honcho Phaneesh Murthys alleged office sex prostitute, thus young colts of far. But if were affairs cost him dear. Absaloms rebellion which the church): to get a chance included sexual sins also cost him dear. Humble to go on a yourselves, therefore, under had on David who had an holiday alone to Bangkok we Gods mighty hand, that he affair with his granddaughter, might do that. The call from may lift you up in due time suggested that Absalom sleep Gods Word is that we must (I Pet 5:5,6). Before the due with the concubines atop the come to a point of a cometime arrives as per Gods palace roof, in the sight of all what-may commitment to calender, we young people Israel (2 Sam. 16:21-22). the Lord. Even if I have an should beat the temptation to That act of Absalom would opportunity to sin, I will take the lift to the top! What send out to the people of refuse that opportunity even Absalom failed to realise was Israel this message: I am in if I have to shed my blood this: if it was Gods plan that charge of this palace, people and lose my life! that he should succeed his father its not David anymore. should be our motto David, even his elder Whatever belonged to David, (Heb. 12:4). brothers Amnon or Kileab even his most intimate or anyone else could not possessions, his concubines, By having a sexual have stood in the way! are now mine to enjoy! The relationship with the A messenger gave this news to David, The hearts of the men of Israel are with Absalom (2 Sam. 15:13). David decided to leave 10 fact that Absalom obeyed Ahitophels evil suggestion may indicate that Absalom was dreaming about doing such a thing all along. concubines his father left behind in the palace, Prince Absalom became a bit like the iGates ousted 48-year old CEO Phaneesh Murthy

concubines of his to take care of his palace even as he ran for his life, fearing that his son, who killed his eldest one, Amnon, not long ago, would not hesitate to kill him as well to sit on the throne, having gained the favor of the people.


secretary of BulgarianAmerican national (at the Infosys office located in Fremont, California), and her subsequent sexual harassment complaint against him, cost him dear, Youve got to go with Bullock or the Bible. newspapers The Scripture (in Lev. 18, KJV) teaches this truth: reported A womans nakedness is for the (in 2002). eyes of her husband only. Infosys was quick to give the boot to Phaneesh even as who will face court action for stories of his tearful meeting sexually harassing the with his mentor Narayana companys investor relations Murthy did the rounds head, his 31-year-old according to informed subordinate, an American by sources. 3 million dollars had the name of Araceli Roiz, to be paid to Reka as according to news reports. settlement, it is said. In Murthy asked her to have an October 2003, newspapers abortion or quietly leave the reported, a second sexual company, when her pregnancy with Murthys love- harassment at workplace child came to light, to protect claim by American Jennifer Griffith, who also, at one his position as the CEO, it is time, worked for the Infosys reported. Earlier to this, he located in Fremont, had a colorful corporate career with Infosys. As Global California, came out against Phaneesh. Ms. Griffith had Sales Head of Infosys, under done a writing assignment for his dynamic leadership, the Phaneesh during October US revenues of this company 2001, according to reports. wentfrom $7 million to over This time, $800,000 was paid $700 million in just a decade, to her in an out-of-court news websites say. According to one source: Phaneesh, the settlement where 50% was paid by Phaneesh and the quintessential middle-class rest by insurers, reports say. dreamboat BTech degree In 2013, the media reported from IIT-Madras, an MBA his involvement in a third degree from IIM-Ahmedabad, sexual harassment where the and then on to a global woman concerned even career in Infosys, where he became pregnant with his was one of the youngest members in the Board, taking child, as we have noted already. Phaneesh, therefore, home Rs 2 crore as salary. (as someone put it) was But his ill-judged relationship accused of the same vice with the 30-year-old Reka that of sexual harassment in Maximovitch, his executive

workplace thrice! He was asked by a Business Standard interviewer, this personal, probing, question: Any regret over the relationship (with Araceli Roiz)? Do you think you could have managed the whole issue differently? For this question he replied: This is a difficult question to answer. Obviously, now, with all the things that happened, everything is a regret. There is no question about it. There you have it be it Absalom or be it Phaneesh Murthy one is bound to regret moral indiscretions at the place of work. Absalom, perhaps, did this outrageous act to perhaps prove that he was macho. For the Google Generation, having sex outside the boundaries of marriage or watching sex via a video clip means, I am macho or I have arrived. You may have noticed that I have included, watching sex via video clip here. For the Google Genners of our time, this is a popular, private, time-pass. To illustrate this, let me point to a news story published by The Hindu, 26 June 2013 issue which talks about a Youtube video supposedly featuring a sex act between the Angamaly MLA Jose Thettayil and a young woman from Manjapra, Kerala, having polled over 100,000 hits within few days of being uploaded. We must acknowledge here that since the Scripture teaches a womans nakedness belongs to the eyes of her husband alone (read Leviticus 18 in KJV) watching such sex clips displeases God. And Absalom, who had sex in the sight of all Israel (2 Sam. 16:22) was like some of todays movie stars who have no qualms


about having sex in front of the camera. Hollywood Actress Sandra Bullock, in the Graham Norton show, talked about how it can be hilarious to take off her clothes in front of the camera, it was reported. God, however, does not find this funny. We can see this from how Absalom paid for his sins which included sexual exposure with a stricken conscience and a violent, pre-mature, God-sent death (see 2 Sam. 17:14, a passage we will come to, at a later point, in this essay). And those who ape him by having sex outside of marriage (or by viewing sex) will be judged by God on the other side of eternity surely, if not on this side of eternity if they do not repent.

Lord, turn Ahitophels counsel into foolishness! David not only prayed. He coupled action with his intercession. He combined playing with praying. He sent back Hushai, his trusted friend as a spy who would live in Absaloms palace court (2 Sam. 15:33-37). He asked him to pass on vital information from the palace through the sons of priests, Ahimaaz and Abiathar, who were still there in the palace (2 Sam. 15:36). It was then, Ahitophel gave this actually sound counsel from a military tactic perspective (though not morally sound!) to Absalom: Choose 12,000 men and finish off your already-weak David (2 Sam. 17:1-4). Thats when, Hushai, Davids If the letter A in man in the palace the name Absalom specifically sent to reminded me that confuse Absalom, he was the Angry said: 12,000 men Absalom, if the would not be next letter b enough to take informs me that he care of your dad, Ronald Regan outsmarted an interviewer in a popular was the B-luffing/ Absalom! Your Presidential debate. Absalom was outsmarted by his Butchering/ father is a very Banished Absalom, more experienced dad, King David. experienced if third letter in his fighter! He may be name, s, moves me to think the US Court of Appeals for down. But he is not out! If that he was the Sin-blind the District of Columbia, was he, by some chance, wins Absalom, the fourth letter in another. Absalom, the over the 12,000 men you his name, a, inspires me to character we are studying, sent to take care of him, think that he was the was indeed smart. But, as we there would be panic in your adorableoutside-yet-awfulwill come to see, he was outcamp. Plus, David will not inside Absalom, the fifth smarted! stay with his troops. He letter in his name, l, tells me would be in a cave, hiding On-the-run David knew his that he was the lustful safely! Therefore, send all of son Absalom was acting in Absalom, the sixth letter in soldiers to fight your dad rebellion against him, partly this name, o, pushes me to not just 12,000 of them! inspired by Ahitophel think that he was the Dont underestimate your sabhorrent advices. David O-OUTSMARTED dad, David!(2 Sam.17:7-13). believed the best solution for Absalom decides to follow all of his problems was to ABSALOM bring them to God in prayer. Hushais hissy (poison) Google Genners desperately So he prayed this way: O counsel. This update was sent want to be identified among

the smart and deeply admired smart folks. Maybe, that one reason why Outlook Magazine in June 2013 published a cover story about, The Worlds 25 Smartest Indians who were the sharpest minds, dazzling us with their thoughts, talents and triumphs. Bobby Jindal, the Governor of Louisiana and possible nominee of the Republican party in the 2016 Presidential elections is one of them. Srikanth Sri Srinivasan, who was confirmed by the Senate as the first Indian judge on


out-witting people, few were a match to his Dad! He outwitted Abimelech by acting mad in front of him and got away (Psa. 34 introduction). He nearly outwitted his soldier Uriah by coaxing him to go home and sleep with his wife who was already pregnant with Davids child. reported the following anecdote from the life of Ronald Reagan where his outstanding ability to out-wit is evident: I will not make age an issue of this campaign. I am not going to exploit, for political purposes, my opponents youth and inexperience, Ronald Reagan quipped during the 1984 presidential debates when asked if, at 73, he is too old to be President. The line a classic example of Absalom suddenly died in a car-crash, after all the mule was the Reagans sense of humor even solicited car of those days. When he died, he a laugh from Democratic wasnt ready to meet God. opponent Walter through the palace priest kids Mondale.The Republican as pre-planned who hid in actor-turned-statesman wells and released the ended up winning by a information to David when landslide.Yes, Ronald Reagan no one was watching could out-wit his democrat (2 Sam.17:14-21). Upon opponent in a debate. Sure, realizing that Hushais Absalom was out-witted by counsel was preferred over David when it came to onhis, the professionallythe-ground military strategy. challenged Ahitophel But there is no way, we, committed suicide Google Genners, can out-wit (2 Sam.17:23). (A quick side God. Some Google Genners note: Ahitophels suicide think that can be done. Some illustrates the fact that modern youth think that is professional successes do not quite possible. Thats why guarantee lasting peace of they go, I will live for Jesus mind; thats got only through 100% after I grow older, after a living, daily relationship having enjoyed the world with the Prince of Peace, while I am still young! You Jesus.) Absalom, was outcant out-smart God by smarted! When it came to saying that, friend. His

response to that would be: There is no guarantee that you will live to be old! You cant be cocksure of living till the age of 116, the age of the Worlds Oldest Man, Jiroemon Kimura, a former postman, who died in Japan on June 12, 2013. And there is no lasting joy, as I revealed in my Word in Hebrews 11:25, in the sinful pleasures of youth it lasts for a short season! If the letter A in the name Absalom reminded me that he was the Angry Absalom, if the next letter b informs me that he was the B-luffing/ Butchering/Banished Absalom, if third letter in his name, s, moves me to think that he was the Sin-blind Absalom, the fourth letter in his name, a, inspires me to think that he was the adorableoutside-yet-awfulinside Absalom, the fifth letter in his name, l, tells me that he was the lustful Absalom, the sixth letter in this name, o pushes me to think that he was the Outsmarted Absalom, the last letter in his name, m, jostles me to make him the

Google Genners of our day live for their todays. A recent article in an international Sunday newspaper stated that women (above 30) should stop looking for Mr Right and settle for a Mr Right-Now. those are lines from a newspaper clipping. As you can see, the Google Genners, live for the moment. They hardly have time to reflect if their actions of today would adversely affect their tomorrows. Absalom was a lot like them the Google Genners.He only cared about his today.


Today, I must become King of Israel, by hook or by crook! that was his thought formula. God had other plans for his busy today as we will see in this section. Lets return to his story, in the place we left it. Darting David divides his troops into groups of three and sent them to attack Absalom. David did not join this team he stayed back. He issues a command: Be gentle with the young man Absalom for my sake! (2 Sam. 18:5). The Lord has determined to frustrate the good advice of Ahitophel in order to bring a disaster on Absalom (2 Sam. 17:14). Those are the words of the Spiritinspired writer of 2 Samuel. What he is saying here is stunning: God was allowing a pre-mature sudden death for Absalom as an act of judgment. For his refusal to leave revenge in Gods hands, for his refusal to wait for Gods time, for the acts of revenge he committed in a fit of rage, for his rebellion against his loving dad, for his public sex acts, and for his refusal to repent truly for any of the just-mentioned sins Absalom was going to be judged by the Almighty. God had given him enough chances. And like he did in the case of other Bible characters like Pharoah, King Ahab, the people of Israel during Prophet Jeremiahs time, Judas Iscariot, the folk Paul talks about in Romans 1, God decides, enough is enough. God deemed that Absalom crosses the line of no-return. On the other side of eternity, ever-burning hell awaited him. On this side of eternity, a low-lying branch

that would be instrumental in his sudden death was catching up on him. Absalom sadly became a proverbial illustration of this Proverbs verse: The eye that mocks a father and scorns to obey a The Week magazine called Modi a mother will be picked out Chair-Snatcher (June 23, 2013 edition). by the ravens Absalom too was of that kind. In contrast, Jesus of the valley gave up his throne in heaven to die for us. and eaten by how creative Gods sudden the vultures (Prov.30:17). execution of judgment upon When we obey the BibleHis still-stubborn-people can inspired advices of our be, if thats what he chooses parents we save our life from to do! Four javelins are regrets, despair and selfplunged into his body by destruction. The person you commander Joabs men choose to marry should (2 Sam. 18:14). He was still exhibit Christ-like character; alive even after severe stabs. good looks, great salary, It was then, ten of Joabs same caste, foreign job, etc., armor bearers struck him should not be your main till Absalom fell dead focus - this could be one (2 Sam. 18:14-15). He such Bible-inspired advice. wanted to be the crown Notice that Absaloms death prince. Instead he became a happened unexpectedly pale corpse! (2Sam18:9-15). (2 Sam.18:9 NLT). The Scripture says,Now, Absalom Absalom perhaps told his followers and fans who unexpectedly met Davids wanted him to be king, men Absalom died in a instead of David, this: Pretty sudden car crash we can soon, I would be the king of see it that way. His long hair Israel. I will rule you for got locked into the low lying branch even as he rode on his many, many years. I will ensure those years become car! The mule of that day the greatest period of Israels can be seen as the car of today! Even as he hung in the history. Absalom was mid-air, his mule galloped on. thinking, planning, dreaming, talking about his many years His lifes biggest dream was as king, this way. But God concerning a seat he wanted had other plans for him he to sit on the seat of the would be dead even before King of Israel. Now, he hung he became a full-fledged in mid-air with no seat for his king! He resembles the Rich backside! How ironic! See


Mephibosheth and Absalom were so much unlike each other though they ate together in King Davids table.
Man Jesus referred to, who told himself one day, Soul, you have ample goods laid up for many years; relax, eat, drink, be merry. (Lk 12:19). This rich man made plans of building a bigger barn, after he tore down his existing barn, so that he could store his grain and goods (Lk 12:18). His focus was on goods, when it should have been God. He lusted for a bigger place even as Absalom lusted for a greater position. And God told the Rich Man, this: Fool! This night your soul is required of you, and the things you have prepared, whose will they be? (Lk 12:20). In the same vein, God may have told Absalom, this: Fool! During the course of this day, you will die. And what happens to your selfishambition-stroked lust to be king of Israel for many long years?.The rich man was talking about many years when Gods plan was to allow the taking away of his life that same night! Absalom dreamt about being King of Israel for many years, but his end came in a single day. Jesus also pointed out that the Rich man was not rich in his relationship with God (who was in the flesh in the person of Jesus Lk 12:21) and therefore this Rich Man was unprepared for eternity if sudden death had come knocking.Absalom, also wasnt rich towards God when his sudden end came. Instead, he was rich towards himself. He was so full of himself. His entire life revolved around his selfish ambition.And he was unprepared to stand before the throne of God when he died lusting for his dads throne. After a persons death, there will be no more opportunities given him to be saved this is what the Bible teaches (See Hebrews 9:27). Do you still foolishly tell yourself, I could take many more years before I finally decide to come to Christ. In the meantime, I choose to enjoy the pleasures of the world, soak-in the short-term

pleasures of sin. Later on, when its convenient, I will repent and trust Jesus as my Savior!? Why fool yourself? Come to Christ, now! Come in repentance! The rich man was called a fool by Jesus for not preparing for the countless years he would spend in eternity, while he was too concerned about his few years on earth(60 or 70). On the other hand, there were five virgins who were prepared for the coming of the Bridegroom (as evidenced by their filling their lamps with oil) were called wise by the same Jesus (Mt 25:4)! Are you foolish and unprepared? For eternity? Or wise and prepared? For eternity? Death was the last thing on his mind when Absalom died suddenly! He was dreaming of life as the king when he was killed suddenly! He was perhaps dreaming of sitting on the throne of his dad, just minutes before he was found hanging as a dead body suspended between heaven and earth without a seat! If you were to die suddenly, would you be ready to face death? What will people catch you doing busily, if you were to die, suddenly? Would it be something that pleases Jesus? There were some young folk who had meat that they sinfully desired, in between their teeth when they died suddenly (Psa 78:30-31). What CD would be left in your DVD player, if you were to die suddenly, without being able to pull it out? What websites would you have left open, if you were to die suddenly, without having the chance to close them? Would envy, bitterness, pride, stubbornly


closing in to kill him. But Jesus hung on the tree of the Cross voluntarily. Remember Jesus said, No one takes it (my life) from me, but I lay it down of my own accord (Jn.10:18). Even when He was teased with the words, if you are the son of God, come down from the cross, He stayed put there (Mk. 15:30). Love pinned Him to the cross. It was not the spikes. It was not the nails. He hung there to save absaloms of all time. He took Absaloms punishment even though He was so We were the Absaloms. much unlike We should be speared to death like he was Absalom. He But Jesus took our place and was speared vacated his grand, instead of us on the Cross. glorious, throne in remain in your heart, if it heaven to come to lowly were to stop beating, earth as a man, two millennia suddenly? Would you be left back.Paul captured, this with the regret of missed astounding action of Jesus, evangelism opportunities, if this way: He was in the form you were to die, instantly and of God, did not count equality suddenly?! These are some with God a thing to be of the uncomfortable grasped (Phil. 2:6 ESV). questions, I often ask myself. Jesus, the ever-living God, further humbled himself by The three javelins that went submitting to die a criminals into Absaloms heart even as death on a cross for the sake he hung suspended to that of our sins (Phil.2:8, NLT). tree by the virtue of his But Absalom was so unlike caught-in-the-tree-branch Jesus. He wanted to do hair (2 Sam. 18:14) reminds me of the cruel way, a Roman something that was just the opposite of what Jesus would soldier sent in a javelin into do. He wanted to ascend to Jesus side as he hung on the the throne of his dad, David, tree of the cross. Absalom by hook or by crook! Jesus hung on that tree, died on the Cross for us, the involuntarily. He wanted to Absaloms! Would we truly escape and run from his fathers friends who were repent (kick the Absalom in

our life) and trust Jesus, as our Savior? Absaloms name in Hebrew means, Father of peace. But peace he hardly had. He was a young man on the run because of the discord he created by his foolish actions. Peace was far away from him. Jesus is the Prince of Peace, the Bible declares (Isa. 9:6). When we come to Him, we will have the peace, which the father of peace, Absalom, missed! This is a peace which is vastly different from the peace the world gives, Jesus said (John 14:27). The reason why father of peace Absaloms end came prematurely and so painfully was that he did not truly make peace with his father, King David. He chose to fight him and usurp his position. Thats why his daddys men, despite orders from King David that they must spare him, killed him. If only Absalom had made true peace with David like Mephibosheth, the grandson of King Davids predecessor King Saul! We already noted in this article that Mephibosheth, fell on the ground before King David and told him, Should the King show such kindness to a dead dog like me? (2 Sam. 9:8). Because this statement by Mephibosheth is important, it is worth repeating in the same essay! And the meek Mephibosheth was given the joyous privilege of eating food at the Kings table! If only Absalom had done something like that! If only Absalom went back to his dad, fallen at his feet, and said, I should not have taken the law into my hands and killed my brother Amnon. I


am sorry. Please forgive me. Now, I will obey what you tell me to do! David would have forgiven him. We must come to this Son of David, otherwise called Jesus. David fell into many sins, while this Son of David never ever committed a sin (In Him was no sin I Jn. 3:5). If we fall at this Son of Davids feet and confess our dog ways to Him (dog ways returning to sin again and again, like a dog returns to its vomit 2 Peter 2:22).He will forgive us, forget our sin and sweep us in his arms (Luke 15:20). Thereafter, for the rest of our lives, as we walk by faith, obeying Him, day by day, He will fashion us like how a

Potter fashions clay into a useful vessel according to His great, grand, plan (Jer. 18:9; 29:11). Lets chuck our Absalomic, selfish, short-sighted plans we have imagined for our lives, and align our lives to Gods absolutely good, pleasing, perfect will and plan for us (Rom. 12:2). After all, as the Scripture declares, As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are His ways higher than our ways and His thoughts than our thoughts (Isa. 55:9).

Just as Mephibosheth called himself dog before the David, we must return to the Son of David, Jesus, & repentantly acknowledge our dog behavior returning to the vomit of sin (2 Pet. 2:22)!

(You could watch, Duke Jeyaraj share some of the content of this message in a Youtube uploaded video of his. Go to Search for Absalom Duke Jeyaraj. The video message, Absalom: The Car-Crash Killed Bible Character, would pop up).
Testimonies DUKE JEYARAJ AND EVAN DUKE have received of late Awesome Duke annaLove this studytaught me and enlightened me. a Corporate Professional living in New Zealand after watching a YouTube video of Dukes 2 Peter Bible Bible Book Summary Study where he talks about the dangers of hyper grace false teaching. It is AMAZING to read of what the Lord is doing through you and of your passion for Him.I am more than impressed to see how promptly and passionately and clearly you address contemporary issues that matter to the G Gen. Rev. Arun Andrews response to Dukes Sexual Ethics Bible Study, Thinking Black & White About Sexual Ethics In The 50 Shades Of Grey Generation. God bless you sister Evangelin and Brother Duke for preaching the Right and True Living Word of Him. - Comment on Evan Dukes YouTube message, How To Choose A Life Partner, from someone living in Venezuela. Duke, enjoyed reading this article (Maundy Thursday Message For In-Love-With-Unbelievers Google Generation Believers From Judas)! God bless your ministry to the google generation! Rev. Robert Jeyaraj, North India General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God of India. Heard it brother.........Very timely for today.......... Bro. Freddy Joseph, Evangelist, on the March 2001 Graduation Sermon of Duke given in Southern Asia Bible College, Bangalore,which was recently uploaded onto YouTube. Duke, reading your article while getting an oil change for my car. Very eye opening. I understood from your article how Christians should keep a healthy relationship with friends and peers. Awesome passage of writing.- an Indian writing from Vero Beach, Florida after reading Dukes FaceBook article on inter-personal relationships, an article that started with the narration of the Gambhir-Kohli tiff in IPL6. Hello sir Duke. I had attended d youth camp u and your wife preached in. I also read ur book, googlegeneratn. I actually got a whole make ovr as a christian& now Im sharing dat book wid as many youth as possible...- youth camper who was in one of Dukes camps (Medak CSI camp) on 31 May - 1 june I met u with your beloved wife in the youth camp in which both of preached in Trichy where I studied. I will never forget you! That time, I was feeling very bad in my spiritual life. But when I saw how you were committed to serve God, and how you were not thinking about the small baby you were having and yet preached with passion, I was revived. a woman from Rwanda


Jude on Preaching Sermons that arent Duds, to Contemporary Cool Dudes!

(with a section on the error of hyper-grace preaching)
Duke Jeyaraj The anointed pen of Leonard Ravenhill wrote, We have too many dead men in the pulpits giving out too many dead sermons to too many dead people. Oh! The horror of it. That is the bad news. But the good news is that the Bible has ample examples of preachers of unction declaring the word of God and resurrecting almost-dead congregation. The letter of Jude was a power-packed hard-hitting written sermon which greatly impacted its original audience and fired the souls of those who have read it since. In this reflective article, I want to draw insights for contemporary preaching from the written sermon of Jude. I want to glean out lessons for preaching sermons that arent duds (the word dud here uses the analogy of an ammunition round or explosive that fails to fire or detonate to mean failure ), to contemporary cool dudes from the book of Jude: 1.A God-pleasing preacher does not strut or flaunt his credentials Indias Tamil superstar Dhanush, who is married to Rajinikanths daughter Aishwarya, says being the son-in-law of the iconic actor has not helped or affected him. Being his son-in-law doesnt do anything to me actually. I have always done my own work. It (his name) neither helped me nor affected me, Dhanush said in an interview with the India Today group (from their website). Looks like Dhanush does not like to flaunt his connections with Rajinikanth to get meaty movie roles. Jude, the author of the Bible book of Jude, was a bit like Dhanush here. Let me explain: Six individuals are the book of Jude and the art of named Jude in the preaching? Read this page and find out! New Testament. When we comb Jesus speaking! Youve got to through their names we find listen! Instead he chooses that only two are likely to the Greek word doulos have written this book the apostle Jude (Luke 6:16; Acts [bond slave] to describe himself a mark of his 1:13) or Jude, the halfhumility (in v.1). brother of Jesus (Mt 13:55). Verse 17 of this Bible book which has only one chapter indicates that the writer doesnt club himself with apostles. So obviously he is the brother of the Lord. This is confirmed by the writers reference to James as his brother (v.1). A reference to him as the author in a letter of Clement of Alexandria (AD 153-217) casts another vote in his favour as the author of this writtensermon. Yet it must be noted that Jude doesnt strut,Hey Guys! I am the brother of

Any connection between Actor Dhanush,

A God-pleasing contemporary preacher will not boast about his connections and qualifications. Do we not preach a Lord who said, I do not accept praise from men (John 5:41 NIV)? 2.The sermon preached should have a sense of symmetry about it Some of the most-memorable TV ads have some symmetry about it. The Voltas AC ad is one such ad. Here are lines from that creative ad featuring a South Indian


listeners memory and real couple who have moved to The Advertisement symmetry adds elegance to simmering hot Delhi in the professionals know that when the sermon. A symmetric summer: Murthy, now in one uses rhyming words sermon is often the sermon Delhi, with wife and sambar arranged in a creative about which the listeners can rice. How nice! says the symmetry, what is man. In response, his wife communicated finds a lodging testify, The Message in my heart, I bore, long after it who is busy working in the place in ones mind! If this is kitchen using her saree end so, those of us who are in the was heard no more! (I have adapted this from as a fan says in an irritated work of communicating the The Solitary Reaper by tone, When will this heat go message of the Bible to the William Wordsworth). away? Hearing his wifes Google Generation should constant cribbing, the man follow suit. The preacher we 3.Modelling your sermon now says, Not so nice! The meet in the book of Jude also along the well-accepted summer of Delhi makes my does the same. Heres how: rhetorical styles of our day wife Meenakshi a pressure does help Noted New Testament cooker. When Meenakshis Sam Harrisons article, Scholar, Douglas Moo, notes whistle blows everyone is at 3 Techniques Bill Clinton that Jude loves to group what the receiving end! Even as Uses To Wow An Audience, he says into threes. In verse he says this, his wife shouts blew my mind. Bill angrily asks her Clinton, as Michael maid in the kitchen Borger put it, is to put off the gas one of the most stove. Then she effective and turns towards her engaging speakers. hubby dear, Mr. Whether or not you Murthy, and starts like his politics, to scream at him you have to because, for her, the appreciate how he Delhi summer heat communicates and is unbearable! Thats connects with his when Mr. Murthy audience. Here is says, Looks like its Harrison talking my turn to be at the about one receiving end of the The memorable Voltas AC TV ad featuring Murthy and technique used by angry Meenakshi. Clinton to wow an But I, Murthy, wont Meenakshi has symmetrical lines to it. Do we employ audience with a worry. To stop the symmetry in our Bible presentations? specific reference Meenakshi storm, I to Clintons stirring, press on He then switches 1 he described Christians as Democratic National on his Voltas All-Weather AC called, loved and kept. Convention Speech of 2012: and talks about its positive His prayer in verse 2 He knows when to stop aspects, next. Whatever the expresses that his readers and go.Clinton uses hardweather outside, you stay may be filled with mercy, stop pacing to add emphasis comfortable inside. Its not peace and love. In verse to lines like: Were going to just a AC, you see! Outside 5-7 he gives three examples keep President Obama on the hot, Shiva, Shiva; inside cold, of divine judgement. In verse job and President Obama shiver, shiver! is the main 11, he issues Old Testament started with a much worse punchline (I have gleaned examples of the kind of economy.In those moments, these from other similar persons his readers should he squeezes every word for Voltas ads, as well, to spice not imitate. In verse 12-13 maximum impact. And these lines). The 40-second he shoots six graphic Clinton has no fear of dead ad which you may not forget metaphors of the false air, using frequent pauses to even after 40-years ends with teachers. garner attention and gain these lines: Meenakshi, now A disorganized unsymmetrical drama: Listen to me now. cool and nice! Now Murthy, [pause] No president, sermon will vanish from the back to Sambhar rice!


[pause] not me, [pause] not any of my predecessors, [pause] no one could have fully repaired all the damage ( I would recommend that those of us trying to communicate Gods Word with the Google Generation, take time to study techniques that popular speakers bring to the table. We may not imitate them entirely, but we certainly can adapt some of their methods into our own unique presentation styles. Jude, in his letter, seemed to have followed a similar approach.

Verse 17-23: The peroratio, which repeats the basic case and appeals to the emotions. The contemporary preacher keenly observes the established popular and secular figures styles and adapts it himself as the situation demands. He will also recognize that taking a few classes on Preaching (by taking up a Bible College crash course/being part of a Church Seminar/by watching

F.Duane Watson points out that the While fake letter of Jude follows emotions are a typical ancient major turn-off rhetorical styles. during a message, Rhetorical devices truly emotional fine tune the skill of preaching wins the persuasion. Here in hearts of the During his speech post the Connecticut Shootings, this letter, Jude Obama got emotional. Do we sound like emotionless Google Genners chooses his readers who love to wear robots while we preach? to stick to his vision their heart on their Youtube videos on the same of the Christian faith and to sleeves. topic) will not curb the throw out the views Spirits work in him. Instead Good preachers use a lot of propagated by the false these studies will make him emotion-charged language. teachers. Heres how he goes fly like eagle high, How Jude does this in verse about it in rhetorical style of proclaiming Gods word. 4, using the following his daySecular rhetoric styles needs 3 phrases must be noted: Verse 3: The exordium, which to be carefully weighed and certain men (use of adopted into our preaching in introduces the case the contemptuous language); order to attract the speaker, wants to put forth. secretly slipped in (he is intellectuals to the message pointed out that they are of the Bible and persuade Verse 4: The narratio, which hypocritical); godless (they them to believe it. focuses on the concerns that dont really worship the true have led to the issue being God). The disgust of Jude 4.A good preacher will put addressed. with these false teachers in a lot of emotion in his hardly can be missed. Jude preaching Verse 5-16: The probatio, leaves us with no doubt about President Barack Obamas which attempts to persuade what he thinks of these false lump in the throat, his wiping the audience to accept the teachers right at the kick-off away of tears when he was speakers viewpoint by proofs of his letter and even later on giving a speech in response and arguments. (see v.16). to the Sandy Hook

elementary school massacre in Connecticut, USA, cannot be forgotten (December 2012). One news website had this report about that speech of his: The majority of those who died today were children, beautiful little kids between the ages of five and ten years old, said Obama, wiping a tear from the corner of his eye. The choked-up president took a long pause to regain his composure before he continued his address from the White House. They had their entire lives ahead of them, birthdays, graduations, weddings, kids of their own, said Obama.


While it is unwise to work up/ cook up emotions while preaching, it is at the same time absolutely essential to pour out emotions when we preach. It adds an authenticity and punch to our message. It is an indicator of the fire burning inside him, most often than not. This expressiveness adds life and lustre to our preaching. John Piper talked about three ways of preaching: First, you can speak of an unreal, imaginary world as if it were realthat is what actors do in a play. Second, you can speak about a real world as if it were unrealthat is what half-hearted pastors do when they preach about glorious things in a way that says they are not as terrifying and wonderful as they are. And third is: You can speak about a real spiritual world as if it were wonderfully, terrifyingly, magnificently real (because it is). Jude, the preacher, fell in the third category. We too should, if we want to impact the Google Genners. 5. A God-pleasing preacher bases his message on the Bible Pastor Adrian Rogers (1931-2005) served as the president of the Southern Baptists for three terms during his lifetime. The Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis, USA, a church he became senior pastor of in the year 1972 and served till his death in 2005, grew from 9,000 to 29,000 under his leadership. This man of God once said, Im willing to compromise about many things, but not the Word of God. So far as getting together is concerned, we dont have to get together.

The Southern Baptist Convention, as it is, does not have to survive. I dont have to be the pastor of Belleuve Baptist Church. I dont have to be loved; I dont even have to Dr. Adrian Rogers statement on his firm live. But I will not refusal to compromise the Word of God compromise makes me get goose bumps! the Word of God. I got goose bumps second warning illustration when I read that quote first! from Old Testament later. He Wanted, preachers who would goes on to tell why God preach the Bible, come what judged the cities: because, as may! Jude was one such the NIV translates it, they preacher as we will find out gave themselves up to below: sexual immorality and perversion. For Jude, his Bible was the Old Testament. He uses three Jude is not satisfied with the Old Testament examples of strong polemic against the sin and judgement (v 5-7). false teachers in verses 5-10. Judes first example is the He has one more go at them desert generation of Israel. in Jude 11-13. He gives three Gods deliverance of his examples of notorious Old people seemed to have a Testament sinners (v. 11) to permanence and finality nail them: Cain became a about it, yet God still classic example of an ungodly destroyed them for their sceptic. The way of Cain is lack of faith. Judes intention the way of pride and selfis to use this as a warning to righteousness (Gen. 4:3-8; his readers who thought they Heb 11:4, 1 John 3:12). could use Gods grace as a Balaam was reeking with sin credit card to loose, immoral, of greed. He was a pagan living. Verse 7 introduces the prophet, who believed that third of Judes warning doing the Lords work was a examples: Sodom and quick way to earn money. Gomorrah, along with the Korah was a Levite (see Num. surrounding towns (e.g., 16:1-3, 31-35) who resented Adamah, Zeboim and Zoar, the prominent positions of mentioned in Gen. 19:20-22) Moses and Aaron as Gods was destroyed by God-sent representatives. fire. Well discuss Jude


that believers dont have to repent from sin when they sin. They say, God, the father, sees the perfect Jesus inside believers and believers A teaching thats getting popular among Google need not unduly worry Genners world-over is the hyper-grace false about teaching. The message of the book of Jude, stubborn questions this teaching. sinful habits still present in their lives, Jude was only following his after-all even still-stubbornLords example. Jesus the in-sin believers are the Bible says preached the righteousness of God. This word to them (Mark 2:2). movement has been aptly Judes exemplary predecessors the apostles and rightly labelled as hyper-grace by balanced too did the same: those who Bible-believing scholars. This had been scattered preached hyper-grace teaching which the word wherever they went the following article exposes (Acts 8:4). And when we is getting popular in India. I preach the word not mere have heard it being preached stories and illustrations we with my own ears and cringed have this great promise for in disbelief about how we us: So is my word that goes swallow such shallow, out from my mouth: It will unbiblical, imbalanced, stuff. not return to me empty but In the book of Jude we see will accomplish what I desire one of the many reasons and achieve the purpose for found in the Bible, as to why which I sent it. (Isa 55:11 we should not be hyperNIV). Oh for contemporary grace teachers. preachers who will preach the word the Bible like In verses 8-10 and verses Jude did! When Evangelist 12-13, Jude applies to the Billy graham preached one false teachers the severe cannot miss this phrase from warnings he issued to them his sermons: The Bible from the Old Testament to says He preached the condemn their sin Word! Do we? forthrightly. Jude accuses them of polluting their flesh, 6.A God-pleasing preacher dreaming. The New Living is hard on sin and Translation puts it this way: forthright on judgment false teachers, who claim A world-wide movement has authority from their dreams gathered inside Christendom (v.8). Apparently, these false where there is so much teachers based their immoral distorted and dangerous behaviour on the revelatory over-emphasis on the grace dreams they claimed to have of God, that folks are told

received. They defy authority of those who were placed in leadership positions in the local congregations. They scoff at the power of the glorious ones, probably evil angels (v.8,NLT). Judes accusation against them get even more pointed and shriller: these people sneer at anything they cant understand and by doing whatever they feel like doing living by animal instinct only they participate in their own destruction.(v.10, The Message). He goes on: They are shameless in the way they care only for themselves. (v.12 NLT). At the end of this written sermon Jude tells his listeners: Be tender with sinners, but not soft on sin (v.22, The Message). He practiced the same in the earlier section of his letter he was hard, straight and ruthless on sin,but behind those denunciations hid a loving, pastoral heart for the sinner and the erring. Jude minces with no words about what awaits these persistent false teachers: everlasting gloom and darkness (NLT) the black hole (The Message)[V-13]. There are a great number of preachers today Pillow Prophets in David Wilkersons words who wink at the sins of their audiences and proclaim, The Lord bless you! and make them lie comfortably in the bed of sins, with their hyper-grace messages serving as pillows. The Bible has already warned us about such perilous times when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather


around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear(2 Tim. 4:3 NIV). Those times are here now. But this is an age-old phenomenon - this cushioning-of-sin preaching was rampant even during Prophet Jeremiahs time. He talked about Pillow Prophets when he wrote: they keep saying to these rebels who despise my word, Dont worry! The Lord says you will have peace! And to those who stubbornly follow their own evil desires, they say, No harm will come your way!(Jer 23 :17 NLT).

time he invites his readers to passionately rescue others by snatching (others) from the flames of judgement (v.13 and v.23, NLT). He encourages them (his readers) telling them about a God, who is able who is able to keep you from stumbling and to present you blameless before the presence of his glory with great joy.(v.2425, ESV).But he does that only after reminding the believers of their responsibility to continue to build (their) lives on the foundation of your holy faith and to continue to The prospect of Messi-Neymar pray as (they) are directed playing together for Barcelona brings by the Holy Spirit (v. 20, us to the topic of balance when it NLT). Judes message is Another thing of concern in comes to preaching. God is able to save you contemporary preaching is provided that the that the doctrines of hell and 7.A good preachers believers,live in such a way judgement have gone for a sermons are balanced that Gods love can bless you six hardly anyone speaks The football world is talking as you wait for eternal life about it, anymore. But Jude about the healthy balance in that our Lord Jesus Christ in the preacher was different attack that would come to the his mercy is going to give he comes again and again Barcelona Football Club when you ( v.21 NLT). Jude, the hard on sin and warns his the Brazilian Star Striker preacher brilliantly balances folks about judgement. Neymar, heir apparent to Pele human responsibility and C.Lynn Green, one-time and Brazils answer to Messi, divine sovereignty. Yes, God Director for Europe YWAM, combines with Argentine keeps us (v. 24). But we wrote a personal reminder in Lionel Messi creating an allhave got to keep ourselves his notebook: I must preach confident forward line. When in his love (v.21). more about hell! Perhaps we attack as preachers, every preacher of this age The tragedy today is that we there should be a healthy should take a cue from him. have preachers who balance when it comes to our My first ever sermon which I specialize on their pet emphasis of the two sides of preached as a 16 year old, in topics and leave entire a doctrinal coin which is during my school days, was sections of Scripture unalways there. This we learn on hell. Oh, for more John the from Jude. mined. Faith teachers Baptists and Judes to emphasize faith so much that announce Gods soon-coming Jude minces with no words as it turns to be Faith on Faith! judgement to this calloused he speaks of Gods judgment. instead of Faith on God! and cool gen! Oh, for JesusYet he takes time to talk Prosperity teachers copying, hell-preaching about Gods love which can emphasize material blessings preachers (Jesus was the bless you as you wait for the to such an extent that Jesus greatest hell preacher who eternal life that our Lord Woe-to-rich sermons in Luke ever lived. Eight times he Jesus Christ in his mercy is 6-24-26 will be an spoke about hell, using the going to give you(v. 21 NLT). embarrassment to them. Greek word, Gehenna, in the He warns some are heading Hyper grace false teachers Bible! He spoke about heaven for everlasting gloom and present the grace of God as only once!). darkness. But at the same though it were a license to sin


in a AR Rehman show. That particular song which has seen over 3.2 million Youtube hits, housed mouthwatering word pictures in A word pic used in the song, Nenjukulle, reminds us of its lyrics. Sample the great power of using the same in our this: in communication of the Bible with the Google Gen. one of the without a stress on the lines, the girl tells the boy, passages of the Bible which her heart had ballooned to warn believers about the size of an open umbrella, backsliding (which are by the because she spent all her bagful). Some preachers time thinking of her lover boy spend all the time stressing who had left her and gone sanctification and holiness into a long sea-journey! and have effectively kicked Thats fantastic! Thats out the challenges for memorable! that was the missions and evangelism, reaction of the typical Google found in the Bible. Genner to that line! Even in Pentecostal preachers are Christian preaching, we need ever in the danger of overto bring in the good use of emphasis on the gifts of the word pictures. Jude shows spirit, to the extent the focus the way as we will discover on the fruit of the spirit is below: swept under the carpet.Can Judes sermon invited his we have balanced preachers audience to imagine pictures who will talk about giftin their mind as they heard/ wrapped-fruits! as one read him! It was a sure-fire theologian put it? Wanted: way of capturing their Preachers of balance! Wanted attention. Jude compared the preachers like Jesus who false teachers to dangerous would not only say, It is reefs that can shipwreck you, written but say, It is ALSO clouds blowing over dry land written! without giving rain, promising 8. The effective Preacher much but producing nothing, paints picture with his and trees without fruit at words harvest time. He is not The popular song written by finished with image-painting Tamil Movie Song Lines Poet, with words. He goes on to Vairamuthu, Nenjukulle was describe the pseudo-teachers released in the MTV channel as not only dead but doubly a channel which the Google dead, for they have been Generation goes gaga over pulled out by the roots, wild

waves of the sea, churning up the dirty foam of their shameful deeds. And wandering stars, heading for everlasting gloom and darkness(Jude 12,13 NLT). These 6 images must have indelibly left a mark on the original readers. Todays preachers would do well to follow Judes example. Their sermons should be studded with word pictures. There is little doubt, their audience will be spellbound. Recently a preacher speaking about Jesus first miracle, he quipped the conscious water saw its master and blushed! That was word picture that would have wowed the audience! We need more of those! 9.The effective preacher quotes from what is familiar with his readers to beef up his sermons The IPL6 Final was between Mumbai Indians (MI) Vs Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in Kolkata. Batting first, MI set a target of 149 for CSK to score off 20 overs. CSK did not do well in the chase and at the end of the 19thover, they had scored 107 for 9. After Lasith Malinga finished bowling his excellent 19th over, CSK needed 42 off the last over to win the match. Thats when MIs keeper ran toward MIs captain, Rohit Sharma to celebrate their win, which was a foregone conclusion knowing that the maximum number of runs that a batsman can score off an over is 36 (provided, there no wides and no-balls bowled, of course). Now, Chennai needed 42 to win off the last over! Rohit wisely sent him back with this message: no celebrations


audiences so I read in a webpage about writing good movie screenplay. Whats true about movies, is true about sermons. The climax of the message should be strategically placed the Holy Spirit should guide us in this important process for best results. I recall having closed a message on Procrastination with a story which I made out of a MLTR song, 25 Minutes, which went this way:After sometimes Ive finally made Jude while writing about the up my mind /She is the girl fall of angels from heaven in and I really want to verse 6 is certainly make her mine /Im quoting from the searching inter-testamental everywhere to find book First Enoch her again /To tell her where these events I love her/And Im which were sorry bout the things mentioned in Ive done/ I find her passing. In Genesis standing in front of 6:1-14, we find the church /The only their full-fledged place in town where I elaboration. In First didnt search /She Enoch 10:4-6 there looks so happy in her is a description of wedding dress /But the judgement of shes crying while one of the chief of shes saying this/Boy the angels. Jude I missed your kisses knew his readers /All the time/ But this You dont celebrate before the final ball is bowled, were familiar with is/ Twenty five Karthik. Rohit; You should not be careless about these traditions and minutes too late / holy living till the final day. Paul in I Cor. 9:27. that a reference to Though travelled so them, would, far /Boy Im sorry you are/ whom God used as His therefore be compelling and Twenty five minutes too late. mouth-piece to share the persuasive for them while he Gospel with the maximum presented Bible truth to number of people, was known A boy and girl in love fight. them. Jude 9 comes from They declared their as a preacher with the Word another source his original relationship as over in the of God on one hand and the readers were perhaps familiar news paper on the other heat of the moment. The girl with: The Assumption of returns to her village. The hand. I strive to do this all Moses, a Jewish apocryphal boy, after a few months, the time. book. Jude 14 is from First realizes that he still loves the Enoch again. Jude is not the 10. The effective preacher girl wants to make up with only New Testament author builds his sermons to a her. Ask her sorry. He goes to who quoted extra biblical climax and calls for the girls village. Finds her sources. Paul in Acts 17:28 commitment home. No one is there. He and Titus 1:12, quotes pagan Strategically placed searches here and there. No writers to support some of his climaxes and lulls contribute sign of her, anywhere. Finally, own Spirit-supplied to the overall pacing of the the boy heads to the local assertions. screenplay and serve to thrill church. As he nears the until the last ball is bowled. Following this game, I shared this tweet:U dont carelessly celebrate b4 de final ball is bowled, Karthick - Rohit; U dont b careless abt holy livin till ur final day - I Cor 9:27. This style of communication captures the imagination of the Google Generation. What is more, such an approach, I believe, would have been used by folks like Jude. Consider this: Following the model of Jude and Paul, presentday presenters preaching the Bible, which is at least 2000 years old, should rev up their sermons by quoting from extra-biblical sources like contemporary secular books, events, music lyrics and movies. One way to do it is to contrast them to what the Bible says. Another way is to compliment and clip them along Bibles message for all-truth including truth from secular sources is Gods truth. Billy Graham,


church, he sees a newly married couple walk down the aisle fresh after a marriage. As he gets closer to the entrance of the church, he realizes the bride was the girl he loved. She recognizes him too. Thats when she whispers, 25 minutes too late! This story, I meshed, with a powerful challenge to get ready for the returning Bride Groom, Jesus. The Spirit moved among the audience. It was memorable climax. The book of Jude has this emphasis the message you preach should lead to climax - as you will find in the following lines: In Jude v. 5-7 the writer issues three Old Testament examples of sin and judgement. But Jude does not follow the canonical order in the 3 examples he lists. Had he done so, we would have expected angels sin to come first (Gen 6), Sodom and Gomorrahs sin second (Gen 19) and the desert generations third (Num 14). But by following the order he

does, Jude achieves a build-up ascending upto a climax (a crescendo) in punishment. He moved from the punishment of physical death (the example of the desert generation) (v. 5) to the Lines from a popular song 25 Minutes, by MLTR punishment of were once used by yours truly to bring a message blinding in darkness, a on procrastination to a fitting climax. punishment without calling for a response that is more horrible to to his pointed challenge. He handle, in my opinion than would build up his entire death itself (the example of sermon to reaching his angels sin) (v.6) to climax. punishment of eternal fire(v.7). Then at the close of This practical study of Judes his written-sermon he issues written sermon, I am sure a challenge: Rescue others has initiated some Creative, by snatching them from the Creator-approved ways to flames of judgement communicate his Word with (v. 23, NLT). the world of Google Genners! Having been thus enlightened The wise and effective by Jude, lets get the Bibles preacher will wait till the end message across, via sermons to box into the hearts of his that arent duds, to the audience his best point. He Google Gen dudes! wont climb of the pulpit

(The core of this article was part of a hand-written, A+ grade receiving assignment by Duke Jeyaraj, written while he was a Master of Divinity student in Southern Asia Bible College, Bangalore during 1998-2001. In May 2013, Prathusha Nakka, Grabbing the Google Generation From Gehenna Mission Volunteer and a Corporate Company employee in Hyderabad, digitalized this hand-written piece. Duke, later on, added some material to what was typed, edited it to bring it to this shape.)

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Praying like Halle Berry ? You could be sorry, one day!

Duke Jeyaraj
November 2012 appearance on The Wendy Williams Show. We pray to God, so sweet. She says, God, please bring me a bunk bed and a baby sister. And I say, I can do one of those things, I know for sure. The other one, weve got to keep praying on. What do you say to her when she wants that and cant understand why Gods taken so long? (First two paragraphs gleaned from various news websites). I havent bumped into any source that claims that Halle Berry is a Christian. But what she said in The Wendy Willaims Show, as reported seems to indicate her strong faith in God maybe, even in the Christian God. While the Berry and Martinez need to be appreciated for having regular family prayer something that is absent even in the homes of several believers and pastors they cannot be appreciated for having a child outside the boundaries of marriage. The God of the Bible comes out strongly against sexual immorality we know that. Do we do something even remotely similar to Halle Berrys behavior as reported above? Do we claim to have faith in God (this time I refer to the God of the Bible)? Do we claim to pray to him regularly? But do we still live a life that is contrary to the written Word of God even after our claims of regular prayers to the God of the Bible? This should change. That was one of the messages of Prophet Isaiah. Hear him yourself in contemporary English: Quit your worship charades. I cant stand your trivial religious games: Monthly conferences, weekly Sabbaths, special meetings meetings, meetings, meetingsI cant stand one more!Meetings for this, meetings for that. I hate them!Youve worn me out!Im sick of your religion, religion, religion,while you go right on sinning.When you put on your next prayer-performance, Ill be looking the other way. No matter how long or loud or often you pray, Ill not be listening. And do you know why? Because youve been tearing people to pieces, and your hands are bloody. Go home and wash up. Clean up your act. Sweep your lives clean of your evil-doings, so I dont have to look at them any longer. Say no to wrong. Learn to do good. Work for justice. Help the down-and-out. Stand up for the homeless. Go to bat for the defenseless. (Isa 1:13-17, The Message). If we continue to live in sin and pray, God may still choose to answer our prayers (like he answered Halle Berrys prayer that she should become pregnant through natural means with a child out of wedlock at the mature age of 46!). But on the long run, we are headed for big trouble. Eternal Hell will be our final destination, the Scripture teaches (2 Th. 1:8-10). And because we are so used to praying regularly even while we havent consciously, with Gods enabling power, aligned our life with Gods written Word, we may still keep at the prayer habit even inside Hell like the Rich Man did in Luke 16! This Rich Man prays for workers and water. Workers to be sent to his stillalive five brothers and water to be dropped into his thirsty mouth. Both the prayer requests were rejected. It was too late for him to pray! Now, only eternal hell awaits those who stubbornly live in sin and yet go through their spiritual motions like prayer, Bible-reading, etc., while on the earth. We must be careful!

Halle Berry, 46, said that she got pregnant (out of wedlock) as a result of God-answered prayer. Hmmm. Does answer the prayers of the immoral always?
Hollywood actress, Halle Berry who is currently living in with French Actor Olivier Martinez who she began dating in 2010 after working costarring in the thriller Dark Tide. They are engaged to be married, but not yet married just as yet (as on 14th July 13). Halle Berry, 46, became pregnant with a boy and is likely to deliver the baby by October 2013. In an interview, Martinez, referred to the baby inside Berrys womb as my son. Berry, has two failed marriages with David Justice and Eric Benet. During her relationship with model Gabriel Aubry whom she did not marry, she had a daughter who is now 5 years old. Berry, who has been married twice, once infamously swore off ever walking down the aisle again while speaking to Oprah in 2004. I will never marry again. I mean it with every bone in my body, Berry told Oprah. Every night, we do our prayers, Berry said during a


Googles New Project & Gods Grand Old Project! Duke Jeyaraj
70,000+ people die everyday circling the earth could Two-thirds of the world does in the unreached world not have an Internet connect. provide Internet to a without Jesus (Baxter, significant chunk of the And Internet Giant Googles 2007).The New Testament is worlds 5 billion unconnected business is directly linked to translated into the languages souls, enriching their lives Internet users. More, the of 94% of the worlds with vital news, precious number of Internet users in population (Patrick Johnstone educational materials, the planet, more would be and Jason Mandryk 2005). lifesaving health information their business. Thats one and images of grumpy cats. reason why they launched a The Law books inspire us program called Project Loon for total world evangelism. More important than which features jelly-fish Here is one passage from the providing an accessible shaped, internet-beaming, Law books that does that: At internet connection to every antenna balloons. A Mt. Sinai, the Lord BBC report has more told Moses to say to details: Google aims the people: to fly the balloons in Although the whole the stratosphere, earth is mine, you 20km (12 miles) or will be for me a more above the kingdom of priests ground, which is about (Exodus 19:5-6). The double the altitude message: the people used by commercial of Israel (believers!) aircraft and above must serve as agents controlled of reconciliation airspace.Google says between God and the each should stay aloft whole earth! Let me for about 100 days give you one passage and provide from the Old connectivity to an area Testament History stretching 40km in What does one of the just-launched projects of Books that diameter below as Google have to do with World-wide challenges us for they travel in a westtotal world evangelism? Read this article and find out! to-east direction.The evangelism: after firm says the concept could King Solomon prayer of person in this planet is offer a way to connect the dedicatory for the Jerusalem another grand old task which two-thirds of the worlds Temple, he said that the the Bible talks about: the population which does not task of telling every creature Temple had been constructed have affordable net so that all the peoples of the of this world about Jesus! connections.A group of about earth may know your name Despite Christs command to 50 testers based in (I Kings 8:43). The lesson: evangelize, 67% of all Christchurch and Canterbury, Believers (who are all humans from AD 30 to the New Zealand, have had temples of the Holy Spirit) present day have never even special antennas fitted to exist so that all the people of heard the name of Jesus their properties to receive the Christ (Mark R. Baxter, the earth may hear of Jesus balloons signals.A name! The Old Testament 2007). In the last 40 years, report completes the BBC Poetry Books pushes for over 1 billion people have report just quoted: But if all died who have never heard of total world evangelism. works according to the Sample this lesson that Jesus, and around 30 million companys grand vision, jumps out from Psalms 2: people this year will perish hundreds, even thousands, of without hearing the message Believers are called to make the ends of the earth their high-pressure balloons of salvation (Baxter, 2007).


possession, through the proclamation of the Gospel (See Psa. 2:8). The Old Testament Prophetic Books commands us to carry Gods command found in Isaiah 45:44 - Turn to me and be saved, all you ends of the earth - to those in the ends of the earth. The book of Jonah is a call to love all peoples in this planet, no matter how bad they are, and obey Gods command to give the Gospel to them! Let us cross over to the New Testament. There, we have the New Testament History Books. All the Gospels end with Jesus command to the go and preach the Gospel to all Nations. In the epistles (letters) John describes that fulfillment in Revelation 7:9: I looked and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and in front of the Lamb. For Revelation Continued from Page..... 30 game. But it was not Ravi Bopara who ended up as the Man of the Final. The other Ravi, Ravi Jadeja (who was repeatedly called rockstar by star-match-commentator, Shane Warne) who became man of the Final for similar exploits. Bopara got out when his team needed him the most. His team eventually lost. His team lost their last four wickets for just three runs. How much his foolhardy stroke against Ishant in the 18th over cost him! I can see a faint connect between Englands Bopara and Israels Achan. Achan of the Bible made a foolish choice (Read Joshua 7). He

7:9 to be a reality, we must share the gospel with people from every language, people group and nation, because Jesus is the only way. Leonard Ravenhill asked:

Leonard Ravenhill wrote, How do you take it easy, with a thousand tribes to tell?/ How do you take it easy, in a world that speeds to hell?
involved holiday mission trips. We can join a missionary organization reaching the unreached fulltime, if we feel Gods call in our heart. I am a missionary to the Google Generation a whole bunch of which has not yet heard the Gospel put it in its language and dictum!

How do you take it easy with a thousand tribes to tell? How do you take it easy with a world that speeds to hell? What is your answer for those poetic words of challenge? So, lets take every opportunity to get involved in missions. We can be in

took for himself objects that God told Israel not to touch. The result? He was affected. His nation was affected. He was stoned to death along with his family. His nations advancement to the promise land was delayed. The capture of Canaan was pegged back. He sinned as an individual but we must note that even his nation got rebuked (Josh. 7:1,11). There is a possibility that my individual sin may not only affect me. It may go on to affect my family too (Ask Achan Josh.7:24). It may well go on to affect my city. It may, in all likelihood, affect even my country. Therefore, I

should take care to live holy. Live pure. Jesus has already made me holy. But that does not mean, I do not have to take efforts to live holy. Both truths are in Scripture. Jesus has already made purifications for our sin (Heb 1:3) and we are made holy in Christ (I Cor. 1:2), yet we must resist sin, in our day to day lives, to the point of even shedding our blood and strive for holiness without which no one can see God (Heb 12:4, 14). I can live holy with God enabling me, and I making the constant Spirit-led choice to do so, in other words. You too can.


The Bait That Bopara Bit ; The Bait You Dont Have To Bite!
Duke Jeyaraj brings out a Bible Lesson from the Champions Trophy India-England Final 2013
you still manage to lose. In England seemed to have a ball of his wayward, matchthe final England needed 20 walk-in-the-park for victory, turning over. First, Eoin runs from 16 balls with six after early hiccups, when Eoin Morgan and then, Ravi wickets and two overs of Morgan and Ravi Bopara Bopara, were out, caught Powerplay left, and they lost. stitched-together a brisk inside the ring, to seeminglyThat is a choke. stand 50-plus run stand in a innocuous Ishant successive mere 40-plus balls (in their slow deliveries. Ishant had When we are lured with pursuit of Indias 129 in the become Indias new Joginder, temptations bait (James Champions Trophy 2013 rain- as Monga put it (remember 1:14) we must not bite the reduced 20-Over each Final the 2007 T20 India-Pakistan bait like Morgan and Bopara at Edgbaston, England. Final?). Both Morgan and bit the Dhoni-organized Knowing that the game was Bopara had yielded to Ishant bait. We must quickly slipping out stay strong. We must of his hands, Dhoni overcome temptation. sort of laid a trap We must say no to for Bopara and sin. We must not be Morgan. He gave Samsons who yield to the 18th over to charms of the Delilah Ishant Sharma, his lap. We must not be weakest bowler of the Proverbs 7 Naughty the day, single boys running to notwithstanding be alone with that overs were dangerous, married, remaining for women! Instead, we UmeshYadav and must be the Joey boys Bhuvaneshwar (Josephs) who run Kumar. Dhoni away from our brazen perhaps thought, seductresses! They will want to Bopora bit the Dhoni bait via Ishants bowling kill the chase in Ravi Bopara, if he had in the Champions Trophy Final 2013. this Ishant over stayed till the end, Would you be foolish to bite Satans sin bait? itself knowing that would have scored the tough-to-score-off winning runs for his Jadeja and Ashwin will bowl team, given the brisk pace at temptation you could see it the 19th and 20th over. But which he was batting. He that way. They fell into traps even as they go for risky would have been, the Man of set for them by one of the shots, they will give us a the Final, if he had done that. canniest skippers in World chance to get back into the Cricket. Their team eventually I am saying this because he match! (as Sidharth Monga dismissed the man-in-form lost the close game as a pointed out). Ishant got hit Shikar Dhawan when he came result. And, yes, the Cup for a six, as he began and to bowl his first spell and in too. England failed to win a went on to bowl a couple of his second spell, he dismissed global one-day event after 17 consecutive nervous wides. two batsmen who could have attempts in 38 years as The equation after this was taken the game away from John Etheridge put it. Peter 20 required off 16. Easy to do Miller put Englands debacle England with their big hitting in any match-situation in Raina and Dhoni. Not only in that glorious game this modern day Cricket, one that he took a good catch and way: A choke is when you might say. But thats exactly batting well in a low-scoring are in a position where when Ishant struck in the 3rd winning is all but assured and Continued in Page..... 29


Three Bible Studies

Between April to June 2013, the Grabbing the Google Generation from Gehenna Mission (G4 Mission), conducted three Bible Book summaries at its rented base (pictured in this page/post). The books of John, First John and Second John were studied during this period in three different meetings. After a soul-stirring time of worship, which Evangelin Duke would lead in, Duke Jeyaraj would conduct a fun activity. For example, during the IPL month, a quiz on the IPL was conducted (the picture clues he used are this page/post). After this, Duke would teach the hungry Biblelovers from different churches of the city, working in different corporate companies/studying in different colleges, who would gather. The Emmaus experience became the experience of those who came their hearts were warmed by the no-nonsense teaching of the Bible packaged around contemporary events Jesus-style (Luke 13), Paul-style (Acts 17). They were told what they needed to hear, rather than what they wanted to hear via a memorable, original acronym outline. Poisonous teachings like the hyper-grace teaching, popular with the Google Gen, were exposed as false by the exposition of the Word. These Bible studies were uploaded onto Dukes youtube channel: so that they would benefit a larger audience. Folks from Chennai, from Singapore,New Zealand, etc., connected with us to say that they listened to the Youtube-uploaded Bible Studies of Duke and were blessed!


Six Bubbly/ Dhoni Gospel Tract Outreaches

Many Indians from other faiths would never normally walk into a church or attend a Christian meeting or view a Christian TV program. One of the best ways to give these precious folk the Gospel is to distribute tracts with interesting content to them, so that they could read these, right where they are. The volunteers of Grabbing the Google Generation from Gehenna Mission (G4 Mission) used Dukes two interesting tracts the bubbly one and the Dhoni one to distribute tracts in 6 different tract outreaches held between January to June 2013, in various parts of Hyderabad. Places like the Begumpet Railway Station, outside Uppal Cricket Stadium (just before an IPL game), the Hitec City Railway station (where over 500 tracts were given to MNC employees), Rajiv Gandhi Circle of Malaysian Township, Suchitra Circle on Medchal Highway, Outside Yashoda Hospital Somajiguda, etc., were covered.Some volunteers, testified to the stunning way some of those who took the tracts, stood rooted to the ground, to read what was given to them! Post these tract distributions, Duke would gather the volunteers (right on the road-side) and teach them a 3-minute Bible meditation on evangelism and missions before leading them in intercession. During his train/ flight travels Duke continues to give these tracts to nearby, interested folks. In Chennai Airport, Duke had the joy of giving one of these tracts to Tamil Movie actor Atharvaa! Everyone from rickshaw puller to the rich and famous must be saved! If they must be saved, they must first hear of Jesus! Thats why we at G4 Mission do tract distribution regularly!


Five Youth Meetings/ Youth Camps!

If young people are reached FIRST, India will be reached FAST! This, we at Grabbing the Google Generation from Gehenna Mission, strongly believe! Revived young people make fantastic, fast-moving witnesses for Jesus, dont they? Keeping this mind, we accept invitations from churches to minister to their young people. Between November 2012 to June 2013, Duke Jeyaraj ministered in five youth meetings/youth camps. The Emmanuel AG Church, Pune, the Mark Buntain Memorial AG Church, Kolkata, the Trichy City AG Church, Trichy, the Centenary Baptist Church, Hyderabad, and the CSI Wesley Church, Musheerabad, Hyderabad were the five churches which had Duke Jeyaraj minister to their youth during this period. Duke preached messages from unlikely Bible passages (like,Ezekiel 23), on taboo topics (like, sex, love, marriage, etc.,), with great results (like, young people, some fighting back their tears, surrendering their head, heart, hands, heels, to Jesus). The message that Duke preached in Kolkata, Still Single?: Here are some possible reasons why,was uploaded on his youtube channel: The outline of one of his messages to the Baptist youth was titled, Popular UnBiblicalAlternatives To Marriage Questioned, and this was uploaded to A browser from Australia said that he was blessed by that upload. Dukes wife Evangelin (Evan), joined him to minister along-side him, some of the time in these meetings. During her message on secrets of winning the battle against sin to a bunch of CSI church youth in Medak, she moved the youth to lift their Bibles and vow to use the Bible as a sword to overcome Sin and Satan (see picture). Questions that young people asked were answered with courage and candidness, and without compromise, from the Scriptures, by the duo of Duke & Evan.


Three Fasting Prayers

The Devil trembles when he sees even the weakest saint on his knees! We have heard that being oft-repeated. We at Grabbing the Google Generation from Gehenna Mission do not believe in merely praying for our ministry, but that prayer IS ministry! So, keeping this mind, an intercession time for the nation of India, the world at large, and for the Google Generation called the FOUNTAIN OF TEARS AGAINST MOUNTAIN OF FEARS FASTING PRAYER was planned. This prayer time is based on Jeremiah 9:1 Oh that my head were waters, And my eyes a FOUNTAIN OF TEARS, that I might weep day and night, For the slain of the daughter of my people. It is also based on Jeremiah 9:10 For the MOUNTAINS I will take up a weeping and wailing The first meeting held on June 8, Saturday between 10 to 3 p.m., drew 13 people working in different corporate companies and hailing from different churches (AGies to Emmanuel House of Worship). After a time of prayer for the problems of the nation, we took time to pray for needs of individuals present which was for a godly life partner, mostly. Gods presence swept our base! Two short messages, one by Duke and another by Evan blessed those who came. Post the fasting prayer, there was a time of rich fellowship and a lip-smacking idly late-lunch. Moving on to talk about two other prayer-meets: Duke ministered in two early morning services of the 40-day fasting prayer of the NLAG, Secunderabad, during Lent Season 2013. Gifts of the Spirit put in g-i-f-t-s & This Judas Can Be You were the two messages that Duke preached. In Life Fellowship, Trivandrum, Duke shared a message titled, Dont give up! Dukes messages strengthened the believers.