Grammar With Humor 13

Will/goingto – 1 The Past Perfect Complete the jokes by putting will (‘ll) or (be) going to in the gaps provided 1 Darling, I want to see the world! > I …… give you an atlas for your next birthday, then. 2 I …… buy one of those small Japanese radios. > But how will you understand what they are saying? 3 Waiter, there’s only one piece of meat on my plate. > Just wait a minute, sir, and I ….. cut it in two. 4 A motorist ran over an old lady’s cat and killed it. > I’m very sorry, said the motorist. I ….. replace your cat, of course. Very well, but I hope you’re good at catching mice. 5 What are you doing with that gun? > I ….. shoot you. Why? > Because you look like me. I look like you? > Yes. Then shoot me. 6 How old are you now, Billy? > Seven. And what …. you ……. do when you are big like your mother? > Stop eating chocolate! 7 Mummy, mummy! Where are you? Cried a little boy at the beach. > You poor boy, said an old woman. Come with me and I …. get you an ice cream and then we …. go and look

for your mummy. I know where your mother is, said a small girl. She’s sitting … 8 I have some good news for you and some bad news. > Tell me the bad news first, doctor. I ….. amputate your legs. > And what is the good news? The man in the next bed wants to buy your shoes. 9 The British are planning to travel to the sun in a rocket next year, said a British scientist. > But, said an American scientist, as you get near the sun the heat will melt the rocket. We are not stupid, said the British scientist. We ….. travel At night. 10 A circus was visiting a small town in France. The lion tamer walked into a bar and asked: > Do you serve Americans in here? Sure, said the barman. > Okay, I …. have a beer for myself, and two Americans For my lion outside.

1 ‘ll 2 ‘m 3 ‘ll 4 ‘ll 5 ‘m going to 6 are you to 7 ‘ll, ‘ll 8 ‘m going to 9 are going to 10 ‘ll

HUMOR Reflection
* Accidents happen when we are not mindful. * When doing a task, we must have full concentration.
“I was thinking of my wife.”

* Train the mind to be alert, mindful & focused.

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