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,oint Statement for the Record in SUpport ofMoldovan Parliament Declaration on the
Current Situation ofthe Transnistrian Conflict Settlement Process
July 11, 2013
Mr. Speaker, I rise in support of the peaceful reintegration ofthe young and aspiring Republic
ofMoldova. I also want to acknowledge my colleagues Reps. David Price, Rep. Eliot Engel,
Rep. William Keating, Rep. ileana Ros-LehtineI4 Rep. Mark Meadows, Rep. Diaz-Balart, Rep.
Alcee Hastings. Rep. Patrick McHenry. who have agreed to associate themselves with this
.. Most importantly, we support the recent conclusion ofnegotiations between the Republic of
. Mql<iova and the European Union on Moldova's Association Agreement, held in Luxembourg
oniune 25,2013. We welcome the progress instituted by Prime Ministerlurie Leanca and the
Moldovan government.in strengthening democratic institutions and the rule of as weU.as in
preparing for economic and political with the European Union.
As the goals and promotion of values ofthe Eastern Partnership are ofutmost importance to
U.S. strategic policy, we encourage Moldova to remain united in its continued focus on the
<Wmesticreforms integral to eventual EUropean Union accession. We the forthcoming
EU in Vilnius in November will resUlt in an opportunity tore8tmm. Moldova'S EU
. aspinlti9DS, and·ca11 on the U.S. Staf;e Departm.entto assist in every aspect oftbis challenging
transition. Doing so affirms the United States'commitment to our alliesinthi$
While encouraged by Moldova's increasing harmonization with EU noms and standards -3$..,
evidenced by its recent agreement on the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement as
part ofthe European Union's Association Agreement-Moldova is being forced to fight for its
own internationally recognized sovereign. independent and territorial integrity. .
We are conce!'IltXi with the unilateral set ofactions undertaken by the self-proclaimed leaders of
the breakaway region ofTransnistria, who recently launched provocative actions by adopting
the so--called "legal act on the border." These unilateral actions violate Moldova's sovereignty?
as the leadershipofTransnistria has claimed territories that are fully in the control offfie .
Republic ofMoldova. We are. also concetned by recent entreaties by the leadership in
Ttansnistria - entreaties that threaten Moldova's territorial integrity and European Union
accession prospects. These actions undennine the July 1992 ceasefrre as well as the "5+2"
conflict settlement process. We on the U.S. State Department to secw:e a fair and
democratic settlement process while maintaining Moldova's independence and sovereignty.
Today, we stand in support oftbe Moldovan Parliament's Declaration on the Current Situation
ofthe Transnistrean Conflict Settlement Process> adopted consensually on 20i3, and
urge leaders ofthe self"'proclaimed Transnistria, as well as all parties involved in 5+2 .
negQtiationprocess, to concbidenegotiations on the legal status of1heTransnistrian region arid
its rightful role in the Republic ofMoldova. Only a legal upon through the 5+2.·
:fralllework will prevent further escalation ofconflict At the same time, we finnly recognize the
need to finalize the withdrawal ofRussian troops and munitions fromtberegion, according to
its intemationally recognized obligatio.ns assumed at the 1999 summit ofthe Organization for
Security Cooperation in Europe.
We call on the United States and the international community to take all the diplomatic steps
possible to prevent further escalation of conflict, protect Moldova's European Union accession
aspirations, resume talks on the political status ofTransnistria and ensure the reintegration ofa
sovereignan4 independent Moldova.
Joseph itts
MeJllber ofCongress