July 15, 2013    Chris Bigham, Director  Cincinnati Recreation Commission  805 Central Ave.

, Suite 800  Cincinnati, OH 45202    Sent via email    Dear Director Bigham:    I’m writing because I understand the Cincinnati Recreation Commission has been asked to participate in  the Incline Theater project’s application for New Market Tax Credits. I have long supported this project  and am writing to encourage your participation.    Earlier this year, I introduced a motion (attached) directing the administration to develop a plan to  implement a transformative investment project for East Price Hill that includes the Incline Theatre, and  to identify the Focus 52 funds to support the investment. This investment will leverage private  investment, support current redevelopment efforts, help stabilize the neighborhood and generate jobs.  It was because of my budget motion that funding for this vital investment was saved when the  administration recommended cutting it as part of the FY2014 budget.     I urge you and your board to support this project to catalyze neighborhood development in the East  Price Hill community, and ask that you forward this letter to your board members prior to tomorrow’s  meeting.       Warm regards, 

  Vice Mayor Roxanne Qualls        Attachment: Incline Theater motion     


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City of Cincinnati
March 19, 2013


Roxanne QuaNs

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We move that the City’s Economic Development Division work with the East Price Hill community to develop a transformative investment project that supports Cincinnati Landmark Productions’ Incline Theater project to be located in the Incline District, implements the Streetscape for the approved Price Avenue Business District, and includes the redevelopment of the cun-ent Cincinnati Police Department District 3 headquarters building when the headquarters is relocated. The Administration should provide a comprehensive plan for implementation of the project and identify Focus 52 funds to support it.


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Focus 52 is to support transformative investment in Cincinnati neighborhoods. Investment in the
East Price Hill community will leverage private investment, support current redevelopment effbrts, stabilize the neighborhood, and generate jobs.

City Hail

Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 801 Plum Street Suite 346A 513.352.3604 • roxanne.quaHscincinnati-oh.gov


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