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A Proposal to Address Juvenile Delinquencies Your name here Criminal Justice Management Theory & Practice/CJA 454 Date here Instructor 550 original words

A Proposal to Address Juvenile Delinquencies A Proposal to Address Juvenile Delinquencies

There are various things that should be considered if the justice system needs to align its recommendations and action plans in addressing the issue of juvenile delinquencies. There is a continuous change in the environment and in the type of children. Thus a more demanding and stricter implementation of the law as well as creation of youth programs and assistance shall be executed. The Subject-Matter Today, children specifically those in the adolescence period, are more posed with pressures from the environment, from their schools, from their families and from the society. Technology should also be censored as it may be a new form of harassment and abuse. These pressures might attribute to their confusion to their individuality and self-assessment that leads to their clinging to illegal drugs and criminal acts. Other reasons are found to be shallow and aggressive reasoning of the youth that can still be corrected and straighten out. The Solution In addressing juvenile delinquencies, prevention is better than cure. While children are still in the adolescent phase or the values formation stage, the contributory and affecting factors shall have a take on his or her molding as an individual. Thus, it is important for the parents and teachers to help the youth in their seeking of awareness years. The community shall also have a take on the youths crime reduction rate by implementing and enforcing unyielding police visibility and carrying out youth programs that focuses on the childrens growth as a nonaggressive and good individual.

A Proposal to Address Juvenile Delinquencies There already has a seemingly same program implemented before titled M.A.D or Mothers Against Duck Driving wherein the efforts of the community focused on the rigid policing methods combined with the education programs that are offered to those involved.

The funding for this community based solution to reduce juvenile delinquencies shall be granted by the state. This will include granting of budgets for the youth programs and other expenses that it would entail as well as the financing of the employees that will be contracted to fulfill the project. Recommendation It is thereby recommended for the following solutions to be implemented with respect to the current change of perspectives. There should be a constant monitoring and understanding from the parents. Schools shall be the second parents to these children by ensuring their protection against influences from the outside to participate in any wicked activities. The police shall also aid in this goal to eradicate juvenile delinquencies by enforcing rigid policing methods. The community should also assist in the assurance of a well-inhabited place and free from criminality. By doing so, it is expected that the rate of juvenile delinquencies shall be lessen by a considerable amount.

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