We the people of United States of America, do herby re-affirm our support of and true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of The United States of America. Our actions to support the declarations of our many states’ sovereignty under the second, ninth, and tenth amendments are not only the inherent right of each state and each individual, but are also our duty and obligation. We contend that the States Standing United In Sovereignty movement does not have as its primary purpose the intent of secession, for if that were the ultimate goal, any reference to the Constitution would be basically unnecessary and actually duplicitous. By declaring sovereignty in accordance with the Constitution, we endeavor to reinstall the foundations of strength that once were and soon will be again, the supreme law of our land! Sovereignty should not normally be a necessary declaration! However, when the rule of law has been abused and rewritten by a ruling elite to the point that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for the majority have been intentionally sacrificed for the advantage of the few, a line must be drawn. That line is a morally designated point of natural order beyond which actions of necessity and the inherent right of self defense will be taken. That line is being drawn by the States Standing United In Sovereignty movement! Thomas Jefferson’s main tasks in preparation for the writing of the Declaration of Independence were threefold: 1. Understand a common cause to all 2. Produce a unity of action 3. Create a committee of correspondence in each colony Those action items are as valid now as then and translate into our real mission as follows: 1. Common cause: 2. Unity of Action: 3. Committee: Re-Install The US Constitution as Supreme Law States Standing United In Sovereignty Declarations Individual States Stand Networks and Core Site

We contend also that the work of the men that forged this nation from the battlefields to the halls of Philadelphia shall not be in vain! The governmental framework they created was as brilliant in its understanding of the insidious nature of tyranny as it was visionary in providing the tools to overcome it. We must realize this, however! The Constitution of The United States of America is only as strong and uncompromising as those who read, understand, and defend it! “I have sworn upon the altar of God Eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man” -Thomas Jefferson

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