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1420, Monday, 2013-07-14 1 st journal, Mayan day 2 Cimi – Transformer or Death

To Embrace Being Corrected
Facing the Shadow to Liberate from the Illusion - Dimitri Halley Video Journal
There is so much hard-won wisdom in the Dimitri Halley interview I'm linking you to, here. I hope you will visit and enjoy it. As always, open the written journal for the live link. This guy inspires me – always, it seems. So often when I listen to him I find myself journaling , exploring what arises within. So much change has been going on lately that I find it hard, at times, to keep up. Actually, it's been a bit brutal, energetically. Guess I'm really glad things aren't moving any faster than they are. LOL, once upon a time I thought I would never say such a thing. Have been really gung ho for spirituality – for lack of a better word – for awakening. First, why should one want to, or even consider embracing being corrected ? First, let's all drop down into our center to take the journal journey. Things go better that way. What I share is clearer to those who are in Heart . Let us also remember , even if just for this journey time, that we are divine . Let us keep identifying , even stubbornly, with Higher Self , with the very highest of which we can conceive. We'll turn out to be far beyond that, even, but it's a start, and a practical one available to all. So embrace your divine nature, your divine identity, friends. It's who you truly are.

So, as that Self, why embrace being corrected? If you'll just be with that for a moment – it won't take long – you will realize that Higher Self needs no correction. That becomes obvious, if we are the divine at our core. It's like asking Source / God to improve – makes no sense. So clearly, then, it is not Higher Self being corrected – at any time. That makes sense. So who or what is being corrected? As we go through life and encounter these moments of correction – whether coming from others, or perceived from within, self to self – who or what is being corrected? Who or what within us could stand some improvement – would even desire that? Could it be our soul ? Could it be our ego ? Could it be the mind ? It's not all that readily plain, is it? A number of possibilities open up. Let's look at mind first. Does mind want to be corrected? Or does it always want to be right, and hate being corrected? For me, this highlights a distinction between mind – in its pure, unprogrammed state – and the ego , which doesn't care for correction. It's fairly standard, then, that the ego will resist correction of all kinds. That's the aspect of our being that truly wants to be the best – to shine – to always be right . So let's set that one aside. It seems pointless to talk about an ego welcoming correction. But what of mind ? In it's untainted state, above and beyond all the negative programming it has experienced – the mind loves correction. Why is that, do you think? Are you in tune with your mind? The mind is loyal to and ever seeks to find truth . So it wants to know it if its course somehow needs correcting. It wants to make that correction. Do you see or agree? What of the soul ? I view this one as an aspect of being so in Love with Source that it almost pants after That. I can really identify with the work of St. John of the Cross on the Beloved. Ancient though it may be, it is eternal in what it shares – mystical union with the Divine. This soul or inner being is in process of merging with Higher Self or with the divine. I see it as that aspect of being which has gone out from our center to explore and experience whatever was available. It was perhaps for purposes of growth and expansion,

but not in ways mind can identify with or understand. For in a way it was also like the sun, simply shining its rays of Light – a thoughtless, purposeless sort of activity. A being just for the sake of being – something well beyond mind's ken. Soul works with or through mind and body – that's how I'm viewing it, anyway, at this time. I take other perspectives elsewhere, so don't get too stuck on anything I present. Having a flexible perspective on life is a really unlimiting way to live. I highly recommend it. Besides, it helps out a lot in relationships , better enabling one to take the other one's view and understand / experience on a deeper level. What we've got so far let's view as a ladder or spiral . Starting out with our true nature, which is wholly divine , we manifest what could be called a Higher Self. This one is one with the divine One, with Source. Higher Self then projects out the soul which will go forth into one lifetime. This is the wanderer, going out adventuring, to the Joy of Higher Self, of Source. The soul , to take incarnation, requires both body and mind , so those are the next rung or ring of the spiral being projected. They take their birth in this life, with the soul always close by – actually containing them. You are not in your body – it is in you . You are so far beyond being able to be contained in such a vessel that it's humorous – so you project a ray of Light as an aspect of your being to incarnate there. Some of you might object to objectifying all these aspects or elements of being this way – knowing they are really all one. I understand that. I am not saying they are actually separate, but rather taking a look from one angle of view on the Light that you are. One comment on the Higher Self – as we awaken this is the identity we are stepping into. It is whole and complete, right where we are, awakened or not. It is just a matter of awakening from our somnambulence into being fully Present as That. Actually two comments, then – for I also want to say that I don't know if we have only one Higher Self who is over all incarnations,

all amgodiments – or whether each lifetime merits a fractal duplicate of that Higher Self. But let us stick to just NowHere and this lifetime. So moving forward, back to welcoming correction . As children we had no choice in this. Whether in school or at home we were taught to be obedient and behave in accepted ways. I suggest that, along the way we all experienced some trauma during that training. It's hard to avoid. Those of you who are parents are already aware of this. The parents learn as much as the child(ren). So, it may be that, if this trauma from childhood has not been resolved within us, we carry the scars of it forward with us. Heck, we may even be dealing with such scars that were accumulated over many lifetimes. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. There's a certain amount of facing the shadow that is done by every awakened one. Those who try to avoid this are only fooling themselves if they think they're awake. These are the enlightened egos among us, and there are quite a few out there lecturing and writing their books. Overall, my take on it is that everybody has something to teach you – and you have something valuable for everyone, too. So I'm not rejecting the pseudo-illumined ones, outright – not at all. No matter what errors we have made or may be making now, we always retain the divine seed . Besides, we don't yet have the full illumination that will show us clearly why we are here, and precisely why things are the way that they are. I have truly, truly found it best to not judge – to leave those things alone. The understanding will come when it does, and that will be precisely the right time. Meanwhile, though, I am living life as Self and NowHere in Heart , finding that it, by itself, is enough and more than enough. Again, back to welcoming correction – and stay in Heart with me, for the ego doesn't much like this, so if you're identifying with that you may reject this outright. (When you find yourself doing any sort of knee-jerk rejection – I don't care what or who is being rejected – that is likely ego or maybe mind at work. Best to slow down.) At Heart, my friends, are we not the Lovers of Truth – of divine

Truth? I think we are. That being the case, the inner or higher part of us wants any correction it gets that brings it closer to truth . So the object becomes discernment , at some point. Before we accept or reject this or that, it is well to both be in Heart and take our discernment from there. That which brings this correction could be an ant . It could be literally anything , so don't let mind draw its expectations as the pictures you see. Just stay within, as much of the empty cup as you can. I cried once, when I had set aside a centipede one night to take out the next day when it was light. I had captured it in my little cup-and-coaster rig and set it on the kitchen table where it would stand out to remind me. But I forgot. I wasn't sufficiently present the next day to remember. On the following day when I went back to it, I was horrified to find it had died . It had wiggled its way partly out at the spot where I left a little opening for air, but didn't make it all the way. I cried, and I cry still as I write this. It made me so sad to be responsible for that death – to be so absent from that One that I Am who so loves all life. Okay, so anything can be your teacher. It doesn't necessarily mean someone telling you what to do or what is wrong with you – in their view. Remember, if lived from Heart, all of Life is one big conversation with the Divine . But we must see it that way. It will not intrude itself, forcing this angle of vision on us. What that means is that all Life, at all times, is talking with you. It takes being really Present to hear this conversation, but we've had many shamans , yogis , and medicine men and women teaching this very thing down through the centuries and aeons. This knowledge is available . It is our birthright. But once again, we must make the right choices , the best use of free will to claim whatever riches there are for us. I suggest being open to Life. I suggest that Life, at its core, has nothing in store for you – has never delivered anything – but the best . Yet we don't often perceive it that way, do we? We want to point the finger of blame for whatever trauma we received, and disown whatever character shortcomings Life might wish us to see.

Well, let's just be truthful with that and admit whatever part of it we can. Later, if we go on like this, we'll be able to contain more – but whatever works for your NowHere is all that is required. This may be a completely new way, a wholly new angle of view than you've ever considered before. I'm not saying to adopt this at the expense of everything else – not at all. I am offering you one useful perspective , a lens to look through and enjoy. See what it offers for you. If you find it useful, you may want to plant it as a new belief in your interior Garden. It bears truly beautiful flowers year round. One thing that's true is that, when we take this view of Life as benevolent at its core – just as we are Source at our core – this makes it far e asier to accept and thus benefit from whatever correction we receive. We can use it to adjust our course, the tack of our sail as we keep our aim straight into the heart of Truth . We will grow in excellence and integrity every step of the way, albeit sometimes at great cost. Embracing the shadow is so very necessary, my friends. Dimitri Halley is the best exemplar and teacher I have found for this, though of course there are others. Yet most of them don't have his depth of soul, haven't yet come as far as he has on the Homeward path. He's in process of authoring a book, now, so his videos have tapered off, but I'd suggest subbing him at daniella1771 on YouTube, anyway. Anything the ego or mind – or even the soul – wants at first to avoid, to walk away from, to not experience – when you're in a private moment, do have a deeper look into that. Look for it, too, to speak up in your dreams , those of you blessed to remember them. At the very heart and core of simply everything is this awesome, amazing perfection that is Source, pure and simple. It radiates. Yet just as we have, each one of us, for a time lost our way in the midst of the maze that is 3D, so has society as a whole – so has Life. Yet that lost-ness is only a veneer , a thin covering over the beauty that lies deeper within. And to connect with that deep divine Beauty in Life and in everyone, everywhere, you do well to go within and connect up with it inside the self, first . Not later, not last, but first.

Life actually loves us . That may sound – will sound – crazy to some, but that's okay. Those are generally not the ones found reading or watching my journals. If they come, they are welcome, but there's not a whole lot here for those not seeking the Truth – their truth. I resonate with others who are because that's who I am, too. Welcoming correction . When we go through our usual day – well, be careful, that's all. Be alert, be aware – the point is to be fully Present in every NowHere. (That's funny – corrected the typo, but I started to type “HowNere.” Yeah, I guess it is :) When we are Present in the NowHere then there is no such thing as a usual day. Oh, there may be usual things that are common across our days – but we don't experience them in the old way. My practice is to be in Heart at all times, and so that's how I've set my intent. That doesn't say I accomplish it, always – who does? We are not expected to accomplish that, or anything, always. “Always” is for higher dimensions , not here in 3D where the one constant is change . So be gentle with the self, friends. Overall, we are quite harsh and rude with the self. We think we can get away with this rough treatment – we think no one will know or notice, since it happens largely in our self-talk – but we fool ourself that way. People know. How do they know? That's easy – what is within also manifests without . However you treat the self is the same way you tend to handle others . It's the only honest way to be , if we will just step back and have a good look. When we do this – treat others harshly – we are actually being true to the self – to how we are in that NowHere. We are being internally and externally consistent . Do you see? If you do, then you also see how your own actions and words are a real clue to your inner state. We all surprise ourselves at times by what comes out of our mouth, or by our unexpected emotional reaction to something. This is our deeper self showing up, presenting itself for the conscious self to view. If we are open to it, we can learn much, just from our own behavior, without looking to anyone else. So if we speak or behave in ways of which the conscious self doesn't approve, taking a deeper, slower look at that could bear

fruit. There is a blessing there for us – though most are not likely to perceive it that way, when the general tendency is to condemn it – to self-criticize. Self-observation is a powerful tool for our benefit – but of course, we have to slow down enough to use it. This isn't something that mind cares to do. Mind, in general, is not introspective. Well, that's fine, too. Mind is not us – it's just mind. If we find the self to be always in a rush, it's likely we're letting mind do the driving, there. Time to reconsider if that's the best way to take this ride. I realize it is quite a stretch for some to view Life, overall Life, in this benevolent light. Mind wants to say, “What of the Illuminati , what of all those out to harm and control us?” That still exists, but you've got to sort it out enough to see that that's what is on the surface of things – the 3D appearance. This way of living goes much deeper than that. So some might want to at least give it a trial run. If you're good at centering, then this should be relatively easy to do. If not – well, I'd practice Heart-centering a bit more, first, since that angle of view or perspective is required for this. It is Heart vision at work, actually. I know some can see this. Welcoming correction – Higher Self loves this , as does your soul, your inner being. As usual, what we're overcoming here is the old, faulty programming that was instilled in us as children. Right along with this walk we will be constantly working on our Belief Garden , pulling up those beliefs that no longer serve us – those that have come to the surface for our view. Whenever I find something that brings me an inner dissonance – as in a part of me liking it, but another part wanting to reject it – I like to slow down and take that deeper look. What is acting there? Which aspects of self are at work, here? Just sorting that one out generally provides all the guidance needed to take the next step, whatever it is. So this inner dissonance is also my teacher , correcting me, helping me be more true to Who I really am. But this only works that way when we are fully Present , when we are NowHere. I've often said that, when we find the self ruminating on the past or off

into the future with fears or daydreams, we can be assured we are in mind . Mind always wants to go, go, go, never stopping or pausing for long. Those are keys to help spot it at work. In general I find it best to go with what is closest to my core – to Higher Self – as we discussed with the ladder or spiral at the beginning. Mind and ego are farther from it than is soul . Being in Higher Self , itself, is of course best – yet we have to be fully Heart centered for that, which is not always the case. So let's be practical with this, and just go with the highest aspect of self that is acting in our NowHere. Life wouldn't bother to correct you in the absence of real Love – the unconditional kind. It's not a far jump from seeing all of Life as benevolent to realize that it is also the substance of Love – it is Love made manifest , purely for Love's sake, which means for our blessing in all ways. Sometimes those ways hurt , but have you noticed how the things that hurt are often found to bring the greatest blessing, eventually? Let us use our time well, then, for I suspect there won't be that much of it left to experience in this linear way. We are daily migrating into Higher Self, into the Christ Consciousness, each one in whom that is the desire. It is Life's desire for us, too – what else would Love want, but the very best possible in all ways at all times? In the higher dimensions time isn't experienced in the way we've grown accustomed to during our human adventures – not at all. So that becomes more and more available to us, even now. We have such awesome delight right ahead of us, folks. It's so amazing – and many of us can feel it coming in. We don't yet know what or how or any of that – but we will. That, too, is on the horizon for us. So let us take these last steps in 3D with renewed strength and the courage of our Higher Self. We will be so glad we did. Namaste ~♥~


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